Introducing Jadon

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His touch was soft and caring as rubbed my shoulders. The lotion was cold causing me to jump softly and his reaction was perfect. Feeling me jump he softly blow on my neck and then began to kiss softly down my neck toward the center of my back. His hands reached around finishing undoing my shirt. It had taken me hours to pick it out and now it fell to the floor. I had hoped this would be the last date we would go on before taking this step, before making love. I mean we had been dating for two months now which is gay time meant two years and only tonight had he finally gotten the hint that I wanted to go farther, or if he had gotten it before he had ignored it.

While I found his behavior refreshing when I looked back at some of the people I had dated before, especially when I remembered the mistakes he had made during one relationship, but this would be different. As my lovers kisses began to cause me to get more and more excited each one causing my penis to become more and more erect. As we stood kissing deeply our hand rushing all over the other bodies exploring each other for the first time. I mean before now I had rushed to this point with one guy or another but this one had be taken everything so slowly that even in the short time we had known each other I know it was love. As he kissed down my chest, he began slowly licking each of my nipples then slightly biting them. Ecstasy rushed trough my spine so I arched forward and he just smiled. As I looked down at him I could only think how perfect he was and how I, just average old me was with him. He was attractive, about 6’3” with perfect camel brown skin, which was smoother, than a baby’s bottom with barely any facial hair and what he did have I loved.

He was a about 185lbs and making it perfect were the way his zigzagging cornrows running along his head, and his hair was so soft. Slowly he began to take me into his mouth his tongue flickering over my cock’s head. Soon I couldn’t help but grasp his head and begin to arch my body back and forth each stroke going deeper and deeper into his mouth. Soon my lover forced my body against the wall and took me as deep into his mouth as he could swallow causing the rear of his mouth to constrict around my rock hard unit and next thing I know I explode in his mouth. I almost didn’t notice as my lovers’ finger creeps past the soft rosy bud of his ass because I looked down as my lover swallowed.

Someone had once told me the difference between like and love was spit and swallow. The pleasure, both mental and physical was too much as I released a moan signaling pure pleasure into the soft air of the night. My lover didn’t accept this as enough as a second finger found its way inside of me and my moans becoming loader and more passionate, I had casino oyna never made sounds like this before. Then he turned me around, pleasure and even the word ecstasy couldn’t explain how I felt as my lovers tongue entered my hole and sent pulses of pleasure trough my body like shockwaves.

As I felt the body of my lover beginning to rise until we where body-to-body, aware of every inch of the other we slowly kiss our way to the bed, my lover sitting then lifting me into the air onto him. As I lowered myself, taking my lover’s iron rod into me, I push him down and began to ride him steady. My lover put his hands on my hips and I began to rolled my hips taking all of my lover’s cock and balls deep inside. Leaning forward I kisses my lover passionately, biting his lip until he was overcome with passion rolling me over and began to drive himself deeper and deeper inside on my love cavern. My head was hanging from the bed as my lover wraps his hands around his hips gripping the inside on his thigh and pushing hard and fast. Each trust while solid yet loving and the pulses of energy shared between the two of us where explosive. As my lover begins to moan and I was lost in perfection, I was lost in our love. My lover explodes within me, after what seem to have been hours.

“And then he told me he loved me.” Jadon said look all dreamy eyed as Errol and Dre sat at his table. “It was right over there in front of the fireplace as we lay wrapped in a sheet and the fire was roaring.”

“Well good for you.” Errol said nudging Dre, who was just sitting there looking at Jadon. It was odd to hear his ex-boyfriend just go on and on about his new lover. He wasn’t buying it. Jadon made this guy sound like he was all that and a bag of chips and he was sure that once the loser showed up they would be rolling on the floor at first glance. Jadon got up grabbing Errol and Dre’s cups as he walked into the kitchen.

“He doesn’t have top say anything everyone knows my ex is Atlanta’s biggest asshole,” he says fixing two more drinks.

“If he is as great as you say Jadon then I am happy to hear you finally got over me.” Dre remarked as he got up and walked to the stereo and began to thumb trough the CD’s. “Do you have anything not so gay over here?” Dre was being Dre just chillin to see what this was all about. Jadon had been dating this guy two months and now it was love, fuck that Dre said to himself as Jadon walked by. This guy was like all the other Jadon had been with, probably some busted player who found a nice place to live if he just whispers the right word in his ear.

“Dre darling, keep in mind I was over you when I asked for my key back.” Jadon said promptly returning to his seat at the table. Dre didn’t respond, hell he know it was slot oyna true. He had broken his heart too many times to have asked forgiveness even one more time. Dre smiles as he remembered the last time there had been together.

Dre was dripping wet as he walked trough the hallway. He know he should at least attempt to not leave foot prints across the hard wood floors of the apartment, but he liked the feel of air against his skin, plus it made him just a little hard. As he rounded the corner into the room there laid Jadon, seeming to be asleep. Dre had finished his shower even after Jadon had attempted to interrupt it with a blowjob, which he had left unfinished. Dre normally would have been all about it but he need to get the scent of another off him before being with Jadon, he respected him enough to do at least that much.

As he slowly sat on the end of the bed he watched as Jadon rolled fully onto his stomach, yea he was sure he was sleep now. Dre leaned over him kissing down his back until he reached the crake of his ass. Extending his tongue he licked down the crack until he reached the tightness of his “inner flower,” Jadon began to stir with a slight moan released from his lips. Dre simply gripped Jadon’s hips and began to flick his tongue back and forth across the outer petals of the flower.

Jadon began to try to pull away as he awoke but with each attempt to pull away Dre would trust his tongue deeper into Jadon’s flower seeking the sweat nectar. Jadon began to moan loader and loader. Dre loved the sound Jadon made when he was inside of him like this. Sex with Jadon was different then when he was with the tricks he picked up. Jadon was his lover and he wanted to please him. As Jadon rolled onto his back and Dre began to just play with his dick, licking and flicking his tongue at it as he sucked just below the sack, Jadon gripped the back of Dre’s head as he locked his legs behind his head.

Jadon was into it as Dre lifted slightly and began to suck on him as if he was a hungry animal. Gnawing and sucking he causes Jadon to experience pleasure better then he has before. Reaching around he takes Jadon into his mouth, Jadon moans louder. In and out of Dre’s mouth, his dick slides as his eyes roll into the back of his head. Dre loved to hear the sounds Jadon made as he pleased him time after time. Each time trying to forget how he had wronged him last.

As he placed Jadon back on the bed he reached for the rubbers, which lay on the dresser. Jadon’s feet still on his shoulders Dre slowly entered Jadon while holding his wrist, Jadon was totally submissive at this point as Dre began to go in and out slow at first but his speed picking up. His trust became more and more aggressive as Jadon moaned loader and loader. Grinding canlı casino siteleri himself deeper and deeper into Jadon. Dre seemed loss in his own world as his lover stopped to make sounds he could under stand and began to just moan from the joy. Letting Jadon’s legs fall to his hips before they locked behind him again he pulled Jadon up and began to bounce him up and down.

Jadon himself began to grind with his lover until he felt an explosion in his groin. Dre simply turned and sat back on the bed and leaned back. Jadon was lost in the heat of passion as he began to roll him back taking his man’s iron balls deep inside him and still trying to get more. As he bounced up and down rolling his hips round and round Dre gripped the bed and began to moan. Jadon was shocked when Dre gripped him rolled so he was on the bed and began to fuck him. This wasn’t love anymore–this was just raw sex. As Dre drove his manhood deeper and deeper in to Jadon; Jadon could only dig his nails into Dre’s back, with each trust a pulse of pleasure rushed trough his body until one final trust and Dre held himself there as he moaned.

Dre snapped back to the present as a paperback book hit him. “Where were you asshole?” Errol asked as he looked at Dre who seemed lost. Before Dre answered he turned to hear Jadon opening the door, as Jadon returned to the room with his new lovers hand is his own Dre could only sit there is shock.

“This is Martice,” Jadon said point first to Errol and then to Dre. Martice was shocked to see him again. It had been three months since they had seen each other and now here he was here in the place Martice had come to call home. Errol shock Martice hand as Dre stood up and walked towards him. Nether was sure just what to do, so they played it off, shacking hands like they had never met. With just that simply touch each for as moment remembered their night, the passion the lust.

“Nice to meet you,” Martice said more towards Errol but then looking back at Dre added. “Both.” Dre let go of his hand and went to the love seat. Not him he though to himself. Of all the fuckin’ people for Jadon to fall for it had to be him. Dre had spent weeks trying to find this kid to make up for that one night, and if he had just gone to the house of the one person he still had feelings for he would have found him. As Martice took his coat off, he could only wonder at his luck. Here in his boyfriend’s house sat the guy who had almost been his first, instead he had found Jadon and fallen in love.

Jadon had said he was going to have friends over here tonight but he never guessed it would be this guy. As Jadon talked, neither Martice nor Dre noticed all they could see was the other. Each feeling like the other was invading something he held dear and wanting nothing more then you make the other leave. There was the laugh every now and again, but they where just playing it up for the camera waiting for a moment to try and figure this out.

To be continued

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Conversations with Manny Ch. 03

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My head was throbbing; Manny had left abruptly apologizing for keeping me so late. He had forgotten to keep and eye on the time.

The parking lot was almost empty when I left the College. Not that that was so unusual, I generally kept late nights anyway. My life was devoid of anything better to do. My marriage had broken up about 10 years earlier. Arriving home one evening I found a totally empty house, empty that is except for my belongings strewn throughout the place. My wife Linda and all of our furniture had left me.

The note said that she was tired of living a lie, that she was in Love with an acquaintance of ours and that she had moved in with him. Oh yes, don’t call me. My lawyer will call you. My life had been empty ever since. After the dust settled I bought a High Rise condo where I have lived quietly since the divorce.

The condo seemed that much more empty tonight. I poured myself a drink and sat for a while thinking about the young man and the story he told me. His life seemed so full whereas mine, well mine was filled with work. It stopped me from thinking. Tonight though the soul tearing loneliness and emptiness had returned with a dull thud. For the first time in many years I felt myself crying.

A few days later Manny showed up at my office door carrying a couple of coffees. He sat down and almost without skipping a beat, continued.

Manny awoke to the Dawn Chorus. The birds were in full voice, as his eyes slowly focused the mauve light of the new day was visible through the window. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and cooking bacon wafted in from the kitchen.

‘Did last night really happen he wondered’? Still trying to focus his vision. ‘Had he made love to his sister and cousin, or was that just some deliciously erotic dream’? He looked down at his morning boner ‘Some dream’

He got out of bed and then he remembered that he was only wearing a towel the previous evening. He soon found it lying where Maria had discarded it. Wrapping it around his waist he went out into the kitchen area.

Maria was at the stove cooking bacon and eggs; she even had home fries going. He walked up behind her and nuzzled her neck. “Mmmm, Good morning Sweetie” She whispered moving her head back to rest against the side of his face. He put his arms around her and squeezed. He licked her ear seductively. “Mmn” She sighed her approval.

“What’s this poking me in the pack young sir”? She giggled as she reached behind and grasped his stiff member. She turned to face him, put her arms around his neck and kissed him tenderly. “Good morning my Love” She whispered.

The bathroom door opened and Susan came out. “Hey, put him down you don’t know where he’s been”! She laughed. Walking over to Manny and Maria she first kidded her cousin and then her brother. Her tongue eased between his lips. “Good Morning Sweetheart” She whispered.

“Hungry”? Asked Maria. Both Manny and Susan were famished so they eagerly helped her set out the food.

“Mmmm, smells delicious as usual” Susan commented as she kissed Maria on the cheek.

They sat down and started breakfast. “Holy Shit I’m starving, I could eat a horse” Manny said.

“Aahem, talking about eating”, Susan looked at him “Where’d you learn to eat pussy like that”? He paused, a forkful of food in suspended animation half way to his mouth.

“What do you mean”? He asked.

“Where’d you learn to eat pussy like that? Just answer the question”

“Yea, where”? Maria piped in.

“No good”? He asked.

“Very, very good” Maria grinned, raising her eyebrows.

“It’s just,” Susan said chewing on some bacon “It’s just we wanna know who to thank” She smiled at him and raised her coffee cup to her mouth.

“Brenda Sykes” He said. He caught Susan in mid swallow. She started coughing and spluttering. Coffee was dribbling out of her nose as she simultaneously reached for a napkin and scooted her chair back.

“Bre….”Cough splutter wheeze “Brenda”! Cough splutter. She was dabbing at her nose and her eyes with the napkin. “The Ministers daughter, that Brenda Sykes, Miss Butter wouldn’t melt in my fucking mouth Brenda Sykes”?

“The same” Manny replied.

The girls scooted their chairs forward. Maria didn’t have a clue who Brenda was but her cousin’s reaction had her fascinated. “OK, c’mon buddy, tell” Susan pushed him.

“There’s really noth….” He started but Susan cut him off “Tell”!

“Yea, tell everything, every last detail,” Piped in Maria.

“Everything, c’mon Spill”! Susan gave him the evil eye.

“Well I don’t think Maria knows Brenda, do you”? He asked. She just shook her head.

“Describe her” interjected Susan “You’ve obviously seen more of her than I have” She smirked.

Brenda always kept herself to herself. She was very shy, which gave her a sort of aloofness. Not one for making many friends, people only really saw her at school. Or if your family went to her father’s church, then you’d see her on Sundays.

Just after Manny had turned eighteen, the School went to the district track and field meet. casino oyna The bus was full except for one seat, next to Manny. Brenda was the last one on the bus.

“Is anyone sitting here,” She asked. Manny just looked up shook his head and continued to look out of the window.

“Shit Man, I hated track and field, but I was trapped. The whole friggin’ school was going I didn’t have a choice” He took a sip from his coffee. “I wasn’t trying to ignore her I was just sitting trying to figure out how to get out of going”

The bus started its journey and after a few moments Manny noticed that Brenda’s head was bowed. ‘Fuck’ He thought ‘Bad enough I’m sitting next to a holy roller, now she’s friggin’ praying’ Her head seemed to be nodding around a bit too much so he glanced over at her.

“She was asleep” He chuckled.

“You’re kidding,” commented Susan incredulously.

“She was sound asleep,” He said.

He had his jacket folded up in his lap so he rolled it up, then nudged Brenda awake with his elbow. She looked at him not knowing where she was. Her eyes were the most beautifully green he’d ever see. “Here” He said “You better rest your head on this”

“I shouldn’t have fallen asleep,” She whispered.

“Sorry”? Manny said not hearing her.

“I shouldn’t have fallen asleep”! She looked dazed.

He returned to looking out of the window, he remembered that as a kid the school buses were bedlam. Kids jumping all over, usually screaming at each other. Now though, people just chatted with their friends or called out occasionally to one another. The bus had a steady hum.

Brenda’s head was starting to droop forward again so he turned to look at her. She was asleep again. He took his rolled up jacket and put it on his left shoulder. Reached over and gently guided her head onto the pillow created by his shoulder and the jacket. He felt her relax into a deeper slumber.

“She slept for about an hour until we reached the track meet” He chuckled “Then I had to wake her up because I had to go piss so bad I could taste it”

“Shit was she embarrassed? We were just about the only ones left on the bus” Shaking his head.

The stadium was almost full to capacity, but he did notice some vacant seats in the nose bleed section. He started climbing the stairs and finally reached some empty seats right at the very top. Just as he was sitting down he noticed Brenda was not far behind him also looking for a seat. He signaled to her and pointed to the seat next to him. She looked around as if she was reluctant to sit there, as if she was looking for another seat.

She sat next to him and looked at him shyly. “If I fall asleep, give me a poke in the arm”? She pleaded. “If you fall asleep you can rest your head on your pillow” He smiled pointing to his jacket now lying in his lap.

“So why are you so sleepy”? He asked.

“Too many late nights studying,” She almost whispered. “My grades need to come up a bit”

“You going to college”? She asked

“Haven’t decided yet” He yawned “Been helping a friend out in his machine shop, he’s offered me an apprenticeship. I like working with my hands”.

They watched the events on the field for a while. Eventually Brenda’s head started to nod. He just handed her the rolled up jacket and smiled.

“Then she did the strangest friggin’ thing, she put it back in my lap and laid her head on it”. He shook his head. “I’d expected her to use it on the other seat. Shit she was asleep before I even realized she had done it. So I just left her alone, she slept for a while”

Manny looked down at Brenda, her chestnut mane sprawled all over. ‘Shit she’s got the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen’ He thought. Occasionally she would stir a little, and on one of these occasions she lifted her head slightly put her hand under the jacket and laid her head back down.

“Holy Fuck, her hand was resting on my cock”! He laughed

His hormones clicked in and to his dismay, he could feel himself getting hard. He just sat there. He couldn’t do anything. His predicament was made even worse because periodically her fingers would twitch, causing very pleasant sensations.

He watched the field trying to think about anything that would distract him. Nothing helped though.

Susan and Maria sat there grinning, imagining his situation.

He didn’t realize she was awake until he felt her fingers tighten momentarily on his member.

With a sudden gasp she sat bolt upright and looked at him in horror. ‘Oh, Fuck’ He thought. Her gaze went slowly back to his lap. Tentatively she reached over and removed the jacket. The bulge in his jeans was obvious.

“Did I do that”? She asked just barely audible.

“I’m sorry, it happens sometimes”. He muttered under his breath as he leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees.

“How often does it happen”? She asked.

“Anytime” He replied “Usually when I’m near a pretty girl”.

There was silence for a few minutes, and then she looked at him sideways “You think I’m pretty”?

“No, I think you’re beautiful. slot oyna It’s just the first time I’ve been close enough to find out how lovely you are”

“Will it go away”?


“That” She pointed in his lap.

“Eventually it’ll go down but no it won’t go away” He replied.

She said nothing, nor did she leave she just sat and watched the remainder of the activities on the field.

He found a seat at the back of the bus for the trip back to school. ‘Way to go Manny’ He thought ‘How to alienate someone in one easy boner’. So it was with great surprise that he looked up to find her sliding into the seat next to him. Not a word was exchanged they just smiled at each other then sat in silence as the bus moved off.

As the bus arrived at the school she leaned over and said, “I’m going to get an ice cream, can I treat you”?

“Treat me”? He asked. “Why”?

“The jacket, that was a nice thing to do” She smiled.

“You don’t need to” He started.

“I’d like to” She cut him off in mid sentence.

They sat facing each other in a booth at the local ice cream parlor. “Can I ask you something”? She said.

“Sure, ask me anything you want” He replied.

“You seeing anyone”?, She looked at him.

“Na, nobody” He shrugged his shoulders.

“You ever have sex”? She asked suddenly.

The top fell off of Manny’s ice cream and landed with a plop on the table. “Fuck”! He exclaimed. She giggled. Then she got up and brought more napkins. Between the two of them they managed to get his ice cream back on the cone and clean the table up.

“So did you? I don’t want to know whom ” She looked at him steadily.

He felt his color change. “Yes” He whispered “Some”.

They sat in silence for a while. “Did you ever get a blow job”? She asked

His mouth dropped open. “Wha.” He was shocked that this girl would be so direct. He went along with it anyway.

“Yes, a few” He replied

“How about you, you ever have sex”? It was now his turn to push her.

“No” She replied looking down at her hands “Not a chance, Guy’s don’t seem to notice.

“So, you’ve never been eaten either”? He grinned.

She blushed profusely and shook her head.

“You ever eat anybody” She looked at him directly. Now it was his turn to blush.

“Yea, but” He shrugged his shoulders.

“What, but what”? She enquired.

“She said I wasn’t very good,” He said quietly.

They sat in silence for a while. Then the conversation got around to people they both knew. He was surprised at her depth of knowledge about some individuals. He found out more about Brenda too. She resented her parents, particularly her father.

On the pulpit he was a pillar of the community, but in his own home he was nothing but a bully. She wanted to be an Engineer. Daddy however, was bound and determined that she would go to Bible College. There was quite a battle of wills going on. Surprisingly this seemingly timid girl seemed to gather strength as she talked about it. Manny was beginning to doubt if ‘Daddy’ would win this one. She was very angry with her Mother for “not having enough backbone to stand up to the jerk”

“ I mean the supper has to be on the table when HE wants it” She said angrily “What’s wrong with making his own fucking supper for a change? Mom works too”. She stopped suddenly, horrified with the realization of what she had just said. “I, I just swore” She looked shocked “I just said the F word”.

“So fucking what”? Smiled Manny.

“I shouldn’t ha.”

“Say it again” He winked. “Repeat after me F-U-C-K”

She giggled at him “No I couldn’t”

“Sure you can” He smiled “Go on just for me, pwetty pwease”?

“I’ll leave then” He warned.

“OK” She whispered, “Fuck”

He leaned towards her and whispered conspiratorially “Was that so bad”? They both started laughing almost uncontrollably.

What had supposed to be one ice cream stretched into two hours of chat. Both of them were shocked at how quickly the time had gone by. They stood and she turned to leave, but hesitated. She turned back to Manny and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Thank You” She smiled. “Thanks for being you”. Then she turned and left the ice cream parlor leaving him standing there.

“I figured that she likely wouldn’t bother talking to me again. That this was just one of those things” He said.

“What things”? Susan looked mystified.

“Y’know, somebody dumps on you for a couple of hours then breezes past in the hallway without even a nod” He said.

“Oh” She acknowledged “Carry on”

Manny was awakened the next morning by the phone ringing off the hook”. ‘Fuck’ he thought groggily, ‘Mom and Dad must have gone out’.

He stumbled into the hallway and picked up the phone. “Hello”? He mumbled.

“ Is Manny there please”? A vaguely familiar female voice asked.

“Speaking” He mumbled.

“This is Brenda,” She said. “You sound sleepy, did I wake you”?

“Yea, but it’s OK, What’s up”? His head was beginning to clear.

“What are you up to today”? canlı casino siteleri She asked.

“Not a Hell of a lot really, gotta clean my car is all” He replied.

“Can I come over I need to talk”? She sounded serious.

“If you want, I gotta get a shower though so gimme an hour. OK”?

“See you then” and she hung up.

‘Shit’, he thought ‘I hope she didn’t go home and tell her father to make his own fucking supper’. He ran the shower and stepped in. ‘Didn’t think I’d hear from her again. What the hell would she want to talk about’?

He was sitting in the kitchen when the front doorbell rang. She was lovely she was wearing a yellow sundress, which came down to just above her knees. The sun dancing in her chestnut hair, she was beaming from ear to ear.

“Can I come in”? She asked cheerfully.

He just smiled and opened the door. She kissed him on the cheek as she stepped past him. It took him off guard. Not knowing quite what to say he just stood there shuffling his feet.

“Oops”! She said rolling her eyes to the ceiling. Then she stepped outside and picked up her blue knapsack. “Told my parents I was coming to a friends house to study” She grinned. She looked down the hallway and whispered, “Do I get to meet your folks”?

“Nobody home” He said with a shrug.

“Well, in that case” She said as she stepped forward and put her arms around his neck. “Can I do this”? She kissed him on the lips, surprising him a little.

He returned the kiss, softly at first. He kissed her and looked in her eyes. Like precious emeralds, they seemed to suck him into the very depths of her soul. Their kisses became longer and more fervent. He felt her mouth open slightly as the pressure increased. They both sought each other’s tongues at the same time. Soon they were both short of breath.

“Holy Shit”! He said stepping back “You’re the best kisser, ever”.

“Really”? She beamed.

He just nodded his head and took her in his arms. His lips found hers again. Soon they were locked in a duel of lips and tongues as their passion built. He knew she could feel his erection as she pressed against him. It obviously didn’t bother her though, because she was pressing her body tight to his.

“Do you wanna go up to my room”? He whispered.

“Yes please” She smiled.

He took her hand and started up the stairs. “Oops, almost forgot again”! She chuckled turning back to pick up her knapsack. They walked slowly up the stairs to Manny’s room.

“Sorry about the mess” he apologized. “I usually have a clean up once a week” He smiled “Today isn’t the day, maybe tomorrow”.

She cast an appraising eye over his room. “Not so bad, you should see mine sometimes”.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds. He wasn’t really sure why she had come here. He was definitely glad she did though. He rather enjoyed spending time with her. “You know you don’t have to be in my room if you don’t want to” He assured her.

“I know” She smiled “Believe me if I didn’t want to be here I wouldn’t have bothered coming to visit” She said quietly.

She sat on the foot of the bed and patted the spot next to her. He obediently sat down. “Do you remember yesterday when we were talking in the ice cream place”? She asked seriously.

“Sure, of course I remember” He looked at her.

“Well, I was thinking last night and it seems to me that you and I could do each other a huge favor” She turned to face him blushing slightly. “I don’t want to be the only girl in school that doesn’t know how to give a blow job”.

‘Holy Fuck, she doesn’t hold back’ He thought. ‘She’s just like my sister’

This earned him an ankle kick from Susan.
“That’s why I love you so much” Manny smiled at Susan.

“Will you just get on with the fucking story”? She glared at him.

Manny continued where he left off.

“You admitted that when you went down on a girl she didn’t think you did a very good job,” She continued seriously. “So we could teach each other” She smiled. “What do you think”?

Manny felt like he had just won the lottery. This beautiful girl wanted to give him a blowjob. ‘Fuck, how many guy’s does this happen too’? He thought.

“Judging from your expression, I’d say it’s OK” She chuckled.

“You bet” He beamed.

“There is just one thing” She grew serious again. “I want to keep my virginity” She looked at him earnestly. “Maybe I’m old fashioned but it should be my husband who takes it” She reached for his hand. “If you can’t respect that, then I’ll leave now” She paused “I still want to be your friend though”

“Will you respect that”? She asked.

“Yes, I can respect that” Manny reluctantly said. “It’s going to be very tough though, you’re very sexy”

Brenda smiled “You think so”?

He just nodded down in the direction of his boner and smiled at her. Then he leaned over and kissed her tentatively at first. Soon though the kisses heated up to the same temperature, as they were downstairs in the hallway. Their tongues dueling as they slowly sank back onto the bed. Their breathing was becoming ragged as he traced his tongue from her chin to her bottom lip. She sucked it back into her mouth. ‘Holy Shit’ He thought. ‘If she sucks my dick the way she’s sucking on my tongue, wow’

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Back Yard Jacuzzi

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He had been in love (or at least lust) with her since he met her two years ago at work. After having been passed up for this party the year before, he was surprised to have been invited to the party she threw this year for fellow employees.

All evening while they were chatting he was realizing there was more than just her body. He loved the way her mind worked, and that her sense of humor matched his more than any woman he had ever known. As the party guests were beginning to leave, he ventured out the patio door to the back yard. He thought to himself that he wanted to remember as much about her home as he could, so he would have life like images of her in her home for future fantasies. He was thinking that he had dreamt about her in just about every imaginable place, but her home would be more perfect, make them more real.

As he walked through the tall tropical garden like-back yard, he noticed that the path led to a Jacuzzi which was hidden by plants from party goers all night. He was so caught up in imagining her walking through the plants naked, occasional leaves brushing against her naked flesh, maybe arousing her, her nipples hardening, then getting into the hot slippery water of the Jacuzzi that he didn’t realize how much time had passed.

She knew, though, as she had seen him walk out that door and disappear through the plants. She tried to hurry the guests out, pleading a headache and complaints from the neighbors. She had noticed him two years ago at work, and had wished that she could run her delicate hands over his strong body. She imagined many times getting him into the Jacuzzi out back, but alas she was a shy woman, not assured of her beauty, and thinking she was not enough to catch his eye. She had not invited him the year before because she was afraid he would sense her attraction to him and turn her away. She was not sure she could handle rejection from him. All night she had been talking to him, noticing how much he looked at her, when he thought she wasn’t paying attention to him, but her eyes had kept him in sight all night.

As the last of the other guests left, she locked the door and dimmed the lights. Quietly she walked out the still open patio door hoping he hadn’t fallen asleep looking at the stars. She hoped find him as in need of her as much as she was of him. Deciding to risk it all, she removed her clothes and laid them over the table on the patio. She prayed that she wasn’t making a complete fool of herself, but was unable to resist this urge. She slowly made her way down the path. He had imagined her walking casino oyna down that path exactly as she now was, but still he could not see her, the plants hid her from view.

All his thoughts had him almost painfully hard, imaging her in the Jacuzzi naked, and wanting him. He had removed his clothes. The image so vivid in his mind that his clothes were a crumpled heap in the grass near the Jacuzzi as he couldn’t stand the pressure any longer. His hands traveled down his body as he imagined hers would be as she caressed his hard nipples and continued down his stomach to encircle his manhood and rhythmically stroke it. He pictured in his mind that it was her hands on his body.

As she nears the end of the path, she sees him standing naked by the steaming Jacuzzi. Her eyes are drinking in the sight of his naked body. She hears the soft moans coming from him as he imagines her hands on him, and hears him softly whisper her name. His speed increases and the moans get louder. She knows then that he is attracted to her she hesitates no longer. Quietly she moves toward him hearing his breathing become erratic.

She kneels before him and he is so lost in his fantasy he missed seeing her already aroused body walk down the path. Placing her hands gently over his, she moves them back up his body. Simultaneously taking his throbbing member into her wanting and waiting mouth, he feels a startled jolt at her touch and flings his eyes open, and fills her mouth with his hardness almost enveloping it completely. Still not believing this could be happening, but not ready to let this fantasy go, he begins to move his hips slowly pulling in and out of her mouth. His hands are running through her long soft hair, massages her shoulders and he hears her moan softly all the while his hard cock in her greedy mouth. Her tongue caressed him, her lips pulling on him she feels it getting harder, throbbing, knowing he is about to go over the edge

Her hands reach around to cup his butt, squeezing it, pulling him deeper still into her mouth. As she moves faster and more erratically along his hardness, her swollen nipples brush against his thighs. She hears his swift intake of breath at the contact and she does it again and then lightly slaps his ass taking the chance that he might enjoy it. Noticing that the slap cause a rather jerky movement of his hips she picks up the pace of her mouth making frenzied love to his hard cock with her mouth. Her delicate hands are stinging his bottom lightly with little smacks, and she is pressing her hard nipples into his thighs as she slaps and slot oyna squeezes his ass. Pulling him closer and deep-throating him she feels the joy of his release in the warmth filling her throat. His fingers have tightening in her hair, and slowly she slides her mouth from him. She slides his body, kissing her way to his lips. While deeply kissing him, she feels that his breathing is still ragged. She pushes him slightly backwards until he is sitting on the deck that holds the Jacuzzi.

Her hands are now running over his heated body and she looks into his eyes and smiles a wicked little smile. His eyes are still glazed over with passion as he looks at her in wonder. He reaches out to touch her , still not sure it wasn’t just his active imagination playing tricks on him again. He had imagined her touching him like this too many times to count, but this time was different. When he reached out to touch the image of beauty before him ,he came in contact with warm living flesh. He almost jumped startled his eyes roaming over her as he now noticed the subtle differences between her in the flesh and her in his fantasies. The fantasies were lacking the sparkle in her eyes, the full sweetness of her lips, and the list went on. Reality surpassed imagination with her as.

He looked deeply into her eyes noticing that they were as glazed as his felt. He rolled her from her side and from the wall where she was leaning against. His still overly warm body was pressed against her back. He stood staring at her in wonderment yet again. His hands tracing her jaw line lightly, brushing over her full still slightly damp lips. Her tongue was snaking out to brush against his questing fingers and she looked directly into his eyes as she nibbles gently on his finger and sucks it into her mouth. They moan together at the sensation. His other hand has been trailing slowly towards her breasts, their tips still proudly erect due to both the chill in the air and the man looking lustfully at her. His hands worshiped her as his questing fingers found one nipple and rolled it gently between them bringing a gasp from her lips. She slides his not damp finger from her mouth to circle her other nipple. His eyes drinking in the sight of her, hearing her soft throaty whimpers of need, as he trails kisses down her neck to her breast.

Taking the swollen nipple into his mouth, her body jerks in reaction to being engulfed by his hot mouth and his fingertips trail lazily ever so slowly towards her waist and below to the hot wet welcome that was waiting for him. Her body tensed as the teasing fingers canlı casino siteleri linger to circle her bellybutton causing goosebumps on her heated flesh. His fingers reached their destination feeling the heat radiating off of her as he lightly brushes over the hair that hides from his view. His fingers tease her clit, first rubbing then circling. They slide along her lips feeling the moistness hidden there and the heel of his hand continues to mount excitement in her as the tip of his finger inserts itself into her tightness.

Her hips arch into his hand and a moan once again escapes her lips. He trails his now damp fingers back up her body, his mouth moving the opposite way he stops to taste his fingers. He watches her reaction and then continues kissing his way down her tummy as her muscles quiver under his lips. She is now loudly proclaiming her need of him as he slides his tongue across her hard clit. lingering over it slightly, then slides his tongue to delve deeply into her. Her whole body jerks as her nails are scratching against the deck upon which she lays. Her body is still flushed with the excitement of catching him pleasuring himself thinking about her that she is almost ready to orgasm.

She tries to hold it back wanting it to be with him, and says “don’t hold back baby”. He breathes into her mound “I want you to cum for me” as his ministrations with lips and tongue continue. She loses her grip on reality and goes spinning off into the stars screaming his name. Her quick responses to his explorations have him hard again. He wonders how she can do this to him. Her body is still trembling as he moves his body up hers, showing her how much she turns him on. With out the use of words he rubs his now stiff member against her still throbbing slit. He is loving the way her hips jump, moving her closer and then farther from him. Slowly he slips inside her easing into her tightness, glorying in the feel of her muscles still erratically contracting around him

He slides in and out of her deep and hard ,holding her hips to him to her. She is surprised as his deep thrusts are quickly talking her back to the place she just visited. Her body moving with his, they come together harder. Each thrust brings them closer and their spirits soar quickly to the release both of them have been craving for 2 years . Panting, their bodies slam into each other. Her nails clawing at his back, their breathing ragged almost sounding like it is one person breathing. They tense in unison, backs arching, tension exploding in a wave like nothing either had previously encountered. They kiss deeply as they fall over the edge of ecstasy.

Their names are a whispered word between them as they manage to pull themselves to the Jacuzzi and lay there in the hot water cleansing themselves.

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Naked Girl and the Cheeky Nymph

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The river was a slice of mellow harmony amid the fragrant leaves. It flew like time, always onward, always toward its destiny. It ran through the forest, welcoming stray flora that came way. It was part of this place, integral to life. The river was always flowing, taking its willing passengers onward to the great ocean beyond. The river even tempted the rich soil to join the cool waters just as much as the humble leaf litter that lies on top.

Aliyah breathed in the divine scent of this location, inhaling the best of Mother Nature. She lived only five minutes away from this forest known as Kelpwood Gardens, and this sunny day sure gave her the excuse to bathe here for as long as she wished.

The minute her clothes were on the grass, Aliyah slipped into this river and just relaxed by the edge.

At the River Springs during this late morning, around eleven o’clock, Aliyah decided to spend this wonderous time skinning dipping. She just finished her lunch; it was an hour early to noon but she just couldn’t resist such a tasty cheese and salad sandwich. Mmm! It felt refreshing to just hang out with nature without any clothes on; she felt her visible skin casino oyna already being teased by all the elements around her. When she closed her eyes, all she could hear were the crickets chirping.

However, it wasn’t only the shrill sound of crickets rubbing their legs and wings together to make their stridulating melody; there was also a little giggle coming from the enchanted woods.

“That noise doesn’t belong to a cricket,” Aliyah muttered as she opened one eye.

Oh, but perhaps it was her imagination playing tricks on her!

Really, was it her imagination?

Meanwhile, a crafty creature of this lush forest invaded Aliyah’s privacy and immediately swiped her clothes in a heartbeat. This creature appeared to be a kleptomaniac, meaning she liked to “borrow” items without asking first.

It played a second time where a simple girlish giggle soon snapped Aliyah’s eyes open.

“Seriously, is this all in my head?!” Aliyah questioned herself.

“Are you a playful girl?”

A gentle voice asked her out of the brilliant blue, albeit this culprit couldn’t be seen. Grrr! Aliyah had to find her clothes whilst being entirely nude. slot oyna What the heck was this mess?!

Glancing up at a tree branch, she found her shirt danging from up high. It wasn’t long until Aliyah caught the radiant sunlight in her poor eyes. She glanced down to her nude, dripping wet body with a grunt in her throat.

Whatever stole her clothes and made a mess with them wanted to see Aliyah naked for sure!

“Come on now, no girl needs her knickers in the woods,” this voice cackled.

This caused a fleeting flashback to reappear in Aliyah’s mind, it was her mother speaking.

“Those are known as ‘up your bum knickers;’ my daughter wears them and she always tries to get me to wear them.”

“Oops, sorry mother,” Aliyah whispered at the flashback.

Although in this rare scenario, the giggles in the atmosphere never stopped. These giggles teased Aliyah, teasing her every move.

“Just do it,” Aliyah gulped.

With a deep breath, Aliyah climbed up the blossom tree to retrieve her tee-shirt. Then, she leapt nimbly from the tree branch down into a nearby shrub, later finding her mustard-coloured shorts.

“Where are my damn canlı casino siteleri knickers? You can’t tell me I have to search for them without wearing anything below my waist…”

The giggling responded heavily at that remark!

This lustful fairy was a playful fairy, wherever she might be…

Running back to the River Springs, a desperate Aliyah dived into the water in hopes to find her knickers, only to be disappointed. As soon as she rose back up to the surface, her features blushed a vivid reddish glow when she met a pretty blonde woman holding her knickers. What a dirty, dirty nymph!

“Are you looking for these?”

“Yes, give them to me!” Aliyah demanded as she reached out with both her hands.

“Only if you give me a kiss,” she winked.

“Huh? Why?!”

“Do you want your knickers or what?!”

“Ugh, fine!”

Aliyah gave her only one small kiss, though, and with that, her knickers were given back. Finally!

This lustful fairy was a playful fairy, and all she wanted was a kiss from the cheeky skinny dipper…

“Is she seriously that lonely?”

Aliyah promised herself that she’d never visit the River Springs ever again, unless she wanted to be teased and tricked by an annoyingly flirty forest nymph. Oh-la-la!

“What? Is it okay to be attracted to a presumptuous fairy? I’d never go weirder than that; I swear.”

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Back To The Future

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Funny thing technology, it can work for you or against you. The internet for example – marvellous opportunities for communication and research, but it also enables people to trace you – some that you may quite possibly prefer couldn’t! Outraged husbands you have cuckolded, ex-wives seeking all those withheld alimony payments. The group of retirees you fleeced of their life-savings with that fake investment scam.

But then there was Amy!

For those of you who have read my last published account “On The Banks of the Ohio” you will know who she is.

Not twenty-four hours after that story first appeared, I received an email from Amy herself who incredibly, had read the account, and which she wrote in her email had emotionally drained her, as she re-lived in her own mind, all we shared so intimately that afternoon almost eight long years ago.

We have neither corresponded or been in contact with one another all that time.

Just twenty-five now herself, her communique filled in those missing years whilst mine back to her, achieved a similar purpose. She wrote of her regret that we were apparently never to see each other again and that for quite some time afterwards, she had cried herself to sleep wishing she could have spent more time with me. Fortuitous though it was that she had not fallen pregnant that day. Such an eventuality quite obviously not the ideal upshot, with two years of school yet to run.

I confided to her that my on-going journey to Columbus and beyond that evening, was not without great sadness to myself and that had it not been for my strict work itinerary, my impulse was to go back to New Richmond and tell her that which I felt, despite the inappropriate age-difference.

“Well I don’t live all that far from there now,” she emailed, “Do you still feel like coming back to tell me?”

Having been a creature of impulse all my life, I was on the first plane out of Sydney, Tuesday morning.

Barely four weeks since I completed the same thirteen-and-a-half hour haul out to ‘Frisco en route to Denver, at least I could look forward to a different forwarding flight – to Columbus this time. I felt like a drive – which was just as well, Springfield is some ninety-five minutes due west of the city (OK, eighty minutes the way I drive) along Interstate 70.

Picking up a Chrysler Sebring from a cute little brunette, resident at Thrifty’s sales desk at Columbus International, I hit the highway, wondering what seven years or so might have done to my recalled images of young Amy. Then I glanced in the rear-vision mirror. Yikes! what had those same years wreaked on my crowning glory, not to mention that unsightly roll gathering prominence around my waistline. For a moment I hoped that her looks had faded too – somewhat levelling the playing field, I rationalised.

The Marriott Courtyard on South Fountain, sandwiched between West Main and West High Streets is a class act any way you look at it and the food they dish up in the Meta Urban bistro there is worth a stay in itself.

Unpacking the small amount of luggage I had brought, I called Amy’s cellphone, it being mid-afternoon.

“Hello,” she answered, almost shyly. The soft voice sounded exactly as I remembered it.

“Is it too late in the day for hotcakes?” I enquired.

I suspect she was about to say “Pardon me?” but then I heard a little gasp of surprise instead.

“Is that you Noel?” she asked breathlessly. “Are you in Springfield already?”

“Well either that, or you’re talking to some incredibly well- programmed hologram sweetheart,” I told her. “Yep just checked into the Marriott Courtyard Hotel – you know where that is?”

“Oh yes,” she answered, “Want me to come over now?”

“Up to you,” I countered. “You can just send me an email instead if you prefer.” She giggled…the most delightful of girlish attributes.

“I’ll casino oyna take my chances,” she whispered.

“Silly girl,” I replied hitting “end call.” Wonderful thing international roam!

Not forty minutes later, the lightest of knocks on my door.

“Thank God, my hot-cakes at last.” I said, swinging wide the door to my suite.

Takes a lot to surprise me. What stood on my thresh-hold definitely surprised me. Now she looked only nineteen…if that! Same hair, same face – same beautiful figure..absolutely nothing changed. I was almost embarrassed to be there.

“OK Amy,” I muttered “This some sort of illusion? You got George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic working on your case? What’s the story here?…you hardly look a day different!”

Her blushing just made her look younger still.

“Well, I guess you may as well come in sweetheart.” I told her, taking her arm and propelling her into my room. Catches like this you definitely don’t toss back in the river, let alone the Ohio

“Would you like a drink Amy?” I asked, glancing towards the mini-bar. “Nothing less than ten bucks a can I’d be guessing. Maybe if we BOTH have one they’ll discount the bill at check-out?”

“Why don’t we go out and have something?” she suggested, smiling prettily.

I wasn’t really listening, taking in the vision standing there. Short but ultimately tasteful little midnight-blue skirt, cream colored top with lacy edging and the same tiny gold pendant she had worn that day in New Richmond. Flawless little face with not a line to suggest she was now into her mid twenties. Her blonde shoulder-length hair was cut much the same as it had been all those years ago. Worse, my fully depraved faculties were wishing she had worn that sexy school uniform again. I thought it best not to mention this particular fact.

Putting my arm around her waist, I found a pair of lips in close proximity to my own. Does a cat pass-up a sparrow within a paw’s reach? No way – nor was I likely to allow so golden an opportunity to pass unchecked.

She tasted even better. Slipping her arms around my neck, she returned my kiss with much the same passion I recall us mustering that day down by the Ohio river.

“Yeah, well about that little walk,” I coughed nervously. Another few moments like this and the “do not disturb” sign would have been getting a work-out!

Again that cheekiest of smiles. I just grabbed her hand and we took off.

Strolling northwards along Fountain Avenue we came across a hospitable little eatery called “Station 1.” Whilst not exactly a five star restaurant….it is after all, eat-in or take-away, the menu was good and the décor acceptable. I had me an enormous ham and turkey club sandwich that was big enough to need scaffolding, while Amy settled for their “Philly Cheesesteak” – a tempting steak, onion, peppers and provolone creation that would satisfy anyone nudging starvation. We shared a plate of french fries.

Conversationally we touched on anything and everything from recalled moments of shared intimacy that day in New Richmond, to “Dubya’s” likely short-term hold on the Presidency. I learned that Amy was basically unattached, as was I of course, and that despite the occasional boyfriend, no one had yet put down a holding deposit. Not that Amy herself had come across anyone likely to be invited to do so.

Pigged-out and refreshed, we strolled back along Main Street looking at a few shops but ultimately conversation of a wholly different nature seemed to be indicated and thus we returned to the Courtyard.

Seating herself demurely on the edge of the bed while I shifted a few things into the cupboard, she giggled softly.

“This is way comfier than last time I was with you.”

Whether by design or accident, I rather think the latter, I could hardly fail to notice suddenly that the hemline of slot oyna her skirt had shifted well up her thighs and if that wasn’t a glimmer of enticing light-colored material snuggling up there just beyond the periphery of my up-skirt vision, then fancy was outstripping reality.

I sat down beside her.

“You thinking what I’m hoping?” I asked her softly.

“Uh huh,” was all she muttered. It was all she had to.

The thing about lacy little blouses is, they’re such fun to unbutton. Most especially when beneath, one comes across the skimpiest of silky bras that the designers have so thoughtfully equipped with a front clasp. Even as Amy lay back on the coverlet, her hair splayed attractively all over the pillow, I kissed her still rather petite breasts through the almost transparent material whilst dexterously unhooking her bra cups. Sliding them aside, her pretty breasts lay exposed to my vision just as they had all those years ago. I desired them equally and even as I drew down softly on her right nipple, feeling imminently, the softness swell between my lips, I could sense her body tensing momentarily – not with any trepidation I knew, but rather the knowledge of what was to come.

“You are the most beautiful girl Amy,” I whispered to her, running my hands across both breasts and teasing her nipples to the erect stage I think we both wanted to see them. She looked up me with the same vulnerable appeal that she had that day when still eighteen and I caressed her hair and kissed her gently on the lips.

I think it was at that point it turned serious!

She made no move to resist me as I tugged that tight little skirt higher, exposing fully now her pastel blue undies…which, if not a girl’s most erotically charged undergarment, is the gateway to unfettered pleasured fantasy.

Applying the gentlest of friction to the front of her panties I revelled in her escalating desire and slipping my hand beneath the waistband, located the true heat source, concealed as it was ‘midst a downy softness that no man-made fibre could replicate.

Hastily peeling her panties down I separated her labia and commenced a lateral caress of her wonderfully soft and moist inner lips. Her wide-eyed acceptance of her immediate fate fully approved and date-stamped.

“Do I have to tell you what I felt that night Amy as I drove away from New Richmond?” I muttered softly, kissing her intermittently.

“I had tears in my eyes all the way back to Columbus,” if you really want to know.” She looked up at me, those same tears in her eyes now.

“I want you,” she whispered barely audibly. She needn’t have!

“Yeah? Well guess what? I ain’t rushing off this time sweetheart.” I told her. As I spoke, I parted her legs and having already extricated what might be considered, my “tool of trade,” positioned myself where I knew others must inevitably have been….though none could ever claim to have been there first. It wasn’t an aspect needed further contemplation I figured.

It’s kind of an old cliché to say we were then “lost in the rhythm,” yet this is how it was. Not a case of two biologically driven teenagers answering the call of lust. No “obligatory” union between long marrieds that rarely gets out of first gear and definitely no fumbling amateurs hoping for the best, yet discovering the least. We made love, pure and simple and at the point she clung to me as I substantially raised her fluid level, she smiled up at me with that sexy “cat that just finished off the cream” expression that girls are so good at.

“That was soo loving,” she whispered, fully in a post orgasmic haze now. I was floating too, on an ocean of my own making. This was no more than the aperitif.

I think I had her naked in less than a minute and under the covers, where I joined her for early afternoon mass. Pulling her astride me, it was very much a case of “Father canlı casino siteleri Forgive me for what I know I’m going to do!”

That hot little mouth was more than willing to share its pent-up desire with my own. Kissing her with all the passion I could accrue, I had to admire her complete mastery of the occasion. Spreading her legs to the max to thus allow her access to guide me deep inside her, I was left with my own hands free with which to explore her youthful body and its many interesting crevices.

No matter what your experience in these things, all girls are different and each one weaves an individual magic all her own. I have had the greatest fortune to have been dealt the opportunity to caress many young girls hot little bottoms, some of dubious age I will be the first to admit. Each and every one has been a treasured moment in time and Wednesday’s exploratory of Amy’s sexy little rear-end was definitely no exception. There is actually nothing greatly more arousing than smoothing your way over a young girl’s rearward curves, even as you thrust up hard inside her. Her vulnerability at such times is extreme and its kinda fun also to wonder what her father would be thinking, if only he knew.

With her firm breasts making the most delightful contact with my upper chest and her hair all over my face as she wriggled contentedly, I can’t actually picture a more pleasant position to be in.

“Three more thrusts should do it,” I was thinking somewhat proudly. As it happened, two was all it took and even as she ground her hips against mine to better facilitate that final delivery mechanism, I pulled the hair from her eyes, so’s I could watch her expression as I pumped everything I had left deep inside that most private of feminine receptacles.

“You’re trying to kill me Amy, right?” I spluttered between my on-going respiratory distress, “Death by pleasure – that’s the intent here I’m guessing.”

“Can’t you keep up with a twenty-five year old?” she giggled softly.

“Twenty-five?” I replied. “I’m pretending you’re almost fourteen sweetie, what’s your problem!”

“You’re disgusting,” she fired back, “But c’mon I want you to fuck me again.” She wriggled her hips once more, as if I even needed further encouragement.

“Ohh, this is getting serious Amy,” I muttered. “You’re using the “f” word now. Have you no shame?”

“Not with you,” she giggled as I manoeueverd her on top of me, but on her back this time.

There is no more vulnerable a position than this for a girl. Her breasts wholly at your digital mercy, her pussy too…especially if she opts to spread her legs to the limit of her muscular capability. If you can’t get her pregnant in that pose – give it away my friend.

From my viewpoint, pretty much going through the motions, given my fully depleted stock but Amy was far from replete.

Rubbing and pulling her breasts like the deviate I can be, I had her whimpering and moaning with consummate ease. Though I’m not sure it wasn’t my pleasured moaning I was actually hearing. No matter, finding that I was now able to ease a finger inside her as well as my vitally interested penile insert, was really hot stuff. Teasing her clitoral hood at the same time I was fucking her, really got the job done.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop.” She cried, fully over the edge and quite past any semblance of controlled emotion. Unsure just how long I could maintain this level of aggravated sexual conduct myself, I began to kiss her neck and this, to my everlasting gratitude, brought forth the desired conclusion.

I held her breasts tightly, even as she was transported by one tsunami of an orgasm. I felt it radiating outwards…I think I even contributed a last few cubic millimeters of sticky stuff myself. Can’t be sure though.

The next eight hours we simply slept together blissfully. Amy cradled in my arms with her back to me as I nuzzled her neck and shoulders. Sex is great but closeness is everything.

As I said to her when we woke just a few hours ago.

“Where the Hell do we go from here?”

(c) Peter_Pan 2006

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My Sex Life Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: My First Fuck

It was nearly 3 months after My first blow-job before I finally lost my virginity. As it turned out, neither Patrick nor Stevie were to be responsible for claiming my somewhat dubious virtue. Patrick had dumped me after he found out about me giving Stevie a blow-job and that same blow-job was all that Stevie and I ever did. By this time I was seeing a guy called Martin.

I’d been seeing Martin for a little under two months by the time the ‘big night’ came. I should point out that our relationship had been far from platonic. We had been slowly building up to this evening since our very first kiss and fondle and we had enjoyed a lot of fun, whenever we had been able to manage, using our hands and mouths on each other. The time had, just never quite been right to go the whole way.

I should also point out that, like me, Martin, who was only a couple of months older than me was also still a virgin. I was also on the pill. It was for those reasons alone that Martin is one of the few guys whom I have ever let fuck me bareback. There was also the fact that I wanted my first time to be ‘special’ and for me to feel everything. Maybe it was risky but, given our circumstances, it was a fairly negligible risk and not one I’d ever take on a casual encounter.

Anyway, we were both at mine, my mum hadn’t got back from work and we were messing about, supposedly doing homework but with a fair bit of horseplay thrown in for good measure. About 5:30, the phone rang. It was my mum telling me that she had got held up and wouldn’t be home until after 7pm and that I was just to make myself something from the fridge and not to worry about her, she’d get a takeaway en route, poker oyna etc.

This, clearly, was the opportunity we’d been waiting for. No sooner had I put the phone down, I was leading Martin upstairs to my bedroom, not even bothering to close the door to my room behind us.

We kissed. In almost no time at all we had removed our clothes and were lying on my bed. Martin’s hands were all over me. His mouth clamped to mine as we let the thrill of what was going to happen take over us.

I moved down to take his cock in my mouth. My lips fastened around his shaft as I eagerly began to suck him. My mouth slid up and down, drawing as much of his cock into my mouth as I could.

Martin’s hands were caressing my tits, adding to the thrill as I continued to devour his cock. I could feel him getting close and reluctantly I stopped. “You’re not coming yet,” I told him. Martin smiled his reply.

It occurred to me that I didn’t want any telltale wet patches on my bed so I excused my self for a moment while I went and got a large towel from the bathroom. I put the towel on my bed then lay down on top of it. I opened my legs and demanded that Martin eat my pussy

Martin’s head was between my thighs in an instant. His tongue slid between my pussy lips and darted in and out of my cunt. Slowly he would take each of my lips between his and suck them, then his tongue would lap gently at my pussy. He sucked on my clit and slowly inserted a finger into my cunt.

As Martin sucked at my clit and finger fucked me, my own hands were playing with my tits. I squeezed and caressed them as Martin’s tongue continued to lap away at my cunt. I pinched my nipples and started to come. Martin kept licking canlı poker oyna as orgasm after orgasm swept through me. I came several times as Martin’s tongue worked on me, each one more powerful than the last. Finally I knew the moment had arrived, my body ached in anticipation, crying out to be filled with a cock, Martin’s cock.

He has still licking when finally, a little nervously, I asked him to fuck me. “Put it in me,” I begged him, “I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me”. Then, almost pleading, I continued, “Please fuck me”.

Martin moved up my body, pausing only to kiss my tits for a few moments. Suddenly I could feel his cock sliding against the entrance to my cunt, slowly pushing my lips apart. Martin kissed me and I felt the tip of his cock begin to press into me. I knew my pussy was soaking (it had to be given how turned on I was and the tongue-lashing Martin had just given me) but I was still a little nervous. It hurt a little as his cock slid into me inch by inch and I cried out softly. Then he was there, his cock buried to the root in my cunt.

He began to move, slowly sliding in and out. I lay there unmoving for a short time as I savoured the sensations of Martin’s cock moving inside me, stretching me, filling me completely. The initial pain had passed and I was moving with him. My hips rose to meet each thrust of his cock.

I asked him to go a little faster and my hands were clutching at his arse trying to force him in deeper. The pace increased as with each stroke his cock pushed into me faster and faster.

Martin’s breathing was coming in gasps, I Knew he was getting close. I was so turned on by this point that I was screaming obscenities internet casino at him. Things like, “Harder!” “Faster”, “come on give it to me”, “fuck me, FUCK ME!!!”

Martin rammed his cock into me as hard as he could. In and out, over and over. I gripped his cock with the walls of my cunt, each time he was inside me. My nails were digging into his arse as I urged him on.

I felt his body stiffen, his cock twitch violently inside me and then he came. Jet after jet of cum flooded my pussy. Martin collapsed, spent, on top of me, our bodies still joined. I was delirious as I savoured the feeling of his cum deep inside me.

Martin slipped out of me and we lay there for a while, just holding each other. I suddenly felt a strange emptiness and could feel Martin’s cum dribbling out of me and I was glad I’d remembered the towel. It hadn’t lasted very long and I hadn’t cum but none of that mattered, I’d finally done it.

Finally, albeit reluctantly, we got up. I realised that I was starving. I’ve since realised that sex does tend to make me work up an appetite. We each took a shower and then got dressed. After that we went downstairs to fix ourselves something to eat.

After we’d eaten, I decided to thank Martin for what he’d done earlier. I took him back upstairs and gave him a long, slow blow-job. Despite having emptied what felt like gallons of cum into my pussy, when he came this time, he still managed a respectable sized load. I’d already developed my taste for cum by this stage and I swallowed it down happily.

Not long after that, Martin left to go home. I’m pretty sure my mum must have passed him on the street as she arrived home moments after he left. When I’d heard the door open, I’d been tempted to call out something like, “Have you forgotten something or do you want some more of my pussy?” Fortunately for me, I just stopped myself in time when I realised it wasn’t him.

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Intergalactic Porn Star Pt. 01

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Big Tits

Author’s note:

Intergalactic Porn Star is a work of gay male science fiction. Set in the distant future, it follows the adventures of a man who’s recruited by an organisation that provides hard core gay porn to Earth’s interstellar colonies.

It features staged scenes of extreme bondage, dominance and submission, and watersports between consenting adults who enjoy their work.

In addition, it also explores Ryan’s personal relationships with his new coworkers.

Any reluctance or distress depicted is written as being deliberately portrayed by the actors as part of the scene. However, if you find this kind of content disturbing, I urge you to read something else. My Will and Jesse stories are much softer in nature. See my profile for details.

* * *

“Can I get you a drink?”

I glanced up to see an older guy leaning against the bar.

“Sure.” I showed him the bottle in my hand. I never was one to turn down a free drink.

The man gave his order to the barman, then held his hand out for me to shake.

“Chester Greaves.”

“Ryan,” I said, thinking this was unusual. I wasn’t against fucking older guys, but they generally didn’t introduce themselves with a handshake.

Our drinks arrived, and he flicked the credits across the bar.

“How old are you, Ryan?”

I got that all the time. I looked my age, which for most guys, meant they were a lot older, and taking supplements.

“Twenty-eight. As of this fall.”

“And all this is natural, if I’m not mistaken?” Chester waved a hand to indicate my physique.

I was in good shape, but if you looked twice, you could tell I wasn’t on the usual cocktail of bio-improvement supplements most gay guys took to stay looking as young as possible.

My build and muscle tone were the result of my parents’ attention to good genes, a lot of hours spent working out, and a healthy diet that complemented my healthy sex drive. Why no supplements? Pure ego. I was proud of my body and wanted other guys to notice it was natural.

“I want to show you something,” said Chester—and that’s where my potential hookup for the evening took a weird turn.

He flashed up a piece of brochureware in the air in front of me and I glanced sideways at him as it started to play, trying to figure out what his game was. Some kind of salesman?

A logo I knew well from hours watching porn flashed up, a purple and black logo that read ‘IGPN’—which every gay man knew stood for ‘Intergalactic Gay Porn Network’—known colloquially as ‘the network’.

The logo faded, and a video started to play of a fit guy being sucked off by a skinny femme, while the camera angle rotated around them 360 degrees. They were both on supps, judging by the skinny guy’s baby-face, and the size of the fit guy’s muscles. Colony adult entertainment law insisted all performers were at least twenty years old, in an effort to prevent abuse of minors, so I knew there was no way in hell the skinny guy was as young as he looked.

A voiceover played as the video moved on to show a 3D model of the colonies.

“Operating from our state of the art facility on Luyten B, IGPN is the largest gay adult entertainment provider to the Earth colonies, exporting content to Earth, Proxima Centauri and Gliese. In addition, IGPN supplies over eighty percent of the adult offerings provided to clients by the interstellar transit market, with over four billion hours of content consumed per Earth year. Catering to even the most niche demands, IGPN is proud to be have been recently voted ‘The Only Gay Adult Entertainment Provider You Need’, by ‘BoundD’ magazine.”

The video cut to a virtual tour through the network’s facilities, which seemed to be set in the middle of a tropical jungle. It showed off the fancy living quarters, top quality chef-prepared meals, then a montage of young, fit men in tight shorts working out in a gym, wearing tiny speedos as they swum laps and played water polo, played shirtless football, and coated in sweat as they wrestled on an IGPN branded mat.

“Our models are treated with the greatest respect, with yearly bonuses reaching into the tens of millions of credits for our top performers.”

The video showed a bunch of guys, some who I’d wanked to on slow days, smiling into the camera, with their screen names and earnings displayed under their grinning faces.

“Enquire now and see if IGPN is the right FIT for you.”

That was some top quality advertising copy right there.

The brochureware blinked out of existence and I looked Chester up and down, this silver-haired older guy, with a stomach soft from too many expensive meals. He clearly didn’t take supplements either… unless he was actually in his hundreds.

“Why are you showing this to me?” I asked.

“Right now, we’re looking for men like you who don’t rely on chemical enhancement in order to look… well, frankly, extremely fuckable.”

I took the compliment.

“The demand for natural bodies is an emerging market,” he went on, “…and poker oyna it pays exceptionally well.”

Yeah, we all knew that, but not everyone wanted to fuck on camera where their parents might one day see their dick sliding up another guy’s butt.

“Why the hell would I get into porn?” I asked.

“The same reason anyone does. More money than you’ll ever earn anywhere else.”

I shrugged and drained my drink. “I earn just fine.”

I didn’t, but that wasn’t the point. Besides, there was no way I was doing whatever the porn stars earning ‘tens of millions’ of credits were willing to do. I knew the drill. Most of the performers in the industry earned ten percent between them what one top performer earned in a year.

Chester flicked a number up in front of my eyes. It was an exact number, one I’d committed to heart. The current cost of a ticket to Gliese. Everyone I knew, everyone my age, dreamed of somehow making it to Gliese… well, specifically Gliese 832C. It was the ultimate destination for people my age, right at the edge of the colonies, not subject to standard Earth law.

Five times the size of Earth, it was tilted on its axis and tidally locked, so that half of it lay in perpetual darkness, and half of it was perpetually light. Temperatures fluctuated wildly between the two sides, with the borderland between the two around the same as a balmy day in Manitoba. One of the features of Gliese 832 was the Border Strip—a notorious equatorial habitat that existed in perpetual sunset. You can imagine the views.

Problem was, Gliese 832 was over sixteen light years away, and on a cheap cryo transit, of the kind I could afford, that was forty-four Earth years in space, taken in four alternating hibernation shifts. Biologically, I’d be nearly fifty by the time I got there, and the world would have moved on. And while fifty was only a quarter of my life down, and supplements were readily available, something about all that time locked on a ship, bored out of my brain, didn’t appeal.

I’d decided a couple of years ago to give up on seeing Gliese while I was young, and work on saving up to migrate to the next closest colony planet as soon as I could, hoping to only lose five bio years off my life. But with the money Chester was offering, there was another way. The most expensive way. Hopgates.

A hopgate could get you there with no aging, no cryo shifts. In fact, no time lost, meaning you’d arrive on the planet as advertised.

“Of course, if you don’t want the money…”

I put a hand on his arm. “Wait, wait, hold up. You’ve got my attention. What exactly would I have to do to make that kind of cash?”

He knew he had me. I could see the satisfaction in his eyes.

“To earn that particular sum of money, you’d need to do everything asked of you by IGPN for two Earth years.”

“Like what?”

He sent me another piece of brochureware divided into two coloured panels, one red, one blue. On the left side was a red panel stamped with the initials ‘DT’. On the right side was a blue panel labelled with the initials ‘WB’.

“It’s all in there.”

I waved my hand at the blue panel, but nothing happened. I waved it at the red panel and a bunch of legalise flashed up in front of my face.

“Make sure you read it all. Sign the waiver and the attached contract and return it to me by six-thirty a.m. tomorrow morning. Transit leaves for the Luyton hopgate at seven a.m.”

They’d even hop me to Luyton. That trip was worth over a million credits in itself.

I scrolled down far enough to see the amount he was offering was already written in. The number was there, all those zeroes. The exact cost of taking a hop transit from Earth to Gliese. There was also a mention of opportunities to earn bonuses, which I made a mental note to check out later. It’d be good to have spending money when I arrived.

“You need to have this signed and be at the transit port at seven a.m,” he said. “One minute later and the doors will be sealed.”


“You can’t be late, Ryan,” he said.

“Okay, I get it.”

Satisfied, he left the bar. And at 6.49am the next morning, I joined the Intergalactic Gay Porn Network.


I didn’t read the terms and conditions. I decided if I did, I’d just overthink it. All I needed to know was that I was going to have to have sex on camera for money, and the only part of that I hadn’t done before was get paid.

Chester met me as I stepped out of the transit.

“All ready?”

“Yeah, I’m good.”

“Did you read the terms and conditions?”


He sighed. “Let me just reiterate, in case you missed they key clauses, that when you join the network, you agree to do everything asked of you, some of which may not be to your personal taste. We’ll never ask you to do anything that compromises your safety, but we will test your limits.”

“Okay.” I wished he’d stop talking.

“Before you go on camera, you’ll be trained across all the many disciplines we offer. I will be your trainer canlı poker oyna and master.”

That sounded like some kind of dominance/submission thing, but I wasn’t too bothered. I knew the porn industry loved that kind of thing.

“If you don’t obey instructions, you give us the right to punish you. Footage, or live feeds of this punishment, is offered to our clients as a product.”

“Okay. But at the end of two Earth years I’ll get paid three million and ninety-four credits?”

“Yes. Or if you prefer, you can adjust the terms to whatever the cost of a ticket from Luyton to Gliese is two years from now, to counteract the effects of inflation.”

That was a good point. A ten percent adjustment on today’s price would put the ticket out of my range for at least another three years, if not permanently.

“If you choose financial remuneration, on the day you arrive on Luyton, the funds will be placed into a trust account and held for you until your final day with us. Any bonuses you earn will be added to that account. However, as stated in the contract, should you choose to leave part-way through your term, you will not receive your full payment, or in fact any payment, until after the first year, where you will receive a pro-rated payment less the cost of transporting, feeding, housing and training you.”

“Will you hop me back to Earth?”

“No. If you leave part-way through the contract term, you’ll have to make your own way back. Reason being, we need to cover our costs, and we won’t see a profit on your work until at least the second year.”

That wasn’t great. It meant that if I backed out, I’d have to spend all my savings, and waste years of my life getting back to Earth. I didn’t have enough cash to go anywhere else. Or, I’d have to stay on Luyton, which was nothing but a giant industrial complex. I supposed I could get a job maintaining the equipment in the mineral mines and fuck other maintenance engineers for the rest of my life.

Or, just do whatever the fuck they wanted me to do.

“If you choose your remuneration in the form of a ticket to Gliese, an open-ended, refundable ticket from Luyton via the closest hopgate, will be reserved in your name.”

That was an exceptionally good deal. Just the thought of being on Gliese by the age of thirty… I wasn’t going to say no.

“I must ask you once again,” he said, “do you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of your contract as stated, and as I’ve explained them?”

He flashed up the permission form again, with the amended detail of the ticket to Gliese, and I tagged to accept it. “We’re good.”

He shook my hand with a pleased smile. “Welcome aboard, Ryan.”

Half an hour later I was strapped into a seat on the hop transit, as we started the trip out to the gate.


I woke with a hell of a hop-hangover. Chester let me out of the pod and led me to the ground transit, where he handed me a white pill and a bottle of water.

“What’s this?” I wasn’t fond of taking drugs of any kind.

“A sedative. It’s a long ride out to the campus, and you’ll feel better when you wake. It’ll give your body a chance to acclimatise to the new gravity while you’re unconscious. We have gravity shifters, but there is still a small difference. You’ll feel fractionally lighter, and initially you may find this disorienting.”

“Okay.” I took the pill.

“Now, keep in mind, the moment you arrive, you’ll be on camera. We don’t sell all the footage we gather, but any of it could potentially be used, either to promote IGPN, or as teasers on another piece of content. If at any point you want to break the agreement, simply let me know, and I’ll arrange for you to be transited back to the port.”

“Okay.” I was already starting to feel sleepy.

What Chester wasn’t saying, was that taking the sedative was also a way to make sure I didn’t know how to get to the facility. IGPN got a lot of hate from the anti-porn lobby, so the location was kept secret. Even from its performers.


I woke with a thick head, to find myself lying naked on my back on a carpeted floor.

Chester leaned over me. “Good, you’re awake. You’re just in time to watch one of our top earners in action.”

He nodded towards whatever lay behind me, and I managed to get up on my hands and knees, and turned to find myself face to face with a glass wall. We seemed to be in a viewing box, overlooking what looked like a photography studio. The walls and floor were painted white, and on a raised platform in the middle of the room, a guy who looked as if he was in his late teens or early twenties, was shackled on his hands and knees.

Watching, I felt some empathy for the guy’s vulnerable position, and had to remind myself he was getting paid megabucks to be here. But either he was having a bad day, or he was really unhappy about what was about to happen to him, as he hung his head, and I could see his body jerking as he sobbed.

“Is he alright?” I asked.

“His audience wants to see him internet casino cry, so he cries. Our performers are some of the best in the colonies. Every performance must be convincing.”

I guessed the audience for this kind of content liked a bit of simulated misery, and this guy was clearly good at delivering it.

Manacles attached his wrists and ankles to a raised part of the floor, and while from this angle it was hard to see, it looked as if he had chains running from rings through each of his nipples, and from a ring piercing the tip of his cock, back to metal rings set into the concrete platform. Behind him, pushed back against the wall, were half a dozen white leather armchairs.

A buzzer sounded, and a green light flashed high up on the wall. As it did, a parade of good-looking black guys entered the room. So, that was the kink. Skinny little white guy pummelled by big black cocks. Seemed some clichés never died.

Every single one of the guys who walked into the room was fit and athletic and hung like a horse. Their skin was oiled, and gleamed under the lights, emphasising their six-packs and massive pecs, and their tight, muscular glutes, as they surrounded the helpless captive.

Each of the men had their names inked across their left pec, and each wore a different coloured band around their wrist. As they surrounded the younger guy, he looked at them with fear on his face.

“What’s he being punished for?” I asked Chester.

“He decided he was too tired to let another performer use his mouth.”


“Watch closely,” Chester told me. “And understand that this will happen to you if you refuse to do as you’re asked.”

I barely took in what he was saying as my attention was drawn back towards the glass by a speaker humming to life that projected sound from the room below.

At the same time, close-ups of the kid’s face and different angles of his body appeared on three sixty-inch screens set high up on the wall. His hair fell across his face, hiding his eyes, but I could see tears dripping from his chin. A camera angle from above zoomed in to show the tattoo scrawled across his lower back, just above his ass, read ‘Ashley’.

Why would he refuse to suck someone off if he knew this would happen? I wondered, as I watched the six muscular black guys walk around him, eyeing him up, laughing among themselves and slapping the kid’s ass, making him jump as if he was terrified.

A fourth screen flashed up that showed a set of infographics, labelled things like ‘Active watchers’, ‘Revenue’, and ‘Upvotes’.

A label appeared at the bottom of each of the other three screens which read ‘Watch Ashley take six BBCs, as he gets punished for his insolence by Jamal, Des, Curtis, Simone, Kav and Martin’.

In the middle of the infographics screen, a countdown started.

3… 2… 1…

The word ‘LIVE’ blinked twice, then moved up to the right-hand corner of the screen.

The buzzer sounded, and one of the black guys, whose tattoo read ‘Kav’, stepped up to the kid, holding the base of what had to be a good nine to ten inches of solid meat.

He waved it in front of the kid’s face. “Gonna suck me now, boy?”

Ashley nodded without looking up.

“Then get up on my dick, bitch.”

Kav grabbed a fistful of the captive guy’s hair and wrenched his head back, then started to feed him his dick.

I winced, watching that thick cock invade the kid’s throat, filling every inch of space he had to offer. On the screens, I could see Ashley’s nostrils flaring as he struggled to breathe, while he looked up at Kav with big, scared eyes.

“Yeah, that’s it, take it alllll down that bitch throat of yours.”

I couldn’t look away as Kav’s meat slid further into Ashley’s gullet, half expecting the kid to retch or protest. Instead, he seemed to be concentrating on making space, as Kav sheathed every inch of his massive cock in the kid’s throat.

“There, is that so hard?” Kav asked, and the others laughed.

“Bitch never gonna’ turn us down again!” said one a guy whose tattoo read ‘Martin’, and Kav high-fived him.

“Now, you know what’s gonna happen boy?” Kav said to Ashley.

The kid couldn’t move his head with his throat impaled like that, but the hidden cameras caught his answer in his eyes.

“We’re gonna fuck that ass haaaard,” Martin clarified, in case Ashley wasn’t sure.

A guy with a meat rod the size of a policeman’s baton stepped up behind Ashley. His tattoo read ‘Simone’. He fondled the kid’s ass with one hand as he lathered lube up and down his club with the other, running his hand over the thick, fleshy head with a sticky sound.

“You ready for this, bitch?” He grinned as he ran his cock up and down the crack of the boy’s ass.

Ashley whimpered, and tears ran down his face as Simone’s thick cock pressed against his entrance and slowly breached him. The kid let out a groan that turned into a hoarse scream, as the man’s massive cock was fed into his skinny ass.

“Relax, bitch, or you’ll be inside out by the time I’m done!”

Ashley moaned and wept as Simone slapped his ass, leaving red handprints on his pale skin, while never pausing his steady slide deep into the boy’s guts.

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My Wife’s Awakening

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Big Tits

My wife and I were out at a bar for a night out. Away from the kids who were staying at my mothers for the night. We had been discussing various topics. Mostly how my wife, Shannon, wanted to remodel the kitchen, when there was one of those inordinately long pauses in the conversation. I looked across the table at my pretty wife and saw her take a deep breath and close her eyes for a moment. Then she said it.

“I think I have a crush on Cindy.”

The next sound was my jaw slamming against the table, followed by my stammering, “You what?”

Her eyes looked around the room for a moment and then she repeated herself, “I said, I think I have a crush on Cindy from work.” And another deep breath.

“What do you mean you think?”

“Well, okay, I have a crush on Cindy. When ever I am around her I feel like I did when I was in High School and I had a crush on a boy. My heart starts beating fast, my face gets flushed, hell my nipples get hard for Christ’s sake.”

I could see her heart beating through her sweater as I responded, “So what are you saying you are gay?”

“No,” she said firmly, “I am not gay, or lesbian.”

“But you just said you have a crush on another woman. If you are not gay what are you just curious.”

“No I can’t say I am curious, because I know I am attracted to another woman and I am not gay because I am still attracted to you and you are a man. I guess I would have to say I and an un-experienced bisexual, does that sound right?”

“I guess so. So does Cindy feel the same way as you do?”

“I don’t know, it’s not like I can come right out and ask her. I mean there is definitely chemistry between us. We have gotten to be very good friends. Sometimes she will say things, like I don’t know, like sexual innuendo, and double entendre. It’s almost like we flirt with each other and part of me thinks she is sending out signals, but another part of me says it is just my imagination, you know?”

“No, I really don’t know, but I’ll take your word for it. So nothing physical has happened though right?”

“Oh heavens no, first of all we work together, and secondly we are both married.”

“Oh,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief. “Well are you just attracted to Cindy or are there others?” I asked.

“Well if you mean do I find other woman attractive the answer is yes. I mean I always used to look at other woman and think they were pretty, or they had a great body, but this is different.” “How so?”

“Because before I didn’t think about kissing them, or touching them. Feeling their bodies pressed against mine.”

“And now you do?”

She paused for a moment and said softly, “Yes.”

“All right,” I said as I tried to collect my thoughts. “So you think about Cindy that way, but you didn’t answer my question. Do you think about women other than her that way?”

“Well,” she said, ” since I accepted my attraction to Cindy I have realized that I am attracted to other women too.”

“Like who?”

“Christ, that is like me asking you who you are attracted to. What do you mean like celebrities or what?”

“Yes casino siteleri celebrities or other people you know. Oh hell what about her,” I asked pointing to the waitress, a cute, petite girl with long brown hair and a boyish body.

“Well she is cute, but she is not really my type,” Shannon said matter-of-factly.

“Oh Jesus, you have a type,” I said my eyes rolling back in my head. “So what is your type?” I asked as my eyes scanned the bar before landing on a very pretty blonde woman in a tight sweater. “Is she your type?”

“Oh my god, yes, she’s my type. Look at her she is beautiful.”

Things were getting weird. I was sitting in a bar discussing other woman with my wife. “So where do we go from here?” I asked as a large pit formed in my stomach.

“I Don’t know. I mean it’s not like I am going to run off with another woman. I love you and I want our marriage to work.”

I swallowed to get the lump down out of my throat before I responded, “then why did you tell me this?”

“Because I wanted to be honest with you. Are you jealous, angry what?

“No strangely enough I am neither of those things. Mostly I am curious, and a little excited,” I said with a laugh. ” I mean what caused these feelings to come out?”

“I really don’t know, I really don’t”

We sat in silence for a few minutes as I digested all that I had just heard and suddenly an idea popped into my head. As the cute waitress, who was not my wife’s type, came by I asked her for the check. If my wife was attracted to other women, and she had no intention of leaving me for one why not take advantage of it. “Come on let’s go,” I said as I stood up and put my coat on.

The waitress came by with our check and I placed two twenties in her hand and told her to keep the change. She smiled a very pretty smile, still not my wife’s type, and thanked me.

Shannon and I walked out to the car still is relative silence before she asked where we were going. I replied that it was a surprise. She has surprised me and now I was going to return the favor.

Fifteen minutes later we pulled up in front of a valet parking attendant at The Executive Lounge, an upscale strip club in a neighboring city.

“What are we doing here?” Shannon asked hesitantly.

“I want to see just what your type is,” I said with a chuckle and we walked in holding hands.

“What if we see someone we know?”

“Don’t worry, we will sit in a back corner,” I replied, and that’s what we did.

As each dancer walked up on stage I would ask Shannon if she was her type. Some times she said yes, sometimes she said no, but never with as much emotion as she had when I pointed out the pretty blonde woman in the bar. I was beginning to think that I had made a mistake when the announcer said “next up on the main stage, Chandra.”

I heard my wife inhale deeply and I looked up to see the next dancer. She was tall, maybe 5’10” and her 5 inch heals made her my height. Her hair dark brown hair was straight and silky and hung down to the middle of her back. Her face was pretty, but stern, slot oyna with sharp features and dark mysterious eyes. She had nicely rounded shoulders, large natural breasts, a narrowish (but not thin) waist and full rounded hips. She was a big girl, but she did not appear to have an ounce of fat almost like Xena the Warrior Princess and she was dressed all in black. A long black translucent robe was draped over her shoulders and covered a black leather bra and panties.

“I guess she is your type,” I chuckled.

“Yes honey,” Shannon said, her voice dripping with desire, “she is my type.”

I could see the lust in her eyes. I picked up my drink and took my wife’s hand in the other. I slowly led her to the stage. Shannon’s eyes never left the dancer’s near naked body. I could feel my wife’s hands trembling as she sat down at a chair right in front of the sexy Chandra. I reached into my pocket, pulled out a five dollar bill and placed it in front of my wife.

Chandra whispered, “thank you” and dropped the robe to the floor. Her eyes locked onto my wife’s and they didn’t leave for the entire song. I could se my wife’s chest heave with each breath, and her nipples stood at full attention as the sexy dancer moved her body in an almost hypnotic rhythm to the music. When the song ended Chandra leaned down and kissed my wife softly on the lips and whispered something in her ear before she sauntered over to the next patron.

“So do you want to go back to our table?” I asked.

“Can we stay here, just for her set?”

“Okay, I’m going to go get another round. Do you want one”

“Yes, please,” she answered, her eyes still glued to Chandra the dancer.

When I returned with our drinks Chandra was back in front of my wife as a twenty dollar bill sat on the stage next to her. Chandra was even closer to my wife this time, and now her leather bra and panties were on the floor next to her pile of money. Their eyes were connected like magnets and my wife only looked away for a short moment as Chandra moved her shaved pussy to within 2 inches of my wife’s face. “Do you want to lick it,” she asked and Shannon nodded “yes.” When the song ended and Chandra picked up the money and her costume and bent down and kissed Shannon again, this time a little more deeply. I couldn’t see their tongues but I was sure they had touched. (My cock was as hard as steel by that point)

Shannon and I went back to our table in the back of the room and finished our drinks. Just as I was about to get another round Chandra walked up to us with two fresh drinks in her hand. She had changed into a new costume, this one was a leather bodice cut high up her thighs and low in the chest. “Hi,” she said to Shannon placing the drinks on the table in front of us.

“Hi,” my wife stammered as a huge smile spread across her face. “Mind if I sit down?” she asked.

“No please do,” my wife replied.

Chandra pulled the chair right next to Shannon so their legs were touching and asked my wife what her name was.

“Shannon,” she replied in a soft childlike voice.

“That’s a beautiful name, canlı casino siteleri for a very beautiful woman. I haven’t seen you in here before, is this your first time here?”

“It’s actually my first time at a strip club,” Shannon admitted.

“Well great, then let me give you your first lap dance. There is a nice private room through that door and we can all go back there and I can dance for you. You would like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, I think I would. You don’t mind do you honey?” She asked me.

“No I don’t mind, this is your night of self discovery,” I said with a grin.

“Great, then let’s go.”

Chandra led us through the door and into a darkly lit room with a couch on one wall and a jukebox on the other. She closed the door and picked out a few songs as Shannon and I sat on the couch. As the song began to play Chandra turned around an asked my wife to unzip her leather bodice and then let it fall to the floor. Chandra moved between my wife’s thighs and spread them wide, causing Shannon’s skirt to ride all the way up her hips. The women were looking into each others eyes like lust starved lovers as the pretty dancer began to mover her body against my wife.

Their lips met in a soft gentle kiss and I heard my wife moan into the other woman’s mouth. I could see their tongues dancing in the dimly lit room as my wife moved her hands to the dancers curved hips. I saw Shannon’s muscles flex as she pulled the dancer tighter against her and their hips began to gyrate. They continued to move their bodies together getting harder and harder until my lovely wife shuddered with her first orgasm at the hands of another woman. The action didn’t end there however. Chandra stood up in front of my wife and said in a somewhat forceful voice “Now make me cum, you know you want to.”

Without hesitation my wife sunk her tongue into the pussy of a woman she had only met and hour before and she attacked it with more enthusiasm that I could believe. Chandra grabbed my wife’s hair and fucked her mouth until her body shook in a body quivering orgasm. Then she pulled my wife to her feet and kissed her deeply as their hands clutched and groped at one another. “Take off your panties Shannon,” she ordered and my wife quickly obeyed.

“My you are a good little dyke slut.” Chandra said to my wife and as she did my wife shuddered. “Now give them to me.” The woman ordered and my wife did. Chandra cleaned off her pussy with my wife’s panties and then held them in front of Shannon’s face.

“Open your mouth slut,” she commanded, and Shannon did. Chandra pushed my wife’s panties into her mouth kissed her on the forehead and said “you are a good little dyke slut, now your fun is over for the night. Walk out to your car with your panties in your mouth. If you do, you can call me at this number,” and she reached down and picked up a business card off the floor and handed it to me. It was the first time she had even looked at me since she first danced for my wife. My wife nodded and said “I will mistress,” in a muffled voice through her soaking wet panties.

We walked out to the car, my wife’s black lace panties stuffed in her mouth. When we got into the car my wife looked at me with love in her eyes and said, “thank you honey, I love you, but you may have created a monster.”

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How Could I Resist? Ch. 01

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This first chapter is very long as I’m trying to set up a world for future events in the story. If you don’t get too bored reading this story and actually finish this chapter I would love any feedback you have, especially on dialog, pacing and descriptions. Having read through it several times those are what I think is the most incomplete. As is often the case, other people have a much easier time to spot mistakes than you can yourself so don’t be hesitant to point those out.

Oh, and the tittle doesn’t make much sense for this first chapter, but it’ll make sense when we get further along in the story. As will some of the more random things as right now I’m trying to leave small hints of what are to come, though not making it too obvious. Feel free to guess where I’m going with them so I know how effective my efforts have been.


Hi, my name is Charles and I just wanted to introduce myself before I begin this hopefully tantalizing tale. I’m 5 feet tall, 7 inches and I weigh around 170 pounds, give or take 10 pounds. I like to be lazy during the winter so I gain a bit of weight there, and then when spring comes around I get back to keeping myself in shape. I have blue enough eyes that you can see they are blue, but I wish the blue were more present in them. My hair is dark, though more than once I have dyed it stupid colors like deep red, green and even pink once on a dare. I never back down from a dare as long as it’s stupid enough which friends have taken advantage of plenty of times over the years. But it makes for great stories so I can warmly recommend you do the same.

As a child I was never good at reading others. And I didn’t really care. The little I did socialize was more than enough, but it did mean that my parents thought I was lonely and maybe a little depressed. I never felt lonely often preferring to live in my head and coming out if there was something I needed or wanted to try.

When I started high school I decided it was time to turn over a new leaf and start making an effort. I met this strangely carefree boy named Mark, even more carefree than I had been as a kid. In the first year of high school he seemed to not have a care in the world, but he later confided in me that he just wanted to turn over a new leaf. We were very much alike in that regard, as I wanted to get better at reading body language and he wanted to be a more relaxed person without having to fake it. We both learned a lot from each other and I don’t think I could ever have improved enough that it would make a difference on my own. We grew very close as friends, and to this day he is still the best friend I’ve ever had and the closest I’ve been to a person emotionally. Even the girlfriends I was together with over the years. It takes a lot for me to completely trust a person, but Mark made it easy for me. I’ve never had romantic feelings for him so I guess what we have is what could be conceived as a bromance.

Us spending so much time together and learning from each other, we became more and more similar and us also looking very much alike it gave people the impression we were brothers. Something we were eager to encourage as we both thought it was hilarious.

I’m guessing you are starting to suspect that neither of us has ever been, or ever will be completely normal, whatever normal means in this quickly changing world. To this day I still don’t know why he one day started calling me Johnny boy which obviously left me no choice but to call start calling him Jimmy boy. To this day it’s still how we introduce each other when meeting new people. We both think that it is hilarious seeing people’s reactions to it. All the way through high school we managed to get pretty good grades. We both had talents in various subjects, so when one of us struggled with a subject the other could help out with it.

I’m not sure if it was luck or if we just unconsciously knew which college the other were going to apply to, but we indeed had applied to the same college and got in. We had hoped that would mean we could share a dorm room together, but the college in question had a policy of wanting students to live with a stranger for at least one semester. It was to broaden student’s horizon or some other buzz word sentence. I can’t remember.

I can’t say we were happy with it as first, but after some time apart we both realized that it was actually a good thing. It is after all better to have more than one friend. It meant that we weren’t hanging out as much as before, but it made it easier to keep a relationship going with the various lovely ladies you are bound to meet at a college. And isn’t the college experience as much about having fun with women as it is about learning stuff? Most women aren’t exactly happy if they have to compete for their boyfriend’s attention every day, especially not against his friends.

We had dated a little in high school; we even ended up both losing our virginity on the same night by chance, but casino siteleri relationships never lasted that long. Maybe we weren’t really boyfriend material.

We spent the next three semesters living with our separate roommates until we thought screw it, Bro’s before other bro’s as the old saying goes. Or am I remembering that wrong? Our time spent apart only talking with each other a few times a week we learnt a lot about ourselves. Living together after having not a whole of contact the last two years was great. But it also meant that we had changed in a lot of ways. It made for some awkward moments at first getting used to each other having changed a lot. But it also meant very late night talks about the last two years and the experiences we thought had been the most important.

Our interests had changed a fair bit, but our sense of humor hadn’t changed at all. We were just as immature at twenty-one as we had been at sixteen. Our opinions about sex had matured a lot which made me both sad and happy at the same time. It felt like losing a part of your past self. In our younger years we had some great times making fun of each other for what we liked or didn’t like. But now we had almost the exact same fantasies with slight differences and only a few we didn’t share.

I’m not sure how much other friends really talk about that stuff, but trust and honesty is the foundation of any good relationship, romantic or not and we were always very open to each other.

We both preferred giving oral sex over receiving it.

We both really enjoyed flirting, but the thrill of it was really in the chase, not the catch. Not that we didn’t enjoy it when we were on our game, we just had more fun flirting than getting lucky.

We had both been snowballed but after the initial shock it didn’t really bother either of us. The taste wasn’t as bad as we had expected, but it’s not something I could see myself doing unless it was a turn on for the girl.

We both thought sex was rather bland if there wasn’t an emotional connection.

We both had a thing for redheads.

We liked it when a girl took charge of what she wanted and sure as well were going to get it.

We both preferred girls with a little hair over their vagina rather than completely shaved. We often remarked that it would be amazing if a girl had shaved the hair to look like a little mustache. Weird thought yes, but again, we were far from normal.

The rest of our time at college went by rather uneventful. We both dated a little but neither of us really found someone we could see ourselves dating long term. I will say though, Mark came up with an ingenious idea a few months we both graduated. Instead of hanging a tie or a sock on the door when you had a girl over, we would place two or three fake mustaches on the door (those with the glue stuff on the backside.) We knew that if a girl laughed at that, she was worth keeping.

After graduation Mark and I went out to celebrate going barhopping. Usually neither of us was a big fan of it, but we thought fuck it. We were in a good mood, we felt like partying and we sure as hell were going to get drunk off our asses before we had to return to be responsible adults.

At the second bar we went to we saw her. It was lucky it was the second bar of the evening as we only had a slight buzz going at this point. She was pretty in every sense of the word. She had beautiful red hair that stopped a few inches below her shoulders. She wore a loose grey shirt and rather plain jeans; as if she wanted to not stand out but in spite of trying to dress down she radiated beauty that everyone around her could see.

She was standing with her back to us talking with her friends. It was hard to get a good look at them though as they were sort of standing in the shadows. She must have felt us starring or maybe one of her friends had noticed because she turned around rather suddenly. She caught us starring and then gave us a smile that could make men go to war to protect it and could light up a room that was covered in darkness.

Snapping out of our dazed state, quickly looking away we went up to the bar and quickly ordered a beer each before we made even bigger fools of ourselves. We needed a few more beers before that would be fun. Drinking our beers slowly we couldn’t help but glance over at her every few minutes.

We saw several hopeful men going up to her to try and hit on her or her friends. Yet none of them got anything other than a rejection. We couldn’t actually hear them, but the rejections seemed more cheerful than annoyed which of course made our attraction to her even stronger. A few times she saw us looking and gave us a look that showed confidence and teasing at the same time. After the third time she caught us looking she turned to her friends saying something, and they all started to giggle. It’s not a bad night if you make a group of girls laugh so mission accomplished of sorts.

Mark and I tried a few times to start slot oyna a conversation, but none of them lasted long. It was almost like talking about the weather with a stranger, yet more awkward. Since neither of us enjoyed going to bars or clubs, we didn’t have much confidence going up to a woman and flirt with her, especially not one that radiated an aura strong with confidence. We looked at each other shortly and came to a silent agreement that we would finish our beers in peace, and then get out of there before we wouldn’t be able to muster up the will to leave.

Paying attention to someone is good, stalking them not so much. After all, we went out to relax a bit, drink a little more than we should and then stumble home looking forward to a nice hangover, not to drool over a girl we would never have a shot with anyway. Determined to follow our original plan for the night I brought up the past as it usually got us to relax and talking like we were the only people in the world.

“Do you remember our first time on campus and we accidently walked into the wrong building only to be greeted by that naked girl sitting on the couch?” I asked, hoping Mark would bite.

He looked at me with a smile and uttered “Oh yeah, that was a good way to start the college experience. I’d say very appropriate.” He continued with a little smile on his face “I don’t think I ever told you, but she cornered me a few days after that asking if I liked what I had seen. I still regret apologizing profusely instead of asking her out on a date so we could even the score.”

“I guess you hadn’t gotten into your groove quite yet. Oh and I always thought I was the handsome one. She must have mistaken you for me.” I said laughing.

“No way hosé, I’m the handsome one and you are my wingman” He teased.

Relieved the night was back on track I went on “Oh yeah? I don’t remember you being so confident at our prom night!” I said with a teasing voice.” Remember those suits we rented? God we looked so ridiculous. Especially with that pink hair we dared each other into, though we did make everyone turn their heads so mission accomplished. Any chance you still have the pictures? It would be a great thing to show when we get a girl over. Just to prepare them for what we are really like.”

He looked at me his eyes twinkling for a moment and then said. “I’m amazed our dates didn’t run away when they saw us. I expected them to get angry so I was very relieved when they just laughed.”

“Yeah, they were very understanding and game for a night of idiocy. They probably weren’t even surprised we did something so stupid. They had known we were idiots for a long time but surely that’s part our charm my dear old Johnny boy”

Suddenly looking serious like he had something important to say he said with regret in his voice “I wish we had tried to get them to put those mustaches on. I bet they would have gone for it” then smiling broadly.

Laughing and suddenly regretting that we hadn’t thought of that I agreed “Yeah that could have been great. I’m pretty sure they would have as well, those two had the patience of a god putting up with us, egging us on when they were bored and then following us into stupidity.”

“Yeah, too bad we went off to different colleges. Sometimes I regret not trying the long term relationship thing; though I think it was the right decision in the end.” He said looking serious again, then finishing his beer. I followed his example, Looked back over to where the redhead had been standing and saw she was gone, but her friends still there. I regretted looking over at where she had been as it probably meant some guy had scored and dragged her off.

Oh well, I would have been too nervous to talk to her anyway, and with that I started walking towards the door Mark following right behind me. A few feet before we reached the door I heard a voice asking us to stop. Looking over my shoulder my jaw dropped, and I think Marks did too. The girl we had both been eyeing ever since we stepped into the bar was waving at us, as was her friends to come join them at the empty table they were moving towards. Time seemed to stop while were walking over towards them, a million thoughts going through my head. She smiled and waved at us again and my mind went numb for what seemed eternity, but I managed to gather myself before reaching the table.

“Why didn’t you come over to say hello to us instead of sitting over at the bar trying not to look?” She asked pouting slightly, but her green eyes radiant with warmth and joy.

“I…err…I…we…um…didn’t think you wanted to be disturbed. It would have been wrong of us to interrupt you if you were out to just have a good time with your friends.” I said trying to avoid her or her friends gaze.

Mark had had a little more to drink than me so his confidence was in a better place than mine so he answered with a smile “Trust me, we wanted to, but it looked like you and your friends didn’t want to be disturbed by every canlı casino siteleri guy in this place hoping to get lucky. I’m Mark and my less drunken friend here is Charles, though we prefer to be called Jimmy boy and Johnny boy respectively.”

Getting some confidence back by realizing that they had invited us over here, and the giggling we got from our nicknames. I held up my hand and said “before you ask, if either of us knew why we call each other that we would be glad to tell you as I’m sure it could be a good story, but neither of us can remember how it started. I don’t suppose you pretty ladies could come up with a convincing story of how we got the names while we go buy you ladies a drink?” I said with a broad grin.

“Hold up old Johnny boy, we can’t leave without us hearing their names. After all, we have to come up with terrible nicknames for them since they know ours. It’s only fair, don’t you agree ladies?”

“True, so very true my good Jimmy boy. As my father never said, but I’m sure he would have if he was as silly as me; you can’t party without stupid nicknames.” I said trying to look wise and mysterious. The girls giggled, clearly not falling for my act.

I don’t know why but as I started to relax and looked around at them all since they were now in a better light, they looked just as stunning as the redhead did. They were smiling and enjoying our company. They looked great. Seeing that we had four hot girls enjoying our company I think I would have done anything just to keep them happy. I could tell Mark was probably more smitten with the redhead than me, even though we both had a thing for redheads. I was pretty sure she was favoring Mark as well. I didn’t really mind, I love Mark as a brother and both of us trying to fight over the same girl would end in disaster. This was Marks night to show off his charms.

“So my noble ladies” Mark said bowing his head, then continuing “what be thy names and what may we have the pleasure of offering you to drink on this most auspicious of evenings?” I had to look away for a moment to stifle a laugh; Mark really knew how to be charming and silly at the same time. I had always admired him for that.

The girl to the far left stood up. She had blonde hair, with thin black stripes in her hair. It looked cool, but it did distract a little from her pretty face. I couldn’t help but notice her blue eyes were the exact shade of blue I wish my eyes were.

With a voice that was surprisingly deep she started introducing everyone “I’m Rachel” then pointing at the girl next to her; a very tall slender brunette wearing a plain skirt but a gorgeous looking top. “This is Courtney” continuing on to the next girl, Dark hair, not quite black but very close to it. Her arms and legs looked toned and tan like she was out in the sun most days exercising. “And this is Beverly, though she already has a nickname: Bells.” I could see why she had the nickname Bells, she reminded me of Christmas for some reason. “And the last one, the shy redhead here is Amy. Luckily we can get her to do almost anything, like fetching a few noble gentlemen such as your selves to accompany us this evening” she said with a an enticing smile

“And I think we are fine with beer for the first round, right my fair maidens?” she finished looking around at her friends. I was glad they took our fancy talk in stride and followed suit. They nodded, but I sensed a problem. We needed to come up with bad nicknames for them, but ordering beers would not give us enough time to do so.

“I must interject my ladies, but we beg of thee to request a drink of which can let us ponder a little longer so your new names may match your beauty and grace” I said trying hard to look humble.

Mark as usual being quick on his feet continued on “I must agree with my most noble of companions my ladies, he is quite right.”

Again we were rewarded with giggling from them; this night had already turned out to be much better than what we had originally planned.

“Fair enough my good sir’s” Rachel said with a little blush on her cheeks and a sly grin. It had a great effect as her face really lit up. “I wonder if perhaps we could have a round of mojitos if you would care to join us.”

Mark with a teasing voice said “It would be our pleasure, but I hope you don’t mind if we ease up on the fancy talk for a while. It is getting hard to find suitable words and I can speak for both Johnny boy and I that we would rather give you our full attention than wasting time on talking silly. Oh and don’t forget, in exchange for new names you need to make a good story of how we got our nicknames.”

We got another round of giggling, then Courtney said in a soft voice “Not that we don’t enjoy the noble English talk, I think it would be easier for all of us to get to know each other better if we don’t have the pressure on us.”

Grateful for Marks suggestion I gave my last noble words of the night as I turned to Mark “My noble Jimmy boy, we must make haste if we are to enjoy the company of these most gracious maidens.” I heard a quiet sigh of satisfaction from the girls as I turned and Mark quickly followed me laughing. Mark was always good company.

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Houston II Ch. 11

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Chapter 11

Coughlin’s Club

When John finally got home — he had had quite a bit of unfinished business at his MacDonald franchise — Argie was waiting for him, and handed him a Scotch on the rocks even before he was in the door.

“What?” he said, and would have said more but Argie hushed him, saying, “We have to talk.”

Taking a sip of his Scotch, he nodded, and said, “So talk.”

“It’s not a time for sarcasm, John. I want to get this over with before the kids come home. They’ll disrupt everything.”

He sat down in his favorite chair, took another sip, and said, “Well, thanks for the drink. I needed it. So what’s the story?”

“I’m not sure how to begin, so I’ll jump right into it. Doctor Coughlin called me back to the office this afternoon.” She pulled a tissue from her pocket and wiped at some moisture that had built up just above her upper lip.

“God, I’ve been sweating like a pig since he called. Sorry. Anyway, he’s asking us if we’d be interested in joining a club that he belongs to.”

“Which one? I don’t have too much time for clubs; they tie you up at the worst possible times.”

Argie grimaced at his words. “It’s not that type club.”

“He’s a sex therapist, isn’t he?”

“Yes, of course . . .”

“He’s already got you putting out for his . . . clients, right?”

“It’s a valid occupation, helping those in need. Not like your little hobby — fucking everything in skirts.”

“Okay, let’s stop throwing bombs at each other,” John said, holding his hands out in an amicable fashion.

“Well, anyway” Argie said after a second or two, “you’re close. He’s offering us a membership in a very discrete sex club.

“How discrete can a sex club be?”

“As close-mouthed as its weakest member, darling. Right now that would be us. And I have to tell you, John, that Doctor Coughlin has some important members in this club. They can crush us if they wanted too. Believe you me.”

“But we’re not members,” he said, puzzled.

“We have an invitation to join. If we decline, we have to keep our mouths shut. If not, I lose my job, and you may discover that the home office suddenly has major problems with the way you’re running the franchise.”

“I don’t know . . .”

“John, you’re always chasing pussy.”

“That’s not fair,” he replied defensively, “I’m going to Sex Addicts Anonymous, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, sure,” Argie spat out, “and what’s the first thing you did at a meeting? Cull a slut from the ranks and fuck her brains out. Yeah, you need Addicts Anonymous, and I need another ass hole.”

“What about you?” he said, “and . . . and that boyfriend. And what about those patients needing a blowjob, or whatever?”

“Go to hell!” Argie shouted, and bent down, removed her right show, and threw it at him, hitting him in the shin.

As he hopped around in pain, he glanced at the clock on the mantle and saw that the kids would be arriving in just a minute or two.

“Wait,” he said to Argie’s back as she was leaving the room. “C’mon back here. I’ll listen. I had a bad day and didn’t appreciate hearing that my life, such as it is, is about to be controlled by your Doctor Coughlin.”

“He’s not about controlling us,” Argie told him, doing her utmost to remain calm. He knows about you. He certainly knows about me. So a couple are being transferred to Las Vegas, and he thought we would be the perfect couple to take their place.”

“How does this club work?” John asked.

“He’ll tell us both tomorrow. We’re invited to lunch at Spenser’s.”

John’s eyebrows went up. Spenser’s was the most exclusive place to dine in the region. He had tried to get reservations there several times to celebrate their anniversary, but had been told they were booked up months in advance.

Now Doctor Coughlin was having them to lunch there. The other members must be quite well-off and in powerful positions to accommodate them like this, he thought.

“Let’s see what the good doctor has to say,” he said, and Argie gave him a fierce hug.


The following afternoon, they arrived at Spenser’s and turned their car over to the valet. John wore his best suit, a dark blue pin-stripe, with a yellow tie. Argie wore a new dress, a pale yellow with a revealing neckline, that had cost her over three hundred dollars.

Doctor Coughlin was waiting for them and they sat at the bar while waiting for their table.

“I’m pleased to meet you, John,” Coughlin said amicably.

“The pleasure’s all mine,” John said in return.

“And you, Argie, look like a movie star,” Coughlin added a second later.

“Oh, Doctor . . .” Argie gushed. She felt a little giddy as they made their way to the table, and she realized that she had already had three drinks. ‘Where had they all gone?’ she wondered, and then forgot about it as her eyes went wide on seeing the sumptuous table setting before her.

“Wow! They believe in going all out, don’t they?” she said as the server held her chair out for her to be seated.

A bottle of fine casino siteleri wine was brought to the table, opened and poured. They drank, and then Doctor Coughlin got down to business.

“John, Argie, one of the reasons I asked you both here this afternoon was to extend a formal invitation to join a small club of which I’m a member.”

“I would ask that you hold any questions for the moment. The club, or group, is relatively small in size, made up of . . . let’s just say, prominent personages in the area. The two of you meet the qualifications for membership. There are no dues, by the way. Discretion is an important — I might say, vital — aspect of membership.”

“I’m given to understand that part,” John said. A row of sweat was evident across his brow.

“The members swap spouses with one another,” Doctor Coughlin told them, and followed with, “It’s surprisingly common, John.”

“Excuse me,” John said, “but is Argie already versed in the requisites of membership?”

“I’m sorry,” Coughlin said, “I should have addressed that already. “Yes and no. That is, Argie has some idea as to what is involved, of course. Otherwise we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. As, of course do you. My purpose here is to amplify on what you have information-wise, and answer any questions you might have.”

John remained silent for several seconds. He glanced at Argie, found her looking down at her napkin. He drained his glass of wine, and waited until the Sommelier had refilled it, before speaking.

“So who’s in this club?”

“Can’t tell you that, either of you, until you join.”

“How’s it work?”

“Well, on or about the fifteenth of each month we meet at somebody’s house for a cocktail party. We rotate the homes; it helps deflect curiosity on the part of nosy neighbors. That person provides the usual party items, booze and light fare, mostly snacks, to tell you the truth. Then, about half-an-hour into the party, things get a bit more personal.”

“Does one toss their house key into a hat?” John asked with a wry, but nervous smile.

“No, the president will have already selected who goes with whom,” Doctor Coughlin said, and avoided the smirk he felt about to surface across his face.

“So there is a possibility that a husband can be matched with his wife,” John said.

“Yes. I might add that on occasion, such might be the case when a couple is asked to perform before everyone else.”

“Or a random selection might be used instead?” John asked, finding that he was getting into the swing of things, and he bit his lip for making such a ludicrous pun at such a serious moment in his and Argie’s life.


A few days later, Argie came into the bathroom as John was coming out of the shower. “Know what today is?” she asked pensively.

“Friday,” he said, not immediately following her drift.

“Right, its Friday, the fourteenth of the month.”

“Oh, shit! Already?”

She glanced at his penis, which was in as dormant a position as it ever got, and giggling, said, “Rise and shine, big fellow. We ride the wild pampas tomorrow.”

Argie began undressing in front of him. John could not help but admire her figure, even after all the years they had been married. She skipped into the shower, laughing as his erection reached full size.

He went to the bar and made them each a strong drink, and brought the glasses back to the bedroom and he waited for her to finish.

Argie knew her husband very well, for when she returned to the bedroom about ten minutes later, she had blow-dried her blonde hair, and was wearing a transparent white, ankle length nightie. From the way in which the material clung to her thigh, he could discern the slit of her recently shaven cunt. To add to the overall effect, she wore a pair of six-inch stiletto heels, shoes she wouldn’t dare wear outside her home.

“Looking good for an old married woman,” he told her.

Knowing he meant the compliment, she smiled, and said “I hope that big thing poking out of your shorts is for me.”

“I made us some drinks,” he said, handing her a drink, unable to tear his eyes away from her gracefully seductive form.

Argie gazed at him over the glass, and sipped slowly, but fully. She had added a touch of lipstick and eye shadow, and John detected a hint of her favorite perfume.

Even as his eyes filled with lust, he asked himself, ‘How in God’s name could she do this in fifteen minutes, and other times several hours aren’t enough time to get ready?’

His erection was at its zenith. Argie, her eyes riveted to his crotch, put her drink down and moved to him.

“Me being a sex therapist and all, I can tell when someone’s in need. And I must say,” she paused and rubbed her left nipple as she spoke, “that condition of yours looks painful.”

“It is,” he said, dryly.

“Maybe I can reduce the swelling,” she said, and knelt between his legs, putting both hands and her face in his lap. Using the technique she knew he loved, Argie began to pump his cock, twisting her wrist slot oyna slightly on the backstroke.

John moaned loudly at the first touch of her tongue as it licked over the bulbous knob of his cock. He leaned back in his chair, placing his hands on top of her head, not to guide her, but just to be touching her as she did her thing.

Argie had by this time had the opportunity to suck other cocks beside that of her husbands. She threw caution to the winds, and experimented with him. Stroking the length of his rock hard shaft, licking teasingly along the underside of his corona; sucking hard, sucking gently, rubbing the head of his member all over her face and lips, and then sucking firmly, making loud, slurpy sounds designed to heighten his pleasure.

Just when he thought it couldn’t get better, Argie raised up a bit, and allowed the head to loll on her tongue for a few seconds, waiting for her husband to adjust to the sensation she knew it brought; and then she unhurriedly engulfed his entire cock.

‘Where the hell did she learn that?’ he wondered, but all such thoughts vanished as her face rose and fell the length of his manhood, her tongue swirling over the cockhead as he emerged from the depths of her throat, stopping when he reversed engines and dove deep again, until he could hardly stand it.

A split second before he was about to call out and beg her to end it all, Argie did stop, but then began a relentless vacuuming-like suction that caused her cheeks to implode to a most unsightly point.

John glanced in the mirror across the room, and seeing what was happening to her bulging cheeks, quietly began to explode in her mouth.

Argie never stopped sucking, except at one point when his ejaculate was just too much to swallow, and she brought him out from between her lips for a moment to permit her to swallow what remained in her mouth. A pulsating second later, she shoved him back in and caught the next jettisoned rope of cum. That last spasm emptied his balls, and he lay back gasping for air.

Argie looked up at him, a trickle of his cum oozed from her slightly open mouth. Turning away from him, she reached out and found her drink, brought the edge of the glass to her mouth and scooped the translucent fluid from her chin, and watched as it slowly mixed with the alcohol. Looking directly into his eyes, she swirled the drink around until his cum was thoroughly mixed in with the other ingredients.

“Here’s looking at you,” she said wantonly, and raised the glass to her mouth, and emptied it down her throat in a long, seductive swallow.

John picked her up and carefully laid her on the bed. He crawled down her torso and allowed himself the luxury of studying the thick lips of her labia. They were wet with her own juice, and a musky, although very familiar odor of her sex began to intoxicate him.

“Ain’t nothing as beautiful as a freshly shaven twat,” he said softly. Argie found to her surprise that his words aroused her even more than she already was.

His hands expertly slipped under her legs to the velvety contour of her calves. Argie pulled her knees back as his face approached her pussy, her ass began a series of involuntary, undulating circles on feeling his hot breath upon her inner thigh.

His hands reached her knees, and gently pried her legs apart, fully exposing her pussy to his licentious eyes. Her swollen lips had parted, revealing her cunt hole and engorged clit to him. She had no secrets left, none whatsoever.

When his tongue flicked out to taste of her fluids, Argie moaned helplessly, and jerked her crotch up to meet his mouth. Her pelvic bone smashed into his upper lip, and John reacted as if slapped hard in the mouth. The net result of her action was very similar to getting slapped, but he shrugged it off and got back down to business.

He decided to avoid her pussy for the moment, and kissed his way along her right thigh, then kissed and licked his way down her left thigh.

Argie began to writhe in anticipation.

He left her thigh, and moved to the sharp folds of her ass, sometimes called the “taint,” gave it a strong, sucking kiss, and quickly abandoned that area as well. He ran his thumb lightly over her anus, then planted another strong, sucking kiss there as well, and when she moaned happily, he slapped her ass hard and darted upward to hover over her now bulging clitoris.

Argie’s pelvis was in constant motion at this point; her hips undulating wildly. Her breathing became a problem, and her breasts were heaving on her chest.

Gingerly, he sucked her clit into his mouth, then clenched it lightly between his teeth.

“OH!” she cried out and shuddered.

John looked up and saw her big fat brown nipples pointing at the ceiling, and vowed to suckle them later, perhaps just before they fucked.

He started making shameless moaning sounds in his throat and felt her body respond as she bucked her hips and then writhed in what must have been an almost excruciating anticipation.

“Am I better than the guys at the clinic?”


“Am canlı casino siteleri I better than that fucking doctor?”


“Am I better than that Neanderthal boyfriend you blow every chance you get?”

“Yes, yes, yes! God damn it! Now make me cum. I didn’t fuck you around like this.”

“Well . . . you had me going there,” he said, half-heartedly. He was enjoying himself, and knew that Argie was too, but he had brought her along quickly and then doused the flames, or had thought so until her tirade.

“All right . . . let’s make you cum,” he said with a finality that told Argie he meant it.

Her hands found the top of his head, then gripped his hair, ever more tightly as his tongue rolled over her clit, finding each sensitive nerve ending on the tiny stub.

Argie moaned.

The tip of his tongue slid into her wet, silky crevice, and Argie began to buck.


Yanking his face away from her juice laden lips, he called out, “Are you coming?”

“UGH!” was all she could manage in reply.

“I take it that’s a yes,” he said and returned to eating her out, sending his tongue as deeply into her velvet walls as was possible.

“Christ!” she bellowed, obviously moving into the early thralls of her orgasm.

Recognizing his wife’s response to this tactic, he switched gears and returned to her clit, plowing his tongue into it much as a snowplow drives into a snow bank. Rubbing it against her body, bringing a torrent of sensation that Argie had never experienced before.

‘Where did the son-of-a-bitch learn that?’ she asked herself, a split-second before a tremendous climax swept over her and she began pumping her ass into his face, not caring if she broke his nose, or jaw, or even if he lost several teeth as a result.

All she cared about was the wave. A wave of unbelievable relief swept over her, bringing an end to her urgent desires; bringing untold joy and then peace to her entire being.

To his credit, John didn’t pull away; instead, he took hold of her ass cheeks and mashed his face into the juicy quagmire that her pussy had become, sucking, licking and tonguing until the first wave began to recede and the second began its heady approach.

“Oh . . . God . . . Yes!” was all that Argie could say before she was lost in the bliss of her second coming.

John lifted his mouth away from her, ostensibly to afford her a moment’s respite between orgasms. When he sensed its passing, he surrounded her battered clit with his mouth and sucked it hard, then ran the coarse edge of his tongue over its most sensitive surface.

There was a deep, guttural gasp from her throat, and she arched her back, causing her tits to jiggle. Her pelvis went into overdrive and John found himself wishing that he had his cock in her so as to enjoy these highly unusual movements on her part.

Argie began pulling his face against her cunt. He sucked harder on her clit.

She began to ramble, uttering sounds that no one could decipher, but whose meaning even a child would know meant unbelievable joy.

As her third orgasm exploded, John stuck his tongue into her and held it there, squeezing her ass so hard that the black and blue marks of his fingers would be evident several weeks later.

Argie had drawn her knees up to her chest; both her feet were firmly planted on the sopping wet sheets, giving her a semblance of stability. And stability was needed, as she pumped her cunt relentlessly into his face.

John flicked his tongue around, going from side to side, almost twisting it, and making its presence felt, even through the orgasm. Then Argie released a torrential flood of cum-sauce as she came. It filled his mouth. He swallowed some, but because of the volume, he was incapable of capturing most of it.

Showing a remarkable ability to adapt to changing situations, he turned away and fumbled for his own drink on a nearby nightstand. His chin, lips and mouth were covered with the residue of her sexual juices. But he held the glass in front of her cunt, and caught the balance of her final two squirts, and in due course, did to her what she had done to him earlier, but he was thoughtful enough to share the last portions with her.


“That was disgusting,” she said, and then laughed obscenely. “But of course it was the perfect thing to do. I love you, John Franck, I always have. You are a complete bastard at times, but nonetheless, I love you.”

“And I love you too, Argie. I really do. I can’t help it if I’m attracted to almost anything wearing a skirt. But I swear, I’ll always come back to you.”

“You don’t mind Milo and me?”

“Sure I do, but how can I complain?”

“So maybe this club will do us both some good, you think?” she said.

“I hope so. Although I am worried that we might be getting in deeper than we know. A scandal or blackmail is always a possibility.”

“Oh,” Argie gasped. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“I’ll try to figure out a way to protect us from that eventuality. On the other hand, it could prove to be a great experience as well as a good move socially.”

Argie noted that he had grown stiff again, and straddled his legs, preparing to lower herself down onto his shaft.

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