Mars Memoirs Ch. 03

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Author’s note: Each Mars Memoir follows directly on the previous chapter. Though you may wish to begin at the beginning, each episode can stand alone.

Nurse Lauren


“John, time to wake up…”


I try to slip back into my erotic dream of Oona, of her hands sliding on my cock, milking out jet after jet of cum…

Fingers clasp my shoulder and gently shake me. “John, it’s time awaken. It’s your week to be up and about.”

My eyes snap open in shock — it feels like I’m being goosed — just in time to see Nurse Lauren Clemens removing her finger from a button on the panel above my head. I gasp as the tube slides slowly and smoothly out of my anus, leaving the muscular ring of my sphincter, which has been stretched wide for four weeks, agape and tingling.

Lauren’s ethereal blue-grey eyes gleam as she grasps my penis — it’s hard and close to bursting from my sexy recollection of Oona — and it jumps when her fingers close around it. Her other hand begins to slowly ease the catheter out of my erect and twitching tool. I can’t help but shudder when the only-slightly deflated bulb which has held it in place in my bladder, pops out and begin passing up my urethra, stretching it as it goes. I instinctively put my hand on hers, stopping it momentarily.

“Relax, John,” Lauren says, smiling. “Hmm. Were you dreaming of me?” Lauren’s voice is seductive as she eyes my erection and rubs her thumb across the head. “You know it’s my job to wake you, get you started eating and exercising, reversing any muscle or bone atrophy that’s occurred during the last four weeks when you’ve been asleep. It’s important that you activate all parts of your body and mind, so just lie back. Let me get you up and going.” Her eyes twinkle as she adds, “Maybe coming?”

Her right thumb has continued stroking me, especially the small area where the shaft meets the head — my most sensitive spot — all the time she has been talking. Though I do lie back, there is no way I can relax. Especially as she shakes my restraining hand off hers and starts gliding the catheter up, and then surprisingly, back down my urethra.

I recall that her in-and-out method of inserting it four weeks ago had seemed as though she were sounding me. Now she definitely is. Lauren’s eyes are on mine, checking my reactions, and she smiles when I begin wincing each time her thumb brushes my penis. Already aroused from my dream of Oona, in no time the fire in my tube from being probed matches the burn from her thumb’s work on my spot. Her eyes widen eagerly when she sees me begin twitching, shuddering and convulsing as the first wave of a month’s worth of accumulated semen is squeezed out of my testicles and begins to drive up my pole, searing every nerve as it burns ahead.

My consciousness, which has been totally focused on the fire in my pole, is drawn to the feel of surgical tape surrounding the head of my penis where the catheter enters, and I hear Lauren say to herself, “There. That will keep it in place.” I understand the full impact of what she means when my boiling cum surges against the bulb of the catheter and is blocked. As the pressure increases, bulging my urethra, Lauren’s hand over my mouth stifles my groans as the delicious agony builds.

I’m transfixed by her thumb rapidly rubbing my spot and by the exquisite pain from the blockage in my shaft. My penis keeps trying to shoot, but the opening in the tip of the catheter is tiny, designed for thin urine, so only a small stream of my thick, viscous semen can pass into the tube with each spasmodic contraction. Because so little is squeezed out with each ejaculation, my orgasm goes on forever, my cock needing to convulse over and over to empty the backed up load of cum.

My post-orgasmic twitches and Lauren’s mellifluous voice pull me back. “Very good, John. That was a fine deposit. It’s good to see you up,” she chuckles at her repeated double entendre, “and functioning.” My eyes open to see her holding up the bag, with large rivulets of milky cum swirling in a sea of urine.

I wince as she pulls the catheter all the way out. Lauren pats my cheek and murmurs, “There, there. It’s all right now,” as she runs her finger up the length of my penis, driving out the last dribbles. She wipes up the drops of semen that have oozed out, then leans over, kisses my forehead lightly, and begins extracting the IV from my arm.

“Ready? It’s time to leave the sleep tube now,” says Nurse Clemens, her mien professional. Though still dazed, I nod and she presses another button on the control panel. The pod rotates to almost vertical and her hand firmly plants on my chest. “Stay still, John. Your legs will be rubbery, so I want you to sit in the wheelchair first. We’ll get you walking soon, then running, but we need to go slowly. OK?”


“Just one more set, John, then you can take a break.” Though Jake’s tone is supportive, in truth he is a relentless, merciless taskmaster. I grunt as I force up the bar. He’s spotting me, illegal bahis counting each bench press, goading me until I simply can do no more. “Fine. Another 30 minutes on the elliptical and then you can have lunch.”

By this morning, the third day of my week-long awake period, I’ve adapted to the daily routine in which mental work — computer assisted research, reading, and puzzles designed to sweep the cobwebs out of the brain — alternates with physical training, supervised by Jake the Demon. The activities fill almost every minute of every day, which is good, as there is nothing else to do.

After I finish on the elliptical, I insist that Jake spot me for one more round on each stage of of the weight machine. My muscles are burning, but I know that when I arrive on the Red Planet I have to be fit, totally ready, to assume my position as the new Head of Security. The company had first chosen a younger man for the job — early-30s to my mid-40s — but when they discovered some psychological quirk, like he really enjoyed beating people up, I got the job.

Security on the spaceship itself wasn’t an issue, so other than the captain who had a stun gun, there were no police and no weapons. Of the 35 total passengers, workers upon arrival, 7 were up and about at all times. Each day one would be awakened, and one put back to sleep in one of the 28 slumber pods, packed like sardines into the hold. The ship had to be small to break free of Earth’s gravitational field, and it was cramped, like a submarine. There was no unused or extra space, certainly not enough for all passengers to be awake at any one time.

The skeleton crew consisted of the 3 nurses who rotated 8 hour shifts with one on call constantly; 2 pilots, one of whom was the captain; 2 copilots; 2 engineers, who doubled as physical trainers; and a cook who did the janitorial work. The crew all shared rooms, bunking 3 per cubicle, and a larger barracks housed the 7 awake passengers. There was the bridge, engine room, exercise area, mess hall, kitchen, the nurses’s exam room with an attached one-bed infirmary, and an O unit. Nothing else.

While security wasn’t a concern on board ship, on Mars it was essential. The colony was a lot like the Wild West, and things often got rough, as the two classes of workers didn’t much like each other. Like the cattlemen who wanted their doggies to roam free vs the farmers who wanted to fence those foragers out of their crops, natural conflicts, exacerbated by extreme isolation, were inevitable.

The farmers, who donned their solar protective gear and worked during daylight of the 24 hour, 40 minute days, or did harvesting, weeding, fertilizing, and built expansions of the base by floodlight at night, felt they were the essential element, as they grew the food which made life possible. The miners, who worked 12 ? hour shifts in the tunnels from which the rare earth elements were extracted, knew their jobs were the crucial factor. Without the ore they mined there would be no economic incentive for the settlement to exist. Both farmers and miners worked 4-days-on, 1-day-off rotations, staggered so that the mines were busy and the fields tended 24 ? /7.

As computers and robots had eliminated almost all jobs on Earth, neither group had much choice about “volunteering” for the expeditionary force. Everyone signed up for two-year tours, but a combination of pressure from Martian Minerals, Inc., the company that ran everything; cash incentives; and deceptive fine print in the contracts which gave the corporation the option to unilaterally extend a worker’s contract; meant that once one landed on Mars it was unlikely anyone would ever see home again. All the space in the ships returning to Earth was needed for the minerals. Eventually, the mind-numbing routine of the dead-end jobs, isolation, and lack of female companionship made tempers grow short.

On their one day off, the farmers and miners left their cramped cruise-ship-sized shared quarters to partake of the amusements MM, Inc., provided in abundance. Bread and circus. There were cinemas offering free viewing of everything available anywhere on Earth. The several restaurants served whatever one desired. Of course, most everything was made from soya, but magically engineered to look and taste like whatever one might want. As long as your standards weren’t too high.

The bars were similarly stocked with the same basic intoxicant, but it was doctored to mimic anything from a rare cabernet to rotgut grog. If one didn’t cotton to drinking, greenhouse-grown weed was leavened with spices to taste like everything from Maui Wowie to Blue Dream. The robot go-go dancers in the bars seemed more real than some women, were certainly more cooperative, and could be rented for private “dances.” Aggressions could be dispelled by participating in, or merely watching, cage fighting matches, and of course, there was gambling. In the long run the house always won, and losers worked off their debts by extending their tours.

Then there illegal bahis siteleri were the O Units. Like the orgasmatron in Woody Allen’s movie, Sleeper, but real, they provided release for those not inclined to use the robowomen dancers. Private, equipped with first rate audio, 3-D video, and every device one could imagine, they guaranteed satisfaction. For a price.

Despite all the amusements, there were inevitable conflicts, and the last Head of Security, the man I was replacing, had mistakenly found himself between a shiv and its intended resting place. So I had to be in shape when I arrived, mentally and physically.


“The blood tests look good, John. Any other health issues we should discuss?”

I was nude, sitting on the examining table at my third-day-awake physical, and Nurse Clemens was in professional mode. She’d just done the prostate finger wave, and was discarding her surgical gloves. Anxious to get the exam over, I quickly answered, “No, everything’s fine.”

“No ill effects from the anal tube? Some passengers get fissures, or have difficulty defecating normally at first.”

“No, everything’s fine.”

“And your exercise regime is going well? Jake has given me a very good report. Evidently you’re doing more than he’s programmed for you. It’s important not to overdo at first, you know.”

“It’s all good. I need to be in first rate shape when I disembark, so I’m pushing myself. I know my limits, though.”

“Good. You certainly look fit, John. Any issue with other functioning? Have you been using the O Unit?”

“I know it’s available, but I haven’t used it.”

“Hmm. You do know, John, that sexual functioning is essential for good mental health. I’d advise, even prescribe, checking out the O Unit. I utilize it myself, and it’s quite effective. It’s completely safe, sanitized after each use, and totally private.”

“I guess I prefer the usual way.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, sex with a partner. Or even something like what you did when you woke me up. That was quite wonderful, Lauren.”


“I shouldn’t have done that. It was unprofessional, and I wish you would forget about it. I’m very sorry.”

“I’m not sorry at all. As I said, it was wonderful. It was so intense that I think I passed out.”

“The gas aftereffects had something to do with that, I’m sure. Really, I’m sorry and wish you would let it drop.”

“Do you do that to all the men when you wake them?”

Blush. “No, certainly not; and again, I’m very sorry. I shouldn’t have…”

“It was wonderful, Lauren. Please don’t apologize.” Memories of the erotic sensations, her thumb stroking my cock, keep flashing in my mind, and, as it had been a couple days since Lauren had skimmed just the top off 4 weeks of accumulated cum, my balls are ready. More than ready. I feel my tool twitch, beginning to erect. Lauren’s eyes dart to the motion, then flee. My anus tingles, still contracting from her prostate probe.

Lauren looks down, but I see her pale blue-grey eyes pause as they sweep past my penis.

I press. “Why me, Lauren?”

“Oh, I don’t know…”

“I think you do. I’m a trained investigator, Lauren. I can tell when someone’s not being completely forthright. What’s the story?”

“I wish you would just drop this, John.”

“I will, once you tell me why you did it. I promise it will stay just between us.”

“Damn. Well, OK. I was intrigued. That’s all.”

“By what? I don’t know what you mean.”

“By your, err, by your reactions…”

“Reactions to what?”

Pause. Sigh. “Well, when I inserted the catheter, you actually seemed to enjoy it.”

“To be honest, I did, especially how you slid it up and down several times.”

“I shouldn’t have done that…”

“But you could see I liked it, and you wanted to give me pleasure. You did.”

Pause. Lauren’s beautiful, captivating eyes are hidden behind her long, curly, glistening raven hair, gracefully cascading down, obscuring her face.

“There’s something else, isn’t there, Lauren?”

Pause. “Well, yes, there is.”


“We on the medical team insert the rectal tubes only after our patients are asleep. It’s important that one’s bowels continue normal function during sleep periods, and it can be embarrassing for the recipient if they are awake for insertion.”

“OK, that makes sense.”

“Well, when I opened your chamber and put on the gas mask to keep you under, well…umm…”

“What, Lauren?”

“Your penis was still hard, like it was when I inserted the catheter. I was intrigued. I could see your eyelids moving, so I knew you were dreaming. I wondered what you were dreaming. About whom…”

“I was dreaming about you, Lauren.” As it had occurred four weeks prior, I didn’t really remember, but she didn’t need to know that. A particular part of me harbored hopes that this might lead somewhere. Somewhere good. “You’d wished me pleasant dreams, as I recall. But still, what intrigued you, Lauren?”

“Well, canlı bahis siteleri as I said, you were hard, and while I looked at it, it twitched. A couple times.”

“It was a very sexy dream. We were kissing and you were stroking it. But I think there’s more you’re not telling me. What is it, Lauren?”

“Damn! Can’t we just drop it? I said I was sorry!”

“And I said I loved it and I’ll drop it when you tell me everything. Come on, Lauren.”

“Ok. I’ll tell you, but you have to promise never to say a word of this to anyone.”

“I promise.”

“After it twitched, I was curious, and touched it. Just to check that the catheter was correctly seated, of course.”

“Of course. Thank you for your excellent medical care, Nurse Clemens.”

“It jumped the first time I touched it.”

“Just the first time…?”

“No, each time.”

“How many times did you touch it, Lauren?” I was totally hard now and the examination room had suddenly become very warm. I saw a blue-grey orb peeking out between black curly tresses. Fixated on my cock.

“A few, maybe a couple. It doesn’t matter. OK, I’ve told you everything. Now let’s drop it.”

“You forget I’m an expert interrogator. There’s more you haven’t told me.”

“Damn. Okay, then it was time to insert the rectal tube. I lubricated it, got it in position, and then started to push it in.”


“Yes, I understand, Lauren. And…?”

“Well, as I slipped it into you, I noticed that your penis jumped again, without me touching it. That doesn’t usually happen and I was curious. I pulled the tube back and pushed it in again, and your erection lifted up off your abdomen once more.”

“What happened next, Lauren?”

“Well, it was fascinating, and kind of fun. I get SO bored on this long flight, and… Anyway, I did it a few more times, and then all of the sudden you ejaculated. With the catheter bulb inside your bladder, it didn’t occlude your urethra, and a whole bunch of semen gushed out around it. You let out a very sweet moan each time it pulsed, and it seemed to go on for a long time. Then I came to my senses, quickly cleaned you up, took off the mask, and sealed your tube. There; that’s it.”

“So, I came just from you inserting the tube?”

“Yes. That’s what I said, isn’t it?”

“You’re not being completely honest. Come on, Lauren, tell me.”

“Okay; after the first time it ejaculated, I couldn’t help but touch it again. I could feel it tighten and clench each time more semen passed up your urethra, and I started stroking you, in time with your ejaculations. It seemed to make them more intense, to make you eject more fluid, and it went on for a long time.”

“That still doesn’t explain what you did when you woke me up. Look, Lauren. It was wonderful, and I remember having a terrific dream about you, making love with you. I’m not put off in the least, am very glad you did it and are telling me about it. It’s very erotic, arousing, as you can see. You’re in for a penny, so may as well come clean. Tell me everything. I’ll never breathe a word of any of this. Ever. I promise.”

“All right. The problem was that I couldn’t keep from thinking about it, seeing and feeling your penis swell and shoot, and every time I remembered I became excited. Each time I checked on you, I looked to see if your cock was hard, and when it was — you get a lot of erections, John — I imagined that you were dreaming of me. Oh gosh, this is TMI, for sure. Anyway, when I woke you up and you were hard, I found I really wanted to see you shoot again, so I did what I did. I should not have done it, any of it, and I’m sorry.”

“But why did you embed the catheter bulb half-way up my penis? It made my orgasm unbelievably intense, more so than any I’ve ever had. It was amazing. How did you know to do that?”

“Well, they don’t teach that in nursing school, that’s for sure.” Lauren’s giggle is winning. “But they do cover the male sexual apparatus. I liked watching you shoot the first time, and I wanted to see and feel it again, and get you to ejaculate as many times as possible. It seemed like a good idea, that it would make your system have to work hard to get your semen out. Again, John, I’m very sorry. It was unprofessional, and I won’t let it happen again.” As she says this Lauren stands and looks at me expectantly. Perhaps signifying my appointment is over and I should leave? Something else? I note her face is flushed.

When I ask if another patient is waiting, Lauren says no, but that she does have to inspect the sleep tubes. After a pregnant pause she adds that she can also do that later.

My detective’s mind weighs the evidence: Lauren is aroused — I can smell her. I am rock-hard and teetering at that point where my mind cedes control to the aching, burning sexual desire welling up inside me. Though Lauren had skimmed the top off four weeks of stored semen, I feel full, overflowing. She volunteered that there is nowhere she needs to be. And her office door has a lock. Case closed.

My cock bobs as I step towards her. Lauren tears her eyes from it, abruptly pushes past me, locks her door, grabs my hand and pulls me into the infirmary. She sits me down on the bed, kisses me quickly and plops down on my lap.

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Unicorn Ch. 03

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*****Author’s Note – Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.****


“I’m going to miss you so much,” Mrs. Preston whispered between soft, closed mouth kisses. The queen was off to visit her sister for the 4th of July. This meant that Lauren and Mr. Preston were to be on their own, in the city for the long weekend.

“The car is downstairs, my love,” Mr. Preston told her as he swept his hand gently down her back. He followed the line of her spine, down her back, cupped her bottom and sighed. “Your luggage is in the trunk and the driver has your carryon. We’ll both miss you terribly,” he assured her. Then he broke out a devilish grin and added, “If your sister wasn’t such an uptight bitch, we could all go to Martha’s Vineyard.”

“Mark,” Mrs. Preston said his name with a pretend scowl on her face as she tried to hold back her laughter. “She isn’t a bitch.”

“Honey, come on,” Mark made a face at his wife.

Apparently, they had a long history, Mr. Preston and the Johnsons. Mr. Preston had always been seen as bourgeoisie and he’d never been good enough for Mrs. Preston. Rather than try to impress the queen’s family, Mr. Preston hadn’t ever given a shit if they liked him or not. From then on, it had become Mrs. Preston’s job to keep them all apart.

Mrs. Preston admitted in a quiet voice, “Okay, she is sort of a bitch. But she can’t help it. She’s just under a lot of stress.”

Lauren had wanted to see her dark haired lover to the airport, or at least to the car but Mrs. Preston had explained with smiling eyes. “Everyone will wonder what Mark and I are doing, kissing this beautiful, young girl,” she had murmured with her soft hands on Lauren’s face. It was exactly the way Mrs. Preston held her face right before she came in Lauren’s mouth and the thought of that made Lauren twitch. For now, they had to say their goodbyes away from prying eyes.

Mr. Preston kissed his wife on the forehead and Lauren watched them stare into each other’s eyes. They were the only two people Lauren had ever known who were so obvious about being completely in love. They were obsessed with each other and their happiness. Her lovers shared a space that nothing else touched. Sheltered from the world, it was just their two hearts beating in time. Lauren smiled as she watched their hands on each other. She felt the love radiate between their bodies. They warmed the atmosphere, they were both a force of nature. “You don’t have time to talk about all the reasons why your family is so weird,” Mr. Preston said with a chuckle. “Go, have a good time. I’ll take care of our girl.”

Mrs. Preston had a worried look when she reached for Lauren’s hand. “Don’t just sit on the couch and smoke weed all week guys. It’s the 4th. Promise you’ll go out and do something, okay?”

“We promise,” Lauren and Mr. Preston mumbled in unison. One quick look at each other and they both doubled over with suppressed laughter.

“Honey, you know we can do edibles now, right?” Mr. Preston asked his wife as he nudged Lauren, his co conspirator, in the ribs. “We can be high outside and we don’t even have to smoke.”

“Totally,” Lauren said and tried to look very serious.

Mrs. Preston shook her head and smiled, like they were both bad kids. She blew them a kiss and rolled her luggage out the door. Both Lauren and Mr. Preston watched as she left and Lauren felt that they were both imagining her naked as the queen walked away. “She’s going to have a perfectly miserable time,” Mr. Preston said and sounded like he missed her already.

Once they closed the door, Lauren perceived the change, it was a palpable shift. Without her dark haired beauty, this would be the first time that she would be alone with Mr. Preston. It was just going to be the two of them for four days and Lauren wondered if she’d be able to keep him interested on her own. She’d always had Mrs. Preston and the queen was always so creative and kinky. Plus she knew what Mr. Preston liked. Lauren remembered what her lover had told her the day before. “Mark can be a little much but just tell him that you need a break,” Mrs. Preston had said as she hugged Lauren tight. Her sheath of black hair had made a veil around herself and Lauren and it had seemed like a secret hiding place to kiss.

Lauren watched him as he walked to the kitchen. Mr. Preston attracted almost as much attention as his wife. He was tall and broad and there was his amazing ass that Lauren had watched often but never really touched. His physical presence stirred her, there was something about him that made her ache inside. She wanted to smell his manly musk on her skin. She wanted to taste him in her mouth and feel his seed trickle down her inner thighs. She wanted to be his. The king’s. Marked.

“Hey, want to go to the art museum with me?” Mr. Preston asked as he reached into the cereal box with his hand. “I always have to go by myself because Sharon hates it.”

The art museum? The McCullums had no time güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri or money for cultural things. If it wasn’t a school field trip, Mr. McCullum would just put his newspaper up and pretend like he couldn’t hear the request. Lauren nodded, “yes, please. I’ve never been and I’ve always wanted to go.”

“Never? Okay, baby love, it’s you and me and the art museum today. And can I make a request?”

It was going to be something sexual, Lauren could see the light in his eye. It was the familiar look of desire that had just started to simmer.

They had just made love this morning, Lauren could still feel the sticky residue of the three of them on her chest. Mr. Preston had been deep inside the queen as Lauren had licked them both. She knew that he had cum a massive amount inside Mrs. Preston. There had been too much for Lauren to swallow and she had dripped his salty mess down her neck. She’d used the extra cum to masturbate and squirted all over her lovers. She remembered that Mr. Preston had glowed with satisfaction as he watched. There had been that look of utter release, emptied of anything but the ebb and flow of pleasure, but now he had the hungry look once more. “Sure, of course,” Lauren said quietly, suddenly parched. “Anything you want,” she added and realized that her hips were drawn to him. It felt like her body couldn’t say no to the king. She was magnetized.

After all, she was his concubine.

“Will you wear your hair in braids for me?” he asked, his voice was tender and soft. It was his bedroom voice. It was the voice that he used when he was on his knees. The voice he spoke to her in as he kissed her thighs and took down her panties. So braids were a turn on and something inside Lauren needed to keep him hard and wanting her.

“Yes,” she approached him and stood on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. “I’ll braid my hair after I take a shower. Should I dress up?” Lauren wondered as she reached for a bowl. She never wanted to look out of place, she loved to make them proud.

Mr. Preston talked with his mouth full of cereal, “No, you don’t need to dress up.” His eyes were on her though and he was obvious about it. Lauren could feel his gaze and the roll of his eyes as he sought out her nipples in the front of the baggy tee shirt. The king was undressing her with his eyes and he was taking his time about it. Mr. Preston studied her bare legs, his eyes traced the shape of her bottom. “Unless you want to drive me crazy all day and then you could wear a sundress and your white sneakers.”

She wanted to drive him crazy all day.

Lauren ate her yogurt quickly and got in the shower. Even though it was hot outside, she liked to stand in the shower in the master bathroom and crank the water all the way to hot. She liked to watch the steam billow around her, she liked to stand in the ghostly embrace. The heat brought her back to the real world, almost painful and sharp. It was something which Lauren found that she needed more and more after spending so much time immersed in their fantasy world.

She turned the lever over to cold and washed herself until she had goosebumps that way. Her pussy lips were hot and swollen and the icy cold water on her sensitive places made her shiver. She liked to go back and forth, freeze and burn and then freeze again. Lauren wanted to feel everything on her body and the water was almost like a thousand strange fingers.

Lauren dried off carefully with one of the thick, Egyptian cotton towels. She wrapped her hair in the damp towel once her skin was dry. She slowly massaged the pink, rose scented lotion into her skin. Smelling it reminded her of Mrs. Preston and the lake house that she’d started to call home.

Here, in the penthouse, it definitely felt more like male territory. Mr. Preston was here alone most of the week and it had the atmosphere of a bachelor pad. When she and Mrs. Preston had first arrived, it smelled of stale cigar smoke. There had been empty pizza boxes strewn about on the coffee table. The toilet seats were both up and Mrs. Preston had joked about him becoming a caveman.

Lauren had to admit that she found it sexy. Not the mess or the smoke, just that he was wild and untamed. Mr. Preston sort of looked like a caveman, Lauren thought. Especially when he took off the expensive suit and the Italian loafers and he was just naked and free. Mr. Preston with his dark, possessed eyes, eyes that were fierce and full of love and passion. He kissed Lauren like a beast, like he was something untamable and savage. An animal like that couldn’t be bothered to clean up pizza boxes.

Once Lauren was finished with her lotion, she combed her crazy coil of thick, blonde hair. It was quite a chore and took the better part of fifteen minutes to get all the tangles out. Once she had tugged out all of the knots, Lauren parted her hair into two sections. Then each section had to be pinned and she started to braid two long coils. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri When she was finished, she stood back and smiled at her reflection. It was erotic and yet innocent all at the same time. It seemed obscene to be naked and in braids and Lauren thought that this was probably why Mr. Preston had asked for it.

She padded barefoot to the bedroom. Lauren looked over at the huge, king-sized mattress and it was a reminder. The bed that was usually meant for three was now down to two. Lauren felt the weight of it and worried. What if, try as she might, she wasn’t enough for the king?

Lauren needed to use all of her possible advantages. She pulled out one of the dresser drawers that Mrs. Preston had designated for Lauren’s things. Lauren had brought several small bras and panties. They were matching sets, the fancy underwear that Mrs. Preston always bought her and Lauren seldom wore. Lauren felt her mouth wind up into a little bow as she contemplated the possibilities.

Mr. Preston had never noticed her panties, except to get them off. They were just a hindrance to her pussy. There had only been one time that he had seemed to care. It had been the second time that they had made love and Lauren had worn high waisted pink polka dotted panties. Those, he’d kept his eyes on. As Mrs. Preston had kissed her down the center of her dots and then slipped Lauren’s panties off, she remembered that Mr. Preston had picked them up quickly. In fact, she remembered that Mr. Preston had rubbed his nose in the damp center as he had watched his wife part Lauren’s lips. He had licked Lauren’s pink panties while Mrs. Preston kissed Lauren and with tongue, right there.

The pink panties were the ones and Lauren slid them up, over her hips. She wiggled her cheeks and pulled the back material out of her crack. It wouldn’t last though. The center of the panties would creep right back in but she was used to it by now. Lauren’s bottom couldn’t be contained.

Lauren skipped the bra altogether. That was the second thing that she knew. Mr. Preston enjoyed watching her little breasts jiggle in tops and dresses and bathing suits. He seemed to know that his eyes on her made her nipples hard. It seemed that just staring at her chest was enough to give him the desired effect.

She slipped the short, pink sundress over her head and pulled the top down to show her bare shoulders. Lauren twirled in front of the mirror and watched her reflection. The dress was short and cut very full and the fabric rose to reveal the underneath side of her cheeks when she spun around. Once she put on the Keds, her outfit was complete.

She was quick with the rest of her routine. Lauren never put on much makeup and she wasn’t very good at it. Mrs. Preston would always do her mascara for her after she curled her eyelashes. Now, on her own, Lauren just swiped her lashes with the brush and hoped for the best. She wore her fruit flavored lip gloss that made her lips shine like she’d just licked them.

She presented herself in the living room with her hands behind her back. Lauren couldn’t believe how nervous she was, it was almost like the first time all over again. But she knew Mr. Preston, they’d been intimate in ways that she’d never been with any other man before. She ought to be relaxed. One look at him on the couch though and she knew that she was too aroused to be relaxed. He was wearing a white shirt and she saw a bit of black hair that gleamed at the top where the collar was open. “Is this okay?” Lauren asked before she twirled for him to see the front and the back.

He whispered, “Wow, my dream girl.”

Well fuck.

Mr. Preston sat back and requested in his husky voice, “Twirl around for me again?”

Lauren blushed as she made another circle for him. His dream girl? God, did he know how much she wanted to please him? Her king, her lover; he knew all of her. Lauren felt the warm gush in the center of her polka dotted panties and she hoped that he called her his dream girl when he pulled the dress off.

His arms were over the back of the sectional and his legs were open. His thick, powerful thighs were always something Lauren was drawn to. She couldn’t help but let her eyes move over him. Mr. Preston was hard, obviously hard and made no attempt to hide it or move it. He just let Lauren stare and he watched her with a knowing smile, as if to tell her that she’d get more of it than she knew what to do with later.

“Come on, we’ll take the Mercedes to the museum. I heard you drive all over Lake Geneva?” he cocked his head at her and gave her a secret smile. He must be referencing Virginia’s party. Maybe he wanted to ask about all of the intimate details but he was waiting for Lauren to spill.

“Yeah, I do,” she came in close and wrapped her hands around his left arm. Lauren leaned in and smelled Mr. Preston. His clean, masculine scent was something she was addicted to. Sometimes Lauren would smell güvenilir bahis şirketleri his shirt or even his discarded boxers when he wasn’t looking. She blushed as she thought of that and swallowed down the smell of him and held it inside.

“Think you can drive downtown?” Mr. Preston asked with raised eyebrows. He’d be impressed if she could and Lauren put her small hand out for the keys.

She giggled, “We’ll see,” once Mr. Preston had handed them over with a jingle. He gave her a terrified look and then laughed.

Mr. Preston looked almost as enthused about the museum as he did for Lauren’s dress and braids. As he paid for the tickets, he grinned. “I usually feel like I’m sneaking around when I come here,” he put his large hand out for Lauren to weave her fingers through. “It’s nice to have company, especially for the Monet exhibit.”

Lauren stood hand in hand with Mr. Preston and she was set adrift in a world of color. Layers and layers of colors that seemed more alive than the room in which the paintings were hung. They stood in front of a painting titled “Japanese Bridge” and Mr. Preston stood behind her. It felt as if they were swimming in the water rather than standing on their feet. He wrapped his arms around her chest and drew Lauren into his body. There was just the colors and the light and Lauren could feel his heartbeat against her back. His cock was half hard and stirred at their closeness. Lauren smelled him and snuggled her bottom up into her lover but all the while, it was the painting that she was immersed in.

“It’s almost too much,” she whispered.

“Almost like us,” Mr. Preston murmured and kissed Lauren’s neck right on her pulse. She was wet for him, soaked really. The pink polka dotted panties were too warm and slippery in the center and she thought if he reached under her frilly sundress that she might cum instantly in his hand.

They took their time and walked slowly from one exhibit to the next. It wasn’t until Lauren realized that they had been immersed in some black and white photos for what might have been hours that she heard her stomach rumble.

Mr. Preston grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. He kissed her upper lip, just a sweet, lingering kiss that made Lauren want to open her mouth for his tongue. “Enough art for now. Miss McCullum,” he told her. “I need to feed you.”

“It’s okay, I can wait,” she said as she stood on her tiptoes and wrapped her hands behind his neck. She was his dream girl, pressed against his hard cock, her heart hammered in her chest as she felt his erection reach out to touch her.

“Nonsense,” he reached down and affectionately grabbed her bottom and hummed with pleasure. “Mrs. Preston is much too fond of you. She’d never forgive me if I let you starve. Besides, they have a lovely restaurant here with an incredible view.”

He twirled Lauren and she went up on her tiptoes again as her dress flared around her thighs. Then he dipped her low and pulled Lauren back into his solid arms. “We should go dancing,” Mr. Preston said as he wrapped one hand around a braid.

He pushed it over her shoulder and Lauren nodded, “That would be fun.” They had a warm, electric spark between them and everything was foreplay. The handholding was just like fucking. Looking in each other’s eyes was just as soul baring as undressing.

He led her to the third floor where Terzo Piano was located. Lauren gasped, Mr. Preston had downplayed what a breathtaking view it was. From this spot, the whole city of Chicago opened out like a magic carpet all the way to the horizon. Everything was afternoon sunlight and white marble and the space was art, just like the paintings. “Oh my god,” she whispered and felt Mr. Preston knead her fingers on the crook of his arm.

They were led to a table next to the wall of windows and Mr. Preston held Lauren’s chair for her and tucked her into place. He was such a gentleman. Lauren hadn’t realized until his regular ministrations for both she and Mrs. Preston, how gratifying it was to be taken care of by a man. It was yet another layer of intimacy, Lauren thought as he placed the napkin over her lap. It felt like Mr. Preston was always thinking of the ladies in his life in all of the best of ways.

The waitress was a small woman with a face full of freckles. She had brown hair that she wore tucked into a tight bun. She wore a black shirt and pants and she spoke in a quiet voice that you needed to lean in to hear. Mr. Preston wanted a dry martini and gave the specifics to the lady in black.

“And what would your daughter like?” the waitress asked.

Lauren felt the spontaneous blush. Her cheeks were on fire, she was sure that they were deeply red. The woman thought Mr. Preston was her father and that suddenly made this seem so wrong.

He looked very amused though and clasped Lauren’s hand, “I believe that my daughter wants a Coke.”

Once the waitress walked away, Lauren bit her bottom lip and looked down at her dress. Why was she suddenly flushed everywhere? It was as if the blush on her cheeks had coursed down her body.

The waitress continued to refer to Lauren throughout the meal as Mr. Preston’s daughter and every time, her lover went with it. He didn’t correct her, he just smiled to himself.

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Late Alimony Tickle

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“Wake up you fat slob,” I said to my deadbeat ex-husband.

“What the hell’s going on?” Joey asked.

“You haven’t paid alimony in six months,” I said. “That’s what’s going on.”

“Yeah, you deadbeat,” Sandy, my Mom retorted.

“Who’s there, how come I can’t move or see?” Joey said, sounding truly panicked.

Poor Joe was truly at a disadvantage. He really didn’t know what was going on or what was about to happen. Much like our five years of marriage. We were both in our fifties when we got married, a little late but we had both been burned before and were gun shy.

“You’re tied down and blindfolded, you big dummy,” I said.

“But why?” Joey asked.

“Did you forget about the alimony I just mentioned?” I asked. Then added, “Told you he was dumb,” All the other women laughed.

“Who…who’s there?”

“You sound like an owl, Joey. I’m here of course. Then there’s my mother Sandy, you remember her don’t you Joey?”

“Hiya big boy,” Sandy said in an exaggerated seductive voice.

“Then there’s April and May. You remember them don’t you? You said they should have been blondes because they were so dumb,”

“You said what?” April demanded. Her and May each grabbed a foot and started tickling it.

“Hey, stop, stop. I never said that.” Joey protested.

“Sorry big guy, this is your punishment for not paying alimony like you agreed you would,” I told my pathetic ex-husband.

Dressed only in his boxer briefs, which had moved from a large to an extra large, because he’d gained some weight. Joey had his arms over his head and his legs spread apart.

“Go,” I said. April and May were still at Joey’s feet so they attacked those, while Sandy and I got him under his arms.

Joey squirmed and bounced around and laughed like crazy. His big belly looked like a wave in the ocean. We tickled him nonstop for about fifteen minutes then Sandy yelled, “Switch!” and my Mom and I traded places with April and May.

“God, I never realized how fucking hairy he is,” Mom said going up his leg to his upper thigh. I followed suit.

“You would after you’d slept with him for five years,” I mumbled.

“How did you last so long?” April asked seriously.

“Two reasons. He’s loaded but cheap,” I replied.

“What’s the other reason?” May asked.

“That!” I said pointing to my ex’s dick flopping around in his undies like a huge lead pipe.

April and May’s eyes were like saucers staring at Joey’s bouncing dick.

“You wanna see it?” I asked.

“Umm,” April said.

“I don’t know…” May trailed off.

“Hell yeah!” Sandy said. “You told me enough about it, it’d be nice to see what the thing actually looks like.”

“Be right back,” I said and ran to get the scissors.

As soon as she was out of the room Sandy reached her hand inside Joey’s shorts and grabbed a feel. “Holy shit, Joey,” Sandy said. “Girls grab a quick feel before June comes back.”

Even though they were unsure a moment ago both girls reached under Joey’s short for a quick feel.

It’s so long and hard,” April exclaimed. Then Sandy reach back inside and started tickling Joey’s balls.

“Everyone having fun?” June asked. April and May turned beet red.

“I am,” Sandy said tickling Joey’s balls even more and laughing when he laughed.

“I brought some other things we could use,” illegal bahis June said, displaying a try with several items on it. “But first things first,” she said and proceeded to cut Joey’s shorts off.

All three of the women gasped when Joey’s cock finally came into view. It was fully erect and throbbing up and down.

“Oh my God is that precum?” April asked.

“I don’t know, it’s so hard to tell with all that fucking hair,” Sandy said, while picking out things to tickle torture Joey with.

“We’re going to take care of that next,” June said.

While she shaved her ex-husband, June sort of felt bad for him. The years hadn’t been good to either of them but Joey seemed to have aged worse or at least he looked it. June had also gained some weight and her boobs were a bit saggy now but she still got plenty of looks even from some twenty and thirty year old’s, which made her feel good. She especially liked to go out in public without a bra and watch the guys young and old stare at her swaying bobs and hard nipples. Sometimes she’d even bend over and give them a show, then quickly look up and catch them and give them a wink. Once when she was at a large department store a young guy was following her. She let him get really close then suddenly turned and “accidently” grabbed his crotch and rubbed it up and down a couple times. HIs eyes never leaving her braless tits. “Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you,” she had said.

“No problem ma’am,” he’d replied.

“Aww too bad. I would have taken you home and done anything you wanted if you hadn’t called me ma’am,” she said, then turned and walked away. The look on his face was priceless.

She was also aware of the irony that her name was June and her two best friends were April and May, making April, May and June. And yes, they’d heard all the jokes.

Finally she was done shaving Joey’s upper body and crotch. It took awhile because of all the hair he had and the fact that not only was his cock big his balls were too.

“Are you ready for more tickling, lover?” June asked coyly.

“No please June don’t,” Joey pleaded.

“I think you secretly like it. At least your cock seems to,” June said grabbing his cock and stroking it a few times.

“Okay, everyone have what they want?” June asked. All three women nodded. “Commence tickling.”

If Joey thought their fingers were bad the tools were worse. Because he was blindfolded Joey could only guess what was being used. A couple felt like feathers, one felt like a fork and one felt like a pizza cutter but smaller and with spikes. It didn’t really matter what was used it tickled and made Joey laugh and laugh. Even without anyone touching his balls or cock he was still hard. This was new information Joey hadn’t known about himself. Then they did start to tickle his cock and balls. They’d build him up only to start tickling him elsewhere giving him serious blue balls.

“Okay who want’s to watch my ex-husband shoot his load?” June asked. Apparently all of them because Joey immediately felt four feather on his cock and balls.

Four feathers tickled Joey’s cock and balls. All the women moved around so everyone got to tickle every inch of Joey’s manhood. Suddenly all four feathers were concentrating on just the head.

“Oh God, June, I’m gonna cum,” Joey warned.

All four women watched intently illegal bahis siteleri as Joey’s cock throbbed and danced. Finally Joey shouted, “Ahh!” and shot a huge load onto his belly and chest. The women didn’t stop tickling until Joey had finished coming.

“Holy fucking shit, June,” Joey said.

“Yes dear, that was quite a load. Good job,” June said in a placating manner. She then had a powwow with the other women and they all laughed and nodded their heads.

“Because you’ve been so good were going to each make out with you and I’ll even take the blindfold off so you can see who you’re kissing. How does that sound?”

“Um, questionable?” Joey said. All four women laughed. June took the blindfold off.

“Oh by the way, were first each going to lick the cum off your body and then kiss you with the cum still in our mouth just so you can taste what were tasting. Who wants to go first?”

“Me,” Sandy said. Sandy leaned down and licked up a big amount of cum off Joey’s body then leaned down and put her lips on his and rolled her tongue around his making sure to get as much cum into his mouth as possible. And so it went. April was next, then May and finally June. The rest of Joey’s cum was wiped up with a paper towel. He had come a lot.

Joey looked down. To his surprise he had another erection. He wasn’t sure how he felt. He’d just made out with four beautiful, albeit older women, one his ex-wife, but he also tasted his own sperm. Today was just full of surprises.

“Okay I’m going to put the blindfold back on. Just for a little while,” June said, when Joey started to protest. “Trust me it’ll be worth it,” she whispered in his ear. However, before he knew it he was being tickled again. Then all at once it stopped. He couldn’t see or hear anything.

“June? Sandy?” Joey called.

“Are you ready for your surprise big guy?” June asked, a while later.

“I’m not sure how many more surprises I can take,” Joey said honestly.

Without any fanfare, June pulled the blindfold off.

Joey was looking at four totally naked women.

June had gained a little weight and her breasts were a bit saggy now but she still looked good. He noticed all four women’s pussies were shaved.

Sandy had saggy boobs too but they were bigger than her daughter’s and actually the biggest of all the women. Sandy also had big areolas and nipples.

Both April and May wore glasses. April had shoulder length brown hair and medium sized boobs with big areolas and small nipples.

May had short black hair bigger boobs than April and medium areolas and nipples.

“We’re going to see if you can make all of us come with that great tongue of your while the rest of us tickle you, but first we’ll let you suck our tits because I know you’re really a tit man,” June said.

April went first this time then May then Sandy and finally June.

May was first up to let Joey lick her pussy. It’s really hard to lick a pussy and laugh at the same time, Joey figured out.

“Every time he laughs I can feel his warm breath on my clit,” May said. That gave Joey an idea. He simply sucked on May’s clit and played with it with his tongue and tried to keep his mouth closed. It seemed to work because soon May was moaning and clamped her thighs around Joey’s ears in a powerful orgasm.

April was next. With her Joey canlı bahis siteleri opened his mouth and laughed right inside her cunt. He licked her pussy lips then started kissing then like they were the lips on her face. Finally he gently bit her clit and played his tongue over it until she too had a massive orgasm. His ex-mother-in-law was next. He licked her pussy then hummed while holding her clit in his mouth until she too exploded in orgasm. Finally it was his ex-wife’s turn. He knew she like lots of tongue fucking as she called it. He’d stick his tongue in as far as it would go like an oral penis. After he had done this for a while she got up and turned around. “Lick my asshole, asshole,” June said and placed her ass right over Joey’s tongue. “Come on, stick that tongue in as far as you can,” June shouted.

“If you’re going to change the rules so am I. Girls suck his balls while I suck his cock. Let’s see if my ex-son-in-law can have another huge orgasm,” Sandy said.

More surprises. Joey thought. He wasn’t sure if they were good or bad. Sort of both it seemed. He was licking his ex-wife’s asshole but also getting a killer blowjob from his ex-mother-in-law. So it all sort of balanced out. And actually June’s ass wasn’t all that bad.

The three women took turns sucking Joey’s cock and balls. Then it was back to Sandy. “Okay Mom finish him off I’m about ready to come,” June said.

Sandy sucked for all she was worth and licked Joey’s cockhead like an out of control washing machine.

“Holy shit!” Joey yelled then exploded in his ex-mother-in-law’s mouth. June was rubbing her clit and fingering herself until she too had a massive orgasm. Sandy kissed all three other women, sharing Joey’s cum.

“Now you have to lick their assholes too while the rest of us fuck and tickle you,” June said. Joey was forced to lick the other women’s assholes, while being tickled by two and fucked by one. Except for the tickling part, not a bad deal.

Eventually he ended up licking Sandy’s asshole while fucking June as April and May sucked his balls. Sandy was rubbing her clit and came first. April and May were fingering each other and came next, finally Joey and his ex-wife came more or less at the same time. They all lay on the bed exhausted.

“Now can somebody please untie me?” Joey asked after a few minutes.

“Sure,” June said. “By the way, why did you come over anyway?”

“To give you this,” Joey said handing her a check for the past six months alimony and an advance on the next six months.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” June asked. All the women were looking at him.

“I wanted to see how far you’d take it,” Joey replied.

“My God you fucked all of us,” June said disgustedly.

“I also licked all your assholes. I think were even,” Joey countered.

“Oh, when I call my lawyer…” June started.

“Uh, don’t forget I have friends too. You may find yourself in a similar situation only you’d be the one being tickled and played with,” Joey said, getting up and walking away.

“Get out you bastard. Just get out!” June yelled.

As soon as they heard the front door close June squealed with glee.

“What’s going on?” Sandy asked.

“I know he was dropping off the check today I just wanted to have some fun. You guys aren’t mad are you?”

“No way this was too much fun,” April said.

“I agree,” Sandy replied.

“I think my husband’s having an affair,” May stated. “Do you think we could…”

“Yes,” June said.

“Absolutely,” Sandy replied.

“Oh goody,” April said clapping her hands.

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Friends Coming Out To Each Other

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Will Your Friends Stand By You.

Friends Coming Out To Each Other.

Can You Ever Undo What You Have Already Done.

It was a warm sunny Thursday morning in June in Glasgow. My alarm woke me for another day at the office, but I quickly realized that, starting tonight, it was a Civil Service double Bank Holiday this weekend. As I was embedded in a Government Office, I would have a long four-day weekend to enjoy myself. Nothing planned, I would just make it up as I went along.

My apartment was a leased, serviced business apartment, just off Sauchiehall Street and paid for by my employer. I had rented out my own apartment in Portsmouth which was near the large Naval base with HMS Victory’s masts towering above it. The apartment had just one problem in that it was overlooked by a glass fronted office block. If the bedroom blinds were not closed and mine never were, you had to be very discreet.

My office, where I shared a work pod with Rood Bloomfield, was just off the Broomielaw, overlooking the river Clyde and about a fifteen-minute walk from my apartment. Rood was originally from Amsterdam and we were both independent Project Forensic Analysists. Although we worked for different employers along with a Forensic Analysist team for this assignment, we had the same ultimate paymaster, whose demands were very impatient and unremitting. The remainder of the team worked in various other Government offices.

We had now worked together for over two months and had built up a good working rapport. It was said that we were now almost clairvoyant with each other as we did our forensic analysis of what had happened. We were separate from the regular staff in the office, who would sell their souls to get something on us for leverage. They were very wary of what we were doing and only saw us as scalp hunters, particularly as we were not allowed to tell them anything about our findings, only question them and examine what they had done or not done. I think they saw us as a Friday the 13th team and possibly they were correct, but it was too soon to say.

At lunch time in the café area Rood asked me what I had planned for the holiday weekend. When I told him that I had no plans and that I was going to make it up as I went along, his suggestion was that, for tonight, I tag along with him and his partner to make up a foursome at a private nightclub, where he was a member. I was reticent, being wary of blind dates, as I’d had a couple of bad experiences, including one when her husband turned up. But Rood assured me nothing like that would happen as they are stag and were dumped a few days ago, better offer by someone with serious money.

The arrangement was that I would meet Rood at the top end of Michael Street, not far from the Night Club and we would first both go for an Italian meal together. His partner would meet us in the Club later, as they were working an extended shift in the large Queen Elizabeth hospital and wouldn’t finish until after eight. We had eaten at that restaurant before at one of our regular Friday lunches out and it had been excellent. We had also taken our Senior Investigation Officer, our line boss, there on one of his biweekly visits. This had been to appease him as he was having a bit of a strop about information that was being withheld from us. Rood and I met as planned and shared a bottle of wine and I had my usual Fruit di Mar. The Night Club was just down the street and round the corner in the adjacent Michael lane.

After our meal, half a bottle of wine and a few beers each, we headed down the narrow spooky lane. I must admit that, although it wasn’t yet dark, I was wary about walking down that lane. We arrived at the entrance which was on the ground floor of a multi-story car park with an uninviting plain double wooden door with a sign on it saying Groundhog Private Members Club and a logo that I couldn’t make out. Rood tapped in a code on the keypad and showed his Club pass to an electronic eye in the wall. The door opened automatically and we were met by one of the Club’s security staff who directed us down a flight of stairs leading into a very plush reception area. Rood asked me to wait for him in the guests’ waiting area as he checked us both in.

I was idly browsing some of the club entertainer’s photographs, when one of the security staff came over to me. I recognized him immediately as we were both members of the same gym. He had helped me out one morning, when I got into a predicament with the weights doing bench presses. I had slept late that morning hurried to the gym in Queen Street without any breakfast, then beasted into my training program to catch up before the gym started to fill up. On the bench press my arms were starting to fatigue out big time and I was unable to put the barbell back up on the stand. My arms were starting to shake under the load and I thought I was going to drop the weight on my chest. As if by magic, a very muscular arm appeared from nowhere and lifted the barbell single handed onto the stand.

I sat up and thanked my life bahis firmaları saver. That, at least, is how I saw him at the time. He introduced himself as Martyn Courtland, part time gym trainer, competition weightlifter and night club bouncer. Seeing him, with his thighs, upper body and arm muscles looking ready to burst out of his tight-fitting Lycra shorts and top, I was very impressed. As I thanked him for his help, he kicked into trainer mode, enquiring why I had fatigued out. I explained my morning rush and missing breakfast. He told me to follow him as we headed to the gym relaxation area, or the sin bin as it was often called. He explained that skipping carbohydrates and not taking fluids before a gym workout was not a good idea, then gave me a can of energy drink which produced an almost instant kick. Since then, whenever we met in the gym, we chatted about life in general and sometimes shared a coffee.

Martyn interrupted my browsing, saying to me that he didn’t realize that I was a member of this Club. I explained that I wasn’t and this was my first time here, making up a foursome on a sort of blind date, as a guest of Rood Bloomfield. He welcomed me and hoped that he would see me later when doing his rounds. Before Martyn moved away, Rood returned, handing me a visitor pass with my photograph on it, saying that he had emailed in my works security pass photograph. It was a terrible photograph and I said that I would need to get it replaced by something better. We then headed into the venue area and Martyn went back to his club security duties.

When we walked over to the table, overlooking the entertainment stage, that Rood had booked earlier, two guys were sitting there. Rood first introduced me to Eric De Jong, his partner. I hadn’t known that Rood was gay, despite the fact that we had worked together for a few months and he had stayed over at my apartment a few nights when we were both the worse for wear as the result of an after work drinking session. He then introduced me to the other guy, Scott Marshall, a man of about my height, with jet black hair, very well spoken and confident, but a little effeminate looking. He was then introduced to me as my blind date for the night and I was lost for words as we shook hands.

Rood broke the silence, saying that he and Eric needed to discuss something with the Club Manager and asked Scott to entertain me, explaining that they would be away for an hour or so, then walked away. Scott broke the ice by suggesting that I hadn’t known that this was a gay club. When I confirmed that, he jokingly invited me to sit down before I fell down. A waiter arrived with two cocktails of the week for us, courtesy of Rood or Eric. I never found out what was in them but they had a very pleasant instantaneous calming kick to them.

I explained that Rood had invited me to make up a foursome and had joked that it was to be a blind date, because you had been let down, which Scott at once confirmed. His friend, like him, was a private banker. He had been invited by one of his very wealthy clients, whom he had known off and on, so to speak, for a couple of years, to move in with him in his bungalow in the Seychelles. He said yes, so you won me for the night, which I hope you don’t mind. Of course, I said no but explained that I was just caught out. So, we both smiled and clinked glasses together. It was amusing, because Rood must have thought I was also gay, but even although I wasn’t, I got a bit of a kick out of it.

As we sat there chatting, my competition weightlifter and muscle man friend Martyn came over with another man, who he introduced to us as Tim Courtenay, the club photographer. Martyn had overheard that I didn’t like my current pass photograph. Tim gave it a look and said that he was in agreement, almost instantly producing a camera with a long lens. He quickly snapped a few photos, not giving me time to pose. His opinion was that you got a better photo if you didn’t pose. More natural that way.

Scott informed me that all Club guests receive complimentary photographs to commemorate their first visit to the Club. As he unbuttoned my shirt almost to the waist, as his was, Scott explained that he thought that I should have the relaxed gay look. In this way we posed while not posing, Tim took several photographs of us, with drinks in our hands, toasting each other and arms round each other. Scott referred to them as his blackmail photographs. Martyn thought that was funny and suggested that, later that evening, I could pose with him down on the stage. He explained that he was in the finals of an Iron Man competition. What could I do but agree. As both departed to their respective duties, Scott asked me, with a smile, whether I realized that he would only be wearing tight, almost there speedos and bulging out muscles. I gave him a look that told him, another fine mess you got me into.

About half an hour later the Club Manager Alan Graham came over to welcome me to the Club, with another round of complimentary cocktails of the night for us, with all the usual niceties being exchanged. He kaçak iddaa had the personality you would expect of a Club Manager and I think, given time, he could talk you into anything. He started by asking me if I would help him out. He explained that the Club usually held its Iron Man and Dames and Sluts competitions on Thursday nights, with first time guests invited to be on the panel of judges and added that tonight is Finals Night. As a way of showing our appreciation we give complimentary six months club membership and a personal photographic session with our in-house, very discreet, photographer. I had been well and truly set up, so what could I say but that I would love to.

We then finished our cocktails, which were strong and invigorating and my head was beginning to spin. Scott gave me a grand tour of the club which had originally started life as the bottom two basement floors of a multistory carpark and an adjoining, recently rediscovered Victorian underground station. It was complete with a large horseshoe stage, several discreet adjoining function suites and rooms, all superbly fitted out with very plush décor, including an optional, Towels Only, spa facility in the old railway station with adjoining quiet and dark rooms. This was where we came across Rood and Eric wearing only, shall we say short, white towel wraps, with the Club logo on them. I still didn’t know what the logo actually was.

Rood came over, explaining that Eric was on duty tonight as a medic and he was helping out. Both had trained as combat medics during their Dutch National Service. Eric had, after university, re-trained in Leiden as a Trauma Medic, which he still is, while Rood became an analysist like me. He said they would finish their duties in time for the show and were looking forward to my stint as a panel judge, something they both thought was very funny.

Scott took me down to the backstage area where we met Jac Dofoe the very French, Club Entertainment’s Manager. He explained that, of the ten volunteer judges, five would judge the Iron Man and five the Dames and Sluts competitions. Each group of five would sit on opposing podiums on each wing of the horseshoe stage. It was then he asked me if I would be the prize Presentation Judge for the Iron Man competition. Again, what could I say?

He then explained that I would be given an iPad which would have a check list of features against which we should score competitors on a one to ten basis. Points would be automatically added up and all competitors placed in order. The two Presentation Judges would then present prizes in the form of a bag of coins. Each group winner would receive the largest bag, the bags getting smaller the lower the finisher. These bags were later to be exchanged for cash. As Presentation Judges we would wear special stage outfits for the cameras and the Entertainment Manager Jac would host the night so we wouldn’t have to speak on stage.

Scott and I went downstairs together for me to get changed. The outfits they gave me comprised a lightweight, almost see through, snow white, one piece shirt and trousers with the biggest flares I had ever seen. As I began to get changed, Jac came down, telling us that there had been a problem. The judge for the Dames and Sluts Presentation had taken stage fright and none of the other judges wanted to be a Presentation Judge. He asked if either Scott or I would present both prizes. With revenge in mind, I assured Jac that Scott would love to help. Done deal, that’s what friends are for, I thought. Scott was very relaxed about it all and, with Jac, disappeared to an adjacent changing room.

I went into my changing room, accompanied by a dresser, come makeup artist, who would help me get ready. I was handed a flat black Jock Strap and harness, which concerned me quite a lot, as I was worried about the ultra-light weight of the outfit material being see through and showing in particular the Jock Strap. There was also a matching harness to wear and a whip. Before I could say anything, the dresser said that the jock strap would enhance the cut of the outfit. Having never held a jock strap before, let alone wear one, I thought I should just see how it would go.

To be honest I was a bit unsure how you wear one, but the dresser quickly helped me and I have no doubt that he really enjoyed gently, but firmly maneuvering the leg elastic and waist band. I certainly did. It was a weird feeling wearing a jock strap for the first time. As you stood up, sat down or walked you could feel the elastic pull at your buns, producing a bit of a thrill and an arousal twitch, which, as it was tightly contained within a pouch, added to it all.

Before I pulled on the one-piece outfit, my dresser applied makeup powder to my exposed skin, arms, face and chest, something to do with the light reflection. Being made up was another first for me. Then he sprayed my exposed skin with a silver sparkle, again for the lighting, the outfit fitted me like a glove, but the shirt opened right down to an ultra-low hip belt. Looking in the mirror, I must admit I looked really kaçak bahis good in it. At least I thought so and the jock strap lifted and separated my butt adding to its cut, as well as feel as you walked; elastic on Lycra. It was then that Scott came in. I was speechless as he was dressed in a matching snow-white flared one-piece mini dress, complete with club logos and cleavage spilling out the top along with a bare midriff and very high heels. He looked absolutely fantastic in it. If I hadn’t known better I would, I am sure, be trying to pull him.

We all headed down to the wings of the stage, where the Dames and Sluts panel were all dressed in short skirts or micro shorts. Wearing make-up, they really looked good. I felt like the guy looking into the sweet shop window. We all lined up and walked onto the stage. Blinded by the strobe lights, all we could see of the audience was their outlines in the spill of the lights. The combination of the music, strobe lights and suggestive cat calls was all quite exhilarating. The panel judges sat down and, one at a time, on came the Iron Man contenders, one at a time. We scored them as they did their muscle flexing routine. Naturally, my gym buddy Martyn got a good winning score from me. The Dames and Sluts then did their beauty pageant thing with some very suggestive erotic moves, and the enjoyment in the audience was shown by the level of table banging and vocal encouragement from them.

Using their stage names and in reverse order, Jac then announced the winners. I was now alongside him on stage as I handed out the bags of coins to the Iron Man winners. As they received their bags of coins, the contenders then posed individually and were photographed with me, strobe lights on, each in turn taking the opportunity of discreetly groping me between my now protruding buns. Scott had been correct, in that their snow-white speedos were the almost there type and their bulging muscles were overflowing out of them. Scott then did his Presentation Judge, handing out the prizes to the Dames and Sluts contenders. To the noisy enjoyment of both the audience and Scott, each contestant kissed and hugged him erotically.

It was then that I noticed two things. As the white lights strobed on and off Scott and the prize recipient, his bulges and artificial bump underwear was shining through as his outfit became transparent, as were those of the winners as they received their prize. Both looked naked intermittently as the lights strobed on them there on the stage. In that moment, I realized that my outfit must have produced the same effect. Hence the insistence by Jac and the dresser on my black jock strap and harness. I then noticed that, in the shadows, were two professional film camera operators. I later found out that their work was streaming live directly onto the club’s own web channel. Meaning that my exhibition had been not only for the pleasure of the audience, but globally over the Web.

By the time I left the stage I was emotionally drained by what I had just done. Meeting up with Scott on the way back to the dressing rooms, I told him what had just happened, his response to which was to suggest that we enjoy another drink. So, still in our stage outfits, we headed back to our table, where Rood and Eric were waiting for us. They congratulated us on our stage performance and bought us another restorative cocktail, after which I was semi oblivious to the world and what had happened.

Half an hour later, our friendly photographer Tim came over to our table, saying that he would like to do some promotional shots of us down in his studio. Rood and Eric left us to it as they had something arranged in the Spa Bar area. It didn’t seem appropriate to ask for details. In the studio Tim took various shots of us, sitting at mock tables, a bar, then together on a love couch. He then suggested we move to the sauna and do some shots there and produced a couple of towel wraps, sporting the club logo, for us to wear. We changed into them in our dressing room. They were seven eighths wraps which meant one thigh, possibly another part of your anatomy, would be fully exposed. It was then I found out what an exposed left or right thigh and leg meant.

Into the mock sauna, which had special lights to give the illusion of heat, we went. On the wooden benches, we sat there together, with our wraps strategically and erotically positioned as Tim photographed us. After he had finished the promotional shots, Tim asked if we’d like any personal, discreet photographs taken together. Quickly, Scott said yes then swiftly undid both my wrap and his. We posed together, nothing full-on, just holding and pressing on each other. It was then that the night’s activities caught up with us and we both became visually aroused as Tim clicked away with his camera. He then had us pose together erotically and sexually. Then we overdid it, lying on my back with my knees up, Scott gently touched and stroked me between my buttocks and it was a sublime moment as I felt him slowly slide inside me. It was a wonderful feeling and, as I lay there letting him do as he felt, he went the full way and continued, Tim clicking away and in video mode. It didn’t take long before the inevitable happened and I lay there, exhausted and breathing deeply as it drained away.

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Venetian Idyll

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Margot wrapped her arms about her body. She shivered as the cool early morning air blew into the darkened room, the shutters opened, just enough, to allow her a glimpse of the buildings that lined the canal, their colourful stuccoed walls and flaking paintwork an iconic reminder of the city’s age and history.

A thin nightdress now covered her fulsome figure; the diaphanous cotton fabric shaping her; its hem finishing mid-thigh and a scooped neckline revealing a lightly tanned and freckled skin. Her long sandy-blonde hair hung down over her shoulders in a dishevelled mess. It framed her slender face, gaunt from lack of sleep.

She ached; soon clutched the nightdress at her belly and pressed fingers into her skin; shifted her weight for a moment to lean forward and glance out of the window, the stilled waters of the narrow canal far below her vantage point.

‘Can’t you sleep…beautiful lady?’

She felt Luca’s hands clamp hers and she moved to lean against him; felt the strength in his arms and the roughness of his hands; shivered as he again moulded her body to his. She lingered on feeling the press of his prick against her buttocks; shared in the slow sway of their bodies, and delighting once more in each other; every movement a reminder of all that had gone before…two days and nights of passionate and prolonged discovery; of sharing; an unlikely but opportunistic affair; each and every moment pursued in her hotel canlı bahis şirketleri bedroom; the preambles out on the canals or when walking along the narrow causeways; the sharing of intimate chatter and stolen kisses on an arching bridge; jostled by passersby that they had been all but oblivious to.

‘No, I can’t sleep…I knew that it would end for us…we told each other that it was the way of things…it hasn’t stopped me from thinking of it.’

Her live-in lover, Tomas, would not make up for the loss of the vaulting passion that the man who embraced her had brought to their couplings. She had known of moments when his eyes had been upon her; they had shared in a few words as the TV crew filmed the scenes for the documentary that she was a part of; Luca Zanatta the man with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the city, art and architecture; a man who under that toned skin had found the words to claim her; who purposefully pursued her after the TV crew had left for Munich and she remained to put the draft script together.

How she had managed to do that in the few hours that were open to her, when he was at work on the water, she really did not know. But her work was done here; her times in his arms soon to be at an end. The refashioning of her emotional state would then have to begin. She knew the world only too well in this respect; she did not feel cheapened by her experience but basked in the afterglow.

Luca pressed canlı kaçak iddaa his fleshy lips to her throat and kissed her, gently; breathed in her heat.

‘The scent of perfume and loving is on your skin…’ he kissed, his fingers slowly caressing her belly and moving down over the tangle of coarse hair until they claimed her; offered slow caresses that had her breathe in sharply. ‘There’s…there is still time before I have to leave…precious woman. You have enchanted me from the beginning…’

‘And I became someone else with you…’

Margot made no attempt to stop his undressing of her; the lifting away of her nightdress and then the clamp of his hands on the languid swell of her large breasts. She felt that her slender body was burdened by them, but her lover had paid homage to her; to all of her, in his beguiling and seducing ways before he had plugged her with that arcing rod of hard flesh; her responses reduced too incoherent moans until she had felt that wanton pleasure would overwhelm her.

‘How I want you,’ he crooned as she turned in his embrace and Luca bent to kiss her skin. ‘How I wanted you from the first time we met…’

She lifted her head and laughed; felt his lips on her skin; knew what it was that had captivated him so; what she could not fully conceal in the clammy warmth of the city on the water; her impressive cleavage; all that she had brought to his gaze and lustful touch but a tantalising canlı kaçak bahis hint; the swell of her breasts displayed by the ‘V’ of her summer blouses that she had worn with billowy slacks and low-heeled pumps; all of it lending her grace.

‘I think I know that…even more so now!’ she laughed, her Italian good enough for them to converse. Otherwise, they had learned of it through their use of English; but to do that spoiled the fun for her; to be seduced by a man and through the use of his language; to hear his gasps of pleasure; his words of endearment as she claimed him.

Of his ways she now knew everything, and he basked in his attention to her hard perky nipples as she reached for him; drew her finger nails over his length as she did so; claimed him in wrenching clamps that were as much a means to draw him back to her bed as it was to bring him on.

‘Love me again…all of me…before you go!’ she gasped as Luca pushed her down onto the bed and buried his tongue within her pink folds; pushed her legs up, onto his shoulders and had her know of him in these wondrous primitive ways. ‘Luca…mi amore!’

‘Si…si! I cannot stop! You will have a special place in my memories…’

Margot took him to her. They fucked until she had nothing more to give him; even as he sought it of her. She would have time to rest; take an early lunch before she caught a flight home.

The art and architecture, the history of the waters that lapped at the walls beneath her window were now as one in the ways of her lover; in the sensations that he aroused and that she knew would again engulf her.

‘You’ve made my Venetian idyll complete, Luca…ai! Ai…aiee!’


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Boss Nanny Ch. 13

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Big Tits

Matt spent every minute leading up to Mike’s departure preparing for the greatest task he was ever given. Aidan excluded. When he wasn’t in class, at work, or catering to Aidan, Matt was re-reading and studying every published piece he could find on forensic accounting. He even spoke with his TA and reviewed tips for spotting trends and indicators.

Even though Seamus would end up hiring a professional to do a more thorough job if something came from it, Matt still wanted to prove that he could do this. He wanted to prove himself.

Matt looked at his watch. It was an activity watch that counts your steps, but it was all black and made him feel official. He didn’t know Mike’s exact itinerary, but he would be boarding soon. Matt imagined Mike smirking as he headed for some tropical vacation courtesy of Seamus Ryan.

His skin was buzzing with anticipation. He felt dangerous, like James Bond. Which reminded him he wanted to name this whole thing, but he couldn’t decide if it was a mission or an operation.

Matt was in his room with Aidan, getting ready for day one of Operation Butter Biscuit? Okay, Matt really shouldn’t be creative while feeding his brother. He heard Seamus come through the front door. Matt looked at Aidan and clapped quietly but excitedly.

Aidan was annoyed. He didn’t like being dressed up. He frowned at the door and tried to tear the stocking cap off his little head.

“Leave the hat alone. It’s part of the operation.”

Aidan protested and tried again.

Seamus stood at the bedroom door, laughing. “What is going on here?”

Matt stood up and looked at himself, then at Aidan. They were both dressed in black from head to toe. He even bought a couple black beanies from the corner market. If you could get past the faint smell of stale weed, they worked just fine.

“We’re getting ready to go undercover.”

Aidan slid off the bed and waddle ran to Seamus, who laughed at the little ninja baby before swooping him up. The second Aidan was safe in Seamus’s arms, he tore off the hat and flung it on the floor. His thin baby hair was all static and stuck straight out like crazy, making Matt and Seamus laugh.

Seamus dangled his key chain. “We’re not breaking and entering. I have a key.”

“Don’t ruin this for us.” Matt glared as he adjusted his own beanie. He grabbed Aidan’s from the floor and put it back on his head. He whined and looked to Seamus to save him from his evil brother.

Seamus snatched the hat from Matt and stuffed it in his back pocket. “As cute as you two are, it’s time to go.”


The office was on the other side of town, close to the dealership. It was in a small suite of offices, nestled behind the bigger businesses. Seamus unlocked the door and let Matt in. The office wasn’t anything fancy. Mike had an enormous oak desk with two monitors. There were several filing cabinets along the wall and a small kitchenette with a coffee machine and microwave.

Matt ran his hand along the back of the leather chair.

“Are you just going to stand there?” Seamus asked.

“Give me a minute. I’m about to sit in another man’s chair.”

Seamus took a nervous breath and set baby ninja down. Aidan had given up on the hat situation. He looked more like a hipster coffee drinker who was about to recite a poem than a stealth secret agent, and he was cuter because of it.

Matt rubbed his hands together and finally sat down and booted up the system. “I’m assuming you have the passwords?”

Seamus pulled something up on his phone. “These should get you access to everything you need.”

It took a minute to navigate the computer, but the accounting system was easy to locate. When he successfully logged in, his heart rate skyrocketed. It was really happening. Even though he was with Seamus, it felt like he was doing something wrong. He looked around the office in case there were any hidden security cameras.

Seamus stood behind Matt and watched as he familiarized himself with the accounts. The hardest part by far was how many businesses he had and the fact they were all moderately mixed together. Matt had to figure out how each was set up and then look for patterns.

While the time passed quickly for Matt, Seamus and Aidan were bored out of their mind. By hour two, Aidan had run out of fun things to do and was becoming restless. It’s possible Seamus had underestimated how long it would take to do an audit. Yeah, he definitely assumed the fraud could be spotted immediately.

“If you want to head back to the house with Aidan, I can call a car later.”

Seamus thought about it but declined. As much as he wanted to take Aidan and leave, not abandoning Matt won out. Seamus tried hard to keep Aidan occupied but as the time went on, it became harder and harder. Matt was about to insist that Seamus leave, when Aidan fell asleep.

While Aidan slept on the small loveseat, Seamus switched between thumbing through the filing cabinets and scrolling on his phone.

It was after midnight when Matt’s brain started to burn as much as his eyes. “I think that’s it canlı bahis şirketleri for tonight. We’ll come back tomorrow.” Matt left everything where it was so he didn’t lose his place.

On the way home, Seamus asked if he found anything.

“I’m just trying to familiarize myself with it right now. I wouldn’t know fraud if it bit me in the face.” Matt was concerned the expectation might be too high. “Two weeks isn’t a lot of time to go through accounts for five businesses. Some audits take months, years even. On top of this, I’m going to school and working full time.”

Seamus reached over and squeezed Matt’s leg. “I appreciate that you’re doing this.”

“I know,” Matt covered Seamus’s hand with his own. “I’m feeling pressure because I want to do a good job and I know there’s not much time.”

“There’s no pressure from me. I know you liked the forensics class. I thought this was a way for me to see if my gut is right while you get to practice something you enjoy.”

“It’s exciting if a bit more boring than I expected. I’m excited to do it, I just wish I had more time.”

“I could talk to Denise and see if you could have a few days off. I know she’s pretty well staffed right now. I don’t think it would be a hardship. I could even pay you for doing this so you’re not out the money.”

“God, please don’t talk to Denise,” Matt begged. “That would be so embarrassing.”

“Why would it be embarrassing?”

“Everyone would think I’m using my boyfriend for favors.”

“Do they even know we’re dating?” Seamus asked. “I don’t think anyone knows.”

“I’m sure they know. If not, they definitely suspect. We’re kind of obvious.”

“I could tell her I was hiring you to do some accounting while Mike is away. She wouldn’t suspect anything and I wouldn’t be lying.”

Matt watched the passing streetlights as he thought about Seamus’s offer. It wasn’t a terrible idea and he could really use the extra time to investigate.

“As long as you can do it without making me look bad.”

“You think I run all these businesses but I can’t get you out of a few shifts without being suspicious?”

“I mean, your accountant might be embezzling money from you, so…”

Seamus cupped his mouth. “Ohhhhh. That was low.”

Matt leaned his head against the headrest and smiled.


When Matt got home, Seamus dangled the key to Mike’s office. “Denise was excited that you’re filling in for Mike. You now have two weeks off.”

Matt couldn’t leave the apartment fast enough. He kissed Seamus and Aidan, grabbed his hoodie, and headed out the door–in normal clothes this time. No more night ninja for Matt.

As much as he hoped Mike wasn’t stealing from Seamus, he also wanted to be the one to find the smoking gun. He wanted to be the reason he got nailed to the wall. What a thrill. But yeah, he mostly hoped it was all in Seamus’s head. Seamus was a good person. The thought of someone taking advantage of him curdled Matt’s stomach.

Matt spent the rest of the day at the office. Then the next. That’s how it went. Every day that Matt wasn’t in class, he spent hours in front of the computer screen. If Seamus was awake when he got home, Matt would read off a list of questions he had about employees, contractors, vendors, etc. Without having intimate knowledge of the day-to-day, Matt needed clarification to help move the investigation along.

To Mike’s credit, he was really organized. Matt was able to find most information either on the computer or in the filing system.

The week passed in a blur. Matt survived on caffeine and a prayer. It got to the point where Matt didn’t want to leave the office until he could give Seamus something concrete.The office was a wreck and there was no way he could put it back together without Mike noticing. He also didn’t want to let Seamus down. The more he dug, the more he agreed with Seamus. Something was off. He was close–so close he could taste it. Matt went back and forth, comparing everything that was logged in the computer with everything he could find in the filing system.


Seamus watched Matt from the couch as he set his stuff by the front door. He was home early. There was only one reason Matt wouldn’t be at the office.

Seamus off the couch. “What did you find?”

Matt touched Seamus’s arm and motioned him back to the couch. “Maybe nothing, but there might be something. We’ll see.”

“Matt, it’s fine. If there’s anything that might be sketchy, I’m hiring a professional. Just tell me what you think you found.”

When they settled on the couch, Matt turned to Seamus. “First, Mike seems to have a very generous salary.”

“Yes,” Seamus nodded. “He does a lot for the company. He has a base salary. Based on profits, he gets an annual raise of three percent. Every fifth year there’s a cost-of-living evaluation. At that point, we adjust if needed. I believe he gets about eighty a year.”

“Yes, I saw that in the contract between you two. The thing is, according to payroll, he’s been getting an eight percent raise instead. He’s making canlı kaçak iddaa damn near twenty grand every month.”

“What?!” Seamus’s eyes bulged right out of his head as he did the math in his head.

Matt nodded. “I thought it was crazy he’d make more than you.”

Yes, Matt had seen what Seamus was taking home. He was actually impressed that Seamus was living so modestly. Judging by the profits, Seamus could’ve easily paid himself more. Substantially more.

This was coming strictly from an accounting standpoint, of course.

“We have a signed contract. It’s not eight percent.”

“I know.”

“I have it at my office,” Seamus reiterated. He was pissed. “I can show you.”

“I know, I saw it.”

“That’s stealing!”

Wasn’t that the whole reason Matt was peaking around?

“What else?” Seamus asked.

Matt moved on. “All the businesses do daily deposits, which go straight to Mike, who then takes it to the bank. The thing is, there are almost always petty cash adjustments that equal the amounts of cash that should’ve been deposited. I wrote a list of amounts, dates, and what the petty cash was supposedly used for. You could easily talk to your managers and see if these are accurate, but I’ve worked at the Coffee|Bar for a year and we’ve never had group lunches, yet, according to petty cash, we do them all the time. So, either every manager is stealing, or Mike is pocketing the cash. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I doubt Denise is.”

Seamus said nothing.

Matt flipped to the next page in his notepad. “Company credit cards. I went through the charges. Manager purchases align with the businesses. There really wasn’t anything suspicious. Everyone is good at submitting receipts, except you,” Matt shot a look and then laughed when Seamus glared at him. Matt raised his hands. “As the boss, you get a pass here. Mike, on the other hand, I’m not sure what he would need a company card for but he makes more purchases than anyone and they are mostly personal.”

“What kind of purchases?”

“Everything. Fuel, groceries, meals, entertainment. As far as I can tell, he probably uses it for everything.”

“Wow, okay. Anything else?”

“There’s some questionable vendors. Might be nothing but I noted them anyway. Other than that, I didn’t see anything. That doesn’t mean there isn’t more. Given my lack of experience and the short amount of time I had to work, you should get a professional here asap. I would also make some big changes before he comes back. If he catches wind that you know or suspect what he’s up to, he could really fuck up your finances. He’s got his claws pretty deep.”

“More than he already has?” Seamus bit out. Then he sighed. “I just don’t know what to do. He does everything for the company. How the hell do I find someone who can step in at a moment’s notice? Who can do what Mike does?

“You mean steal money from you?”

Seamus growled. Okay, it wasn’t the time to joke. “He’s not just an accountant, he’s my HR department.”

Matt shrugged. “I talked to my professor. She knows a lot of people and said she might have a lead. I can probably help a little though it should really be your last resort, for obvious reasons. Regardless, you should spend tomorrow morning taking Mike off your accounts, the credit cards, and whatever else he’s linked to. I don’t know if he has remote access to the computer but I downloaded everything onto a drive, changed the online passwords, and even disconnected it from the internet, just in case.”

“I should change the locks also.”

“And let the property manager know that Mike isn’t employed anymore,” Matt added. “If you are in fact terminating his employment.”

“I’m definitely terminating that fucker.”

Matt sat on the couch as Seamus came to terms with everything. Seamus was angry and frustrated. There was also relief. He’d been suspecting it for a long time and now he knew.

“How are you feeling about everything?” Matt asked.

“At twenty grand a month I’m feeling stupid that I didn’t ask for help a long time ago. I almost asked you when you first mentioned loving your forensic class but I didn’t want to bother you. I was still trying to impress you.”

“You didn’t think that someone shysting you of twenty grand a month would impress me?”

“No.” Seamus lip curled as he tried not to smile. “I didn’t think you’d find that to be a redeeming quality.”

Matt laughed, grabbed Seamus’s legs, hauled them up to his lap, and started massaging his feet. As Matt dug in, Seamus melted into the sofa.

“Do you think you would’ve let him get away with this if he wasn’t Kelly’s best friend?”

“I know so. The only reason he had so much reign is because Kelly hired him. I think Mike used my inexperience as a power play after Kelly died.”

“Do you and Mike meet often? Do you guys go over stuff?”

“Not really. I have tried over the years but he always tells me he has things under control. He’s intimidating.”


“Probably because he took control and told me how things would be. He always canlı kaçak bahis said it like he was doing me a favor, but I’ve never felt like I’ve had authority when it came to him.”

“That has to be hard. Atleast you won’t ever let anyone do this again.”

“I’ll do everything in my power to avoid it,” Seamus confirmed.

Seamus was laying on the sofa with his eyes closed as Matt worked his feet over. The lights were low and the room was quiet and relaxing. Matt was watching Seamus when Seamus smirked.

“If only I had a super smart accountant boyfriend who knew his way around this stuff and could teach me what to look out for.”

“Instead, you have a super smart baby accountant boyfriend who is hardly qualified to do anything.”

Seamus opened his eyes and looked at Matt. “You don’t give yourself enough credit. You managed to find shit on Mike just fine.”

Heat blossomed in Matt’s chest. “Just fine? I barely slept in over a week.”

Seamus softened. He pulled his feet from Matt’s lap and sat up. “You were so badass.” He pulled Matt forward and kissed him. “I should let my super-smart badass accountant boyfriend catch up on his sleep.”

Matt frowned and grabbed Seamus’s hand before he could walk away. “You’re leaving? I’ve barely seen you all week.”

“I’ve been here every night,” Seamus laughed.

“But I’ve been busy. We need to celebrate.”

“Matt, the circles under your eyes tell me the only celebration you need is a good night sleep.”

He was so tired. The adrenaline and excitement were wearing off and the cloud of exhaustion was slowly creeping in like an early morning fog bank. Still, Matt didn’t want to see Seamus go. He didn’t want to beg him to stay, either. So, he walked Seamus out then took a quick shower then brushed his teeth.

It took a while to fall asleep. His brain was so focused on everything he’d compiled over the last two weeks.

But what really kept him up was Seamus.

Matt had spent over a week digging through every aspect of Seamus’s business financials. He knew exactly how much his businesses were bringing in; profits, expenses, payroll, etc. There was nothing he hadn’t seen.

It was one thing to know your boyfriend was successful and another to see it on paper. Not only did he know exactly what Seamus made every month, he knew what Seamus could make every month–without even trying.

No wonder Kelly’s family had fought him. No wonder Mike was skimming.

Matt could see the parallels between Seamus and Kelly and Matt and Seamus. Even though the relationships weren’t the same, the similarities were crazy.

Then Matt wondered if it was partially his fault that Mike had gotten away with it. Seamus had spent the last year watching Aidan almost nonstop. Matt could have reduced the number of credits he was taking or used more of the life insurance money so didn’t have to work as much. Letting Seamus take the brunt of the responsibility should not have been the answer.

Even as Matt laid in bed worrying about it, he knew Seamus hadn’t been forced to do anything he didn’t want to do. He didn’t have to volunteer in the first place. He’d proved that to Matt over and over. Even when Matt lined up daycare, Seamus all but demanded to keep Aidan.

He fell asleep trying to figure out why. Why would Seamus take on such a big responsibility? Especially when he didn’t need to? He’ll, he could’ve easily hired someone on Matt’s behalf, he had the money. Instead, he toted Aidan around from store to store and dealership to dealership. Seamus took Aidan while Matt was in school, at work, or when he needed to study. There was never hesitation or an inkling of irritation from Seamus. He did what needed to be done.

Even as Matt wondered why. He already knew.


With no work and no class until one, Matt got to sleep in–as defined by a seventeen-month-old who never worked a day in his life and always woke up with the sun most mornings.

Still, it was nice lounging on the couch with nowhere to be. Matt dropped Aidan off at daycare before his one and only class. He also got to pick Aidan up, which was a rarity.

Aidan was abnormally irritated as the evening wound down. It wasn’t until he kept walking to the door that Matt realized Aidan was waiting for Seamus. Matt had barely talked to him all day. Seamus had been understandably busy with the Mike thing.

Matt picked Aidan up and opened the front door. Aidan perked up and looked outside, half expecting Seamus to be there.

“See, he’s not out here, buddy. He’s busy tonight.”

“Moose,” Aidan whined as he waited for Seamus to pop around the corner.

Matt carried his brother to the couch. Aidan sat on Matt’s lap and they called Seamus on video. Aidan perked up when he heard the familiar ring that always meant he was about to see Seamus or Grandpa Brad.

“Aido Potato for brains!” Seamus greeted happily as the call connected. It was only ever Aidan that Facetimed him. “Why are you awake? Did you tell your dad you could stay up late again?”

Aidan was all sorts of excited to see Seamus and started talking back in a language only he knew. Seamus smiled and nodded along. Aidan tried to slide off Matt’s lap with the phone but Matt stopped him. Not being able to go anywhere, Aidan laid against Matt’s chest, content to watch Seamus.

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My Summer with Lisa Pt. 03

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The final part of my story which began with Lisa and Ken, moving on with my adventures with Melanie, her mom, and now all three of us sharing our time together. for continuity read Pt 1 My Summer with Lisa and Pt 2 Ken and Melanie. Enjoy.

Chapter 1 Dreams

We laughed hysterically.

Rob was annoyed at the noise we made.

I’m not sure what he thought he saw or heard and I don’t much care. The damage he had inflicted on Mel’s psyche over the years pretty much eliminated him from having an opinion on what we did and what he saw us doing.

For all intents and purposes, Mel was now my woman, my lover, my partner for life.

End of story. Bye bye Rob.

They say a woman knows when she becomes pregnant. Whoever they are.

Melanie did become pregnant on that night. My sperm. Her egg. A baby was created.

Over time Rob slowly dissolved into the past. All tied up with his work. Too busy to be a husband. He left Mel the house, a large sum of money and … he was history. Just like that.

Whether or not he had a clue as to the events of that night we will never know. Mel and I made love, Mel conceived, We were in Love. We are in love We’ll never know the state of his mind, which in a sense is a shame. We couldn’t torment or tease him or flaunt our love in his face. Maybe all for the better.

A week later I was out in our garden putzing about when Mel came running out of the house all excited.

Yelling “Lisa’s coming home baby. She’s coming home for a week, maybe longer” jumping into my arms and kissing me, knocking me over in the process. We land in the soft dirt and rejoice with the good news.

“I’m so excited. it’ll be so much fun. I can hardly wait,” her exuberance boiling over. I lay in the dirt, Mel on top of me, and take it all in. Her chatter, her excitement. Everything about this woman I love. She is so contagious. I smile, drawing her down closer and plant a kiss of my own on her lips.

“I love you” rolling her over and lowering my head to her breasts, unbuttoning her blouse and burying my face in her cleavage, inhaling her vanilla scented aroma. Using my nose, I nuzzle aside the white silk material, exposing her breasts and use my tongue to lick and nibble her erect hard and thick nipples.

“Ooooooo baby, you know what I like.” My teeth brush over and graze her thick nipples.

Mel’s hands are busy reaching into my zippered cut off jeans to fondle my cock freeing it from captivity. Nestled into her cupped hand Mel pulls it to freedom from confinement.

Giggling, “Look who I found,” massaging the thick veiny shaft. “Oh goody,” she laughs.

A slight movement and some wiggling and adjusting our bodies and my cock is poised to enter Mel’s Love Nest.

A hump and a thrust and my cock is stretching Mel’s pussy open, sliding thru the folds of her lips and into her damp velvety pussy. A squeal, a gasp, an “oooooooo” and we are fucking. Meeting my downward thrusts with her own bouncing. Her thighs wrap around my waist, pulling me closer and deeper into her.

We are In our little paradise, enjoying our very own paradise, each other. Fucking, Making Love, Re-consummating our Love. I push, thrust and hump, driving my lover to an Orgasm. Mel bounces and clutches me, her head thrown back into the dirt, groaning and gasping. My balls tighten. My semen flows. My cock explodes. Ejaculation. A river of CUM. A LOUD SQUEAL as Mel Orgasms bahis firmaları and CUMS herself. I remain deep inside enjoying the afterglow of our love making. Enjoying the comfort of my lover. My love stick slowly shrinks and becomes flaccid, falling out, cum dripping from the cockhead. We lay on our backs in the dirt.

“Can you imagine the look on Lisa’s face when we tell her we are pregnant. It’ll blow her mind, and when she finds out you are my babies daddy she’ll be so happy.”

“Do you think she’ll want me to make a baby with her too?”

“I hope so. That’ll be so awesome.” Mel looks at me and I can see her gears turning, “Know what else?” smiling. She turns onto her side and playfully strokes my cock “When our kids are old enough, we can teach them all about loving one another like we do and loving us too. Love and play like us. That’ll be totally awesome?” she laughs. “Imagine being fucked by my own son, or you Baby, fucking your own daughter.” I look down and my cock has once again grown into an erection, as I listen to the perverted and twisted words coming from the mouth of my Lover.

Smiling over at Mel, “I guess I’m excited too,” as she moves and opens her mouth swallowing my cock.

“Know what baby, I can imagine how awesome it’ll be if me and our son, or Lisa’s if one of you has a son … anyways me and our son both fucking you and Lisa at the same time. That’s my dream.”

Mel looks up smiling and sucks harder.


Chapter 2 Thanksgiving Week Blessing

The excitement in our car is overwhelming. Titters of laughter. Continual chatter. My lover is the epitome of happiness and her happy disposition radiates through our vehicle. It is like being with a new woman, emotionally and physically. Today Mel has styled her hair in pig tails and has created a teenage school girl image, even with a touch of makeup on her cheeks. Dressed in a tight light pink sweater, and braless as usual, and a black frilly flirt skirt she has definitely taken on the school girl image. Complete with knee high white socks and runners. Even going so far as chewing bubble gum and developing a teenage girl persona.

Instead of being her lover today I am cast as her daddy, a father figure.

And I love it. Actually I love everything about this woman.

“Daddy, I’m so excited” giggling. “I get to see my lil sister Lisa today.”

“Are you excited daddy? Today we are daddy and daughter, daughters. Doesn’t that turn you on? It sure turns me on daddykins,” her hand gently caressing the “constant” bulge through my jeans.

We are on our way to the airport to meet Lisa. She decided to fly for her week vacation. It’s quicker and less tiring.

I’m thinking to myself, the girls have cooked something up between themselves. I don’t know what, but I bet it’ll be super good. And that excites me.

My girls, a mommy and her daughter, 43 and 23, who both love a 53 year old guy. How lucky does that make me? I am superabundantly blessed.

Approaching the airport carpark now, Mel slides her hand off my bulge, “We don’t want you too excited too soon” she smiles.

Walking through the airport arrivals concourse, holding hands like a daddy and young daughter would. Mel spices her chatter with words like ‘daddy this’ and ‘daddy that’ keeping with her high school girl image.

Gosh I love her.

“I’m going to freshen up in the washroom daddy while you kaçak iddaa wait for my lil sis.”

“Okay babykins” I respond.

A few minutes later I see Lisa approaching from down the hallway.

My mouth drops open. Why am I not surprised. She has created the very same school girl image as her mommy … oops … older sis has. Even down to matching colours.

My girls, my lovers.

“HI DADDY” she SQUEALS as she approaches me, throwing her arms around my neck, stepping into my arms and planting a wet sexy tongue teasing kiss on my mouth. I’m careful to discretely place my hands on her waist. Finally she steps back, “Has mommy been treating you nice daddy like I did?”

My smile and erection tell her my answer.

Suddenly, behind me, another SQUEAL, “LISAAAA” and Mel throws her arms around her “sister” daughter, embracing and kissing.

Lisa is travelling lite, just a shoulder purse and soon we three are walking thru the airport concourse to exit. One girl on either side of me, all holding hands, laughing, chattering and soooo happy.

Once reaching the vehicle, parked in a poorly lit area of the carpark, my discretion, and their discretion, dissolves as we plunge into a “proper” greeting. Hugs, wet kisses, embracing, and wandering hands.

Our MOANS, GROANS and SQUEALS fill the enclosed garage.

‘Beeping” the car doors, unlocking them, we fall into the back seat.

Hands groping, Cocks and Pussy’s exposed. The girls wear no undies. Mel and Lisa are 69ing with Lisa on top. I’m behind Lisa guiding my cock into her Cunt.

Awkward but we manage. And when we CUM, more GRUNTS and SQUEALS, and lotsa sexual excretions.

We eventually fall into a heap of damp bodies in a wet back seat.

Together again.

Our happy family.

“Guess what Lisa. I’m pregnant and daddy wants to make you pregnant too.”

“OHHH goody,” Lisa yelps, “I wanna be a mommy like you mommy” laughing. “We can be pregnant together, almost, once daddy gives me a baby.” Kissing me.

The drive home is nonstop chatting and laughing. The sweet aroma of our sex a constant reminder to us of our Love. The energy created by my girls is enough to light a city.

Both girls in their tiny skirts squeeze into the front seat excitedly gabbing and kissing and chattering constantly with more kissing. Their hands resting on the others thighs. Then, sitting cross legged and facing each other, pussy’s wide open and exposed. One shave and bare. The other bushy.

Me, well I drive with this constant erection. My cock wishing it was liberated and waving in the fresh air.

“I’m hungry. Let’s stop and eat,” a quiet voice.

Oh oh, I am thinking. This might be difficult.

“Yeah me too. Can we daddy? Can we?”

Putting on a brave face, “Okay girls,” smiling. “Let’s go thru the drive out and we’ll have a picnic in the park at Lovers beach.”

Both girls think that’s a great idea. “One of you move into the back seat so I don’t get into trouble with too many in the front.”

So they both climb over into the back. I laugh, “now I’m all alone,” pouting.

“Poor daddy” both girls giggle.


Chapter 3 Make Me a Baby

Driving thru the drive thru I order our food. Both girls in the back seat locked in an embrace and kissing. Putting on a show for the young guy serving us at the take out window. Hope he is able to hide his hard on.

By the time kaçak bahis we reach the park mommy and daughter are still engaged in kissing and, now, topless playing with one another’s breasts. Mel’s rounded globes and Lisa’s pointy breasts. Both, so cute and delicious and gorgeous and naughty. I Love them so much. A compassion for them rises up in me. I just wanna hold and love them forever and make them happy.

We walk over to a tree, lay our blanket down over the grass and place the food containers on the blanket edges.

Spread around the park area are loving couples engaged in Loving.

Mel and Lisa sit down cross legged facing me, both still topless. Sitting cross legged I have a perfect view of their pussy’s. And, of course, I have an erection.

“Daddykins, take off your jeans and boxers. That’s an order,” followed with laughter.

“Nope” leaning back, “you guys take them off.”

And they do.

I sit cross legged too, my flag pole pointed up. “Two pussy’s and a cock. Sounds like a movie title.” More laughter.

“We should,” the girls looking at each other, “yeah, great idea. We could make a movie” giving each other a high 5.

We quickly devour the burgers and fries.

“Dessert time” I say with a wink and lay down on the blanket.

Lisa is quickest and goes for my cock, Mel for my swollen ball sac.

What an incredible scene, mommy and daughter performing fellatio.

Open mouths, tongues licking, lips brushing and teasing.

My balls inside Mel’s mouth. My cock inside Lisa’s mouth.

As a warning for Lisa and with a purpose in mind, I say “Cum ing.”

To which Lisa climbs onto my cock, “I wanna baby” and pushes me inside her.

Riding me like a cowgirl on a horse Lisa pumps my cock for all its worth thrusting her body up and down slamming me deep into her womb, her baby box. With a vengeance I ‘ve not seen before her eyes glazed over her head thrown back, mommy Mel attempting to hold her from falling off me. This aggressiveness is soon rewarded with a load of baby making seed exploding deep into her womb. My balls empty, shivering up as my cock pumps itself dry. Lisa collapses on my chest.

“That’s a good girl babykins. Mommy is so proud of you” kissing her and tenderly stroking her face.

“Ken, take us home,” mommy wants to care for her lil girl.” Her face wearing A big smile.

I dress and clean up our picnic site, the girls walking ahead of me back to our vehicle looking so extremely sexy dressed only in their lil flirt skirts.

Back home now, the girls beat me into the house. By the time I catch up to them I find them in the large bathtub, Mel soaping up Lisa and caressing her with her hands.

“Mommy loves her lil Lisa.” kissing her breasts, sucking on her hard nipples fingers softly massaging over her tummy, her upper thighs, brushing her bald pussy.

I throw off my clothes and jump in, taking Lisa’s foot in my mouth and sucking on a big toe.

Moans begin escaping from Lisa’s lips before Mel can kiss them. As the two girls begin a long passionate kiss, I suck Lisa’s big toes causing her body to shiver.

Kisses. Caresses. Sucking. Mel and I attend to Lisa’s comfort and enjoyment, soothing her into a state of sexual afterglow.

“Just think babykins you are going to be a mommy like me. And so am I. We’ll be pregnant together. That is so awesome. We can share our babies with each other and when they grow up we’ll be their lovers.” We all laugh.

Is our believing for a baby for Lisa, a premonition? Three months later we receive the good news. It’s official, both girls are indeed pregnant AND DUE A MONTH APART.

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Handsome, But Naughty Young Men

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“Sit down at your desks,” I ordered them, before a gap as I watched them, and I leaned on my mine with my arms crossed. “I hate to burst your bubble, but you two are not gonna coast through college on your looks, I assure you. I’ve already given you two an extension, but you’re confirming that you haven’t done any work?”

“Yes, Ms. Treble, but we’ve had a lot of football practice and dates lately.”

“Really, Billy? That’s what you came up with, just blame it on football practice and dates? That’s your excuse? Are you aware that you will fail my course if you don’t turn in your project? Call me crazy, but I think if I called Coach Phillips right now, he’d be ripping you both new assholes.”

“Hey, language, Ms. Treble.”

“Oh, shut the fuck up, Chuck. Neither of you has taken this course seriously, and if I asked, you couldn’t give me a good enough reason for me to give you this extension. Go ahead, give me one,” I dared them, gawking at them.

They both rolled their eyes and peeked at each other.

“What is that look you two gave each other? Do you think I’m being mean? You two are giving us a great football season, so I should cut you some slack?”

“No,” Billy chuckled, peeking at me. “Um, we were thinking more that you need to get laid, Ms. Treble.”

“So, are you under some impression if I got fucked last night that I’d have no problem giving you another extension? You said you’re both going out on dates too? So, you two playing the field and playing on the field? Now your Physics teacher is giving you a hard time because she isn’t getting laid? So, none of this is your fault? You’re too good at football and getting ladies, so you’re too busy to do your schoolwork? Need I remind you that you two are in college now? You’re adults, and If you fail a class, you lose your football scholarships? Is that sinking in at all?”

“Ms. Treble, you must get laid,” Chuck added.

“Oh, fuck you both, get out of my classroom. Maybe I haven’t had dates lately, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing as you two go. No extension, turn it in tomorrow, or not at all. So, I suggest you get working now. Go to the library, and get busy. Let the coach know you won’t be at practice and whatever ladies you plan to go out with too. So, it’s your call, rob them of your handsome presence, or fail,” I explained, before a gap as they sat there. “I’m serious, leave,” I ordered them, pointing at the door.

“We’ll have it to you tomorrow, Ms. Treble,” Chuck mentioned before they got up and left.

I glared at the door for a few seconds. “Yes, maybe I don’t have a dick going in and out of my pussy right now, but I’m not about to let those two douchebags just get away with not doing their work. They can handle playing football with a season and taking out chicks; then they can squeeze in a couple of hours to do some homework every week, can’t they?” I whined, getting my work done.

I stayed quiet, but those two on my mind. I tried just to finish grading papers, but they poisoned my mind.

“Yes, you might both be rather handsome, but I’m not falling for that bullshit. You can get your dicks wet this weekend after football practice, but right now, you need to get your shit together. As I told you two, if you fail, you’re fucked.”

After a little while, I stopped and just quit for the day. Then I walked out of there and went down the hallway. I made it towards the end, and it just happened to be where the library was. I stopped roughly fifty away from the door.

I didn’t even know why I gave a shit, but I did for some reason. I couldn’t help but walk in there to see if they were researching their project as I told them. I remembered who I was thinking of but still had to satisfy my curiosity.

I walked in there and glanced around to find them. “Oh, I’ll be damned, they are actually here. They’re all alone too, well, it is after four now, so people are done with school for the most part,” I said, before a gap. “Are their shoulders moving?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

I saw sudden movements there, but my mind went to a dirty place right away. I had to investigate and come around to her side too. I calmly made my way over there, and I also saw what was on the computer screens.

I halted. “Oh, you gotta be kidding me, you two are looking at porn right here in the library?” I whispered, before slanting my head down. “And you both have your dicks out too? Are you masturbating to porn right next to each other? No way.”

The light was somewhat dim in there, but there was no mistaking what I saw. I witnessed them both with their eyes glued to their computer screens while stroking their schlongs underneath the table. Even as I was surprised, I couldn’t be that repulsed after a few seconds.

“I’m standing like twenty feet away from you two; I’m closer to Chuck, but can make out cocks when I see them. Shit, you’re both working with something good; no wonder you’re on so many dates, you horndogs. I’m not sure what porn they’re watching, but it doesn’t bets10 matter. They’re also wearing headphones, so they can’t hear me either. I can’t think of their actions being anything short of gutsy or perhaps arrogant. Granted, it’s a ghost town here, but shit, the balls on you two. You’re not only refusing to work, but you’re jacking off right next to each other in the school library, really? I just…” I moaned before my eyes became glued to their crotches.

I licked my lips and looked around to make sure there truly was no one else around. Whether I liked it or not, they did have a point: I did need to get laid, and they caught me off guard too. As I got looks at them, I melted a bit.

After a moment, I calmly moved over behind the computers. Without knowing it, they put out the bait and lured me in there. I got an okay look at Chuck’s wood, but I moved over and got looks at their cocks from the front.

I shimmered when I saw them as they were both stroking them ever so slowly. Even with the not so good light, I relished the sight of seeing those barely legal members. I peeked at their faces, but they both had their minds sucked out by the porn.

So, I had a near-perfect view of their peckers, even as they both were covered continuously by their hands. Little did I know that they were, in fact, packing some heat. My eyes widened, and my panties got wet.

From one second to the next, they began reeling me in without knowing it. I couldn’t help it, but once I saw that meaty black cock and thinner white one, I found myself more than turned on, but of course, I wasn’t sure why.

I had a hatred for both of them, but all of a sudden, I saw them in a new light, even if they didn’t know about it. I slathered my lips and shook nonstop like I had a mini seizure. I loved the sight, but could only figure they had the hatred working for them.

So, it turned to lust, which made me stick my hand down my skirt. I felt my drenched underwear and surely jiggled even more at the feel of it. I loved it but still didn’t know why. They were my students, so I knew it was definitely wrong, but my twat didn’t care.

I rubbed it through my panties for a moment and felt some juice escape. I had some juice coming down my legs too, and getting to my feet. That certainly made me jolt, and tremble too. I wasn’t sure how long I’d want to keep watching, but of course, they got their hooks in me, and I couldn’t get them out.

A moment later, I had to let my hand into my panties. I closed my eyes and moved my body forward and backward a couple of times. I disliked them, but they turned me on and made me want them. I couldn’t deny it, and once I realized it, I was sold, regardless of what that meant.

Nevertheless, I still couldn’t just make a move, they were still my students, so it’d be wrong. I knew there an attraction, but not strong enough to risk everything. For the time being, I enjoyed the sight of their dicks and allowed them to make me consider giving them that extension anyway.

I rubbed my cherry, going back and forth slowly, and even in that cool library, I had sweat going down my body. My heart was ringing in my ears, and my nerves were going off like mad too. I had my head fighting my pussy, and I wasn’t sure what was gonna win.

Either way, I knew what the highlight of my day was going to be. I saw them both breaking out the sweat too, so I was certain they would need to cum soon. So, I had to eyeball their dicks until they did.

“Oh, are you two gonna contaminate the bottom of the desk? You’re jacking off rapidly and looking to go off at any second too, so are you gonna do it? Go ahead, let your horny teacher see it. You think I need to get laid, so let me see it.”

They didn’t just yet, even though they were giving off good signs for it. Regardless of how long they wanted to take, I was ready to eyeball them until they did. I couldn’t resist temptation, and they hung it out there like it was a carrot, and I was a rabbit.

So, I kept rubbing my pussy and continued to enjoy the taboo nature of seeing two students masturbate like mad to porn on the school computers. It was wrong, but oh so hot at the same time. I didn’t even know how I managed to love it so much, but there was no denying it.

I shook nonstop and felt sweat going down all over my body. I felt lust, but more hatred because they were pains in my ass. Nevertheless, as they unknowingly displayed themselves, that hate turned more into lust.

“Oh, do I see your hands going even faster now? Are you trying to get yourselves off even faster because you’re afraid of getting caught? Are you afraid your sexually frustrated teacher may even come to check to see if you’re working?”

I didn’t get my answer, but more time to ogle that eye candy. I scrubbed my twat so much on school premises then than I had ever done it before indeed. As I got a good reason to, I took full advantage. I didn’t fight with myself on the why; I just went with it and didn’t look back.

“Oh, bahis siteleri shit,” Chuck moaned.

Needless to say, I looked at his rod and witnessed him soil the bottom of the desk. I twitched right along with him and loved the sight like nothing else. I couldn’t help it, but it still felt so wrong that it was right.

“Oh, that’s some good, Chucky, you’re bad, and now your BFF is jiggling too,” I muttered, before peeking at Billy.

Needless to say, I scoured my beaver like mad during the first orgasm, and I did it, even more when I watched Billy shoot his load too. I eyeballed his dick and saw every single drop that bolted out like a cannon.

After they were done, they both relaxed, and so did I. “I had seen a lot of great eye candy before, but shit, that was loaded with sugar. At least I didn’t get naked,” I whispered, before scanning the perimeter. “And the three of us are still alone. Well, there’s no denying that you two are handsome and naughty, and you got my panties not only wet,” I said, before pulling my skirt. “You submerged them,” I pointed out, before viewing them again. “Well, you’d need to calm down after jacking off in the middle of the library. Someone should remind you of the rules. Even though you’re big football players and handsome, you’re not above the rules. Nevertheless, you’re making me want to cut you some slack again, but let’s see how you handle yourselves,” I theorized before I strolled over to them.

I came to Chuck’s side as they kept the headphones on.

I pulled off the headphone on the side. “Working hard, Chuck?” I mumbled by his ear.

“Oh, shit,” Chuck griped, hiding his cock with one hand and tapping Billy’s hand with the other.

They both frantically tried to get their peckers put away, and I just giggled as I leaned back up again. I couldn’t help but relish the results.

“Oh, this is what you two look like when you’re vulnerable?” I pondered, crossing my arms.

“Um, yeah, how much did you see, Ms. Treble?” Billy asked.

“Enough to know someone should scrub the bottom of that desk,” I answered, coming between them and having them turn their chairs to me. I saw you both got it good; that’s very naughty of you two. I mean, you’re supposed to be working on your project, but here you are, sitting next to each other, jacking off together. It’s weird to do it so close to each other, but in the library where someone could see you? That’s more than risky but stupid, you handsome, but naughty young men,” I explained, rubbing their legs.

“What are you doing, Ms. Treble?” they both asked.

“Just rubbing your legs, and I couldn’t help but check out your cocks, boys,” I responded, letting my head go back and forth. “I must say, your bullshit does fit your schlong sizes; you think you can get away with shit and not do your schoolwork. That’s not the case; you two decided to state the obvious, you fucking cocky sons of bitches. Dare I ask, do either of you have any smart-ass comments now? I mean, does anything come to mind?” I asked, before a gap. “No, I got you in a corner, and you have nothing.”

I kept glancing at both of them for a moment as neither of them could get a word out, and my hands continued to stroke their legs too.

“That’s okay, boys, well, you’re not boys, with members like that, you’re definitely men. I can keep a secret; do you want me to keep your secret?”

“Yes,” they both replied.

“That’s good, I want to keep it for you, but of course, I’ll need something in return.”

“What?” they both asked.

I leaned towards them and brought a hand from both of them to my tits. I instantly saw them cheese and felt them vibrate too.

“They’re only C-cup jugs, but I can tell you like them,” I added, covering their hands with mine. “Dare I ask, can you guess the favor?”

“Yes, but teachers aren’t supposed to have sex with their students.”

“And students aren’t supposed to watch porn and masturbate in the library, but I just saw you both doing it,” I pointed out, before undoing my blouse. “Now, considering you two assholes decided to call out my need to get laid, and you both surely did get me off without you even knowing. I can’t think of any better way for you two to make me forget your misdeeds,” I explained, before getting it off myself and bringing my hands to my back too.

I took off my bra and watched them both melt as their eyes came onto my melons. I couldn’t resist, but to feel their crotches, and they both got bigger.

“Is there something you two would like to say?”

“May we feel them?” Chuck asked.

“Yes,” I answered, rising to my feet and kicked off my sandals. “Wow, I think you two have paid more attention to me in the past five minutes than you have all semester,” I said, bringing Chuck up with me. “That’s a shame, Chucky, but I’ll forgive you,” I consoled him, prior to kissing him. “You’re naughty, but I like that,” I whispered, before grabbing Billy’s hand.

I pulled him towards me too but had him güvenilir bahis siteleri get behind me, and I peeked at him. “You can see the button back there, Billy, feel free to undo it,” I offered, before turning back.

He calmly undid it, and it fell off me. Chuck eyefucked my white melons, and I brought my hands to his crotch again. I undid his shorts and dug into them. Within seconds, I grabbed his wood and pulled it out too.

I kissed him again and smiled. “Wow, that’s hard, that’s because of me, right? Not because you were watching porn?”

“Yes, wow, you’re smoking hot, Ms. Treble.”

“Thank you, but I think you still want to see what lies beneath my underwear, right? You should probably tell Billy to lower them now.”

Before he could, Billy got them down, and I was naked. After that, I calmly turned ninety degrees and undid Billy’s shorts as well. I brought out his dick and stroked them both, but made sure not to have them touch.

“You both have meaty cocks, what’s not to like? Especially when there’s one black and one white? Don’t worry, Billy, just because Chuck’s black wood is bigger doesn’t mean you should feel inferior.”

Neither of them could respond, but I felt their members vibrating like mad. I leaned to Billy and kissed him, and then Chuck again.

After a minute of back and forth kissing, I pulled my head back. “I don’t have to be the one doing all the touching; you may feel me, men. You’re men, right? You’re both twenty-one now, correct? The ones going out on dates all the time and getting some college pussy? Now that you’re with your sexually frustrated thirty-three-year-old redhead Physics teacher, you freeze?”

Then they both calmly placed a hand on one of my hooters.

“There are the men, the ones that have always been smart mouths, and don’t worry; I’ll give you until next week to finish; I’m a bitch, but not a mean bitch. Don’t even think about trying to tell me you haven’t called me that before, you assholes.”

Neither of them spoke, but I kissed them both a few more times as I kept giving them mean hand jobs.

“Come on, you both have two hands; you can feel me with both hands.”

“Sorry,” they both apologized, before turning towards me and feeling my stomach.

“You may feel my hairy cherry if you want, why not go all out now, right?”

“And you swear you won’t tell anyone about this?” Chuck asked.

“Oh, you are vulnerable. Did you forget that I’d be fucked too if this got out? Have you two ever fucked in the same room before, or maybe did the same woman?”

“No, Ms. Treble, that’s messed up,” Billy whined.

“And jacking off next to each other, isn’t?”

They both bit down on their bottom lips, and I calmly lowered myself to my knees. I kept stroking both of their cocks, and I certainly kept their attention too. I also had their members staying roughly six inches away from my face.

My hands went as slowly as I could make them go, and I had them both jiggling and sweating bullets too. I couldn’t help but revel in the results put forth. It was nearly like a bizarro world where I’m in command, and they do not think they’re invincible.

After a couple of minutes, I opened my mouth and calmly let Chuck’s pecker take a dip in there. Even though he was already going nuts, he upped it a few notches. I closed my eyes and calmly pushed my lips back a tad.

“Holy shit, that feels good, Ms. Treble.”

Billy and I heard him moan nonstop, but Billy didn’t whine. I even felt his cock shuddering a bit as he watched his BFF get his dick sucked. I let my lips thrust slowly back and forth, going roughly an inch towards the middle of his pecker.

His dick tasted just as I thought and did indeed feel more significant in my mouth than I thought it would. I was sure I could deep throat him, but I wasn’t about to pull out the big guns yet. I pressured it a little bit too, but not a lot. After a couple of minutes, I released it and went to Billy’s wood.

“Oh, yes, Ms. Treble, you’re quickly becoming my favorite teacher now,” he let out, feeling my head. “You’re awesome.”

“Oh, shut up, Billy.”

I let Billy’s dick out. “Hey, don’t fight, be nice, now both of you should feel my head,” I made clear, before letting it back in my mouth.

Both of them had no issue following that order. I pushed my lips on both of their peckers made them love it. All the while, they both rubbed my head and moaned nonstop. I didn’t look at them then, but I wanted to concentrate on myself.

I felt myself getting rather sweaty and worked up myself, but not so much I had their dicks touch. I granted them thirty-second blow jobs and switched for the time being. Neither of them spoke or lifted their hands, so they were happy and willing to listen too.

I also made sure to turn my head completely, so I could let their schlongs go in there as deep as I wanted without them rubbing on my cheeks. I surely knew we were wrong to do this, but yet, I felt more than good about it.

As I knew I got them both fearing me, and then I got to fuck them, I felt like a queen. Not invincible as they thought they were, but something big. I breathed through my nose steadily to keep myself good, but I knew I’d have to give out sooner or later.

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Chrissy Was a Good Tease

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I guess I’m a cum slut. I didn’t know it until later on. I wish I had known it sooner, I would have had many more experiences and memories to look back on.

Let’s start with my first marriage. We were both too young and impulsive to know it was not a good idea to get married at such a young age. I was 22 and she was 19. Her name was Chrissy. Looking back now I should have known she was a slut, but maybe that’s what attracted me to her. She was petite, small breasts and a nice heart shaped ass to crave for by anyone.

Despite being a blonde (I usually prefer brunettes), she hooked me on our first one night stand by riding me reverse cowboy. In my young experiences I’d never had that before (and haven’t since, FYI). Her perfect ass riding my cock was amazing. I was able to watch it and also manhandle her ass cheeks while she bounced up and down on my cock. Though we had already gone through the usual positions (missionary, doggy style and forward cowboy), and this got me off like never before.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and she rode me with a vengeance. I didn’t last long to say the least, I came in buckets. I asked her afterwards why she took that position and she simply replied “I don’t know it just popped in my head”. That should have been a red flag, but I ignored it. We got married within a couple of months.

She was a stunner to say the least (she looked like a combination of Pia Zadora and Kacey Jordan – before her boob job). I worshipped her body and fucked her whenever I could (which was often). She was amazing and loved all of the fucking she was getting from me.

We were cash strapped with me working a menial manufacturing job, so she picked up a job as a cocktail waitress in one of the more popular bars in town. We only had one car so when I got home from work she would often leave shortly after to go to her job not leaving much time for us together.

To keep me satisfied she would offer me a blowjob before leaving for work. Well, it was a sweet thought on her part but the problem was the size of my cock. I’m blessed to be endowed with 8 1/2 inches in length (maybe more, I don’t know how to measure) and a significant 5 1/2″girth. Later in our short marriage (and even afterwards) she would proudly brag to her friends that I was her ‘pop can man’. I still to this day never understood why she came up with that nickname for me and my cock. She definitely had a unique mind.

Getting back to the point, she always wanted to leave me satisfied for the night because she would be working late in the night until bar close. Her frustration was that she couldn’t give me a proper blowjob because I was too big for her petite mouth. So we came up with a compromise.

She would begin a blowjob by slobbering all over the top of my dick. And because she knew I was internet casino incredibly turned on by her young, petite body she would dance for me in just her thong.

She quickly learned of my fascination with her firm perfect ass. I longed for her to tease me with it – just so I could stare at it and watch it move. So the compromise was that she would start a sloppy blowjob then dance for me like a stripper would except always being within my reach so I could fondle her delicious ass. All the while I would be stroking my cock getting ever more turned on by her teasing. She would give a few sucks on my cock head to keep me turned on (though I really didn’t need it since I was so turned on just by the sight of her petite sexy body) and then continue to dance for me.

She would tease me with dirty talk as well.

“You like this?”

“Do I turn you on?”

“Do you like my ass? Of course you do.”

“Do you want to see my pussy?” This was another favorite of mine, she was a dyed blonde, but her well trimmed pussy hair defied her secret, she was truly a brunette.

It drove me crazy listening to her dirty mouth and wanting to plug my hard cock into her pussy.

But she wouldn’t let me because ‘she had to go to work and didn’t want cum leaking out of her pussy all night’. She claimed she wouldn’t make as much in tips if she looked as if she was already ‘used’.

But every night she had me hooked. She danced and I stroked myself harder while continuing to fondle her exquisite ass.

When my orgasm approached I’d announce it to her. She would then drop to her knees and take the head of my cock into her mouth as I began to erupt. I would cum what seemed to be gallons (I’m sure it probably wasn’t) but she kept my cock head in her mouth and swallowed every last drop.

She would sometimes keep on saying dirty things to me.

“Hmmm, that was good.”

“Yeah, you must be really horny today.”

“Hmm, baby, I love your cum.”

She was like a cum goddess. Looking back now I wish I would have know about snowballing, it would have elevated the whole experience. But I was young and dumb. I still look back on it and it gets me off. I love to be teased. And she really knew how to tease me.

Many nights she would get home from her ‘cocktail’ waitressing job very drunk, strip down to just her lacy thong underwear and come to bed with me. I could smell the alcohol as she snuggled up and spooned her backside against me. Of course, her movements awakened me and being a young man it gave me a huge raging hard on.

After I foolishly thought she was asleep I would begin to work up the courage to start rubbing her ass. With no resistance I would begin to meander with my hands and explore the outside of her thong. It was warm, it was nice and I sensed canlı poker oyna it was wet. So I pushed on further.

My fingers worked their way past her thong to her pussy. It was wet, so wet it seemed an invitation. I would pull out my raging hard on from my underwear and pull her thong to one side and ever so slowly push my cock into her moist, wet pussy.

Very slowly I would begin to fuck her wet pussy from behind while she spooned me. The first few times I maybe lasted only a few seconds before cumming with only the tip of my cock inside her. But after many of her ‘drunken’ arrivals home I was able to impale her with my full length.

Each time I would explode with a force I’ve never felt before. Then tucking myself back in and covering her pussy back up with her thong I would fall asleep spooning her as a good husband should.

At first, I would ask her if she remembered anything from the night before after coming home from work. She would always tell me “No, I was too wasted and just went to sleep next to you.”

These amazing events went on for a few weeks and I curiously asked her the same question. She finally admitted that she remembered all of it and loved being my passive partner.

My mind exploded! She knew?!! She even admitted that she had orgasms during my secret ‘sleep’ encounters with her.

Our sex life changed to say the least after that. We got into some kinky stuff, not wildly kinky, but definitely not the norm.

Some examples would be her sunbathing in the backyard topless in just a thong (with condo windows all around us that left her completely exposed). And I would masturbate inside our apartment watching her lay there for the entire world to see and then cum on my jerking fist. Though it turned her on that I was secretly watching her from inside our apartment she didn’t like that I hadn’t called out to her so she could rush inside and swallow my load.

We often took showers together and I eventually convinced her to piss all over my face and body (she didn’t understand it, but I loved it).

One particular kink we shared was her being a dom and teasing me. We would watch porn videos and get each other turned on then she would tease me with her pussy.

I should add at this point that I loved eating out her pussy. It was the best, sweetest pussy I had ever tasted. She loved my skill at cunt lapping and she also knew how much I loved using my tongue on her and licking her clit. I was obsessed with her cunt lips.

They were large, pink in the center and brown on the outer edges. They seemed to almost always be enlarged. We would get into a 69 and she would hold her pussy hovering over my mouth and then breathe down onto my cock.

She would torture me over and over again by asking me her dirty questions.

“Don’t poker oyna you love my pussy?”

“Don’t you want to lick my pussy?”

“Don’t you want me to push my pussy into your mouth?”

“Don’t you want me to ride your face with my pussy?”

Eventually after what seemed like forever she would relent and shove her pussy hard down onto my face and take the head of my cock into her mouth and jack me off until we both orgasmed.

Or she would turn around and sink her wet pussy all the way to the base of my cock taking all of my length and girth and riding me until both of us were exploding.

Well, all good things had to come to an end. We divorced unfortunately (but probably for the best in retrospect). She soon became a stripper at one of the hot spots in town.

She visited me a couple of times after she got off her late shift. We fooled around some and she would always perform the blowjob/stripper dance for me before taking my load down her throat.

It was then that she when confessed to me about why her pussy was wet after coming home from work from her cocktail waitressing job while we were married. She wasn’t just wet from her horniness to get home to me, she was wet from the loads of cum she had received while working.

Apparently, she was a favorite – not only with the customers but also with her boss. Here I was thinking I was her object of desire, but she was also the object of desire to everyone else as well.

For many years I cursed myself for being such a fool for being so naive, but now I realize I could have really had the time of my life with her back then.

Every night I could have had her come home with a load (or loads) of cum that I could’ve eaten out of her pussy while she straddled my face and pushed all of the remaining cum into my mouth. Or she could’ve rode my face rubbing all of the cum she had stored up in her pussy onto my face. Then she could’ve used her fingers and pushed what fell off my face into my mouth. And still repeat the same dirty phrases she used before.

“Don’t you love my pussy?”

“Don’t you want to lick my pussy?”

“Don’t you want me to push my pussy into your mouth?”

“Don’t you want me to ride your face with my pussy?”

I missed out. I could’ve even watched her with any guy she wanted while I they pounded her. And after they finished filling her with their cum I could’ve cleaned the cum from her pussy. I might’ve even been able to live out one of my now favorite pleasures, watching her get fucked doggy style while was underneath her in a 69. I would’ve used my tongue on her pussy and the cock plunging into her. Then she could’ve easily planted her cum filled pussy onto my mouth while her pussy juices mixed with cum filled my mouth and slid down my throat.

Now I miss those sloppy seconds that I didn’t realize I got from her. But the past is the past and I have no idea where she is now. But I still think of her when I watch Kacey Jordan videos and think of eating out her messy cum filled pussy in my fantasies.

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