Chaining Khym

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Author’s note:

This is the sequel to my story Claiming Khym. I hadn’t initially planned to go further with these characters, but with encouragement from readers (thank you!) I realized there was more to their story.

As with the first installment, I had assistance with the female perspective. A friend of mine (a Lit contributor) read drafts and fragments of the story as I wrote it. Her assistance was vital for getting inside the head of the female character, Khym. I hope that my writing does justice to that help.

This is a work of fiction. All characters are over age eighteen. Thanks for reading!


“Full house, tens and twos. Pay up, ladies!”

“Son of a bitch!” said James, throwing his cards down in disgust. Kelvin gleefully collected the pot as the others groaned, leaning back in their chairs or staring ruefully at their shrinking piles of chips.

James, though he had lost more hands than he cared to admit, nonetheless smiled. The evening of male companionship, poker, and whisky was the perfect antidote to a rough week at the office. Blues played in the background.

“You’re doing well tonight, Kelvin,” Marc said. He was the youngest of the group, and the newest addition to their sporadic poker night ritual. “You sure you don’t have something up your sleeve?”

Kelvin had finished collecting his winnings and now stacked chips into neat piles. “No. I have something in my pants, though. You wanna see?”

“Sure,” said Marc. “Lemme get a microscope or something.”

Neil snorted. The four were gathered around James’s dining table, well into their second hour of cards. James, who handled his liquor well, was wrapped in the pleasant glow of a mild intoxication. His glass was empty.

“Kelvin,” he said. “Your turn to pick.”

“Huh? Oh.” Catching James’s meaning, the stocky man went to the liquor cabinet to peer within. “Did we try the Balvenie? The fourteen?”

“The Caribbean Cask? No.” All four men shared an appreciation for Scotch.

“Love this one,” said Kelvin, bringing the bottle to the table.

It was Marc’s turn to deal, but the group took a break to enjoy the spirit. A favorite blues guitarist played. The track deserved to be louder, but James was too content to get up and adjust the volume.

“Just a touch sweet,” James said to no one in particular.

“I can’t make that out,” Neil said. “I like it though.”

James’s phone buzzed in his pocket. A rare text on a Friday night. He checked.

Miss you

Khym. Irritated, James pocketed the phone. She knew not to pester him, especially on the weekends. Didn’t she have a life?

“Marc, you still bangin’ that chick? That tall chick?” This from Kelvin. As the youngest, Marc’s sex life routinely was the object of curiosity.

“Yeah,” he said casually. “We bang. What about you? You bangin’ anyone?”

“No,” said Kelvin. “I’m married. Married guys don’t bang. It’s like you’re not paying attention, Marc.” Both Neil and Kelvin were known to gripe about their home lives.

“She’s alright,” Neil said, referring to Marc’s girlfriend. “Any chick who’ll let you out on a Friday night and bang you on a Saturday is a keeper. Don’t lose that one.”

“Don’t lose her,” agreed Kelvin. He took a sip. “And don’t marry her.”

James’s pocket vibrated, announcing another text. Sighing inwardly, he checked it, and almost choked on his whisky. Instead of a text, Khym had sent him a photo of his backyard. The young woman must be in the alley. Incredible. He considered his options. Absolutely, his sub couldn’t be ignored. She’d be sure to become increasingly anxious, creating in her mind fantastic scenarios in which James had lost interest in her or found another sub. Equally concerning, she shouldn’t be lingering in the alley. James’s urban neighborhood was gentrifying but still rough around the edges. A beautiful young woman like Khym would be nothing more than prey.

“What is it?” Neil had caught James gaping at his phone.

Making up his mind, James made a loud, exaggerated sigh. “It’s my neighbor. He’s hauling out a piece of furniture and wants my help. Just take a few minutes.” He rose.

“What?” asked Marc. “It’s almost ten. You want some help?”

“No, it’s cool, thanks.” James turned up the volume on the stereo. “This is a great track!” Before anyone else could object, he popped down the stairs.

James’s basement was in transition. The previous owner had laid it out as a kids’ playroom. Having no need for such a space, James had pulled up some of the carpet to make room for a workbench. In addition, he had roughed-out a small room that he planned to finish as a wine cellar. For now it was little more than studs, wiring, and a bare patch of concrete floor. A small guest room and bath remained.

Still cursing with irritation, James flicked off the outside security lights and stepped into the late spring night. His eyes slowly adjusted. He caught a glimpse of movement. Ataşehir Olgun Escort

“Master,” Khym said quietly as James approached. They stood on either side of the chain-link gate that separated James’s backyard from the alley. “I’m sorry! I missed you!”

“What the fuck, Khym?” James shook his head in disbelief. Khym had come to the house once with Chip when they were still dating. That must be how she’d known where to find him.

“I’m sorry, Master!” Khym repeated. Dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a torn tee, she looked feminine and enticing. She wrung her hands nervously about, darting a look down the alley before returning her gaze to James. “It’s been a month. I… I didn’t know…”

“It’s only been two weeks, Khym. Goddammit!”

Her eyes pleaded with him. “I want… can I stay with you, please?”

“What?” James was incredulous. “No, no, Khym. We talked about this. You can’t stay. You aren’t even supposed to be here.” It was James’s turn to look around the alley. “Go home. I’ll call you tomorrow.” He turned to go.

“No, no!” Desperate hands clutched at him. “No, please!” There was a frantic edge to her voice that James hadn’t picked up on before.

Before Khym could further raise her voice James spun. He clamped one hand across her mouth and with the other seized her shoulder. “Shhhhhh!” Her eyes were wide, feral. Whatever was going on in her mind, he had no alternative. James would have to find some way to take her in. He cursed.

Unlatching the gate, James guided his sub to the back of the house. He pressed his ear against the door and was rewarded with the thumping bass of the stereo. He’d be able to take Khym inside without the others hearing him.

James opened the door before something stopped him. He was treating Khym like a guest, not property.

“Top off,” he said.

“What?” Khym took a hesitant step toward the door.

James barred her way with a raised arm. “Take your top off,” he repeated, resolve heavy in his voice.

Again Khym looked longingly at the open door, then to James. She lowered her head. “Yes, Master.” She wriggled out of her top. Khym’s skin looked pale, almost ghostlike in the near dark. A simple black bra protected her modesty.

James felt a tinge of arousal. With two weeks passed since their last session, he was more than ready. He grabbed a breast roughly, pawing the girl’s firm flesh through the fabric of the bra. He pinched her nipple hard. Khym gasped.

“Shhhhh,” James cautioned. “Be a good pet and don’t make a sound.” Locking his eyes on hers, James again pinched her nipple. He held it firmly. Khym’s lips parted, but this time she kept silent. When her brow knitted in pain, James let go.

“Good. Now your bra.”

The girl scrambled to comply, unhooking the bra and quickly sliding the straps down her arms. Her buoyant breasts popped free. Eager to play with her body, but increasingly attentive to how long he had been absent from the game, James merely took in the sight before proceeding.

“Jeans and shoes. Quickly now.”

Again, Khym obeyed, kicking loose her sandals before awkwardly wriggling from the tight fabric of her jeans. Amazing, James thought, how quickly a touch of pain made her compliant. Without being told to do so, Khym tugged off her thong panties. She stood naked, protected only by the incomplete darkness of a city night.

“Hands and knees,” he said. “Crawl.”

Flashing him a brief, unreadable glance, Khym sank to the grass. Her black hair spilled across her back and over one shoulder. The girl’s splendid ass was raised invitingly. A flicker of distant light moved across them, followed by the crunch of gravel. Music pounded from an approaching car.

“Crawl,” James hissed.

Khym did, passing from the tender grass to the cold floor of her master’s basement. The door shut behind her.


Her mind torn with conflicting impulses, Khym crawled into darkness. Her knees scraped first against concrete, then the steel and rubber of the door frame. She sensed James close behind, urging her forward before the approaching car again might throw its light upon them. At last her hands felt the carpet. She was safe. Music, dulled to only its bass, pressed in from above.

With a soft click, James flicked on an outside light. Enough wan illumination reached into the room for Khym to make it out. The basement was split. Utilitarian carpet covered one half of the room and continued up the plain stairs to the upper level. The opposite side was bare concrete with a workbench and a wheeled, bright red tool locker. It was in this direction that her master now steered her.

“You missed me, huh?” James’s voice was a barely audible but menacing whisper. “Don’t say a fucking word!” At some point he must have picked up her things. These he threw down beside her.

Khym dared a look at her master. James had a stern, determined set to his jaw. He stared down Ataşehir Sarışın Escort at her with a range of emotions she couldn’t hope to decipher. Anger, certainly. She had been convinced he would be glad to see her. Or was she lying to herself? She missed the man. She missed the certainty of their relationship, the absolutes that made up their shared vocabulary. With James, there was none of the dance that more conventional relationships demanded. No negotiations. He commanded and she obeyed.

Tugging at her hair, James yanked Khym half upright. She tottered, knees complaining against the unyielding concrete. Somehow, she resisted crying out in pain.

“This is what you wanted.” Something cold brushed her, bouncing lightly against Khym’s back. Before she could puzzle out what was happening, James released her hair and began tying her wrists. Lashing tighter, he moved on to bind her lower arms together, then elbows, then with a final loop, her upper arms. Khym’s shoulders were pulled back, thrusting her chest forward.

Still standing behind her, James stroked her face tenderly, then not so tenderly. She felt the press of something rough and unyielding against her cheek. “Or rather,” James said, “this is what you wanted.” It was the collar. Khym could smell the leather, and something of her own scent, the combination both cruel and comforting. She raised her chin, exposing her neck to accept the leather band.

Instead, James tossed it to the floor. It skidded to lay empty on the bare concrete of the garage floor. Her master walked to the bottom of the stairs. He called back to her in a low, flat voice.

“Do you want to wear that again?”

Fear shot through her. What had she done? Khym tried to speak, but found her throat tight. She could only nod mutely. The collar lay stark and lonely, meaningless without the hand that bound it to her.

“Think about it then,” James said. His voice carried a hint of fatigue, of disappointment. “I’m going to play cards now. If you make a fucking sound it’s over.” He trudged to the top of the stairs before stopping again. He flicked off the light. “You better hope I win a few hands.”


“… no, I’m saying that without struggle, without something to fight for, life is meaningless.” Neil was lecturing the others.

“So, hold on,” Marc said. He raised his eyes, registering James’s return, but returned to the conversation. “You’re saying I give you all the money you need, beautiful women throwing themselves at you, no need to work, a big fucking yacht… whatever.” He spread his arms. “Everything. And you won’t be happy?”

“For a while, of course. But you’re going to get bored. There’s no purpose, no meaning to it.” Neil spoke with increasing animation. The man was several years younger than James, and had a runner’s slim build. His glass was empty, but nonetheless he waved it for emphasis. “Life has to have meaning!”

Kelvin sighed loudly, turning toward James. “See what happens when you leave us unsupervised?”

“Does someone need to go into time out?” James spoke with forced humor, but inside a swell of relief surged. There was no sign the others had seen or heard anything of his encounter with Khym.

“Help me out here,” Neil said, exasperated.

The group was still assembled at the dining room table, a scratched and weathered slab that James had claimed in the divorce. It still bore the marks where decades prior Chip had attempted to carve his name. He sat.

“I am going to back you up, Neil.” He poured a touch more whisky while the others gauged him, unsure whether to expect sincerity or a joke. “Everyone needs something, either work, a challenge of some sort, someone who depends on them…” He let the sentence trail off, thinking of Khym. Exploring the woman’s need to be controlled had woken in him something unfathomed. It was more than just sex.

Marc nodded his head in mock acceptance. “There is someone who depends one me,” he said, emptying his glass. “His name is Johnnie Walker.”


The door eased shut, muffling the sounds of Neil, Kelvin, and Marc as they argued their way toward the street. James exhaled. The detritus of the evening could wait. He was more than a bit buzzed, and during gaps between the last few hands had fantasized freely about the young woman, naked and bound, in his basement. It was time for play.

Leaving the basement lights off, James navigated the stairs by feel, letting each thump of heel against step hang in the air. Khym would be able to make out his silhouette, but not read his expression. As his own eyes adjusted, James could see that she hadn’t moved far from the workbench. With his approach, Khym hung her head.

James said nothing. He stroked Khym’s hair, tenderly at first, then grabbed a fistful of black curls. He twisted her head toward him. Her eyes were wide and fearful, searching him for some clue. Still holding her, James fished out his cock. He pressed Ataşehir Şişman Escort the full, soft organ against her face, sliding it across her cheek and mouth. Khym parted her lips, but James ignored the offer. Instead, he continued to her other cheek, a trace of saliva on his shaft. He repeated the motion.

“You know I can get laid, get a blowjob, right?” Again, James rubbed his cock against Khym’s face, smearing the globs of saliva. He pushed his cock against her eyes and nose. “I mean, I don’t have trouble getting pussy.”

Khym nodded quietly, eyes downcast.

“So what makes you special, Khym?” He was hard now. “Why should I put up with this? Someone who doesn’t listen to what the fuck I tell her?”

“I’m, I’m sorry,” she gasped. “I didn’t know-”

“You don’t have to know! Goddammit!” James pressed the head of his cock against her lips. “You only have to listen to me, do what I say.” Still gripping her hair, he began to push. His cock violated her mouth. “Take it.”

Khym obeyed, stretching her mouth to accept his eager shaft. Her eyes slid shut. Roughly, James stuffed her mouth with cock. He would take what he wanted tonight. If in the morning she still wished to be his slave he would consider it. She would have to earn back his trust.


The wait was excruciating, as much for the press of the unyielding concrete against Khym’s flesh as for the gnawing uncertainty. She sat, shifting positions every few minutes, hoping to keep the hard chill from her bones. But no amount of mental gyrations could protect Khym from her own misgivings. Coming to him so impulsively had been a mistake. It was so clear now. Fears played in her head without relent. Fears that he would discard her, cast her away as he had the collar. The minutes dragged.

Now, with James’s cock stuffed into her mouth Khym again wrestled with her demons. On one hand, their relationship fell at least partially back into place. Kneeling, mouth stretched to accommodate him, Khym found herself in the comforting territory of sub. She had but to please her man. If she could satisfy him, accept his punishment, and prove her worth, things between them would be set right.

And yet, it was incomplete. He hadn’t bothered to collar her. That had been their constant these many weeks. James would collar her before taking his pleasure. With the collar her place was clear. She was his property. Her man would take care of that which he owned. But what of a woman he merely used?

There was no time to consider such abstracts. The organ filling Khym’s mouth demanded her attention, would not be denied. She accepted it, the now familiar bulging veins rippling past her lips before journeying deeper, the steadying presence of James’s hand clenching her hair, keeping her mouth in the optimal position. The older man pulled out before plunging forward yet again.

Khym remembered one recent session. James had lain, almost passively, while she sucked him to the brink of release. With his hands curled into her hair there had been the ever-present possibility of a correction, but he hadn’t forced himself into her mouth that day. Instead, careful to recall every clue her master had offered her, Khym had relentlessly pleasured him. With plenty of attention to his plump balls, and doing her best not to gag when his cock jerked and bucked into her mouth, Khym had coaxed a crashingly powerful orgasm out of James. Her mouth had filled with thick seed as her man howled with ecstasy.

Their encounter tonight would follow no such script. Angry and buzzed, James was in no mood to let Khym control their encounter. Rather than let her adjust her position to please him, the older man kept a painful grip on her hair while pumping her mouth like he might her pussy. Again and again his cock invaded the back of her throat. Khym nearly retched.

“That’s right,” James said. “Offer up your mouth.”

“Guh, guh, guh…” The rhythmic sound of Khym’s gagging filled the room. Saliva flowed in thick strands down her chin and neck, sometimes swinging free to slap against her breasts. She was at her limit. And yet, hope surged in her. The familiar contours of his cock comforted her even as the fat organ tested her abilities. James was ragingly hard. The man still wanted her.


“Fuck,” James groaned. He pulled free, his cock springing up eagerly. Khym, crouching before him, looked up, desperation in her eyes. The girl’s face was slick with saliva and tears.

“You didn’t answer my question.” James pressed his cock against her face.

“Wh-what question?” She searched him for any clue.

“What’s special about you?” His eyes bored into her. “Why should I put up with your shit?”

“I… I… I don’t know, master.”

“No,” agreed James. “I don’t know either.” He pressed his cock against her cheek, smearing her makeup. “Except…”

“What?” Khym clung desperately to the possibility of an answer.

“You give yourself to me completely. Not just your mouth and your pussy.” James eyed her, an even deeper arousal growing within him.

“Yes!” Khym’s eyes were bright. “Yes, everything!”

“Stand then,” James said, yanking his sub to her feet. Her eyes flickered toward the collar, still laying empty on the floor. “You want that?”

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Koh Samui Afternoon

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After our holiday in Goa where we had our fist swinging experience, we took off in a couple of months to Thailand for a short break. After a couple of days of shopping in Bangkok we flew down to Samui. I am Raj 40yrs, 5’10”, 170 lbs. very overworked and very fit. I take time off from the office to hit the gym or pool at 8 pm everyday. My wife Priya is also very fit 5’4″, 115 lbs. with a 34b-25-34 figure. She is a 33 fair and with her highlighted hair and dress sense always makes heads turn. We both look much younger than our age and have been told on occasion. She is quite vivacious whereas I am quite the introvert.

We had booked a private villa near Chaweng, as we wanted to be near the nightlife as well as have our own private space. The villa came with restricted maid and cook service. The maid coming in to clean the villa for a couple of hours while the cook came in at 11 a.m. and again at 5.30 p.m. We were pretty much left to ourselves for the rest of the time. I had rented a Suzuki jeep to get around the island in case we needed to go anywhere.

We drove into Nathon to stock up for groceries, beer and other essentials. We were just about getting into our vehicle a young Thai man handed us a flyer. As our hands were full with plastic grocery bags we just stuffed it into one of the bags and drove off.

On reaching the villa we unpacked the groceries and out fell the flyer. It was for visiting massages at your home or hotel, the list included regular Thai, sensual and couple massages among others, a local number was listed for booking the massages.

“What exactly is a couple massage, I mean does a couple massage you or do we get massaged together,” inquired Priya.

“Well it’s like this, we get massaged together by a couple. A male would massage you and a female would do me,” I replied.

“Hmmm interesting don’t you think. Would these be nude massages?” she said.

“Yes,” I nodded, “Do you want to try one.”

“I’m very tempted,” she said. “We are in a totally secluded place and I have no qualms about being nude and massaged by strangers, it’s not like we’ll ever see them again.”

I made the call and spoke to the lady at the other end of the line, somehow I managed to book a couple massage as I struggled to understand her heavily accented English. We negotiated rates 1800 baht each for an hour, 200 baht transportation and an extra 500 baht per additional hour. She gave us physical descriptions of the masseur’s available; I gave my preferences opting for young and reasonably attractive candidates (going by the description given by her). I was further informed of a cancellation fee of 500 baht in case we did not approve of our choices. I gave her my address and was promised that we would be enjoying our massages within an hour.

It was close to 1 pm. we sat down and ate a quick lunch after it heating in the microwave. We changed into our swimsuits, I put on a pair of lounging shorts and Priya put on a rather daringly cut string bikini. Grabbing towels and beers we walked towards the lawn to sit on the loungers by the small plunge pool and outdoor Jacuzzi. We had barely finished our beers when the doorbell rang. Walking thru the house I opened the door to find an attractive Thai couple standing there next to a parked moped. They barely looked to be 18, but then Thai’s generally look younger.

“I’m Jim,” said the man, “From Delight massage I believe you ordered for couple massage.”

“Ah yes, please come in,” I said as I led them thru the living room into the lawn. They were both quite slim, Jim was around 5’5 and Nan who had introduced herself was around 5’3.

“How much time for massage?” inquired Jim?

“I think we’ll take a couple of hours at least, what say you sweetheart,” said Priya as she checked Jim out.

Agreeing with her I went inside the house to get the money and some more beers. I returned to find that Priya had already begun her massage. Jim had stripped down to a pair of shorts and was rubbing Priya’s back with oil as she lay on the lounger. He was extremely skinny with not an ounce of fat on his almost hairless body.

Nan Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort too was ready for me stripped down to a blue bikini. She was quite small busted and with her tiny waist and slim hips she looked waifish.

I handed over the money to Nan. She placed it in a small bag they had brought with them. Everybody took my offer of cold beer and I sat back with Nan on a lounger.

Stripping off my shorts I lay down on the lounger. “Feel free to start your massage whenever and wherever you want to,” I grinned.

Nan went wide-eyed as she laid her eyes on my dick.

“So big,” she gasped holding her palms apart. She stared at my very thick uncut semi hard 7.5 incher. Jim too turned to have a look and spoke to Nan in Thai, they both grinned.

Nan turned me over and commenced massaging my back and shoulders. She passed complimentary remarks on the muscle tone of my shoulders and upper back. After about 15 minutes of a regular massage she turned me over and rubbed oil into my hairy chest.

“Can I take your top off?” I asked Nan. She nodded demurely; reaching up I undid her bikini top exposing her small breasts. Her tiny breasts were probably an A cup. She playfully smacked my hand as I rubbed and pinched her small dark nipples.

“Hey no fair,” said Priya as she saw me playing around with Nan. Reaching back she undid her bikini top and guided Jim’s hands to her firm breasts motioning him to massage her breasts. He obliged willingly, eagerly rubbing oil into her chest mounds.

Priya got even more adventurous as she started rubbing Jim’s crotch thru the material of his shorts. He now had an obvious erection and his dick made a small tent within the confines of his shorts. Struggling with Jim’s shorts Priya finally managed to pull the shorts around his knees and expose his erect cock.

He stood less than 5 inches fully erect. His penis was rather thin, like a small-circumcised frankfurter. He let Priya play with his dick and made no move to stop her as she milked him and rubbed his dick against her breasts.

Nan by now had reached my crotch and massaged me to a full erection. She had to use both her hands to caress my cock, as her hand would not close around my thickness.

“Stop Nan, I’m getting horny,” I said as I rose from my lounger and stepped across to Priya and Jim.

Undoing Priya’s bikini bottom I thrust into her shaved pussy with my oil covered cock. Her eyes bulged at my sudden entry and she held onto Jim’s dick as I pounded her. I fucked her hard for a good 20 minutes before I pumped my sterile sperm (courtesy my vasectomy) into her orgasming pussy.

Our respective masseurs had continued massaging our bodies even as we fucked hard in front of them. Jim had continued massaging Priya kneading her breasts and legs while Nan took the opportunity to explore my back and balls.

I rolled off Priya and walked to the outdoor shower to wash my dripping cock. Nan and Jim both accompanied me as I stood under the shower. I let them both wash my dick and balls and felt Jim’s hard dick prodding me as he stood next to me in the shower. I grinned and squeezed his erect cock, which was only slightly thicker than my thumb. His dick could be hidden in my palm and nobody would be able to tell. Jim and Nan both pumped my cock a few times and once again I was standing at full attention.

“So Nan, you want to fuck me?” I asked.

“Very big cock,” she said her eyes displaying apprehension “But I’ll try”.

I asked Jim for a condom and somehow managed to unroll it over my thick sausage. Both Priya and Jim watched as I licked and played with Nan’s pussy to make it wet enough to facilitate my entrance. I smeared my index finger with oil and shoved it within the depth of her vagina. I wanted her well lubed to take my cock.

I rubbed my cock head against her pussy lips and slowly pushed my thick head into her vagina. She wailed as my thickness started penetrated her. Her vagina clamped tight around my cock. She shut her eyes and moaned loudly, thrashing wildly under me, her pussy unused to a penis Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort of this size. Inch by inch I fed my thick cock into her until finally my balls were resting on her butt cheeks. Only then did she open her eyes gazing at me triumphantly, having taken my entire offering into her tight love channel.

I lay still letting her pussy get used to me and letting her vaginal walls generate juices to facilitate any motion. I fucked Nan gently as Jim massaged my cum filled balls and Priya licked Nan’s nipples. She scratched my back and bucked hard against me, her tiny body thrashing under me as she squirmed in the throes of her orgasm. I stopped for a few seconds to let her recover and began pounding her harder. She moaned continuously as I pounded her tiny vaginal opening. I thrust hard until I felt the pressure building in my balls I released my sperm into the condom.

Withdrawing from Nan’s tight love hole I went back under the shower to wash off again.

“Come on Jim, enter me now,” commanded Priya, as she led him to her lounger.

Jim obliged her by rolling on a condom and mounting Priya. His condom cloaked cock slipped easily into the sopping mess I had made earlier in Priya’s pussy. He punched away hard and fast determined to make up for his lack of size.

“It’s just not happening, I can barely feel anything,” complained Priya, as she motioned for him to stop. Jim withdrew his small cock and looked positively dejected.

“Why don’t you do my butt Jim? Just oil it a bit first,” Priya said as she turned over doggie style and offered her virginal arsehole to him.

We had tried anal sex on more than one occasion but I was just too thick for Priya. She had sobbed with pain when I had just put the tip of my dick into her arsehole. But here she had the right candidate for her rear ended pleasure. Jim pushed an oil-smeared finger into her anal channel and placed his condom-covered cock against her arsehole. He pushed gently, aided by the lubrication of Priya’s vaginal juices on his cock. Slowly but surely his erection slid into her virginal arsehole.

As Jim fucked her rear Nan and I moved over and played with Priya’s oiled breasts and unattended clitoris. Jim pounded away hard his cock slipping easily in and out of Priya’s butt. Priya looked to be enjoying Jim’s anal fuck and did not appear to be in any pain or discomfort.

After a short while of thrusting his hips hard Jim squealed as his cock convulsed in Priya’s anal channel emptying his tiny balls into her. As he withdrew we turned Priya over and I pushed Nan’s tiny mouth to Priya’s pussy while I played with her clit. Jim latched onto a nipple his covered dick still standing at attention. She couldn’t handle so much of stimulation and climaxed very quickly. Nan most efficiently lapped up her vaginal juices.

We walked over to the open air shower to wash off our oily and cum stained bodies. Priya and I washed Jim and Nan in turn. I had no hesitation in soaping Jim’s crotch and arsehole. I finger fucked his arsehole with my soapy fingers and jerked and washed his still erect cock while Priya soaped his squirming torso. We did the same to Nan and once again I explored her arsehole with my fingers while Priya shoved a couple of fingers up her pussy.

Nan and Jim made sure to return the favour as they both took turns exploring my arsehole with their fingers. Jim went a step further as he slathered his tongue all over my cock and balls before finding his way into my arsehole. I went weak kneed as his tongue penetrated my tight butt hole. They then washed me thoroughly and then started on Priya.

After having washed the oil off her body Nan attached her lips to Priya’s clit while Jim probed her anus. Both Jim and Nan refused to let up on Priya and continued their oral ministrations until they were rewarded with Priya’s love juices flowing out of her orgasming pussy.

We now turned on the Jacuzzi and squeezed in to relax, Nan sat on my lap while Priya had Jim on hers. We both played with our respective partners. Priya busied herself with Jim’s Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort cock, treating it like her personal toy. She stood him at the edge of the Jacuzzi tub and wrapped her lips around his fully erect cock while finger fucking his arsehole. She managed to take his entire length within the confines of her mouth. Priya gestured to Nan to join her in sucking Jim’s cock; Nan immediately leaned over and washed Jim’s ballsac with her tongue.

“I want to watch you fuck Nan,” said Priya releasing Jim’s erect cock from her mouth.

We got out of the Jacuzzi and settling on the loungers watched as Jim ate Nan’s nearly hairless pussy. I shoved a finger into her warm wet vagina and finger fucked her as Priya helped Jim slip on a condom. She then guided his erection into Nan’s pussy, moving my finger out of the way. Jim’s erect cock slipped in quite easily into Nan’s overstretched pussy.

I stood by as Jim bucked hard against Nan. Moving across I proffered my dick to Nan’s lips even as Jim rode her vigorously. Opening her mouth wide she barely managed to fit the uncircumcised head into her tiny mouth.

Jim fucked hard making up for his lack of size by the sheer vigour of his movements. His rapid thrusts were further enflamed by my wife’s lips and hands on his body. He squealed as Priya stuck a manicured finger into his arsehole, and finger fucked him in rhythm with his strokes with Nan. The double stimulation proved too much for him as he climaxed almost immediately, his softening dick falling from Nan’s dripping pussy as he fell back on his haunches now obviously spent.

Nan moaned in despair as she thrust her hips upwards hoping to find a hard cock for her dripping pussy. Priya pushed Jim aside and latched on hungrily to Nan’s hungry pussy, lapping away and licking her little nub. Nan squirmed and rubbed my dick over her torso enjoying the feel of my hard wet sausage against her breasts.

I asked Jim to join in the fun and as he latched onto Nan’s nipple. Grabbing the back of his head I guided my exposed cock head into his wet mouth. He was able to take more of my cock than Nan had been able to. I face fucked him my balls resting on Nan’s tiny tit. He gagged and struggled to get away as I thrust harder into his warm mouth. But I held his head tight and kept fucking his mouth, till I felt the cum rising in my balls once again.

Just as I was about to ejaculate I pulled my cock out of his mouth and sprayed my come over Nan’s breasts and Jim’s chin.

Jim held my cock and used it to rub my ejaculated fluid onto Nan’s torso. Priya was still licking Nan’s inflamed nub and now inserted her thumb into Nan’s wet pussy. I reached out and twisted Nan’s come lubricated nipples as Priya kept feasting on the young Thai girls pussy.

Nan didn’t last too long after that. Her young body thrashed against my wife’s lips as she reached a satisfying climax.

Finally we lay back spent, our sexual desires sated for now. Priya and I went into the kitchen to get some refreshments. We returned with juice, beer and some cookies. Nan opted for juice and cookies while the rest of us drank beer.

Refreshments done we walked in together to the master bedroom to shower and clean our bodies of now dried sexual fluids. Priya was taken in first by Nan and Jim and thoroughly washed under the hot flowing water. Jim led her out and helped dry her dripping wet body. Nan beckoned to me and I stepped into the shower letting her clean my body of my dried secretions. My dick started inflating again as she ran her soapy hands over the exposed head. Jim too joined in and wasted no time in attacking my arsehole and butt. My dick became semi hard but I could not achieve a full erection. I was too spent for now to have another sexual session.

I stepped out from the shower as Jim and Nan washed their naked bodies. I watched as they hungrily ran their hands over each other, not bothering to join them. I was totally sated for now and not eager to participate in more sexual games.

We paid Nan and Jim for the extra hours that they had spent with us and tipped them handsomely. They thanked us profusely stating that this was one of the best afternoon’s they had spent, and although some amount sexual activities were included with the massage they really put themselves into it as they had thoroughly enjoyed bedding both Priya and me. Finally we kissed them both goodbye and got our still nude bodies into bed to take some well-deserved rest.

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Getting Even Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

It took minutes to dress, by which time their Uber was at the door. In his apartment Peter turned to the girls. “What drinks do you want for a celebration? I have a twenty year old Islay Whisky, and there is a bottle of bubbly in the fridge.”

Whisky seemed to be the drink of choice, but Zoe put hers down decisively and said: “I feel dirty. Can I use your shower, Peter? And you, Dagmar? Come with, you can scrub my back.”

They came back, wrapped in towels, to find Peter at his computer. “Just downloading the video from the bodycams. It seems to be complete, good evidence to have.”

Zoe sat down next to him, rubbing her hair with an end of the towel. “Peter, I feel we did something wrong. I mean, we took revenge, and he deserved it, but somehow I feel…”

“That we, you should have turned the other cheek? That you are now as bad as he was? I can understand that, and I agree, two wrongs do not make it right. But I want you to consider two facts. Firstly he did it because he enjoyed it. You did not, I was watching you. At first your anger took over, but then you hated doing it more and more. Secondly by showing him what he had done to others, making him experience it, just maybe we managed to stop him from doing the same to many other girls. And perhaps his cronies now have something to think about.”

Dagmar nodded. “I think having broken down the leader of such a pack might have broken the group, and individually they would not be so dangerous.”

Zoe shifted on the couch. “But I have to admit that all this has made me very horny. Standing there in that tiny bikini, knowing they would all want to take me, and having the power to control them. To whip that repulsive behind…”

Dagmar slid a hand under the towel. “You were magnificent, wasn’t she, Peter?”

He nodded, watching the two figures leaning towards each other, the towels sliding down to reveal their freshly scrubbed bodies. Zoe smiled at him. “I’m sure you enjoyed the show too, Peter, but we decided to put up a much better one for you. You may even want to arrest us, you know. Take us into custody, see?”

Dagmar lifted her face from where she was kissing Zoe’s ear. “And don’t be so surprised. I prefer girls, and I find this creature delightful, but I don’t mind sharing her with you. I know she is hot for you.”

Peter cocked an eye at Zoe. “May I make love to you, Zoe?”

She looked him in the eye and pushed her hair back, letting the towel slide all the way back as she stood up. Her voice was low. “I want you.”

He held her, aware of Dagmar’s hands Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort on her body, feeling her warm and fragrant against his chest. Hands unbuttoned his clothes, slid the shirt over his back, and he shivered with anticipation.

Zoe offered her face, and he relished the softness of her lips, the wet warmth of her tongue against his. Dagmar nuzzled her neck and nibbled at her ears, and her hands roamed over the soft, yielding globes of her breasts. Then Peter kneeled, taking a pink nipple in his mouth, feeling her breath going faster, her body tensing. Dagmar’s hands slid lower, caressing the belly, the thighs, the soft down of her bush.

His mouth followed, his tongue tracing the line to her navel, the soft texture of her pubic hair, the delicate parting of her lips. He touched her clitoris, feeling Dagmar’s hands caressing her buttocks, pushing her gently towards him. Zoe sighed, opening her thighs and thrusting against him, Slowly he licked her, establishing a gentle rhythm, feeling her hands against his head signalling her agreement to his actions.

He stood up, taking in the desire in her eyes, the swollen lips, the first flush on her cheeks. Gently he pushed her back on to the couch, then positioned himself at her entrance, caressing her swollen lips with his penis, spreading the wetness on to his shaft. Dagmar sat beside them, a hand on Zoe’s breast, the other between her own legs. Staring into her green eyes he thrust himself deep into her warmth.

Zoe gave a keening sigh of pleasure and, hooking her heels behind his hips, she pulled him hard against her. Her body had developed a rhythm of its own now. Here eyes were tightly closed, her mouth open. Her breasts were swinging on her chest, and her stomach muscles were tensing and relaxing in the beginning of an orgasm.

Dagmar moved down, her mouth going to Zoe’s breast, her one hand slipping between the two sweat-slicked bodied, encircling the plunging penis, her thumb on the engorged clitoris, her index finger teasing the puckered anus, finding its way inside.

The vagina clasped his penis, clenching, then relaxing, milking it, drawing it into her exploding climax.

He kissed her relaxing mouth, touched her sweaty cheek as she opened her eyes. She gave a shaky laugh. “Thank you, that was tremendous. I literally saw stars. And you?”

He smiled and shook his head. “Not yet. We have time.”

Dagmar laughed. “You two, that was fantastic! I am sure the world moved just then.”

Zoe smiled into her eyes. Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort “You helped. I felt your hand, your finger. It was like a spark.” She lifted her head to nibble at the blonde girl’s nipples. “You also did not come. I feel so greedy, the only one to have had fun.”

He shook his head. “Not true, we had a lot of fun watching you enjoy. And perhaps that is the greater enjoyment, giving pleasure to someone you care for.”

Her eyes widened at that, and she reached down to his erect member. “Perhaps now is the time for us to pleasure him, what do you say, Dagmar?”

Two pairs of lips engulfed his penis, and soon he was begging for mercy. “Wait, now, if you go on like that I am going to come soon. There is some fun in it for you girls yet.”

They conferred hurriedly, then Zoe said: “Do you want to put it back there? I heard men enjoy it, and I only felt pain when they… So show me if it can be pleasurable?”

He frowned. “I am not sure I have lube. Maybe some olive oil in the kitchen.”

Dagmar laughed. “I’ll go look, but in the movie they used butter…”

Zoe sighed as he caressed her body, cupped her breasts, and rolled the nipples into tight pencil-eraser shapes. She kissed him, her hand going down to his erection. “Don’t go on strike, now! You have work to do!”

Peter watched with growing excitement as the girls opened the bottle of olive oil, then Dagmar carefully poured a thin stream into the crack between Zoe’s buttocks as she crouched before him. The sight of her pale body, the luxurious hips swelling, the red crack beckoning turned him on, and the sight of Dagmar’s finger penetrating the dark anus made him even harder.

Zoe looked at him over her shoulder. “Come now, but be careful.”

“I won’t hurt you. Are you sure you want to? Let’s try.’

Slowly he eased his penis into the slick crack, slid it up and down, then as Dagmar caressed the wet pussy below he pushed against the puckered opening. “Relax, let it go, it will be easy.”

Slowly he expored her forbidden entrance, feeling her resistance, waiting for her body to welcome him. Then his whole length was inside her, and he began to move in and out. Reaching around her he felt her hanging breasts sway, to find the rhythm of their movements as she began to push against him.

Slowly he pulled her back against his chest, drawing her upright, and Dagmar moved in front of her. Drawing her legs up until her feet were on his knees he kept up the movement, and beckoned to the blonde: “Lick Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort her, make her come again.”

Dagmar girl smiled and lowered her head to the dripping mount. Peter lifted Zoe’s hips, and sped up his penetration. Zoe started screaming softly, the climax building in her. Peter knew he could not last long, and looking over her shoulder saw Dagmar slipping a finger into the dripping vagina, while pinching the swaying nipples. At that he felt his own orgasm going beyond his ability to control it, and he came, lifting her into the air as he shot into her depths. The orgasm seemed to go on and on as Dagmar skilfully played on Zoe’s clitoris and Peter’s balls.

They collapsed in a heaving, perspiring heap, Zoe begging for rest, Peter speechless with the intensity of his climax. Dagmar sat smiling, caressing a breast, enjoying the look of the two returning from their encounter with Nirvana.

Zoe was the first to recover. Sitting up she cupped Dagmar’s cheek and kissed her. “You are so nice to me, love. And you have not yet come. How can we make up for it?”

The blond girl shook her head. “It does not matter, as long as you had fun, and had worked the bad stuff out of your mind I am happy. But if Peter would make me another drink…”

They sipped their drinks in a companionable, naked silence. Then Peter asked: “So, you are on the spot. How do you want it?”

Dagmar blushed. “I appreciate your asking, but can Zoe eat me? I would love that.”

Zoe nodded. “I will try, but you have to tell me how to do it.”

Peter asked: “Can I hold you? I do want to reciprocate the courtesy.” Dagmar looked at him and grinned. “Hey, I prefer girls, but I don’t hate guys! As long as they behave, and not try to jump me. Who knows, I might even let you do me, one day. But now I want this sweet thing to love me.”

She sat down between Peter’s spread legs, leant back against his body, and whispered to him: “I’ll allow you to play with my boobs, this once, ok?”

She cupped Zoe’s flushed face between her hands, guiding her to kiss one breast, then the other. Then she guided her down to her belly button, leaning her head back on Peter’s shoulder. He cupped her hard breasts, rolling the nipples gently between his fingers, holding her against his sweat-slick body. She jerked when Zoe touched the swollen clitoris, then relaxed as her tongue began its exploration of the delicate folds. Against Peter’s cheek she gasped: “I’m going to come soon, I can’t hold it much longer. Oh, sweetie, go inside, put a finger inside.”

Her body arched, spasmed between the two of them, and she cried wordlessly, releasing the sweet agony of her orgasm. Peter hugged her, holding her tight as her body relaxed, and she turned her head, kissing him, and said: “You two are the best. That was so good. Hold me, and you, Zoe, come here and hold me too. Now I can die, I am so fulfilled.”

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Fun and Games

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Landon groaned to himself as he heard the continuous knocks at his door. “Who the fuck could it be?” he whispered to himself, annoyed at the thought of an intruder. Landon was a college student who was just blessed with the ultimate gift, a snow day. Early in the morning, his college sent out the email, no classes for the rest of the week on account of the huge snowstorm that had hit overnight. Landon had settled himself in for what would seem like a fun day of goofing off, but the person on the other side had different plans.

Forcing his large frame off the couch Landon made his way to the door, turning the knob he opened it and revealed the source of his annoyance. In the newly opened doorway stood a woman who’s small frame supported a hefty chest and wide hips. She had black hair that cascaded down her shoulders creating quite the contrast with her pale skin. The woman’s face was gorgeous even without the small amount of makeup she wore. Landon couldn’t help but think in a different time period she would’ve been a geisha adorned in the most amazing silk robes ordered by an emperor. In this day and age, however, she was dressed in a matching pink tracksuit that hugged her body tightly. The girl was a knockout simple and plain.

“Hey Landon you gonna let me in or what?” the girl said a playfulness hidden within her voice. She didn’t give Landon a chance to answer as she started into the apartment, pushing past his much larger frame.

“Hello to you too, Zheng,” Landon quipped, an equal amount of playfulness in his voice. By the time the comment left Landon’s mouth, the girl had already made herself at home kicking off her shoes and throwing her bag into the corner of the room.

“No last names…Landy,” the girl said with an extra inflection on the nickname she knew Landon hated.

Landon rolled his eyes at the name, it was obvious she was trying to get under his skin. Chuckling out loud he responded “My bad Lianne, why are you here?”

“Oh you know, snow day, classes canceled until Monday…figured I could spend some time partying with my favorite meathead,” Lianne responded. To emphasize her point she started digging into her bag attempting to dig out various items which included game controllers, games, her laptop, and a mysterious brown bag. Holding up a controller she wiggled it around in the air, inviting Landon to join her in their favorite nerdy endeavor.

Landon walked over and plopped on the couch, his larger frame taking up a majority off the small couch. Landon intentionally spread himself out, taking up more space than he needed letting part of his body rub up against Lianne’s ever so slightly. Landon picked up the controller and clicked it on, turning to the smaller girl he grinned and said “You pick the game.”

Lianne rolled her eyes but got up anyway. Walking over to Landon’s game pile she bent over slowly letting him get a view of her beautiful rounded ass, while she took her time deciding on something to play. Landon felt his dick stiffen in his shorts at the site, he was an ass man after all. After a minute Lianne stood back with a cartoonish racing game that looked like it was made for kids.

Lianne made her way back to the couch, getting closer to Landon than she originally was and picked up her controller. “Isn’t this for kids?” Landon inquired genuinely confused by the usually gore addicted Lianne’s pick.

“It’s fun trust me,” Lianne said, letting her mouth creep into a wide grin. Landon’s face remained indifferent showing that he didn’t believe her at all. Lianne pouted not pleased that Landon was criticizing her choice.

“Don’t give me that look,” Landon said with a chuckle.

“Play the game with me,” Lianne responded with a small whine. Landon looked thoroughly unimpressed as he just stared at Lianne. Liane’s pout morphed into a devilish grin. She put her controller down and let her hand creep up to her hair, twirling the thick black strands in her fingers.

Landon was nervous as he recognized the look on his friend’s face, an evil look that meant she was planning something. Landon had known Lianne ever since their freshman year economics class and through the years of friendship, he learned that she loved to flirt and bat her eyes whenever she needed something. Lianne crawled up onto Landon’s chest getting her face close to his, making sure her mouth was close to his ear she started. “What if I make it interesting?” she drove the point home by rubbing her hands up and down his chest.

Landon quirked his eyebrow trying to remain aloof and cool, while his lower half was doing the exact opposite. Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort “What do you mean?” he said barely getting the words out.

Lianne kept whispering in his ear. “I mean if this is a kids game, let’s make it way more fun.” Landon perked up after hearing this and stayed silent as Lianne continued to speak. “Landon baby, how about each race loser strips sound fun”.

Landon couldn’t contain the wide grin at Lianne’s suggestion. “Deal,” he said while he picked up his controller and started the game.

Lianne giggled as she sat back excited to play. Landon didn’t notice it however Lianne was eyeing his dick like a hungry tigress. “Yeah, that’ll be mine,” she thought to herself.

Landon couldn’t hope but groan as he watched the screen display his loss. Lianne grinned like the Chesire cat as stared at Landon. “Well get to it,” she said.

Landon looked legitimately confused until he remembered their bet, grabbing the bottom of his shirt he started pulling it up. For Lianne time slowed as she watched the show in front of her. Lianne had lost count of how many fantasies she had dreamt up about her friend, many of which included her laying on his broad chest in postcoital bliss after he fucked her senseless. Lianne could feel herself getting wet at the idea of that fantasy happening after a few more rounds of games. With the smile of a devil, Lianne keyed back in on the game focused on beating her friend and making him expose even more of himself.

Landon was completely ignorant of Lianne’s lustful motivations, he was way more involved with trying to get a peek at her body. Landon readied himself for his second try, gripping the controller tight he did his best but still lost. Groaning he looked over at Lianne who couldn’t help but laugh. “Sorry big guy lose the shorts,” she said.

Landon stood up while laughing. Being a joking guy he decided to give her a bit of a show. Shimmying the basketball shorts down to his ankles he stepped out of them before doing a bit of a showgirl twirl. “Like what you see?” he asked in a manner that suggested he was showing off for her.

Internally Lianne was screaming “Yes,” at the top of her lungs. Even though he meant it as a joke, Landon’s little show excited her. Lianne had seen Landon in various states of nudity before (even accidentally walking in on him nude once), however, the up-close display was something unprecedented. Landon was tall, easily a foot taller than her. Landon’s body wasn’t just tall but incredibly thick with well-defined muscle. Landon had adopted a workout routine that gave him thick arms, wide back, and broad chest however a hatred of cardio and love of late-night snacks let him keep a small but sturdy-looking stomach. Lianne didn’t care about the lack of well-defined abs, the overall power exuded by the bear of a man in front of her turned her on more than a washboard ever could. Lianne’s eyes drifted downward rolling over the dark black skin of his stomach and resting at the grey cloth underwear he was wearing.

The tight shorts did little to hide the third leg that was attached to Landon. Confined in his shorts was a something Lianne had never experienced before, but she oh so desperately wanted to. Landon looked to have a massive dick, the type of organ that only existed in porn movies. Lianne sat there transfixed thinking about how it would be to take it, how it would leave her moaning for more.

Landon sat back on the couch after he performed his twirl, the action snapping Lianne out of her day-dream. If he was paying attention Landon would have seen Lianne rubbing her thighs together uncomfortably. “Okay this time I’ll beat you, then you’ll have to show me, something,” Landon said his voice full of confidence.

Landon’s comments brought Lianne’s competitive fire out, and she completely stomped him. Landon leaned back laughing at his loss, “Well damn you won,” he said while getting up ready to find a snack in his kitchen.

Lianne cleared his throat getting Landon’s attention. “Uhm where do you think you’re going?” she said staring at Landon.

“Uh to get a snack, want one?” Landon said while pointing to his kitchen.

Lianne lept up from the couch and slowly paced towards him. Sorry, Landon, a deal is a deal. Landon was slightly confused until he felt Lianne’s fingers hook into his shorts and tug downward ever so slightly. Landon lost his ability to speak so he couldn’t even respond as Lianne pulled his underwear to his knees revealing her prize. Lianne dropped to her knees and got a better view of Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort the organ. In her hands, she held what had to be the largest and thickest cock ever. She took a second to study it, a large purple head sat attached to a thick cole black body. The monster looked intimidating but something felt strange about it. Lianne carefully held it trying to think of what was off, when suddenly it hit her.

Staring up at Landon from her spot on her knees she said in total disbelief “Dude are you even hard.”

At this moment Landon regained his composure and spoke “Nah, why don’t you find out?” The statement was said with a little bit of cockiness which turned Lianne on. Smiling she followed the order and stroked him. She started off slow doing her best to awaken the monster in her hand. She kept a slow pace, not wanting him to cum but wanting to see what he was like at his full length. A few moments passed and Lianne’s work was rewarded with a nicely hardened cock dripping with precum. Lianne couldn’t help herself and slowly took the head in her mouth.

Once the organ passed her lips she knew she was in trouble. What she thought was him at his full length was him at a partial chub, and her blowing him brought out the full length. Lianne popped the order out of her mouth and stared up at her friend and soon to be lover. “Dude you’re a fucking horse,” she said in awe.

Landon blushed not that Lianne could tell. Landon had been with a few girls in his college years and found most couldn’t handle blowing him, Lianne would be no different. Landon didn’t want to waste time and returned her look. “Hey Li, go to the couch,” he said with firmness.

Lianne got off her knees and sat on the couch, Landon followed but dropped in front of her on the floor. Resting his massive paws on her knees he spread her legs apart. After opening her legs he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her pants and slowly started pulling. Lianne lifted her ass and let the pants come off revealing her lacy blue material. Landon chuckled looking at his friend’s most intimate part covered by the thin material. “Nice underwear,” Landon chuckled. Lianne blushed not knowing how to respond to the teasing. Not giving her chance to even think of a response Landon started tugging the soaked piece of clothing down her creamy white thighs. Lianne obliged to the action and revealed her soaked sex to the world.

Landon bent down and licked at her core, making Lianne shriek in excitement. Just because Landon couldn’t get good head, didn’t mean he couldn’t give it. Gripping her thighs he gave himself leverage as he lapped at her core. Never had a guy willingly gone down on her, and never had it ever been done this well. Lianne was used to guys doing the bare minimum just to get her wet, but Landon was different. Landon was going after spots and paying attention to her body in a way that made him seem like a God. Lianne was lost in thought when she felt Landon’s tongue brush against her clit. Landon swirled his tongue around the tiny bundle of nerves, painting with both broad and focused strokes.

Lianne couldn’t control herself. She gripped Landon’s head pushing him deeper into her core. She was definitely turned on, no she was far past that point she was so close to cumming. Landon knew this he could feel the way she was reacting and decided to put her out of her misery. Putting all his focus onto her clit he launched his final attack. Lightly sucking on her clit he sent her over the edge. Lianne couldn’t control the scream that left her throat, a heavy sound that was more akin to a wild animal. Landon backed away smiling and pleased as he watched his lover come down from the high he made happen to her.

“Fuck you’re good,” Lianne said. Landon smiled and instead of speaking rose up slightly, lining himself up with her. Lianne looked with a lustful gaze at Landon who was asking permission with his eyes. ‘What the fuck are you waiting for?” Lianne said.

Landon gripped her hips keep her steady as he slowly rocked forward. Lianne suddenly found herself thanking the lord that she was properly wet and warmed up, considering she still felt the intense pressure that came with taking the huge organ. Landon stopped going forward for a second, letting Lianne adjust. Looking down over her he smiled before asking in a calm voice “You good?”

Lianne could only nod as she was too busy with the feeling between her legs. Landon smiled as he looked at her, withdrawing his dick for a moment he rocked forward going deeper into the small girl. Lianne let Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort out a yelp, she thought she had taken all of him but was realizing there was much more for her. Landon started increasing his pace, even more, rocking back and forth like a piston. Lianne was in absolute bliss as Landon hammered into her, his dick causing her to slowly lose her mind. Lianne’s definition of sex was changing as she was vigorously fucked into the couch. Lianne looked up and in her crazed lust-filled mind she saw Landon in a different light.

Gone was her goofy nerdy friend and in his place was a sex god who was claiming her as his. Lianne moaned out as her body tightened. “Am I about to fucking cum?” she thought unsure what the building feeling was.

Landon was lost in his own world. Lianne was both wet and tight, a combination that was easily making her a great fuck. Going back and forth he let out his own moan as he pushed deep into her. Feeling adventurous he decided to switch it up. At first, he was going with shallow but quick, but something in him craved more. Landon pulled out fully, much to Lianne’s dismay. “Take off your shirt, and get on the floor,” he said to her. Lianne who was too lost in the amazing sex did as he said. Gripping her shirt she pulled it over her head leaving herself exposed to him. Next, she lay on the floor spreading her legs, giving him a great view of the pussy he had just been fucking. Reaching down to her sopping wet hole she started to finger herself slowly.

“Come on big guy, come fuck me!” she said her voice husky with lust. Landon didn’t need to be told twice. Gripping her legs he raised them straight up in the air before pressing his body against them. Lianne realized she was about to get her wish and squealed excitedly. Landon pressed his body forward bringing her ass slightly off the ground and her legs close to her head. Lining up with her pussy, Landon pushed forward not stopping into her felt his entire length inside of her.

“FUCK!” Lianne yelled when the entire monster entered her. The new position was something entirely different, somehow Landon made himself feel bigger. Instead of withdrawing all the way land moved halfway out before immediately driving back into her. Lianne gasped in shock, she realized that Landon was really going to fuck her. Landon repeated his motion driving into her again, causing her pussy to clamp around him. Once again Landon withdrew but immediately hammered into the tiny woman beneath him. Landon increased his pace, building himself up to a rapid motion that robbed the girl underneath him of coherent thought. Lianne could only react physically as she grabbed at Landon pulling him in deeper, and down towards her for a kiss.

The kiss was a forceful one where there was no passion just hormonal need. Landon drove his hips deep into her continuously, the sounds of skin on skin filling the room. Lianne found herself loving the deep dicking she was receiving. Wrapping her legs around him, Landon found she didn’t leave him much room to move, not that he needed it. Switching to drive into her from a shallow pace he kept fucking her, a machine that was dedicated to its task. Lianne felt a familiar sensation bubble up within her. As Landon continuously fucked her she felt it, like a wave rising inside it was coming to the surface. Almost instantly that wave crashed over her.

Landon was shocked as he watched Lianne convulse under her. Turns out the way he was fucking her hit a spot she didn’t know she had, causing her to cum hard. Knowing she was finished Landon withdrew from her and was about to get her a towel when she spoke in between labored breaths. “Get..on…the couch,” Lianne managed to get out, her chest rising and falling.

Being one to follow orders he sat down staring at his friend. Like a sexy jungle cat, Lianne started crawling towards him stopping when she got between his legs. “Awe someone’s still hard,” she said her voice dripping with lust, right before she pushed the head of his dick into her mouth. Lianne knew she wasn’t going to take the whole thing, so she settled on taking a few inches past the head. When she got to the depth she wanted she withdrew the dick, but immediately plunged back onto it. She repeated the act until her jaw got sore. Letting the organ leave her mouth with a pop she only smiled at Landon before she spoke again.

“Don’t worry, I’m not done yet,” she cooed before she licked at the tip. Wrapping her hand around the base she pumped at it, doing her best to get him off. It took a few moments but the deep masculine grunt left Landon’s throat. Landon’s cock spurted with force as globs of the thick creamy cum shot from him. Lianne was caught in the crossfire not that she minded at all. When the last spurts stopped Lianna took a bit on her finger and sucked it gently doing her best to be sexy for her friend.

Landon looked down at the girl between his legs and smiled. “Wanna join me in the shower?”

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High School Futa Ch. 09

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Author Note: All characters are above the age of 18.

Before she could make a decision about the whole Pornhub deal, Emma had one thing to take care of. A wager she’d lost. It had been a few days since everything kind of converged, and Emma wasn’t particularly busy. So, in between making light-hearted fun of some “ugly” pictures Lindsey took of herself, she texted Ms. Cara.

Me: Hey 🙂

Ms. Exotic: Oh, my favorite student…

Ms. Exotic: How are you? I heard you have a swimming thing coming up.

Me: Yeah, I’m ready though. I’ve been training my butt off.

Ms. Exotic: Oh no, don’t do that. I like that butt <3

Me: You can see it soon if you want to…

Ms. Exotic: Are you free?

Me: Today and tomorrow.

Ms. Exotic: Why wait? Come home today. And…

At this, Emma raised an eyebrow.

Ms. Exotic: If you want to bring a friend, you can.

Me: But you won the bet?

Ms. Exotic: Just means I won’t be a slave *this time*, not that you can’t share me

Emma’s heart sped up, and all she was doing was sitting in bed.

Me: I’ll see.

Ms. Exotic: Parfaite

Cara sent her an address, along with the words “come whenever. I’ll be home all day.” Emma breathed in. Despite everything that had happened so far, it was still somewhat shocking that this was her life. That she was lucky enough to be in this position.

Cara’s words left one question though. Who should I bring? Emma asked herself. The quick answer, of course, was Lindsey. The two of them had been official for long enough for people around them to know, and long enough for her to officially occupy a spot in Emma’s mind as “the treasured girlfriend”. But, when Emma’s bedroom door opened to reveal a tan-skinned cheerleader with a playful smile on her face, Emma determined that she’d been neglecting Gabriella for a bit too long.

She stood and with no warning, kissed her softly on the lips.

“Whoa, someone woke up affectionate.”

“I have a bit of a proposition for you.” Emma started.

“Drink your coffee first.” Gabriella ordered. “If we’re starting the day off like this we’re not doing it low energy.”

“You made me coffee!?”

“Of course,” Gabriella pressed her own kiss to Emma’s lips. “I wanna be the best side ho you’ll ever have.”

“You are not a side ho.” Emma replied with a smile. “You know I love you.”

“Yeah, you definitely need some coffee.” Gabriella chuckled.

They had breakfast of eggs and bacon. With how, well, to be frank, un-romantic Gabriella tended to be, Emma sometimes forgot that she was dating her just as much as she was dating Lindsey. And yet, Gabriella had proven to be able to provide in aspects where Lindsey couldn’t.

Not that it made her better than Lindsey or anything, rather, it made her think about how both girls, when put together, formed this experience that she was incredibly lucky to form a part of.

“Thanks, this is great.” Emma smiled at her.

“It’s just eggs dude.” Gabriella replied with a blush.

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Are you okay?” Gabriella asked.

“What? Why?”

“You’ve been looking at me with heart-eyes all day. Well, all three hours of it. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just, I’m not used to it.”

“If you ask me, I haven’t been giving you enough heart-eyes.” Gabriella laughed and shook her head. “Anyway, it kinda has to do with the proposition.”


“I was thinking, you know, we haven’t really done anything.”

“Hey, I told you, I’m not a walks-on-the-beach kinda girl. Save that for Lindsey.”

“No, not like that. Just, special shit. In general, you know?”

“Oh?” Gabriella leaned forwards a little. “What do you have in mind?”

“Well,” Emma shifted in her seat. “When I woke up, Cara texted me.”

“Ms. Leblanc?” Gabriella grinned. “First name basis already?”

“Shut up.” Emma chuckled lowly. “Anywayyy, she, uh, offered me something.”



“Congrats. Have fun.”

“… You can have fun too, if you want.”

At that, Gabriella had lifted a spoon to her lips and froze in place. The egg in the spoon fell back to her plate with a plop.


“She told me I can, uh, bring someone, if I wanna.” Emma looked away. “I was thinking I’d bring you, if you wanted.”


“New favorite word?”

“Shut up.” Gabriella threw a piece of egg at Emma who squealed and dodged away. “Holy shit. You mean… A threesome?”

“Uh, yeah.” Emma nodded.

“Just like that?”


“Holy shit…”

“I was thinking too, I’d like to ask her about the whole Pornhub thing, when we’re, uh, finished.”

“Get the milf- I mean, the mature opinion, you mean?”

“As far as I know she isn’t a mother, so no.”

“Mature I’d Like to Fuck. Same difference.”

“Do you wanna fuck her with me or not?” Emma asked light-heartedly.

“Well… I mean, I’d be insane to say no, right?” Gabriella laughed awkwardly. “I mean, she’s like, really hot right? And…” istanbul escort

“Are you okay?” Emma asked, squinting at Gabriella.

“What? Yeah, o-of course.”

“Gabriella? Stuttering? Really?”

“Fuck off.” Gabriella blushed, looking away. Emma thought about it. What could be the problem? She asked herself. I mean, I can’t imagine Gabriella doesn’t think she’s hot, everyone does, hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if…

“You have a crush on her.” Emma realized.

“Hah, no I don’t.”

“You actually have a crush on Cara!”

“I will not participate in your insanity.” Gabriella stood up.

“Holy shit! Gabriella is actually nervous for someone!” A deep laugh bubbled out of Emma. Out of everything that could have been the case, she hadn’t seen this coming.

Gabriella didn’t leave, instead, she crossed her arms, pouting as hard as she could.

“Fine. Okay, yeah. I have a crush on her.”

“Dude, that’s great!” Emma stood up and wrapped her strong arms around Gabriella, lifting her up in the air (much to the cheerleader’s chagrin) “You’re growing up so fast!”

Gabriella spanked her as hard as she could, making Emma lose her grip and let her back down.


“Fine.” Gabriella replied.


“Fine. I’ll go with you.” Emma grinned sadistically. “Cuz I’m curious! Nothing else!”

An hour later, they arrived at a two-floor white house in a regular suburban neighborhood in middle-class America. She was half-expecting a sitcom theme song to pop in like “Here are the Futas and co! Here to fuck the French teacher in the assho-

“We’re here.” Gabriella noted.

“Well, shit.” Emma smiled at the cheerleader as she let Cara know through a message.

“So, uh…” Gabriella looked out the window. “What’s she like?”

“Very smart. Did you know she’s a teacher?”

“Haha.” Gabriella rolled her eyes. “You know what I mean!”

“She’s hot as fuck and sweet on top of that.” Emma summarized. “Relax. You’ll have fun. Just be yourself.” Emma leaned towards her and pressed a kiss on her cheek to reassure her.

She had been talking to Lindsey at red lights on the way here.

Me: Well, I’m here, ttyl Lee~

~Lindsey~: Have fun, love 🙂

Emma’s heart melted. Lindsey had been especially affectionate these days. Putting her phone in her pockets, she got out of the car along with Gabriella. Finally, they were standing there. Just them and a door standing between the two of them and the reality of a threesome.

Group sex is a wonderful thing. But in all of Emma’s life, she’d never imagined that she’d experience it. And yet, here she was, about to have a… Moment, a moment with one of her favorite people in Gabriella and one of the hottest women she’d ever met.

“Let’s go.” Emma knocked on the door.

Ten seconds, twenty, then it opened.

Foreplay is a wonderful thing. Yet, Emma hadn’t yet gotten to know all the different forms it came in. One of them, as she was experiencing now, was instant. When the door swung open, it revealed a french woman in silk pink robes that hung just low enough to reveal 50% of her chest and legs.

“H-Hi.” Emma stuttered. She’d seen a lot of erotic stuff in the past couple of weeks, but dear god this was something else. She felt like she’d stumbled into a trashy 80s porno. Which, she found out, was a lot less laughable when you were the one in it.

“Oh shit…” Gabriella whispered beside her.

“Ah, cherie, you brought your cheerleader friend…”

“You know me?” Gabriella asked.

“Aside from the fact that I teach a class for you?” Cara chuckled as Gabriella ducked away blushing. “Yes, I know you, in different ways as well. You could say I’m a fan.”

Gabriella must have caught onto what she meant quickly, as she asked:

“You saw the…”

“Mhm.” Cara swung an arm around Emma’s back. “This one provided me with some… insight into what it was like.”

Emma’s cock was nearly bursting out of her pants.

“Oh, cool, that’s great.”

“Yes, very.” Cara pulled them into the house.

Without warning, she placed her hands on both sides of Gabriella’s face and pressed her lips to the cheerleader’s. For all the time she’d known Gabriella, she’d been the picture, the quintessential image of sexiness, even before she discovered that she was into girls. Now, that image was in danger of switching to a young french teacher.

The way Cara threw her arms behind Gabriella’s neck and nibbled on her lips, letting her tongue glide over them made Emma wonder if she should give them some time alone and come back later. Maybe Cara was sensing that, because she (while still kissing Gabriella) reached with her left hand and squeezed Emma’s crotch.

Gabriella had her eyes closed, clearly giving all her focus to enjoying the make out, but Cara opened them briefly and winked at Emma. Yeah, she was getting worried she’d actually faint from how much blood was surging into her cock.

When Cara and Gabriella finally separated, a single strand of saliva Escort Anadolu Yakası connected their lips, like it was sentient and begging them to continue. The way Cara grinned devilishly, like a succubus trapping her victim and the way Gabriella stayed frozen like she, the sluttiest girl she’d ever met, was a virgin, made Emma squirm.

As far as just watching two people go at it, she felt this ranked very highly on the “hottest things she’d ever seen” list.

“Fuck.” That word didn’t come from either Gabriella or Cara, but from Emma herself.

“Hahaha,” Cara pulled her close, “it appears your friend is stuck.”

She wasn’t lying, Gabriella was just staring at them.

“You broke her!” Emma laughed. “Gabriella’s are limited edition, I’ll need a replacement.”

That made Gabriella shake her head and smack Emma’s shoulder. Even then, she wasn’t talking, just pouting.

“Well, if it is not too much to ask,” Cara stepped back, “I would… I would like to see that video again.”

“What? Sure, I can look it up…”

“No,” Cara interrupted, “in person.”

“O-Oh.” Both Emma and Gabriella reacted.

“Haha, well is it possible?”


Gabriella cut Emma off with a kiss. Unlike the one she’d shared with Cara, Gabriella quickly thrust her tongue into Emma’s thankful mouth. It was like a burst of energy had emerged from inside of her, licking anything and everything that she could like Emma’s saliva was keeping her alive.

And Emma couldn’t get enough of it. Mustering her strength, she lifted Gabriella into the air, grabbing her by the hamstrings and making her wrap her legs around the futa’s waist.

“Magnifique.” Emma opened her eyes briefly to see that the woman had begun rubbing herself. Emma remembered how things were the first time she’d fucked Gabriella.

It turned out, at this point, she couldn’t deny that being watched was absolutely a turn-on for her.

She bit down hard on Gabriella’s bottom lip and the girl moaned.

“I need your dick.” Gabriella indicated.

“As do I. We did not get to do much in our time…” Cara smirked lustfully.

“I have enough cock for both of you… I hope anyway.” Emma did not put Gabriella down. With Cara guiding her, she lifted her all the way up to the next floor. There, she only set the girl down on Cara’s bed. There, she took off Gabriella’s pants and dropped her own jeans.

“The video showed more than I’ve seen… I’d like to see more.” Cara whispered in Emma’s ear. If she wasn’t ready before, she was now.

Still, she had gotten a little better at this whole thing. She knew going in hard right now, was a bit of a waste. So, she kneeled down, her cock slapping against the bed on the way, and she began to lick Gabriella’s pussy.

“Oh, god…”

“Enjoying this?” Cara leaned forwards, as Emma could see from her position. Cara rubbed one of Gabriella’s breasts, and it was like the cheerleader was reminded that she was there.

They picked up where they had left off. Emma couldn’t see it all too well, but she could hear their lips smacking and that little bit of ASMR made her go off. She stopped her eating, saving the meal for later, of course, and spread Gabriella’s legs further.

“Oh Jesus.” Gabriella moaned into Cara’s mouth. The teacher laughed and looked back, grinning when she saw that Emma was about to go in.

And go in she did.

“Fuck!” Gabriella nearly screamed. “Fuck, fuck!”

Emma did not take it easy. From the start, she pounded Gabriella’s for a few seconds, then she started to grind. Gabriella’s cursing devolved into needy whining and incessant moaning. Cara watched it all with a satisfied grin.

“Is that as fast as you can go?” Cara asked. Every couple of seconds, she would do something like that which reminded both her and Gabriella that there was a third person here.

And that made things even hotter.

“Of course not.”

With that, she went into full speed. One pump after another, the bed shook in tandem with her energy. Cara did not sit around and watch. She placed her mouth over Gabriella’s, alternating between saying stuff so lowly that Emma couldn’t hear it, and sticking her tongue in between the girl’s lips.

Now, Emma was proud of a lot in her life. But making Gabriella cum within what had to be just a few minutes of fucking, that, she would go on to tell anyone she could. Everyone had to hear, in her mind, about how she’d made Gabriella The Self-Appointed Cocksleeve cum in record time.

The cheerleader shook. Emma stopped, her cock still inside of her as she stared, surprised.

When Gabriella stopped, both the teacher and Emma just stared at her.

“I… I fucking came.” Gabriella said after catching her breath.

“Wonderfully, cherie.” Cara placed a chaste kiss on her lips, which was weirdly cute for some reason. “My turn though.”

“I’ll get out of the way…” Gabriella started to lean out, to get off the bed, but Cara stopped her.

“No need.”

Cara shed her robe and climbed on top of Gabriella. Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort

“What are you…” The teacher stuck her ass in the air and again, picked up where she left off. With this much making out, it was clear she had some fascination with Gabriella’s lips that the cheerleader did not seem to mind.

Emma, casually, went to stick her cock inside of Cara, but as she pressed into her pussy, the woman stopped her kiss.

“Wrong hole.” Cara stated.

“It’s your pussy though…” Emma raised an eyebrow.

“I know.” She could hear the grin in her words.

Emma wondered if she’d ever been this horny.

Complying, she teased Cara’s pink hole, just above her pussy. She couldn’t believe she was this lucky. The smacking of lips from the two girls below her ceased for a moment. Holy shit, she thought. I’m actually about to fuck my teacher in the ass.

A moment of clarity made her slap some saliva onto Cara’s rim, which made the teacher moan. No more stalling. She pressed forwards.

“Ohhhh, merde.”

“You are so fucking hot.” Gabriella whispered from beneath her as they resumed their kiss.

Unlike with Gabriella, Emma decided to take things slowly here. She didn’t know when she’d, if ever, get to do this again. She wanted to enjoy it. She stroked softly, back and forth lightly as to tease the teacher who had clearly seen what she was capable of earlier.

Emma was loving every second of it. The woman was absurdly tight, and her ass, although not as plump as either Gabriella’s or Lindsey’s, was… Fair. It was the kind of butt she’d expect a queen to have. She grabbed onto it, fearing that she’d faint from the pleasure if she didn’t have something to hold onto.

Squeezing the woman’s cheeks, she moaned herself.

“This. Is. Amazing.” She let out between humps.

“Enjoying my ass?”

“Yeah, kinda.” Emma laughed.

“Ohhh, you’re wonderful, dear.” Cara slowly started to let out moans of her own. “I see what I’ve been missing.”

“You have no idea.” Gabriella whispered.

“Everyone should feel this at some point.”

“Well, maybe not everyone.” Gabriella chuckled as they went back to their kissing. Emma found her rhythm.

For the next five minutes, she pounded at away at the French woman, the two of them connected like they were teaming up to fight the British.

One more minute, two, and finally, Emma felt her body preparing.

“I’m going, I’m going to…”

“Me too cherie, me too!” As if Emma wasn’t planning on cumming inside Cara’s ass, the teacher used her legs to reach behind the futa and lock her in place.

She came hard, filling Cara’s ass with as much of herself as she could. Even as she settled down, she refused to leave the warmth her dick was feeling.

They stayed like that for at least a few more minutes.

One very long session later, all three women were laying on Cara’s Very Expensive Bed.

“That was amazing!” Gabriella squealed, hugging Emma close.

“Agreed.” Cara smiled at them.

“You’re amazing, by the way.” Gabriella pulled Cara in for yet another kiss. It seemed they really liked doing that.

“A pleasure, honestly.” Cara stood. “So, you said you had something to talk about?”

“Oh, yeah.” Emma grew serious. “I, uh, got an offer.”


“Well, basically… I got an offer to be a pornstar.”

“Oh, I get those all the time. Just delete the message and block the person, honestly, people these days.”

“No,” Emma interrupted, “I mean a professional offer. Like, from PornHub.”

“What?” Cara was surprised.

“Yeah, the video kinda took off and they sent me something. They want to work with me. But, I don’t know… Should I? It sounds like a great deal.”

“Whoa whoa, cherie.” Cara waved her hands back and forth. “I… Well, first I need to know. Is it being a pornstar that interests you, or working with PornHub?”


“Pick one.”

“Oh…” Emma thought about it. “Well, I guess being a pornstar. I, uh, like fucking.” Both Gabriella and Cara laughed. “And, uh, if I can get paid for it, that would be great.”

“Okay. Here’s my advice then.” Cara straightened up. “Working for a pornographer or a porn company, as far as I’ve seen, is potentially dangerous. You could end up with inadequate pay, having sex with people you don’t trust as far as disease is concerned, and well, a lot of those scenes aren’t made naturally.”


“They’re like movies. All the life is sucked out of them by producers and directors. You do what they tell you to do, you cum when they tell you to cum.”


“Yes.” Cara nodded. “However, if being a pornstar is what interests you, there are better ways to go about it.”


Cara smiled.

“Get some kind of site where people donate to you directly, be your own boss.”

Emma raised an eyebrow, Gabriella nodded.

“Wait, wait, that’s a great idea!” Gabriella suddenly interjected. “No, seriously! Promote yourself as the girl from the video, and make people pay you directly to watch you!”

“I think that would be the best course of action.”

“Wait, how can I promote myself? ‘hey, it’s me, the futa’?”

“No.” Finally, Cara said something that, years later, Emma would thank her as the person that set her on the right path. “Make a different video.”

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Jay’s Sex Club Adventures Ch. 08

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A little later that evening at Rob’s party, after our very serious conversation, Lisa and I finished my bottle of Jack Daniels together. And by this time, we were both pretty fucking drunk… Rob was already inside, passed out on the couch.

Hell, just about everyone here was either drunk, or if they had brought weed, were stoned. I wandered into the house, heading for the bathroom to relieve my bladder. My stomach churned a little as I walked towards the restroom, and for a moment I worried that I may end up puking. I started walking faster, throwing open the bathroom door, dropping to my knees in front of the toilet, but… nothing.

Thank god for that much. After a few moments, when I was sure that nothing was going to come up, I got back to my feet and sighed in relief. I lifted the toilet seat, pulled out my dick and started to relieve my bladder. When I finished, I thought maybe I needed some water… hopefully, that would help relieve some of my nausea.

I realized it had been two years since the last time I drank as much Jack Daniels as this, so I figured it was best to try and sober up before I got sick.

I went downstairs to the kitchen, and found a clean glass before pouring myself a glass of water, I took a long swig and sighed. It tasted like heaven going down, and I quickly emptied the rest. Turning the sink on again, I started refilling the glass, and as I did, I heard footsteps behind me.

“You okay there,” came an unfamiliar voice.

I turned around, to find myself looking at a tall woman, maybe in her early thirties with sandy blonde hair and green eyes. She had an incredible body, and was wearing a tank top that showed a nice view of her tits. She also wore a white skirt, showing off her sexy smooth legs.

“Uh… y-yeah, just needed to sober up some,” I slurred.

“You look pretty drunk. are you sure you don’t need a hand?”

“No, no I… just wanted some water.”

She leaned against the kitchen counter, as did I, and her kind smile turned a bit more seductive.

“You must be Jay,” she said, “I’ve heard a lot about you… like how you’re really good at sucking cock.”

“Oh… who told you that?”

“Kendra,” she said, to my surprise, “She’s a good friend of mine.”

That was great, I now wondered if this girl had a dick as big as Kendra’s. Maybe that was why Kendra suggested me to her.

“Listen… if you feel good enough later… meet me upstairs in the guest bedroom. We can have plenty of fun together, I’m sure.”

I took another swig from my glass nervously, and the girl laughed, helping me into the living room. I sat down on the couch across from where Rob was sound asleep. Making myself comfortable, I looked at her… the room was spinning, and so was she.

Groaning loudly, I sat the glass down on the floor and lay back on the couch. She smiled down at me.

“Thanks,” I muttered, sleepily. She faded out, as did the sounds that I could hear coming from out in the backyard… I had passed out.

When I woke sometime later, I again groaned, pushing myself up into a sitting position. My stomach churned, and I leaped off the couch making a dash for the bathroom… but this time, there was no holding back the contents of my stomach. Half a bottle of Jack had done me in. Back in the day I could have handled it, but it had been too long since I’d been drinking this heavily.

When I finished, I sat on the floor next to the toilet, totally exhausted.

I didn’t really want to get up for fear of not being able to make it back to the bathroom again if I had to. The doorknob turned, but it was locked.

“Whose there,” I yelled.

“Jay, is that you?” a very concerned Holly asked,

“It’s me, are you alright?”

Grunting, I pushed myself onto my knees and unlocked the bathroom door, pulling the door open and letting her in.

“Holy shit! Baby… you look like hell.”

“I feel like hell,” I laughed. Holly didn’t appear that drunk to my surprise, as she started laughing and shut the door behind her, and sitting down on the floor with me.

“To much Jack,” I groaned. “Where… oh boy… where’s Lisa?”

“Passed out on the couch. I just helped get her comfortable.”

“At least one of us is sleeping,” I said.

“Well, when you’re sure your okay, I’ll help you get up to the guest room,” she offered.

I smiled and nodded my head as she started rubbing my back. It was good to have someone at my side, trying to comfort me… I hated being sick while drinking. It was the only reason I hated drinking that heavily.

“Hey Holly… who was the girl with the Sandy blonde hair and the white skirt and tank top?”

“Oh… are you talking about Christy?”

“I guess so. She ran into me in the kitchen and I think she made a pass at me.”

Holly started laughing, and I chuckled, weakly. I leaned my head back against the wall and cleared my throat, continuing to explain.

“She told me to meet her in the guest room if I was interested. Said she was friends with Kendra, and that she Anadolu Yakası escort heard a lot about me.”

“Well, you are way too drunk for that right now. I won’t let you go hooking up with anyone if you’re this messed up Jay. If you want to hook up with Christy, you can do it when you’re sober.”

“Should I though? I mean, what do you know about her?”

“She’s pretty nice. She’s got a big cock,” she laughed, “Not as big as Kendra though from what I hear, but she damn sure knows how to use it.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that mean?”

“I don’t know,” Holly shrugged her shoulders, “I hear she has this special trick that she’s able to do while she’s fucking a guy in the ass… they say she’s really flexible, and since she’s pretty big, she can actually fuck you in the ass in missionary, and suck your cock at the same time.”

“No fucking way,” I blurted out. We both started laughing, and I shook my head, trying to take in what she had just told me about this girl. If it was true though… damn! It had to take some serious talent to do that. It sounded hot too, and I could just imagine taking a good pounding, while getting my cock sucked by the same person giving me the pounding.

“I think I’ll give her a try,” I said.

“Fine honey… but not tonight. Like I said-“

“Yeah, yeah… I know! I’m too drunk. What would I do without you?”

“I’m not sure,” Holly laughed, “but you’re lucky to have someone like me watching over you. You and Lisa both for that matter!”

When I felt like I was good to go, Holly helped me get back up on my feet and then helped me up the stairs to the guest bedroom. Christy wasn’t in there, which was no big deal. I would get her number from someone in the morning if she wasn’t still at the party by the time I woke up.

I flopped down on the mattress, and started laughing as I pulled my shirt off and tossed it to the floor. I kicked off my shoes, and Holly helped me get out of my pants. Once I was stripped down to my boxers, I collapsed face first into the pillow and groaned, as the room started spinning once again.

“Thanks Holly,” I mumbled.

“No problem Jay. Now it’s my turn to get some rest.”

I heard the door click shut behind me, and I sighed as my body began to relax. I was ready for sleep, but the only problem was, this room was so damn hot I couldn’t take it. Figuring no one would care, even if they walked in and saw me, I slipped out of my boxers and proceeded to bury my face in the pillow once again.

Sleep overcame me quickly, as the cool night breeze swept over my nude body.

I woke again about midway through the night. I wasn’t sure what time it was. I just knew that I had been woken up by the presence of someone else in the room with me. I had even heard the door opening and closing. Shivering, I stayed totally still and tried to get back to sleep. I assumed it was probably Lisa or Holly, and figured it would be nice if we would sleep in the same bed anyway.

“I knew I would find you in here sexy,”

The voice did not belong to Lisa or Holly; I did vaguely recognize it though, and I knew who it was… it was Christy. Holly had insisted I was too drunk to have sex with anyone, but Christy was here right now, I was naked and also a bit horny… as well as very curious about whether what she told me about Christy was true.

I heard the soft patting of her feet on the carpet coming towards the bed. I felt the edge of the mattress pushing down, as her weight moved over top of me. I remained flat on my stomach, face against pillow, as Christy crawled over me. The warmth of her body felt good, and I sighed as she relieved the chill that had been running up my spine.

Then I felt something big and hard rubbing against my ass crack, and I knew just what it was… damn, she did feel pretty big. Suddenly, Christy turned me onto my back and smiled at me before kissing me on the lips. I embraced her, kissing back, our tongues locking together.

After a few seconds of kissing, she started teasing my nipples with her tongue while reaching down to take hold of my dick and stroke it for me. Up and down her hand glided over my dick, while her tongue continued licking at my nipples, and she began to suck on them as well.

“I want to suck your cock baby,” she whispered.

She slid down some and wrapped her lips around my dick. It felt so wet, and warm, but even though the booze was wearing off, I noticed there was a bit of a problem… as good as all of this felt, I couldn’t seem to get hard. She had made out with me, played with my nipples, and was now straight up sucking my cock… and I still couldn’t get a hard-on.

What the hell was going on, I wondered. Then it dawned on me… I was sobering up, but I obviously still had a bad case of whiskey dick as I liked to call it during my college days. Christy stopped sucking, and looked up at me a bit confused and I leaned my head back in shame and embarrassment. I worried that she might be angry with me or something, and I hoped I was wrong.

“I’m Anadolu Yakası escort bayan sorry… this isn’t normal for me, I swear.”

“What’s the matter?” she asked a little confused.

“I… I think I drank too much. I got whiskey dick,” I laughed.

“That’s it?” Christy asked.

I gave an uncertain look and then she laughed as well, kissing me on the lips.

“I was worried I was doing something wrong or that you weren’t attracted to me or something. If it’s just because you’re drunk, that makes me feel a lot better… there are other ways to please the both of us.”

I laughed, certain I knew what she meant by that but not so sure I wanted to take that step… after all, she was supposedly as big as Kendra. Holly said they weren’t the exact same size though, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad and I definitely was very curious about her ‘trick’.

“So Jay… if you can’t get it up, that’s okay. Because I can get it way up, so we can just… reverse the roles a little, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” I replied.

“Good,” she said, as she stood up on the mattress and slowly slid her skirt down her smooth legs.

I was surprised to see that this whole time she had not even been wearing any panties under that skirt. So as soon as she pulled the skirt off, her cock sprang free immediately, fully erect and huge.

Holly was right. Christy was definitely very large. Still not as big as Kendra though, which was good in my opinion, because it meant I stood a better chance of experiencing less pain when it was over.

Christy stood over me, with her feet planted on the mattress on either side of my head, her huge cock dangling right above me. Smirking down at me, she started to lower herself down until her cock and balls were right over my face. I opened my mouth as her balls slipped in, and I started sucking on them both, one at a time. Christy moaned, leaning her head back as I sucked on her nuts, and she started stroking her cock.

After a few moments, she let go of her cock and pushed that between my lips. It took a few seconds for me to accommodate her size, and once I had adjusted, she slid all the way to the back of my throat with ease. It wasn’t fitting her entire length in my mouth that worried me… it was fitting it all in my ass that I was unsure of.

It had been a while since I last took a pounding; since my experience with Kendra to be exact. So I was certain it would probably be extra tight for her back there. With her eight-inch monster deep down my throat, I gagged, loving it, and sucked her to the point where I knew she was enjoying herself.

“Mmmm yeah! Kendra wasn’t lying, you’re really good at this!”

I reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her a little deeper into my mouth and squeezing her cheeks. Her balls resting against my chin, I inhaled through my nostrils, taking in the musky aroma that I loved so much.

“Fuck,” she sighed. “I’m going to cum…we have to stop, I’m not ready!”

She backed off quickly, not wanting to go over the edge yet, and while panting, she leaned in to kiss me on the lips with a big sexy grin on her face.

“You’re a real cock slut, you know that Jay?”

“So I’m told,” I laughed.

“Now… I’m going to fuck that sweet little ass of yours too,” she said.

She grabbed me by the ankles, and lifted my legs all the way up to her shoulders but slid down some so that her face was right in front of my ass. She spread my cheeks, and I felt her hot breath on my hole as she leaned in and started to tongue my crack.

Up and down along the ass crack her tongue went, lubing up my hole real good. She waited until I was nice and wet from her saliva, before I felt her slowly inserting her index finger. It was no big deal, as it slipped right in with ease and I sighed as I felt her pressing against my prostate. That was only one finger though…

After working her index in and out for a few minutes, Christy slowly inserted a second finger, and I felt myself slowly stretching for her. It still didn’t hurt, although it was more uncomfortable for the time being than painful.

Two minutes later, she was slowly guiding three whole fingers into my asshole, pushing them all into me until they were up to the knuckles.

“You’re really tight for having been fucked by Kendra.”

“It’s been a few months,” I admitted, “Kendra really stretched me out, and I’ve been taking some time off from the submissive role.”

“Oh really,” she laughed, “So I’m the first you’ve been with since her?”

“Mmhm,” I replied.

“Well, that makes me feel kind of special,” she giggled.

Christy withdrew all her fingers and went back to licking my hole, which was now spread pretty wide. I wasn’t gaping exactly, but I was wide enough, as far as I was concerned, for Christy to proceed.

“I think you’re ready to go,” she said, as if reading my mind.

She reached over to the nightstand and started digging through the drawer for what I figured was a bottle escort bayan of lube… after a minute or two though, she sighed in frustration.

“Damn it! They don’t have any lube in here.”

“Oh… what uh… what are we going to do?”

“Hm… well, I think you’re wide enough… we could rely on spit if you’re okay with that. I won’t make you do anything your uncomfortable with.”

I thought it over and it sounded risky. But if she used a fair amount of spit it might not be totally bad, however the only way to determine that was to actually give it a shot.

“Alright,” I said nervously, “But… use enough, okay? And be gentle.”

“Don’t worry Jay, I’ve done this plenty of times. I can make it work.”

Christy had me turn over onto my stomach again, and she smacked my ass. I laughed as she did this a few more times, before spreading my cheeks and leaning in to start licking my hole again. She spent a good two minutes eating my ass, running her tongue back and forth between my asshole and my balls and finger fucking me at the same time.

After about three minutes, she moved around to the side of me and shoved her cock into my mouth.

“Get me nice and wet baby,” she said seductively. I sucked, and slurped, deep throating her for about a minute and a half before she backed away,

“That’s good enough.”

Trusting her, I buried my face in the pillow as she moved behind me again and spread my cheeks. I heard her spit and then felt it hitting my asshole. I thought I was already well lubricated, but I guess it didn’t hurt to make absolutely sure. I felt her weight pushing down on me now, and I could feel her huge cock probing at my asshole.

She moved it up and down along the crack for a moment or two before grabbing her dick and pushing it into me. I gasped, biting my lip and gripping the sheets as she pushed all the way into me. Within a matter of seconds, I could feel her hot balls against me, and I knew she had buried all eight inches in my ass.

It wasn’t painful at all, to my surprise, just the immediate feeling of fullness was one that I had forgotten in the few months I had stopped being submissive. After the initial shock wore off however, I remembered why I had enjoyed that sensation so much.

Christy waited until she was sure I was alright, then slowly withdrew her cock from my ass until only the head remained inside of me. Suddenly, with zero mercy, she rammed all eight inches back inside of me to the hilt once again.

I gasped again, my body jumping underneath of her as she pulled back once again and repeated the same action. She did this over and over again, pounding my ass, the bed shaking underneath of us as I felt her breasts pushing into my back.

“You’re so tight baby,” she whispered in my ear.

“It feels so good.”

“Oh fuck! Christy…f-fuck me,”

“You want me to fuck you harder sweetie?”


“Tell me… tell me what you want Jay.”

“I want you to fuck me… fuck me harder!”

She happily obliged, as she lifted herself about halfway off the bed and dropped back down into me. She grabbed my hips and started slamming in and out of me, flesh slapping against flesh, fucking me as if I had never been fucked before.

This kept up for about three minutes straight, and at this point, my cock was starting to leak pre-cum although it was still not fully erect.

Christy finally pulled out of my ass, and flipped me over onto my back, lifting my legs up to her shoulders and plunging right back in.

“Oh fuck,” I shouted, as she rammed back into me and resumed fucking the hell out of me.

In missionary now, she was able to slide much deeper than she had been able to while we were in doggy style. I always preferred to be fucked in missionary, and with Christy, it was no different.

She was now slowing her pace, from a vicious thrust, to more of a gentle fuck and it felt like she was making love to me. Regardless, it felt just as good as it felt when she had been pounding the hell out of me. She started licking and sucking my neck and my earlobe as she had done earlier and then I felt her hand wrap around my cock.

“Look at that baby,” I heard her say, breathing heavy, “I may have helped you cure your case of whiskey dick!”

I hadn’t noticed until she pointed it out, but Christy was right, my cock was as hard as steel right now. She started stroking me, her hand moving in a blur and continued fucking me at the same time. She trained her lips to my nipples, licking, sucking, and biting gently. My breathing was getting heavier, and I was starting to feel like I might be getting close.

“Hey Jay… wanna see something really cool?”


“Watch this,” she said.

She straightened her back a bit and lifted my legs up higher while keeping her cock halfway in my ass. Lifting me up as far as she could, Christy leaned her head in close and right before my eyes she wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking!

I couldn’t believe it… Holly had been totally right. Christy could suck dick while fucking ass at the same time… it was an amazing talent. One that quickly had me shaking underneath of her and moaning a bit louder than I wanted to, as my orgasm rushed through my body. It was the same kind I had experienced from only two other people… Kendra and Annie.

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New Orleans 1812

Chapter One

Jacques Du Bourg awoke from his restless sleep and shifted uncomfortably in the large four-post bed. Immediately, his thoughts drifted to his beloved Celeste. He never slept soundly when she was not by his side. He was hopelessly in love with the beautiful slave woman who captured his heart.

Unfortunately, their love was forbidden. Claude, Jacques’ father forbade the relationship to continue, although in vain. His father demanded that Jacques follow in his footsteps, go off to war, taking over his sugar plantation, and eventually marrying, to a Caucasian woman, nonetheless.

With a lazy groan, he rose and sat on the side of the bed, planting his feet firmly on the cool, wooden floor. He imagined life without Celeste as he starred into the abyss of the pitch black room. His life would be just that. Pitch black, nothing else would matter. He shuddered at the thought. Closing his eyes, he briefly recalled the heated conversation between he and his father.

* * * *

“It is not permissible Jacques. I forbid you to carry on with Celeste as you do. What will others think? I suggest you end it, now!”

“Father, I mean you no disrespect. I will not end my relationship with Celeste. I love her.”

“You know not what you say son.” Claude placed a hand on his son’s shoulder, sympathizing with he lad. Jacques was stubborn, a trait inherited from his mother, Alexandrine who passed a year ago.

“Simply use her Jacques to ease your sexual desires until you find a woman you are meant to be with. Even then, you can still continue to sate your lust with Celeste.” Claude’s words were cold and harsh.

“No father. Celeste means much more than a simple night’s passion.”

“That is my worry boy. Most masters visit their slave women in the night, in slave’s quarters. But you—You must go to the extreme, bringing her into your bed, and our home! Surely the other slaves speak of your trysts with her. Not to mention the fact, she is five years your senior. Not a good mix, I assure you. This will end in nothing but tragedy!”

“Father, twenty-seven is not beyond my reach. She is a beautiful woman. Why do you not give her a chance? Why can you not see, I love her?”

Jacques saw the tortured, concerned look within his father’s eyes. “My, son. Such a young, foolish boy you are. Claude cupped his son’s face between his large hands. Look around you. This is America. Would you proudly parade around with her attached to your arm in the streets of New Orleans?” Jacques hung his head, knowing he and Celeste would never be accepted, not in this land. In France, they’d have a chance, most likely there would be very few couples like them. Looks would follow them everywhere, but marriage would be legal.

“If you care for her as you claim to, you will not carry this any further. There are some who would not hesitate to kill her on sight if you flaunted your feelings for her in the public eye.”

“Then, I shall return to our homeland with her. America is cruel compared to our beloved France. You know that father.” Claude stroked his gray beard, admiring his son’s persistence.

“I fear for you. I truly do. Many do not tolerate the mixing of the races. I, myself would never go as far as the other slave-owners. I treat my slave well. I don’t believe in the brutality many owners subject their slaves to. I can assure you, harm may come to you both Jacques.”

“Such stupidity. Why is it perfectly well for a married man to bed a slave woman? Why sneak off into the night, to slave quarters to satisfy lustful yearnings? I find it cowardly! Why should a man, such as myself hide his feelings towards the woman he loves?”

“How dare you talk to me in such a manner? Are you insinuating that I’m a coward? I was once in such a predicament as yourself, a year after your mother and I settled this land!”

“I know father, mother often told me how it pained her, knowing you ventured off to the slave quarters in the night. How can that be right?”

“I was young then, my son. I loved your mother, but could not resist the temptation of beautiful dark skin. What was I to do, dismiss Alexandrine? She was my wife.”

“Did you love the slave girl you were with?” Jacques peered deep into his father’s eyes, forcing Claude to shift his weight on his other foot. Eventually, the man turned, slowly walking towards the window.

“I loved Adelaide,” Claude hung his head in shame. I could not help myself, I loved both women. Adelaide often accompanied me istanbul escort to the market, keeping her distance behind me. Pretty soon, our relationship was discovered. Somehow, she was lynched.”

“Why have you waited until now to share this with me?” Couldn’t you have protected Adelaide?”

“Someone, perhaps another slave murdered her in the night. Do you wish the same fate to befall you and Celeste?”

“You mean to tell me, you never knew who murdered her?”

“Alas my son, no. I was devastated. Since then, never have I fallen into the arms of another slave woman. It is forbidden and unnecessary. The heartache it brought about could have been avoided.”

“Things will be different for Celeste and I.”

“I see there is no use in speaking of this matter further. You have been warned Jacques. I leave it up to you.” Claude turned on his heel and exited the room, leaving Jacques to his thoughts.

* * * *

Jacques slowly rose to his feet, stretching taut muscles. It was well past the time for him to meet Celeste at the slave quarters. He would then accompany his lady to his house, and eventually, his bed. His cock stiffened as he imagined taking his time and unwrapping her like a long awaited present. The need to feel his skin against hers was overwhelming. .

Wasting no time, Jacques strolled out his room and down the small corridor and out the back door of the house. The blasted floor boards creaked with his weight, making him cringe. God knows, he didn’t need to hear father’s arguments tonight, however, he didn’t want an ear pressed against his door, either. Once outside, warm summer air greeted him and his heart raced in anticipation of seeing Celeste again.

Ahead in the distance, she stood. A smile slowly crossed her face and her eyes lit up. Jacques heart thudded wildly against his chest as he came closer to his beloved.

“Jacques!” Celeste flung herself against his hardened chest. He towered over the petite slave girl by inches. Her head rested comfortably against the center of his chest. Her small arms entwined around his waist, sending electrifying currents throughout his body. He could never love another, he thought.

Slowly, he bent down, tasting her full lips. A moan escaped his lips as he inhaled her natural body scent. Their tongues dueled in a sacred dance, fueling the fire for what was to come.

He picked her up in his arms, and headed towards the manor until Celeste protested.

“Take me in the field.” Celeste enjoyed making love outdoors. They had on many occasion made love next to the river, or in the woods, hidden from the view of others.

“No.” Jacques voice was firm, and husky. “I wish to have you in my bed tonight my love.” He grew impatient with each exciting moment. The warmth of his bed called to him. Celeste pouted, in hopes to change the man’s mind, but he stood firm.

“What makes you think you can coerce me into giving in to you?” Jacques planted a kiss on the luscious lips that would soon offer him pleasure in the most erotic of ways. She melted him on the inside, using her power of persuasion, but his will was strong, he refused to allow her to sway him. Of course, she was just toying with him. If she really was hell bent on bending his will, she would, he was certain.

“Oh Jacques.” She nuzzled her head against his chest, and his pulse soared at the crackling energies their bodies summoned when locked in a tight embrace.

“My sweetest Celeste, I wish to awaken in a warm bed to you in la petit matin, The early morning.” Jacques quickened his pace as his engorged cock sought freedom from his trousers. Freedom, planted firmly within Celeste’s core.

Arriving to his room, and once inside, Jacques gently sat Celeste on the side of the bed. Dropping to his knees, he slowly hoisted her skirts up, reveling in the smoothness of her skin. Her legs were strong and well defined, from all the years of working in her former masters’ fields. She became a house servant once Claude purchased her from another slave trader.

Slowly, Jacques ran his hands lovingly up Celeste’s thighs, eliciting soft moans from her lips. He loved it when she repeatedly called his name as her arousal heightened. Her musky feminine scent accosted his nostrils and he groaned. Further, his hands journeyed to the spot he so craved of his beloved.

“Du matin au soir From morning till night, I need you in my arms.” Jacques breathed against Celeste’s silken thigh, claiming her fragrant arousal with his Escort Anadolu Yakası tongue. To his delight, she arched her back, threading her delicate hands through dark sandy blond hair.

“Ah, you are so sweet, Celeste.” Without further ado, Jacques’ hands disappeared beneath the firm, plump rear of his love, pulling her wet mound against his face. His tongue parted Celeste’s wet folds and her moans increased. He groaned as swift strokes of his tongue caused her body to shiver with desire.

Brazingly, Celeste parted her legs further, enjoying he exquisite pleasure Jacques succumbed her to. He loved it! His Celeste was an insatiable one, and not afraid to explore further regions of pleasure. That in combination with her warm, loving nature, Jacques knew long ago he had found his love interest.

“Oh, my Dear God, Take me now Jacques!” She placed a loving hand on his cheek, forcing him away from her pussy. His heart lurched at the pleading brown eyes. A smile unfolded upon his face as he slowly rose, untying the laces of his trousers. Celeste was in the process of shedding her clothing when Jacques assisted her. Anticipation danced inside him as he waited to see the luscious curves of her petite frame.

Gently, he pushed Celeste back onto the cool bedcovers, his body covering hers. They groaned in unison at the exquisite touch of one another’s hot naked flesh. Jacques ground his hard cock against the wetness of her soft flesh, all while gathering firm round breasts within his hands.

* * * *

She lovingly stroked Jacques’ hair as she watched him guide her chocolate nipple into his mouth. Her lips parted with pleasure as she watched his tongue stroke the hardened tip. Gently, he grasped it between his teeth, tugging at it ever so lightly. Affectionately, he offered the same treatment to the other breast.

“Ah, never stop!” She thrust her hips against his rock hard cock while his strong hands lovingly caressed her full, luscious breasts. Her breath abandoned her as he shifted his weight to the side of her body, allowing a hand to lower between her thighs. Lightly stroking the fleshy bud, he intensified her pleasure ten fold. Slowly, his finger slipped inside her. As she moaned, Jacques brought his mouth down, hard upon hers. They kissed, as if they would never see one another again. Deep and passionate, a fire that was ignited long ago burned, threatening to reach the surface.

She watched as her lover eased his finger out of her swollen folds and slipped it into his mouth. Passionately, he suckled his juice laden finger, bringing new heights to her pleasure.

“Now Jacques!” Celeste breathlessly pleaded him to take that last step that would once again join them as one. She wanted to mold with him, escaping to the highest regions of their passion. She yearned for the experience of not knowing where he began and she ended, for their love was infinite.

* * * *

Jacques rose above her, gently settling between her thighs. His cock seized he opportunity to politely slip inside Celeste, bringing forth tortured moans from both parties.

Chapter Two

She awoke abruptly, as though someone frightened her out of her dream. The dream was still fresh in her memory. She loathed her dreams, and regretted her gift of premonition.

Her body ached, but in a way that left her craving Jacques’ attention. She rose on her elbows, staring off into the dimly lit room. It was possible he was attending to some business with Claude. Such a liar she was to herself. No, they must be arguing again, about her sleeping in the house, instead of the slave quarters. His father often plotted, seeking ways to drive a wedge between them.

Sighing, she turned on her side, lying in a fetal position. The dreams were growing much stronger, and she feared for her safety, as well as Jacques’.

Fear clung heavily to her fragile eggshell mind, as she tried her best to interpret the impeding force coming their way.

The power of clairvoyance allowed her to dwelve into the past, and forsee the future. At the age of thirty, her power of premonition escalated. Sometimes she loved her gift, other times she thought it to be dreaded curse, thrust upon her by the cruelty of the Universe, and the one who sought her demise. Yes, it was no mystery to her. Someone, or something sought to claim her, and destroy Jacques in the process.

In these nightmares, she often saw dreadful images of tortured slaves, crying out for their souls to the one who devoured Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort their pain without remorse.

Restless, and annoyed, Celeste turned on her side, in an effort to ease her wandering mind. She wanted sleep, but would gratefully pass on the dreams. She knew soon, her life would be turned upside down. Fear and hatred would wreak havoc over the plantation, and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

“Jacques, where are you?” Celeste shivered as loneliness claimed her, making her yearn for the warm embrace of the one who would lay down his life for her without a doubt.

As she lay, awaiting her first and only love, Celeste contemplated existing in a world where slaves were not slaves, but equals to their white counterparts. She often pondered if things would ever change.

Failing to confess her reservations to Jacques, out of fear of hurting his feelings, there had been moments she thought it best for them to go their separate ways. After all, that would mean him granting her freedom.

“Celeste.” The door to the bedroom opened and closed. Her pulse quickened, and her heart fluttered. His manly scent filled her nostrils, peaking her libido.

“Where have you been?” she raised up on her elbows, and smiled as Jacques sat the lantern down on the Mahogany stand, next to the bed.

“I’ve been talking with father.” Jacques sounded agitated as he slipped beneath the bedcovers, scooping her up in his strong arms. “He’s impossible.” Her lover planted a firm, loving kiss on her lips.

“Jacques, do not lie to me,” Celeste murmured in a low voice. “You were arguing, over me.” Disappointment claimed her.

“I told you, not to worry. We are behind closed doors, and what goes on in my bedroom, is my business? Is that anyway on clear?” Jacques slipped a finger beneath her chin.

“Yes Jacques.”

Sighing in relief, a smile curved the edge of her lips as she nuzzled against her lover’s chest. She’d live a good life, better than many slaves, existing outside the DuBourg plantation. Claude wasn’t a prejudiced man, and treated his slaves better than any other master in the vicinity.

Tears brimmed in her eyes. Unfortunately, Claude frowned upon the coupling, insisting it would bring turmoil to the entire household. Unfortunately, she knew, that was true. Like a waterfall, her tears fell at the thought of her walking behind Jacques in public, instead of beside him, or on his arm, like a regular couple. Like a white couple.

Was she wrong to desire these things with Jacques? If she gave into her desires, her visions of being a normal couple, they both would be killed on site, for sure. Of course, she’d be lynched, and Jacques, well, his safety would be jeopardized as well, but she’d suffer the brunt of things.

Many times she thought she should settle, and find another slave who would possibly love her for the rest of her life. But, who the hell was she kidding. She had no eyes for another.

She sighed. How many times did she have to endure white women, potential wives, throwing themselves at Jacques, before her very eyes. She’d bitten her lip, until it bled, many times, fighting hard to cover her feelings up.

Conveniently, she placed her arm beneath her face, so her white cotton nightgown captured her falling tears. Jacques planted a kiss on top of her tightly coiled hair.

“What is wrong, Celeste?” She squeezed her eyes shut at the thought of speaking her feelings. He’d always noticed, he knew everything about her, that was the bond they shared.

“Nothing, all is well,” Celeste lied. “I’m tired Jacques, and want to sleep. She rolled over, hoping he’d bought her lie.

“Are you sure?” She felt his large hand rub her back, and the waterfall of tears began again.

“I’m sure!” She summoned every ounce of strength to make her voice sound “normal.” “I’m tired, is all.”

Patting her back, Jacques sighed. “So be it.” She cringed. Jacques knew she was lying, she felt it in her bones, but he was one never to push the issue, and for that, she loved him.

Relieved, Celeste pulled the covers up to her neck, wanting to be alone with her own thoughts. She continued thinking of all the negativities, threatening, like a black plague to tear them apart.

On top of all the other antagonists, Celeste was a witch. Another cross she and Jacques must carry, lest she be hung, if anyone ever discovered her secret. Jacques was a witness to her powers, and of course, kept her secret.

The only thing he didn’t believe in was the secret of the Louisiana Bayou, where beings lurked. There were many nights they’d argue after he caught her chanting, and laying down her potions on the outskirts of the plantation. Even with her power, there was nothing she could do to convince Jacques a certain evil existed.

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Brianna’s Story Ch. 02

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The next day Brie was sore and aching, her mind going over the events of the previous night. Had she really lost all control? Had she really enjoyed it? She blushed as she remembered she had more than enjoyed it, she had reveled in it, gloried to his total possession.

As the thoughts went round and round in her head she wondered if this was what Callie had tried to explain to her. Just the thought of her was enough. Brie missed her horribly. Callie would be home soon. Brie could only think, not soon enough.

The days passed and Brie was conscious of Greg as never before. She knew when he walked into a room. He haunted her dreams. Her body ached for his touch. She knew she was in trouble, but for the life of her she couldn’t get him out of her mind.

A few days later Brie found herself at Greg’s office door. She reached up to knock and stopped. What was she doing? Had she gone out of her mind? Just as she convinced herself to leave, the door opened. Brie could only stare up into Greg’s eyes helpless to speak.

Greg could see the need in Brie, knew she was helpless to fight her body and heart. He knew she still didn’t understand what was happening. He wanted to be the one to teach her, to show her, to guide her. He knew that in the end she would be magnificent when she finally gave up control and realized she was submissive to her core. Greg pulled her into his office and shut the door behind her.

“What do you want Brianna?”

“I don’t know.” She whispered. “I don’t know what I’m doing here.” Brie pleaded with her eyes.

“Be at my house at eight tonight Brianna. Do not be late.”

Brie walked out of the office and let out a breath she hadn’t been aware of holding. Her emotions were a mass of butterflies fighting to free themselves of her body. She felt weak and her knees were shaking. She knew she would be at Greg’s house that night. What she didn’t know was why? Brie felt out of control something she had never been in her life. As alien as it was, it was also tinged with excitement.

As Brie pulled up to Greg’s house that night, she again wondered at herself. Her body seemed to have a will of its own, and it wanted Greg. With a trembling hand she knocked on his door. He led her straight to his playroom.

“Take off your clothes slowly for me Brianna.” Her hands reached up to do his bidding without her conscious thought. When she bent over to lower her panties down over her calves he told her, “once the panties are gone, spread your legs wide and hold on to your ankles.”

Brie felt vulnerable and open, bent over and spread wide for his inspection. She felt his hands on her thighs, running over her heated skin as goose flesh broke out. She felt the wetness start in her sex, readying her body. His fingers roamed up over the bottom displayed so temptingly before him. He wanted to see it redden under the paddle, but not just yet.

Greg ran two fingers between her lips and felt the wetness saturate his invading digits. Moving further up he pinched her clit, causing Brie to gasp and jerk in surprise. He put a restraining hand on her hip. “You are not to move Brianna. I will explore your body to MY satisfaction. You want this. You don’t understand it, but you Anadolu Yakası escort want it. You want what I can give you. You need me to teach you, and I will.” He lightly tapped on her clit and Brie could not hold back the cry that was only part pain. Greg noted the effect the slight slap had on Brie. Her juices were flowing freely.

“Stand up Brianna, keep your legs spread and clasp your hands behind your neck.”

Greg watched the full breasts slightly bounce with her ragged breathing as they were proudly thrust forth in her new position. The nipples were very hard and engorged as her excitement built. He reached out to cup those breasts in his palms. He ran his thumbs over the peaks. Brie shivered at the pleasure that coursed through her body. His touch was doing things to her that none had ever done.

“I am going to do things to you Brianna. I am going to show you what you need and what you crave. I know what you desire, what is in your deepest heart even though you don’t. I will teach you what it is to be owned. To belong to someone as never before, to serve as you need to serve, to be treasured for who you truly are.”

“I’m scared. I have never felt like this before. You confuse me.”

“I know this is all new to you. Trust me and let yourself go Brianna.”

She started to shake her head and Greg held her still. He looked deep into her emerald eyes. “You will be mine. Accept it and let go. I will help you.” He led her over to a corner of the room where a St. Andrews cross was set up. “Step up on the platform and raise your hands to the top of the cross.” Brie did and watched as he strapped her wrists to the cross. Then she felt him spread her legs and strap her ankles to the bottom.

“Now I am going to blindfold you Brianna. This is to help you let go. You will need to reach out with your other senses.” He felt the tremble that ran through her body as the blindfold lowered over her eyes. She could feel the warmth of his body as he pressed up against her back. “You are so beautiful Brianna, open and vulnerable to me.” Greg was whispering in her ear, sending sparks of pleasure shooting down her spine.

“Your skin is so soft and pliant begging for my touch. Your breasts fill my hands to overflowing, the nipples hard and aching for my mouth to take them. Your ass begs to be spanked by my hand, turned to a delicious shade of pink. Your sweet, wet cunt waits to grip my cock like a silken glove. Your mouth begs to be kissed and filled with my cum.”

As his voice flowed over Brie, she seemed to lose herself in his words. She could feel each part that he spoke of tingle and tighten, ache to be used as he described her body in detail. He stepped back and she felt cold. Suddenly warmth striped her back. Brie cried out as sensation ripped through her body. The flogger found its mark again and again as Brie strained in her bonds. Her body was on fire. Greg stopped and again pressed his body to hers.

Brie pressed her abused back to him as tightly as she could. She wanted to feel him, all of him. “Please, please take me.” She begged.

“Not yet Brianna, does your body feel on fire? Do you need relief baby?” Her answer was to moan and push Anadolu Yakası escort bayan her body to him even more. He pushed his leg up to her sex letting her rub her aching clit on the rough material. “It’s okay Brianna, let go. Just let yourself feel. I’m right here with you. Feel my hands on your swollen breasts. Feel my fingers pinching and twisting your aching nipples. It feels good doesn’t, baby? Feel my body with yours, let go!”

Greg bit into her shoulder and Brie screamed as the orgasm tore through her body. Wave after wave seemed to shatter her senses and leave her drained in their wake. She slumped in her bonds against Greg as the last crest finally ebbed. Greg released her and caught her as her knees gave way. He sat down in a chair and pulled a blanket around her naked body, holding her close. When she had rested, she looked up at him. “What would you have of me?”

“All of you. But at this moment, I want you on your knees. My cock is aching to be in your mouth.”

Brie slowly slid off of Greg’s lap to her knees. She reached up to unbutton his pants and pull the zipper down. He raised his hips slightly to give her room to pull his pants down. She pulled his shoes off and then his pants. She lightly kissed her way up his legs to the juncture of his thighs. Brie took his shaft in her hand and kissed the head, savoring the texture against her lips. Her tongue reached out and licked at the underside of the mushroom head. Greg shuddered and Brie felt emboldened. She opened her mouth and took the head into the hot, wet cavern.

She started sucking on just the head encouraging the precum to flow onto her tongue. Slowly, taking more and more of him into her mouth, Brie worked his erection. She loved the way he filled her almost to overflowing. She wanted him to fill her mouth with his delicious cum. Brie worked faster and kept moving until he was in the back of her throat. She tried to relax her muscles to allow him entrance. Greg grabbed the back of her head and started pumping into Brie’s all consuming mouth. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it, Greg erupted onto her waiting tongue. She swallowed as fast as she could. She wanted all of him. When she was done she looked up at him and smiled.

“Brianna you are a very special woman. You are a true born submissive.” She started to speak but he stopped her. “No, I want you to hear me out first. I want you to think about what I am telling you. You don’t like people to be upset with you, you will bend over backwards to work it out with someone that is angry with you. You want to please people. You want to serve. And in your deepest heart, you want to please and serve one person.”

Brie thought about his words. No, she didn’t like people to be mad at her. Yes, she did like to please people. Was the rest true? Thinking about it logically, it was. If she could be special to just one person, to serve and please and …. Oh God! She did want to be owned, to give herself completely. She looked to Greg with dawning horror in her eyes, her own thoughts scaring her to her toes.

“But, I can’t want this. It isn’t right. I shouldn’t want to owned and dominated.”

“Brianna, it is right. Just because escort bayan it is not what is considered ‘normal’ does not make it wrong. We will go slowly. I will help you understand. I have wanted you since I first met you and you will be mine.”

“Now that you have started to accept, we will begin your training. Lie across my lap Brianna.”

Brie got up from the floor and placed herself across Greg’s lap. “You will keep your hands on the floor. I am going to spank you now. Your ass begs for a firm hand and I am tired of holding mine.”

Brie felt the first blow and though it stung, it wasn’t so bad. The second was harder and she gasped at the sting. The next had her crying out and starting to squirm. As the spanking continued Brie started to cry. It was starting to hurt more and more. But, underneath, she could also feel a undeniable tingle beginning in her sex. Incredibly this was exciting her!

Greg stopped the spanking and rubbed the glowing pink cheeks before him. He had been correct; the color was perfect on her. He reached between her legs and felt the moisture overflowing her lips.

“Stand up now Brianna.” Shakily she got to her feet. “I want you to lie down on the table and put your feet up in the stirrups.” Slowly Brie made her way to the table and hissed as she sat down. She laid down and he helped her put her feet up and adjust her position on the table until he was satisfied. He strapped her legs in and put a strap at her waist.

“You are free to move your hands. You may stimulate your breasts if you wish. However, do not reach below your waist Brianna. If you do, you will be punished and your hands will be tied down.”

Greg pulled a table over by her legs and sat on a stool between her thighs. She felt his hot breath on her sex and a shiver raced through her body. She felt his tongue delve into her body and couldn’t stop the moan of pleasure. “You taste so sweet Brianna, so creamy.” As his tongue continued its assault on her cunt, Brie felt his fingernails roaming on the sensitive skin of her rear. The line between pain and pleasure was blurring.

She felt his tongue moving back until finally it touched her anus. “No, not there. You can’t do that.”

“Brianna, you are now mine to do with as I please. You will deny me nothing. Now, just relax and let go.”

His tongue plundered her and she finally abandoned herself to the sensation. She felt something cold and then felt stretched as a finger entered her virgin ass. When a second was added she groaned. “Please, no more.”

“Shh, just relax baby. It will get better in a minute. Play with your nipples.” He started sucking on her clit and Brie felt herself relaxing and even liking the intruders stretching her sphincter. Then Greg began to pump the fingers in and out of her body. She began to move in time with the fingers trying to take more of them into her. Suddenly, something bit into her clit and she screamed as her body tried to rid itself of the intruder.

Greg stood and removed his fingers from her grasping ass. “I have put on a clit clamp Brianna. It will take a moment for you to get used to it.” He guided his raging cock to her dripping sex and very slowly entered her. As his body touched the clamp the fire burning in Brie exploded. Her nails raked the table as the only thing she could reach. Her body convulsed and flew in a million different directions. Her mind exploded and nothing seemed real except where his body joined hers. As she floated back to reality, she saw Greg looking at her with wonder.

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