Our Neighbor John Pt. 03

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We kissed and he kissed my chest to my cock, he played with it, he licked it. He stroked it as he sucked my knob, my balls reacted, my body tensed, my cock exploded in John’s mouth and face. I rolled John off of me and got between the man’s legs, there it was that big beautiful cock that I had sucked and jerked off too.

I held it like it was breakable glass, I licked it, I pursed my lips and kissed and sucked at his piss slit. John was so vocal, he let out a loud wail as his cock filled me once more with his wonderful white cream, I stroked out all he had, I sucked his cock clean. I stayed there his cock in my hand my tongue gently licking his cock head.

John pulled me on top of him, he rolled us over and pinned me to the bed, his hands laced in my own, he held my arms over my head and his lips pressed in tight to my own.

“Stay the night Billy.”

I was not sure how to tell Mom that I would be staying the night at John’s, she would worry if I did not tell her where I was.

“I have to call my Mom and tell her you and I plan to watch a movie with you, so I may spend the night here on your couch.”

I got up called Mom told her John had asked if I could stay and watch a movie with him, she was very understanding glad I would stay here with John and I was safe. I went back in the bedroom, John was laid out naked, his hands laced behind his head, his legs spread really wide. He smiled as I danced a strip tease but I was already naked.

I got on the bed and and crawled up to John’s face, I hovered over the man, he really was a handsome guy, straight looking and so ruggedly handsome. I leaned in and kissed the man, John pulled me in tight to his hot body. He rolled us over and held me down, his lips on mine, our eyes focused on each other, I pulled my legs up and wrapped them around him.

I knew I wanted John to take my cherry, I had played with my ass, but I had not had a real cock inside of me. John’s cock was so hard and so wet, dripping precum all over my ass, I knew we needed lube, his cock was quite large, and very thick.

“John do you have lube? Something we can use so it will slide in easier, I really want you to make love to me John.”

John reached over he had some generic lube, it would do the trick, John slicked up his cock and my hole. He slid a finger in and it hurt, I knew I would have to relax to be able to take his massive cock inside me. John istanbul travesti fingered my hole, first one then two then the third, it hurt a bit but I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

John put lots of lube in my ass and on his cock, he pushed his cock to my tight hole, my ass would not be letting him get his huge cock inside of me.

“Billy you need to push out when I try to push in to you.”

John held his cock to my hole and as he pushed in, I pushed out, his cock slowly was engulfed by my overly tight hole. His cock was about four inches in and I felt like that was all I could take, John gently pushed his cock a little harder and his cock slowly disappeared inside my ass. He and I did not move, he looked at me I knew his cock was in heaven right now.

“I’m not hurting you am I Billy?”

“No John just give me a few minutes to get accustomed to your huge cock inside me.”

John smiled at me, I knew he wanted to shove his huge cock in then back out of my ass, but he was not a guy like that. He slowly pulled out then slowly back in, his pace got quicker, his cock felt like it was getting bigger with each thrust he pushed in to me.

It hurt but it also felt so good at the same time, John soon was giving it to me, his cock slammed in to me, then mostly back out. John leaned in and kissed me, just the feeling of his cock and how tender he was kissing me right now my body rocked as the orgasm took control of my entire body.

John fucked me harder now, his strokes harder, his cock swelled then shot me deep inside. How do you describe how it feels the first time a man shoots his load inside of you? The shot of cum splashing the insides of your hole. The feel of his cock sliding in and out as his body was wracked by an intense orgasm.

John laid on top of me, his head on my chest, I felt like I was in the perfect moment right now. If I died right here right now I had felt how it felt to be exactly where I should be at this moment in time. John laid on me, he kissed my chest, his arms held me close to him.

I ran my hands through his hair as he laid there ready to doze off, John was half asleep when he told me he really liked me. I smiled cause I really liked him too, I knew he would be my first love, the man I would compare all others too. John and I would sleep right where we both were tonight, him on top of me.

I pulled the blankets over istanbul travestileri us and reached over and shut off the lamp, John did not wake up he was tired a long day at work, and some good sex as well. I woke up at about three John was getting back in bed, he snuggled in close to me. I held him as he quickly fell back asleep, I kissed the top of his head and he was out.

When I woke up John and I were spooning, his rock hard cock was grinding against my ass, I knew he wanted back in, and I wanted that as well. I grabbed the lube and slicked him up, I got his cock back inside me before John woke up. As John woke up he started to pump his cock in and out of me, the feeling of his cock inside me his knob and his foreskin sliding along the walls of my tight hole.

John was so gentle, so concerned he might hurt me, but he also knew how to make me feel, how good his cock felt in my hole.

“Oh Billy this is the best way to wake up, I want you in my bed every single night Babe.”

Did he just call me Babe? Was John starting to have feelings for me? I knew it was way to soon but I knew how I felt for the man who used to intimidate me, and now here we were in his bed naked and his cock is deep inside my tight ass. John was hitting me in all the right places, his cock in the position it was in was rocking my prostate.

I grabbed my cock and stroked it as John worked my butt, I was so close to shooting, once my cock exploded so did John’s, again I felt his seed press its way inside my hole. Once he stopped shooting and his orgasm subsided he pulled me in close to him and kissed me. His arms holding me tight his lips pressed in tight to my own.

This was what it felt like to be in love with someone, I was sure of it, John pulled back and looked me in the eyes. I wanted to tell him I really liked him, I wanted to be in his bed every night, I wanted to cook clean and be with him. John continued to stare into my eyes, he would lean in and kiss me, some kisses just a peck some a full on make out kiss.

I suspected John lacked this in his relationship with his wife, he needed affection, he needed to feel love, he needed to be taken care of. John would tell me in the weeks to come that he indeed did not have this with his wife, she was cold in bed, she never ever kissed him. She did not want or need affection, he craved it and he knew it was with a man not a woman.

John travesti istanbul and I laid in bed our bodies tangled into each others, I could lay here all day long, just him and I our naked bodies linked with each others. I looked at him and kissed his lips, he smiled as I did this.

“John I better get up and make us coffee and you Mister need breakfast if you are going to have the energy to do this all day long.”

I leaned in and kissed him, I tried to get up but he held me in place, he held my face in his huge calloused hands, his lips on mine.

“But Babe I need you in bed here with me.”

“Nope breakfast then we can go back to bed, besides I need to pee and drain you out of my backside.”

I peed and drained, I got up and made us coffee, then I would make the man a full breakfast, I went in the bedroom to see what he was doing. The man was fast asleep, I covered him up and kissed his lips, I went back in to make us breakfast. I was finishing the hash browns and bacon when John came in naked and rock hard.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me close, I turned and he pressed his lips to mine. I pulled back and put a slice of bacon in his mouth.

“Go sit you, I will bring you coffee.”

“You spoil me Billy.”

“Yes I sure do and I want to do that all the time, is that okay with you Mister?”

“Yes I think it is Babe.”

I poured him coffee and kissed him as he sat there in his chair, I set the table and got the food on the table. He smiled as I wiggled my ass as I walked away from him, I got us fed then I would do the dishes. John came to help but it was more touching and kissing than actual helping.

John pinned me to the cupboards and pushed his cock to my tight ass, he spit in his hand and slicked up his cock. He would take me in the kitchen at the sink, I held on as John fed his huge member into my tight hole. After this weekend I may not be able to say that my hole was tight after this, he was making up for lost time.

I gripped his cock with my ass, John reached in and grabbed my cock and stroked it hard, his grip so tight. My balls reacted, my cock shot all over the kitchen cupboards, John grabbed my hips and fed me his huge cock. His body slapped my own and his cock drove in deep, the feeling was incredible.

John screamed as his cock filled me up once more, John lay on my back as he caught his wind back. He stood up and turned me around, he pressed me in tight to the cupboards. He held me close and kissed me.

“Can you stay all day Billy?”

“I’m sure I can, I will just call to let them know I will stay here with you.”

John smiled, held me close in a tight embrace.

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Working with Walker Pt. 03

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The door swings open as Tyler comes in, still dressed in his work clothes. Walker and I freeze momentarily. Is he going to call us out now? Would he be mad? Or happy? Or possibly intrigued? We look up from playing Xbox, waiting for his response.

“Hey.” Was all Tyler said. So far…..so good?

“Hey, Ty.” Walker responded. I just gave him a nod. “Guess you worked this morning?”

“Yeah, I was with Mike last night. He said he couldn’t make it in to work today and asked if I could come in to open for him. I would’ve said no since it was already late at the time, but I need the money.”

Mike was another co-worker at the theater. I didn’t talk to him as much as I did with Walker and Tyler, but he seemed cool.

“Gotcha.” I responded. “Did you stop by this morning before work? I crashed here after we got in last night. I don’t think either of us heard you.” I was trying to be subtle. Nailed it.

“Nahh, I just slept over at Mike’s and went straight to the theater this morning. He let me borrow a pair of his work clothes so I didn’t have to drive all the way out here before work.”

Once he said that, I felt relief. He didn’t see me and Walker. We were in the clear! I glance at Walker and he seems to be feeling the same way I am. I could see his body relax and let’s out a soft smile.

We focus back on Tyler. He says he’s gonna change his clothes, eat, then he’ll join us. Now that Walker and I have one less thing to worry about, we can really enjoy ourselves.

Walker and I resume playing games. Tyler came back wearing loose basketball shorts and a T-shirt. After he eats istanbul travesti something from the kitchen, he comes into the living room and sits next to me on the small couch. Walker is in the recliner next to the couch. Once he gets situated, we turn off the Xbox and just switch to a movie we can all enjoy.

We were only about 10 minutes into the movie when Tyler asked, “So what did you two do last night?”

My eyes grew wide. He did say he didn’t come come before work, right? Was he lying before? Is he toying with us? My mind races, but I try to shrug it off quickly. I try to convince myself he’s just innocently asking what we were up to.

Walker didn’t respond. I’m guessing he was having the same thoughts I was and is feeling anxious. So I responded, “I took him to a party with some friends of mine. He got pretty drunk by the end of the night, so I took him home. We hung out and had a few more beers here. I didn’t want to drive home, so I just crashed here. Now we’ve just been chilling here until you got home.”

Tyler nodded, “Sounds fun.” It was the truth, but without some small, albeit important, details about the night and morning.

“What about you, Ty? What did you get up to last night?”

“Just hanging out with Mike again. Trying to close the deal.” He laughed a little at that last part.

I was a little surprised to hear Mike was gay too. Maybe it was just because I didn’t know him that well. Or at least not as well as Walker and Tyler.

I jokingly respond, “Oh yeah? He resisting your incredible charm?”

Ty laughs. “Well, here’s the thing. He istanbul travestileri says he’s not gay, but he always comes off a little flirty. At least that’s how I see it. And when I flirt with him, he really seems to enjoy it. But when I try to make a move, he gets scared and politely turns me down. Then we restart the cycle and do it all over again. I’m sure he’s gay. He just doesn’t realize it yet.”

“Well, I wish you luck, man. He seems nice. You deserve as much.”

Tyler just gives me a big smile as thanks. I smile back. We were staring at each other for what felt like a while. Damn, was there something there?

We eventually break eye contact and I look over and notice Walker passed out on the recliner. I was wondering why he was so quiet.

Tyler and I just watched TV for another hour before he passed out next to me on the couch. Both of them looked so adorable sleeping.

I was just about to look away when I noticed a big bulge in Tyler’s shorts. At first I thought it was the fold of his shorts, but once I saw it twitch, I realized that it was his dick. And holy fucking shit, was it big! It was hard to tell the exact size through the shorts, but he is definitely packing. My mouth was almost watering at the site.

I look back up at him and see he’s still passed out. I slowly scoot closer to him on the couch. I place my hand on top of his covered cock.

Still asleep.

I massage it through his shorts.

Still asleep.

I get more ballsy (so to speak) by sliding my hand under his shorts and wrapping my fingers around his big cock. I slowly stroke travesti istanbul it up and down.

Still asleep.

He looks fully hard now. He’s easily 9 inches. Maybe almost 10. And thick too. God, what a dick. I just had to taste it.

Still asleep.

I bend my head down and stick my tongue out. I lick the head softly.

Still asleep.

I get a little bolder. I stick the fat head in my mouth and gently suck.

Still asleep.

Might as well go for broke. I start to slide my mouth down his hard cock. He’s really stretching my lips, but I’m determined. I get about a third of the way down before I stop and come back up. Then I go back down again, taking a little more in my mouth. I slowly stroke what I don’t get in my mouth.

I heard movement and stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth still full of cock. I thought it was Tyler, but I look up and see Walker in his chair. He’s wide awake watching me. He has his shorts pulled down to his knees and he’s stroking his hard cock while watching me suck on Tyler.

I make eye contact with Walker. I take my mouth off Tyler’s cock and motion him to come here. He gets off his chair as quietly as he can and tiptoes over to us and kneels down right in front of Tyler.

Still asleep.

I present his cock to Walker. He proceeds to lick his lips and grab his cock and inspects it. He doesn’t seem too surprised about the size, so he must’ve seen this monster before tonight.

Walker brings his mouth close to his cock when suddenly Tyler’s body twitches violently, causing us to jump back and panic.

Then we hear a loud, panicked voice say, “WHAT THE FUCK?!?”

Not asleep.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading Part III. Sorry for a little less action than usual, but don’t worry. It’s all coming together next time. Let me know what you think and I’ll start Part IV!

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It Started with Buying a Beer

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I’ve enjoyed reading stories from this site off and on but never expected to have something occur that would qualify for something to share here. However I did have an experience that just blew my mind and wonder if sharing it would get others off.

I’ve had varying fantasies over the course of my life in all different areas, more recently I’ve become fascinated with bisexual exploration. I’ve found myself intrigued and getting horny watching women suck cock and then get fucked hard I notice I am curious how it feels for them and also noticed I have been paying attention to the size and varieties of cocks when I am watching porn.

A few months before the pandemic hit, I was on a business trip and had an encounter that I think is worth sharing.

I had a business trip and flew into town in the afternoon as my client appointment was for the next morning and I couldn’t afford possible flight delays so that meant an added night on the trip. As I got checked in and put my things into my room, I decided to head down to the bar to grab a drink and possibly something to snack on and possibly check out any would be business travelers that may be there. Ya know the single lady sitting by herself or the hot bartender etc…. Unfortunately as I got off the elevator and headed over to the bar it was mostly empty and dark. The bar was closing up, but I was fortunate the bartender was still there and got me a beer. So at least I could have one.

Well I drank my beer and was going to head to my room. I asked if I could get a 2nd for the room and cash out. She couldn’t charge it as she already closed that system down but I had enough cash to cover my tab so I paid and tipped her.

As I was drinking the last of my beer, another patron came by and asked if he could get one more as well but he didn’t have the cash to cover it all. Without thinking I said I’ve got it and slid an extra 5 over for him.

We both headed to the elevator with our 2nd beers to go to our rooms. I wasn’t really even thinking of anything sexual happening just bummed there weren’t any ladies to check out for my business getaway fantasy.

While in the elevator my fellow bar-mate and I made small talk. We were both on the same floor it seemed. He smelled a bit of pot, but seemed to be ok. Just a regular Joe. A black man about in his early 30’s, thinish and maybe 5’8 — 5’10”. I’m 6’3″ so much taller and a bit heavier. Definitely a “dad bod”. But as I said I wasn’t even thinking of anything sexual just planned to go to my room, finish my beer and get some sleep.

He asked what I was in town for; I said just a quick business trip. I asked about him, and he just said he is staying here to get away and relax. I didn’t really understand that and said what like just overnight away from the wife n kids or she kick you out?

He just looked straight at me and smiled and said just to relax and be chill. My mind then switched to the pot smell and I said well seems like you’ve got a god start and I guess that beer I got you also helping. He laughed and said you know what, you’re right and thanks again for this. I’d love to repay maybe for your kindness. Then the elevator doors opened and we were on the floor. I walked out and turned to the right to head toward my room and noticed he wasn’t so I looked back and said good night, as he wasn’t following so I figured his room was on the other side. He just said yeah man, guess you ok too, I’m just gonna chill some more and he smiled looking right at me.

For whatever reason I seemed to lose my sense of myself and I turned around and just walked back toward him. As I did, he turned and walked across the hall to his room, opened the door and walked in holding it open for me. It was like he knew I was going to follow him before I did and it happened. As I walked in, he just kept smiling and said it’s too early to go to sleep anyhow, may as well enjoy some good company. He walked ahead of me and I followed into his room, with the door closing behind me.

What the hell am I doing? istanbul travesti Why am I in a hotel room with a complete stranger, younger than me, smelling of pot. My mind was screaming at me to just say a polite good night and leave, but my mouth said yeah, it is a little early.

His room was similar to mine, two queen beds, a small table and chair and a TV on top of a wide low dresser. He grabbed a remote, turned on the TV and immediately went to a game that was on. He said take a seat and chill, I’ll be right back just gonna freshen myself up a sec. I took that as he was gonna try and maybe wash off some of his pot smell but it really wouldn’t matter as his room smelled of it too. I just took a sip of my beer and thought ok, just chill. You can do this, it’s just a couple guys hanging out, just finish this beer and then head to my room. When he came back into the room I soon learned my evening would get very interesting and I would finally have a story worthy of relating to those I’ve read about.

He walked back from the bathroom completely nude and a long cock flopping from side to side and still his big smile looking right at me. He saw my face flush my eyes popped out wide and my mouth opened as he approached me. My beer was barely in my hand as I sat there mesmerized by this younger black cock walking straight at me. He grabbed his beer off the dresser and said, so maybe I can return that kindness you showed buying me this and he took a long slow drink looking straight at me as he did. I lifted my beer and took a drink as well as my mind was saying What the fuck is going on? Are you seriously going to do this? While deep down I knew exactly what I was going to do and so did my new friend.

He had a nice body, no hair on his chest and a neatly trimmed pubic region. His cock looked long and thin, not the stereotypical BBC I’ve seen in porn, but not bad either and his sac was clean shaven and looked full.

He smiled as he set his beer down and started to fondle his cock and said, if you didn’t run out of here once you saw this then it sure must mean you want it. And he took two steps toward me and held that black cock head right in front of my face, the tip just under my nose. He used his other hand to lift my beer out of my hand setting it on the desk and then took my hand and placed it on his cock and said go ahead and feel this. My heart was racing and my mind was numb but my cock was rock hard and I took and felt my first black cock. He was somewhat hard as I began to feel and stroke him. He held his hands behind his back and thrust his cock forward a bit as I stroked him. I’d occasionally go all the way down to his sac and then back all the way up.

He started to grow hard and then his hands moved from behind him to my head and he pulled my face to his cock and said it’s time baby, go ahead I know you want to suck this for me. Take it and feel this cock get hard in your pretty warm mouth. With another half step to me I lowered my head parting my lips and licking the tip of his cock. It felt warm and soft. I could feel the split opening on my tongue and then I swirled my tongue around the whole head before opening my mouth all the way and then lowering my head to take it all the way in. It was intoxicating and so erotic I was entranced by it. Thinking this is how women feel when lustily taking a cock. So I started to bob up and down on it licking and moving my tongue around the shaft and head with each motion. He said damn you sure know what to do baby that feels good don’t it? I just looked up into his eyes and smiled with his cock in my mouth.

His hands moved off my head and were feeling his nipples. That gets me horny and I started to feel my own. He noticed this as I was sucking him without using my hands so he just said take that shirt off let me see you. I loosened my belt and lifted my shirt off. Then I grabbed his cock and went back to sucking him while feeling my own nipples. I was as hard as steel and felt my balls tightening. I was enthralled, doing something istanbul travestileri so taboo and erotic it was like a day dream of stories I’ve read about only this was happening.

As I felt him get fully hard in my mouth he reached down and started to fondle my nipples. Moaning and telling me how good my mouth was. With his hands paying my nipples attention I slid mine up across his ass and then up to his feeling his pec muscles and hard nipples. Again I looked up into his eyes and saw him enjoying me.

He then moved his hands to the back of my head and said he was gonna make me feel what it’s truly like. And he started to force his cock all the way in my mouth to throat. My first reaction was to gag and pull away but he knew this and held my head firm. At first I choked and gagged more. Tears started to well out of my eyes and then it happened, he pushed his cock deep enough he went into my throat. I felt the head of his cock pop into my throat. He held it there for what seemed like forever and I felt like I was going to pass out needing to breathe then he let go and pulled back. He took a step back to look at me; I was breathing heavy, tears on my face and my mouth wet with a mixture drooling all over. I looked at his cock dripping with my spit and what looked like cum but was probably just pre-cum mixed with my spit. I couldn’t believe this was happening yet was so excited, horny, and in a trance of lust it was almost too much.

I was breathing heavy but made no attempt to get up or leave, he said now I know what it feels like to take cock and he asked do I wanna continue or should I go back to plan A and head to bed for the night? I reached out and put one hand back on his wet cock and the other cupping his nice balls and leaned forward opening my mouth to take his cock again.

With that he said he was going to show me how to be a good slut for his black cock. I stopped and the only thing I said was I want you to cum all over my face and then started to suck his cock again. He held my head and said that I was a hot slut.

His shaft was smaller than the head, which made it easier for me to move my tongue around as he popped his head into my throat. He fucked my mouth pushing deeper and deeper it seemed, occasionally I could feel my tongue close to licking his balls and my nose pushed up tight against his belly and pubic hair. He was in total control and thrusting his cock into me pushing me back into the chair but I offered no resistance. I was getting better at not gagging as much and could feel myself let go and each opportunity I tried to also lick his sac as he pushed into my mouth. His full weight was leaning into me and each thrust seemed to open my desires more as he forced me back into the chair captive to his body. It was so erotic as he was thrusting into me I had my hands on his ass and could feel him tense and push forcing his cock all the way into my mouth which was making all sorts of wet sex sounds and the occasional gag reflex and tearing of my eyes.

He slowed down and backed off some pulling his cock out. He smacked it on my face, said he liked seeing my face wet like that and also told me to suck his nuts and take his sac all in my slut mouth. I eagerly licked them as he continued to talk dirty to me and smacked his dick on my face and forehead. Then he lifted up and dropped his sac into my open mouth. I could feel both testicles in me and flittered my tongue all across his sac loving on each swirling around them. And then it happened.

I came in my pants with his cock rubbing on my face, balls in my mouth and him talking to me as his little white boy slut. I moaned loud and my hips bucked and I tensed up. He knew it happened and was so happy. He said you really do enjoy this, you little slut. Cum, let go and shoot baby.

By then my cock was being totally released and soaking my shorts. My face was wet with spit precum and the scent of black cock all over me and my mouth exhausted from the punishment and pleasure being inflicted on it.

Since travesti istanbul I came he said it was now time to take more and he got off me told me to turn around and face the chair. He walked around the chair, opened the blinds just a bit and faced me. I thought he was going to take my mouth from this position so I leaned forward onto the chair with my head over the backrest. He stroked my hair and asked if I was enjoying myself. I said I still wanted his cum on my face. He laughed and said soon enough. His cock was wet but not quite slick enough so he offered it to me and I started to suck like a whore again. This time losing all inhibitions and moaning in pleasure as he took my mouth. The sex sounds continued and I could feel my wet crotch start to get me hard again.

In a few seconds his cock was totally soaked and my mouth loose and drooling again when he pulled out and moved behind me. He said it was time I took black cock like I really wanted. He pulled my pants down exposing my ass. He reached to my crotch and grabbed my cum soaked cock feeling it getting hard and he said he knew he picked the right bitch tonight. Feeling up my cock he pulled his hand off and I felt him rubbing my cum on my asshole. Then I felt his warm head pressuring against my entrance as he grabbed my hips and slowly penetrated my ass.

At first my body rebelled against it. He said damn you is tight, but I know you want this so it will happen. He then put a little more pressure leaning into me and just like with my throat, I felt the head of his cock pop into my anus. He left it there just like that for a moment and leaned over to whisper in my ear now you truly are a black cock slut. He lifted himself back up and took a slow time pushing his cock all the way into my ass and bowels. It was a strange sensation but my own cock was hard as steel again and by balls tight with excitement.

He started to slowly rock back n fourth pushing in and pulling almost fully out then back in. Soon he picked up the pace and I could feel him ramming his weight into me firmer and more forceful with each thrust. One thrust I feel him bottom out on me and just then I let out a moan and he said that’s it whore you love this dick. Soon you gonna get your reward.

He took turns going fast then slow then fast again, but I knew he was close when he started to be more forceful in his thrusts while leaving his cock fully in me a short moment as each push bottomed out. After what seemed like an hour he said to get ready bitch when I pull out turn around and get your reward.

He pulled out taking a half step back allowing me room to turn back and sit on the chair facing him. There his hard wet cock immediately shot 3 ropes of warm cum the first hitting just above my eye, the 2nd across my forehead and the 3rd on my nose and lips. The several other bursts shot all over me as he grunted and as stroked his cock emptying a large amount of cum all over me. When he was finished I had cum streaks in my hair, all over my face and covering my chest.

As he stopped stroking his cock I knew he was done and I leaned forward taking his cock in my mouth and sucking the last bit right out of his cock. My first time tasting another mans cum. It was the most erotic and debauched thing I have ever done and I couldn’t believe it actually happened.

Finally his cock started to soften and he pulled it out of my mouth and said that was the best fuck he’s had in a while and now he was ready for bed and a good nights sleep.

I was exhausted, my jaw hurt, my throat and ass were just violated and I was covered in cum. I simply got up walked to the door and left his room. I was in such a daze I didn’t care that I was walking down a public hotel hallway carrying my shirt and covered in another mans cum. I got to me room, took off the rest of my clothes laid on my bed and jacked off again thinking of what I just did. Cumming all over myself again I fell asleep and woke up the next morning with the dried remnants of my evening.

To this day, I don’t know what he saw in me to know I would do those things or how I was entranced to go along with it. It was the most erotic thing I have ever experienced. I wonder when the next encounter will happen, but for sure have this memory to always think back upon.

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Good Guys Don’t Date Bad Boys Ch. 05

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Chapter Five — Trouble Finds You

He was totally, absolutely, not stalking Jonathan. But he couldn’t help but notice the guy entering the sports building and heading for the indoor pool by the looks of it. Well, Maddox was much in the mood for a swim, too, and since only students on good behavior were allowed to use such facilities after dark, it meant that Jonathan had been a goody-two-shoes enough to impress the powers that be, which was quite the feat seeing the short time he had been there, at Sunny Hill.

Maddox only needed to pump up the charm to gain entrance everywhere, and he reached for the spare key, which he knew where it was hidden to get inside after Jonathan went in. Funny thing, the guy hadn’t bothered to lock after going in, and he must have used another key. Whatever, Maddox would take care of that because he didn’t want their little nocturnal rendez-vous ruined by other students happening by.


He had always loved swimming. It helped him clear his mind and find solutions to complicated problems, such as crushing on a guy who was everything he needed to stay clear of. What was about Maddox he liked so damned much? Yes, he was attractive. Yes, he was smart. And yes, he was likable, but not only in that superficial way popular kids usually were. It was just his damned luck that, after running away from an impossible situation, he would end up in much a similar one.

Drew had been… Jonathan sighed. He had seemed perfect at first, too, right? Dangerous and sexy, that bad boy appeal, fantastic body, cute smile, and all that. He just couldn’t believe he was walking down the same path again. There were differences, however, in how the two compared if he thought about it long enough. Something was a bit twisted in Drew’s soul, as far as he could recall, a certain ruthlessness that should have sent all his alarm systems on high alert.

Only that he had been too much in love to pay it any mind. And who was to say Maddox wasn’t the same, or at least not all that could be gleaned at first sight? He was, after all, engaged in some unsavory activities, and he had the kind of body to prove that was right. He wasn’t into sports like his friends, but those callouses on his hands were a clear indication that he could use his fists, not only his natural charm.

Maddox was different, though, a small voice inside him told him over and over again. He shook his head. So what? He was a straight boy, and straight boys were nothing but trouble. Who needed any more of that?

Jonathan performed another lap and then pushed himself up on the edge. He grabbed the towel and, lost in thought, proceeded to wipe himself.


Hmm, so fully naked swimming appeared to be Jonathan’s secret pleasure. After the party on Saturday, Maddox hadn’t seen him close enough to have a talk, and he couldn’t just send a text and ask for them to meet up, especially since he wasn’t in the mood to work on a school project, but very much on something else.

He watched for a while as Jonathan swam around, his body cutting through the water with practiced ease. No wonder he had such a nice lean body. And Maddox could appreciate that he was keeping himself so smooth because that allowed the unhindered sight of all his perfect anatomy. Yeap, all those fantastic tight muscles which Maddox wanted to touch and explore to his heart’s content.

He noticed Jonathan pushing himself out of the water and sighed. It was one thing to imagine that perfect behind without clothes covering it and another to see it in all its naked glory–round, perky, tight, everything Maddox loved in an ass. And Jonathan had awesome thighs and calves, too. Dude was built like a fucking movie star. It made Maddox almost willing to forgive him for being around one inch taller. Why that annoyed him, it was hard to say. In his group of friends, he was the shortest, and that had never bothered him before.

It was also equally nice to see him out of his usual conservative attire, with his hair wet and looking somewhat more like a human being than someone you couldn’t reach with a ladder to the stars. Jonathan appeared to be lost in thought as he wiped himself and then began walking. What could be on his mind?

“Nice weather for a swim,” he said.

Jonathan’s head snapped up, and his hands clutched the towel, pulling it defensively in front of him. That was a shame because Maddox wanted to check that, too. “Geesh, man, what the hell?” Jonathan asked.

“What? Do you think you’re the only student who’s allowed in here?”

Jonathan averted his eyes.

“O.M.G., did you break in? That was why the door was open! How did you do it?”

“Are you going to tell on me?” Jonathan asked defensively.

“Not if you tell me how you did it. You’re so freaking gangsta! Where did you live before coming here? Did you do hard time?”

His words were met with a scoff. Well, now that was the biggest surprise ever. Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes wasn’t good at all. He was a bad, bad boy, and Maddox loved istanbul travesti that he was the only one to know about it.

“No, I wasn’t in jail,” Jonathan replied as if that had been a real question. “But I was in an all-boys school and an all-boys college later. And boys get bored quickly if they don’t find something to do with their hands.”

“They can always jerk off,” Maddox offered promptly. “I bet you have some crazy stories to tell. Like, was circle jerking a daily thing?”

That earned him another stern look from Jonathan. Hell, how could he pretend to be all high and mighty after breaking into a school building? That was grounds for getting kicked out, presumably. Hopefully not, because Maddox wanted Jonathan to stick around for as long as they still attended Sunny Hill together. In case someone found out, he would just say he got them in there, so problem solved.

“Is jerking off really the only thing on your mind?” Jonathan asked.

“How could you tell?” Maddox faked surprise. Well, it usually wasn’t, but ever since he had met this dude, he had turned into a compulsive fapper. So, all in all, Jonathan was to blame anyway.

“You’re surprisingly peppy for someone who lost a dear one only recently,” Jonathan said, changing tack.

Maddox narrowed his eyes. What was he going on about now? Lost who?

“Your dog,” Jonathan supplied while quirking an eyebrow and letting a small smile tug at his lips.

“Oh, my dog, yeah. Sad, sad story. He got killed in a car crash.”

“I thought she,” Jonathan’s smile grew wider, “had to be put to sleep because she had cancer.”

“Right, right, I’m mixing them up all the time.”

“So, you have two dogs that died?” Jonathan was clearly biting his lips not to break into laughter.

Maddox didn’t stop, though. He started snickering. “You saw through that, huh?”

“Well, it wasn’t that hard. What kind of dark magic are you using to make all these people believe whatever flies out of your mouth?”

“How do you know it wasn’t all invented by that stupid online fake news piece of shit?”

An appreciative look from Jonathan let him know that he wasn’t alone in his opinion.

“Well, because you didn’t deny it and basked in the attention for the last few days,” Jonathan said promptly.

As he spoke, he made an attempt to cross his arms, and, in the process, he moved the towel away. Maddox grinned, angled his head, and allowed his eyes to wander. Way too soon, Jonathan moved his hand down again and covered the most interesting part of him. Well, it was the most interesting because Maddox hadn’t seen it yet, although he could tell the guy was interesting pretty much everywhere.

“Why so shy, gangsta boy? Weren’t you in an all-boys school? I bet it was a sausage fest all day long.” Maddox made a gesture to grab an imaginary dick and swing it around.

“Well, there’s an imbalance here. You’re all dressed and I’m naked,” Jonathan pointed out.

“That’s easy to correct.” Maddox pulled his t-shirt over his head in one fell swoop.

“Have fun, then. I’m heading out.”

Ha, like he would let that happen. He grabbed Jonathan’s towel fast and pushed the guy back into the pool. Jonathan huffed as he emerged back to the surface and stared like he wanted a piece of him. Maddox laughed and continued to undress. “Let’s race. I bet I’m faster.”

“Hey, don’t be a pig. Shower first.” Jonathan pointed with his arm in the direction of the facilities.

“Hmm, I don’t know,” Maddox drawled the words. “Are you going to wash my back?”

To his surprise, Jonathan swam toward the edge. “Sure. Anything to ensure that you’re clean before getting into the water.”

Well, he had said that mostly to tease, but when had he ever backed down from a challenge?

“After you,” Jonathan said as soon as he was out of the pool.

Dex’s theories about who was gay or not had to suffer some adjustments, because while Jonathan didn’t care to check out girls’ cleavages, he also surely kept his eyes steady without letting them wander lower and check Maddox’s junk of which, by the way, he was very much proud and wanted to show off.

Could it be that he wasn’t his type? After all, Ray the roommate was skinny and looked like a gust of wind could topple him over. Was that what Jonathan liked, after all? Someone he could overpower quickly and hold under him while pounding…

“Hey.” Jonathan snapped his fingers in front of him. “Shower. Don’t think I’m fooled by your pretty boy smile like the rest of the universe.”

Maddox shrugged and turned on his heels, all the while pretending that he hadn’t just imagined Jonathan fucking his boyfriend. Even if his cock got a little hard, since no one cared to look at it, it could do its little happy dance without fear of being discovered. He stole a look behind and couldn’t help but smile.

Jonathan was totally checking his butt. It was hard to tell what he was thinking since his face was all a frown, but he was. And that was an up point, istanbul travestileri no doubt about it.


Maddox’s bravado was something to behold, but it looked like none of it was left when Jonathan took the soap and began washing his back. The famous bad boy was so quiet now that the sound of running water seemed unusually loud.

If Maddox had walked in there, thinking of a dare or something silly like that, it must be firing back if his shy silence was anything to go about. Jonathan had no intention of pushing it, and he wasn’t the type to tease people, even when presented with such an opportunity on a silver platter.

He pressed his hands against Maddox’s back and moved them slowly. That wasn’t supposed to happen. To be correct, he should just rub the naughty straight boy’s back in under one minute and be done with it.

But no, his hands lingered, feeling the muscles underneath. Maddox would drive him crazy this year, and Jonathan just needed to accept it. While clothed, he could only guess what lay beneath those garments, and now, his imagination was fueled with the fantastic sight of a broad back that tapered down to a lean and strong waist. He couldn’t resist letting his eyes go lower, resting on top of Maddox’s small back, just above the enticing curve of a lovely ass. For now, he had managed to avoid staring at the other boy’s cock, but it was inevitable that his fantasies would soon be filled in with images of that, too.

And he bet Maddox was exceptional in that respect.

“Hmm, that feels good,” Maddox purred as Jonathan moved his hands around, stopping short of that scrumptious behind.

If that were him from one year ago, he would wrap his hands around that broad chest, filling them with the perfect pectorals, and he would press his lips against the slight curve of a round shoulder. He would align their bodies together and let the water pour down their skin while he would allow pure unadulterated ecstasy to take over him and forget about anyone and anything else existing in the world.

He stepped away. “I believe that covers it,” he said in a raspy voice. “I’ll leave you with the rest. Be thorough, okay?”

“Yes, dad,” Maddox threw over his shoulder.

Jonathan smiled. Maddox probably couldn’t imagine what he was doing to him, but it was fine. He walked out of the shower and dunked into the cold pool water to clear his mind.


What the fucking hell? Maddox grabbed his cock and held it until his erection finally decided to take a breather. He had practically stood there, waiting for Jonathan to take a fucking hint, and nothing had happened! Nothing!

He had never been in that kind of situation before. How did girls do it when they wanted a dude to get it on with them? Maddox had kind of an idea, but he doubted that he could flutter his eyelashes at Jonathan, smile prettily, bite his lips, and caress the guy’s arm with a hidden promise in his eyes.

Well, maybe he should have done all that because simply standing there doing nothing hadn’t worked. At all. It had to be that he wasn’t the guy’s type, but fucking tough bananas, Jonathan surely was his. He had seen naked dudes by the ton in his life, and it had been nothing like this before. Even his hands felt nice, firm, long fingers working his muscles…

He needed to up his game, he decided and began soaping rapidly. There was no way, but absolutely no way that his dude could provide so much fap material and not see what he was doing. Maddox felt his good mood returning as a sly plan began forming in his head.

Jonathan was already back into the water, so Maddox let out a war cry, rushed toward the edge, and jumped, making a big splash. When he resurfaced, he was happy to see Jonathan laughing. He was so serious most of the time and clearly needed to unwind more often. Maddox splashed some water in his direction, and Jonathan ducked.

“So, what should we bet on?”

Maddox pondered. “Whoever loses has to answer the other’s questions.”

“One question,” Jonathan replied. “There’s no way I’m letting you pick my brain, or tomorrow Xpress is going to tout all over the place that I like sticking feathers in my ass and eating edible underwear with strawberry flavor.”

“Is that the kind of thing you’re into?” Maddox grinned and watched Jonathan, who offered a broad smile in return.

“Of course not. That would be their version of our conversation if I told you I liked ice cream and that I once petted a chicken when I was four.”

“All right. One question. But just so you know, everything you say, it’ll stay between us.” With that, Maddox moved quickly and cut through the water, taking Jonathan by surprise. “It’s on!”

“You cheeky –” Jonathan stopped with a huff and followed him.

The guy was fast and strong, but Maddox was willing to kill his lungs over finding the answer to the question he wanted to ask. He focused on moving as fast as possible and pushed all his muscles until he got to the other side.

Jonathan travesti istanbul followed him shortly, but it was clear as day who won. “I didn’t think you were a cheater!”

“Your fault for not paying attention,” Maddox shot at him.

He hoisted himself up and sat on the edge. Jonathan followed his example, and this time, Maddox stole a look at the guy’s cock. It looked like Mr. Perfectly Groomed liked leaving a little bit of a bush right above his sex. That was nice and a bit kinky. Maddox felt an itch to grab the guy by the hair down there and then stroke his cock, which unlike his, which seemed to be in overdrive, was completely flaccid now. Still, it looked yummy even in its dormant state.

“So, what do you want to know?” Jonathan woke him from his reveries.

“Ah, right. Top or bottom?”

“Excuse me?”

“No, I won’t. Are you a top or a bottom?”

“Is this what you want to know? The straight boys here are an interesting bunch.”

“Not all, just me. Now dish out. Which one are you?”

Jonathan rested his hands on his knees. “I don’t know exactly. I suppose I’d be versatile, but I haven’t yet tried either.”

“What? Are you a virgin?”

“Hey, you said one question,” Jonathan warned him sternly.

“It’s not really a question since I already know the answer. You’re a freaking cherry boy!”

“Ha, ha, so funny.”

“So, you’ve never been with a guy?” Maddox pressed further. Now that was a juicy piece of info, not that he would share it with anyone.

“I didn’t say that.” A short, tense silence followed.

Maddox could smell there was a big thing there, but this time he didn’t insist. “Well, that’s a bit of a shock,” he commented. “The way you look, I thought you must have bended over half of that all-boys school of yours.”

Jonathan burst into laughter. “Do I really look like someone easy?”

Maddox snorted. “A total manwhore. Really, who cares about looking as perfect as you do unless he wants to get laid all the time?”

“Funny thing to say, coming from the guy famous to have slept with hundreds of girls. And also putting a great deal of effort in his looks.”

Maddox had never been annoyed by the stupid stories people said about him, especially when they involved his sexual prowess, but this time, Jonathan’s remark irked him. “That’s like 95% not the truth,” he said quickly. As for putting effort in how he looked… well, he was a tiny bit vain, that was true.

“But there’s still the 5%, right?” Jonathan teased him. “How many girlfriends have you had, Maddox?”

“I don’t have to answer that.” Maddox pouted and crossed his arms. “You lost.”

“It looks like I did.”

They remained silent for a while. Maddox could feel a smidge of nervousness growing inside him. “Let’s jerk off,” he said abruptly.

Jonathan’s head snapped in his direction. “What? Just like that?”

Maddox wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass. He would see that sleepy cock in action, and he would see it tonight. “Consider it a welcome party that will make your transition from that all-fap school you’ve been before a lil’ bit easier.”

“All-fap school,” Jonathan said slowly. “You have some weird notions of what goes on in such places.”

Well, he wasn’t saying ‘no’, and that was a good thing. Maddox stood and offered Jonathan his hand. “It will be fun, I promise. And it’s for a good cause since I like to excel in all areas of campus life.” That earned him a small snicker from the other. “I need to compare notes. You know, it’s tough to be an accomplished student unless you compete against others.”

Jonathan blinked a few times, probably expecting him to break into a laugh and say that had been nothing but a joke. Maddox was determined to get what he wanted. “What? You don’t jerk off?”

“I obviously do, but it’s called solo action for a reason,” Jonathan said, yet it was clear in his voice that he was considering it.

“Told you, everything we say or do here tonight stays between us,” Maddox insisted. “Or,” he said with a sly smile, “I could tell on you for breaking in, so… choose.”

Jonathan chuckled and finally took his hand. They rushed to a pair of reclining chairs and shared a quick look before lying down. Maddox fought a smile of triumph; Jonathan’s slightly pink cheeks told the whole story. Score.


He could blame it on Maddox taking him by surprise, but in all truth, his resolution to resist the resident bad boy’s charm was growing thin and weary. Only through an incredible power of will he had managed to keep his cock from springing out like a jack-in-a-box at every move Maddox made.

And now, they were seated side by side, eyeing each other like they were competitors in a game of chess, waiting for the main event to begin.

“It’s a bit weird,” Jonathan mumbled. “I have no idea why I said ‘yes’ to this.”

“It’s not weird,” Maddox retorted. “Guys do it all the time.”

“You mean,” Jonathan asked, a bit confused, “do you do this with your straight friends?”

Maddox kept a neutral face as he spoke. “Yeah, all the time.” That was a big fat lie, except for that time when he and Rusty had tried to prove something, which had only led to them not daring to look each other in the eye for a whole week.

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Cock Cravings Ch. 05

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This is a story about my love for cock and how it all started… at the gloryhole.


It’s not a surprise if you have ready any of my other stories, that I have an obsession with cock. I love them and everything about them and whenever I can, I try to show my reverence to them by worshiping cock whenever possible. It’s an insatiable desire for me and something I feel compelled to act on whenever I get the chance.

My very first memory of having a cock in my mouth was with my neighbor in his downstairs bathroom where he laid on the floor and had me stroke his penis. His cock was much bigger than mine and I can remember it to this day like a mental photo. He moved my head down towards his crotch and hard penis and told me to put it into my mouth. I can remember the musky scent of his cock and the smooth texture of his foreskin as I obeyed and put my mouth onto his penis. It only took moments until his body tightened and his penis began to throb. I watched him squirt his load of hot white goo onto his stomach. He wiped up his load with toilet paper and we left the bathroom. It never went any further than that day in the bathroom and he had later moved away, and I didn’t see him again.

It wasn’t until later that a friend showed me a Hustler mag that was much more explicit than other magazines I had looked at as it had pictures of hard cocks and spread pussies. There was a photo spread of a hot chick and guy having sex and the pictures of his hard cock really caught my interest. From then on, I wanted to see more and tried to buy or steal other Hustler magazines to see more hot pussies and cocks. I also discovered the little Hustler Letters mini magazines and loved reading about all these hot sex stories and fantasies, fucking, and sucking/being sucked.

All this time, I had many girlfriends and loved having sex with women. I never thought of guys or penises when I was with them, but still would think about hard cocks when reading these stories from the woman’s perspective of sucking cock and being fucked. The stories from the woman’s perspective really turned me on.

Eventually I got married, I had always loved fucking and eating my wife’s pussy, but I also still liked reading the fantasy stories in the mini magazines like Penthouse Forum etc. One night when I was on my way home from a weekly meeting I would attend, I decided to stop by the local adult bookstore that was on my way home.

I entered to bookstore and began to browse all the magazines and video tapes and was amazed by all the explicit photos of every kind of sex. There were so many things to see, including a few video booths that I noticed that I wanted to look at but didn’t have time. I found a few magazines I liked and quickly made my purchase, rather embarrassed and left the store as quick as possible.

I pulled over on the way home at an empty park and looked through my new magazines. They showed explicit photos of hot pussies, asses, and mouths full of hard cock. It was a huge turn on to see and I stroked my rock-hard cock until I came before going home.

The bookstore became my weekly stop over after my evening meeting so I could buy more mags and JO on the way home. I also tried the video booths upstairs and would watch the hot scenes of women giving head and being fucked. I was a huge turn on and I loved seeing them service all these sexy, hard, porn star cocks and take those big loads of cum. All of these magazines and videos were really making me curious about what it was like to please a man with your mouth. I remembered having my neighbors’ big cock in my mouth and remembered the taboo sensation. I was really turned on to the idea of pleasing a man’s cock like all these women I had read about and watched on video.

After about a month of going to the bookstore once a week, I became more comfortable there and would get $5 or $10 in quarters to go jack off in the booths. I had not ventured downstairs to see the other video booths until this evening. As I walked down into the basement, it got much darker than the well-lit store above. On the wall there were displays of all the videos playing and what number to press to watch them. There was an entire display of gay videos that I had not seen upstairs but I was not that interested in them. Men didn’t turn me on at all at the time, but their penises certainly did. I didn’t really find this confusing, but I didn’t really try to analyze the reason this might be.

With a growing hardon in my pants that I was trying to conceal from the few other guys walking around in the basement, I went to find a booth to go into to watch some movies. Walking down the hall, I looked into a booth and to my surprise, there was an erect cock sticking out of the wall! I had never seen a man’s hard cock as an adult, and it stopped me in my tracks. I had not even heard of a gloryhole at that point. I just stood and gawked at this guy’s cock sticking out of the wall. I looked up and down istanbul travesti the hall and went into the booth and closed the door and latched it.

I stood for a moment, still staring at the hard cock in the dim TV light and put some quarters into the slot to start the video playing. I was not focused on the video though and reached down to touch his cock. His cock twitched as I felt his smooth skin on my fingertips and a closed my hand around his shaft. I slowly began to stroke him, feeling his foreskin move over his hard shaft as I moved my hand up and down. His cock felt very warm in my hand as my palm moved over the head of his cock. I was trembling with excitement as I stroked him, thinking of all the stories I had read and porn I had watched on pleasing a man’s cock. My own cock was rock hard in my pants.

I was mesmerized by the cock in my hands as I sat down in the plastic chair in front of this cock. Now I had a much closer view and studied the details of his phallus, the veins, the shape of his cockhead, the way his balls hung from the base, his light brown pubic hair. It really was a majestic sight in his full hardness. With trembling hands, I instinctively leaned forward and let the tip of his cock touch my lips. I could smell his manhood, the savory scent of his hard cock. I was instantly taken back to the first cock I smelled and tasted so many years ago. It was intoxicating and I slowly rubbed his cock over my lips and face, breathing in his pheromones.

My lust for his cock was in overdrive, like something switched inside my brain and all I could focus on was the hard cock in front of my face. Slowly, my lips parted, and I slid them over the head of his cock as he let out a moan from the other side of the wall. Feeling encouraged by this, I began to lick his shaft like in the many stories I had read, from the tip to his balls and back up again. I took him into my mouth and slid my lips down his shaft and began sucking on him. I could feel my cheeks cave in from my suction as I moved up and down his shaft. He started thrusting his cock as I sucked, and I would loudly break suction with the slurpy, cocksucking sound. I was sure that everyone downstairs could hear it and knew what was going on. I became self-conscious of the noise, but little did I know, this it was totally normal in a gloryhole arcade.

Not wanting to be caught or found out, I suggested we leave and go out to my truck and continue. He obliged and once inside the cab, he dropped his pants and I resumed sucking his cock. I bobbed up and down on his shaft, in an effort to make him cum but to no avail. Perhaps my rookie technique was not good enough or maybe he was on something, I don’t know but time was running out and I needed to get going. He said he probably was going to cum and so we parted ways. I stopped on the way home to wash my face and get some mouthwash before I headed home to my wife feeling a bit guilty, but still turned on by what I had done and how horny it had made me. I didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of a new, lifelong obsession to please men with my mouth.

A few weeks went by and I couldn’t wait to get back to the basement of the bookstore and hopefully have another encounter like last time. I stopped in again on another evening a week later. I got my pocket full of quarters and headed straight downstairs to the arcade. There were only a few guys roaming about, I checked them out from the corner of my eye as I pretended to look at the videos that were playing. I walked around a bit a figured out the layout of the booths. I noticed many had holes in the wall but not too may were occupied. I picked a booth that had a hole and entered. I put some money in the slot and clicked through the videos playing and noticed a person entered next door.

I was sitting there stroking and was trying to look into the booth next door when a hand motioned to come to the hole. I was hoping to suck the guy next door, but he kept moving his finger in the “come here” motion. I stood up and my cock was about a foot from the door and the stranger reached in and started to stroke me. It felt great to have someone touch me like this and next thing I knew, he pulled me towards the hole and his had was replaced by his warm mouth. It felt amazing to be sucked like this and I was close to cuming so I pulled back. I made the motion to put his cock through the hole, but he did not respond. By now I really wanted to taste cock again, so I decided to change to another booth.

I wondered around the arcade a bit and noticed an older 30ish guy staring at me and smiling. I was trying to conceal my hardon with my hand in my pocket, but this guy certainly was not trying to hide his. I tried not to stare and was looking out of the corner of my eye as he rubbed his cock through his black slacks. Clearly, he was interested and as he walked past, he whispered let’s go outside. I followed him up the stairs and outside the bookstore. istanbul travestileri Once away from the store, he asked I wanted to go to his car and go somewhere private. Looking at the bulge in his pants, I agreed, and we got in his car.

He drove a few blocks while I reached over and touched the bulge in his pants. He turned into a dark alley and parked. It only took him a few seconds before his pants were down and his cock was pointing straight up, nice and hard. My hand grasped his shaft while he put his hand on my head and pushed my mouth towards his cock. I caught the familiar scent of his manhood as my lips parted and I took the head of his cock in my mouth. I reveled in the texture of his foreskin and the sponginess of the head of his cock. I swirled my tongue around the head and underside of the shaft as I slid my lips down his shaft. I could feel him throbbing as he pushed my mouth down on his cock.

I felt waves of desire flood through me as his cock filled my mouth and pushed at my throat. Being new to this, I tried my best to take as much of his cock as I could while sucking and licking him. I came up for air and he told me to take my cock out. He stroked me but I was so horny, I would have cum right away so pulled his hand away. He remarked that I really must like sucking cock to be that turned on, of course I agreed and resumed sucking him. My head bobbed up and down on his hard cock while I caressed his balls.

“You either sucked a lot of cock or have a lot a desire,” he said. I responded that it was just a lot of desire.

“Your mouth is amazing,” he moaned as I continued sucking him.

Encouraged, I lost myself in sucking his cock, licking him from the base to the tip, swirling my tongue around his head like a lollipop, before taking him so deep into my mouth and virgin throat that I would gag. My pace quickened, helped by his hands on my head, as I sucked him for all I was worth. His legs began to tighten as his ass came off the seat and he moaned he was going to cum. I felt his cock swell, rock hard in my mouth as it throbbed, jerking wildly and began to ejaculate. His cum exploded from his cock and filled my mouth as I tightened my lips around his shaft.

My head was spinning, no one had ever cum in my mouth. Feeling spurt after spurt fill my mouth, his hard shaft pulsing and throbbing coupled with his grunts was so satisfying, so taboo, it was a tremendous turn-on. I almost came just from sucking him and taking his cum. With his cock still in my mouth and my lips tight around his shaft, I didn’t know what to do with all the cum in my mouth, so I just gulped it down, almost gaging on the large amount. I savored the sweet, salty taste as I pulled my mouth from his spent cock. My head was spinning, I had just swallowed this guy’s cum, a total stranger that I had met 30 minutes before!

“God that was great man, and you swallowed my load! I didn’t expect that.”

“ummmmm, thanks,” I said, not sure about how I felt with the taste of his cum in my mouth still.

He said he hoped we could do it again sometime and I agreed. With that he started the car and drove me back to where my truck was parked. As he drove, I noticed his employee badge on his dash and was startled that he worked at the same place as I did. I instantly became paranoid that I might see him at work, and he would say something. On the way home I started to feel shame that I had just sucked another cock and had even swallowed cum for the first time. It was a confusing feeling but one I had felt before so I just tried to ignore it and told myself I wouldn’t ever suck dick again.

It only took a day or two before I was thinking about the last cock I sucked and the way his cock exploded in my mouth. I could not get the images out of my mind no matter how I tried. I kept envisioning his throbbing shaft, thinking of the musky scent of his cock and balls, the way his cum flooded my mouth and the way it tasted. All these thoughts would pop into my head randomly and I would feel my own cock start to twitch and grow. I tried to push the thoughts out of my mind, but they kept returning. I would find myself wanting to do it again, to head back to the bookstore and find another cock to suck.

It wasn’t long until my curiosity and desire got the better of me and I found myself back at the bookstore one evening. I parked down the street and discreetly entered and with a pocket full of quarters and proceeded to the basement video booths. There were a few doors closed that obviously had guys in them, so I would look into the adjacent booths to see if there was a gloryhole in the wall.

I walked around exploring and back in the corner, I found an open booth that had a gloryhole and the booth next door was occupied. I entered the booth and latched the door behind me. I put money into the slot and the video began to play. Nervously, I leaned down to look through the hole in the wall and saw that my neighbor had his travesti istanbul pants open and was stroking his cock. I slowly put two fingers through the hole, hopefully inviting him to put his cock into the gloryhole. My heart was pounding with excitement and my cock was hard with anticipation as I motioned to him whilst on my knees, looking into his booth through the hole.

There I was, on my knees, having just invited a stranger to put his cock through a gloryhole for the first time. After a moment, he noticed my invitation and moved towards the gloryhole. He slowly put his cock about halfway into the hole. I was amazed and excited how it all worked… I made my intention clear with the invitation, and now in seconds, a hard cock was staring me in the face. I was ecstatic.

As I moved my mouth towards the tip of his cock, I could smell his musky scent, the familiar scent of his manhood filled my nostrils as I breathed him in. My lips brushed the head of his cock as I began to lightly lick his shaft, moving my tongue to the tip where I tasted a glistening drop of his pre-cum. I slowly parted my lips and took the head of his cock into my mouth, slowly sliding my lips over the head. I held his cock there and swirled my tongue around the head, tasting him. I heard a low moan from him as he pushed his crotch up to the gloryhole as I slid my lips further down his shaft.

With his cock fully in my booth now, I began to stroke him with my mouth, his cock growing harder as I licked and sucked him. I moved my fingers up and pulled at his underwear, pulling them down to expose his balls. He got the message and fully dropped his pants on the other side. Now I had full access to his cock and balls through the softball size hole. I continued to bob up and down on his cock, taking him into my throat until my nose pressed into his pubes, gagging a little. My mouth was watering from his hard cock and each time I tried to deep throat him, his cock got wetter and wetter, until strings of spit were hanging from the tip of his cock to my mouth.

I used my left hand to cup his balls and the base of his cock and continued using my mouth on his shaft. I continued to suck the cock before me and was now also stroking him with my right hand. He began to thrust his cock into my mouth, meeting each stroke as I bobbed up and down on his shaft. His cock was becoming rock hard and he began groaning on the other side of the wall, I could feel his balls tightening and I knew he was close. Then, without warning, he stiffened, and I felt his cock throb between my lips and his cum began to shoot into my mouth. I moaned with a mouthful of his cock as he came, shooting his hot cum into my mouth. I locked my lips on his shaft, around the head, and stroked him with my right hand as he pumped into my mouth.

His cock throbbed one last time as I pulled him from my mouth and swallowed the load of cum. It was very creamy and salty with a bitter aftertaste. I could smell it on my lips as I licked the tip of his cock, coaxing the least few drops out and savoring the taste. My own cock was about to explode, and I had a wet spot on my jeans from leaking my own pre-cum. I watched his cock withdraw from the gloryhole, he then pulled up his pants, zipped up, and left the booth.

I turned my attention to the screen in my booth, watching a hot chick taking a big cock in her mouth. I began to take out my cock to rub one out before leaving. After all, I had got what I came here for and with the taste of cum in my mouth, I began to stroke. Right at that moment, I noticed the booth next to me had become occupied, the door had latched, and the video began to play as the person put in their coins.

Of course, I was horny as fuck and my curiosity got the better of me. I leaned down again to get a glimpse of the person next door. He was taller, had on jeans, and was rubbing the bulge in his pants. Before I knew it, my fingers were back through the gloryhole, tracing the outline of the circle. He noticed me right away and brought his crotch right up to the opening and I began to rub his growing cock through his jeans. I tried to reach through and undo his pants with one hand but couldn’t get the to button to come undone.

Thankfully, he stepped back and unbuttoned his pants and began to slowly pull them down. I watched in wonder as his pants came down, showing his pubes, and the top of his cock before it sprang free, right in front of my eyes. His cock bounced up and down, free from the confines of his jeans as it hung there with his low hanging balls before me. Instantly my mouth was watering again as be grabbed his shaft and stroked it a few times before moving back to the gloryhole.

Holding his cock, he guided it to the hole in the wall with just the head sticking through. It was nice and thick, cut, with a pronounced corona. I moved my face to the gloryhole and licked at the head with the tip of my tongue as he withheld his full cock from me. I was determined to get him to give me more and sucked the tip into my mouth, my lips wrapping around the head. I sucked on the tip of his cock, trying to pull the rest of his cock through the hole with my mouth. He resisted for some time, making me work for it.

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Size Contest, She Decides

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Who’s bigger?

You come to our place and after a brief chat, the two guys get naked. Wife will stroke both cocks and decide which is bigger. Whoever has the bigger dick will be rewarded by getting sucked by the other guy while she watches.


Pretty clear what the deal is with this ad. I’d been going a bit crazy during the lockdown and was looking for a way to celebrate getting back in the saddle. I replied and kicked off a long conversation. We grew tired of emails and traded text numbers. This was escalating quickly.

I’m competitive and clearly so is he. The taunting back and forth was delicious. We settled on a few more rules. The loser would not be allowed to cum. The winner decides where to deposit his load. He had nice home gym in half of his garage. Somehow that would be involved but we stopped short of scripting it.

I was a bit cautious about her alone deciding the winner. Size is subjective. My big nuts better help the cause. He joked about having a big head for me to explore. I also knew that my capacity as a grower was my advantage. I look average, at least to start with anyhow. I love the surprised looks when I about double.

I finally got an address and did the street view. This is the part of town where my fairly new Toyota would conspicuously be the cheap car. Good for him. His Audi won’t help him win this race.

An hour ahead I took a blue pill. I was going to be at my best.

I texted a trusted buddy the address istanbul travesti and shared my location with him. He’s into all sorts of bi stuff but I knew damn well not to take such a bet with him. Genetics did me a favor but he won the damn dick lottery. He very much enjoyed being the big man in our crew.

I felt the high nasal congestion that I get from boner pills. No matter. I wasn’t going to be breathing through my nose with a mouthful of junk anytime soon. His hints in the continuing messages led me to think he’d lost more than once before. I’ll take the easy win.

I picked out a combination of underwear and my best shorts that present me very well. Psychological advantage.

The time came to leave. Confidence matters in sports and other games, and I was ready.

The drive over was a snap. I passed Koch Drive and got a snicker from it. My inner teenager was present and ready to unload. I parked down the street several houses, telling myself it was for the shade.

The door opened on the first knock. Shit. He’s 6’4.” But there are as many undersized tall men in the showers as big shorties. Doesn’t mean anything.

He directed me inside and had me strand in front of his wife. I’m no expert on bra sizes but damn! I got a weird vibe like she wasn’t fully into this scene but I peeled off my shirt and gave her something nice to look at. He took off his. Not starting strong there buddy. She glanced between me and the television. This was all his istanbul travestileri idea, clearly.

I kept looking for a sign of interest from her and started to wonder how many times she’d been up through this game. The shorts were coming down. Surely she’d like that. He for his off in a single swipe, not having any ass to hold them up. I eased mine down and stepped out, realizing I was standing there in underwear while he was fully showing the goods and pumping away.

By the time my undies were off he was fully hard. Not to worry. I got this. He’s average length and girth. Cocky of him to try anyway but it’s not going to work.

He stopped stroking and stepped over beside me. He said something about being quick to start up, which is when I first noticed his head. It had flared out and turned a deeper shade, with a noticeable step down to the diameter of his shaft. He was still growing.

In contrast I was just hanging, comparable in length even so but still mostly soft. I began to doubt my ability to rise to the occasion. His teasing heaped on the pressure but it wasn’t happening for me.

He pressed her for a decision. “Looks like he’s a no show,” she said. That stung.

He turned to face me with a big grin on his face. Half ahead taller than me anyhow, he put a hand on my shoulder and pressed down.

“I concede”. I announced it as I dropped to my knees. Now she was interested and hit the mute on the television. He brought his big travesti istanbul penis to my lips and told me to do the head. She pulled in close to get a good view.

The heat from his manhood got me going. I felt my own meat rise as he pushed past my lips. He kept up the drive until he was pressing against my throat. She was mesmerized watching her man fuck a male mouth.

They chatted some and she cheered him on. He said he was close and asked her where to unload.

“Feed him.” She’s passed him something and I looked up just in time to make eye contact with his camera phone. Before I could object he burst into my mouth. It just kept coming in a steady flood. No dramatic spurts but rather a gusher that swamped my mouth with jizz.

He pulled out and scored another pic. He had me stick out my tongue so she could see his load, then directed me to gulp it down while I was still on my knees.

I looked at his balls as he towered above me, feeling their ooze slide down my throat. By then I was full rocket. She noticed my full size and said he still gets the win. I could have argued it but there was no point now.

He encouraged me to dress and get out. I think she was ready to be round two and didn’t want company. I settled into my car and felt my phone buzz. I just drove.

It wasn’t until I parked at home that I dared look. There were several good clear shots of him probing my lips and mouth. The best was of him him hanging clear of my mouth, still mostly hard and glistening with my spit.

Those pics are his prize, as well as having gotten me to eat his sperm and whatever fun she gave him after I left.

I took the loss like a man and headed inside. There will be another game to win another time.

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The Prodigal and the Pack Pt. 08

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Big Tits

Part One: Zack

That Saturday night was a complete loss. I went to bed early but didn’t really get much sleep. Eddie had sent me several texts that night.

‘Hey bro. You there?’

‘I’m here if you want to talk.’

I just left them on read. Billy had sent me a text that just said ‘Here for you’. I didn’t reply. The really weird thing was I missed them both. Yesterday was amazing. I have never felt like that. It wasn’t just because I had a threesome with two sexy brothers either. I did feel some sort of strange connection with them. With all of them, even Connor. My anger was starting to cool and I was left with a sense of frustrated sadness.

The week went by in a blur. Classes were ramping up the stress level. Most of my classes had some sort of project due before the Thanksgiving break. So when I wasn’t in class or practice, I was coordinating on a handful of tasks related to some group project or other. Herding cats is easier than getting college freshmen to effectively collaborate. I swear group projects are evil incarnate.

I was also starting to get a lot of texts and emails from friends back home asking about the fall break and the Thanksgiving holiday. I hadn’t really made any concrete plans yet. After much handwringing and guilt, my parents were taking a much deserved vacation in Mexico the week of Thanksgiving. It was the only week my mom could get off work, and I really wanted them to go. So I didn’t have anything specific planned for my break. I figured I’d head home and do the holiday with one of my high school friends.

As the weekend approached, I knew I needed to forget about the craziness of the last few weeks and focus on by homework. Nose meet grindstone. Staying busy would keep my mind off of things. So what if I occasionally took out that photo Connor had given me, no big deal. I knew it was all bullshit. But having never been able to put a face or name with the concept of birth mother, I just couldn’t let it go, even if I didn’t believe it was real.

The next Saturday night I got a text from Billy. After a week of silence, I was surprised. I didn’t answer it. But then he sent several more.

“Hey there.”

“Can we talk?”

“I know you need space, and I want to respect that. But it really is important.”

“And a little time sensitive.”

I ignored them all. Lenny showed up around 10:30 with his new girlfriend. I was happy the dork had found someone. I left the room and wandered down to the student lounge to watch TV. Around 1 AM the roommate texted me that he was going to bed, basically the ‘we’re don’t having sex’ text. But I didn’t go back to the room. I was restless. I sent a text to Jess to see if she was up but she didn’t reply. I guess at some point I fell asleep. The next thing I know it’s just after 4:30 am and I’m waking up on the hard lounge sofa. Ugh. I was stiff and sore, and didn’t feel like going back to sleep. So instead, I decided to go for a walk.

After grabbing my coat from the room, I made my way downstairs and left the dorm. Campus was deserted this time of morning, especially on a Sunday. It was like having the entire place to myself. It was exactly what I needed. It was a brisk early November cold, but not yet bitter winter cold. The sun wasn’t up yet, but the campus was well lit. My breath was fogging the air as I moved along the manicured walkways. It was so peaceful. I was having a moment.

Then I nearly shit myself when a tall, unknown person suddenly appeared out of the dark, walking beside me.


“Good morning to you too.” It was Billy.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Good.” He was smiling that damn smile. “You deserve it.”

“I deserve it?” I started walking away.

“Yes,” he replied, falling into step with me. “You are being obstinate.”

“What are you even doing here? I asked you to leave me alone.”

“Yes, you did. And so did Dad, if you want to know. He’s going to be pissed at me.”

“Because you are here?”

“Yeah. But he is wrong, and so are you. Wait, I bet you get your stubbornness from him!”

“Oh my God. I’m leaving. Buh-bye.”

I started walking away but he stopped walking. “Zack, please wait. I want to show you something.”

I looked back at him. He stood there on the side walk, under the glow of one of the overhead lights, looking back at me. Why did he have to be so cute? Him and his damn smile. I was annoyed with myself for not walking away. Instead, I walked back towards him. “What do you want to show me?”

There was a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Something shocking. And I’m going to do it right here in public.”

Must remain impervious to his charms. “Kinky,”I replied.

“Step closer little boy.”

I couldn’t help myself. I stepped up close to him. He was so tall, at least 6’2-6’3. He looked down at me with eyes that were like his brother’s; dark pools you could dive into. For a moment, I thought he was going to kiss me, but instead he took his hand and gently caressed my face. I could immediately feel the energy from his touch.

“What do you feel?” He asked.

“I don’t know.”

“You’re thinking istanbul travesti too hard about it. Do word association. Just say whatever you are thinking. Quick! Nothing or something?”

“I feel…something.”

“Good or bad.” He asked rapidly.


“Hot or cold?”


“Soft or hard?”

“Both.” I said with a smirk.

“Friend or foe?”


He was rubbing his fingers up and down my jaw. It felt amazing. “Stop or keep going?”

“Keep going.”

He pulled his hand from my face and began walking away.

“I said keep going!”

“Exactly,” he replied.

Now I was walking to keep up with him. “And what exactly was the point of all that?”

“It proves that you like what you feel when we touch, and that you know that it’s more than just a feeling. It’s a connection. You, me, Eddie, and Dad. You are connected to us, and deep down you feel it.”

“It doesn’t prove that.”

“It does. Your rational mind doesn’t want to admit it. But this is not always a rational world. There are strange things, magical things that defy rational thinking.”

He stopped suddenly, and pulled me close. He looked all around the deserted campus. “You ready for that something shocking I promised?”

“I’m not sure.”

He held up his hand up between us, using our bodies as an additional layer of privacy. He balled his hand into a fist, then pointed upward with one finger, holding it close to his chest. Then his finger began to change. It stretched longer, almost doubling in size. It sprouted hair and became tipped with a long, sharp nail. The whole thing was over in seconds. I was staring at Billy’s hand, which was perfectly normal in every way, except for the single hairy were-finger. Billy looked very pleased with himself.

“Ta-da! Cool party trick, huh?”

I couldn’t help but stare. “That is so fucking weird.”

“Thank you. Eddie can’t do this. He’s an all or nothing shifter. Pisses him off.” Billy laughed. “Dad can a little, but not like I can.”

He un-balled his fist, and the other fingers started to grow and change, each growing a sharp claw and fur.

“When I was first learning to shift, I had trouble with control. Dad is very big on control. He’s like, ‘You have to be in control at all times!’ But I struggled. That’s when I started getting into yoga. Learning different ways of controlling my body when I was a human carried over when I shifted. That helped me to learn the control I needed to manage my wolf.”

I was staring at his hand, this furry monster hand attached to a perfectly normal arm.

“Watch this!”

The hand began to change again. The fingers balled up into a fist. The flesh and fur undulated unnaturally. Seconds later, Billy’s hand was gone, and in its place was a wolf’s paw. It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen.


“Wow? That’s it?”

“I mean, It’s amazing. And also really disturbing.”

“You know what else it is? Magical.”

I didn’t say anything. I mean, he wasn’t wrong. I just watched him transform his body, right in front of me. There was nothing rational about it, no biology, no law of physics. It was magic. He shook his paw, and it melted into a human hand, the fur disappearing, the fingers seeming to grow back out of his flesh. He wiggled his fingers in he air. It was like it had never happened.


“Yeah,” I replied.

We started walking again. There was a bench up ahead and after all that, I sort felt like I needed to sit down. Billy sat next to me, leaning on me until I felt him wrap an arm around me. A thought struck me. “So wait, you can turn into a wolf?”

“Yep. We all have three forms: human, were, and wolf.”


“So, you believe me with I say that a I’m a werewolf?”

I frowned. “Well, yeah.”

“You believe that I have the magical ability to change myself into a wolf?”

“I literally just watched you do it.”

“Yes, I know.” Billy paused. “So why can’t you believe that I’m your brother?”

“You don’t understand.”

“Then explain it to me.”

I felt a flare of anger. “You think I don’t want to believe it? You think I don’t want to have a birth family? Brothers? My birth father?”

“So, you are afraid that it all might be true?”

“I don’t trust things that are too good to be true.”

Billy reached out and pulled me close, close enough to kiss me. “Zack, if you never trust, you’ll miss out on the good things that are true.”

And I realized he was right. I didn’t want to miss out. Some deep part of me knew I had some sort of connection to his family. I didn’t understand it, but maybe I didn’t have to. “But Billy, how can I be a part of your family when I’m not a werewolf?”

He looked at me, with strange, inscrutable look. “Yeah, about that…”

Part Two: The Sinclairs

The smell of frying bacon drifted into the dreams of Connor Sinclair. Bacon, and coffee. You didn’t have the powerful senses of a werewolf to appreciate the joy of waking up to those smells, but it didn’t hurt any either. He glanced over at his bedside clock. It was just after 6 AM. Who was making breakfast istanbul travestileri at this hour? Much like their dad, his sons weren’t exactly morning people.

He didn’t take time to dress. He stumbled out of bed in his boxers, stretched, and made his way to the kitchen. What he saw took his breath away.

Billy was in the kitchen sitting on the counter, and Zack was at the stove, cooking breakfast. A real breakfast, with bacon and eggs. Connor’s stomach grumbled, and his face broke out into the first full smile he’d had in a week.

Zack turned to him as he walked into the room. “Whattayahavin Sheriff? Bacon, Eggs, Toast?”

Connor felt a rush of emotions. “D, all of the above.”

“One werewolf special for our local law enforcement.”

Connor was surprised to find a lump in his throat. “Zack… I’m so glad you came back.”

Zack looked up from the scrambled eggs he was cooking. He nodded at Billy. “Well this one told me you heathens just ate cold cereal for breakfast. Someone had to set you right. It’s the most important fucking meal of the day.”

Connor laughed. “Ok. Can I give you a hug, or is that weird?”

Zack nodded. “Weird? What’s weird? We are all perfectly normal here.”

Connor put his arms around Zack, and he felt him tense up, then relax. Slowly the boy turned, and Zack’s arms wrapped around him. They stood there for a long moment, Zack’s face buried in Connor’s chest. No one said anything, and neither tried to move away. The moment they touched, Connor felt the energy of their connection, and he knew Zack felt it too. Finally, Connor leaned back to look at Zack. The teen looked back at him, eyes wet.

“Thank you, Zack.”

“I…I don’t know why it’s harder for me to believe that you are my…family than it is for me to believe that you’re all a bunch of werewolves. But I’m going on trust now, and instinct, and a little magic. Don’t make me regret it.”

“Never, Zack. I promise.”

About that time Eddie stumbled into the kitchen. “Who’s the hell’s cooking bac-Zack!”

Suddenly Zack was swept up in Eddies strong arms, and passionate kisses was being laid on his surprised face. “I’m so glad you came back, bro!”

Zack was laughing. He had a sudden image of Eddie as an over-excited labrador retriever. “Your brother talked me into it.”

Eddie grabbed Billy with one arm and planted a huge kiss on him too. “That’s why I love you, bro.”

“That’s why?” He replied with a smirk.

Connor gave Billy a mock frown. “And I thought I told you to give him space.”

“We gave him enough space. And need I remind you, tick tock…”

Zack nodded. “Right! Let’s eat.”

Soon, Connor was sitting at the dining room table, his three sons surrounding him. Each had a plate piled high with eggs and bacon. All three were talking excitedly and laughing in-between bites. It was as if it had always been this way. A stray thought wandered through his brain, that he never realized that his family was incomplete until this moment. Now, with the three of them here, they were whole.

“Earth to Dad!” Eddies voice broke him out of his thoughts.

“Sorry. Just having a happy Dad moment.”

“I was asking, if you wanted to tell Zack what you found out?”

“Of course.” Connor looked over at Zack. “Zack, I know you are still working through a lot of new information. If you get uncomfortable, or if anything is too much for you, just tell me.

“Billy told me that I might have a wolf.”

“Yes. When Eddie and Billy were growing up, I could feel when their wolves began to develop. For Eddie, he was about 11, and Billy was a late bloomer. He was almost 13. I became aware of my own wolf when I was about 12. The process is not like you see in the movies. You don’t burst out of your skin when the moon is full. You have to be taught to connect to your wolf, then you have to learn to control your wolf, and eventually find harmony with your wolf. But if you weren’t raised in a pack with another wolf to help you through this process, you would never know. Over time, a wolf like that will fade away. Essentially, it dies.

“And that’s what happened to me.”

“Yes and no. When I first met you, I didn’t feel your wolf. Neither did Eddie. But when the three of you were…together, Billy thinks that he sensed it in you. And Billy has a very good sense about things. I’ve learned to trust his instincts.”

“So what does that mean?”

“It means, that if your wolf may still be inside you. If it’s dormant, that there may be some things we can do to wake it up.”

“And I’d be a werewolf?”

“Yes. We would teach you all the things you would need to know. But keep in mind, it may not work at all.”

“So I have to decide.”

“Yes. It’s your choice. But nothing will change the fact that you are a part of this family, wolf or no wolf.”

Eddie spoke up. “Trust me Zack, being a wolf is awesome! You’re going to love it!”

“Eddie, no!” Connor said sharply. “We’re not doing that. Zack is in a unique position to make this choice for himself. We aren’t going to try to persuade him. There are pros and cons, and he needs to think about travesti istanbul it. And we are going to support him no matter what.”

Eddie looked sheepish. “Sorry Zack.”

Billy stood and inspected the empty plates. “Why don’t Eddie and I clear up, and you two talk some more?”

Connor looked to Zack. “That okay with you?”

“Yeah. Good idea.”

Connor and Zack moved to the living room. Connor sat down on the sofa first, giving his son a choice of where to sit. Connor couldn’t help but think of the last time they were together in this room, the tense conversation that followed immediately after all three boys had romped on that same sofa. Connor was surprised when Zack sat close to him. He placed his arm across the back of the sofa, and Zack settled against it.

“You doing okay?”

Zack laughed. “I’m okay. You don’t have to keep asking.”

Connor shook his head. “After the last time, I’m just so worried I’m going to spook you and you are going to bolt again.”

Zack reached up, grabbed Connors arm, and wrapped it around him. “It was a lot, and it still is. But I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. I’m making the choice to trust.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“Billy said something about there being a time issue.”

Connor was momentarily distracted by the feeling of his son’s warm body against his own. He gathered his thoughts, then said, “Yes. Every day that passes, the older you get, the more difficult it will be to wake up your wolf.”

“So I need to decide.”

“Again, Zack, you don’t have to-“

“I want to. I want to try.”

Connor was silent for a moment. Then he smiled and hugged Zack close. “Ok, son. Let’s try.”

“Good. What do I need to do?”

“Are you going to be available next weekend?”

“I can be, why?”

“It will be close to, but not quite, a full moon. That will work in our favor. We have to excite your wolf, wake it up. The easiest way will be to take you out with us on a run. We can do that next Friday night, if you want.”

“Okay.” Zack paused. “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“You can ask me anything.”

“Billy said that there is a sexual component to being a wolf. Thats why we feel the way we feel around each other. He told me that you, and they…you know.”

“Yes, we are sexual creatures.”

“Does that mean you will, with me?”

“Only if you want, Zack. I understand that you were raised in a different way that Billy and Eddie.”

Zack was quiet for a moment. “And if I wanted to?”

Connor felt a surge of lust from Zack. He immediately felt a tingle in his crotch. He said nothing, but stood up and held out his hand to his son. Zack took it and Connor pulled him up. Then he lead him into his bedroom and closed the door.

“Are you sure, Zack?”

“I’ve thought you were sexy since the first time I saw you. Terrifying, but also sexy. It should feel wrong, but it doesn’t.”

Connor pulled Zack into his arms. The taller man leaned down and began to softly kiss the younger man’s lips. Immediately they both felt the surge of connection. Zack pressed himself into Connor’s body. The considerable hardness in the older man’s boxers was making an obscene tent. Connor broke the kiss. “Lets get comfortable.”

They went over to the unmade bed. Connor lay down and watched as Zack pulled his shirt over his head, revealing a tight, smooth chest. Shoes, socks, and pants soon followed. Connor goggled at Zack’s ass. Even through his briefs, you could see the years of dance and developed his glutes to perfection. Once Zack was down to his underwear, he climbed into bed with Connor.

“Want to lose the underwear?”

“If you want, son.”

Zack reached down and quickly tossed his underwear on the floor. Now he was skin to skin with Connor. Connor slid his boxers down, freeing his large cock, which was hard as a rock. Zack eyed it with with anticipation. “Go ahead. You can touch it.”

Zack reached out and wrapped his hand around the base of Connor’s cock. His fingers didn’t quite fit. Zack laughed in disbelief. “What the hell do you do with this thing, use it to beat perps, or something?”

Connor let out a low chuckle. “I do lots of things with it. Want to find out?”


“Come here.”

Connor pulled his son up on top of him, meeting his lips in a passionate kiss. Soon their tongues were tangled up, each seeming to try to get as much of the other as possible. Finally Zack broke the kiss and said, “I want to taste it.”

“Its all yours. Go for it”

Zack worked his way down Connor’s broad, muscular body. He stopped at his hairy chest, running his fingers through the thick dark hair, then kissing and nibbling on each nipple. Zack moved slowly, leaving a trail of kisses down Connor’s six pack. Soon Zack was eye to eye with the large uncut cock. He ran his lips across the tip, licking up the ample precum gathered there in the foreskin. Then he licked his way down all ten inches, savoring the taste. Soon he was nestled in the man’s crotch. He took one of the two large, hairy balls into his mouth, slowly licking against the sensitive skin. Then he gave the other the same treatment. The whole while, he was slowly stroking Connor, who was groaning in pleasure. Finally, Zack made his way back to the tip, letting it fill his mouth. He went down as far as he could, moving his lips and tongue against that massive shaft.

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Asserting His Dominance Pt. 04

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Big Tits

If you like it, don’t forget to follow for more stories, and also try reading some of my other stories! Thank you.

Note: this story contains a lot of offensive slurs. Be warned.

‘Son-in-law gets a hard breeding from two old studs.’

Hugo was ready to relax on that Sunday morning. The week had been slow and turbulent with his pregnant-to-the-brims wife ready to burst, and there was a month to go still. She had needs, and Hugo did his best to satisfy each one, going to the grocery for the tiniest desire, or the drugstore at any second of the day, even her libido was on an all time high.

Today, she had been shipped off to her parent’s house. Her mother was an angel, trying to do everything herself, visiting every day. When she was present, Hugo relaxed. Those visits also brought Dante close.

While the women took care of themselves, the men could spend time together. They had to be furtive. A blowjob in the garage was the most dangerous thing they did while their wives were in the house. Hugo had been angry because his father-in-law continued with their charade where he would humiliate Hugo in front of the others. It began in the Gym a few days ago. Hugo realized he liked a little humiliation only because he could pay back, and that blowjob in the garage was his payback for Dante’s condescending tone, patronizing comments, jokes about his job, about his body.

It was so outrageous that his daughter told him to stop, almost having a fight, while Hugo was having a secret erection.

He took his father-in-law to the garage and told him to kneel. He ignored the apologies, grasped his hair and pushed his hard dick inside his mouth. He watched as the father-in-law bobbed and drooled all over it.

On that Sunday morning, the Mrs. was staying with her mother. Dante took her there but would be back. It had been Hugo’s idea, he would try to ‘reconnect’ with his father-in-law. The women thought a great idea.

But Phil would be coming too.

Dante had invited him Yesterday at the gym, after he put on a show of humiliation that really pleased the old chump. Dante had slapped Hugo in the face in front of him by the end, not too hard, but showing superiority. Hugo bit his inner cheek, holding his anger inside, and flustered. Phil was fascinated at how tame Hugo behaved, lowering his head and accepting the slap like a good dog. For a moment, he looked at Dante like he was a rockstar.

Hugo was in the lawn of his backyard, grilling a slice of ham and sausages. He was shirtless, droplets of moisture going down his hairy belly from the sun and heat. He wore light shorts, revealing a third of his thigh. He was feeling warm, exposed and sexy.

A gust of wind made his skin shiver. He turned over the meat on the grill basket with a spatula and went to sit down by the table where he had left his beer. That was where Dante and Phil found him when they arrived at the backyard.

“Wow, it’s smelling fantastic,” Phil said. Hugo stood to shake his hand. “How you doing, son?”

“Very good,” I said, smiling. “Glad you came, Phil.”

They were both wearing shorts. Phil was about Hugo’s height, where Dante was like a tower. Hugo arranged chairs for them under the shade of a parasol and grabbed more beers. He was making a show, of course. He wanted to appear subservient. Dante was in on it.

“Don’t give him compliments,” Dante said, smiling cruelly. “I don’t want to spoil him.” Phil looked at Hugo to see his reaction, expecting something, any kind of resistance. He was always impressed when Hugo just accepted to be talked down to. Hugo was furious. He would remember everything later when it was payback time. But for now, he lowered his head. They all sat down and began nibbling at the food.

“This is so strange,” Phil said between a chuckle. He looked at father and son-in-law like two weird beasts. He turned to Dante. “So…Hugo is really your…”

“My bitch,” Dante said. Again they looked at Hugo, who lowered his head. Phil laughed.

“God, this is hilarious. However did you manage?”

“I knew just by looking at him. Son of a bitch thought he could fuck my daughter. Well, I made sure he knew who the man of the family was.”

Phil was impressed.

“Damn,” he said. “Damn.”

“He got something right, though,” Dante said. “It’s damn hot today.” Dante removed his shirt, revealing wide-shoulders, flat and hairy abdomen, and defined chest. Phil followed suit, and he was also not bad to look at. He had specks of blond hair in the middle of his chest, making a trail all the way down. His body a bit chubby but very muscular too.

Feeling a stiff in his junk, Hugo got up to tend the meat and left the two older men to have a conversation between themselves. They talked about Hugo like he wasn’t even there, hearing everything. It was very arousing.

“Did you know what he did? He complained to my daughter, and we almost had a fight. The little shit. I almost smacked his face right there to show those women what this little bitch really is. istanbul travesti But I held myself.”

Phil’s chuckle seemed forced. “How…does he just take these stuff?”

“Man, don’t worry about him. I’m telling you, he’s in my pocket. I think maybe he likes it.”

“Likes it?” Phil said with a tone of voice that indicated that he didn’t think it was possible. “No way.”

Hugo went back to the table with a few sausages on a plate. His cheeks were burning from embarrassment.

“Yeah. He’s gonna serve us today. And you won’t hear a word of complaint. Will we?”

“No, sir. I love serving you.” His voice was shaky from the thrill. He was both in control and totally losing it. “You too,” Hugo said to Phil, who was taken aback. He smiled broadly.

“I’ll be damned. You are a little bitch.”

“There you go,” Dante said. “You can call him that when we are alone.”

“Okay,” Phil said. “Bitch boy, go grab me another beer.”

When Hugo stood up, both men gasped. His cock was tenting the shorts. They laughed at me. Dante leading the charge, making Hugo feel like hiding. That was the thrill. Shame seemed to burn his skin, but he managed to let it go.

“Fuck me! Dante, did you see that? He likes it. Do you think he’s a little on the faggy side?” Hugo heard Phil ask before he entered the house. He didn’t hear Dante’s response. But he did hear them laugh out loud.

Poor Phil. He was getting pulled to the faggy side in that very moment and didn’t know it.

Hugo brought them beers. He was aware of the looks towards his crotch which was still damning. It did not look good for a good married boy. He sat down.

“Get up,” Dante said. “You can’t sit down anymore. Stand up so we can see your shame, pussy boy.”

Phil snorted.

Hugo stood upright and so did his cock inside his shorts. He couldn’t hide it. Dante stared at it, but Phil seemed uncomfortable even though he clearly wanted to.

“I broke him,” Dante told Phil. “See, look at him. He’s mine.”

Phil’s eyes went down to his plate, as if he was conflicted. Dante was talking some homoerotic innuendos mixed with male domination.

“Are you fruity?” Phil asked. Very direct.

“No, sir!” Hugo said.

“Then why do you have a boner right now, little bitch?” Phil continued, and Dante only smiled and let him.

“I don’t know, sir,” Hugo said.

“He already calls you sir,” Dante said. “He recognizes you as superior.”

Phil adjusted in his seat, eyes glinting. Hugo would bet his life that the old fucker was getting a boner too. Was it a big one? Phil looked like the type of guy to be very hung. His bulges never disappointed. Thinking about them, Hugo’s cock twitched visibly.

“I think you’re in denial, boy,” Phil said, voice dark. “Tell me the truth, are you a fag?”

“No, sir. I’m as straight as they come.” Hugo’s cock twitched again, and it was getting harder for Phil to avoid staring. It obviously bothered him. He carried himself as a very manly man, probably never had to deal with that kind of temptation. His mind must be furiously trying to rationalize that forbidden desire that is turning his junk into a massive rock.

“Look at him, sissy bitch,” Phil said to Dante. “Goddamn, Dante, I’m telling you, he’s a fag. No real man gets hard by being called a bitch. Would you want your daughter to be with a man like that?”

“Well, at least I got my tabs on him, no?” Dante said calmly. “I mean, you hate your son-in-law too. Imagine if you could treat him the same way.”

Phil took a deep breath.

“I fucking hate that little rat,” Phil said. Then laughed. “I bet you feel really good about yourself, Dante.”

Dante and Hugo shared a look, just for a split-second, but enough that the message was sent. Dante would make the next move.

“You know, Phil…man, the things I did to him…you wouldn’t believe.”

Phil’s green eyes lighted with interest.

“Like what?”

“Nah, leave it. I don’t think you would understand. Believe me, my friend. I wouldn’t want you to misinterpret things.”

Phil adjusted in the chair again. For a moment, it seemed like he would let the matter go. But then he gave a quick look at Hugo, who was still standing there with a twitching boner, watching their conversation.

“What did you do? You can trust me.”

Dante shook his head, but with less certainty.

“You would think even worse of my son-in-law…if you think he’s a fag now,” Dante said. Phil took a deep breath. His eyes seemed to be full of cocky understanding, like he was proven correct with his assumptions, and yet… He stared back at Dante, thinking about what to say next.

“You really don’t think he is?” he asked.

“He got my wife pregnant. I know he isn’t. It was me. I broke him. I made him submit. I took control.”

Phil blinked a few times.

“I do remember him being difficult,” Phil said. “You always complained about him.”

“Like you complain about your son-in-law,” Dante said. “But I actually did something about it, and now istanbul travestileri I have this. My pet. My little bitch.”

Hugo lowered his head in submission, even though his inside were churning and he was flustered with both anger and embarrassment.

“How did you do that?” Phil said.

“It’s a long story. The thing is…I have done so much, there’s no way he can come back to being difficult again. He enjoys being my bitch too much. Don’t you?”

“I do, sir.”

“You really wanna know what I did? Something really crazy?” Dante asked.

Phil nodded eagerly.

“I…made him suck my cock.”

Phil gasped. “Did you?” He had a big smile on his face, and it was only the beginning. Hugo wanted to laugh. He kept his head lowered.

“Oh, you have no idea. He worships my cock now after sucking it so much.”

“Goddamn,” Phil said. He began to scratch his junk in a very silly attempt to hide his erection.

“But the first time was incredible. I forced his head hard, grasping his hair, and made him slurp and gag.”

Phil proceeded to look at Hugo, shaking his head lightly in clear disapproval of such an unmanly action. Hugo blushed.

“And you know what I do when he resists even a little bit?” Dante said. He whistled and Hugo walked up to him. He turned Hugo around and lowered his shorts, then his briefs.

“Oh, come on,” Phil said, but it was his only complaint.

“Just watch,” Dante said. And he ran his hand over Hugo’s exposed white buttocks. He grabbed one cheek firmly, then the other. His fingers were big and rough. “Look at them. Hairy, firm and round. These cheeks are mine too. And when he disappoint me, I do this,” he said, and slapped Hugo hard. It burned.

“Ohh,” Hugo moaned.

“See, even the way he moans is like a little bitch begging for more.”

He slapped the other cheek and kept alternating.

“Oh, ouch…ohhh.” Hugo could only imagine the face Phil was making.

“And I can deal as many as I want, he will take them, because he is a very good slut,” Dante said. His hand fell on the middle, hitting both cheeks at once, making a sharp sound and causing a sharp pain. Hugo forgot himself for a moment, truly lost in the pain which fired up his cock. “Look how he likes it.” Dante turned Hugo around again, this time showing the white cock, hard as rock, standing upright.

Hugo looked at Phil. The poor man was red-faced and had a gaping mouth.

Dante kept going with the onslaught. He turned him around again and opened the cheeks to expose the anus; he made a comment about how red the buttocks were, then told Hugo to kneel on the floor. He stood up and placed his crotch right in front of Hugo’s face. “Look at how he enjoys the smell,” he said, and dragged Hugo’s face against his bulge.

Hugo felt balls and cock against his cheek and inhaled audibly the scent of both. He forgot that this was all a ruse and enjoyed the warmth of the junk against his face. The father-in-law had a powerful smell naturally, but his crotch was ten times worse. Hugo was truly out of mind when Dante pushed him away.

Dante sat down again on the chair. Hugo stood up and made to grab his shorts and briefs on the floor but Dante grabbed his arm. One look at the father-in-law was enough to know he was enjoying himself way too much. Hugo was so ready to pay him back tenfold for everything he was doing and saying.

“And the best thing is that there isn’t anything gay about this,” Dante said. “This is pure domination, Phil.”

Phil didn’t look convinced, but he did look like he wanted to be. He opened his mouth a few times, then forced a laugh. His face resembled a beet as he looked over Hugo a few times.

“I don’t know, Dante, this looks weird,” he said.

“But wouldn’t you like to do the same to your in-law?” Dante said. “Answer truthfully.”

Somewhere, Phil found the courage to go against all his straight instincts.

“I would. Goddamn it, I would.” Phil turned his face to Hugo, looking both disgusted and fascinated at once.

“Why don’t you have a go? Smack his ass a few times. It will make you few better,” Dante offered. Phil snapped his head up at him.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course, you’re the type of man that I look up to. I would definitely let a man like you teach a few lessons to this little bitch. It would put him deeper in his place.”

Hugo got goosebumps from the way Phil looked at him. Down below, his cock twitched a few more times and spurt a few loads of cum on the ground. That seemed to take the breath away from every one. Hugo was orgasming and trembled while trying to maintain balance, Dante broke character for a moment and appreciated the son-in-law that he loved, and Phil almost drooled at the scene of pure self-condemnation.

“I’m so sorry, sir, I couldn’t help it,” Hugo said to Dante, who was still staring lovingly at him. Then, quickly, he pulled himself together.

“He deserves a punishment for that, Phil. Would you do the honors?”

Phil stuttered.

“I-I don’t-what?”

“Go travesti istanbul on, little bitch,” Dante told Hugo. “Lay down on his lap and let him smack those round tight cheeks. That’ll teach you.”

Cock still hard and sticky with cum, he approached the blond older man and was pleased to see him adjust away from the table so Hugo would have a clear space to lay on his lap. His cock slid between Phil’s thighs as they found a comfortable position, then he was getting smacked on the butt again, feeling the burn on the round cheeks.

“Take that, you little fag bitch,” Phil muttered. His whole body shook with the strength he was putting.

“Oh my god, fuck, fuck fuck,” I cried.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Dante said, and Hugo could hear the worry in his voice, even though he was still trying to be on character. It made Hugo feel warm all over. He could still take some more slaps, he found out he quite enjoyed it. But Dante was the one calling the shots. “See, Phil…you did great. But now…you have to show you can be gentle as well. That’s how you take over. Show him how you can be gentle.”

Phil was still for a few intakes of breath, then he began to caress Hugo’s back.

“Are you okay?” Phil asked Hugo softly.

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

Hugo began to raise himself, but instead of going away, he sat on Phil’s lap, surprising him. He adjusted his position until his bare ass was right on top of the older man’s crotch, and sure enough, the bump was considerable, a very big junk, hard and alive.

“Hmm. That’s enough, isn’t it?” Phil said, and gave a light push on Hugo’s back. It was such a feeble attempt that it had the contrary effect. Hugo moved his hips slowly, making some pressure. “Nasty little bitch, stop that,” Phil said, but his tone was very light-hearted.

“Stop what, sir?” Hugo said.

“You know damn well.” Phil grabbed his waist, made another feeble attempt at pushing, then he squeezed the flesh and pulled. His hands were almost touching Hugo’s renewed erection. Pre-cum gushing out in streams. “You like that, don’t you?” Phil asked, making his cock jerk and bump against Hugo’s burning ass.

Hugo knew his whole body was wet with sweat, but even so, Phil hugged him from behind, sliding his face against his back. Hugo felt the cold contrast of the lips and his skin shivered completely.

Dante was staring right at him. Hugo felt exposed beyond the physical, because this had started as a ruse to seduce Phil and now he was more than enjoying himself, feeling the growing pressure of Phil’s big meat between his asscheeks.

“That’s it, Phil,” Dante said. “You’re doing great. Keep teaching him. Show him who’s the man. He’s just a little bitch.”

“Just a little bitch,” Phil repeated, voice hoarse. “Fuck, he has a nice ass. All over me. Squeezing my dick.”

Dante chuckled.

“He’s enjoying himself. You should see his face.”

Then, because he wanted to see Hugo’s face, the son-in-law turned around. At first, he scared Phil with the swinging of his cock almost in his face. He lowered himself on the crotch again, rubbed his cock against the blond man’s belly, the head scratched by the blond trail.

Even though he was scared, Phil let himself be hugged around his neck. There was a cock rubbing on him, his eyes darted down over Hugo’s meat, as if still in disbelief. But he didn’t complain.

“You’re a fucking fag,” Phil said. “Dance on my cock, you dirty fag.”

“That’s it, man. You’re the man and he is your slut. Show him.” Dante was speaking very close to Phil’s ear. “Don’t you love how his cute cock is rubbing on you?”

“Yeah,” Phil admitted to his own surprise. “Shit,” he said when he realized.

“It’s alright. Say, who’s the man?” Dante was almost brushing his lips against Phil’s ear. The blond closed his eyes, as if feeling the warm breath.

“I’m the man,” Phil said.


“I’m the man!”

“Yes, you are, daddy,” Hugo said.

“He’s calling you daddy now. Congratulations.” Dante laughed. “You deserve a reward. Come on, little bitch. Kneel on the ground. It’s time for you to get fed.”

Phil widened his eyes.


“What do you say? You and me feeding some cock to my son-in-law at the same time?”

Phil licked his lips. He thought about it for a good moment. Then he nodded.

“Fuck it. Let’s do it. But this really cannot get out of here, Dante.”

“Sure. How about we get inside? Let’s take this to his bed.”

So they did.

They stood on top of Hugo’s bed while he knelt. Both still wearing their shorts, they told Hugo to take them off. He went first to Dante, enjoying the sight of his big hairy father-in-law, the familiar strong smell of his cock and sweaty balls. He pulled down the briefs to reveal the thick meat. His eyes wandered to Phil who came closer almost hypnotically, his shorts came down easily, but his briefs were much tighter. They left red marks around the edges when he pulled down. His cock jumped out, almost slapping Hugo’s face. It was bigger than Dante’s and Hugo made a surprised face with pleased the older man. The big head was cut, light pink, and not as big as the rest of the fat length. The smell was also stronger, maybe because it was new. A new male. A whole new experience.

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My Time With Char

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My time with Char.

The Prequel for; “The biggest dick I have ever seen.”

My name is Daniel, Danny for short. And I grew up in a LA in a modest middle-class house. I had my first gay experiences just before I went off to college with a kid in my neighborhood. It was just experimental, but opened the door for things to come years later. As I mentioned in previous stories, I married my college sweetheart and started life as most people do. Some years later when my marriage feel apart and I divorced, I found myself re-living some past experiences and looking forward to trying new things.

I had started a new job just after my divorce. I started working for a BIG Credit Card company as a Customer Service Representative and trying to become acclimated in a in the world of big business. It was there that I met and worked for Charlie. Charlie was the manager of my division. He was a mix of white and Filipino. He was — in my opinion — too out, too gay, too open, too feminine and just too loud at times. I really didn’t like him much at first and thought, great… not only a new job, but a gay boss.

Char as he liked to be called, stood about 5’7 inches tall, medium build with a brownish tanned skin. He had a nice thick head of black hair, which was always styled well. He was very clean shaven, very well dressed and very well spoken. I learned through my time of getting to know him that he was raised in the mid-west, had a big family, but had moved out west years earlier to seek his fame and fortune. Only to end up, like most of us, falling way short of our dreams and taking a job that pays the bills.

As my experience grew and as I showcased my talents, I ended up working a lot of one-on-one time with Char. And as we got to know each other more and as he calmed down and became quieter and more reserved in our one-on-one meetings, I started to admire him more. Learning more about him, beginning to appreciate him, coupled with my hate for women and my taste for something new, started me to develop deeper thoughts of something different. I began to think of him differently. I would often get to work early to see him before our day started. See what clothes he was wearing and to make sure I knew what he wanted of me throughout the day.

I don’t necessarily know for sure if I was interested in him or not at that point, or if I was just trying to be the good employee trying to succeed. But what I can tell you is that my thoughts of him and watching a lot more “gay porn” than “normal porn” opened the door for an experience and a love I’ll never forget.

Over a few months, Char and I had become close. There was no doubt about it, I was his right-hand man at work. He had promoted me to phone supervisor and I was in charge of training. Most of my days were now spent overseeing other employees, monitoring their phone calls and having closed door meetings with him. There were days I spent more time in his office, than at my own desk. We’d sit alone next to each other overlooking sales and call volumes, study flow chats and times of calls and a host of other job-related things. I was moving up in the world of the Big Credit Card and I was moving closer to being with him.

The group outing

About every two weeks or so on a Friday, most of the employees would head out after work to the local bar, eat, have a few drinks and just release the tension of the work week. I’d often go, since I had nothing else to do and no significant other to spend time with. One particular Friday we were all heading to the local Mexican restaurant for Margaritas. As I was walking to my car, Char drove up next to me in the lot. He said, “Danny, jump in, I’ll drive ya.”

Without thought I jumped into his car and we made our way to the restaurant to meet up with everyone else. We all sat around that night, laughing, talking, eating and having a few drinks. There was no rush for me to get home, so I was there until Char wanted to leave to drive me back.

Just after 10 P.M. as most people had already started to head back or head home, Char asked me if I was ready to go.

“Sure. Whenever you’re ready.” I replied.

We headed out to the parking lot and got into his car. As we drove back to our work parking lot, we passed small talk and some business talk, but nothing out of the ordinary. We pulled back into the parking lot of work and Char parked next to my car.

“What a week.” He Spoke. “I am so glad it’s the weekend.”

“Yah, I hear ya.” I replied.

Any big plans Danny?” He asked.

“No. Just going to get things done around the house. Maybe hang out with a few friends tomorrow.”

“You?” I inquired.

“No. I’m going to go shopping and probably just have a quiet night at home.”

“No boyfriend time this weekend?” I asked.

“No.” He replied. “I haven’t been dating anyone in a while.”

“Yah, me either.” I grunted.

We sat in silence for a few moments when Char said, “Well I better get home.”

As I started to sit upright almanbahis and reach for the door handle, Char said, “How ’bout a hug Danny.”

I chuckled and said, “Sure.”

As I leaned over to give him a hug, he placed a soft long kiss on my lips. It took me by surprise. I froze as he pulled his lips away, pulled me in closer and gave me a big long hug. “Thanks for being a good friend and a great employee.” He spoke.

I mustered up the reply, “You’re welcome.” And got out of his car.

I jumped into mine, never looking back as he pulled away. I sat in silence for a few seconds, almost shocked at what just happened. He didn’t try to French kiss me, or grope me, he just gave me a light soft kiss on my lips with a big warm hug. But it surely shocked me. I got home about 20 minutes later and started to try to focus on other things around the house. But that night after I got into bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I almost wished I knew that kiss was coming, or if he would have hinted more that he was into me. But then I thought, was it just a goodbye kiss? But instead of the cheek it was on my lips. Was it an accident? Was it the alcohol? Was it just him reaching out for someone to be a friend? A lover? All I knew was that it had come as a surprise, but it was also quite a turn on since I have recently found myself attracted to him.

At work the next week, we were quite busy and I didn’t have much time to spend with Char, since we had new employees and I had a ton of training, calls to listen to and assess. Finally on Thursday afternoon, I had the chance to be alone with him in his office. We sat looking at data and spreadsheets, trying to figure out the week. I don’t know if it was uncomfortable for him, but I was feeling a bit weirded out from last Friday’s kiss.

Finally, Char broke the awkwardness and said, “Danny I am sorry about Friday night after the bar. I don’t have a lot of friends and I haven’t had a boyfriend in a long time. I like you and I appreciate your work and trust with me, so I did something I shouldn’t have.”

I laughed it off, like nothing had happened by replying, “No big deal Char. It isn’t anything I am concerned with.”

“Thank you, Danny.” He spoke. “I just felt bad and don’t want to take advantage of your friendship.”

I tried to make light of the situation but jokingly blurting out, “But in the future of you’re going to kiss me, make sure I know it’s coming and do it the right way.”

Char put his head own in embarrassment and groaned out. I placed my hand on his back, rubbed up and down his back and said, “Hey, I am serious. It’s no big issue. You know I love working with you and spending time with you.” And I was mustering up the courage to say; “And I’m interested in you.” When Char raised his head and stared deeply into my eyes. I could see his heart was hurting and as much as he likes to portray himself as the “got it all together guy’, he is lonely and sad and looking for someone to love and spend time with.

It was at that moment, sitting in the quietness of his office, alone, with the buzz of soft voices from outside the walls, echoed by the sounds of phones ringing and the hum of the light fixture, that I realized I was falling for him. We sat in stare for more than 30 seconds and I was about to lean in and kiss him when at knock at his door, snapped us back to reality.

“Come in!” He blurted out. As one of our new employees interrupted, what would have been our first, true, deep kiss.

We went back to spread sheets, call times, assessments and job performance reviews without saying a word about us. But I believe we both knew at that point that we were going to move forward.

Just before I left work Char called me into his office and asked me If I would like to go with him on Saturday night to an off-Broadway amateur play, he had got tickets for. “Sure”. I replied. We made our plans, and headed our sperate ways for the night.

Saturday night I picked him up at his place, since he was closer to the restaurant and the theatre we were going to. We whipped into one of the chain restaurants for a bite and headed to the theatre. We sat through this play, that was centered around an early American maid and seamstress, which had musical numbers within it. It was well written and the performers were great, but it was irrelevant to today’s world and not a wonder as to why it was “off-Broadway”.

The whole time we sat in the theatre I wanted to put my hand on his leg. I wanted to hold his hand. I wanted to do something to show him, just how interested I was in him. I knew it. I believed he knew it, but I had never dated a man, and was unsure of how to breech this.

When the play was over and we were driving back to his place, Char asked me if I wanted to come in for a nightcap. I was okay with that and quickly said yes.

When we arrived, he made us this warm coffee liquor drink and we sat and talked. Tonight, while we were alone, I was waiting for that kiss, for almanbahis giriş that hug, for that hint. But I believe he was just as unsure and nervous as I was. I had placed my hand on his knees during conversations, laughed at all of his little tales and stories, had complimented him on his clothes and his place, everything and anything I could to make him realize I was interested.

But no matter what I seemed to do; I didn’t get the response from him I wanted. Then I started thinking maybe I was wrong about his little advances a week back. Maybe he was just too buzzed, or too lonely or just was saying goodnight the way he knew how. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I had thought more about this, about us, than he had. But that’s when the moment happened.

I followed Char into the kitchen to refill out drinks. As we stood face to face, he went to sip from his glass and spilled liquid down his chin and onto his shirt. I reached out for a napkin saying, “I’ll help with that.”

I lightly wiped his chin and dabbed the napkin on his shirt, trying to soak up the liquid when his hand rested on top of mine, stopping my momentum. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes as he licked the last bit of the spill from his lips. He edged in closer and I knew this time, there was no mistaking this.

We both started to lean in towards each other and our lips touched. We held tightly pressed against each other’s closed lips, but anticipating the next move. I pulled Char in closer as our lips parted and our tongues touched for the first time. I felt tingles running throughout my body. Ones, I have never felt before. I could smell the faint smell of his cologne, as we stood embraced, kissing deeply and finally getting that “first kiss” out of the way.

I escorted Char out of the kitchen and back into the front room. We stood in between the couch and the coffee table when we started kissing again. This time there was no nervousness, no holding back. Our tongues were swirling around each other’s mouths in intense passion. Our hands beginning to explore each other’s bodies, grouping, touching and feeling skin. Our heads rocking back and forth in a deep heated kiss.

All this time of thinking about him, fantasizing about him, wanting him, and now here we are alone in his apartment on a beautiful Saturday night, fulfilling our passions. My dick was getting hard, my body had feelings and emotions flowing through it. I wanted this. I wanted him to suck me. I wanted to suck him, I wanted to fuck him. I wanted every bit of this and I wanted it all. All the nights of wonder, gay porn, wanting cum shooting from him, my past pre-college experiences, my distaste for women, my desire for cock, all coming to fruition tonight.

Char softy and seductively started to unbutton the buttons on my dress shirt, opening up the front. His hands slid up and down my body, focusing on my pecs and nipples. I pulled the shirt flaps from inside my dress pants, sliding it off and throwing it on the floor. We broke from our kiss for just a second as I lifted his polo shirt over his head, whispering “Oh Char.”

We dove back in together, deep in kiss as out chests pressed up against each other. Our hands rubbing up and down each other’s bodies. I felt Char’s hands pulling at my belt buckle. With a bit of force and struggle he got it open, spreading it apart. He followed up by running his palm softly up and down over my crotch feeling my cock and balls. I slid my hand down between his legs felling his bulge. What an exhilarating feeling rubbing my hand over a bulge, instead of the curvature of a pussy. I was so tuned on and so excited, my mouth watered and my heart rate increased as I felt him unbutton and unzip my dress pants.

His hand slid into my pants over my underwear, rubbing up and down, feeling my hardening cock and balls. My hand still rubbing up and down over his bulge, over his dress sacks. I knew he was getting hard; I could feel his cock inside his pants.

“Danny, I want you.” He moaned out as he started to push down my slacks. I kicked off my shoes and wrestled myself out of my pants, as he stood and watched. Char kissed my neck and chest and gently guided me done onto the couch. I sat there pitching a tent in my undies, while he lightly kissed my inner thighs. We both almost simultaneously reached for the sides of my underwear. I lifted my hips, sliding them off. My cock popped free as he worked to get my underwear all the way down.

Char smiled at me, leaned in further edging his lower torso closer in towards the couch and slid my hard cock into his mouth. His warm, wet mouth engulfed my entire shaft and I moaned in pleasure. Looking down at him the top of his black styled hair, was glistening as his head bobbed up and down, sucking my cock. It felt amazing. He took my shaft all the way down and slowly withdrew it, letting his tongue swirl around my tip. I was ready to explode already.

Char spent a few minutes just slowly and seductively sucking my cock. But then almanbahis yeni giriş his passion and desire became intense. He started thrusting up and down as hard as he could, almost gagging himself on my cock as he sucked me off.

“Holy fuck!” I moaned out numerous times as his mouth kept pleasuring me.

I was so excited by him and this moment, that if he kept sucking me with this vigor and passion, I was going to cum quickly.

“I want your cock Char.” Blurted from my mouth.

Char pulled my cock from his mouth holding it in his hand as he smiled at me. He began to lift himself off the floor and came upright, right at the edge of the couch. I reached for his buckle and opened his belt. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, which fell right to the floor. Char was wearing a cute pair of salmon-colored silky boxers, which were bugling out from his dick being hard. I reached for the side of his boxers and slid them down. When I looked back up, his sexy, brown toned, medium length, “a bit thicker” Filipino cock was sticking straight out. He had it all shaven, except a small portion over the top. The head was round and perfect and it was calling my name.

I edged further towards the edge of the couch and slid his cock into my mouth. It was such an exciting feeling, feeling his skin, his boner and the thickness of his cock slide in and out of my mouth. It had been more than a dozen years since I had sucked a dick. Back then it was experimental. But tonight, it was passion, it was wanting, it was longing and it was — for me at least — the start of changing teams.

I bobbed my head back and forth taking him in and out of my mouth. Feeling the saliva covered slippery ‘ness of his cock, as I listened to him moan. I wasn’t sure if I was doing this correctly, but I knew I wanted to please him. I wanted to make him cum and I wanted to swallow down every drop.

Char moaned and groaned in pleasure as I sat bobbing back and forth giving him head. I wasn’t going to stop until he told me, or until he came. And I since I didn’t have much experience, I was hoping he’d be guiding me, telling me what to do.

I was still rock hard and ready to explode as I sat here sucking his cock. Char’s hands came to rest on my head and every now and then he’d let out short words and whimpers like,

“Oh’s and ahh’s. Oh Danny, Ugh, just like that.”

So, I knew I was pleasing him.

Char pulled me up and away from his dick and back face to face with him. He said, “If you keep sucking me like that I’m going to cum.”

“Isn’t that the point?” I asked.

Char took me by the hand and led me down the hallway to his bedroom. As we walked, I kept starring at his toned, tanned brown as, jiggling back and forth as he walked, knowing his hard cock was still poking out in front of him, as mine was doing for me. He turned on a soft ambient light and guided me to his bed. He slid backwards onto the bed and I climbed on top of him. We kissed deeply and passionately, as our bodies became one. Both of our hard cocks, poking at each other’s skin.

“Char.” I moaned out. “I am loving this.”

“Me too Danny.” He replied.

I pulled from our kiss and kissed my way down his chest and body, ending right back in-between his legs, staring at his hard cock. I slid his cock right back into my mouth and picked up where I had left off. Sucking his dick, wanting to make him cum.

“Oh, fuck Danny.” He cried out.

I was still rock hard and felt my cock pulsating and twitching on the sheets as I laid flat down on my stomach, sucking his dick. It wasn’t long until his breaths increased and his moans got more prevalent.

“Danny, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum and before he could spit out another word, I felt his cock start shooting his load inside my mouth. The warm, wet, sticky ooze flowing throughout my mouth. The new taste sensation of knowing I got him off made me hornier than ever. I thought to myself if this is what gay sex is like every time, I’m all in.

Char kept squirting his load deeper and deeper into my mouth with every thrust up and down on his shaft. I was somewhat nervous during the oral sex about swallowing cum, but after tonight, after feeling it and tasting it. I want more of it. When he finally finished cumming I pulled his cock from my mouth and just softly and seductively kissed around his crotch, his stomach and made my back up to his face.

“Danny that was amazing.” He spoke.

“I’m glad you enjoyed.” I replied.

Char rolled me off of him and onto my back. He shifted his body position, hunched over along the side of me and kissed his was back down to my hard cock. He placed my dick right back into his mouth and started bobbing up and down. My hand rubbed up and down his soft, all shaven, clean body from behind his arm, to his ass cheek. I watched through the ambient lighting as his head bobbed up and down, pleasuring me.

It didn’t take me long until I was ready to explode.

“Char!” I moaned out. “I’m going to cum.”

He picked up his pace and within seconds I was cumming in his mouth. My explosion was powerful and deep, as I kept squirting my cum down his throat.

“Char, go slow.” I moaned out as I finished cumming.

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I’m Never Going Back

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Hello everyone! My name is Jay and I have been a long-time reader of this site. I was inspired by all the talented authors on this site to try and write a few of my own stories. I’ve used these stories and the ones I’ve written as a way to explore my sexuality. I have finally come to a place where I feel more like my self then I’ve ever felt so thank you Literotica for helping me get there.

Any way I hope y’all like my first story. The following is a true re-telling of a hookup that I had a year ago. Enjoy!

I’m Never Going back

My lips parted and I invited his cock to slide between my soft lips. I let out a slow groan as I felt the weight of his cock in my mouth for the first time. His taste, and smell flooded my senses. I slowly started bobbing my head taking as much of his cock as I could with each downstroke. Fuck this felt amazing. Gagging I pulled off his cock to catch my breath, beads of saliva connected my lips to the tip of his cock. It felt so thick in my hand. I sit back on my heels, as I slowly start to stroke his massive cock. I was in a stranger’s bedroom looking up at his cock glistening with my spit. At that moment, as a leaned forward and planted light kisses up and down his shaft, I knew I would never go back.

What the hell am I doing here?! I nervously bit at my finger nails as I sat in my dark car that was currently parked in front of a stranger’s apartment complex. I met him on Grindr a couple months ago. I was the typical horny bi-curious guy you find on Grindr. Every time we chatted, I was super into it, I loved the attention he gave me, especially when I sent him pictures of my perfectly shaped bubble butt. I was always ready to meet up, but then I’d get too excited, I’d cum and I wouldn’t be as into it anymore. So I would panic and delete my profile before making a new one a couple days later and starting the whole cycle over again. But tonight was different, the second I logged on I knew I was ready to meet up, I was ready to hook up with this guy. My thumb hovered over the send icon with a message I had typed up a couple minutes ago, “I’m here,” it read. I took a deep breath, “Fuck it,” I said to my self and pressed the send button, there was no turning back now.

I didn’t even know his name or what his face looked like, he had only sent me pictures of his bare chest and his magnificent thick cock. He was an older guy, he said he was in his early 40’s, but his body looked to be well taken care of with defined pecs and wide shoulders. I stepped out of my car and started walking towards the door he told me to wait by so he could let me into the building. My heart was beating loudly in my chest as I clicked my key fob to lock my car. I checked my pockets to make sure I had everything. My phone, check; my wallet, check; my keys, obviously; and finally I felt the coolness of the dark bottle of poppers that I had brought along with me, knowing I would need them if things went as well as I’d hoped tonight. It was a mild spring night as I walked the sidewalk. The grey sweatpants and white t-shirt were perfect for this kind of night, plus it would be an easy outfit to take off.

I stood at the almanbahis door, pacing nervously back and forth. I ran my hand through my short brown hair, letting my hands wander down my body until my hands traced the straps of my black jockstrap I had worn underneath my sweats. I had checked myself out in the mirror before I left, the black one was my favorite jockstrap and it framed my butt perfectly, I hope he likes it. Finally, after what felt like an eternity the door opened and I held my breath. Standing in front of me was the drop-dead gorgeous man I was there to hook up with. He was shorter than me by a couple inches and his skin was a dark ebony. His bald head shone brightly under the street lights. His brown eyes locked with my blue eyes, he flashed me a smile and ushered me into the building. Woof! Was all I could think as I followed him up the stairs. We got to the third floor and he opened the door for me. As I passed by him, I could see the muscles in his chest and arms straining against the fabric of his t-shirt.

We stopped in front of his door and he let me inside. As I slipped passed him, I made sure to brush my hips against him, swaying my hips a bit more as I walked over to his kitchen island. I slipped off my sandals and piled my phone, keys, and wallet on top of them that way there was no chance I’d leave anything important. I turned around and finally got a good look at this dark handsome stranger. He looked like an older version of Taye Diggs, if Taye Diggs lived in an apartment building near the state university. In other words, I hit the jackpot. He took a step towards me and wrapped his arm around my waist as he pulled me into his bedroom.

I was like putty in his hands as he gently kissed me for the first time. But after that first contact the preamble was over and we started passionately making-out. His hands ran up and down my back and neck, I loved this feeling. He broke the kiss only to take his shirt off and as I stared at his bare chest all I could think was, “Damn, black really don’t crack.” I quickly followed and took my shirt off. We both looked each other up and down, drinking in each other’s body. We knew what was coming next.

And that’s how I got here, eagerly swallowing a beautiful black cock, bouncing excitedly back on my heels and feeling every bit the cocksucker, I now realized I wanted to be. I popped his cock out of my mouth and slapped it on my tongue a couple times, he definitely liked that. He grabbed the back of my head and gently persuaded me to lean forward again. I took his cock back into my mouth and let him impale my mouth on his cock. He hit the back of my throat and I gagged a little bit as he slowly started to thrust back and forth. His cock filled my mouth to capacity, I was struggling to get more than halfway down his shaft. I gagged again and he let me come up for air.

Gasping for air my hands wrapped around his thick shaft giving it a few strokes before I sucked the tip back into my mouth, swirling my tongue in circles around his tip. The grunts and groans he was making were driving me crazy. I loved that I was bringing him this level of pleasure. My own cock was almanbahis giriş straining against the pouch of my jockstrap. He was now leaning forward, his hands running down my back. I knew what he was reaching for, and who was I to deny this sexy man what he wanted. I leaned forward so I could pop my ass out a little bit more. My face was now pressed against his thigh, my back was arched and his hands were planted firmly on my ass cheeks. He smacked my cheeks a few times, each slap eliciting a small whimper from me.

I looked to my right and caught a glimpse of my reflection in the floor length mirror that was on his wall next to us. I was butt naked except for my black jack strap that, from this position, was perfectly framing my round ass cheeks. I looked like a porn-star and I loved it! I was staring at my own face in the mirror as this gorgeous man groped and fingered my ass. My face was twisted into such amounts of pleasure that I was worried I might shoot my load right there on the floor. I felt so incredibly sexy, feminine, and beautiful. It was an intoxicating feeling.

I got back into position. I needed his cock filling me up again. I wrapped my hands around his shaft as I took him into my mouth again. He let out a low groan as I found my rhythm. My mouth, tongue, and hands working in perfect harmony. The only thing I wanted was this man’s cum. I wanted my reward for the pleasure I was giving him. I buried my face in his balls making sure to give each one a thorough tongue bath before returning to his shaft. I was drunk for his cock now, my mind was in a haze as I did my best to give him all the pleasure he deserved. Suddenly he pulled his cock from my mouth, the loud pop echoed across the room as I stared up at him. “Get on the bed,” he grunted, pulling me to my feet.

“Yes Daddy.” I responded on accident, I blushed at how slutty I sounded. I quickly grabbed my bottle of poppers and practically jumped onto his bed on my hands and knees. He walked up behind me; his hands danced over my cheeks. He traced the straps of my jockstrap, sending shivers up and down my spine. He pushed me down to my elbows and I arched my back to its limits giving him full access to my hole. “Are you ready for me baby?” He asked as he slapped each cheek with his open palm. “Yesss daddy,” I hissed out taking a big hit of my poppers.

I felt my body flush and relax almost immediately, the poppers did their job as I felt the craving for his dick increase ten-fold. I wanted his dick; no, I needed his dick and I made sure he knew it. “Please daddy, please fill my ass with your massive cock,” I whined looking back over my shoulder at him. He chuckled and lightly smacked and groped my cheeks. He got down on his knees and without warning he dove in tongue first and started to devour my asshole. His tongue expertly working me open. I let out a long groan as he ate me out like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat-buffet. I was a moaning whining mess by the time he stood up and lined his dick up with my hole.

I was far past the point of being able to form real words so I just groaned and pushed my ass back against his dick. I did my best to twerk almanbahis yeni giriş my ass a bit, trying to entice him to fill me up and stop teasing me. He didn’t say anything else, he just started pushing in, and thanks to the tongue fucking he gave me and the poppers, he slid in easily. Before I knew it, he was pressed firmly against my ass cheeks, his dick bottomed out inside my tight ass. “Awwwwfugh” I groaned out in a slutty voice, my eyes rolled back and I gripped the sheets tightly underneath me as my body was rocked with wave after wave of pleasure.

He stayed like that for a second, letting me feel every inch of him. I’ve never felt so full in my entire life. It felt like he had knocked all the wind from my lungs. Slowly, he started to pull all the way out leaving just the tip at my entrance. Then he slammed his hips forward, plunging his thick cock deep inside my guts again. He continued doing this, slowly thrusting back and forth, each thrust forward was like a gut punch, leaving me breathless and gasping for air. The sensations I was feeling were indescribable, My brain had short-circuited, blue-screened, and forced a restart all at once. I was offline and loving it. I was in heaven, laying in this man’s bed while he filled me with his cock.

Without warning he wrapped an arm around my waist and flipped me to my back. I let out a yelp and a groan as his dick left my hole, leaving me feeling empty. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long, before my brain could reboot and restart, he had my legs on his powerful shoulders and was easily filling me back. “uhhhghfugh” I groaned out as he really started to jack-hammer into me now. Fireworks started exploding inside my body with each of his powerful thrusts fucking me into the mattress. A warmth was starting to spread throughout my body, I felt I had reached nirvana. Who knew spiritual enlightenment was achieved through getting absolutely fucked into oblivion?

I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I felt my orgasm building with each stroke. My hand quickly grabbed my bouncing shaft, stroking it fast as I let out more and more unintelligible grunts yelps. The room was hot, we were both covered in sweat. “Where do you want it?” he choked out between thrusts.

“Paint my face!” I responded without much thought. After one last deep thrust, he pulled his massive cock out of my butt and let my legs fall flat on the bed. He was quickly hovering over my face with his cock inches from my mouth. He gave himself a few strokes before he groaned out “Fuuuuck!” and exploded over my face and tongue. Rope after rope of cum erupted from his cock, my face was covered. That was all it took for me, my hand was still flying up and down my shaft, “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me” I repeated as I felt my balls tighten and pretty soon, I too exploded all over my hand and chest.

He left me to grab a towel so I could clean myself up; what a gentleman. I tried to catch my breath, I was covered in sweat, cum, and drool, my hole was gaping and I was sprawled out on Taye Diggs bed. I felt dirty, slutty, and sexy as fuck! I loved every thing about tonight. He tossed me a towel and as I tried to clean myself up as best I could I gawked at the handsome man who was getting dressed in front of me. I chuckled to myself, Once you go black, you never go back. I wiped the last drop of cum from my face. I was definitely coming back for round 2!

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