Surprise Gift

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Big Tits

My life was becoming miserable as my fiancé was postponing the marriage date every now and then.

My fiancé, Ankit is a young and handsome boy aged 28 years. He belongs to a good family. He had returned from USA after completing his MBA. He had taken over their family business from his father which was established by his grand father. He has no siblings. My father is a businessman and my mother is a florist working in a 5-star hotel. I had just completed my graduation in commerce from Mumbai University. I am 5’5″ tall and having good, slim and sexy figure. My friends call my “hottie” as they find me hottest girl ever seen. Ankit and I are engaged for nearly a year but he is postponing the date of marriage every now and than for paltry reasons. I couldn’t concentrate in any thing. I was unable to take up any job fearing I would’ve to quit the moment I get married. Nor I couldn’t take up any post graduation course as I might’ve to drop out any time. My parents were telling me to take it easy. Life was becoming difficult for me as I was turning 21 next month and my panties were getting wet every time I saw a young boy. One fine day I decided to find out the real reason of delay. I went to meet him unannounced to catch him unprepared.

It was four o’clock in the evening when I rang the door bell of the home of my would-be in-laws. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was expecting all members of the family to be at home.

My would-be FIL opened the door.

‘Hello Daddyji!’ I said.

‘Hello Avantika! What a surprise? Come, come in!’ he said and stepped aside. I entered in 3 BHK flat situated in posh Juhu areas.

‘Please sit.’ He said. I sat in a sofa-chair. My skirt was pulled up and my knees were exposed. My fair milky thighs were also on display for him. I pretended to look embarrassed. In fact I had finalized this dress of knee-long tight black skirt and short sleeved tight white top after long thought. I had a plan C in my mind to seduce my fiancé in case my plan A & B both fails.

I tried to pull my skirt and cover my knees as eyes of my would-be FIL were roaming on my legs.

‘So, how are you Avantika?’ he asked.

‘I am fine Daddyji, how are you?’ His eyes were now roaming on my body as expected. I added, ‘Sorry, I’m not dressed properly!’

‘Avantika, you look wonderful in this dress!’ he said and I was happy to here it from the man from whom I am suppose to keep distance. He is a well built man of sixty or may be of sixty-five. ‘I would never have known that you have such beautiful legs!’ he said.

‘Oh thanks Daddyji!’. I was thrilled. It was ironical that my FIL has noticed beauty of my legs but my fiancé has failed to do so.

‘Where are others? I mean Mummyji and Ankit? Are they taking nap? I am sorry I came unannounced!’

‘Well Avantika, this is your home and you can come any time, any day announced or unannounced!’ He said, ‘your MIL has gone to Vaishnodevi for a pilgrimage and Ankit never inform us whenever he goes!’

‘Oh, I see!’ I didn’t know what to say. I got up and said, ‘Then its better I should go!’

‘Hell no! Avantika, you can’t go like that!’ My FIL got up to stop me. ‘Sit, I shall bring you some thing to drink.’

‘No formalities please Daddyji, its okay!’ I said.

‘No, it’s not okay!’ he said. ‘Sit, it’s my duty. Just relax; I will be back illegal bahis in few seconds.’

I couldn’t stop him. He went inside. I had good look all over living room. It was a beautifully furnished room. It had a French-window. It had a fantastic view of the Arabian Sea. This could be my home if every thing falls in its place!

I saw myself in mirror of a wall unit. I decided to have some fun. I unbuttoned two buttons of my top. I was happy with my sexy look.

He came back with a tray containing two glasses of cold drink. I picked up a glass and said, ‘Thanks, Daddyji!’

I took a sip from drink. He was stealing a look at my exposed breasts. I was sitting crossed legs. I tried to distract his eyes from breasts to my thighs by playing with my skirt. Now he was staring at my exposed thighs. A thought occurred in my mind.

Why not to play a little game with this old man? It should be fun. He also deserves some enjoyment after all!

But what if he gets a cardiac arrest?

I should be able to control things. I have always controlled it!

I cried with pain while keeping the empty glass back on centre table. I think I screamed. I grabbed my left thigh with both the hands and brought expression of extreme pain on my face.

‘Oh my God!’ I shouted at the top of my voice.

The old man was shocked. ‘What happened?’ he got up and came close.

‘It’s paining!’

‘How can I help you?’ he touched my shoulder. He was concerned.

‘I don’t know!’ I said and again cried with pain. I tried to force tears from my eyes. I began rubbing my thigh.

‘Let me see.’ He sat down on his knees and placed his hand on my knee.

I tried to widen my legs but it was uncomfortable for me because my skirt was narrow and tight. I unzipped my skirt and exposed my naked thighs for him. Thank god I was wearing a panty! ‘It’s paining here.’ I pointed my finger at the root of my right thigh.

He had a good look at my naked thighs. Or was he trying to see through my panty? He placed his hand at the spot I was indicating. ‘Is it here?’

‘No, it’s here.’ I guided his hand all through my naked thighs. ‘Daddyiji, will you please massage it little?’ I shifted close to him. I brushed my breasts with his left arm. My nipples got hard on immediately.

‘Sure.’ He began rubbing my thighs very gently. He was heavy built man with good built biceps. Must be doing gym regularly, I thought. How exciting it would be to see this man naked!

‘Little more pressure, please!’ I said. He rubbed it vigorously. Slowly I stretched my body on sofa. I closed my eyes and had a feel of male touch on my naked body for some moments.

I had a strong impulse to draw his hand on my pussy. I fought with myself to control the temptation. I took two to three long breaths.

I saw that now he was now staring at my breasts as I had expected. I took his hand and placed it on my naval. I said, ‘Daddyji, please don’t take away your hand. Your touch has a magic.’ I closed my eyes.

He pampered my naval area. How I wished him to feel my breasts! How I wished him to lower his hand and caress my pussy!

Instead he touched my head and asked, ‘Avantika, are you feeling better or shall I call a doctor?’

Honey, it’s time to call of the game.

‘I am fine Daddyji,’ I got up and said, ‘it was nice of you to illegal bahis siteleri take my care. Thank you so much.’

I adjusted my skirt and top properly. I brushed my hair a little. ‘I shall take your leave Daddyji.’

‘Are you okay?’ he asked.

‘Yes Daddyji. I am okay.’ I proceeded towards main door.

He came up to main door to see me off.

‘Thank you very much for the visit.’ He said and pressed my hand.

‘Daddyiji, please give me a hug.’ I said.

He gave me a real tight hug. ‘Avantika, I want to give you a surprise gift before you go. Just close your eyes.’

‘Gift? What is the need?’

‘Don’t argue.’ He said, ‘just shut your eyes.’

I obeyed. I heard his deep breaths. What was he up to? Anxiety was killing me.

Suddenly I felt some warm and lively object in my palms. ‘What is it, Daddyji?’ I asked.

‘Guess it?’

It was a cylindrical object and it was growing big every second!

‘Is it rabbit? Or is it a mouse?’ I tried to have a good feel of it.

‘Open your eyes and see for yourself!’ he said.

I opened my eyes and got a shock of my life! I think I forgot to take a breath! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was his long, thick, swollen and erect penis! I fainted!


I found myself lying on sofa when I regained my senses. My FIL was sprinkling water on my face. He gave me glass of water to drink.

‘I am sorry.’ He said, ‘Avantika, my dear child, I didn’t wanted to scare you. I am sorry again. I want you to forget everything and forgive me. I assure you, this will never happen again. Just forget whatever you saw.’

‘But Daddyiji, I can’t remember what I saw!’ I said.

He was puzzled. ‘Than why did you faint?’ he asked.

‘I faint because I was shocked! I explained, ‘I was shocked because it was unexpected!’

‘All right.’ He said, ‘forget it and go home.’

‘No. I want to have a proper look.’ I said firmly, ‘Daddyji, you were gifting me something and I just wasted an opportunity! Please show it to me once!’ I got up and sat on armrest of his sofa chair.

Now it was his turn to get shocked. ‘Are you sure you want to see it?’

‘Yes, please!’ I said and touched his hand.

‘Okay!’ he stood in front of me and unzipped his trouser. As his trouser was falling down his rod was rising up.

It was growing fast. How beautiful it was! His long, thick, hardened dark colored penis!

‘It’s lovely! It’s wonderful!’ I said, ‘can I touch it?’

‘It’s yours.’ My FIL said.

I touched it. What a warm and sensational feeling it was! Some thing was happening to me. Some strange feeling was over powering me. My whole body was responding. Blood began running fast in my veins. I cuddle his cock.

‘Daddyji, can I lick it?’

‘Go ahead! He said.

I fall on my knees in front of him. I planted kisses on his penis. I took out my tongue and touched it. I began licking it.

He pulled my head by holding my hair. ‘My girl, did you like it?’

‘Yes Daddyji! I liked it very much! It tastes wonderful! I replied.

‘Want to suck my cock?’ he asked.

‘Yes, of course!’ I said, ‘that would be my pleasure!’ I turned to place his cock in to my mouth but he stopped me. ‘Let’s go in to my room.’ He said.


He escorted me in to his bed room. I hugged him tightly canlı bahis siteleri thrusting my breasts in to his chest. He planted a kiss on my lips.

‘You are beautiful, cute and lovely little girl!’ he stroke my buttocks.

I inserted my hand in his shirt and touched his bare chest. I replied, ‘You are handsome, smart and sexy big boy!’

‘Let’s make this evening wonderful.’ He said and started unbuttoning my top.

In the next two hours that sixty-five years old young man converted me in to a woman from a girl. He gave me the pleasure of my life time. Even after two hours I was reluctant to part with him. He said Ankit was expected any moment. I was forced to leave that home.

Before saying good bye to my lover I took a promise from him that he will talk with his son and will hurry up the marriage proceedings.


‘Good news!’

At home my mother was exited. She told me that Ankit, my fiancé had given a visit and told her that marriage date will be fixed very soon and it will happen within a month!

Well, indeed it was good news. I also wanted to share the happiness I had gained that day. But I didn’t know how to tell her.

We went for a walk in the society garden after dinner.

‘Mummy, I want to tell you something.’ I began.

‘Yes, my child, what it is?’ she took my hand in her hand. We sat in a corner.

‘Mummy, I am very happy today. I met some one special today. He explained me the real meaning of life. He made me realize what it is to be a woman.’ I said.

‘That’s very good. He must be some wise man.’

‘Yes Mummy, he is matured and very smart man. Yes, he is a wise man. Also he said that I shall be very happy in my married life.’ I added.

‘Even I know that.’ My mother said. ‘Ankit, my SIL will make you very happy in life.’

‘How do you know that?’ I asked.

‘I know because I had a chance-meeting with him today. Whatever I saw in him and have felt about him today, I can assure you that he will make you very happy in bed.’ Mother said.

‘In bed?’ I was shocked. ‘Mummy, how the hell can you say that?’

‘I just know. Avantika, woman knows such things by intuition.’

‘Mummy, I have never heard about such intuitions!’

‘You will know it when you will grow up, my child!’ she pressed my hand warmly. She hugged me and said, ‘God bless you my dear!’


How could my mother know that Ankit will be good in bed?

Ankit had visited our home when my mother was alone! My father was on a business trip and my younger brother had been playing cricket match all day! I was away!

Is it possible that my mother had seduced him?

Why not? She is young, attractive, and stylish. She doesn’t look like my mother at all! She looks like my elder sister! My brother had confined in me recently that mummy had been voted by his friends as “sexiest woman they have ever seen!” Ankit could have easily fall for her beauty!

No one knows in my home but I know one thing about her: she is very fond of young boys!

Is it possible that my mother was fucking her SIL when I was being fucked by my FIL?

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction by this writer. If any similarity is found in some living or dead person or in any of the acts described in the story; it is unintentional. Please do not copy the acts described in the story. Writer doesn’t advocate free sex or incest. If any one is encouraged to copy the acts written in this story; please seek medical/legal help urgently. Please mail your feedback via the CONTACT tab on my profile.

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Lessons Learned Ch. 08: Test Scores

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The story picks up at the end of Week 10 of Brinna & Zach’s Human Sexuality class.


I pulled into the parking lot of the Mexican restaurant just after 7 pm, to meet Zach and his grandpa for dinner. I’d let myself get a few minutes behind schedule due to changing my outfit too many times. Then I’d tried to make up the time by driving too fast.

Zach was waiting just inside the doors as I entered, standing among a small crowd of people who were waiting for a table.

“Hi, Brinna,” he said, welcoming me with a smile. “We already have a table.”

“Lead on,” I said. I trailed behind him as he weaved his way across the restaurant to a smaller room, separated from the noise of the main dining area. There were two long rows of tables set up, obviously for larger groups, along with a couple of small four-person tables. An elderly white-haired man sat alone at one of them, rising as we entered the room. He was the only occupant.

“Brinna, this is my grandpa, Phil Kovac,” Zach said.

“It’s so nice to meet you at last, Brinna,” his grandpa responded warmly, stepping forward and extending his hand. He beamed happily at me when I shook it. “Zach has told me so much about you, I insisted he had to introduce us during my visit. I’m so pleased you could come to dinner with us. Sit, sit! Zach,” he gestured at Zach, “get Brinna seated.”

Zach pulled out the chair across from his grandfather’s and raised his eyebrows at me. I sat, and he settled into the chair next to me.

“Zach wasn’t exaggerating when he told me how pretty you are,” Phil said, eyes twinkling.


In response, Phil’s smile changed to a sly grin.

“You don’t mind being called a pretty girl, do you, Brinna?” he asked.

“I don’t know any girl who would mind that,” I responded.

“Oh, here’s Mr. Ramirez,” Phil said, staring past my shoulder, smile still on his lips. Zach turned slightly in his chair so he could view the man who had arrived at our table.

“Señor Kovac,” the man greeted, expansively. He smiled at the three of us while transferring a large basket of tortilla chips, three little bowls of salsa, three menus, and three glasses of water from his tray to our table. “So good to see you back. And you brought a guest!” He set a trio of menus on the table.

I was introduced and greeted warmly before the owner of the little family restaurant focused on Zach. There was a rapid-fire exchange of Spanish between the two of them, causing my eyebrows to raise as I turned my head to look at Zach.

“Um, excuse me a few minutes, Brinna. Mister Ramirez needs me to look at his office computer. I’ll be right back.” He regarded his grandpa as he stood. “Try not to tell too many embarrassing stories about me while I’m gone,” he warned, laughing.

I caught Zach’s sleeve.

“Spanish and Finnish, Zach? Really?” I grinned. I’d found another of his secrets that he didn’t like to brag about. He sighed dramatically, but his lips twitched as he repressed a smile. I released him.

“So, Brinna,” Phil said, leaning forward and setting his forearms on the table, hands linked. “My grandson tells me you’re his best friend on campus. And that you’re spending a lot of time together working on a paper for that sex class.” His eyes danced with merriment.

“We are,” I answered, dipping a chip in salsa and taking a bite.

“What do you think of my Zachary?” he asked in a light tone that didn’t cover the serious intent of his question.

“Um, I think he’s great,” I answered. “Of course I’m sure you know how smart he is. He’s a good, uh, friend to have.”

“I do know how smart he is. But what else is he?”

Phil and I looked each other in the eye for a moment as I formulated my reply. I could see the his concern for Zach’s well-being reflected in his expression.

“He’s sweet,” I said slowly. “He’s funny, generous, and a good person. Once you can get past all his shyness, he’s an interesting person to get to know.”

“But you’re not interested in dating him?” Phil asked bluntly.

I took a sip of my water, enjoying his directness.

“I’m leaving the state in early January to go to another school. Zach is staying here another semester.”

“Well,” he said after a pause, “whatever else, I think your friendship has been good for him. There’s something different about him this visit. He seems happier and more relaxed these days. I can hear it in his voice on the phone when we talk, but it’s made me happier than I can tell you to see it in person.” He took a sip of water. “But I promised him I wouldn’t embarrass you by giving you the grand inquisition, so let’s pretend we talked about the weather when he gets back.” He gave me a conspirator’s smile. “He likes you very much, though.”

“And he loves you very much,” I answered, trying to swing the subject away from my feelings about Zach, and his about me.

“We’ve spent a lot of time together, me and Zach.” He lowered his voice. “His bahis firmaları parents got busy with their own lives as their first three got older, and when Zach came along, they just never really made time for him. I blame myself some. I think part of the problem was caused by the way his mother was raised. Me and my first wife separated when our girls were young. She didn’t like the life of a military wife, and she was not very warm towards the children. I never did get to see much of them when they were growing up, and we aren’t close now.” A touch of sadness touched his eyes. Then he shook his head, clearing it away. “Luckily for me, I’d retired from the Navy by the time Zach was born and I had the time to spend with him. I’ve sure never regretted a minute of that. It was almost like a second chance to be a dad. Even if I was already an old man by then,” he said with a big smile.”

“I know he’s been really looking forward to your visit this semester,” I responded.

“It was hard on both of us when it was time for him to head to college. And with Zach so shy, he’s always had difficulty making good friends. Until now!” He reached over to pat my hand. “And here he’s found himself the prettiest girl on campus to be friends with!” He smiled and winked.

I laughed, enjoying his flirtatious comment.

Zach returned not long afterwards, trailed by a young waitress. None of us had even looked at the menu, but Zach and Phil were planning to let Mr. Ramirez send out an off-menu “chef’s surprise”, so I took the same option.

I discovered that Zach had periodically done computer and webpage design work off and on for the owner since his second semester. He’d become good friends with the family, sharpening his high school Spanish skills through visiting with them over the last three years.

“The waitress is pretty cute,” I said casually to Zach.

“No, Brinna. I am not going to ask out Mr. Ramirez’s daughter,” he said in a firm voice. “He likes me, but I don’t think he likes anyone that much. And you promised to stop picking out girls for me to date.”

“All right, all right,” I said, throwing my hands up in mock surrender.

“Did grandpa tell you any of his stories about his days as a Navy Seabee yet?” Zach asked trying to steer the conversation away from himself.

In deference to Zach’s prompting, his grandfather told a few stories about his Navy days, both in World War II, and the Korean Conflict. He was alternately funny and intense, when recounting various experiences from that time.

Despite Zach’s attempts to avoid becoming a topic of our conversation off of him, his grandpa still managed to tell some stories of a precocious young boy, which had Zach blushing furiously.

“I’m determined to live long enough to see Zach get his doctorate degree,” the eighty-one-year-old man announced. Given how sprightly as he was for his age, I believed he would manage it.

It was the first time I’d really been with Zach in any kind of social setting, if you excluded our little field trip the third week of class. Watching him interact so easily with his grandfather, and seeing their deep affection for each other, tugged at something deep inside me. It was a good feeling to be included inside their warm circle for the evening.

“I should be getting home,” I said after we had demolished our meals and a second basket of chips.

I stood, and they both rose from the table.

“Goodbye, Phil. I really enjoyed getting the chance to meet you,” I said, leaning forward to kiss his cheek affectionately. His response was to give me a quick, hard hug.

“Zach, walk Brinna to her car, it’s dark outside,” Phil directed, sitting again.

“I’m glad you came tonight,” Zach said softly to me, reaching for the door handle as I unlocked my car. He leaned in and kissed my cheek, whispering, “Good night, Brinna. See you Tuesday,” before drawing back and opening the door for me.

“Tuesday,” I confirmed, getting behind the wheel.

* * * * * * * * *

“So, my grandpa really liked you,” Zach gushed as we walked to the library the following Tuesday. “It’s probably a good thing he’s old, or he might have asked you out.” He grinned and I chuckled.

We chatted about his grandpa’s visit until we reached the hallway when, without a word, Zach veered off to visit the nearby restroom. I smiled in anticipation of our afternoon activities that would commence after he’d had a chance to jerk off and change clothes.

Today, I felt we were both ready for me to change things up a bit. I prepared the room the way I wanted while waiting for him to join me.

“Hey, Brinna,” he said, as he entered the office, “When are you going to get that fantasy back to me?”

A few weeks back, I had assigned him to write a sexual fantasy for me. After he had brought me his written pages, I took them home to create a more fleshed-out version, so to speak. After completing my input, adding some finishing touches on it, I intended to bring kaçak iddaa it back to read through together.

“Don’t rush me, Zach. I want to get it just right. I want it to get you so hot you could cum just from reading it.” I winked at him.

“Take your time then,” he said with a laugh.

Changing tack a little, I said, “You’ve been fucking me for a couple of weeks now, Zach,” I said, and threw my arms around his neck and pressing my body against his. “And getting better each time.” I kissed him, hard. “But today I’m going to fuck you,” I whispered into his ear, causing his arm to tighten around my waist in response.

“You can do anything you want to me,” he replied, “anytime you want.” We were both smiling when our lips met again.

“Undress me and then take off your clothes,” I ordered gently.

He responded with a smile of his own, one that conveyed his desire to do as I’d asked.

Naked, I stepped back to watch as he stripped off his clothes. He kept his eyes on mine while slowly removing his sweatpants and briefs, gradually revealing himself to me. I smiled in appreciation of his leisurely striptease. With my eyes on him, his prick began to twitch and swell.

“You know, Zach,” I said, “you haven’t stroked your cock for me in a while.” I tossed him the lube I’d set out on the desk. “That should help.”

Maintaining eye contact, he squeezed some lube into his hand, then tossed the container on our pile of clothing.

“Missed this, Brinna?” he asked, smile flickering in one corner of his mouth, as he smeared the lube over his growing erection. He grabbed the base of his cock, and slowly moved his hand upward. “I could have done this for you before, instead of going into the bathroom alone.”

“Mmmm,” I answered absently, “the idea of you in there alone, getting off, it gets me warmed up because I can use my imagination to picture it. Then for you to do it here again, but in front of me? That gets my pussy flowing, Zach.”

He inhaled deeply as I spoke, then began to stroke his cock in earnest.

“Keep talking, Brinna. You know how fast I get hard when you talk dirty to me.”

“It’s my turn to fuck you, Zach,” I said conversationally, focused on the up and down motion of his hand, and the increased swelling of his rod. “I’m going to do things to you that you’ve only read about, or seen people do on video. I’m going to use you to get myself off.” I trailed my hand lightly over the triangle of curls on my mound and my subtly swollen outer lips. “You look hard enough to me, Zach. Go sit in that chair.” I nodded my head toward the chair I’d placed in front of the spread-out yoga mats.

He moved obediently to the chair and sat down. I followed to stand in front of him, still watching his hand.

“Take your hand off it,” I directed.

He released his cock, which swayed gently, straining upward from his lap.

I stepped forward, straddling the chair, my mound pressed against his chest. I slid down carefully, setting one hand lightly on his shoulder, the other reaching behind and between my legs. I maneuvered his cock, positioning it between my ass cheeks, as I settled lightly on his lap, using my legs to support my weight.

“Oooh, Brinna,” he moaned as he exhaled. I held his shaft against my ass, rolling my hips to make it slide gently back and forth between my cheeks.

“I feel your cock throbbing,” I said, giving him a deep, open-mouthed kiss. His hand dug into my hair, holding my head in place. “I want it,” I gasped out before he smothered my mouth again.

Grabbing his shaft to hold it steady, I lifted myself until my opening was poised over his cockhead. Slowly, torturously, I sank down onto his shaft, a fraction of an inch at a time, enveloping him in my wet folds. He growled low in his throat in appreciation.

Finally, I sat impaled on his hard cock, feeling full and stretched. His hands dropped to my hips, holding me down onto his lap. I could feel my clit rubbing against his pubic bone.

“Ahhhh,” I moaned softly, held tilted back, ecstatic to feel so full of him in this way.

“Are you going to fuck me like this?” he asked, a note of pleading in his voice.

This was the first time we hadn’t used the missionary position. I’d let Zach lead the past few sessions, after our first intercourse together, but now we were ready to take it up a notch. After bringing me to orgasm, before reaching his own during our last session, it was time to experiment with the next position: woman on top.

With my feet flat on the floor, I slowly raised myself up his cock, until I felt him at the entrance to my slick tunnel. I used my leverage to sink then slowly rise again. Then I repeated the action. Soon he understood the rhythm and began using his hands on my hips to help lift me up and down. I set my hands on his shoulders and began to ride him in earnest.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” he said in a guttural voice.

“It feels good for me, too.” I paused briefly and kaçak bahis kissed him. “I can cum pretty fast like this,” I murmured. “And your big thick cock is getting me there even faster.”

I set the pace, rising and falling on his engorged cock, grinding myself against him as I came down onto his lap. He had a tight grasp on my hips, but I didn’t mind. It increased the intensity of my feeling. He watched his cock disappear into my tunnel, then reappear, slick and shining from my juices.

“Oh, Zach,” I moaned suddenly, “oh baby, I feel it, I’m gonna cum.”

His breathing quickened along with mine, and his fingers dug almost painfully into my flesh,

“Cum for me, Brinna,” he urged, “I want to feel you fucking clenching my dick with your pussy.”

“Ahhhhh!” I called out sharply, my fingers digging into his shoulders as a powerful orgasm ripped through me. I slammed myself down onto his cock, driving it deep inside me, my muscles contracting hard, clenching and releasing as I came.

“Ah, fuck,” Zach groaned, “that feels so good.” He shifted his hips, grinding against me. I felt the pulsing of his cock as his own orgasm overtook him, and the first rush of his seed spilled into me. “Ah, fuck,” he repeated. He hugged me tightly against him, as I whimpered my own pleasure into his ear.

Zach found my mouth, exploring it with his tongue, as I slowly came down from the peak of my orgasm. I couldn’t get enough of his skin against mine; we were plastered to each other, soaking into each other’s pores, as we waited for the euphoria to drain away and bring us back to earth.

“Do that to me again,” he said softly, with a small laugh, as our breathing started to return to normal.

“I’m just getting started with the things I’m going to do to you,” I promised.

* * * * * * * * *

In Dr. B’s class the following Tuesday, Zach was as nervous as I’d seen him in weeks. He twitched and fidgeted at his desk while Reggie and Tyler frequently whispered together, periodically shooting looks at him, over their shoulders. Lee sat rigidly, ignoring all of us.

“What’s going on?” I quietly asked Zach.

“Let’s talk about it later,” he said, nervously licking his lips. “Not here. Please?”

We sat through a set of films on fetishes and fantasies, but Zach didn’t really seem to be paying attention. His mood was worrying me.

“What the hell is going on?” I asked as the class was dismissed, and people began to rise from their desks to leave.

“Just…please, Brinna, let’s talk about it when we get to the library. Let’s get out of here.”

Reggie and Tyler hung back, instead of stampeding to the door in their usual way. Zach regarded them nervously look as we walked by. They followed closely behind, as we exited the classroom and proceeded down the hall.

“Hey, Zach,” Reggie called out, “too bad it’s not the first week of class. You finally have a sexual experience to tell your, uh, partner, about, huh? You might’ve even been able to make your story last more than two minutes. Does she know about your dick yet? Hey, maybe you could show it to her, and you might get someone else to pity fuck you.”

“What the fuck?” I asked, flustered and angry. Zach grabbed my elbow and started walking me faster. “Zach!” He’d never forced me to move like this before.

“Fuck off,” Zach said to them, over his shoulder.

“Oooooo, Zach, such language,” Reggie sneered.

“Does it really count if you fuck a bisexual?” Tyler asked. “How does that work, exactly, when they like women more?”

“Don’t talk to them,” Zach hissed, as the boys broke off in another direction, laughing.

“What were they talking about?” I demanded, confused.

I glanced over at Zach, whose face was beet red. He looked as flustered and angry as I had been when Reggie had started his verbal assault.

We hustled along in a tense silence, while I mulled over the hurtful words Reggie and Tyler had thrown in our direction. From their comments, they obviously weren’t aware of the extent of Zach’s and my relationship.

Shutting the office door, Zach immediately reached down to lock it, then leaned forward and rested his forehead against its surface. He let his backpack drop to the floor, then kicked it viciously aside. He brought his palms up, resting them flat against the door.

“Zach?” I asked, alarmed. He was breathing hard, judging by the rise and fall of his back.

“I wanted to be the one to tell you,” he said in a strained voice. “I didn’t want you to hear it from them.”

“Tell me what?” I asked, setting my hands on his shoulders. “Zach, can’t you look at me?”

“Not yet.” He took a few deep breaths. I wasn’t sure what had upset him so deeply. Whatever it was, it was more than just words from some creeps.

“Did they do something to you?” I rubbed my hands gently up and down, in small strokes, over his shoulder blades.

“Yes. They—Well, there’s what I think they did, and what they actually did, too. But-,” he hesitated. “Shit! It’s just—I fucked Lee’s roommate this weekend,” he blurted out.

“What?” I asked stupidly.

And, yes, momentarily feelings a pang of jealousy.

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Sunshine and Storms

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This story is a follow on to My Stepdaughters Friend. This, like the previous one is based on actual events and whilst none of the physical sex scenes happened in reality, the build up is about a 90% accurate account of what happened. A degree of artistic license has been taken with some of the details. The character names have been changed.


It had been eight months since I had slept with my step daughters friend and about five since my wife walked out and moved in with someone else. Over the last few months, Coleen had been round less and less. Kimberley still lived with me but she had always been a bit of a diva. Despite this we had been very close for nearly eight years now.

The late May weather was particularly hot. On the Friday I had an appointment in a nearby town and I decided to take the day off work, attend my appointment, pick up some things that I wanted and maybe grab some lunch. The warm weather would also mean that tops would be getting lower and skirts would be getting shorter.

Kimberley was sat at the dining room table eating breakfast when I told her of my plans for the day. I may have missed out the part about eyeing up women but did make a broad suggestion that I would not be home until early this afternoon. She gave me a grin as I said my goodbyes, gesturing that her mouth was full of cereal.

My appointment was at 9am and took about an hour. My shopping was over in half an hour and the town was disappointing to say the least. It was about 11am and I found myself in my car and making my way home.

The house was quiet. I was not sure where Kimberly was but it was pleasantly cool in the house after the heat outside. I was just heading towards the kitchen to get a drink when through the dining room window I noticed that there was someone outside.

The back garden was south facing and on even just sunny days the paved area near the house was the perfect sun trap. It was also secluded which made it perfect for sunbathing.

Laying on a sunbed face down was a bikini clad Kimberly. She was wearing headphones so had not heard me. On the floor next to her was a glass of juice and her bikini top. I found myself rooted to the spot and struggled to take my eyes off of her. She swam a lot and attended a number of fitness classes so was toned despite her claiming she was fat. The biggest part of her apart from her ego were her breasts. She had been blessed with a pair of 34DD and I had spent several years finding these a complete and utter distraction.

She started to move. My heart started to pound and I found myself holding my breath. I almost failed to register what happened over the next few seconds and the next thing I realised was Kimberly was laying on her back … TOPLESS!

I could feel my cock begin to swell up in my shorts. I wanted to stay but dared not get caught and was about to move away before I was discovered when Kimberly did something unexpected.

Her right hand casually slid across her belly and her fingers slipped slowly into her bikini bottoms. Gentle movement of her fingers underneath the material indicated to me in a moment that she was masturbating. I was transfixed. I had began to worry about being caught watching her sunbathing topless and now I ran the risk of being caught watching her masturbate whilst sunbathing topless! Her finger movements became stronger and she was obviously getting close. She arched her back a few times and then with a gasp she brought herself to orgasm.

I dared not stay any longer so I quietly headed towards the door to the hallway and then I could leave. I would give her a few minutes to recover and then go back in making a little more noise than normal so she would know I was there.

As I was crossing the road to get to my car I noticed my next door neighbour crossing towards her car. I smiled and said hello and we chatted for a few moments while we unlocked our cars. Then with a knowing smile, raised eyebrow and a glance at my groin, she got into her car, started it and drove away. A few people in the village had suggested that Denise and I should get together. We were both newly separated and would apparently make a good couple. I must admit, I was tempted but I had other things on my mind at that precise moment. I then glanced down and noticed what she was looking at. My shorts were pulled tight over my erection. I jumped into my car. I was going to have to drive around for a while before I headed back home.

It was a little past 1pm when I pulled up outside the house again. Kimberley illegal bahis was in the kitchen getting a drink. She told me that she was about to get in the shower. Paul, her boyfriend was going to be over soon and they were going out for the afternoon. I grabbed a drink myself and headed upstairs to lay on my bed for a while. I heard her come up to her room a little while later. I began to drift a little. I was then aware of there being a knock at the door. She called out goodbye and went down to answer the door.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was it was about 6pm and my mobile was ringing. It was Kimberly telling me she was going to stay at Pauls for the night but would be home early in the morning as Paul was going to work and for me not to put the chain on.

The rest of my evening was pretty uneventful. I had dinner, took the dog for a walk, flirted a little with Denise next door who was sitting out in her garden enjoying the warm evening. I grabbed a couple of bottles of beer from the fridge and we were sharing them while we chatted. Maybe I should ask her out on a date? Nice meal, pleasant company and then back home to bed and have lots of sex. Finally her phone rang and with a disappointed look, she went indoors to take it. I hung around for a while but as she showed little sign of coming back I went in and eventually went to bed.

I cannot be sure what woke me up. Maybe the front door? I glanced at my clock on the bedside table and saw it was 7am. It must have been Kimberly. I then noticed that my door was open a little. I always make a point of closing it at night but it was definitely open. I did not think too much of it until I was suddenly aware that it felt like someone was standing in the doorway watching me. It was a little unnerving at first but I soon came to the conclusion that it was Kimberly. I was about to call out to her but something stopped me.

I was already semi-erect so I started to play with myself. I was fantasising about a threesome with Kimberly and Denise and so I was soon fully erect and throbbing. Whoever it was at the door was still there. I took a deep breath and started to push the duvet down to expose my penis. Then there was a noise. It was fingers moving against material. My voyeur was masturbating.

In my fantasy I had by now fucked both of them and they were kneeling on the floor waiting for my cum. I tensed up and then ejaculated. The first lot landed on my chest, the second on my stomach and the rest all over my fingers, cock and balls. My unseen watcher brought themselves off and quietly moved away. I heard the third step down creek slightly and a few seconds later I heard Kimberly shut her door with a click.

I could not quite believe what I had done. Coleen and Kimberly had always teased me and called me “Mr Never Nude” as I was always careful, especially around Kimberley. I found something to wipe myself down with and then grabbing my bathrobe, headed downstairs to have a shower. When I came out, Kimberley was in the kitchen making a cup of tea. I grabbed my cup from the cupboard and placed it next to hers. Standing inches away I could smell that she had used Paul’s shower gel instead of her own.

“You’d better get another shower before you start to itch.”

Kimberley looked up at me and I realised just how close I was standing and took a couple of steps back.

“True.” She said.

She went to the fridge to get the milk so I threw a teabag and a spoonful of sugar in my cup. The kettle began to boil.

Our hands reached out simultaneously and we briefly found our hands touching. I flinched and snatched my hand away. She poured the boiling water into the two cups.

“What are you up to today?”

I started to stir my tea and watched her. As she moved her breasts moved under the thin t-shirt she was wearing. I could just make out one of her nipples and it was beginning to become erect. My cock also began to swell and almost seemed to be trying to work its way through the towel I had wrapped round me and my bathrobe.

“I’m popping into town later to get some bits and I’m meeting Clare for lunch probably.”

This was the first time I had heard her name mentioned for ages now. It had been about three months since I had seen her myself. I tried to behave as casually as I could and headed towards the hallway to go upstairs.

“OK, cool. Send her my regards won’t you.” I said without really thinking. It was the sort of thing I would say but it did not fit the situation particularly well.

“I illegal bahis siteleri will. I’m sure she’d love to see you again …”

I was almost at the door when half under her breath she said.

“… so you can fuck her.”

I headed upstairs in a hurry. Kimberley did not really talk like that as a rule. She was quite reserved when it came to things like that and hated if a sex scene came on a programme on television.

I finished my tea and got dressed. I guessed that Kimberly was in her bedroom as the door was closed when I walked past. Once downstairs I grabbed the dogs lead and took her for a quick walk. When I got back I could see Kimberley was in the bathroom showering. Like before I walked slowly up the garden to try and take in the detail but due to the lack of bathroom light and the sunshine on the window, details were indistinct. Suddenly the little window opened and she shouted out to me.

“Hey, stop gawping and grab me a towel please.”

Despite the frosted glass the outline of her breasts were quite visible. I sped up and went inside. Running upstairs to grab her a towel from the airing cupboard my mind was beginning to race. Was she now trying to seduce me or have I simply been oblivious to all of this before? Knowing me I guessed the latter.

There was a hook on the door which came in handy for forgotten towels. I called through the door that the towel was there. Normally she would have waited until I had moved away from the door but this time I had barely turned round when the door was opened.

“Oh shit!”

I scooted out of the kitchen into the near safety of the dining room. Kimberley was laughing.

A few seconds later I was presented with a familiar scene. I am trapped in the dining room by a teenage girl wrapped in a towel!

“I was talking to Denise next door the other day.” She said.

I was not sure how I should take this announcement.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, I said that I thought you two should go on a date at least.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Been trying to sort out my love life have you?”

Kimberley looked at me and smiled.

“Sure, why not. You obviously fancy each other and are always flirting. Take her to dinner and then to bed. No skin off my nose.”

I half expected her to start fiddling with her towel like Clare had done but she just looked me straight in the eyes.

“Or you could just carry on shagging that slut of an ex-friend of mine!”

I felt awkward and I guessed that she did too. She may have pushed it too far. She was perhaps angry, perhaps jealous but she eventually gave me a half smile and then walked over to the dining room door. Then, looking over her shoulder at me she said.

“Sorry.” And disappeared upstairs.

I decided to do some housework to pass the time. It needed doing and I was the only one that was going to be doing it. After an hour or so I decided to have a break so grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat in the garden to drink it. It was still very hot and getting muggy now. I expected a storm so I kept an eye on my washing. Kimberley appeared at the back door.

“I’m off out now Dad.”

In the last eight years she had called me Dad about half a dozen times. It surprised me a little.

“I should be home about seven. Fancy a Chinese? Your usual? My treat.”

I waited for the punchline but none came. She stood looking at me waiting for my answer.

“That will be nice. Shall I get a bottle from the shop to go with it?”

“Sounds good to me.” She said with a smile. “Right, I’m off. Bye, love you.”

Kimberley probably said that slightly less often than Dad. I was worried.

I finished my drink and carried on with my chores. The rest of my afternoon dragged a little but finally I found myself in the local shop buying a bottle of wine. This had been a strange weekend so far and I was not sure how this evening was going to develop. I took a shower, got changed and waited for Kimberly.

Just after 7pm the front door opened. Within a few minutes we were sat at the table, eating Chinese and drinking wine. It was a lot of fun and by the time we had finished we were laughing and joking and it felt a little like a date.

“I’m going to get ready for bed and curl up on the sofa and watch a film. Want to join me?”

Kimberley was getting up from the table and heading towards the door. I cleared the table and went into the living room. A few minutes later and Kimberly appeared at the doorway. She was wearing canlı bahis siteleri a simple t-shirt and clutching a DVD. As we watched the film we ended up snuggled up together. It felt nice to be close and I was beginning to get aroused. A couple of times she moved her hand and it brushed over my semi-erect cock.

By the time the film was finished I was throbbing painfully. Together we locked up the house and were heading up to bed. She paused at her door and looked at me.

“Thanks for tonight Dad, that was lovely.”

She gave me a hug and a kiss and then turned towards her room.

“Yes it was. Night night Princess, sleep well.”

I turned to head towards my bedroom and paused. We both looked at each other and hesitated. She seemed to want to drag me into her room and I wanted to drag her to mine. We ended up smiling at each other and going to our separate bedrooms.

I stripped off and got into bed. I suddenly felt very tired and must have just crashed out.

The thunder woke me up. A massive storm was raging overhead and every rumble of thunder made the house shake. I looked at my clock, it was 3:25am.

I was suddenly aware that my bedroom door was opening and someone was quietly walking in. Another flash of lightning lit up the room and I saw that it was a very naked Kimberley. She slid into bed behind me and put her arm round me.

“I don’t like thunder!”

My original reply was drowned out so I said it again.

“Yeah, I know.”

She started to stroke the hairs on my chest.

“Daddy keep me safe.”

I wriggled round so that I was laying on my back and she rested her head on my chest and carried on stroking my chest and eventually my stomach. My cock began to swell. I guessed that her intentions would soon be revealed so I kissed the top of her head and started to stroke her back and shoulders.

Twice her hand brushed close to my now erect cock and then her hand closed around it and began to wank my cock in slow, deliberate motions. While doing this she lifted her head up and looked me in the face again. We started kissing. It felt strange but amazing. After a while she broke away.

“I am so fucking wet!”

I’d never heard her talk like that and it sounded as horny as hell. My cock twitched in her hand and she gave it an extra squeeze.

“My cunt is soaking and I need this cock in me now.”

Still holding my aching cock she moved to straddle me. Holding it at the base she guided me into her and pushed herself down onto my throbbing erection and started to ride me. She leaned forward so that her tits were being thrust into my face.

“Fuck me Daddy. I need your cum in my cunt.”

I nearly came there and then! I grabbed her hips and held her tight and began to rise up to meet her thrusts. A few times I felt the tip of my cock hit her cervix and she would grunt. Outside the storm raged on. The lightning would light up the room, illuminating the wanton, sex crazed bitch I had brutally riding my aching penis. The thunder was drowning out most of her cries. She cradled my head.

“We can sleep and fuck and sleep and fuck all day tomorrow and I will never be afraid of thunderstorms again. They will forever remind me of tonight. The night my Daddy turned his little girl into a woman.”

I felt Kimberly stiffen on top of me and she started to convulse as her orgasm ripped through her body. My own orgasm pulsated in my groin as my cum began to flood into her. Our eyes met in the darkness as she could feel my hot seed fill her up. Another flash of lightning and her eyes rolled into the top of her head.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!! OH FUCK!! Yes, yes YES!!”

She collapsed on top of me breathing hard. Her breasts squashed against my chest. My cock was softening in her pussy but I was still inside her. We could still hear the rain outside but the thunder had stopped.

Kimberley kissed me and stroked my head. After the raw, pent up passion of our sex the tenderness of her touch sent shivers down my spine. We stayed like this for a while until my penis eventually slipped out of her. She took this as a signal to initiate the next stage. We had almost completely ignored foreplay and she was obviously enjoying the intimacy.

We changed position so that her well fucked, cum filled pussy was just above my face. I lifted my head up so that I could thrust my tongue into her and taste the exquisite mixture of our juices.

That would not be the last time I would fuck Kimberley, far from it. She carried on calling me Dad rather than by my first name from then on but if she wanted to feel my cock inside her again it was always Daddy. Her mouth closed around my flaccid penis which gently began to twitch into life again. In the distance there was another rumble of thunder.

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Lent to Friend Ch. 01

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Kyle walked down the sunny street, looking over his sunglasses and grinning at any pretty girls he could make eye contact with. He wandered into his friend Paul’s yard, bounded up the front steps two at a time, and tapped out the announcement of his arrival on the front door.

Kyle was a little surprised by Laura, Paul’s girlfriend answering the door wearing a flimsy night-shirt that only covered her to about halfway down her thighs.

“Oh hey Laura! Sorry to wake you, but is Pauly here?” Kyle enquired.

“It’s ok I wasn’t sleeping, I just haven’t bothered to get dressed today. Paul just went down to give his father a hand at the store. He should be back in about an hour. You are welcome to wait inside for him if you want.” Laura stepped aside and gestured for him to come in.

Kyle feigned hesitation for a moment like he was considering coming back later, but in reality the sight of Laura’s bare thighs had his jeans feeling a little tight so he stepped inside.

Laura was brunette about 5’5″, 120lbs with tanned shapely legs, a nice bouncy ass and a friendly warm smile. Laura was what would be classically described as the “girl next door” type.

“Come and sit with me in the kitchen while I finish the dishes. Ya want a coffee?” Laura asked as she padded toward the sink.

“Umm a glass of water would be better, if you don’t mind. It’s to hot to be drinking coffee today!” Kyle answered following her into the kitchen.

Laura took a glass out of the drying rack, along with a tea towel, and handed them to Kyle, pointing him toward the fridge.

“So what are you up to today Kyle?”

“I’m just scoping out the ladies. Looking for some action. Pauly asked me to stop by. He owes me some cash from the bar last weekend.” Kyle explained as he towel dried the glass.

“Oh yeah he mentioned that to me. Paul has it for you but I bet he took his wallet with him. Hold on I’ll check the bedroom.” Laura shook the dish water off her hands and then walked out of the kitchen as Kyle poured himself a glass of water from the fridge and took a seat at the kitchen table.

“Was it more than four bucks?” Laura asked as came back into the kitchen with her wallet. “Unfortunately, Paul took his wallet and that’s all the cash I have on me.”

Kyle smiled and shook his head. “Ten times that.”

Laura tilted her head and gave Kyle a sarcastic little frown. “I wouldn’t even lend him that kind of money, you are far too trusting.” She joked.

“Ahh no he’s good for it. Besides I know where he lives.” Kyle laughed.

Laura set her wallet aside and returned to the sink to complete the dishes. As she lifted a large pot to place it in the sink, her grip on the handle slipped, and the cookware landed hard into the soapy dish water splashing it all over Laura and the floor around her.

Soap suds clung to her hair and stung her eyes. Laura laughed uncontrollably and slowly turned to show Kyle the results of her accident.

Kyle was shocked to see that the water had instantly soaked through Laura’s cotton nightshirt. It now clung transparently to her breasts. Her dark hardening nipples accentuated by the dripping soap grabbed Kyle’s attention and he laughed nervously.

“Where is that towel I gave you?” Laura asked laughing as she reached out blindly. As she took a step forward to the table illegal bahis she slipped in the slick soapy puddle beneath her feet. Attempting to regain her balance, Laura grabbed the table with one hand, kicking her leg out wildly, spun gracelessly backward, and fell unceremoniously directly into Kyle’s lap. Instinctively Kyle pulled his hand holding his glass of water out of the way, in so doing flinging most of his water across the kitchen.

Shocked they both took a moment to assess that neither on of them was injured, then Laura began to laugh semi-hysterically as the soap stung her eyes. Kyle looked down at her pert breasts, exposed pink panties and felt his cock start to harden again. He chuckled absently as he savoured the view.

Kyle placed the now nearly empty glass down onto the table and slid his hands up under Laura’s armpits to help her to her feet. She scooted up his body trying to regain her feet unknowingly skimming her ass cheek across Kyle’s hardening bulge.

Laura stood up, while Kyle’s gaze remained fixed firmly on her ass. Kyle kept his hands under her arms to pull up her wet nightshirt to expose her cheeks right at his eye level. Kyle maintained his grip, a moment too long. Wiping bubbles from her eyes, Laura felt a shift in the energy between them.

Kyle’s hands slowly moved down her sides until he stopped at her hips and gave her a slight squeeze. Laura looked back at him now not laughing as she saw the lust in Kyle’s eyes locked on her ass.

“Oh god I’m so sorry! I’m such a klutz. Did I hurt you?” Laura’s voice gave the smallest hint of the genuine concern she was experiencing.

“It’s ok I don’t mind your wet ass on my dick at all.” Kyle stood up behind her grabbing her nightshirt bottom and lifting it up over her head. “Let’s get you out of these wet things.”

Surprised by her sudden nakedness Laura used her hands to cover her breasts. “Hey! What the hell Kyle?”

His fingers now hooked into her panties, and began to tug them down. Laura giggled as she brought her knee up to stop that from happening. This only partially worked. She tried to step away from him but he still had her by the panties.

Releasing her breasts Laura half heartily slapped at Kyle. “You fucking pig, Paul will be home soon!” She warned through a smile.

Kyle released her panties and defensively caught Laura’s wrists as she swatted at him. Their eyes locked momentarily and Laura started to share his lust and ceased her mock struggle. Wordlessly she brought her lips to his in an open mouthed passionate kiss.

Kyle’s cock strained against his pant leg. As they kissed he pushed Laura’s hand down to feel his hard cock through his jeans. “See what you’re doing to me?” He groaned.

Laura’s mind raced. She wanted this, or did she? Kyle always had been in her spank bank. Rumours of his cock being very large were obviously true, as she traced it’s outline on his jeans with her finger.

Kyle released Laura’s wrists and took hold of her shoulders, gently laying her back on the kitchen table. Lowering his mouth onto her left breast he teased her nipple and slid his hand inside her loose panties.

Laura opened her legs and let him finger her now sopping pussy. Kyle pushed two fingers into Laura and strummed at her g-spot slowly as his thumb circled her rock hard clit.

“Oh illegal bahis siteleri hell, I thought you’d fuck me but always imagined you would make me work more for it.” Kyle teased.

Laura didn’t like that statement and weakly tried to sit up and push him away. Kyle wouldn’t allow it and fingered her more roughly while bringing his other hand up to the back of her head, grabbing a handful of her hair.

“Let this happen.” Kyle whispered as he continued to massage her pussy.

The muscle tightness began to twitch in the pit of Laura’s stomach. This was indication of the intensity of the oncoming orgasm. She gasped and opened her eyes wide to stare directly into Kyle’s gaze. He studied her face as she soundlessly moved her jaw like a drowning fish and her eyes rolled back into her head.

Heavy convulsions began to pass like waves through Laura as she experienced one of the more intense orgasms of her life. She thrashed, flinging her head from side to side, as she squished Kyle’s hand between her clenched thighs.

Kyle managed to pull his hand away before it was completely crushed. He released her hair and took a step back to unbutton his jeans.

Laura lay motionless for a few moments as she began to process what was happening. This wasn’t what she had intended when she invited Kyle into their home. They would have to keep this secret from Paul.

The sound of Kyle’s jeans hitting the floor snapped her back to her senses. Laura was about to say something but Kyle interrupted by pulling her legs up and apart.

“What are you…?” Laura began but the answer to her question became apparent as he pulled her panties to the side and thrust his hard cock at her cunt, rubbing it repeatedly over her swollen clit.

“Oh god we shouldn’t… Ohhhh geeez” Laura protested until she felt Kyle’s rock hard cock spread her open. He was thick and she could feel her insides stretching out to accommodate the girth.

Kyle slowly worked his dick into her warm tightness. Laura’s knees were locked over Kyle’s elbows. This gave Kyle the precise control to give her inches of his dick at a time then slowly retract, until just the head of his cock remained in her, only to refill her a bit more deeply on the next thrust. Half in, then half out over and over again. Finally Kyle gave a grunt, lifted her ass off the table and fully buried his cock deep in Laura’s wet pussy.

Laura’s eyes opened wide as Kyle filled her completely. It hurt slightly but in a strangely pleasurable way. She hadn’t been taken like this before, and certainly had never had such a monster cock inside her ever. Kyle fucked her deeply and she could feel the familiar tension beginning to build in her stomach once again. His dick was so big it was hitting all the spots at once, almost confusing but it still felt wonderful.

Kyle leaned forward and whispered in her ear “You are getting very tight, I can feel you cumming on my cock, my little slut.”

Horrified that she began to climax as he called her a “little slut” Laura cried out in both pleasure and frustration. “Ohhhh fuuuck! Don’t stop. Fuck me. Ohhhh fuuuck meee! ”

Kyle complied.

“Yeah you like that don’t you?” Kyle asked with a mocking tone. “Pauly doesn’t fuck you this good does he? DOES HE?” He asked demanding an answer.

Afraid that he canlı bahis siteleri might stop short of her orgasm Laura felt she had no choice but to answer. At first she just shook her head negatively but then quietly and between breaths she confessed, “No. No he doesn’t. You are fuckin’ me so good. Keep fuckin’ me. Ahhh just like that. You keep… Yes just like that. Oh god yes.”

A flood of chills and electric tickles ran through Laura’s spine, arms and legs. Her orgasm pooled in her brain, and a dramatic warmth flooded her entire body. She convulsed in short spasms gripping that massive cock with her tight little cunt. Each convulsion added a new dimension to her climax. Lost now in the intense sensation she moaned and gasped absent of any shame for her indiscretions.

Kyle continued to pound his cock into Laura’s tight wet hole. He admired her wild abandon as she came on him. It turned him on to be taking this lady that he had secretly lusted after for so long. The taboo of this forbidden act, their betrayal of Paul, so wrong but it felt so good.

Kyle slowed and bent forward between Laura’s knees and kissed her neck. “Lock your arms behind my neck.” Kyle subtly commanded.

Laura did as he asked. Kyle then stood back up straight, lifting Laura off the table. Laura used all her upper body strength to hold herself up, from being impaled on his cock, but as Kyle lowered his elbows she was all but powerless. Slowly she relaxed her hug on Kyle’s neck enough to let herself down until she could feel Kyle’s member pushing against her cervix. The base of his cock was thicker and felt amazing with the increased pressure against her clit. She began to slowly grind her hips in a circle letting the big cock slide around inside her.

“Oh yeah Baby just like that!” Kyle moaned as Laura squirmed on his dick.

Kyle began to gently bounce Laura off his hips by lifting her knees up slightly then dropping them. Her tight wet pussy gripped Kyle’s cock with a satisfying blend of heat and friction that made his balls quickly begin to tighten. He felt the surge as he got close to cumming.

Not wanting to lose his balance during an orgasm, Kyle carefully put Laura back down onto the table.

He considered pulling his dick out of her and spraying his load on her face but merely thinking like that made his cock want to explode. He started to cum just as he set her back down on the table top. Bucking wildly he filled her full of his semen, until it began seep out around the base of his cock.

“Oh god, oh fuck.” Kyle panted as he slowed his maniacal hip thrusts.

After a minute or two more of slowly finishing his orgasm, Kyle pulled his cock out leaving Laura feeling empty. Hot wetness ran down Laura’s ass cheek and onto the table. Laura covered her mouth as she giggled satisfactorily.

Kyle coldly pulled up his jeans and shoved his dick back in his underwear.

“Thanks for that, I’ve been wanting to do that with you for a long time.”

Laura rolled into her side on the table and out of embarrassment hid her face in her hands.

“You can’t tell Paul… Please!” She begged embarrassed by her behaviour.

“Yeah sure thing, he’s my friend. We can keep this affair our little secret.” Kyle bent down and placed a kiss on Laura’s temple. “Tell him not to worry about the forty bucks, you took care of that. We’ll call it even…”

“You asshole. Get the fuck out of my house.” Laura growled.

Kyle smiled and left without saying another word.

After the door closed Laura let out a satisfied sigh, and giggled to herself again.

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Summer’s Night

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Ball Sucking

This is a story of adult fiction for 18 and up. All the characters within are from my mind and mine alone. It contains Teens, Incest, Oral, and M/F Intercourse. If this bothers you in any way please stop reading now. No one mentioned in this story is real. I have made them all up and would love input as this is my first attempt at writing sexual fiction. Enjoy…

It was late summer only a week to go before we went back to school. This was the last year of school for me and my sister both. Everyday it would rain like clockwork here in central Florida. Then each night it would rain some more that was the beauty of this season. Me and my family lived in a house by the airport. The noise was always present soon you just learned to not hear it.

My name is Sheldon and my sister’s name is Jaden. My mother worked nights at the hospital and dad well he drove a truck up the north route. We only saw dad about once or twice a month during the summer. We were older now so we stayed home allot without parental supervision. I was in my second senior year of school and my sister was coming into the twelfth grade as well. Mom had us only fifteen months apart so she was 18 while I had just turned 19.

Growing up we always shared everything. If mom bought one of us something the other would just play with it to. My sister was just one of the guys always with me and always ready to find trouble with me. Living where we did it seemed pretty normal way to grow up Jaden was not picked on to often by the other boys. The only real trouble came when she began to develop her womanly form. Our pool had become a kind of retreat for us in the neighborhood. But once my sister began to grow mom and dad decided we should have less of the guys over after seeing the way they looked at my sister.

So the week before school started me and the guys had a party while mom was pulling an extended shift training some new nurses. Well one of my buddies brought a bottle of rum he stole from his father’s cabinet. I thought my sister had no clue there was any rum in the house, by the time the party got in full swing most of us were loaded. One of the guys mentioned how Jaden was looking hot. I took one look at her then in my buzzed stupor looked over to him, in a fit of jealousy I hit him. We scraped I was angry, I felt betrayed by all of them and kicked them out ending the night of revelry.

After they were all gone I sat on the couch looking at my sister who was quietly watching TV now she had never seen me so angry. She looked beautiful, her hair was the same raven black as our mothers but was curly like our fathers. Long and loose hanging down her back it looked so perfect. Her form was nothing to shy from either, at 18 her breasts were a nice solid B cup her alabaster skin hid most of her small scars from being a tomboy when she was young. Her green eyes showed so many different emotions in them that a man could get lost there. She had a pert little nose with soft curving lips that always seemed to have a smirk on them. Her body had finally started to fill out as well her waist stayed narrow but he hips had filled out allot and so had her ass. Being a late bloomer had made me even more protective of her.

It was only then as I thought about her that I realized she had been staring at me in my drunken state. I also realized I was horny now but I knew I could not just leave her alone after ruining her night like that. I smiled sheepishly and moved next to her on the couch trying to snag the remote teasing her still buzzing. Finally we agreed to watch a show on hotrods. In my half drunk mind I was still enjoying the night and was so relaxed I just dozed off.

Jaden looked over at her brother to see him snoring her lips turned into a wicked smile. She had known all about the rum the idea was for the guys to get drunk so one of his friends would score with her. She had helped hatch the plan but after the fight it was only the two of them left. She knew that Sheldon was a deep sleeper with rum in his system she was sure he was not waking anytime soon. Now she was depressed about not having her first time. Having caught him staring at her she wondered why he had been looking so intently.

She looked him over once more noticing his shorts were tenting slightly as she sat there his package seemed to grow as if he were having a wet dream. He was almost six foot now with a nice lean body. He had done some track and field but seemed to prefer soccer now as he seemed to enjoy the physical ness of the sport. Her anger got the better of her the plan had been to get them drunk then choose one to take her virginity. Now Jaden decided he would have to do brother or no she was not going back to school 18 and a virgin.

As he next plane passed overhead Jaden stood illegal bahis up and stripped. Just to be safe she used the noise from the plane to cover her getting naked silly but afraid to wake him. Then Jaden moved between her brother’s knees and caught the bottom of his shorts. Lucky for her he had worn the elastic waistband pair tonight. With some struggle she managed to slip them from his hips and then down his legs. When she looked up she had to let out a small gasp his naked cock was staring her in the face still only half erect. Another plane thundered over the house almost shaking it strangely the shaking matched her hand as she reached for her first cock.

She could feel her core growing wet before she even touched his shaft. When she did he moaned softly as her hand closed over his stiffening cock. She didn’t want to wake him but as he grew hard his shaft was raising. Jaden had to raise up onto her knees now so she could look it over. She watched it harden till it swelled no more then smiled at her prize. Eight inches in length with a girth of two and a half inches it fit her hand almost perfectly. Her other hand reached down and weighted the balls that dangled there like neglected gems left to weather the night. Having seen porn at a girlfriends house Jaden knew what to do next not having skill she would have to explore his body.

She squeezed his shaft experimenting with it and watched it throb for her. Then she reached up with her free hand and gently caressed his gems feeling the different in the skin on his cock and his balls. After a few minutes of this experimentation she heard him moan again softly. Seeing a small drop of clear liquid on the head of his cock she released his balls and used a finger to slip it off his head. Sniffing her finger she then licked it feeling the precum cooling with it thick saltiness she smiled it wasn’t unpleasant like her girlfriend had told her. Her right hand began to stroke his shaft lightly from the base watching the foreskin move over his cut knob. Slowly she worked on stroking him till she felt his cock swell even more. Stopping she watched as more precum dribbled out onto his cocks head.

She grinned seeing the clear liquid oozing from his cock Jaden leaned in licking it almost like a lollipop. His cock twitched with life soon more of the same liquid oozed out. Slowly she lowered her lips over the head of his cock. Feeling her hair brushing his legs causing him to wiggle a small bit she smiled. Even as she tried to imitate the porn stars she had seen swallowing large cocks to the hilt.

Her tongue began to dance on the under side of his shaft as she swallowed once to see if there was a reaction. His cock jumped in her mouth and he moaned in his dream. Slowly she swallowed again trying to drag more of him into her mouth. When it hit her throat she gagged once having to back off. Her hand held the base of his cock as she swallowed about two-thirds of it. Trying as hard as she could without waking him she tried to swallow all of him but failed he was to big.

Slowly Jaden began to bob up and down on her brother’s cock then it hit her. She was sucking her brother’s cock! Instead of feeling dirty her pussy was soaking wet. The same way it felt after she had fingered herself. The feeling of dirtiness was there but even more was the excitement Jaden felt. She whimpered lost in the moment she almost missed her brothers cock swelling thicker in her mouth. Giving it a final deep suck with a long slow lick she released it marveling at the red knob and the gleam of saliva all over his shaft as her eyes looked over it.

Reaching between her kneeling legs Jaden felt herself finding her clit was protruding from between her lips. Her black silken fur was just a light sprinkling over her pale pink lips. Stroking a long finger between those lips making her hips buck causing her to whimper in pleasure. Her juices leaked out coating everything between her lips, she dare not slip a finger into herself less she cum. Her now free hand slid up over her slightly rounded tummy to find her breast. Catching an erect nipple she rolled it for a moment before pinching it between her fingers.

Poor Sheldon had no clue the show he was missing just now. Her pale pink nipples were like rocks swollen and thick with her desire. They just begged for someone to nibble on them. Slowly she stood her knees shaking with need that only a man could quench. Tonight her brother would change her status no longer would she be a girl. Tonight she would become a woman, now was the time. The itch between her legs took on a dull aching throb Jaden knew her brother would cure.

Moving carefully Jaden climbed up on the couch. The material felt strange on her skin a million times before she had felt it yet tonight illegal bahis siteleri it was almost alive. Moving slowly her thighs touched Sheldon’s, straddling him sending small electrical shocks through her body. Each one pulsing in time with her need. Moving till she could move no more she straddled his sleeping form ready for the first ride of her life. Jaden knelt down a bit feeling the heat of his cock head so close it brushed her lips a second later.

Feeling his head on her lips was to much for her to take. Jaden was so hot she had to have him inside her. With one last thought of all the things they had shared she impaled herself. At first only the head would slip inside then part of the shaft slid in, she could feel him against her hymen. For one short moment she almost stopped but then with a grunt she pressed herself down hard finishing impaling herself on his cock.

Unable to stop herself she let out a small scream of pleasure mixed with pain. She forced pussy to swallow him like her throat had been unable to do. Within seconds Jaden was squatting on her brother’s lap feeling his nuts against her smooth ass. She dare not move her orgasm was close with just one thrust she had almost cum. Her pussy throbbed in a painful yet delious way she had never felt before. She was so full it was as if she were about to rupture from the size of him. A small trickle of blood began to come out of her now stuffed full pussy.

She held still then feeling her brothers arms wrap about her in confusion. Bleary eyes opened as Sheldon began to wake up his mind still fogged. The wet dream he had been having seemed to have come alive in his lap. Jaden put her arms around his neck holding tight afraid now. In a husky voice Jaden told him to hold her please she begged him just wanting to be held. Her nipples brushed against his shirt as she snuggled him almost panting from the feeling of him inside her.

Sheldon’s brain was still fogged by the rum but when he woke he had thought he was still having a wet dream. He could feel his cock was hard, throbbing as if he had been stroking it. Somehow it felt different just now having never felt this good. Feeling his sister’s arms around him he wondered if she might have had a nightmare. He reached out to snuggle her closer wrapping his arms around her. It was then he came fully awake realizing she was in his lap nude. Then he realized he was naked as well.

He pulled back from her shoulder catching her eye just as the weight around his cock contracted. This caused an insane pulse of pleasure to course thru his cock. His voice seemed to grow panicky as he tried to push her back from him. He struggled a moment trying to get free after all this was his sister. He knew this was so wrong even as images from his memory came back to remind him not so long ago he had been sizing her up. “Jaden what are you doing…..are you insane mom and dad will kill us!”

Jaden groaned as he moved his cock flexed inside her, she began to try to rise up some. Sheldon felt her move and tried to pull back from her but had no leverage. She sank back down to his root with a groan of pleasure. Her pussy gripped him in a velvet vice squeezing his cock. Sheldon gasped when she moved as his cock tried to escape only to be recaptured his gasp changed to a groan. He had never dreamed it would feel like this, it was damn good. He remembered she was his sister then he had to stop this from happening.

Her voice was full of need and lust as she knelt impaled on him. “Look you ruined my night I was going to have one of your friends take my virginity. You sent them home then looked me over like I was some girl in school.” Her voice changed to one of despair as she held still once more. “Damn you I only had this last chance tonight. No way was I going back to school a virgin! You stole it from me!” “I hate you for that I……”

Jaden began to cry softly on his shoulder shaking her whole body wracked with emotions she had never felt before. Now he felt horrible but his cock betrayed him and would not soften trapped in its velvet prison. “Am I ugly is that it?” Her words came slowly as if she was about to break into tears once more. He shook his head coming back to earth arms wrapped about her still. “No but we are of the same blood sis. This isn’t right, I don’t want you to hate me for it.”

She lifted her face streaked with tears, kissing him before he can move. Her lips are hot and wet on his. This time when she feels another spark it happens on her lips. Before he can react she slips her tongue into his mouth, beginning to attack his. He can’t help himself his tongue responds it feels so good to be kissing a girl. Slowly he forces his tongue past her own into her mouth to explore. His mind is still fighting canlı bahis siteleri his body struggling to stop what is happening and failing.

His balls ached from her having stayed on his cock allowing him no rest or freedom. Instead of riding it for now she simply wiggles her hips doing all she can to provide friction. He couldn’t stand it with one last attempt he tried to lift her with his hands on her ribs. She wrapped her arms around his neck tight squeezing him with every muscle.

His hands felt a weight just above them sliding up with a whimper his body told him to get over it then took over. His rational mind was locked up as his animalistic mind took control. He bucked his hips up into her pussy breaking the kiss. “Fuck me sis” His voice was a whisper as he looked into her eyes with love and lust. Releasing his neck with a grin, she reached down catching the hem of his shirt. Tearing it over his head, he could now feel her naked tits pressing into his skin. They were maddeningly soft her hard nipples dragging over his flesh.

Lifting up Jaden almost let his cock escape from her velvet depths. Before it could she sank back onto it impaling herself once more. This time he surprised her by raising up to meet her. They both moaned in pleasure as his hands left her breasts reaching back he found her ass cheeks. Gripping one in each hand he began to lift her, then slam her back down on his cock. Building speed as he when, all she could do was grip his shoulders and moan.

Her head fell back as her eyes rolled into her head. “Oh god oh god oh god.” Jaden began to chant. He picked up the rhythm each stroke was like a molten spear driving home over and over. Jaden could feel a pressure building in her pussy that was bigger then anything she had ever caused herself. She was like a damn, soon a tidal wave of pleasure was going to wash her away.

As he built a rhythm he saw her go almost limp on his cock. As she rode him he could feel her belly tighten. He leaned into her as her head fell back, finding her nipple with his lips and tongue. This was the first time he had tasted a girl tits he would never forget this night. His sister tasted like heaven his shaft was growing in her soon he was going to cum.

Jaden was so close still chanting her mantra when his lips touched her nipple the wave crested and peaked. Her body went rigid on his cock, she screamed out in pleasure. “OH MY GOD….. SHELDON ….YES …YES.” Each word seemed to grow louder as the waves washed thru her. Her pussy couldn’t handle it her cum began to pour out pooling on his body as she shook in his grip. She was in another world now his cock having put her into an orbit of pleasure.

Holding her close she began to slowly shake in his arms her pussy was driving him insane. He held Jaden knowing his sister needed him at that moment. His cock was so close as she slowly came down her pussy seemed to relax around his shaft causing some of his pressure to vanish. When Jaden opened her eyes they had a dreamy look in them her voice was soft as she panted still coming down. “Cum for me brother let me feel you inside me.” She gasped as his cock twitched at her words. “Yeah bro come on now let little sis know you like what you feel.”

He couldn’t help himself even as he held her close his hips began to buck into her. The sound of his balls slapping her flesh was maddening. The smell of her cum was driving him towards the edge of insanity. When Jaden pressed her tits against his chest and reached down to tweak his nipple he about died. Her pussy clamped down as she began to buck her hips forcing his cock as deep into her as she could. She wanted his seed deep in her when he exploded.

With each thrust and touch she drove him closer when she reached between them beginning to frig her clit it was to much. “FUCK FU….. SIS……” his cum began the trip from his swollen balls up to his cock and her velvet pussy. She felt him swelling deep in her, then his first spurt burned the moment deep into their minds. Jaden arched back, slamming into him with a bone wrenching thrust wanting to gather all of his cum. His mouth went slack as he kept cumming in her, this was to much. He felt like he was dieing inside his sisters body.

As his cock pulses slowed, her pussy stopped spasming they leaned in kissing softly. Nuzzling one another they snuggled close his cock was still hard inside its new home. The blood and cum mixed on the cushion and all over their joined bodies. Her pussy throbbed from his cock in it but they were both drained. After several minutes of snuggling Jaden began to snore in that soft feminine way girls do. Sheldon still lost in the moment held her close, kissing her skin softly not wanting to move her. Pinned in this position he began to dose off after several minutes. Dreams of his sister dancing seductively thru his head met him in his sleep filled mind.

The End?

More to come? Let me know if you liked it and I will write more any constructive input is welcome.

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Lecture Hall Tease

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I had caught her looking at me before. At first I thought it was just me, but ever since that writing class when her gaze always seemed to be landing on me I was certain it was not just imagined. I looked at her too. I had started more discreetly, mainly as a reaction to her, but as her gazes became more courageous, so did mine. The boredom of class led to our straying minds, I suppose. What a way to pass the time. Her olive Greek skin and dark brown hair lent themselves to her tall and slim composition. The leggings she liked to wear hugged her legs and curved out to shape her ass so wonderfully, and her shirts always seemed to offer cute peaks at her small but pert breasts.

More than once I thought she had been purposefully showing off, giving me a tease. She would stare, I would stare back, and then she would bend over, and reach into her backpack, showing off her frame. But I was just daydreaming, I must have been. I was just filling my mind with fantasies to pass the time. I was okay with this. I would sit in class and she would stare, and I would let my imagination go and take her movements as teases. Time would fly. I did this for all of the semester, until break when students returned home for a time.

I had all but forgotten Paige and her stares by the time school started again. We had no interactions outside of class, and beyond her stares and a few fragmented conversations in class, I barely knew her, but when I stepped into my astronomy lecture that first day back, there she was, sitting across from me—staring. She gave a smile as I looked over, but remained focused on the lecture. It was a large class that took place in a lecture hall. The seats were positioned in a sort of “V” shape that opened to the podium and screen. It is a weirdly constructed room, but in my situation turned out to be beneficial. This shape allowed Paige to sit directly across from me, and offered her, and me, opportunities to resume our fantasies.

From that first class, we fell back into the routine of tense glances. Every class for the past month or so has been more time spent fantasizing, more time imagining myself pulling her leggings down, or unbuttoning her shirt. Today was no different—at least at first. Paige came into the hall grinning. She smiled at me all the way to her seat. She was wearing those leggings, like she always does, and a thin white satin shirt that I could see her bra through, and shawl over that.

For the first ten minutes of class, everything proceeded normally: the professor spoke, Paige stared, and I would glance back. But ten minutes in, Paige left the classroom to go to the bathroom, I thought.

“Damn,” I laughed in my head, “now there is only the lecture to pay attention to.”

For the next few, excruciating minutes, I listened to my professor talk about procession something or other until I heard the door open and Paige returned. She walked down the stairs, quiet and discreet, with her shawl draped over her. She looked straight at her feet, only braking her stare once to glance up at me.

It was a quick glance, but she seemed like she was trying to hide a grin as she did it. She got back to her seat, and kept the shawl over her shoulders for a moment before removing it. She glanced around the room, almost nervously, before leaning over to her backpack and placing the shawl inside. When she sat back up, I froze in awe, as I was presented with two perfectly noticeable, erect, dark fleshy circles poking out from underneath her shirt. In fact, even from my vantage point across the room I could see the entirety of her breasts, clear as day.

She had not simply gone to the bathroom, at least not with innocent intentions. She had removed her bra, and was now sitting in class with a shirt that did little to cover her up. I could hardly believe it. But this was no fantasy—this was real. She turned towards me and looked up. A slight grin crossed her face as she adjusted herself to protrude her chest towards me. I stared unashamedly, taking in her every detail. Her breasts were small, but fitting of her slender build, and they were perky, holding themselves up so I could see their slightly hanging, pointed shape as they came to apexes around her nipples. Oh, and her nipples. They were puffy, their shape clearly defined by the light fabric that covered them.

I was hard. Very hard, but I kept staring. She stared back, continuing to hold her chest out in my direction. Apparently, this wasn’t enough; as she sat, staring, she began fiddling with objects on her desk, moving her notebook, clicking her pen—and then she grazed herself. It was subtle, but deliberate. In the midst of her random fiddling, she brought her hand to her chest and slowly slid it across her left breast. The fabric of her shirt stretched over her nipple as she did this and her face shifted from a grin, to a pleasured “Oh.” She hadn’t broken her gaze in my direction. I wondered if she could see the bulge in my pants.

The illegal bahis professor interrupted the fun, as he began to ask questions of the class. Of course, he went straight to Paige. She seemed unashamed of the spotlight that was just put on her, but kept her arms close to cover up nonetheless.

“So if the earth processes on its axis every…” the professor queried, some question about the stars and what they looked like.

Paige answered quickly, smoothly, and correctly. He moved on. Had the professor noticed her distractions and decided to intervene? It’s possible, but Paige’s apparent ability to multitask, or innate understanding of introductory astronomy, would have given the most attentive student a run for their money. Still, the interruption had shaken the tension she was building, and it was a moment before she resumed her teases.

As the professor mozied away from Paige’s locale, she opened up again, moving her arms to her sides and baring her chest once more. My erection had not subsided, but the renewed action had made me more aware of its presence. I spread my legs to show her what she was doing to me.

My action seemed to get through to her as she took her tease one step further. She took a moment to lean down to her bag in a seemingly innocent movement to “get something,” but as she did so she squeezed her arms together around her chest. I could see for those fleeting moments down the V of the front of her shirt, the completely naked and exposed bodies of her breasts. The soft globes hung from her chest, maintaining their round shape, composed of soft tan skin. She stayed like this for a while, “searching” through her bag, only taking a second to glance up towards my desk.

Slowly, fluidly, she sat up to “focus on class” again. She fiddled her pencil while she smiled at me. I continued to look at Paige, and she at me, but she seemed nervous or apprehensive. It would have been understandable too, I mean, it’s kind of ridiculous to do this sort of tease in a room, all be it a dim room, full of people. Class went on for several minutes without anything substantial happening, and for a moment I thought the fun was over—but then it did.

Paige looked around, to see if anyone else was watching, or to check where the professor was, and when the coast was clear, she slowly uncrossed her legs, and spread them wide, giving me full view of her crotch before closing them slightly to a more modest, but still exposed position. My softening cock sprung back to life; I was hard in an instant. She laid an elbow on her desk and propped her head up on her hand, curling her fingers under her grin. Her other hand dropped below the desk.

She sat like this for what seemed like ages. I knew what was coming next, or hoped I knew. Whatever the case, time slowed and my heart raced with anticipation. I stared, with an unbroken gaze at Paige’s left hand, as it rested on the inside of her thigh. It moved, slowly, up. Paige’s expression kept switching between a sly grin and nervous surveillance. More moments past, and then it moved again. Just one more inch, but with each inch closer I got harder. I throbbed against the front of my pants. I looked down and my bulge was noticeable to me. Surely she saw it.

Paige glanced around the room one last time before moving her hand all the way up, skipping the inch-by-inch method and traversing the rest of the space in one smooth motion, until her hand was resting neatly in between her legs. I was stunned, and more turned on that I had been in a very long time. For months now, Paige had been the muse of my sexual fantasies. Now she was creating and fulfilling one, not only in public, but in class. Her bravery and arousal increased my desires for her immensely.

Her legs were spread, and her hand was on her pussy. I wished I could feel her heat and the softness of her lips through her leggings. I wish I could give her the pleasure she seemingly sought after. My desire had been building and was near reaching a peak when her middle finger, pressed against her pussy, began to move. It was slow and subtle, but definitely moving. She was making small circles up and down and over her clit.

She still rested on her hand, with her pinky hooked over her teeth, making it look like she was biting her nail, but she appeared more nervous. in-between her glances at me she would glance around, conscious of everybody in the room. Her movements WERE subtle, and it’s unlikely that many, or any, other people would have noticed anything unusual. Unless they were paying direct attention, it would have looked like her hand was just resting in her lap. Still, she was nervous.

The professor was walking around the lecture hall, giving his lesson and asking questions. He walked down the isle towards Paige and she froze. The subtle movement of her hand stopped, and it rested innocently once more, her legs reflexively closed slightly, and she waited for a word from his mouth. But he passed illegal bahis siteleri by without taking notice, and she began again, opening her legs wider as she did so.

My hand dropped to my lap. My arousal was taking over as I grasped my cock through my pants. My movement was even more subtle. I was not as brave and had to ensure discretion. I did not stroke myself, but merely grasped, applying a much needed pressure to myself. Paige smiled. This smile was less discreet for the situation, she broadly expressed her joy. Still no body seemed to take notice except for me. She continued to stroke herself, as I continued with my grasp, lightly squeezing and releasing my cock, building up the pressure inside me.

I could have cum, just from my grasps, and was about to, but she stopped. She closed her legs and brought her hand back up to the top of the desk, and she just sat for a moment. I was confused. I’m sure my face showed it. I looked around trying to see if someone else had noticed, but everyone seemed to be unaware, focusing on the lecture, or their computers or phones. I looked back at her and she just smiled.

Then she got up and quietly made her way to the back of the room and up the stairs to the exit.

I was presented with a dilemma about how to proceed. I knew she had been teasing me. Or at least, I hoped I knew. But had it just been a tease? Or did she want more? And if she did want more, was I supposed to wait, or was I supposed to follow her? She could have just gone to the bathroom. It could have been to get herself off, or I could have imagined the whole thing and she could have actually just gone to the bathroom.

The situation was absurd from the beginning, and I had gone with it because it was wonderful, but in my panic to figure out what to do, the unreality of it seemed more plausible. Still, I was certain she had taken off her bra, and I’m certain she was touching herself. That was too vivid to be an exaggeration of my mind. But maybe she had been doing it for someone else. Those glances she made towards me could have been towards someone else—but the eye contact was too intense, to regular. And those smiles were much too forward.

I kept going back and forth in my mind, debating about how to proceed, but my arousal took over. Moments after she had left the room, I stood up and followed. Outside the door the hall was empty. I took a few steps forward and looked around. There was no one, and for a moment I thought I had gotten it all wrong, or gone looney—but then I saw her. She was off in the distance, not far, but away enough to hide her from my view momentarily. She seemed to be looking at a bulletin board, or pretending to look at a bulletin board until she noticed me.

She looked over, smiled, and began to walk. She was beautiful as she walked, and so sexy. Her leggings were perfectly fitted to her legs, and they nestled against her crotch with each step. Her shirt was still translucent and I saw the subtle bob of her breasts as her body moved up and down. I was still hard, and all I could focus on was how sexy she looked.

I froze, again uncertain of what to do next. I realized she was walking straight for me, and I was just standing there with a noticeable bulge in my pants. I knew that this had been building up all class, and something had to happen, but the absurdity of the situation left me at a loss. I was still frozen when she arrived.

She stopped right in front of me, and close. Her face was no more than six inches away from mine, and she looked at me.

“Hi,” I said softly. It was all I could get out in my frozen state, but it felt appropriate.

“Hi,” she voiced, and we stood like that, inches apart for moments that seemed like ages.

She stared at me, in the eye, and down to my mouth, and lower to my hips. And then we kissed. It was abrupt and hard, but natural. I am not sure who initiated it. The spontaneity of the kiss seemed to take both of us by surprise. But we both wanted it. He lips were soft as they locked onto mine, and her tongue was hot as she passed it into my mouth. Her arms wrapped around me and held me against her, and I grabbed her hips. This moment, which seemed to have been building in both of us for months, was finally released, and the ecstasy was immediate.

Our breathing was immediately heavy and passionate. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest as she pulled me against her. I let my hands wander, running up the length of her spine, before opening my palm to push our bodies together even more. We kissed, and tasted each other, learning quickly the nature of each others mouths. I moved my hand so it was under her shirt, feeling for the first time the softness of her skin. Her satin shirt could not compare to the soft soft curves of her naked skin.

Her back flowed into her ribs, and then her chest—then my hand was on her breast. Her nipple was hard against my hand. The juxtaposition of this and canlı bahis siteleri the plush skin around it gave an incredible sensation. She gasped as I felt her. The sensation for her must have been just as tantalizing. Her breast was small, not tiny, it was definitely there, but a small handful, and perfectly round.

We broke our kiss briefly to breathe as I continued to cup her breast in my left hand. I stared at her as she moved instinctively in my arms. I continued to caress her with my left hand, but dropped my right to the front of her leggings. Rather abruptly, I hooked the side of my hand in-between her legs and pressed my hand into her slit. I could feel the heat radiating from her center as I did so, and she moaned, thrusting into me. My hand fit perfectly between her lips, and on the side of my hand I could begin to feel the intimate details of her pussy.

From the furrow where her legs flow into the form of her pussy, to her mons and the soft but firm skin on top of it, to the crease and globes of her butt, I could feel everything. She was wearing a thong, I could feel the fabric beneath my hand. But despite this barrier, the softness of her lips was apparent, and I could still press my hand between them. The tiny nub of her clit was erect—and she was wet. A slight dampness made its way through the fabric of her thong and her leggings, just enough to make me aware of it. I loved every second of that first touch, that first moment when my hand made contact with her most intimate area.

I began to apply pressure, lightly, but rhythmically, moving my hand in-between her legs. She continued to thrust against my hand as I rubbed her. For a moment we kissed again, and her tongue explored my mouth between gasps and moans, but this was abandoned when the pleasure became too much and she was lost to her ecstasy. She stood, unsteady, her legs parting and bending, breathing hard into the room. She was trying to remain quiet, but occasionally a moan would slip her lips.

She was about to cum, but I stopped. She pouted into my shoulder, wanting badly to experience a release. I kissed her again, a promise that she would not have to wait long.

The hall was empty, everybody was in class, but our location was still conspicuous and to continue our escapade, discretion had to be taken into account.

“Come on,” I whispered, before kissing her.

I grabbed her hand and led her further into the building. The hall we were in was bordered by lecture halls and classrooms that were all full, but just a short ways into the building the halls turn into a maze that weaves in-between darkened chemistry labs and disused offices, which always seemed to be empty. On any other occasion I tended to avoid them, but now they seemed the perfect getaway for our sexual release.

Through a pair of double doors, the dimmed light and silence indicated we had reached our destination. We stopped and I pinned Paige against a wall returning to our passionate kiss.

We kissed for several minutes, groping and pressing against each other before I dropped so my face was level with her belly button. I grasped the waist of her leggings at her hips. With a kiss on her torso, and another below that, I began to pull her leggings down. Slowly, I revealed inch after inch of her torso. The crests of her hips appeared, then the formation of the “V” that lead to her mons. The first inklings of pubic hair became visible. She was bald, but tiny dark follicles implied where there was once hair. As I pulled the leggings down, I could feel the softness of her hips. With every inch, I gave a kiss, each time moving closer and closer to her pussy. With each kiss, she would buck, wanting to be pleased.

The leggings revealed her mound, and then her slit, composed of two perfectly puffy lips. I kissed her there and teased her with my nose. I dropped the leggings further so they were on her thighs and her pussy was fully revealed. I experienced for the first time the wonderful womanly aroma that emanated from her core, and saw the glistening fluid that rested on the cleft. Her musky arousal drove my desires crazy. I wanted so badly to lick her, to make her cum with my mouth, but I knew that we did not have time to linger. There would be time for that later. Right then we both needed a release. The tension that had been building for the past several months needed to break. We needed to fuck.

With her leggings at her thighs, I kissed her once at the top of her pussy, tonguing briefly between her lips, and stood up to fulfill both of our desires. I kissed her long and hard before turning her around. She leaned against the wall and protruded her ass towards me.

I stood behind her and frantically undid my belt and the button of my pants. As I dropped them my cock sprung free and stood tall, throbbing and aching to feel the release. I reached my hand between her legs, sliding it along her wet slit and up between the soft globes of her ass. Paige moaned, pushing back against my hand. She was very wet. My hand slid easily between her folds as her lips enveloped me. She moaned and pleaded, wanting to be filled. I replaced my hand with the tip of my cock, positioning it between her lips.

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Same Time Next Year

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April. It’s the month when showers bring spring showers. It’s also the month that the Hillandale Country Club holds their annual father-daughter dance. It’s a tradition that goes back to the club’s founding over a century ago.

Drake Culbert and his daughter Linette have attended these dances since Linette was in grade school. It’s a semi-formal affair, and it includes dinner and live band. The Culberts, Drake, Linette, Drake’s son Edward and wife Elaine, are Hillandale members; but the father-daughter dance is reserved for fathers and their daughters only.

Linette always looks forward to them. She did as a little girl and she does now as a career woman of twenty-four. The once little girl in long pigtails is now tall and athletic, tall enough and strong enough to row for a local sculling team called the Hornets. She does it partly to keep in shape and partly because it makes her dad beam with pride. Drake rowed for Boston College and still, in his spare time, rents a shell in the inner harbor, sometimes by himself, other times with Linette.

This is a heady time for her, a “pivotal time” in her life, she’s wont to say. She just got her own apartment after securing an IT position at a local prep school. Leaving the nest opens up potential opportunities. She and whomever she decides to date can now have all the privacy they need. She looks forward to having people over, to entertaining, family included, her dad especially. “I owe you some home-cooked meals for all the times you took me to dinner for those intimate father-daughter talks,” she tells him. He insists that she doesn’t owe him anything but won’t protest if that’s what she’d like to do.

She and Drake have always been close. Linette was his first born, arriving four years ahead of Edward. Daddy’s girl might be a cliché but the label fit their relationship from the start. Linette and Drake are close enough to where they can be alone in the same room and sense each other’s thoughts without saying anything. As in any relationship, what’s left unsaid often carries more import than what is. Linette wonders if what she’s been feeling since she was a teen will ever be expressed—and if so, who will make the first move. She and Drake share the same shade of eye color, bluish gray, and she’s lost count of all those dinners where their eyes met over the table, seemingly expressing the same thing, while their voices remained silent.

“Dad and I have this ST between us,” she confides to a girlfriend who gasps when Linette tells her what the letters stand for: sexual tension. After getting over her initial shock, the girlfriend wants to know what Linette plans to do about it. Linette shakes her head. “I don’t know, probably nothing,” she says. “He feels the same way, I just know he does, so maybe he’ll bring it up.” And then what would she do, the girlfriend asks. “That depends. Things could get very complicated.”


Indeed, they would, and that’s why Drake Culbert never brings it up. He’s tempted, oh is he tempted. He knows he shouldn’t have these incestual feelings for his beautiful, statuesque, athletic daughter, but he does. Unlike Linette, he’s never told anyone, though he still thinks of contacting a therapist to discuss it—to “find out what the hell’s wrong with me,” he sometimes mutters to himself. Outwardly, he’s “normal” in every other way. He’s done quite well for himself, reaching executive status at a bank, joining the exclusive Hillandale Club, funding his kids’ college, keeping his wife reasonably happy and residing in upscale Velvet Valley. He’s got all the trappings of material success, along with this burning desire to get naked with his daughter. And if he’s not mistaken, not only wouldn’t she flinch if he suggested such an outrageous thing, she might just go for it.

The serious flirtations began when she turned eighteen. ‘I’ve got one handsome daddy,’ she’d say, and ‘I’ve got one pretty daughter,’ he’d say. Plenty of dads and daughters say such things, words of endearment meant to make the other feel good, not, good heavens, to seduce. All innocent, right? Yes, in most cases. But what about that time when Linette caught him naked in the bathroom, staring at his cock and grinning? And what about that time when they were alone in the house, and he caught her changing in her bedroom, not bothering to close the door when he happened by in the hall? And then there are those father-daughter dances at the Hillandale. Every year he finds it more difficult to hold back his feelings. Last April, during one of the slow numbers, he found himself grinding his pelvis against hers. They both quickly pulled away after becoming aware that people were staring. ‘Sorry I got carried away in there,’ he said on the way home. ‘My fault as well as yours,’ she answered. Nothing else was said, which upped the tension even more.

He wonders what might happen this year. She’s now working full time and she’s got her own place. What would he do if she suggested they return to her apartment after the dance? What would she pendik escort do if he suggested it?


Linette is thinking the same thing as she steps into her blue and white polyester-chiffon dress, the one she bought specifically for tonight. It’s hemmed an inch above her knees and the white embroidered top part gives the illusion of a plunging neckline. In fact, it drops just a couple inches from her neck, bordered by a sheer, see-through section. Perfect for a semi-formal, she had thought when she saw it on the rack at Macy’s. Sexy and alluring but not slutty. Her silver, slip-on pumps with the “peep toe” and medium length heels complement her attire and her long, shapely calves. She twirls in front of her full-length mirror. “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…I feel pretty and witty and bright…” And sexy, too, she thinks; dad will love it. Pantyhose or no? No, she’ll keep her legs bare. How about panties? Well…she giggles. She pictures herself bending over, exposing her bare butt and pussy, his reaction to her action and the erotic scenario that she can bet would follow. No, better keep them on, she concludes. That would be TOO obvious.

Moments later, she opens the door to her apartment, sees Drake sanding there in his light blue blazer and khaki pants, all six-foot four of him, his wavy hair nearly parted in the middle. From his gleeful expression, it’s obvious he’s impressed with what he sees. “You look great!”

“Thanks. Like my hair? Thought I’d try a different style this time.”

“I see. Nice. Even your waves have waves.” Her normally straight brown tresses drop just below her shoulders in successive waves. “Pretty dress also.”

“Thanks again,” she says, ruffling the hem. “I got it just for tonight.”

Per his advice, she drapes a yellow sweater around her bare shoulders and then follows him out to his white Chrysler 300, sitting on the lot in the descending darkness. Before getting in, she says, “You’re growing a beard, aren’t you?”

“It will be a short one,” he says over the car’s roof. “My bank would frown on something too radical.”

“You’d look great with a beard, dad.”

“You think?”

“Definitely. It will bring out more of the Viking in you.”

“Viking” is Linette’s pet nickname for him, one she’s told to close friends such as Cassie Chunko. Cassie and her dad attend those dances every year also. Linette’s image of what the Norsemen looked like is based partly on movies she’s seen and partly on her own imagination: tall and muscular; strong and handsome, with features that look like they were honed from granite; fierce when they have to be; models of masculinity to their sons and daughters. Only recently has she come to realize that she wants a husband who she feels lives up to these images. Unrealistic? Perhaps. Superficial? Yes. Puerile? Kind of. Even so, that’s the way she feels.

The Viking, she notices, is stealing glimpses of her legs as he drives the dozen or so miles to the Hillandale—a creepy thing to most women in this situation, she surmises, but a turn-on for her. She gazes out the window, giddy with anticipation.


“We’re still among the tallest couples here,” Linette says, as she and Drake enter the Hillandale ballroom, arm in arm. In heels, she’s close to six-feet. She can’t help but think that they’re distinguished in another way that she’s still not inclined to mention.

They stroll along the parquet floor, weaving in and out among the round tables, searching for their names that appear in front of the place settings of fine china, crystal water glasses and champagne flutes. Balloons hang from the chandeliers; fine brown linen covers the tables. They’re among other couples doing the same thing, couples of various ages—young dads escorting their kid and teen daughters and dads, middle-age like Drake, escorting their daughters of drinking age. Age-wise, it’s an eclectic mix, though the staff carefully groups the tables in deference to the daughters’ ages, those twenty-one and over and those under.

“Ah, here we are,” Linette says, spotting their names on a table about ten yards from the bandstand.

Four of the couples are already seated, four of the eight that will sit at each table. Linette recognizes all of them, though it’s only Cassie Chunko that she can call a true friend. Cassie’s dad, dentist Darryl Chunko, pulled two of Linette’s impacted wisdom teeth last year. ‘Chunky Chunko’ is how some of the less kind among her peers describe her. A couple inches shorter than Linette, she’s got a sweet, adorable face and a stunning shock of blond hair that she wears to the middle of her back. She also likes her starchy carbs and desserts, and it shows. “I can’t believe it’s been a year already,” Cassie says, referring to the last time they were all here. “Where does the time go?”

“You think it goes fast now,” Drake says, “wait until you two are our age. Right Darryl?”

“Hey, we’re only in our forties,” Darryl says. “Wait until after fifty, my dad always says.”

“I escort pendik like your dress,” Cassie tells Linette.

Linette returns the compliment, and not gratuitously either. She really does admire what Cassie’s wearing, a maroon skirt with a white top showing ample cleavage. At one time, she envied big boob girls like Cassie, always comparing their so-called assets with her relatively modest pair. Now, not so much, thanks to her grudging reconciliation of what she perceives (or perceived) as deficits. She’s now counting her own assets as opposed to whining over what she deems is missing. Still, she can’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy catching Drake stealing admiring glances at Cassie, his eyes aimed just below her neck. He’s trying to be discreet, but she sees him, and so does Cassie, smiling in gratification.

Small talk fills the air as the minutes pass, as more couples file in. Golf scores, the economy, politics, media gossip, jobs—they’re all fair game for this round table of “successful” men and their daughters enjoying this traditional night out. Waiters in dark jackets serve a generous salad, followed by a surf and turf meal of chicken and crab cakes, sides of asparagus, zucchini and backed potato. The champagne flows and after an ice cream with coffee dessert, the five-piece band begins to play.

Linette and Drake wait out the opening number, a fast, jazzed-up rock song, then take to the dance floor for a classic ballad, The Way You Look Tonight.

“Someday, when I’m awfully low, when the world is cold,” the tall, gray-haired, fifty-something male singer croons.

Linette smiles and inhales Drake’s aftershave, a scent she loves and knows so well. She yearns to get closer than the “respectable” distance they’re keeping. “Dad, you recall what happened last year, when people started staring at us?”

He nods. “Who could forget? Guess they thought we were indecent.” He shakes his head and chuckles.

“Yes, but I didn’t think so. Did you?” By his shrug and brief look away, she gleans that he’s not comfortable with her question. ‘Better drop the subject,’ she thinks.

But then: “Frankly, I didn’t think so, although I can see where others might. I mean, we’re dad and daughter, not man and wife.”

She nods in agreement, debating if she should ask if he wants to try it again. Of course, actions speak louder than words. She inches closer as the band plays on.

“With each word, your tenderness grows, tearin’ my fear apart…”

“You’re pushing the envelope,” he says, looking around self-consciously. But he doesn’t pull away.

She looks up at him and blinks. “Yes, and I’d love for you to push it with me.”

“Oh boy,” he whispers, then sings along. “Lovely, never, never change, keep that breathless charm…” Then stepping closer, he says, “Like this?”

They’ve got their arms wrapped around each other, chest to chest, pelvis to pelvis. “Yes, like that.” She drops a tear, singing the last few lyrics of the song. “Won’t you please arrange it, ’cause I love you, just the way you look tonight.” She bends her left leg backward at a ninety-degree angle, then gives him a quick kiss on the mouth.

Moments after they return to their table, Linette excuses herself for the ladies’ room. “I’ll join you,” Cassie says, and then follows her friend out of the room and down a carpeted corridor. “Linette, not to pry, but you and the Viking seem unusually, well, close. If I recall, you two danced like that last year.”

“I guess your dad saw it, too. Did he comment?”

“No, not really. He just sat there with this sick sort of smile on his face, like he was embarrassed for the two of you. I had to laugh.”

They take two of the three stalls, and when Linette slips down her panties, she notices the stain in the crotch. No surprise, she was getting awfully hot on that dance floor. “It made him uncomfortable, I guess. You too?”

They talk on, their voices echoing off the pink tile on the floor and walls.

“Honestly, it kind of turned me on. Your dad is one good looking dude. I can see why you call him the Viking. I also noticed him checking me out at our table.”

Linette chuckles. “Yeah, I noticed that, too, and noticed that you noticed. The Viking has an eye for us millennial chicks.”

“Including his own daughter, if what I saw is really what I think I saw. No offense, Linnie.”

“None taken.” After voiding, she begins to wipe her pussy—it’s getting more sensitive as their conversation proceeds. She could get herself off right here and now with no problem. Should she say more? Why not? She’s been looking for a confidant, and she sees Cassie as someone who can keep a secret. “Look, if I tell you something, you promise it won’t go any further than these stalls?”

“Uh oh, sounds serious. Okay, I promise.”

“The feeling is mutual.”

“As in…”

“As in my own dad turns me on as if he was this older guy not related to me.” She pauses to rethink. “Or maybe it’s because he IS related to me, pendik escort bayan I’m not sure. It’s a screwed-up kind of sexuality, I know.”

“Interesting to say the least,” Cassie says, before flushing her toilet.

Nothing more is said until they begin to wash up over the sinks. Then Linette says, “I hope I didn’t shock you.”

“Well, I can’t say I’d like to fuck my own dad, but what you said sounds erotic as hell. Have you, I mean, well, um—”

“Have we acted on our mutual attraction? No. We haven’t even really talked about it, not directly. There’s just been these subtle hints.” Linette tears off a sheet of paper towel. “But I get the feeling that tonight’s the night for some sort of breakthrough. At the very least, we’ll discuss it. I think it’s long overdue.”

Cassie dries her hands, staring at her friend in the deliciously naughty way that people do in anticipation of some guilty pleasure. “Well, if something happens, you must fill me in on the details.”

“Details? How’s this for details.” She lifts her dress, then guides Cassie’s hand to her crotch. “Feel that.”

“Geez, Linnie, you’re raring to go, aren’t you? You’re soaked. Does your dad know you’re in this heated state?”

“Not yet. But he might before the night’s out.”

Cassie’s no lesbian, but she can’t resist shoving her fingers inside her friend’s panties for a bare feel. “Ohmygod!”

“Ohmygod is right, Cass. Better stop now or I’ll force you to make me come.”

“What are friends for?” Cassie drops a finger inside. Then another finger. Then her fingers begin to wiggle.

Linette leans against the sink, throws a hand across her forehead, feels the room spinning. “Ohmygod! I can’t believe this is happening!”

“Feels good, huh?”

“Girl, that’s an understatement,” Linette gasps. On buckled knees, she stays against the sink for support, pumps her pelvis in rhythm with Cassie’s finger action. She chuckles. “You’re not a closet lesbian, are you?”

“Afraid not, although I gotta say that this is getting me hot as well.” Cassie begins to massage her breasts with her free hand.

“Oh fuck! You’re too much! Faster! Yes, yes, that’s it! Oh my, you’re gonna make me come any moment!”

But that moment is lost when she hears footsteps approach the rest room. The women jump and fix themselves just as two teen girls open the door. Squeezing themselves past the “intruders,” they head down the corridor toward the ballroom.

“I was so close, Cass, so damn close. You did that like a real pro. You sure you’re not a closet lesbian?”

“Quite sure. But last year, I did have one encounter with a true lesbian in the locker room after gym class. We got talking about our sexual experiences, and the way she told me about hers made me incredibly horny. Next thing I knew, she was telling me how great I smelled, then began sucking on my boobs. From there, she did what I just did with you. Only she went further, licked my pussy as I sat on the bench in front of my locker, licked me to climax. Needless to say, we were late for our next class.”

“Jesus, Cass, you’re getting me frustrated.”

“Maybe the Viking can help.”

“If only—and If only I can wait that long.”

When they return to their table, Darryl says, “You kids hold a convention or something? You were gone long enough.”

“You know women,” Drake says, “they can’t go to the rest room without catching up on the latest gossip.”

The women trade knowing glances and giggle. “You know, dad,” Linette says, “I’d call that a sexist remark if it wasn’t so true.”

Drake loosens his yellow and blue striped tie, then unbuttons the top button of his powdered blue long-sleeve dress shirt. “You wouldn’t care to let us dads in on your little pow wow, would you? Or is it top secret?” He smiles at Darryl, who slips off his tan sports coat and drapes it over the back of his chair.

“Chick gossip, like you said, Mr. Culbert,” Cassie says.

Just then, the band strikes up a fast rock number. Discreetly, Linette reaches under the table, then shoves a hand up her dress to feel her pussy, still throbbing. Bolting up from her seat, she says, “Look, I need to work off some energy.”

She looks at Drake, who protests. “I’d look like a klutz out there trying to dance to this stuff.”

Cassie volunteers, and the two hit the dance floor, moving with the beat. Linette raises her voice to be heard. “Thanks for doing this, Cass.”

“Well, I couldn’t let you just sit there to stew in your juices. What happens after this dance is over?”

“I know what I’d LIKE to happen.”

“I’m sure you do.”


“Dad, we gotta talk.”

It’s been less than a minute since Drake drove off the parking lot, but Linette sees no point in procrastinating what she feels needs to be brought out in the open.

“I figured as much,” he says, keeping his eyes on the road through the darkness. “You’ve been wanting to discuss those adjunct exercises designed to boost your rowing strength.”

“No, dad, that’s not—” She sees him smirking and grins. “You know that’s not it, don’t you?”

“And it’s not the ongoing Mueller investigation, the spate of retail closings or North Korea, is it?”

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Sam and Janna Ch. 01

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Sam’s phone trilled in the darkness. It was 4am and he had only just fallen asleep; after his wife had left being alone had always been difficult. He’d stay up late watching football — anything for some noise in the house. He groped in the covers to find the phone, wondering who of earth could be calling him. It was Janna’s number; suddenly Sam was wide awake, heart pounding, nauseated from the sudden adrenaline rush. Why was his daughter ringing him at 4am?

“Hello?” Panic rose in Sam’s throat. He was greeted by the sound of sobbing from the other end of the line. He softened his voice “Janna, what’s the matter?”

“Can you come get me?” her voice hitched “Everything has gone wrong!” She was almost wailing now. Sam expected a few glasses of spirits were involved to get his normally level-headed girl to this state.

“Where are you?” He was already out of bed, dragging last night’s jeans on with one hand, half moving towards the door as he dressed.

“I’m at the house. Please come get me, I can’t stand being here”

“Okay, okay, I’m coming” Sam pulled his trainers on and didn’t bother to change the shirt he’d been sleeping in. It was 4am, who was going to see him or care? He grabbed his keys, got in his car and roared off towards Janna’s house. His mind was running as fast as the engine. What had happened? He couldn’t help but think it must have been something to do with that scumbag husband of hers. He’d always kept his opinions to himself, but he’d always felt like James had conned her into marrying him too young; all false promises, sunshine and rainbows. But who was Sam to talk or give advice? So, he kept his mouth shut and hoped she’d come to her senses before she got hurt. He rounded the corner to her house, pulling up outside. James’ car wasn’t in the drive but all of the lights in the house were blazing. The front door wasn’t closed properly; he knocked lightly and stepped in.

The place looked like a tornado had torn through. He walked to the kitchen to find Janna slumped over the table with, as he suspected, a bottle of vodka and the empty glass by her hand. Sam crouched beside her and tried to rouse her, being rewarded finally with her lifting her head.

“Janna, what the hell has happened?” Sam had promised himself in the car he wouldn’t question her right away, but after the state of the house he couldn’t stop himself. There was stuff everywhere, it looked like the house had been turned over by a police search.

“Which bit do you want first?” She slurred as she spoke “The bit where I found out he was cheating on me or the bit where he took all my money?” She slumped back onto the table, her sobbing renewed.

“Come on honey, let’s get you out of here. Where’s your stuff?” Sam looked around for a bag. Janna hadn’t been that prepared; in the state he was in he didn’t imagine she’d be able to get much together.

“Got none. Don’t know where my bag is. Get it later”

Sam sighed, spotted her handbag and thought it was at least something. “Come on sweetie, let’s go” Janna levered herself onto her feet, wobbling alarmingly. Sam wrapped a steadying arm around her and guided her out of the door and to the car. As soon as he pulled away from the house all the upset and tension seemed to ebb out of her; glancing over at her Sam could see she was asleep. Or passed out; one of the two. Whichever one it was, her chest rose and fell gently with her breathing. The white sundress she was wearing was rucked up around the top of his thighs and he found himself distracted from the road at the sight of the creamy expanse of skin.

“You’ve been alone too long mate. She’s your daughter, get a grip!” Sam growled to himself. He was relieved to pull up outside his own house; he’d get her in, she’d go to bed, and he could sleep, forgetting her thighs and how soft that skin looked. He opened Janna’s door for her but she showed no signed of waking. He opened the front door and scooped her up like he did when she was young. He took her into the house, kicked the door shut and went back to her old bedroom. He laid her down on the bed; she hadn’t stirred on her slightly bumpy journey through the house and he now wondered if he should help her get undressed.

“Just do it Sam, she’s your bloody daughter” He took her shoes off and unbuttoned her dress. She’d always loved this sundress and wore it whenever it was warm enough, she never stopped going on about the buttons and how cute they were. Convenient now, he supposed. His body began to react involuntarily, pulse speeding up and his cock stiffening in his jeans at the feel of her soft skin against his fingertips and the sight of her full breasts coming into view. He carried on unbuttoning, her gently rounded belly, lacy white panties and full thighs on show. He shook his head like he could shake the thoughts away and mentally scolded himself. He pulled her dress from underneath her, laid it over the metal bedstead, covered her with a blanket and beat a hasty retreat from the room before his body betrayed him even further. He let go of a breath that pendik escort he did not know he was holding and glanced at the clock. 5am. It didn’t seem possible that it had only been an hour; he was exhausted, collapsing into bed without bothering to take off his jeans. He slept, hoping he wouldn’t dream of Janna.

Morning rolled around and Sam awoke to the sounds of breakfast being made from the kitchen. He had not dreamed at all that night and attributed his reactions to Janna’s vulnerable sleeping form to tiredness. He hadn’t been thinking straight, that must have been it. He was the father, she the daughter. He went to the kitchen, still in last night’s clothes. Janna was frying bacon, standing at the cooker wrapped up in his dressing gown. She’d turned back the sleeves as it practically drowned her and though the sight was sweet and more than a little endearing, he wished he’d taken some time to pick her up some clothes.

“Morning honey” Sam stood beside her as she cooked. “Shall I make some coffee?” Janna’s pained expression gave him a clue that she was more hung over than she looked.

“There’s already a pot on Dad. I’m on orange juice. And painkillers. Do you want a bacon sandwich?”

“Yes please honey. So, last night, I was just — “

“Not now Dad. Later.”

Conversation ceased. He could feel the undercurrent of anger in her words and the way she held herself. If he knew his girl she’d wait until she could tell him calmly; he knew she hated to cry in front of people. When she was little, if she fell and skinned her knee, she’d run off somewhere private to cry. They ate in silence; Sam waiting for her to tell him what on earth was going on. Janna chased crumbs around her plate with her finger and took a deep breath.

“I’ve known for a while. About the other women, you know? People tell me things” she let out a harsh laugh “I was just storing the information away for a while, you know, biding my time.”

Sam took her hand. He could see the tears in her eyes, could see her fighting them back and carefully measuring her words. He’d only get the facts right now, he knew that. He didn’t know if the emotions would come or not.

“I confronted him about it when I knew for sure who they were. He was so angry, told me I was stupid for listening to people; he just kept denying it.” She took a deep breath. Sam’s heart ached on one beat and thrummed with rage on another beat. Who did James think he was?

“He got more and more angry as I talked. I walked out and he must have spun himself into a rage — I knew I needed to get out of there and get some space” A tear tracked down her cheek. She rubbed it away angrily. “I came back a few hours later to find the house like that. He was gone. My emergency cash, you know, that money I keep in the beehive cookie jar you gave me? Gone.”

Sam nodded. He knew better than to speak; she needed to get this out.

“So, I had a bad feeling and checked the bank balance on the joint account. Zero. He’s taken it all.” The tears couldn’t be stopped now “I’d only just got paid, now I have nothing. The bastard took everything.” Sam squeezed her hand and passed her a tissue. She grabbed it and rubbed her tears away.

“I’m sorry honey. Stay here as long as you need. I’m here for you, okay? Whatever you need.”

Janna nodded, she didn’t dare to speak for fear that she would start crying properly, and never stop. Her head was spinning; she knew her father had always distrusted her husband, and she wished she’d trusted his judgement more. James had talked her into paying her wages into the joint account; he’d talked her into renting instead of buying; he’d made her believe that she was the only one for him. ‘Just put one foot in front of the other. One thing at a time’ she mentally coached herself. She cleared her throat.

“I’m going to borrow some of your joggers and a t-shirt, is that okay?”

It was obvious to Sam that she was done talking for the day. He leaned into her and kissed her forehead. “I’ll go and get some for you. Why don’t you have a shower, it’ll help clear that hangover.” Janna nodded meekly and headed for the bathroom. Sam retreated to his bedroom and grabbed some clothes for her; a soft pair of jogging bottoms and a grey t-shirt. They would swamp her he knew, but he’d already come up with a plan of action. He hoped James was still cowering in a back alley somewhere, letting him get into the house and grab as much of her stuff as he could. He tapped on the bathroom door, left the clothes outside and retreated to his en-suite.

Sam was still exhausted, only functioning on four hours’ sleep. He looked in the mirror, contemplating whether he could be bothered to shave or not; he knew his silver stubble made him look older but it didn’t matter; he wasn’t likely to be going on any dates now that Janna was in need of help. He peeled his clothes off and got into the shower, washing the last 24 hours off his body.

Janna got out of the shower, and dried off. She couldn’t bear to look in the mirror, she was so ashamed that it had escort pendik taken herself so long to come to her senses. She felt betrayed but more than that, she felt stupid. Stupid that she had fallen for it for so long. She wrapped herself up in a towel and grabbed the clothes her father had left outside the bathroom door. She chuckled a little; Sam was 6’4″ tall, slim and all legs. She was 5’9″ and all curve, but still, his clothes were huge on her. She pulled them on and synched the drawstring on the joggers as tight as she could, putting a roll in the cuff of each leg so they were at least wearable. She went to her father’s room and sat on the bed waiting for him to come out. She just wanted him to tell her what to do, like he would when she was little. How she hated it then, but craved it now. The bathroom door opened, steam billowing out, her father emerging in a towel.

“Oh, god, Dad, I’m sorry, I, uh, I just wanted to talk to you about getting my stuff and — sorry, I, um, thought you’d be dressed” Janna stared at her father; he was 47 but still as slim as she remembered from years ago. A trail of hair on his stomach dragged her eyes lower and she felt almost hypnotised. She blinked harder, trying to break the spell. James hadn’t exactly been attentive in the end, and it had been a while. ‘Yes Janna, but he’s your father. Pull yourself together’ she scolded herself mentally.

“It’s okay sweetie. I was thinking, you stay here, I’ll go and grab your stuff. I mean, it’s not going to be packed neatly and organised well but I can get in and out with as much as I can. You shouldn’t have to face that place yet.” Sam smiled at his little girl. She looked even smaller in his clothes, sweet and innocent. She didn’t look her 23 years, her chestnut brown hair was still damp from the shower, curling into those adorable ringlets he knew so well. She looked young, and vulnerable; he suddenly felt even more fiercely protective over her than usual. She smiled and looked relieved at his suggestion.

“Thank you Dad; thank you so much” She stood and hugged him, her arms tight around his bare waist and her cheek on his chest. Sam’s body began to react again and he kissed her on top of the head before hurriedly extracting himself from her embrace.

“You’ll get wet sweetie” Sam winced internally at his choice of words “Go and relax, I’ll go get your stuff.” Janna smiled again, finally a smile that reached her eyes, and left him to get dressed. Sam dressed quickly in fresh clothes and left for her house once again.

He made quick work of grabbing her things, filling the SUV up with black plastic bags of clothes. He only paused over her underwear drawer, filled with silk and lace, before scolding himself again and getting on with it. He mentally checked over the things she needed and the things that meant the most to her. Clothes, books, photos, stationery. He laughed at the fact he knew he would be in Janna’s bad books if he didn’t rescue her extensive pen collection. He had the essentials for her; he could bring her by again to get the rest some other time.

Sam returned home to find Janna curled up on the sofa wrapped in a fuzzy blanket; obviously the combination of emotional turmoil and hangover had got the better of her. He transferred her things to her bedroom and took them out of the plastic bags, fearful that the sight of her possessions bin-bagged would set her off again. He smiled at her room filling with books and clothes; it was like old times again.

The rest of the day was spent watching films and snacking together; Janna woke up in the early afternoon and insisted on watching a slew of action films to take her mind of the situation she was in. As the evening wore on they got closer on the sofa until Janna was laying with her head in Sam’s lap. He absent-mindedly wrapped one of her silky curls around his fingers, for once not feeling utterly alone. Maybe having Janna home would be good for him too.

“Come on Missy, it’s late. Get to bed.” Janna kissed Sam, intending to get cheek but catching the corner of his mouth instead.

“Night Daddy. Thank you for everything today.”

Sam smiled at her and went to his bedroom, glancing at her door as she closed it with a quiet click. A momentary wish to not sleep alone rushed through his mind but he banished it to the same place at the other wrong thoughts he had been having.

Sam was awoken in the dark again; not by the incessant beeping of his phone this time, but by the sound of his daughter crying. He went to check on her, not thinking to get dressed first. He was in his boxers, she’d seen him in shorts and no shirt before, what was the difference? He went to her room and sat on the edge of her bed, running his hand over her curled up form where he expected her back to be. She started before sitting up and flinging her arms around his shoulders, sobbing into his neck.

“How could he do it to me Daddy?” It had been years since she had called him that. “Why with other women? Why not just leave me?” The words were coming faster now, her emotions expressed pendik escort bayan in a jumble of thoughts. She seemed to be talking faster than she was thinking; Sam rubbed her back trying to soothe her. He remembered this hurt from his ex-wife. “He didn’t even want me! I tried so hard, I was always trying to initiate sex, I was always available, but he just didn’t even want me!” Janna cried harder, her face pressed to his neck.

“It wasn’t you little one. He was going to do this whatever you did, it’s not your fault.”

“Am I that awful Daddy? I feel so ugly.” Janna threw herself back on the bed. She hadn’t pulled the curtains and he could see her in the glow from the streetlights; she was wearing just his t-shirt still. He swallowed hard.

“Baby girl, you are far from ugly.” Janna just looked angry.

“You have to say that. You’re my father.”

“No sweetie, I shouldn’t say it, because I’m your father.” Sam touched the hem of the shirt she was wearing, suddenly hyper aware that she was braless under it, aware that he hadn’t leant her any of his boxers to wear so she was probably not wearing panties either. One thin scrap of fabric had separated them, and the thoughts were back.

Janna was hyper aware too, that her father was sitting here in his underwear. Her banished thoughts came racing back to her. She could feel him fidgeting with the hem of the shirt she was sleeping in and began to wonder if he was feeling the same. She hadn’t been with someone in so long, she had always been faithful to James, even refraining from pleasuring herself most of the time. James hadn’t liked it, said he wanted her for himself and only himself. Two years of pent up feelings began to bubble up inside her.

“I — I should go sweetie” Sam stammered “You should get some sleep”

“Please don’t leave me alone Daddy” Janna’s voice was almost a whisper, hoarse after her tears. Sam looked torn. “Can you just lay here and cuddle me for a bit?”

Sam questioned himself. Should he lay down and risk his body giving away the twisted thoughts he was having? Or should he walk away and break his daughter’s heart?

“Just for a little while.” Sam laid down and pulled the quilt over them both; they both laid on their sides, Janna nestled in close to his chest. His mind was racing, the feel of her body warm next to his was taking over, her full heavy breasts pressed up against him, the sweet smell of her hair almost intoxicating. “Sweetie, you’re beautiful” he murmured. She looked up at him and just for a moment, he lost himself. He pressed his lips against hers, forgetting who he was and who she was. In that moment he could think of nothing but the beautiful woman beside him. Janna melted into his kiss, but reality seeped through.

“We shouldn’t be doing this Daddy” Janna’s voice wavered “Everyone says it’s wrong” Janna wasn’t so sure it was wrong. If It was, why would her body be responding?

“I know” Sam mumbled, his lips moving against hers “it’s wrong” he kissed her again, harder this time, his hand on the small of her back pulling her in to him, their bodies pressed tight together. Janna parted her lips, Sam’s tongue eagerly exploring her mouth. “oh sweetheart” he sighed as he broke away from their kiss. Disappointment flickered through Janna’s eyes as Sam go out of the bed; it didn’t last long a he scooped her up in his arms for the second time that weekend.

He laid her down in his bed and got in behind her, moulding himself to her back, stroking her hip and feeling her snuggle back into him. Her t-shirt had ridden up around her waist; his cock was stiffening in his boxers, nuzzling up against her backside. She reached back for him, fingertips timidly running over the bulge in his underwear. He took her hand and gently pulled it away from him, tucking it under her cheek while he kissed her neck. Her skin was so soft, he couldn’t resist nipping her neck and making her squirm. Sam slid his hand inside her shirt, over her belly and up to cup her breast; her nipple instantly reacted to his touch. Janna sighed while Sam moaned; she’d ground her hips back onto him and there was no hiding how turned on he was. He still wouldn’t allow her to touch him; this was her night. He wanted to right some of the wrongs she’d suffered over the past years. He slid one arm underneath her neck, wrapping around her to carry on fondling her breast while his other hand crept back down her belly, fingers combing through her neatly trimmed patch. He felt her heat before he felt how wet she was. Any lingering doubts were swept from his mind as soon as he felt how drenched her pussy was. She was almost gyrating against him now, her sighs turning to moans as he drove her mad kissing and licking her neck. His fingers dove into her pussy to find her clit begging for attention. He circled it making her hips jerk and a sharp intake of breath, sliding further down to invade her with two fingers. The walls of her sweet pussy squeezed his fingers tight, his palm putting pressure on her clit. He dragged some of her wetness back to her clit, rubbing and circling until her moans reached fever pitch; Sam carried on caressing her breasts as she convulsed in his arms, her orgasm wracking her entire body. She eventually lay still in his arms, still breathing heavily.

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Sally’s Reprogramming: Conclusion

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Frank awoke fully. He’d been dozing on his step-daughter’s bed, holding her half-naked form in his arms, enjoying her presence. It was getting late, and they had to get cleaned up before Sally’s mother came home. He pushed Sally’s firm ass and finally got her moving. She stood up in front of him, stretching her trim eighteen year old body in an enormous yawn. She raised her arms to the ceiling and bent backwards as she stood on her toes, her large breasts pulled tight and her hips thrust towards him.

Frank’s well rested cock surged with renewed energy at the memory of the beautiful hairy pussy under the green and gold cheerleader skirt. He straightened up and gently stroked his hardening cock. Sally pulled him to his feet and kissed him. “Come on, let’s go downstairs.”

Frank followed his hot step-child out of her bedroom. She led him, not to the garage, where she’d tossed her cheerleader top into the driveway, but onto the deck in the back. She pushed him onto a deck chair and knelt before him, her green skirt covering her firm thighs. Sally placed her soft hand on Frank’s cock and squeezed it gently. “How do I make this feel good,” she asked. “I’ve tried this before, and they complained I wasn’t doing it right.”

Frank leaned back in the chair and reached out to stroke her long blonde hair. “There’s no ‘right way.’ Just do what you think will make me feel good, and I’ll let you know what works for me. Everyone is different.” He spread his legs slightly and relaxed. He was in for a good time now.

Sally stroked Frank’s cock, looking at it carefully. It more than filled her hand, but wasn’t so large she couldn’t wrap her fingers around it tightly. It’s head was a swollen purple mushroom. The purple coloring ended just below the head in a light brown band that circled his shaft. Past that, Frank’s cock was white, with bulging veins under the skin, and a few black hairs grew near the base of it. His hair was thick, with a good salting of white, perfectly natural for his forty five years. His balls were large eggs floating loosely in his scrotum.

Sally let go of his cock, and as it slapped his belly she lifted his balls, weighing them tenderly. Her nails scratched his hair beneath his scrotum gently. Frank whispered words of encouragement. Sally bent to smell them, her blond hair brushing Frank’s hard cock. They smelled of sweat and sperm and her own special pussy aroma from their earlier sexual games. She felt wetness between her own legs.

Gently she lifted each testicle and kissed it, pulling his hard cock to her soft cheek with her other hand. She turned her face and ran her tongue up the underside of his cock, circling carefully around the red rim. The hand she massaged his balls with moved to grasp his shaft, and her other hand slipped down to finger her clitoris. Frank’s “Yes, that’s it baby,” was louder now.

Sally’s tongue circled his head several times, jerking gently on his shaft. Sally pulled back and looked up at Frank, who smiled down at her. She looked at his dick, and saw a clear liquid oozing out. She licked it, pushing her tongue into the small hole. Her lips closed down and she put his head in her mouth. Sally sucked on it and flicked at the hole with her tongue. Frank’s hips were abortively thrusting up, moving and stopping as Frank resisted his desperate urge to jam his cock down her throat.

Sally took the not very subtle hint and slipped his cockhead deeper into her mouth, gradually engulfing him until he was at the back of her throat. There was still an inch or so to go before her lips would press on his pubic bone. “Ah,” Frank moaned. “Pull back slowly, and go up and down, just as slowly. You’re great.”

Sally followed his instructions, and her blonde head bobbed slowly and gently in her step-father’s middle-aged lap. Her fingers were furiously abusing her clit now, and she moaned around the hard cock in her mouth. She couldn’t figure out if she should fall flat on her back and come on her fingers, or jump up and ride this delicious cock. Fuck it, she decided. She stood up and lifted a leg to straddle her step father.

A hand grabbed her when she was off balance and turned her, and another pounded her in her left eye. She fell, shocked into silence. Her mother had come home early. Sally scrambled backwards on her ass, pushing into the deck railing. She couldn’t dodge the boot that kicked her ribs and landed a solid blow on her thigh.

“Stay on the ground, you bitch,” Nancy screamed. She threw the cheerleader top she’d found lying in front of the garage at her. Turning to her husband, Nancy dumped Frank off his chair onto the deck. She kicked at him and screamed “You worthless piece of shit! I spend all day working and this is what you’re doing? Fucking my slut daughter? I’m gonna kill you!”

Frank grabbed the over turned chair and thrust it at his enraged wife. She stumbled over it, giving him time to get his feet under him. He pushed her away and kept his naked feet away from her stomping boots. “What the hell do you care, you fat bitch? We pendik escort haven’t fucked in four years. What did you expect me to do, sit around and play with myself? Beg you for favors? No fucking way!”

“You ungrateful two faced bastard. When I’m done you’ll never have to worry about fucking again. I’m going to put that toothpick in the blender!” Her voice raised to a shriek and she drove into Frank, pushing him back and pinning him against the wall of the house. Frank put his arms in front of his face, trying to protect his eyes from his wife’s flailing fists. She kicked him savagely in his shin and hit him in the nose with an elbow when he bent over. His head crashed back into the wall, and he saw stars.

Expecting more attacks, he cowered. He heard a loud ringing thud, and realized that Nancy lay collapsed at his feet. Looking up, he saw Sally standing behind her, holding the shovel he’d used before to redo the garden. The blade had a saucer sized spot of blood that was starting to run down the handle. His wife’s head was curiously flat. Frank stepped over her still form and took the shovel from his crying step-daughter. He looked from her to her mother, speechless. He absently ran his hands over the handle of the shovel. Lifting it, he moved closer to Sally. “Sally…I…what did you do? I think you killed her.”

Sally looked at him, her eyes widening. “Oh, no! Don’t get near me! You killed my mother! HELP! HELP!” Sally backed away, then turned and ran. She grabbed her cheerleader top from where her mother had thrown it, and ran around the house into the street. “Help me! Please help me!”

Lights came on along the suburban street, and the neighbors came onto their porches to see a half-naked large breasted blond child apparenlty running from a man clad only in a tee-shirt, waving a large bloody shovel.

Sally dodged into a house, and Frank realized the position he was in. He ran back behind the house, snatching his shorts up from the driveway that Sally had thrown out earlier that day. The neighbors had had plenty of time to see them sitting there in the sun. He pulled them on and ran back to his wife’s body. She wasn’t breathing at all. His pulse was pounding too wildly to tell him if Nancy still had one of her own. Sirens sounded in the distance, getting louder. What the fuck was that girl doing, he wondered. What happened to her? He started CPR.

Cars with screaming sirens stopped out front. Two police officers came around the house, guns drawn. One put handcuffs on him, the other examined the body. “She’s dead.” They dragged Frank out front, and pushed him roughly in the car. He sat there staring at the people as the ambulance loaded and hustled his wife’s dead body off.

Sally came out from her neighbor’s house, wrapped in a bathrobe and crying. Sheheld a ripped cheerleader’s uniform out to a policeman. “He raped me. My step-father ripped my shirt and raped me!” She pointed at Frank sitting in the police car. The police officers gave him a hard stare and turned to say comforting words to her.

Rape? I didn’t rape anyone, Frank thought confusedly. She attacked me. That uniform wasn’t ripped before, either. Sally must have ripped it on something when she ran out. What the hell’s going on here? His mind whirled. The cops took him away and threw him in a cell. He sat on the bunk, shivering in the air conditioning, the thin knit blanket doing almost nothing to protect him.

Several hours later, he was summoned by a detective. Frank decided to answer questions. He didn’t think he needed a lawyer. “I’m detective Murphy, Mr. Anderson. We have some serious charges against you. Why don’t you sit down and tell us what happened. We just want to find out the truth.”

Frank sat back and drank the offered coffee. He told them of recent events, starting with his plan to seduce Sally and ending with the interrupted blowjob on his deck. He omitted all mention of he attempt to sleep-program Sally to be submissive. Frank described Sally’s bludgeoning of her mother, and his shocked response.

“You ‘seduced’ her? Can you explain why there are computer speakers hidden under your step daughter’s bed, and why those speakers are connected to your computed downstairs? What about the files we found on that machine, strange seductive whispers? If your step-daughter hit her mother with the shovel, as you say, where are her fingerprints? And many witnesses say they saw you chasing her with that shovel.

“Your daughter says you raped her. Will you do us a favor and admit the semen we’ve collected from her is yours? The charges against you are serious: Rape. Incest. Murder during the commision of a felony. You’re old. If you cooperate, perhaps the District Attorney will be lenient and you’ll have a chance to see the light of day again before you die. They like white old new guys in the state penitentiary. That’s if the charges don’t get a death penalty. Take him back.”

Frank sat in the chair numb with shock. He didn’t notice when the guard’s strong hands lifted him and pushed him into escort pendik a walk down the hall. Did Sally set this up? Did the cops misconstrue what she told them? “HEY! I want a lawyer!”

The guard slammed the cell door in his face. “Yah. I’ll let them know.”

The detective thought about Frank’s story. It hung together well, but that girl’s tale was very convincing, too. He re-examined the reports. Sitting up, Murphy grabbed the telephone and dialed the hospital. “Doctor, I’m investigating the rape of Sally Blair. I was reading your description of her injuries. You describe bruising on her eye and cheek, her ribs, and her leg. Did you examine her vagina?”

“Yes. There was no bruising there, but bruising doesn’t always happen in rape cases.”

“Oh. Thank you doctor.” Murphy thought some more, and went home.

In the morning, he was knocking on Sally’s front door. She answered the door with a towel on her head a white terry cloth robe belted around her. “Oh, hello detective. Thank you so much for helping me last night. Would you come in? Would you like some coffee?”

“No, thank you, miss. Do you have anyone staying with you right now?”

“No, not yet. I don’t want to be bothered by people now. Please sit on that chair.” She sat demurely in the corner of the couch near the indicated chair.

“I understand that. Would you mind if I asked you some questions?”

“No, go ahead. How can I help you put that bastard away?”

“Well, your step-father says the sex was consenual…I know, I know, they all do…and that you’re the one that killed your mother. Can you describe for me again the events of yesterday?”

“Do I have to? It’s so embarassing.” She looked away, staring at the floor. “I was getting dressed to practice my cheers, when Frank called me down to spot his stupid weights. I hate that, but I did it. I stood next to him and helped him put the weights up when he asked. I turned to go, but he grabbed me from behind and pulled me onto his lap. I screamed, but he stuffed a sock in my mouth. I could barely breathe. He’d been working out for months and he’s pretty strong now.

“He grabbed at my wrists but only caught the sleeves. I slid my arms inside and struggled to get them free of my cheerleader uniform. He let go of the sleeves and grabbed the collar, pulling it apart and ripping it down. I pulled my arms out through the rip and pushed him away. He was distracted by my bouncing boobs, I wasn’t wearing a bra, I like the feel of them bouncing free. You understand, don’t you officer?” She paused coyly for an answer.

“Fully. Please go on, miss.”

“Well, I managed to push him away for a bit, and turned to climb over the bench. He caught me, and forced me down over it. I knelt there, my naked boobs hanging, and squeezed them cruelly, pinching my nipples till they hurt. Then he lifted my skirt, and stuck a finger roughly into me.”

“You weren’t wearing underwear, Miss Blair?”

“No. I hate underwear. I love the feel of freedom, and the breeze between my legs is so stimulating. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there, officer?”

“Ahem…No. No, of course not. That explains why there were no ripped panties at the scene. Please, continue with your description.”

“Of course. Well, he stuck his finger in me. It didn’t hurt. It felt pretty damn good, in fact.” Sally’s voice lowered, and she spoke hesitantly, “I was telling him to stop, but I liked it. I wanted him to take me. My pussy was dripping wet. Is that right, detective? Is there something wrong with me?” She started to cry.

“No, no. You’re fine. Some women get excited during a rape. Besides, what we found on the computer suggests he was pre-conditioning you, brainwashing, for months before yesterday. You’ve done nothing wrong. Are you all right, miss?”

She nodded. “Could I have some water, please?”

The detective went into the kitchen, filled a glass and handed it to her.

She smiled at him, her tears making pulling at all his protective instincts. “Thank you.” She drank and continued, “he thrust his finger in and out rapidly, yet gently, not bashing into me. I can’t help it.” She moaned. “I came and came all over his fingers. I loved it and wanted more. I begged him to stop, and I begged him to continue. I never had an orgasm before, I didn’t know what was happening to me. He stopped, and knelt behind me. I lay there limply, exhausted. Suddenly something hard stabbed at me, again and again, missing. I squirmed out of his way. He let go of my hands and grabbed my hips to keep me still. He thrust into me, filling me. It hurt, but it felt so damn good, too. I couldn’t help it, I thrust back at him. His filthy penis was jammed deep into me before I could say no. His weight pinned me to the bench, and he groped my boobs again. He thrust and thrust and thrust into me, I was begging him to stop for real, now. Suddenly he stopped, then thrust hard two or three times. I was filled with a strange warmth, and then he pulled out of me. A hot liquid ran down my leg.

“He pulled pendik escort bayan me up and dragged me upstairs, leaving my top and his shorts somewhere in the garage. He took me in my bedroom and lay on top of me, sucking and biting my nipples…why do men love doing that, detective?”

The detective started. “We just do, miss. We’re all fascinated by the female body, I suppose. Please concentrate on your story. Were you a virgin before yesterday?”

Sally looked at him furtively. He wasn’t looking at her, and there was a bulge in his suit that wasn’t there when he sat down. Good, he wasn’t concentrating on her details. She sipped water and resumed.

“No, I’ve had one other, a boy. Frank raped me again. In my own bed. He even stroked my naked body with my own teddy bear. He spent hours in me and on me. He licked my pussy, and I couldn’t help it. I had another orgasm, shrieking my pleasure at the top of my lungs. He slapped me in the face, then, and that’s how I got this black eye.

“After it got dark, he pulled me out onto the deck, and forced me to put my mouth on his dick. He pushed up and down on my head, his swelling hard-on bumping the back of my throat.”

“Did you think of biting him, miss?”

“No! I was his slave by this time, and my only thoughts were how to please him so I wouldn’t get hurt more. I kept bobbing my head, trying not to gag, when he began thrusting his hips up, crying ‘I’m coming, I’m coming’. He held my head down and shot a hot load of semen in my mouth. He grabbed my hair in a knot and said ‘swallow it, bitch.’ I was too scared not to, and sucked and swallowed until no more came squirting out. Suddenly I was pushed aside. I’m afraid my poor mom had the wrong idea about what she saw and thought I was a consenting partner. She kicked me and pushed me. Frank got up and grabbed the shovel that was in the flower bed…”

“How did he get it, miss?”

“It was leaning against the railing, the blade stuck in the dirt. We’d been re-working the landscaping lately.”

“I see. Go on.”

“My mom went after him, and he pushed her against the wall. When she started to turn around, he swung the shovel…he swung…oh shit! He hit her in the head.” Sally started crying again.

“That’s okay, miss. How did you get out to the road?”

(sniff) “He turned to me and I got up screaming. I grabbed my ripped cheerleader uniform. Did I mention that mom had thrown it at me? No? Well she did that when she first came in. I ran into the street screaming and ran to Mrs. Gonsalez’ house. She called the cops, and the rest you know.”

“I think that will do for now, miss. I’ve seen your garage, your bedroom, and the rest of the crime scene. I like to examine all the evidence directly. Now, I know this sounds like an unusual request, but help me. Would it be possible for you to show me your bruises, while they’re still fresh?”

“You mean now?” Sally was surprised. She knew she was telling whoppers, but was fairly confident that she was getting away with it. Could this detective wreck her story by looking at her marks? She didn’t think so.

“Yes, please. It will greatly help my investigation. I’m sure you want as strong a case against Mr. Anderson as possible. Help me, please.”

Sally nodded. She stood up and held her face to the sunlight in the window, letting the detective stand near her and inspect it. Her eye was swelled almost shut and the bruise her mother had made turned her cheek purple and swelled her nose. “Yes, that black eye looks real painful. It’s about the right age, too. May I see your bruised ribs, please?”

“But I’m not wearing a bra,” she protested.

“I’m a professional miss. I’m married and I have three girls your age. I’ve seen breasts before. I won’t hurt you.”

Sally nodded uncertainly and loosened the belt on her robe. She parted her robe, revealing in full her large right breast, her dark nipple hardening in the cool air. She pulled her arm out of the sleeve and raised it, exposing the bruised rib and giving the detective a clear view. He asked her to turn to the light. The sharp sunlight cast a shadow of her breast onto the floor behind her. The detective moved his face close, examining her ribs carefully. She could feel his body heat and smell his aftershave lotion. His tie dangled to brush the hand holding her robe closed. He lightly brushed the scrapes left by Nancy’s booted foot, his hand seeming to linger on her warm young flesh.

“Yes, yes. That’s totally consistent. I’m sorry if I’m embarassing you, miss, but this is essential. Sometimes people try to frame others and bruise themselves in advance, on purpose. I’m sure you’re not doing that, but Mr. Anderson’s defense attorney will be sure to raise the question. The report said your thigh was also bruised. May I see that, also?”

Sally let her robe go, leaning back and holding her bruised leg out for inspection. The robe flowed around her leg, off her free arm and hung from her other shoulder. Her pubic area was clearly exposed, the womanly swell of her hips accentuated by the curving folds of the robe. The detective knelt in front of her and examined the bruise. It was a violent purple swelling, like the other two, with no sign of the yellowing that marked older bruises.

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Sailing Lessons Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is a continuation of the story “Sailing Lessons”. This will probably make more sense if you’ve read that first.

I came up from the groggy depths of a sound sleep the next morning to the sound of rain pattering on the roof of the cabin. I’m not the kind of guy who just pops awake in the morning, jumps up and hammers down coffee and breakfast. It seemed like it was going to be a perfect morning to sleep in, and since I was on vacation, why not? I rolled over and was surprised to find myself nestled into the backside of a warm, nude, female form. In my sleepy state, my first thought was of Louise, but then I remembered that she was in Germany, and I was here at the cabin, on my own. Then I remembered Louise’s niece Audrey, a sassy, precocious young thing that had matured from a geeky teenager a few years ago to sexy young woman.

It wasn’t much of a surprise that she was here, I guess. I suppose the same hormones that had transformed her from the skinny adolescent into the curvy sexpot beside me were also responsible for her overactive libido. In an episode of what was probably really poor judgment, I had given in to her seduction, and I was now apparently her teacher (and her toy). She was fascinated with all things sexual, (and had a particular fascination with penises and sperm, it seemed). She was creative and funny, though, and I wondered who was teaching who. At this point, I satisfied myself with being the object of her lust, and wrapped my arm around her and cupped one of her luscious breasts.

“Mmmmmm.” She murmured, and wiggled her backside against me. I snuggled up against her and felt my erection starting to grow in my boxers.

“When did you slip in here?” I asked, just out of curiosity.

“I snuck over here a little before dawn.” She said in a sleepy voice. “I couldn’t bring myself to wake you, so I just crawled in with you.”

“Thanks for letting me sleep in.” I said, as I massaged her right breast and rolled the nipple to a hard point. She responded by wiggling her butt against me, and obviously felt my cock lodged between the cheeks of her ass.

“Seems like your starting to wake up now though.” She said, reaching behind her. In one deft move, she managed to slip the head of my dick through the opening in the boxers and position it between her legs. Once tucked in between her legs, it was in a perfect position to slide along the soft lips of her warm pussy, as her hips rocked back and forth. She started with a slow delicious movement, savoring the warmth between her legs.

I rocked my hips as well, and I could feel her hand go between her legs in front and guide the head of my prick so it made direct contact with her clit. I could feel my cock parting her pouting nether lips as it slid back and forth. It didn’t take long for the warm furrow to become slippery, and her movements became more and more focused and regular. The feel of her fingers holding the head of my cock in contact with her pussy as it slid back and forth was stimulating both of us. Audrey made sure the head of my cock slid over her clit with every stroke, and it didn’t take long for her juices to coat the bulbous head of my prick. As good as that felt to me, it was still better when I felt her force the head into her opening, and my cock slipped into her up to the hilt.

“Mmmm, that feels good!” She said in a husky whisper as I began to stroke in and out of her. “Just keep doing it just like that.”

I had no intention of doing anything different, as my baser instincts had taken control, and the feel of my manhood sliding into that warm slippery glove made thoughts of everything else impossible. I was overcome with the warmth and softness of Audrey’s skin, the smell of her hair, and the sound of her breathing, as it caught in her throat every time my cock would slide up inside of her.

I started to pound into her as far as possible, and her hips bucked back and gyrated as if mounted on ball bearings. I could feel her hand between her legs again. She was feeling my cock as it slid into her, and trying to reach my balls to give them a squeeze. Not quite managing to hold my balls on the outstroke, she began rubbing her clit, and the energy level ratcheted quickly upward to the point of explosion. I could feel the muscles of her pussy clutching and milking my cock. It wasn’t very long before we were both trying to force it as deep as we could. We reached the inevitable point of no return rather quickly.

As I plunged my cock deep into the depths and unloaded a bucket of sperm in her warm pussy, I could hear her whispered gasps of “Oh yeah, come inside, come inside!” She ground her ass against me with her orgasm, and we both finally just lay there panting. We lay there, with my arm wrapped around her and my softening member still lodged deep inside of her.

Neither of us moved at all for a bit until I started to slip out of her.

“I don’t suppose you brought a towel.” I said.

“Nope.” She replied as she rolled up and out of bed, clutching her hand to her mound to keep pendik escort the wetness from running out, and turned to face me. As she stood there, right in front of me, she apparently changed her mind and removed her hand. She posed for me, giving me an unobstructed view of her exquisite body, and purposely allowed the sperm to drool from her pussy and run down her thigh. She stood right in front of me so I could watch the large glob of white, creamy goo make its way southward.

My gazed was riveted to the spectacle she presented to me, but eventually I looked up to find her watching me intently. When our eyes met, she smiled and winked at me.

“You like?” She asked, batting her eyes and giving me her most innocent look.

“You are so naughty!” I said with genuine admiration.

“You really think so?” She asked, as she swiped a big gob of cum from her thigh, and held her finger in front of her face so it would drip onto her outstretched tongue. She kept her gaze fixed on me as she swallowed and smacked her lips.

I could only lay there with my head propped up on my elbow and nod.

She turned and wiggled her butt at me and then scampered into the bathroom around the corner. I could hear her peeing.

“Do you think it’ll clear up enough that we can go sailing today?” she asked from the bathroom.

“I kind of doubt it.” I said. “I think it’s probably going to rain most of the day from the look of it.”

“What are we going to do today then?” she asked coming out of the bathroom, and pulling the closed curtain aside just enough to look out the window.

“Well,” I said, swinging my feet out of bed and admiring that perfect ass as she stood, facing away from me, “I’ll probably try and wire the cable into the big cabin down at the point. It’s empty right now, so it’d be a good time to do it.”

“I thought we could just spend the day in bed,” Audrey said, smirking at me as she turned and ran a finger sensuously down her tummy and back up again.

“Don’t you think someone might get a little suspicious?” I asked, as I slipped into the bathroom and started taking a leak.

“Don’t be so paranoid.” Audrey said, following me into the bathroom. She slipped her arms around me and her right hand slid down and under mine to take control of my prick as I peed. I couldn’t stop peeing, but since she seemed to have it aimed in about the right spot, I let her drive, and reached behind me to give Audrey’s butt a squeeze.

As the yellow stream slowed to a trickle, Audrey milked the last few drops out and gave it a little shake. She pulled gently on my cock a few more times, and felt it start to twitch back to life.

“Shaking it more than three times is playing with it.” I said looking down at her as she leaned around me to see what she was doing.

“Really?” she asked, looking up at me. “Is that like a bad thing?”

I just grinned at her. She looked back at what she was doing, and started stroking my cock with a purpose. As it came back to life a little more with each stroke, Audrey moved around in front of me, and putting the lid down on the stool, sat right in front of me, all the time stroking my cock. She leaned forward and took the head in her mouth. She was using both hands as well, stroking my shaft and fondling my balls. Soon, her head was bobbing up and down on my slick shaft, sucking my cock in as far as it would go, and then pulling it out just far enough that she could swirl her tongue under the purple head.

“You know you’re really good at that, don’t you?” I asked.

“Mmm-hmm!” she mumbled around my dick. She did pull it out then, and looking up, said, “You taste like me.” She maintained eye contact with me as she replaced her mouth around my dick and continued bobbing and fondling and stroking.

“Whoa, baby,” I said, “in a few seconds here, it’s going to taste a whole lot more like me.” I reached over and hung onto the towel rack for balance, because my knees were starting to feel weak.

Audrey just hummed a low, vibrating hum around my cock that just pushed me right over the edge. I spewed in a big way, considering that I had just cum a few minutes ago. Audrey kept the head in her mouth and swallowed as she used her hand to milk the last drops of cum from my cock. As my cock quit pulsing and twitching, she pulled it out and inspected it closely. She squeezed one last drop of cum from the tip, and leaned forward to lick it off. She let go of my shriveling prick and stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck. She plastered her mouth to mine in an open-mouthed kiss, forcing her tongue into my mouth so I could taste for myself.

“You were right!” She said brightly, “It does taste like you now, don’t you think?”

I gave her buns a squeeze, and had to agree with her. We stood there in a warm embrace, tongues intertwined, and I savored the feel of her skin against me. Her breasts pressed into my chest, and she ground her sopping pussy against me. If she was hoping to make me hard once more this morning, it was simply not to be. She gave escort pendik me a last little kiss and then went to the cabin door, and took a raincoat and rain hat from the hook just inside the door.

“I suppose I should sneak back to my cabin and get a shower and get dressed.” She said, putting the raincoat on.

“Where’s your clothes?” I asked.

“What clothes?” She replied with a twinkle in her eye, and putting on her flip-flops and rain hat, slipped out the door.

I stood and stared for a bit, and decided to get dressed and go down to the lodge for some coffee.

I walked into the dining room of the lodge, and hung my raincoat up on the coat rack. Albert and Edna were sitting at the table next to the kitchen and waved at me to come and join them. Judith was sitting to the left of Edna, working on a plate of pancakes. I grabbed myself a cup of coffee and sat down across from the three of them. Albert was just finishing a bowl of cereal, and Edna was just sipping coffee.

“Pretty drippy day today, eh?” Edna observed.

“Yeah,” I replied, stirring some cream into my coffee. “Is the rain supposed to last long?”

Albert looked up from his cereal and said, “It should clear up by tomorrow.”

I glanced over at Judith, and noticed her watching me. She really had a pretty face. I hadn’t paid much attention to her before, but she looked especially nice this morning. Maybe it was because she looked like she was wearing just a little hint of makeup.

“We’ve noticed how much time you’ve been spending with Audrey,” Edna started, looking me right in the eye.

Oh shit!! I thought. This didn’t sound good. I sat there and stared at Edna for a second, paralyzed. I began to imagine the trouble I could be in if they suspected that I was boinking young Audrey. I took a deep breath and fought down the rising panic.

“Oh, it really hasn’t been all that much time.” I said. My life was starting to flash in front of my eyes.

“Well, we saw you out on the sailboat with her, and she was telling us how you’ve been teaching her about setting up the network and all…” Edna continued. I happened to glance over at Judith. She was sensuously licking at the syrup that was about to drip off a forkful of pancakes poised before her mouth. Then she put the forkful in her mouth and slowly chewed while she finally made eye contact with me. I blinked in disbelief. I looked back at Edna and Albert.

Edna took a sip of coffee and went on. “…and we just couldn’t help but notice.”

My mind was racing. Were Edna and Albert trying to give me a friendly warning? Or would they tell Louise that I spent my entire vacation sniffing around her gorgeous young niece? Maybe I’d just wind up at the bottom of the lake in cement overshoes. Who knows with this family? I took a sip of coffee and glanced nervously back at Judith, trying to act nonchalant. Judith had put her index finger in her mouth to slowly lick the syrup off of it. To me, it looked like she was fellating her finger. Everything was starting to happen in slow motion, it seemed.

I couldn’t help but notice that Judith’s clingy top was cut low enough to show off the tops of her breasts. They weren’t large, but were nicely shaped, and I wondered why I hadn’t noticed them before. Judith was also wearing a black choker, which caught my eye for some reason. I wrestled my attention back to the conversation I was having with Edna.

“Oh, I think Audrey was just a little bored, and I was just teaching her how to sail the Princess.” I started. My eyes darted from Albert, who was drinking the sugar sludge from his cereal bowl, seemingly oblivious to the conversation, to Edna, stirring her coffee, to Judith, who now had another forkful of pancakes in front of her mouth, and was pouting. The tip of her pink tongue delicately lapped the dab of syrup from the pancakes. I thought I saw it gently part the layers of the pancakes, and give the crease a subtle flick.

Wow, I thought, did I actually just see that, or am I just so freaked out that I’m starting to see things?

“Well, we just think it’s wonderful of you to take the time to give Audrey sailing lessons, and teach her some skills that she can use in life.” Edna said to me as she reached over and gave my free hand a squeeze.

“Excuse me?” I said, tearing my eyes away from Judith “eating” her pancakes, and focusing on Edna.

“Teaching her to work with that electronic stuff is probably expanding her horizons in more ways than one.” Edna said. “I think it’s good that she gets some experience with some things that aren’t traditionally female roles.”

“Uh, yeah,” I said, “She’s such a willing student that it’s pretty easy to teach her new things.” I said, breathing a sigh of relief as I realized that probably hadn’t really been busted. I tried to breathe normally, but my heart was still pounding so hard it was a bit difficult.

Judith put her fork down and said, “You know, I’d really love to go sailing sometime.” She gave me her sweetest, most innocent look and batted her eyes pendik escort bayan a bit. “Do you suppose I could tag along the next time you and Audrey go sailing?”

“Of course,” I said, “but I doubt it’ll clear up enough today.”

“Oh, that’s OK,” Judith said, “We’ve got all week.”

Just then, Fred showed up at our table with a pot of coffee.

“More coffee?” He asked. I gratefully took some, but Edna and Albert declined, and got up to leave.

“Like some more pancakes?” He asked Judith, who looked up and smiled sweetly at Fred and shook her head no.

“How about you Dave?” Fred asked. “Did you want some pancakes?”

“Uh, No thanks, Fred.” I said. “I’ll just have a little coffee this morning. Then I need to get the cabin on the point hooked up while it’s empty.”

Fred went back into the kitchen, and Judith got up and put her plates and silverware in the tub by the kitchen.

“Do you like my new choker?” Judith asked. I looked at her dumbly for a second. She was about Audrey’s age, but was very different from Audrey. She had honey blonde hair, and was quite slender by comparison. She didn’t have Audrey’s flaring hips and big boobs. Judith did, however, have a beautifully shaped, body, and long legs.

“Uh, sure!” I said, “It’s cute. What’s that pendant?” I asked, “Some sort of coin?”

Judith brightened up at my interest, and said, “It’s a real golden Roman coin.” She was standing across the table from me, and to give me a better view, leaned across the table, resting her elbows on the table, and holding the pendant out with one hand. She was giving me a better view all right. Her top fell open so I could just see her perky little breasts, topped with cute little nipples. Unlike Audrey, Judith had apparently spent very little time tanning topless. I pretended to examine the gold coin on her choker, but my gaze was focused a little further down. Judith stood there patiently letting me examine her treasure until I finally said “Cool choker!”

She stood up, smiled and said “See ya later!” and headed for the door. I couldn’t help but stare at that cute little butt in those little shorts and those long legs as she walked away from me.

She retrieved a raincoat, since it was still raining pretty steadily, and turned and said, “Let me know if you need any help with your project. There isn’t a lot to do today anyway.”

“Sure!” I said cheerfully, and just sat there for a bit and stared after her as she stepped into the drizzle outside and closed the door behind her. I was still staring at the door when Fred sat down beside me with his cup of coffee.

“She’s sure looking nice today, isn’t she?” He observed.

“You got that right, Fred.” I agreed.

Later that afternoon, the rain was still coming down in a steady drizzle, and I had managed to get the cable pulled into the big cabin on the point, and I was glad to be someplace dry and warm. This cabin was going to have a bunch of outlets, and I needed to wire up a hub somewhere inconspicuous. I had found a place under the bar by the kitchen where it would fit nicely, but I was going to have to install it by laying flat on my back with my head and shoulders inside the little access hole in the wall on the side of built-in bar. I had just managed to get myself situated when I heard the outside door open and someone step inside.

“Hello?” came Audrey’s voice from the other room.

“In here!” I called.

From my point of view, all I could see was Audrey’s legs and the bottom of a raincoat as she walked in. I wondered absently if she had worn any clothes under the raincoat this time. I could hear her toss the raincoat over one of the bar stools.

“What the heck are you doing in there?” Audrey asked.

“I’m fastening this hub to the inside of the bar.” I said. “I can hide the wires and the whole mess that way.”

“Need any help?” She asked.

“You might hand me the screwdriver on the bar.” I said, suddenly glad that Audrey had showed up to help, and I wouldn’t have to wriggle in and out of this little hole every time I needed something.

“Oohh, so you plan to do some screwing?” She said, as she knelt down, straddling me, and handing the screwdriver into the hole. When I took the screwdriver from her, she sat back, straddling me and planting herself right on my groin.

“Why yes I am.” I replied, looking down. About all I could see was Audrey’s thighs up to the bottom of her breasts. She was apparently wearing one of the outfits she had found the other night in Uncle Ed’s cabin. The red satin bra looked familiar anyway.

Audrey wiggled her bottom for effect and said, “I’m not distracting you, am I?” She could obviously feel my erection growing in my shorts.

“Not at all,” I said, determined to get this job done somehow, in spite of Audrey teasing me like this. As I fastened the hub in place with a couple of screws, Audrey was doing her best to make me think of something besides getting this little job done. She was rubbing herself against me, and in spite of the fact that a couple of layers of fabric separated us, I could tell that her pussy was pressing directly against my cock, which was now fully hard, and threatening to poke its head out of the waistband of my shorts.

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