Special Services

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A stone had hit my windshield and left a small crack in it. I called my insurance company to get it fixed and they said that I could either take it to a local facility or a technician could come to my home and repair it. Opting for the easiest way to get it fixed, I made an appointment for the tech to come to my home and repair it on site. It was set up for Tuesday between 8am and 12 noon. Now, more often than not, the repairman arrives a few minutes after 12. It’s very frustrating, waiting and waiting, and then have him show up after the expected time.

Anyway, Tuesday came and instead of getting up at my usual 7am, I didn’t get out of bed until 8. I sleep in the nude so I put on my bathrobe and went to the kitchen to make my morning coffee. Among my several morning rituals besides coffee, reading the morning paper, and catching the news on the internet, is a review of some of my favorite sex blogs.

I’m a man of varied tastes. I have a particular interest in mature attractive women, especially if they’re shaved: milfs, cougars, and grannies. After all, I’m no spring chicken myself. The younger they look, the more out of reach they are for me. I also have a penchant for shaved men (I’ve been bald for years), and cum shots, particularly coming (pun intended!) from the source. My blog choices include several gay websites with pictures of men in various poses of release.

My laptop is set up on the kitchen table. Any morning you can find it open to one of the blogs described above, my coffee cup sitting next to it one side, and the morning paper on the other. Every morning my wife goes to the gym so I’m left alone to enjoy my java and entertainment for at least a couple of hours. Invariably, as I view the blogs, my hand comes to rest on my chubbed-up penis. It would be a shame to let an erection go to waste so I usually treat myself to some personal sexual gratification.

I forgot about the windshield tech coming when my doorbell rang. It was only a few minutes after 8 and he was supposed to call before he arrived. Without thinking about what I was wearing, I got up and opened the door. In front of me was a rather hunky black fellow about 30 years old, with a shaved head. He was in his glass company overall uniform, a one-piece with a bunch of buttons down the front from neck to groin. His neck was well-toned leading from his head to a pair of very broad shoulders. He looked like a guy that worked out a lot.

“Good morning, Sir. My name is André. Sorry I didn’t call but I was so close by. Will I be able to fix your windshield this morning?” I’m the kind of person who likes to shake hands when I meet someone. It gives me a sense of the person. You know, a soft wimpy handshake or a sweaty palm handshake. I extended my hand to André and we shook hands in a robust embrace. I liked that.

“No problem, André. It’s unusual for me to be first on the görükle escort list. I’m usually the very last. Please come in. Can I offer you a cup of coffee before you get started?”

“That would be most kind of you. I didn’t want to stop this morning for coffee because my schedule is so full.” André followed me into the kitchen, looking around.

“Cream, sugar?”

‘Both, please.

By the way, this is a beautiful place you have here.”

My condo is brand new so it has all the latest appliances and everything is pristine. I watched him as he perused every square inch but then I noticed his eyes had settled on my laptop on the kitchen table. I was immediately embarrassed. It was open to a blog called ‘Gay Cumeating’ and there was a vivid picture of a penis ejaculating into a mouth.

André put his coffee down on the counter and approached me. He was standing no more than an arm’s length away.

“Sir, you have excellent taste. Would you be interested in our special service? It’s of no extra cost to you.” He touched my chest below my neck, where the lapels on my bathrobe folded over one another. The finger moved downward very slowly, opening my robe until he was down to the belt which was tied in a loose knot.

My cock was hardening and within seconds would probably make an appearance of its own.

“Why would you offer me this special service? Is it offered to every customer?”

“No, Sir. It is up to the discretion of the technician to decide who is offered the extra service and you fit my criteria.”

Whatever the criteria was, it didn’t matter. At this point, the head of my dick was beginning to make an appearance between the folds of my robe.

So, may I give you the special service?”

“Yes, yes. Go ahead!” I was very turned on.

André undid my belt and opened my bathrobe. My dick was now sticking straight out. André unbuttoned the top three buttons on his overalls and pulled his arms out of the sleeves, revealing a shiny and smooth upper torso accentuated by rippling muscles and two beautifully formed nipples, one with a gold barbell through it. God, he was hot!!!

“I like to be comfortable while I perform the service.”

“Do you offer this special service often?”

“I try to be as service-oriented as possible, but not all of my customers are interested in the service.”

“Do you offer it to both men and women?”

“Yes. You’d be surprised at how many women ask if we offer special services, but let me provide the special service and then I can fix your windshield.”

André dropped to his knees in front of me. His head was level with my rigid cock. André had a thick pair of lips that looked like they could make a man feel really good.

“Take your robe off, please.”

I leaned against the kitchen counter and dropped my robe to the floor, standing bursa escort bayan stark naked in front of this beautiful black man who was on his knees in front of me.

“Very nice. Have you been waiting for me?’ Andre had a broad smile on his face as he looked at my shaved cock and balls. The next thing I knew was that his very sensual lips were pressing against the head of my very turgid cock. As slowly as he could, André took my cock into his mouth. He stopped when he had the whole head of my cock in his mouth. At that point, he started to suck on just the head of my cock. The feeling was exquisite. At the same time, André was using his tongue to massage my glans. Because he was a stranger to me and there was a degree of tension for me about what was happening, André had some work ahead of him. My brain and my penis weren’t really synchronized.

I looked down at André. He looked up at me and his eyes were smiling. At that point, André’s mouth moved down on my cock. Within seconds he had half my cock in his mouth. I’m not huge but I’m not small either. I’d say I’m about 6 inches or so when I’m hard and I’m about 2 inches in diameter. I’m not ashamed of my equipment. All the while, as his lips provided a strong grip, his tongue was caressing my cock. André’s strong hands were massaging my thighs, moving up until they firmly gripped my ass cheeks. He pulled me forward and, in a matter of seconds, my cock was all the way in his mouth. His full lips were pressing up against my smooth pubic bone. His tongue was stroking the bottom of my cock. The man was incredibly talented.

André was moving back and forth on my cock. All the way out and then all the way in, giving my cock a slow methodical massage with his sensual lips. His big hands were kneading my buttocks, pulling me forward and then releasing me with a definite rhythm. At this point my brain and cock were definitely in synch. I could feel the pleasure starting to build. My orgasm was not far off. André knew it because he intensified his sucking.

“I’m going to cum!”

It was only fair to let him know that I was about to blow my load. And I did, with waves of incredibly intense pleasure. My dick exploded in torrents into André’s mouth, pulse after pulse after pulse. I had never, ever had a blowjob like that before. I know that my jism filled his mouth but he made the best of it. Actually, his enthusiasm testified to his enjoyment. André swallowed my spunk several times. He kept my dick in his mouth until I started to soften. He pulled back, leaving me with a shrunken penis but a big smile on his face.

“I hope you enjoyed my special service. I know that I did.”

“Oh my God!” It was a cliché but it was all I could say. In my life, I had had many a blowjob but this one was far and away the best I’d ever had.

“Thank you, André. That was phenomenal. I enjoyed bursa escort it very much.” That was an understatement, for sure.

André got up off his knees and buttoned up his uniform. I took a last look at his expansive chest with its single pierced nipple.

“Well, I’ve got work to do and a schedule to meet, so if you could show me where your car is, I can get started.”

“It’s in the garage. Follow me.” I took him out to the garage.

“It’s not too bad. I can use our new polymer technology and fill the chip and crack in. If, after I’m done, you’re unhappy with the way it looks because it will leave a small scratch on the windshield, we can replace the windshield. Unfortunately, that would have to wait for another day if you wanted it done here, or you can take it to our shop.”

“André, let’s see how it comes out and then I’ll make a decision.” Of course, I wanted the windshield to be fixed correctly but I was wondering if I would get the ‘special service’ at the repair shop.

André set to work as I watched his rippled body stretch over the fender to reach the damaged area. I was able to get a nice look at him as his body extended. He had a fairly pronounced bulge in the front and a nice bubble butt in the back.

“I’m going in the house. Call me when you’re done. OK?”

“Yes, Sir. It won’t be more that another 15 minutes.”

I went into my kitchen where my laptop was still open to the blog. I looked at the pictures with even more appreciation. About fifteen minutes had passed when I heard André come in from the garage.

“Sir, your windshield is done.” We stepped outside where I examined André’s efforts. Where the crack had once been there was just a tiny chip visible.

“The repair is completely guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll be happy to replace the windshield, at your convenience, of course.”

The remaining mark wasn’t all that bad but I’m a perfectionist.

“Let me live with it for a week or so. I’m not sure if it’s acceptable. If I want a new windshield, would you be the tech who installs it?” I was concerned about the ‘special service.’

“Yes sir, this is my territory.”

“OK. Do you have something for me to sign?” I wanted to give him a ‘special’ tip in appreciation for his efforts but my wife was due home at any moment. The tip in mind would have been very similar to the ‘special service’ he gave me.

André offered me a clipboard with an acknowledgement of the repair and a copy of the guarantee on it.

I signed it and handed it back to him. “Thank you very much for all of your efforts, André. They were much appreciated.”

“No sir, thank you, for your business and the opportunity to provide you with our services.” André had a sort of Cheshire cat look on his face. He handed me a glass company business card with his name on it. “My cell phone number is on my card. Please feel free to call me if I can be of any further service.”

The more I thought about it, the more dissatisfied I was becoming with the remaining defect in my windshield. I knew that only a new windshield would satisfy me and that I would be calling André soon.

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Spark , Stone – Ch. 09

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Chapter Nine – When Will You Be Home?

“So, was no one else available to take care of all these?” Aidan questioned while pointing with a pen at the huge stack of folders on his desk.

One of the promises he had made to himself was to be more assertive. At least, that was one of the things the motivation audio books he was listening to on his way to work every day tried to teach him. ‘Tried’ being the operative word since Aidan had proven to be nothing but a mediocre student in that respect. No matter how much he wanted to impose himself, especially at work, he seemed to do an abysmal job.

The female colleague leaned against his desk with the same coffee cup that seemed glued to her, in one hand. “It is your job,” she said matter-of-factly.

“I see,” Aidan replied, pursing his lips.

He could not fathom why his colleague wasn’t moving away, now that she had unloaded on his desk enough files to keep him busy until he was grey.

“So how is he?” the woman eventually asked, seeing how Aidan had grabbed one of the folders and was getting ready to get to work.

“Who?” Aidan asked, without looking at her.

The woman leaned over like she wanted to share some secret with Aidan. “Heathcliff Stone, who else? I wish I had your job,” she said under her breath with a small grimace.

“By all means, I can share,” Aidan put one hand over the stack of folders.

The woman almost took a step back as if she had been burned. “I meant looking after Heathcliff,” she said and shook her head.

Aidan could say he was a tad annoyed by how his colleague was talking about Heathcliff. Like she was entitled to say his name like that.

“He’s gay,” he blurted out.

It wasn’t like him to act like that.

“And?” the woman shrugged. “I bet it’s amazing to work with someone like him,” she said dreamily.

Aidan sighed. “He’s actually …” he began but stopped.

“Yes?” the woman’s eyes lit up.

“He’s an awesome person,” Aidan said. “Quite nice.”

And he was doing that in all honesty.

“Ah,” the woman seemed disappointed. “Okay. If you say so, I mean. He has quite a reputation.”

“Well, it’s no one’s business what he does in his spare time,” Aidan retorted.

“Of course,” the woman said in an exaggerated, empathic voice. “But it must be torture for him not to be able to go as wild as he likes, now that he’s signed with us.”

“What do you mean?” Aidan looked straight at her.

The woman balanced the coffee cup in her hand like it was some circus act. “You know, we don’t just endorse anyone,” she added like Aidan must have been hearing that for the first time in his life.

“He has two million followers,” Aidan pointed out. “Of course we do not endorse just anyone,” he said, emphasizing the ‘we’.

“I was talking about, you know, his rather loose …” The woman stopped, apparently trying to find her words.

“His followers don’t care about that,” Aidan said sharply. “He does a great job at giving fitness advice. He has a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Aidan was getting a little worked up. But it wasn’t fair that people were judging Heathcliff based on what he did in his free time.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me,” he set his hands on the keyboard, looking determinedly ahead, at the screen, “I need to take care of all these unless I want to end up sleeping here.”

The woman scoffed, but added nothing, and began walking away. “Put those extra hours in, Aidan,” she called over her shoulder. “They will pay off, eventually.”

Something was foreboding in how the woman spoke those words. And how she looked at him as if she knew something he didn’t.

With a shrug, he decided to get back to work. And, while he was determined to stay away from Heathcliff and remain strictly professional in their dealings, he was not going just to let random people gossip or speak ill of him. The guy was more than just his image, and, as Aidan knew well, a good person.


“Is the boss in?” Aidan asked the secretary.

Part of his assertiveness training involved reminding his boss, with some frequency, that he was very much interested in a creative position. He was efficient, he was doing his job, day by day, and he had not much else to learn from his current situation.

The secretary placed one hand over the phone with a bored expression. “Let me check if he can see you.”

Aidan remained standing. It was three hours after what was supposed to be closing time, but his boss was still at work, and he was keeping his secretary from leaving home, as well. Of course, that meant his boss was busy. But Aidan wasn’t going to take much of his time.

The secretary spoke perfunctorily over the phone and then gestured for him to go inside.

“Spark,” his boss boomed, “good job on the photo and video shoot!”

“Thank you, sir,” Aidan said. “What do you think of the results?”

“Sit,” the man ordered, looking at him over his glasses.

Aidan sat on one of the little chairs available. Having his knees up görükle escort almost to his chest was making him feel awkward. It was not the ideal position to ask for a promotion, but he needed to make do with what he had.

“Is Heathcliff Stone behaving?” the man asked.

Aidan knew what his boss was asking, and it was making him grind his teeth a little.

“He’s on his best behavior, sir,” he murmured.

Being part of this charade was making him feel bad, even if he wasn’t the instigator, by all means.

“Good. Now, can I help you with anything?” his boss asked, still looking over his glasses, and visibly not in the mood to extend this visit from an employee for too long.

“I have a few ideas about how to make this campaign have an even bigger impact,” Aidan said.

“Creative input is not in your job description,” the other cut him short.

“About that,” Aidan started and licked his lips nervously. “I think I could serve the company better if I were -“

“Are you unhappy with your current position, Spark?” the man asked, in the same booming voice.

It was annoying how he could not see his boss’s entirely while speaking especially since he liked to talk in that loud voice from behind the curtain of his hands.

“I wouldn’t say unhappy, sir, but -“

“No ‘buts’,” the man interrupted him. “Do you have any idea how many employees in this company, employees who have been with us for years, wait for a creative position?”

“I can’t say that I do, sir,” Aidan answered when he noticed that his boss was actually waiting for an answer.

“So you don’t know. What makes you think you’re better than these people who have been serving under my wing for years, if not decades?” his boss slammed both his palms against the desk, startling Aidan.

He had to say he preferred when his boss was seated and hid half his face then when he was standing up, hovering over his desk, like he was trying to reach Aidan and do something strange and most probably illegal in a typical office environment. Leaving aside considerations related to workplace conditions, Aidan knew what he had to do.

He stood up, too. “I finished in the first 5% of my class, I have a portfolio that HR, not only here, but at three different companies, decided it was enough to qualify me for immediate employment, I always put in the extra hours, I have been involved with five different creative projects so far, and I have been serving under your wing for one year, too, sir!”

He was almost out of breath when he stopped that tirade, but chose not to flinch. His boss was looking at him, his eyes out of his sockets, and, not quite so briefly, Aidan wondered what the punishment was for insubordination.

“Very good, Spark!” the man yelled at him.

Was it a good idea to add anything else? His time to decide flew out the window, as his boss sat down and gestured for him to do the same.

“Your work on this campaign with Heathcliff Stone has been exemplary, soldier,” the man said, seemingly now a bit more appeased than before.

Soldier? No wonder he thought the guy was ex-military. He needed to ask one of his older colleagues about that.

“Not once had he made the headlines with some misconduct,” his boss added. “So keep up the good work. Dismissed!”

Aidan stood up, feeling a bit confused. Had he made any progress regarding the creative position? He couldn’t tell. But, apparently, there were many things he wasn’t well aware of in this type of environment. After one year, he expected to have already gotten the lay of the land, but, still, he couldn’t figure out his boss. Or his colleagues.

He did not exactly drag his feet as he made his exit, but he was feeling far from being the winner. His boss was as impenetrable as ever, and Aidan wasn’t sure if it counted that he had stood his ground, almost yelling back.

At his desk, he took a few minutes to recollect himself. Had he chosen poorly when he had gone with this company? Almost mindlessly, he began browsing through his social media. These days, he was more often than not stalking his friends, rather than picking up the phone and talking to them, asking them how they were and all that. It was like they were all trapped behind the shiny screens of phones and computers, and their existence seemed a little bit like from a reality show.

“Living the life,” he mumbled under his breath, as he read the latest post from one of his besties.

So the guy was somewhere on an exotic island, researching turtles and whatnot. He was looking good, all tanned, wearing a rather stupid hat and crocs. With a sigh, he moved on. Another friend was bragging about his work, at some big company.

“I always knew I would land my dream job,” Aidan read out loud.

He was now alone on the entire floor, so he could do that without drawing unnecessary attention. “Dream job, my ass,” he said to himself.

Was he jealous of his friends who had ended up in much better places than he had? If that was the truth, it was only bursa escort bayan his fault that had happened and no one else’s. He needed to think about this. Leaving his current job was not an option. Not until he had at least a few years of experience under his belt, and he could get references.

Maybe he was too impatient. Maybe he had imagined his ‘dream job’ completely different, with challenges, excitement, rewards, both financial and intellectual, not a string of boring days where he needed to organize files and do whatever crossed anyone’s mind, seeing how everyone else was above him and believed themselves entitled to push him around.

And, of course, he had his student loan to repay, and he was too proud to ask his mom and dad for help, as he could not declare himself defeated after just one year as part of the working class. He needed to soldier on and get that creative position he craved.

The playful chime of his phone interrupted his thoughts. Ah, damn, it was Heathcliff, he sighed, as he looked at the screen. What was he going to do? How was he going to let the guy down gently? Wait, was he even considering that he was someone Heathcliff Stone was going to lose sleep over? Nah, most probably, he was going to move on … Again, he was absurd. There was nothing to move on from, regardless of how Aidan liked to think it was. Heathcliff Stone was the kind of guy who forgot the next day from a definitely much hotter encounter than what the two of them had had.

Still, Heathcliff was calling. And, by the looks of things, he had no intention to give up.

“Yes,” he eventually answered in a meek voice.

“Are you trying to stand me up, bunny boy?” Heathcliff’s energetic voice came through.

“How impatient can you be? It’s only …” Aidan looked at the clock on the wall and cursed under his breath.

“Only a little over 10 pm. You know, I was only joking when I told you to go slave your life away. You didn’t have to take it literally.”

“Haven’t you heard of extra hours?” Aidan asked, feeling a little snappy.

“Haven’t you heard of having an actual life besides work?” Heathcliff replied in kind, but he seemed amused.

“You’re kidding me, right? For me, you are work, too, you know?” Aidan said.

“See? I’m helping you get more extra hours. Also, you’re getting blowjobs in the process. I don’t remember any complaints,” Heathcliff pointed out.

Aidan was thankful for being alone. He was sure he was as red as a beet. And there was also a part of his body that was reacting to Heathcliff’s voice and choice of uncouth words, without giving a damn that Aidan had a frigging career to worry about.

“Listen,” he sighed, “I … I am certain that I’m a somewhat decent distraction for you …”

“I have a feeling I’m not going to like what you’re going to say next,” Heathcliff interrupted him. “So stop talking. I don’t appreciate the snappiness of your tone. Come straight to my place as soon as you’re finished. You can take a shower here, and I also have dinner ready. It’s a little late, but I bet you’re famished. I’ll warm it up for you.”

Aidan wanted to say that wasn’t the case, but his stomach made a sound of protest to remind him that he had been neglecting his hunger for too many hours now. Maybe for tonight, he could postpone thinking about his career and go and eat real food for a change, and enjoy whatever came after.

Heathcliff woke him up from his musings. “I’m not hearing what I should hear.”

“I’m coming,” Aidan sighed.

“Come on; it’s not like I’m inviting you to walk the plank. I have grilled chicken with vegetables. Everything made outside, on a real grill.”

Aidan was sure his mouth was going to water if Heathcliff told him there was nothing but stale bread for dinner. He could not say ‘no’ to such an invitation. And Heathcliff was going to get bored with him anyway by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or next week.

“I’m coming,” he said, with determination this time.

“Atta boy,” Heathcliff replied, and Aidan could picture him smiling.

It was a comforting thought to go home to someone. It wasn’t his home, and that someone was just a guy who he was happening to work with, but, all in all, he felt a bit of warmth, right in the middle of his chest.

Damn, he thought, as it struck him. He missed his parents. They had always been so close, maybe a bit too close at times, but he was thankful for their love and care. Now, that he had to live far from them, and there were days when he forgot or didn’t have time to call them, he realized how much he was missing everything, from his mom’s cooking to his dad’s gentle guidance.

He shook his head. It was late now. But tomorrow, he was going to call them for sure.


The bunny was looking a bit worse for wear, but he was too young for that tiredness to take its toll on him. His face was a little drawn, but somewhat that was making him a bit more attractive. Maybe because the usual mask was slipping off a little, and that without bursa escort Heathcliff going on a full-fledged campaign to make the young man show his true colors.

“Come on in,” Heathcliff gestured for Aidan to walk inside.

Aidan’s eyes were a bit sad, he noticed. Heathcliff placed his hands on his shoulders and squeezed in sympathy. “Rough day?”

“Just the usual,” Aidan smiled.

“Good. Hit the shower. I let a change of clothes there for you. Then come down so that you can put something in your stomach.”

Aidan just nodded and began climbing the stairs. For a few seconds, Heathcliff watched him. It was so unlike him to have someone in his care at home. Well, he was interested in the young man sexually, so nothing was that different. He was doing all that for his selfish self, after all. There was no point to worry that there was something else there, he thought, as he moved the plate filled with food just one-quarter of an inch to the left.

Aidan was back in 10 minutes, and he sat gingerly at the table. “You’re not eating?” he asked.

“I never eat so late,” Heathcliff explained. “I wouldn’t recommend it to you, either, but seeing how the alternative is you losing that gorgeous ass …”

It was so nice to see Aidan blushing. Who was still blushing in this day and age?

“Dig in. Don’t worry about a thing. Now, tell me, who’s responsible for keeping you so late?”

“I am,” Aidan said with a soft sigh. “I need to put in the hours if I want to get ahead.”

“And ruin your health in the process?” Heathcliff asked.

“Well, not everyone’s a winner at the lottery genes like you, Mr. Gorgeous,” Aidan babbled.

“Mr. Gorgeous?” Heathcliff chuckled.

“Forget I said that,” Aidan cast his eyes down.

“Impossible,” Heathcliff teased his guest. “Now, bunny boy, you know that I work hard for this body.”

“How could I not know?” Aidan stole a furtive glance in his direction. “I mean, I’m sorry. Of course, you work hard. I was out of line.”

Heathcliff wanted to reach the guy across the table and ruffle his hair.”Your mom and dad must be so proud of you,” he said. “You’re well behaved for the times we’re living in.”

“I hope they are,” Aidan said as he dug into his plate.

The fact that Aidan had a healthy appetite for food pleased Heathcliff. Usually, that was a sign of an equally healthy appetite in other areas.

“I’m sure they are,” Heathcliff replied.

Aidan drew one long sigh. “I took a student loan, I believe I struck a bad deal, so I’m overpaying, and I’m caught in a job that doesn’t seem to take me anywhere right now while all my friends are living the life,” he said with a grimace. “Sorry, too much info, right?”

“What’s that about your job?” Heathcliff asked.

Aidan shrugged and, for a while, he seemed too busy eating. Heathcliff decided to offer him a bit of a reprieve.

“Thank you. It was delicious,” Aidan said while patting his lips with the napkin.

“My pleasure.” Heathcliff watched the young man closely. “I’ll leave you off the hook for now, but you’ll have to tell me all about your job.”

Aidan threw him a much sincere look of gratefulness. So, bunny boy was trapped like a hamster on a wheel. Heathcliff could tell that was the case. All vulnerable, dressed in clothes that were a bit too large for him, Aidan had no reason to lie about a serious thing like that.

“I guess I should get going now,” Aidan said as he stood up.

Heathcliff frowned. “Seriously? Don’t you forget something? I’m not the Salvation Army, bunny boy. I only cook for guys who give me blowjobs.”

Not really. He could not remember when he had cooked for one of his sex partners. Serve them a healthy drink, maybe. But they were usually out the door too quickly for Heathcliff to include meals on the house with the horizontal action. Or vertical, depending on the mood, and the physical prowess of the said partners.

Aidan was making such a face that Heathcliff found it impossible to keep up the charade. “You’re so easy to tease. I’m joking. But really, spend the night. I promise I’ll be good and not pester you about that BJ you owe me until morning.”

“Spend the night? Like in sleeping?” Aidan’s innocent eyes were as big as saucers now.

“Yeah, I do that sometimes, too,” Heathcliff joked. “Regardless of what the tabloids might have told you,” he added, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Aidan snickered and shook his head. “Doesn’t it bother you that I’ll have to wake up early so that I can get home and change?”

“No,” Heathcliff replied. “I’ll set the alarm for the time you want.”

“Hmm,” Aidan smiled. “How come tabloids picture you like this frivolous playboy who only cares about one night stands and whatnot? When you’re such a nice man.”

Heathcliff smiled sweetly. “I have no idea, really,” he joked.

“Okay. Where will I sleep?” Aidan asked.

“What kind of question is that? In my bed, of course.”


Aidan was sure he was making a pretty funny face that very moment. “It looks like I need to take back what I said about you being a nice guy,” he mumbled.

“Hey, I promise I’ll keep to my part of the bed.”

“I bet you say that to all the guys you seduce in your spare time,” Aidan said, but his lips were twitching.

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Getting in Panties of my Sis

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It is incredible to have an incest relationship with sister in a mediocre family living in Pakistan. But anything is possible anywhere. Many people in my country hide such type of incest relationships and many do not believe in it but these relationships now exist in many families living in my country. And this is a true story from my life that I am going to share now. My name is Sunny. I have black hair; wheat colored tan, jet black eyes and is about 6 ft tall. I have a muscular body and a 10-inch cock that is about 2 and half inches around. Our family was a middle class family (not very rich and not very poor). And the house was not so big. But our family was living a happy life. I have two sisters, and they are both younger than I am. The oldest is named Afifa and the baby of the family is named Zoobia. She is two years younger then Afifa and I am three years elder than Afifa. My first experience was with the elder one. i.e., Afifa.

I was in love with my little sister Afifa since childhood. We were very close to each other. We played different games every time with each other in childhood. It was when I was in fifth grade she was in grade two that we had our first experience of curiosity. We mostly used to play a game called “Hide and Seek” with our cousins. During these games a lot of touching incidences involved. But we never thought sexually attracted towards each other. She never mind hugging me.

Our school was co Ed only to elementary classes. After passing elementary, I had to change my school and was admitted in a boy’s school. Now she was in girl’s school. The time passed and we reached to puberty. When I was in 7th grade, one of my friends introduced me to sex, the function of body parts, sexual desires, masturbation etc. and then we watched a XXX movie. Now I was getting information about the sexual relationship between human beings. I was feeling the length of my cock increasing by the time, it got hard many times, and then I started masturbating.

My sister Afifa now reached the age of puberty; she now had little lemon-sized tits and was probably starting her period. The relationship with my sister was almost same but now she was showing more shyness around me and she locked the door when she changed her school uniform. But I continued my acts. I tried to peep her but all in vain, sometimes I tried to press her tits while playing with her but she now resisted by saying that this is not right, this made me crazy and I had to go to bathroom to release the pressure in my balls.

My sister was a real beauty. Her tits were becoming larger; colour was becoming fairer, lips becoming redder, skin becoming softer, waist becoming thinner, and ass becoming rounded. She was becoming like a fairy or like an angel. Whenever I used to go outside, I noticed many guys staring her. She was a stunning beauty.

And at the time when I was 20 & she was 17, I noticed that she tried to give me a chance to peep in her room to admire her budding body while she was changing her dress and she tried to become closer to me. But I tried to keep myself away because now I got hard when she was with me. One thing I observed that she now wore new fashionable clothes especially tight clothes and asked my opinion about her dresses. She did not used to wear any bra in front of me when we were alone. So, her figure was very visible. I guessed that she was now aware of sexual relationships. Meanwhile, my dad bought a new house in a different town, this was a big one and we separated from the rest of the family and moved to our new home while they left us living there alone in the old home.

It was the time when I was doing my graduation and about 21 years old and she was in 11th grade and about 18 years old. We were very alone in our home. I was in my room and was reading an erotic story. All of a sudden, I had to go to bathroom to jerk off and görükle escort the story remained open on the table. My room was not locked. When I came out, I found the storybook closed and the door of my room was slightly open. I peeped to TV lounge and I saw that my sister was fingering herself through her clothes.

After an hour when we were watching satellite channels, on some channel there was a movie Bay Watch, and there came a scene of kissing, I changed the channel but my sister objected that why did I change the channel, I said it was nasty and especially for girls.

But she asked me what I was reading in that book. She was becoming angry. I was stunned. All of a sudden, she lightly kissed me on my lips and ran away to her room. And I was stunned standing.

One day we were watching TV and a sexy scene came which includes kissing, she did not change the channel. When I saw her, she smiled me and threw a pen on the carpet, then she knelt down to pick it up, I glanced at her V- shaped boobs and I got a hard on. Then mom came and she immediately changed the channel. Mom asked her to help her in kitchen, so she had to go.

One morning when I was almost awake, I was only lying on the bed with closed eyes. My dick was totally erected. Afifa came into my room for some purpose. All of a sudden, I felt her hand slightly touching my penis. It became harder when she touched it. I was still lying there wearing shorts with closed eyes pretending to sleep. She now pressed my cock and felt its length and width. I was losing control, I moved my body, and suddenly she ran away from my room.

It was the night when I took my sister’s cherry. Our parents with my younger sis were out of state for two days. I was feeling horny. So I took a XXX movie and decided to watch it at the dead of night when Afifa, my sister would be sleeping. It was 12:00 and I turned on the movie in the TV lounge, as watching the movie, I lost control and I removed my shorts and jerking off. Then all of a sudden Afifa’s bedroom door opened and she was standing before me. I was still nude putting my enormous shaft in my hand and the XXX movie playing on the TV.

She said to me, “Sunny bro, what are u doing?” and then she laughed at my condition. I was in full erection and when I saw my sister and the XXX scenes of the movie,

I lost control and said to her, “Come on, Afifa, join me and have fun”.

My sister came to me while watching the erotic scenes on TV and of her brother, she put my cock in her hand and embraced me, then she started kissing my lips. My sister pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and sucked my tongue and I sucked her red lips and tongue while she was pressing my big cock.

After a long deep kiss, I took off her shirt and her bra. And by seeing on the tag I came to know that she had got the tits of (c-cup) with the size 34, her narrow waist was about 28 and her butts were about 36 in measurement. The two beautiful boobs of a teenager girl, who is my own sister, were before me. They were not very small and not very large rather they were perfect sized boobs. The nipples were pink and her areola is bigger than a coin. I sucked one nipple in my mouth and pressed other with my hand.

She moaned and sighed, “Ah, Ah, Ah, Sunny bro, suck and bite my nipples”.

I sucked and bit her nipples hard, chewing them with my blunt teeth’s. After sucking her nipples, I started to lick her beautiful white body.

Then I pulled off her pyjama, she was not wearing any panties, and now her sweet pussy was before me. She had a little hair on her pussy. My sweet little sister was a virgin. Her cunt lips were pinkish and they were small. Her pussy was wet.

I inserted my finger in it and she screamed, then I started licking it and she came.

After that, by a lot of persuasion she took my cock in her mouth bursa escort bayan and started sucking it, she enjoyed the taste of my pre-cum. She did all of this because she had also read about it in my story and the scene of the movie was now of oral sex. She put my cock deep into her mouth and shoved it repeatedly unable to take all of it as I was well endowed in that department (I got 10 inches with 2 & a half inches around). And when I started pumping hard in her mouth, she gagged on my cock, as it was impossible to accommodate my mighty dick in the small mouth of her. She pulled my dick from her mouth and looked at me. She put my dick between her tits.

“I love you”, she told me.

“I love you too.” I replied.

I felt pressure in my testicles and told her that I was Cumming.

But she said, “Cum in my mouth I want to taste it”.

I ejaculated all my cum deep into her mouth and to my surprise; she swallowed all of it without dripping it.

The movie was playing and the scene was of pussy-fuck. She saw the scene and started fingering herself, she was moaning, I could not control myself and started licking her pussy. My cock was still hard from before, she rubbed it with her hand many times and told me that she again wanted to suck it. I put my cock again in her mouth and she started sucking it. I started licking her cunt; we were in a 69 position.

After sometime, she said to me, “Sunny bro, do it now I am dying to be fucked by your monstrous cock.”

I lifted her legs and opened her pussy’s pink lips, pushed my cock slowly. The lips slightly opened and absorbed the head of my cock easily because it was already wet. I pushed my cock to insert it more,

But she cried, “Bro, do it slowly it hurts a lot “.

I pushed slowly but all in vain. Her pussy was very tight. Then I had to push my cock faster in one hard blow and it went deep inside my sister’s pussy and I felt something tearing under her cunt. And she felt pain very much and cried,

“Take it out my pussy is broken, aah! It hurts. “

I saw that there was some blood on the carpet. She was now weeping. I pressed my lips with her lips and started kissing to forget her pain. Ten seconds into the kissing she opened her mouth and licked my lips. I returned the favour and continued until our tongues were swirling around each other.

I removed my cock from her cunt to relax her and again inserted it went easily full into her pussy. After sometime she felt pleasure. She was no more a virgin. My cock was deep in her pussy and I was ramming it in and out.

Now she said, “Sunny bro, now I am happy. Go faster now, fuck my baby pussy and tear it to pieces. Now I am all yours”.

She was groaning now. I slowly started to pump in & out my sister’s tight pussy. She met my slow thrusts with her own. I kissed and licked her lips while she grabbed my ass and wrapped her legs around my waist. I could not believe I was actually fucking my little sister, and she was the best I ever had. I plunged in to her with the horse like dick of mine and dog like quick pace of mine. It took me almost 30 minutes of pounding her .I really stretched her to the limit, and now her once virgin hole was turned in to the one gaping hole that I could easily fuck. I loved the sensation as she was gripping me like a tight velvet glove.

I rammed my cock faster and faster, she was moaning with pleasure.

She said to me, “Bro, you have made me so happy. I love you very much.”

That moment I was at the verge of Cumming. I felt it and emptied my load deep into my baby sister’s tight little pussy. She came hard at the same time. I saw her swollen cunt lips and gave her a quick lick there tasting my own cum flooding out from her hole. I loved the sensation and she shuddered again in the mightiest of all her orgasms she enjoyed at bursa escort the day. We laid there for sometime with our bodies entangled with each other.

Then after sometime she kissed me and rose up, she went to the kitchen and gave me a glass of milk. We then rewind the movie and played it from the beginning and used all the poses, which were in the movie.

This continued until 5 AM and at last, when we began to sleep, she kissed me and told me that she had loved me since childhood and this love increased after puberty and that she always wanted her brother to fuck and take her virginity. She told me all about herself that she was introduced sex by one of her school friends (girl) and when she read the erotic story I got in printed form from .com, she was aroused at that time but the feelings of shyness and the modest relationship of brother-sister prevailed in her mind.

She also told me that when she touched my cock once I was sleeping; she became very hot and was trying to find the chance to see her brother naked or to have a sexual relationship with her brother but how? This night when I brought the movie, she found it on the table in my room when she came in my room to take a book and then she played it and felt turned on. And then she found that this would be a better chance to trap her brother in the night. We enjoyed ourselves three more times that night and she spent more than 8 times while I got it 5 times relaxation by Cumming in her cunt.

She is very beautiful. I do not have words to explain the beauty of my sister. She is like a fairy. Her body, her skin, her face, her hips, her lips, her eyes, her cunt, her legs with the most killing figure of her as (34,28,36) etc and got the mind of clever little devil. It may be said that she is a gift God granted to me. The next two days we played many sexual games and used different poses with each other because we were all alone in our home but our parents came back after two days.

Sex with my own sister is now heaven to me. I broke her virginity when she was only 18 and was a student of eleventh grade. At 21 I was a horny boy. I fucked my lil sister many times when we got a chance and we enjoyed our sex life very much. She helped me to trap our little sis Zoobia after 2-years at the age of 18 and also her friends and class-fellows so with the help of my sister; I experienced orgy sex with some of her girlfriends who live in Defence, Lahore. I fucked many girls but I still love my sister and I love her body. She became more beautiful after every fucking. She is like an angel to help me in my sexual life. Whenever she is during her periods, she gave me oral sex. Or either I have to fuck my other sis. Sometimes I used condoms for a safer sex when her periods are near about to come because I do not want her to be pregnant.

I am 23 now and she is a 20 yr old beauty queen. Now my parents are planning for her marriage. She is engaged with a guy and the marriage ceremony will be after two years.

But Afifa is very satisfied with her sexual life with me and did not want to marry but all in vain and she had to follow the orders of parents as this is a tradition of our country and that EASTERN girls do what their parents want. She says to me that she loves me and she will continue this love after marriage and will be fucked by me, as she is in love of my cock. I love Afifa more than any other girl because I have been much involved in her sexually more than before. She is not just my sex partner but also she is playing the role of my wife, as she loved me a lot since childhood.

It was really fantastic to be able to release my teen lust and really learn about sex with someone I was so close and like so much who was not just any other girl – but was my own sisters! I will tell you later how I seduced and fucked Zoobia, with the help of Afifa! I love being such a freak to fuck both my sisters and commit incest. I love to hear your reply, as it is my first daring to write down the most daring truth. Waiting for your reply and comments .so I can gain courage and tell you about my other experience. Comments are welcome at through the link below.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Kitty’s Conversion to Kit Kat Ch. 05

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


My name is Katelyn but I usually go by Kitty. I’m in my late 30s now but when I was 18 and in my first year of college, I earned myself another nick name, Kit Kat. This is the 5th chapter of my memoirs from that time. Luckily, I recorded the details of the events in a diary which I use to keep when I was younger. I had to add some prose and dialogue of course to make the stories more readable.

I wanted to start this chapter by giving more background information on myself. I ‘m white of course with dark brown hair which I keep at shoulder length. I am 5’6″ and I use to weigh about 130 lbs. Growing up in a small Canadian city, I didn’t have much contact with black people. I didn’t lead a sheltered life but in terms of fashion and culture, we were a bit behind. I certainly wasn’t behind in terms of sexual experience though. My first boyfriend introduced me to oral sex because I didn’t want to lose my virginity at the time since I was only 15. Needless to say I loved having my pussy eaten. In fact that was the only way I had orgasms other than masturbation. At first, I learned to give oral sex to reciprocate but I quickly grew to love sucking cock too. The boys would beg and plead for it and would squirm in ecstasy while I sucked their cocks. Having that kind of power over them was intoxicating. My first boyfriend would always warn me when he was going to cum and he taught me to keep stroking his cock right through his orgasm. Seeing his cum spurt out of his penis and feeling the warm fluid run down my hand gave me such a thrill. I eventually gave up my virginity to my first boyfriend to celebrate my sweet sixteenth birthday. It was disappointing to say the least. I was nervous and he didn’t last very long. In total, I had three boyfriends during high school of different durations. The sex did get better and the fucking was fun, but I found I enjoyed the oral sex the most. It was also much easier to cover up if we were interrupted by my parents. I grew to love sucking cock so much that I let my last boyfriend convince me to start letting him cum in my mouth before spitting it out. In addition to my three boyfriends, there were almost a dozen other boys who I hooked up with at parties for oral sex when I wasn’t going steady.

My best features were my tits and my long legs. I admit I am no beauty but I made up for it by dressing in tight clothes and short skirts. Wearing hosiery was preferred over bare legs when I was growing up during the 80’s. The high school I attended also had a dress code which required girls to wear pantyhose or tights with the school uniform. I grew up wearing pantyhose almost every school day. There are many women who hate pantyhose, but for me, wearing pantyhose or tights feels normal. It is also very practical during the cold Canadian fall and winters. I also developed an intense pet peeve about panty lines as a result of some vicious teasing during high school. Thongs were not around back then and going without underwear, or ‘commando’, did not seem like an appropriate option. Wearing pantyhose with a built in cotton gusset seemed like the perfect solution for me. I grew so accustomed to wearing pantyhose, I usually wear them with jeans and pants too. About the only time I wear panties is on very hot summer days.

I broke up with my third and last boyfriend after graduation because I was moving to Toronto to attend college. We both knew our relationship wasn’t that serious to keep up a long distance romance. So when I started my freshman year, I had clean slate to work with. I hooked up with a few boys for oral sex during frosh week parties but didn’t fuck anyone until Mark in chapter one. That was the beginning of a new me but I didn’t realize it at the time.

Sunday morning, I awoke feeling a little sore but thoroughly satisfied. I showered, dressed and went for a late breakfast. It was laundry day and I decided to get it out of the way early. As I separated my delicates, I discovered how big a tear Mark made in my new pantyhose from last night. They were quite expensive and I was hoping I could somehow salvage them but they were ruined after only one wear. I loaded up the machine with the regular load before hand washing my hose and lingerie. Back in my room, I was laying out my delicates to air dry when the phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi Kitty, I wanted to apologize for last night.” Even though he didn’t say who it was, I recognized Brian’s voice.

I replied angrily, “You mean for standing me up.”

“I kept calling you all afternoon but nobody answered.” Brian tried to explain. I remembered that I went out shopping during that time.

“You should have kept trying. I was shopping for an outfit to impress you.” I continued tersely. görükle escort I wanted him to know what he missed.

“I tried again when I got home around ten but you must have gone by then.” Brian then continued, “I hope you and Maggie still had a good time.”

“Maggie couldn’t make it either but at least she left a note.” I continued my bitter tone, “I only went to the party to see you.”

“I’m really sorry Kitty, I would have gone if I could.” Brian sounded genuinely sincere.

“Well, what else was so important then?” I asked.

“Didn’t Mark tell you?” Brian asked in return.

“Tell me what?”

Brian replied “I broke my leg in the game. I was stuck in the hospital for hours.”

A huge wave of guilt crashed over my superiority bringing me down several pegs. I was too flustered to respond.

After a long pause, Brian spoke “Kitty? Are you still there?”

It was now my turn to be humble “I’m sorry Brian, are you okay? I mean how’s your leg?”

“The doctor put a cast on. He said I’ll need it for about six weeks.”

“Does it hurt?” I asked before realizing what a stupid question it was.

“Yeah, especially when I try to move around.”

I felt so guilty, I wanted to make up for treating Brian so harshly. “Why don’t I drop by and bring you some lunch then?”

“No, it’s okay, I can make it to the cafeteria on my crutches.” Brian protested.

“It’s no bother, I’ll be there around one.” I persisted.

Brian relented, “Well, okay. It’ll be nice to see you again.”

Realizing that I had to start to get ready, I finished our conversation “See ya soon, bye.”

I already showered but I had to do up my face and hair. After finishing my makeup, I removed my t-shirt and sweatpants. I slipped on a black bra and pantyhose. Over that I wore a tight purple sweater and black stretch pants. I pulled on a pair of ankle boots and grabbed my purse before heading out.

Picking up a pair of Subway sandwiches, I made my way over to Brian’s dorm. Even though I’ve never been there, it was easy enough to find. Brian’s roommate answered the door and let me in. We briefly introduced ourselves before he excused himself, picking up a big duffle bag on his way out. Brian was sitting in his bed with his casted leg elevated on some pillows.

“Hi Brian, I hope he’s not leaving because of me.”

“Nah, he goes home every Sunday for dinner,” and then Brian added “I think his mother still does his laundry.”

Brian was dressed in a white t-shirt and baggy black shorts. The t-shirt wasn’t especially tight but because of Brian’s massive muscles, the shoulders and arms were still stretched taut. Despite his dark brown skin, I could still see some of the bruising on the exposed skin between his cast and his shorts.

I slipped off my boots and dropped my purse on the floor next to them. The room was a bit messy but not too bad compared to some of the dorm rooms I’ve seen. Sitting on the chair next to Brian’s bed, I handed him his drink and sandwich. We talked about the game and his injury while we started eating. The conversation continued on to school as we finished our food. Over the next hour, we talked about a variety of different topics eventually leading to music. Brian suggested I pick out some music to play.

Moving to the other side of the small room, I bent over to look at Brian’s music collection. Not recognizing many of the artists, I had trouble picking something to play. Since my back was to Brian, I turned my head to ask him a question. Before saying anything though, I noticed that Brian was staring at my ass. Feeling impish, I resumed looking through the cassettes without asking my question. I took my time making sure he got a good show.

While I was choosing some music, Brian slid over on the bed. After I turned around, he asked “Why don’t you sit here next to me?”

I sat sideways on the bed facing him with one leg tucked under myself. Brian leaned forward reaching with one hand to cradle my face. With the slightest of tugs, I felt myself drawn to him. I closed my eyes as I leaned forward, our lips meeting in a soft kiss. Brian’s hand moved from my face caressing my skin down my neck to end up resting on my shoulder. We kissed for a few minutes before Brian’s hand started moving again, sliding down to cup a breast. He started squeezing my breast gently using his thumb to rub my hardening nipple through my bra and sweater. Stating to get excited, I slipped my tongue into Brian’s mouth to twirl around his. Brian responded by massaging my breast firmly and intensifying the pressure of our kiss.

With my passion building, I noticed that my pussy was starting to get wet. Wanting to know bursa escort bayan if Brian was equally excited, I reached between his legs. Feeling his hard cock straining against his shorts further fuelled my flame. I started rubbing his cock through his clothes as we continued our deep kiss. Brian obviously liked that as he thrust his tongue deeply into my mouth. I began sucking on his tongue as if it were his cock. After a prolonged spell, Brian finally broke our kiss.

“Damn, I wish my leg wasn’t broken. I want to fuck you so bad.” Brian said in a throaty voice.

Hearing him say those words made me recognize how much I wanted to fuck him too.

Pulling my sweater off over my head I replied “I want you too. I’ll have to stay on top.”

Brian didn’t need any more encouragement as he whipped off his t-shirt as I undid my bra.

“Beautiful.” was all Brian said when I slid my bra off and threw it onto the chair next to the bed.

Brian leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth as his strong arms pulled me a little closer to him. My eyes closed as I rolled my head as I enjoyed the incredible sensations. I felt his tongue flickering around my nipple as his thick lips sucked on my tit. As Brian moved from one breast to the other and back again, my fingers traced the outline of his gorgeous muscles on his back gliding on the smooth dark brown skin.

Releasing his grip on me, Brian moved back up to give me a short kiss before whispering “I have some condoms in my desk drawer.”

Getting up off the bed, I quickly walked over to the desk to find a condom. On the way back I saw Brian pulling down his shorts and briefs. His beautiful black cock sprung free and was fully erect. He managed to slip his clothes off his good leg easily enough but struggled with the broken leg because of the cast on it. I took hold of his shorts and briefs and carefully worked them over his cast and off his leg. Discarding them onto the floor, I then helped Brian reposition himself on the bed and removed the pillows from under his broken leg so that he was lying completely flat.

As I moved back towards the head of the bed, I trailed my hand up along the inside of Brian’s good leg. Reaching his groin, I gently caressed his cock and balls as I admired how erotic the dark brown skin contrasted with my ivory white fingers. Next I grasped his cock by the shaft and began a slow stroking motion. Some clear liquid seeped out of his urethra which must have been his precum. I bent over the bed and drooled some saliva onto his cock to help lubricate it as my hand continued slowly stroking the shaft. Using both hands now, I worked the saliva and precum mixture all over his cock and balls. I had already decided that I wanted to suck Brian’s cock a little before we fucked so I was getting it ready. Wanting to see if I could take all of his cock into my mouth, I knew that I had to get it very wet and slippery. Now Brian has a big cock but mostly in terms of thickness. He wasn’t much longer than an average sized penis but it was very thick.

I bent further down and started sliding my tongue up and down the entire length of the beautiful black cock in my hands. Turning my head a bit, I looked up to see Brian’s reaction. He was propped up on his elbows and looking at me with a look of pure lust. Slipping the head of his cock into my mouth, I used my tongue to swirl around the head while I created some gentle suction. Slowly I took more of his cock into my mouth as I increased the intensity of the suction.

Brian reached over and started rubbing my ass through my clothes. Feeling him pulling at my ass, I repositioned my body so that I was kneeling at the edge of the bed by his chest. I managed to do the entire manoeuvre without letting his cock slip out of my mouth. Brian’s hands moved from my ass and started rubbing directly over my pussy. The thin material of my stretch pants and pantyhose didn’t give me any insulation from Brian’s hand. I’m sure he could feel every fold of my vagina and how wet I was. My pussy’s response from his hand caused ripples throughout my body.

I started forcing Brian’s cock deeply into my mouth, trying to take his entire length. With my concentration focused on controlling my breathing and suppressing my gag reflex, I didn’t notice that Brian must have pulled down my pants and pantyhose until I felt him inserting a finger into my pussy. I pushed my ass back onto his finger inviting him to do more. He slipped a second finger into my pussy and started to finger fuck me. That made it nearly impossible for me to fully concentrate on deep throating his thick black cock. I changed my goal and decided to just enjoy sucking Brian’s cock as he continued to bursa escort finger my pussy. Bobbing my head faster and faster, I couldn’t keep the suction going which made my saliva to run down along the shaft and onto Brian’s balls.

I felt Brian withdraw his fingers from my pussy as he said “You’re gonna make me cum soon if you keep that up.”

Part of me wanted to keep sucking Brian’s cock and get the thrill of seeing and feeling him cum. The other part still wanted to feel his big black cock inside my pussy. Since Brian and I haven’t fucked yet, my pussy won the debate and I released his cock from my mouth. Standing up, I quickly slid my pants and pantyhose down the remaining part of my legs before kicking them off my feet. Then I picked up the condom I got earlier from the chair and sat back down on the edge of the bed. Undoing the wrapper, I pulled the condom out from the packaging. Brian held his cock upright for me as I slid the condom onto his cock. It was a bit tricky since his cock was still glistening from my saliva and quit slippery.

Getting up onto the bed, I moved to straddle Brian’s torso while on my knees. Looking down I reached for his cock with one hand as my other hand steadied myself on his chest. Directing his cock towards my pussy, I slowly lowered myself onto his cock. I watched intently as the lighter brown skin of the circumcised head spread apart my pink pussy lips before disappearing inside of me. As more of his cock entered my pussy, I felt myself being stretched by the thickness of his cock. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the delicious sensations of feeling so full. I continued lowering myself until our groins met and his cock was completely inside me. With my eyes still closed, I paused for a minute to let my pussy adjust to his size. I felt Brian grab both of my breasts and start squeezing them firmly.

Having just fucked Mark last night, it didn’t take me long to adapt to Brian’s size. I started moving myself up and down on his cock, rolling my hips slowly. Even though I know Brian’s cock isn’t as big as Mark’s, it sure felt just as big. The same wonderful intense pressure was sending waves of pleasure throughout my body with each stroke.

Brian started squeezing my tits roughly as I picked up speed and rocked my hips quickly. My excitement was building quickly and I reached down with one hand to play with my clit to speed it along. That was all it took for my orgasm to burst over me shattering my senses. By now I was bouncing on Brian’s cock causing the bed to squeak. Suddenly, Brian wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him in a tight bear hug, his cock still deep inside my pussy. Since my body was still quivering with aftershocks, I didn’t struggle and just lay on top of Brian enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm.

Opening my eyes, I saw that Brian was grimacing. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“The movement was hurting my leg.” he answered releasing his bear hug.

I then realized that my bouncing must have been too vigorous for the new fracture. “Oh Brian, I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

“That’s okay, but I think that we should stop.” Brian said sounding disappointed.

“Let me make up for it.” I said as I slid off his still hard cock. Not waiting for an answer, I quickly turned around and grabbed his cock. Ripping off the condom, I took his cock back into my mouth.

Wanting to make sure Brian enjoyed himself, I spent the next 30 minutes making love to his black cock with my mouth. Slowly at first with a lot of tongue work. Several minutes attempting to deep throat his cock followed. I came ever so close but the thickness of his cock made it impossible. Picking up speed next as my head bobbed on his cock while my hand fondled his balls. Brian would start to gyrate his hips when he got close to cumming which only made me slow down again. After a couple of minutes of sucking his cock slowly, I would pick up the pace again. Then when I sensed that he was close, I backed off. I managed to bring him to the brink without cumming 4 times. My mouth was starting to get very tired and my jaw was starting to ache so on the fifth time, I didn’t let up.

Brian managed to rasp out a warning, “Kitty, I’m cumming!”

This time I was fully aware that Brian’s cock was about to erupt. I had already decided that I wanted to feel his cock throbbing in my mouth, his cum spurting against my tongue. The only surprise was the volume of his cum. I must have felt at least half a dozen large spurts shoot into my mouth. I had to swallow several times to keep it from leaking out. I continued sucking his cock right through his orgasm until I felt his cock completely stop throbbing.

Brian pulled me up to lie next to him. We kissed and cuddled for awhile before cleaning up. I separated my pantyhose from my pants before straightening them out and slipping them back on. After pulling on my stretch pants, I put on my bra and sweater. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching a football game on TV together.

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Time and Time Again, First Time

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There’s no wild sex in this story, just some mature romance. For the formula stuff with all the four letter words, you’d best go elsewhere. This is a close to the truth, quiet story about an older man and woman who meet later in life. Both participants are over eighteen. Way, way over.


I’m officially an old man. I’m not angry about it but I’m not always pleased either. The era of boy and young man passed rapidly, although at the time, it seemed forever. Adulthood came rather abruptly with service in the armed forces in World War II. When released from that obligation, adulthood went on, seemingly endless. So many, many things took place, even fulfillment of some dreams. Further education, several different careers, marriage and a large family, all with a future ahead happened, some came easily and many with varying degrees of difficulty.

I had gone from just myself to two and ultimately to a total of eight. The children grew up and had families of their own. Our children married and increased the numbers but looking back from today’s viewpoint, that only took hours, at the most, days. It went by quickly, so quickly. Almost too quickly.

As time progressed we dwindled back down to two again, with visitation rights. We had the best of several worlds, becoming a loving couple, proud parents, and doting, spoiling grandparents with retirement in sight. We had the close contact of our children, and their children, without the twenty-four hour adhesion of their lives to ours.

More free time was available. Time to travel, time to experience things that were only dreams when larger, heavier obligations were upon us. There was even time to enjoy each other. We had unobstructed spans of time to just be us, a couple, a pair. We were husband and wife, best friends and lovers. That portion of our lives seemed a magical time. We were finally able to go places and stay as long as we wished. There were places, both magical and exciting that were explored. Then time extracted some of its first tolls.

Physical frailties caught up with my wife. Our shared adventures slowed and then ceased. With her encouragement, I continued, taking “spare parts”, or grand children with me. We traveled the West and areas of Mexico, stopping wherever we pleased. Another magical time re-viewed through the eyes of a child. It didn’t matter that I had been there many times before, because watching them view something new was indescribable. Rafting through a river rapids or walking through a Mayan ruins became new all over again. For a while, time stood still again.

Now, greatgrands came görükle escort upon the scene. I’d swear it was just a week or so ago except for the fact that I was in Mazatlan, Mexico last October with a greatgrand and she was a freshman in high school on fall break. I won’t say, “Now how did that happen?” because I have no doubt that she happened the usual way. My question is “When?” I suddenly went from a grandfather to a great grandfather. Of course, if you want to play with words, I think I was always a “great” grandfather from the start. I know I did my damnedest to spoil them in the best possible way.

Three years ago, my wife died suddenly leaving me alone. I was back to one, as the song goes, “One Is The Loneliest Number.” I wasn’t “lost”, just alone. I got my life in order, rearranged the house and tried to adjust to living alone. My God, I hadn’t dated in MANY years and really didn’t know what to do. I joined the Seniors Club in my city but that didn’t help any as most of the women there were OLD and I was still quite active.

Then, one day I was in Cabelas Sports store looking at boats and a silver haired lady was looking at the same boat. We talked to each other about the boat then talk shifted to boating in general. After a few minutes I mentioned that I was hungry and could I buy her lunch, too. She said yes and we introduced ourselves. She was Kay and I said my name was John. We rode the escalator up together to the dining area of the store. On the way up, we commented on the multitude of stuffed animals on display all over the store. Conversation flowed easily for some reason. I was just comfortable talking with this lady. As lunch concluded, I asked if she would like to have lunch, again tomorrow, in Wickenburg, a town about 50 miles away.

She thought for a moment, then said yes and gave me her address. I said I would pick her up about 10:30 and we would drive over there for lunch. Wow, it just happened. During lunch, she mentioned that she was a divorced mother of two who was an Arizona native. Our ages were about the same, too. We both loved the outdoors and camping. She had a small class C motor home and I had a 32′ class A Bounder motor home.

I drove to her house in my pickup the next day and we drove leisurely to Wickenburg for lunch. Again, we talked. I had lived in the state for 50+ years and she was a native, so it was not surprising that we knew a number of the same people. It just got easier and easier. Later, after lunch, she remarked that she, too, was surprised how easy we seemed to get along together. Oh, we didn’t always bursa escort bayan agree with each other, but we were familiar with the subject at hand.

We did lunches a lot after that. Lunches in Scottsdale, lunches in Apache Junction, lunches in Prescott and then I asked her if she would like lunch and dinner in Flagstaff. There was no discussion, as she knew that dinner in Flagstaff meant staying overnight in Flag. She smiled and said yes, she would like that and would pack an overnight bag. It was an interesting drive. It took forever and yet we were there in no time. As longtime residents, there was little new to see on the way there, but we talked a lot and saw little, anyhow.

We went to a restaurant that we both knew for lunch, then checked into a nice motel. And yes, I checked us in as Mr. And Mrs.. It was no secret as she stood by me when I checked in. Kay just smiled and tucked her hand in the bend of my arm and squeezed it a little. After registering, we went to the room to put our things in it. After entering and closing the door behind us, she turned and gave me a hug. We both smiled and then kissed. After standing like that for a moment, we broke apart and put our things away, her humming a faint tune.

Going back out to my pickup, we drove around town to see some of the sights such as Lowell Observatory and to shop some of the sports stores there. Flagstaff is not big but they have skiing in the winter and hiking, biking the rest of the year, so it’s an outdoor town with a lot of outdoor supply stores. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner.

After a little talking it over, we decided on a place noted for its Surf and Turf. Over a couple of micro brews, it was a relaxed, quiet dinner. Neither of us said much as we went back to the motel and parked at our room door. Going inside, there was some small talk about the TV and the hot tub in the room. That’s the nice thing about the Flagstaff hotels and motels, they cater to a lot of winter crowd and have such things in the better motel rooms.

I asked if she wanted to try it and she said yes, that she hadn’t done anything like that in years. I admitted that I had never owned one and had seldom ever used one either. She mentioned that she had been born and raised on a southeastern Arizona ranch with few modern facilities and besides, she had had two husbands, so if I didn’t mind a few wrinkles, she was going to try the hot tub. Laughing, I said I would enjoy the view and would join her.

We both undressed and climbed in. I’m average sized at 5′ 10″ and 185 pounds, she is smaller, bursa escort thin, about 100 pounds and about 5′ 6″, almost skinny but not quite. Both of us a little wrinkled, but what the Hell do you expect at our ages. We are a long way from the fabled ripped and sexy teenagers. A long, long way. The water was hot, but not too hot. We sat there and hugged a bit. That felt nice. Maybe even better than that. Very good, even. Neither of us had been in a situation like this in a number of years. She had been divorced for a number of years and my wife had been losing her memory for the last four years, or so, of her life. We both had been lonely and this felt comfortable to each of us. We kissed. Then again. That was so good, we did it some more. More touching with each kiss. Neither Kay nor I said anything, it just seemed by mutual consent that we climbed out of the tub, dried off and got into bed together.

Things went slowly as it had been a long time for each of us. As a side note to younger people, slower is MUCH better anyway, contrary to their popular perception. There was no rush. While not routine, there was nothing that we hadn’t done or seen before; it was just pleasure. We weren’t newlyweds or horny teens, just a couple of mature persons seeking pleasure. As a matter of fact, we were no longer seeking it- we had found it in each other for the moment. It was gentle. It was fun. It was pure pleasure and it lasted longer than a moment. I must confess, on my part, it was better living through chemistry. Later, we drifted off to sleep.

When we woke up in the morning, we showered, dressed and had a leisurely breakfast. While eating, we planned what to do that day. As we both had only packed enough clothes for the one day, it was decided to drive back to the Phoenix area and have lunch, with pie, in Rock Springs. It’s a place about 45 miles north of Phoenix and famous for their pies.

I reluctantly took her home and when I saw her to her door, I seriously remarked how comfortable we were together and that I would like to see more of her. She smiled, giggled and said that I had already seen all of her that there was to see, but she understood what I meant, and agreed.

We still live in our own homes but get together often, sometimes for lunch and sometimes for dinner and breakfast. At times I go over to her house and spend the day and other times, she visits my house. She has her groups that she meets with and I have my things to do, but we talk every day, often emulating teenagers in that respect. Marry? No, we won’t. There’s no reason to, but we want to remain “friends with benefits” for as long as we can. What better incentive to keep your doctors appointments. Both sets of children have noticed the upswing in our lives and think it’s great. It’s a special kind of love reserved for people that know what love really is and have experienced it.

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Gently Falling Snow

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Note: this is a short one-off story, intended to be one chapter only. Just a fun little fantasy without a lot of build-up. Hope you enjoy.


“I guess that’s it,” Nina said, looking out the frost-rimed window at the snow falling heavily outside. “I’m not getting out of here tonight.”

She perched on the wide windowsill, gently steaming cup of tea in hand. Nina was a woman of twenty-five, with short dark red hair and a slender build. A wide-necked green cotton sweater fell off one shoulder, revealing a bare shoulder sculpted to perfection by thrice-weekly fitness classes.

Tom grunted from where he stood by the cabin’s meager kitchen, pouring himself some tea. The kitchen could barely be called that; it was really more of an alcove off to one side of the main room, which served as bedroom, living room, and common area. The only other room in the cabin was the tiny bathroom, with its short bathtub and cramped sink.

“Yeah, looks that way, doesn’t it?” Tom said, taking a cautious sip of his tea as he gazed out one of the cabin’s three broad windows. There was little to see but white in every direction, with only the occasional swatch of dark evergreen to indicate there were trees out there at all. Nina’s car was already half-buried beneath rising mounds of fluffy white.

Nina suppressed a sigh as she looked around the cabin. Cozy was how she’d described it when she and her father had first arrived; tiny was how she found herself thinking of it now. The majority of the cabin was all one room: to the right of the front door, a large fireplace, with two overstuffed chairs positioned in front of it. Behind the chairs, the cabin’s one and only queen-sized bed. Across from the foot of the bed, a table and chairs, both stacked with her father’s paperbacks. Opposite the fireplace lay the aforementioned kitchen alcove and the bathroom.

It was a great space, she reflected, for one person, especially a man like her father, who lived simply and enjoyed his solitude. But it was close quarters for two people, especially father and daughter.

Nina hadn’t expected to be spending the night. But the weather, which had moved in rapidly as she’d made her way up here, apparently had other plans.

“Well,” she said, resigned. “I did want to get to know you better. I guess we’ll have plenty of time to do that.”

She hoped it didn’t come off like a jab. For much of her life, Nina hadn’t known her father. Her parents had divorced when she was very young, and Tom simply hadn’t been in the picture. They’d recently reconnected after finding each other on social media, and after a few long talks with her therapist, Nina had decided to reach out to him and schedule some time together.

“I know this isn’t what you wanted,” Tom said, moving over to stand beside her as they gazed out at the slowly accumulating blanket of snow. “I should have warned you something like this might happen. The weather’s kind of unpredictable up here.”

“Do you get snowed in a lot?” she asked, looking up at him. Her father was fifty, still in good shape, broad-shouldered and solidly built, with a head of longish graying hair, a square jaw, and a finely trimmed salt-and-pepper beard. He cut a very comforting, masculine figure. She liked being near him.

“I wouldn’t say a lot,” he said. “But this happens once or twice a year. It tends not to stick around that long. This is actually the worst I’ve seen it in a while.”

She chuckled, setting her teacup down on the table, careful not to knock over any books. “Just my luck, I guess.”

“I’m sorry I don’t have more room,” he said, gesturing broadly at the close space around them. “This place wasn’t really built for… family.”

“It’s okay,” Nina said, offering him a bright smile. “We’ll figure something out.”

Tom took another sip of his tea, then laid his cup down next to hers.

“Look,” he said. “I’d better get some wood in here for the fire before things get too chilly out there. You’ll be ok on your own for a bit?”

“I think I’ll manage,” she said wryly.

As he passed, he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. He touched bare skin where the neck her sweater fell loosely down one arm, his fingertips brushing her neck and collarbone. His hands were rough but warm, the contact gentle and assured.

As he put on his coat and headed out into the snow and wind, Nina had a little time to contemplate the thrill his touch sent through her.

* * *

She finished off her tea and watched from her vantage point by the window as he gathered wood to bring inside. She felt a little guilty not helping, but not quite guilty enough to act on it. She imagined he just would have refused the offer of help anyway.

Tom cut a handsome figure, she had to admit. To hear her mother describe him, Nina had imagined someone very different. Her mother seemed to remember him as a dissolute and drunk, haggard and ill-kempt. That was far from the disciplined, stoic man she saw before her.

Maybe he’d changed. Or maybe divorce had made her mother bitter. She would probably never know for sure.

As görükle escort she waited for him to return from outside, she glanced at the bed. It was spacious enough and certainly looked comfortable. But there was literally nowhere else to sleep in the cabin, aside from perhaps for one of the chairs, which were in no way suited to it. She was stuck here for the night, and she and her father would have to share the bed. There was no getting around it.

With a little time to speculate, she imagined how that scenario might play out. Would they sleep back-to-back, knees curled up, careful not to touch? Would one of them stir during the night, putting an arm around the other in search of warmth?

There was something else, too. Nina realized with a sinking feeling that she hadn’t packed with the intention of staying the night. She had no sleepwear to speak of. She had the sweater and jeans she was wearing, a thin tank top beneath, and her underwear. And her dad didn’t exactly seem like the type to have comfy pajamas laying around for her to borrow.

An image sprang to her mind, unasked-for and unexpected: the two of them naked in bed, separately at first, trying to retain decorum. But as the imaginary night grew colder, they would scoot closer together, either consciously or in the throes of sleep, until flesh touched flesh…

Nina’s vision ended with the though of her father’s erection touching the small of her back in the night. She was startled from her reverie by the bang of the front door as Tom hauled in an armful of wood.

She found herself blushing furiously, as if she’d been caught doing something terrible. To cover her embarrassment, she rose. “Can I help?”

“Nope,” he said, offering her a rugged smile as he began stacking wood by the fireplace. “You can help by staying put and staying warm.”

She sat down again, content to watch him, relieved to have his attention off her for the moment.

The thought of them naked together haunted her for awhile afterward. With mixed shame and excitement, Nina found she didn’t dislike the idea at all.

* * *

“So can I ask you a question?”

Her father looked up from his drink. The two of them occupied the chairs in front of the fireplace, which now roared with comforting orange light. He’d made them a modest dinner of canned stew with bread on the side, which, prepared in a metal pot over the fire, somehow tasted amazing. Now they sat opposite each other, short glasses of whiskey in hand, as the sky rapidly darkened outside.

“Sure,” he answered.

Nina swirled her drink. She wasn’t much of a whiskey drinker, as a general rule, but it was what he had on hand, and she found she wanted a little something to loosen her up.

“Why weren’t you around more when I was a kid?”

She saw a flicker of pain cross his face, as if the question were a needle she’d pricked him with. But then it passed, and he took a deep breath as he gazed into the fire.

“My marriage to your mother was hard, Nina,” he said. “I had a sales job that took me all over the country. I was traveling all the time. I wasn’t around because… well, I wasn’t around. I was trying to provide for you and your mother, but my job took a lot of my time.”

Nina leaned forward, wanting to show him she was listening. He glanced in her direction with the ghost of a smile and continued.

“Your mother didn’t like it. She wanted me to do something else. But that was the only thing I really knew how to do. I didn’t see how much it wore on her until it was too late. I thought I was doing the right thing by just sticking with it, bringing in money. I thought that would be enough. But it wasn’t.” He shrugged.

“Okay,” Nina said cautiously, not wanting to come across as accusing, but still wanting answers. “What about afterward? After the divorce? What then?”

He nodded slowly, accepting her words as if they were a rebuke. Nina tried to keep her mind on the conversation, even as the firelight drew deep shadows across his face, making him seem more handsome to her than ever.

That’s your dad, she thought to herself. You’re not supposed to be attracted to him. Knock it off.

“The divorce was difficult,” he said. “That’s not an excuse. But your mother didn’t want me around much afterward. She was angry with me for not fighting harder to make it work. And she was right to be. I should have done more to be there, for you especially. I have my regrets. There are a lot of things I would have done differently…”

He trailed off, gazing into the fire. After a moment’s hesitation, Nina reached across and put a hand on his knee. When his eyes met hers again, she saw him for the first time with his guard down, his expression stalwart but vulnerable.

“I suppose you have every right to be angry with me,” he said.

“I suppose,” she answered. “But I’m not. I turned out okay. I know you did your best. I’m just glad we can spend time together now…” Nina paused, considering her next words, then blurting them out anyway. “That we can define for ourselves what our relationship means.”

What bursa escort bayan the fuck does that mean, Nina? she thought to herself. But she knew herself well enough to know exactly what she was saying. She was trying to talk herself into something taboo, to convince herself it was okay, or at least okay in her mind. She was thinking of the snow outside, and the bed, and the two of them here together. Father and daughter. Alone. Far from prying eyes.

Tom turned away from the fire to look at her, and for one terrifying moment she saw that he knew what she meant, too. For that span of seconds, he seemed to look at her not as a parent looks at a child, but as a man looks at a woman. She saw his gaze flicker to her lips, the exposed line of her neck and chest, the shape of her breasts beneath her sweater.

Her hand was still on her father’s leg. He placed his hand on top of hers, the touch warm and comforting, feeling right in ways she couldn’t quite describe.

* * *

Night fell, and the chill wind blew. Snow continued to fall. Nina’s car was now barely more than a vague shape beyond the frosty windows.

The two of them kept talking into the night. They shared their histories, reminisced on the handful of memories they shared, and found a place of comfortable forgiveness. Nina felt a kind of contentment that surprised even her. She kept searching for resentment or anger at her father’s absence from her childhood, and found none – only gratitude that they were here together now.

To Tom’s credit, the cabin itself was well-insulated. He kept the fire high, and the interior radiated with warmth. Nina even shed her sweater eventually, leaving only her tank top, which was so thin and slight that her father teased her about not dressing better for the weather.

But as he rose to refill their drinks, she also saw him steal a glance at her. Nina was no fool. She knew how her top hugged her waist and emphasized her breasts. She didn’t mind that he looked; in fact, she enjoyed it. As he passed, she even drew back her shoulders and straightened her back to offer him a slightly better view.

If her father noticed that, he didn’t let on. A part of Nina wondered if she had gone quietly insane, sending sexual signals to her own dad. What was she hoping to accomplish? Had she considered the potential fallout of what she was doing?

She hadn’t, Nina admitted to herself. But there was something about this situation – the cabin, the snow, the dark and isolated night – that made her feel safe somehow, as if they were hidden from any judgment or reproach.

Which, she supposed, was true in its way.

A gust of win buffeted the cabin for a moment, making the door and windows shake.

“Storm’s getting worse,” Tom said, glancing out the window at the blowing snow. Beyond the flicker of the fire, the only light came from the snow’s pale reflection – and there wasn’t enough of a moon to cast much of a glow. The darkness outside was nearly complete.

“It’s getting colder, too,” she said.

“I can put some more wood on the fire,” he answered.

“Actually,” she said, feeling both nervous and elated, “It’s getting pretty late. I was thinking we could get under the covers and go to bed.”

Her father made a face. “I’ll be happy to sleep in the chair-“

“No,” Nina said firmly. She’d known this was coming, and felt a surge of pleasure seeing her prediction come true. “Those chairs are totally unsuited to sleeping. We can share the bed. I don’t mind.”

She realized only after she’d spoken that she’d put a seductive twist in her voice. As he looked at her, she realized with a momentary spike of fear that it couldn’t be taken back now. It was out there, for either or both of them to do as they willed.

After a long pause, her father nodded. “Okay.”

* * *

Nina retreated to the bathroom while her father put the dishes in the sink and went about preparing for bed. She peeled off her shoes and socks, then squirmed out of her jeans, leaving them in a pile on the floor. That left only her tank top and underwear.

She sat on the edge of the diminutive bathtub, thinking. She definitely wasn’t going to sleep in her bra – it was far too uncomfortable for that. Decorum told her to leave her top and panties on – but were they really in a position to observe decorum?

Nina slept naked as a matter of course. She didn’t like sleepwear or sleeping in her clothes. They felt constricting and unnatural to her. But she wasn’t sleeping alone now. She would be lying in bed next to her father, with whom she’d only just reconnected.

It was absurd, of course, all of it. She was being stupid. Of course she couldn’t crawl into bed next to him stark naked. The very idea was insane.

She couldn’t.

“Fuck it,” she whispered, and stripped off both tank top and panties. They joined the rest of her clothes in the pile.

She left them on the bathroom floor as she shut the light off and exited the bathroom. Let her dad chastise her for her messiness later. Better yet, let him punish her.

Nina bursa escort suppressed a giggle as she ventured into the dark unknown.

* * *

It was only a few steps from the bathroom door to the bed, but it felt like half a mile. The fire had gone down a bit, and its glow had faded to a pale, flickering red. Her dad had already gotten under the covers: nothing more than a shape in the dark. He was facing away from her. She felt a combination of relief and disappointment at that – she was afraid of being seen naked by him, but she also wanted it. She wanted it very much.

She slipped under the covers, which already radiated warmth – an electric blanket, perhaps. She pulled the covers up around her shoulders, grinning helplessly, feeling excited and sinful and terrified. They lay on their sides, backs to one another, him facing the fireplace, her facing away.

“Goodnight, Nina,” he said. In the close quarters, his deep voice practically vibrated through her body.

“Goodnight, Dad,” she whispered back.

A long silence fell. She lay in the dark, contemplating, wondering. Wondering if she should take a chance, possibly the biggest chance she’d ever taken in her life. Finally, she decided yes.

“Can I have a hug and kiss goodnight?”

For a long moment, he lay unmoving, and Nina wondered if she’d miscalculated everything. Terror and doubt, began to rise in her, clouding her thoughts – and then he rolled over.

She felt his body against hers, flesh against flesh – he was naked, too, or close to it. A warm hand touched her waist, and then froze in place.

“Nina,” he said softly.

She turned onto her back to face him. He was nothing but a shadow in the dark, but the firelight illuminated her naked body, now half uncovered. Her breasts jiggled slightly as she rolled over, the nipples hard and prominent in the night-chill.

He paused in the dark. She couldn’t see his expression. He was nothing but a dark shape looming over her, muscular arms flanking her to either side. She ached to feel his weight on her – but she waited, knowing this move had to be his.

Her father leaned down, blocking out the last of the firelight. Their lips met, his beard scratchy but not unpleasantly so; his lips softer than she’d expected. Nina returned the kiss eagerly, pushing her body up to meet his, wanting him to know the full depths of her surrender to him.

The kiss drew out for long, blissful moments, their tongues twining, their breath coming fast and rough. When their lips parted, he moved to her ear, then her neck, his lips leaving impossible tingles behind wherever they touched her flesh. She moaned and put her arms around his lower back, feeling surreptitiously to see if he was naked. He was.

Heart pounding, Nina slid her hand around to the front of his body. She found his cock, thick and erect, startlingly big. It filled her hand, and she squeezed gently, drawing a soft exhalation from him.

“What kind of father gets hard for his own daughter?” she teased, hoping he wouldn’t take it the wrong way.

For answer, he took both her wrists and slid closer, pinning her arms to the mattress as his weight settled on her. She felt his erection nudge her inner thigh, and a shudder of elation ran through her.

“What kind of daughter gets in bed naked with her own father?” he asked.

She lifted her chin defiantly. “A bad one.”

His hands tightened around her wrists, pinioning her in place. She savored it. “Very bad,” he said.

“Then punish me,” she whispered in the dark.

For answer, one hand left her wrist and slid into her hair, finding purchase and squeezing. The sensation sent a tingle of pleasure through her, and she submitted willingly as he pulled her head back, even as he lowered his mouth to her breasts. His tongue and teeth found her nipples: kissing, then licking, then nibbling by turns, deftly intensifying her arousal.

“Bite them,” she said hoarsely, her heart pounding so hard her voice quavered.

He shifted in the dark, hesitant. “Are you sure?”

“I’m not fragile. You won’t break me. Treat them rough. Please. I like it.”

She saw him nod in the dark, still little more than a shadow, and then he went to work once more. His teeth closed on her right nipple, testing her limits in slow increments, until the co-mingled pleasure and pain wrenched a hiss of ecstasy from her. Releasing her other wrist, he caressed her left breast for a moment before his thumb and forefinger found her nipple and twisted. The sensation was sharp, unexpected, but she relished it, and let him know of her approval with a soft cry.

As he plied her expertly, Nina decided to escalate their game. It was, after all, going so well.

“I’m sorry, Dad,” she whimpered, squirming beneath him. Fortunately, he couldn’t see her mischievous grin in the dark. “I’m sorry for misbehaving…”

His transformation was immediate. With a low growl, he re-positioned himself so his face was level with hers, his body pressed against her own. His hands went back to her wrists, pinning them harder than before. Helplessly, she giggled a little with excitement and fulfillment, knowing it spoiled the game a bit, but unable to help herself. This, she knew, was what she’d wanted all along, from the moment she’d come up here, perhaps from the moment she’d laid adult eyes on her father.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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The large male naked body padded as silently through the deserted corridors of the spaceship as would have been achieved in the savannahs or jungles of his homeworld. Nudity wasn’t an issue. All the crew were male and the naked being knew where each one of them was at that time. That included the location of the one he now stalked. The male caught a glimpse of himself in a polished surface; a little over six feet tall, solid, muscular, powerful chest, thighs and upper arms only hinting of the real strength and power of the male. A mix of dark and slightly lighter hair reached to their shoulders. The two-tone hair also dusted their arms and legs, but his chest was hair free to display the muscles to best advantage. He flexed his large hands and checked his retractable claws and gave his image a feral smile to see strong, somewhat sharp, healthy teeth. His bright blue eyes appeared amber in the ship’s muted light. When stalking prey, bright lights could hinder rather than help. The muted lighting was to his advantage.

Whether his intended victim was prepared to be a willing participant didn’t register in the big male’s mind. He needed to mate, to sheath his body in hot tight heat. He glanced down at the furred pouch at his groin. The engorged head of his sex was beginning to emerge. The pouch protected his genitals; keeping them hidden when naked as well as immobile should speed be necessary. However, at the moment anticipation was fuelling arousal. He growled an order to the ship’s Artificial Intelligence. Stealth mode ensured doors opened silently and the male wanted to be as close as possible to his intended when he made his move. Many of his species enjoyed the extra stimulus of a prolonged chase before subduing their prey and under the right circumstances; it was pleasurable for him, too. However it was neither the place nor the time for such extra activities. Here, now a swift attack from a camouflaged approach would work best.


The young man was alone on the bridge of the spaceship. As far as he was aware only he and the ship’s AI were on duty. There had been a message earlier and he expected the return of the ship’s commander. If not for that … there were more pleasurable pursuits than sitting watching space no matter how beautiful the sight. He sighed pushing away such thoughts. He had agreed to watch and wait – his decision. He pushed a slender hand through a riot of auburn hair that hung to his shoulders. Oceanic blue eyes held a hint of loneliness and a pink tongue flickered out across sensual lips before retreating. He turned his attention to the long range scanners. He could just have AI notify him when anything came in distance, but this gave him a focus.

Bending over the scanners, the young man was unaware of the doors opening and the large male entering the bridge. The bigger man stared with appreciation at the way the smaller man’s skin-tight suit moulded itself to the taut buttocks. Without hesitation he strode forward and had enfolded his strong arm around the slighter man’s waist lifting him easily, covering the mouth to muffle the cry of alarm.

“Want you,” he growled into the nearest ear. “Want you now.”

With a flourish, he spun the slighter form and as the dazed young man tried to bring his senses under control, pressed their lips together. He pushed his tongue inside the young man’s mouth as he gasped and mapped the inside with proprietary arrogance. He used one hand to yank down the bodysuit’s fastener to hip level and pull the material to mid-elbow, trapping the slighter man’s arms.

“Uist, no,” came the panting pleas as strong teeth latched onto a small brown nub peeking through a covering a luxurious chest hair. “No,” the sound was little more than a moan as the neglected twin nub was pinched in concert with the teeth that worked on its mate. As teeth switched between nipples, nipping them to an aching pebbled hardness, the throbbing matched another in the young man’s groin.

“You would not mate with me?” the bigger male asked, stroking the harness he knew he would find between splayed legs.

“I’m…on…duty” the smaller man gasped as his flesh was skilfully caressed.

“AI,” Uist commanded.” Advise us immediately when a craft comes within range and increase bridge ambient temperature to 90F”

“Confirmed,” came the low female voice of the ship’s AI.

“Now your duty is to me, your mate,” Uist whispered in the young man’s ear. With what sounded like a purr he rubbed his head against the smaller man’s body as he quickly divested him of the offending bodysuit. Licking and nipping indiscriminatingly at any flesh within reach, the bigger man backed the smaller to the command chair before spinning so that he was seated with the smaller man in his lap. He then kissed the unresisting form deeply before arranging the young man to sit straddling his powerful thighs.

“You’re insatiable,” the smaller man huffed affectionately kissing the tip of the bigger man’s nose.

“It has been a whole day,” the reply was little short of a whine. “You had left görükle escort our bed this morning when I awoke and I had duties offship the rest of the day.”

“I’m sorry, lover,” the smaller man said kissing the almost pouting lips.

“I would have you mate with me,” Uist said, his voice dropping low and husky, the need and desire evident.

“I love you, Uist and I need for us to mate, too”.

“Love you, Sholto, love you always. Share yourself with me. Let me make us one.”

“Yes,” Sholto breathed

In Uist’s homeworld, a warrior like Uist was always the Alpha whether in a same or mixed sex marriage. The Warrior caste, like that of the Priest and Royal castes was a prestigious caste to be married into and carried ceremonial responsibilities. Uist never subjugated his young human spouse. Sholto’s intelligence and individuality had been a major part of the attraction. That he was as beautiful outside as inside was a bonus for the cat-man. Some on his world preferred their mate to be displayed as little more than a trophy if marrying into an exalted caste. Uist liked to show that in many ways, Sholto was his equal. On those ceremonial occasions where it was necessary, however, Sholto behaved impeccably complying unhesitatingly with all that was required of him. PrideHome had therefore welcomed the young human. Sholto had assured his mate that he considered himself privileged to have Uist as his husband and to occasionally have to demonstrably be Uist’s Beta was a small price to pay for the happiness they shared. Outside of PrideHome, however, whilst the two men regarded each other as equals, there was no doubting that Uist was sexually dominant and Sholto was more than happy with the that situation. He loved his mate’s dominance in bed.

“Show me you love me with your body, Uist,” he begged softly. Words fled the smaller man as large hands began to pump the needy flesh jutting upwards from his groin whilst sliding between the spread crevice of his cheeks and ghosting across puckered flesh.

With a feral growl, Uist suckled a nipple between his teeth and worried the flesh until reddened and achingly hard, then lavished the same attention to its mate. Sholto writhed on his lap under the tender assault. Uist flipped open the left compartment of the command chair and located a tube without taking his eyes off his beautiful young mate. He opened it adeptly and squeezed cool gel over his fingers before sliding a thick, slickened finger between Sholto’s spread cheeks. He rubbed sensitive flesh before allowing the finger to slide into hot tight heat. Sholto moaned softly at the erotic intrusion and kissed his mate, letting their tongues dance as Uist carefully prepared the small portal that granted him access to Sholto’s body.

Uist helped the smaller man position his hard shaft against the glistening entrance to Sholto’s body and holding the younger man’s hips to help support his weight, Uist groaned as he was enveloped in Sholto’s molten depths. The velvet channel gripped his sensitive flesh tightly and the smaller man panted as he slowly accepted Uist’s solid rod. As he finally sat flush with the bigger man’s groin, Uist held himself still awaiting his mate’s acceptance of the long thick shaft. Finally Sholto began to undulate, letting the head of Uist’s arousal rub the special spot deep within and he threw his head back and he ground and gyrated his hips to pleasure them both. Using his powerful arms, Uist raised and lowered Sholto onto the flesh that impaled him, relishing the look and cries of pleasure from the man he loved.

The scent of Sholto’s passion and arousal inflamed Uist and his nostrils flared as he scented the air. His movements became faster, one hand reaching between their bodies to swirl the precome over his fingers before sucking them clean. He then began to pump the slender shaft of his mate in time with the upthrust of his own hips. Four direct strokes were enough to tip Sholto over the edge and he cried Uist’s name aloud as his seed fountained over Uist’s hand and their chests. The scent of Sholto’s release was the undoing of the bigger man and he threw back his head roaring his completion as his seed pulsed into the still rippling channel.

As his sated organ softened and slipped from Sholto’s heated depths, the bigger male took the opportunity to lay the smaller man across his lap and cuddle him close. With a low purr of pleasure he licked his hand clean of his mate’s release then kissed Sholto’s eyes, nose and cheeks before mating their mouths. As the kiss ended, Sholto sighed in contentment and then scowled. The scowl was completely ineffectual given his post-orgasmic flushed appearance. His face radiated joy rather than censure.

“I should be really angry with you,” he said tapping Uist’s nose with a forefinger. “I’m meant to be on duty, not letting my husband ravish me on the command deck.”

Uist’s happy sky blue eyes locked with his lover’s deeper oceanic orbs and his smiled shyly.

“I missed you,” he offered quietly. “AI was more than bursa escort bayan capable of scanning for Tristam and I missed you.”

“I missed you, too, love,” Sholto hastened to assure his husband cuddling closer to the imposing bulk of the bigger man. “But Rayner needed us last night and I knew once we were finally sleeping you would stay awake to ensure Rayner stayed asleep until deeply sleeping. I thought I would let you sleep in.”

“I would rather lose sleep than time with you, mine. Your presence is the first thing I seek on waking and the last thing I gaze upon before sleep.”

“Love you so much, my husband” Sholto murmured as he sought out one of his mate’s large nipples, suckling contentedly on the thick nub. With his left hand he sought out its twin and gently pinched the fleshy nub in harmony with the suckling of its twin.

Uist demonstrated his appreciation with a low rumbling purr. His hand slipped between Sholto’s thighs gently caressing and fondling his spouse’s lax genitals. He was content to allow arousal to build more slowly this time and to savour it as it grew between them. He knew Sholto would still be sensitive from his previous climax and he didn’t want the younger man to experience any discomfort during their intimate times. Minutes passed and Sholto was soon arching into Uist’s hand desperate for a harder touch.

“Need you, my own,” Uist said roughly, the sight and scent of his aroused mate tearing at the fragile control he had.

“Take me,” Sholto begged softly.

Moving swiftly, Uist lifted Sholto to lay him back on the command chair, flipping a switch that allowed the chair to recline almost flat. He hitched Sholto’s thighs over the curved, cushioned arms and gazed with barely contained hunger at the smaller man to wantonly displayed to him. He ensured Sholto’s hips were at the edge of the chair and pulled the taut buttocks apart and sheathed himself in the already slick passage. He balanced his upper weight on his arms either side of Sholto’s head and began to pump the smaller man’s erection in time with the pistoning of his hips. He nipped, licked and kissed Sholto’s neck and throat as the slighter man bared his throat for his mate’s teeth. As Sholto writhed beneath him, Uist bit down at the juncture of neck and shoulder to raise a mark of his passion and possession. Sholto moaned his approval and Uist felt the tightening of the beloved body that heralded his mate’s imminent release. Uist pounded harder hitting Sholto’s sweet spot repeatedly, his lover crying out with pleasure, hands fisted in Uist’s hair rhythmically clenching and unclenching with Uist’s thrusts. With a scream of Uist’s name, Sholto arched as best he could under his bigger mate and a stream of pearlescent fluid hit their chests. Uist’s roar was seconds later as he was milked by his mate’s contracting channel, filling the smaller body once again with his seed.

As Uist tried to regulate his breath, he was aware that Sholto had passed out. He let himself slip from the haven of Sholto’s body and proceeded to lick his mate clean. With a low growl of dark pleasure he lapped delicately at the stretched portal to taste the earthy musk of his mate overlaid with his own seed. Standing, he gazed with an indulgent smile at the boneless body and scooped the insensate form to cradle Sholto to his chest and await the smaller man’s awakening. He was aware of the small movements as his mate began to awaken. Unconsciously Sholto pressed into the comfort and warmth of Uist’s body. As he became more aware he gazed up at his husband. Sky and ocean met, bridged by love.

“Love you, mine,” Uist rumbled possessively, tenderly stroking sweat-damp hair away from the beautiful face.

“Love you, my husband,” Sholto replied, burying himself deeper into Uist’s embrace.

The two men sat entwined, unconcerned about their nudity. The temperature was comfortable and after two explosive climaxes, Sholto was more asleep than awake held safe and content wrapped in his mates arms and love.

“Incoming message from Tristam to Silver Star,” the voice of AI encroached into Sholto’s drifting mind and unthinkingly, the young man started to his feet as the display screen shifted from star-dusted space to show the imposing figure of a strikingly handsome man.

Dark blond hair reached to broad shoulders and his eyes were a blue-grey of stormy skies. There was a small cleft in his chin that added to rather than distracted from his appearance. Although only visible to just below his shoulders, he emanated physical power and presence.

“Tristam,” Sholto cried aloud with delight. “You made it back early”

“Indeed,” the older man agreed with a slight smile. “Did I arrive too early?” His smile widened into a full grin at the blank look from the nude young man. Sholto only understood the inference as Uist came to stand at his side, a large hand draping across his genitals, another pulling him to the bigger body. Sholto felt the blush start at his toes and suffuse his whole body, leaving his face a glowing bursa escort pink.

“Uist, my friend, your mate glows with health.”

“Indeed,” Uist agreed with his own smile. “And it is always my pleasure to have him thus.”

Sholto groaned and buried his face against Uist’s bulk as the older man laughed easily.

“AI can see me safely docked…” Tristam began, unwilling to keep his friends and fellow crewmen from being together.

“We will wait till you are aboard. It is no hardship for us,” Uist assured.

Tristam nodded, knowing he could rely on the cat-like male to speak truthfully to him.

“Rayner?” Tristam asked, his face turning anxious.

“He had a bad night last night, but stayed with us. He needed occasional soothing but then slept well. He has coped.” Uist replied.

“Thank you, my friend,” Tristam said, the sentiment heartfelt.

“I am the Protector of your mate as you are to mine. Even so, I would gladly guard his sleep as he is beloved to my mate and myself.”

Tristam nodded, no words necessary.

“Just don’t make a habit of leaving him,” Sholto’s muffled voice came from the vicinity of Uist’s chest. “He does miss you terribly when he can’t feel you.”

“I miss him too,” Tristam confirmed quietly. “You have my promise.”

As Tristam made his way to the quarters he shared with his younger spouse, he thought of how their lives had started so badly and yet had led to their meeting. Tristam knew Rayner was the other part of his soul. Each man complimented and completed the other, to the point they shared a psychic bond that left Rayner distressed and himself desolate when they were apart and unable to ‘feel’ each other. In Tristam’s case, his earliest memories were of a medical facility. His early memories wiped. He might have been intended as a sex slave, or a child for a childless couple. Instead his genes had been spliced. Some of the genetic material was that from PrideHome. He had been made to see and hear better than humans, better even than Uist. He was faster and stronger and was of above average intelligence, his mental abilities a par with his physical ones.

He had been rescued by Jameson Peters who at the time was the head of a special crime response team that covered not just earth, but allied worlds of the Planetary Federation. Something had ‘clicked’ when they had met and Jameson had used every ounce of his power, persuasion and that of his friends to ensure the seven year old Tristam was adopted into his family and not regarded as a freak to be exploited. Tristam had taken to both Jameson and his wife Aurora and had studied hard to repay their kindness and generosity. He watched as young children were often taken in on short term stays by the loving couple, but he was ‘their’ child.

When Tristam was fifteen, he had the single biggest life-changing event in his life. He had overheard Jameson talking to the chauffeur he used who was worried about a small boy that distant relatives of his wife had taken on. The boy had been orphaned and seemed to be having some problems dealing with the death and no-one wanted to give him the love and affection he would need. He was being passed around several, what the chauffeur considered, unsuitable couples and he feared for the boy. Smiling to himself, Tristam prepared himself to have another small child around. He wasn’t prepared for the reaction on seeing that same small boy.

The boy was five or six at Tristam’s evaluation as he saw the small bundle in his Papa’s arms. Dark curly hair peeped out over the blanket in which he was wrapped. One arm was visible and Tristam felt anger welling up at the thinness of the limb. The skin looked dull, but Tristam was sure it would normally be a honey-tint. He felt a pull towards the child and found his arms reaching to take him from Papa’s arms. At the same time the child turned and turned pain-filled sorrowful deep brown eyes upon the older boy. Tristam felt as though an empty part of his soul had been filled and tears sprang to his eyes as the boy reached for him. As he took the precious bundle, Tristam vowed he would die before he allowed harm to befall the child again. Extending his hearing as he spirited the boy away, he distantly heard Papa call him Rayner.

He washed the thin body and dressed Rayner in one of his own T-shirts. Mama had brought some milk and sandwiches and Tristam had sat with Rayner in his arms as the small child had eaten and drunk. Once the food had gone, Rayner had reached to hug Tristam and fallen asleep in the older boy’s arms. He had taken Rayner to his bed and slept curled around the thin body. At some point he was aware of his parents entering the room. Recognising them, Tristam simply cuddled closer to Rayner and allowed sleep to claim him again as he heard Mama’s voice.

“I think Tristam’s found his soul-mate. It looks like we have two sons now.”

Years had flown by and Tristam had never tried to lead his ‘younger brother’ into a relationship with him. They still shared a room together when Tristam was at home. It had been hard sometimes when he’d detected a quickening heartbeat or a surge of hormones scented with arousal from the younger boy when they were alone. But he determined that if their relationship were to deepen, Rayner needed to have made the decision for himself.

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Some Fun with a Co-worker Ch. 04

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Big Dick

My first day back to work was Thursday, and I had not seen Dale in two days when we last spent the night in the hotel room. Truth be told, I needed a couple days to recuperate after being used by Dale for an entire night. But come Thursday, I walked into work finding myself excited to see Dale again. I half-convinced myself that I did not miss him, just was looking forward to the attention.

Thursdays also happens to be the day where we get deliveries, and I came into my usual Thursday assignment of stocking closets. Dale came into work two hours later than me, so I concentrated on my work—pushing myself to get ahead in case Dale wanted to distract me for a few minutes. I worked tirelessly for the first two hours—nearly getting half the work done in that span. Between the hours of 8-10pm I remained diligent in task, but did not push myself so hard. No use in finishing hours early and having another project dropped on my. I also took my time in the halls between closets in hopes to intercept Dale in passing. At 830, I had sent him a text, and he had yet replied. I was beginning to think that he had called off for his shift. He in no way had perfect attendance.

At half passed 11, I had made it to the basement closets and had pretty much given up on Dale for the night. I continued the mindless task of stocking, and tried not to dwell on the absence of Dale. While noting the number of paper towels and soaps on a shelf, I heard a loud bang as though someone had punched the closet door. I jumped so hard that I dropped the clipboard to the ground. My heart skipped a couple beats, and I approached the door. Just as I reached for the knob, it turned and the door pulled away from me. I could do nothing but stand there dumbly waiting to see who was on the other side.

I took a step forward only to have to retreat. I took a second for me to register Dale as he barged into the closet. That he stepped so surely, I backed my way to the wall. Without a word Dale approached me. He grabbed my forearms, and pinned me to the wall—placing his lips over mine without a word. I accepted his tongue for a couple of seconds before turning my head away. Dale was persistent, but so was I. I tried to pull myself from the wall, but he was much bigger than me and held me in place without much effort.

“Dale, what the hell?” I said. “I texted you and you didn’t reply, and I really wish that you would stop punching my closet doors. Most people knock.”

Dale replied by placing his lips again over mine, and I hesitantly allowed görükle escort his tongue to probe my mouth for a second or two. I pulled away again.

“Dale can you stop for a second?” I asked.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Dale replied, releasing some pressure on my arms, but keeping enough to make it understood that I was going nowhere. “Look, I’m sorry that I didn’t get your text. I keep my phone on silent all day and forgot to turn the volume on. Then I had a meeting with Karen for like an hour. She’s been on me lately.”

“What did you do now?” I asked.

“She thinks I’ve been taking food from the Dr.’s lounge,” Dale said. “What I bitch.”

“But you do take food from there, though,” I replied.

“That’s besides the point,” Dale replied. “I just hate how she always jumps to conclusions.”

I sighed. While Dale made for a great lover, he made for a trouble employee.

“You probably should get back to work, if she is after you then,” I said.

Dale leaned in and starting kissing my neck. I was starting to get chill bumps, and shivers ran down my spine. Karen was meaning less and less to me with every kiss on the neck.

“Don’t have to worry about her the rest of the night,” Dale replied. “She went home early. Think I gave her a migraine. Jimmy is running the show, and we’re cool. Whole place could burn down, and I don’t think it would trouble him much.”

Dale then ground into me, and I could feel his hard dick press into my thigh. Suddenly, he was not pinning me to the wall with hands alone.

“Damn, Dale,” I said. “You cock is rock hard right now.”

“Mmmm-hmmm,” he mumbled kissing me on the neck again. He pulled away a second later. “Been that way since Wednesday morning..”

Dale fucked me 4 times that night, and was going for a fifth early Wednesday morning when his dad called—needing more help in Coolidge that morning.

“I was thinking you can help me out with that?” he said, now biting my neck softly.

I literally shivered as he bit me. “Like right now?” I asked. “Look, I’m all up for some fun. Call me up and I’m down. But I don’t want to mess around here regularly. While you don’t like it here, I’ve got a pretty good thing going on and I don’t want to mess it up.”

“No one’s asking you to mess anything up,” Dale replied. “Just help me out tonight, and we can figure things out later.”

As though work under it’s own volition, my hand started working it’s way across his leg, to the bulge in his uniform.

“And bursa escort bayan what did you have in mind?” I asked. “You want me to suck you off here again?”

Dale answered immediately. “Well, I was actually hoping for something more.” He pulled away and smiled at me.

I looked around the closet. It was dark and dusty, and the floor had not been mopped since I don’t know when. “Dale, I don’t really want to fuck in here. Hell, I might catch something. Besides that, I don’t want to get caught. It was crazy the last time, and we did not even go all the way. It’s easier to get up from a blowjob if someone comes at the door. Come on, why don’t you just pop one in my mouth, and we can meet after work.”

Dale finally released his grip. “Look, no one is going to walk in. All the shifts are here, and up on the floors. This would be like the last closet someone would check if they needed something. Jimmy is holed up in his office watch Star Wars or some shit. We’re in the clear.”

“Dale, look at this place,” I said.

“I’ve seen worse,” he replied. “The sink drain in the closet on 6th sounds clogged with mildew. This isn’t so bad. Look, we can throw down some cardboard, you can lay down and let me go to town for a couple. I’ll be real quick.”

I sighed and checked the time. I undid my pants and stepped out of my shoes. “Okay. I’m giving you a few minutes.”

Dale opened the door and pulled off a couple of flat cardboard boxes from my stock cart. He laid them on the floor and started undoing his belt. Before letting his pants fall, he pulled out a small bottle of KY jelly.

He smiled. “Always come prepared.”

The second his pants fell, a huge tent in his boxers sprang out. I knelt down, and pulled his boxers down to his ankles. On my down, his cock hit me on the back of my head. It felt as though I had just been tapped by a rubber mallet.

I span on my hand, and started stroking his cock. Once it was nice and wet, I wrapped my lips around it, and started bobbing my head. Though he was moaning quietly, I told him to keep quiet. In risky sex, sound seems to amplify ten fold. And every sucking sound my lips made on his cock seemed to broadcast to the working world that I was sucking his dick.

“All right,” I said, stroking his cock one last time for good measure. “This thing is ready. Let’s make it feel good. Just be quick and keep it quiet. I don’t want to be caught getting fucked in the ass, here of all places.”

I turned and got into one bursa escort of his favorite positions; one I knew he would not last long in; laying flat on my belly, legs together.

“Kind of makes it more exciting, doesn’t it,” Dale said.

“Never mind that, just stick that thing in me.”

Dale knelt behind me, and stroked a long stream of KY into his cock. I angled my ass upward, waiting for penetration. It seemed to take forever. All I could hear was Dale slowly stroking his cock.

I looked at him over my shoulder. “What are you waiting for? Are you going to fuck me or what?”

“It’s just that your ass is—whoa,” Dale said.

And with out another action or word, Dale plunged balls deep into my ass. It was my turn for a whoa to escape my lips. Dale held me in place for a couple of seconds before slowly sliding out of me. When he slid back in, I felt a huge shiver run down my spine. I thought that if I wasn’t careful, Dale could get me to cum. If it wasn’t for the mess involved, I’d be okay with it. But at the moment I was okay with waiting for later. Dale pulled himself all the way out, and plunged back in, causing another shiver to roll through me.”

“Come on, fuck me with that thing,” I said, looking over my shoulder to him. “Show me what you can do with that thing..”

Dale looked down, and pulled out of me. From that second forward, he fucked me like I had never been before. He pulled out and slammed back in with a steady and rapid rhythm. It felt as though he was fucking me at two or three thrusts a second. The cardboard was scooting across the floor, and I had to brace a hand against the wall to keep my face against it. I could hear his balls slap against me—a noise I knew was very loud—but I no longer cared. I was in another moment. The only thing I cared about was slamming into me from behind. Dale started to pant, and I could tell that he was getting close.

“I want you to shoot it in me,” I said. “You want to cum inside me?”

Dale could only grunt his answer.

“Then throw it in real deep,” I said. “So deep, it’s not going to leak out.”

Dale continued to grunt from behind me, and though I did not think it would have been possible he picked up his pace. I now had to brace the wall with both hands to keep my face away from it. I continue to hear Dale breathing, and felt his balls slap me. Suddenly, I felt his body tense up. Dale slid in deep in me—feeling nearly deep enough to get his balls all the way inside me—and he held himself in place. A second later, I could feel his cock spasm into me over and over—to quick to count.

“Oh, my god,” Dale said, exhaling deeply. His breath felt cool against my neck. “That was great. I could do this forever.”

I, too, exhaled, and in this moment could have held him to that.

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Soldier, Spy Ch. 04

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Chapter Four: Played Out: November 1776 to the Spring of 1778

16 November 1776

Lieutenant Douglas Bester didn’t retreat with George Washington’s forces into New Jersey. The intelligence unit chief, Major Brady Lathrop, left him behind in the last Continental Army stronghold remaining on Manhattan, Fort Washington. In fact, it was Bester who Washington sent to the fort, located half way up the island on the banks of the Hudson River, near the mouth of the Harlem River, which divides Manhattan from the Bronx, to inform the fort commander, Colonel Robert Magaw, of the general retreat and pass on Washington’s order one last time that the fort be abandoned. Washington had already ordered the previous commander at the fort, General Nathanael Greene, to abandon the stronghold that then housed twelve hundred men. Instead, the strength of the fort had been increased to three thousand men.

Magaw refused the order and declared he would hold the fort to the last man. Once there, barely having been able to ride through the forming British siege around the fort, Bester was trapped and had to remain. The situation for the colonialist in the fort was worsened in early November when, on the 2nd, William Demont, one of Magaw’s own men, defected to the British, taking plans of the fort with him. It wasn’t only the colonialists who were actively engaged in spying.

Not having heard from either Bester or Magaw, Washington started to return with forces to relieve the fort, but his progress was arrested with the news that the British had attacked and taken the fort on November 16th. The British forces, under the command of General William Howe, attacked the fort from three sides, the north, east, and south. The attack from the fourth direction, the Harlem River, was delayed by tides, but the fort defenses to the south crumbled almost immediately after the first softening up of the British artillery. The actual troops attacking the fort mainly were eight thousand mercenary Hessians under the command of Lieutenant General Wilhelm von Knyphausen. The Americans retreated to the northern sector of the fort for hand-to-hand fighting, but were forced to surrender. The Hessians lost three times the number of American soldiers killed, but over fifty of the colonialists were killed, nearly a hundred wounded, and nearly three thousand were captured.

The fort was renamed Fort Knyphausen and the captured Americans were marched to the tip of Manhattan and put on ships, which became the advent of the notorious use of British prison ships, floating in the mouth of the East River into New York harbor, that became pestilent hell holes holding rebel prisoners under foul conditions for the remainder of the Revolutionary War, to 1783.

Lieutenant Bester wasn’t one of the men marched off to the prison ships from the last stand in the northern sector of the fort. He had been standing by a concrete wall inside the fort when the first artillery barrage began and was struck by and buried under a large chunk of concrete dislodged by a British shell.

The HMS Yarmouth became one of the prison ships that held the prisoners who had surrendered at Fort Washington, and the Yarmouth remained in that role until the end of the war. Neither Captain Owen Sheffeld nor his former dresser and server, Timothy Grady, were aboard the vessel when the prisoners started arriving in late November, however. Sheffeld was already on the high seas, returning to England, his wife, and another assignment in London. Timothy was in lower Manhattan, having amicably parted with his reassigned master. Thomas Hadley had been declared dead from the fire that destroyed his house on Stone Street and much of the surrounding town on the night of September 21st.

As Hadley was determined to have been a British sympathizer, as was Timothy Grady, and a will was produced declaring Timothy’s indenture cancelled upon the death of Hadley and assigned Timothy as Hadley’s heir, Timothy was suddenly a landowner—albeit of scorched earth—and had in hand a small fortune from the assets of Hadley’s that had not burned. Thus, Grady was ashore in lower Manhattan in late November and busy with plans to build a tavern that he would name Nathan’s on the Stone Street site of the former Hadley mansion. Grady’s idea was to have a tavern downstairs and a male brothel upstairs. He could initially handle that trade himself, knowing it was a trade he was good at, and could add young men as demand increased. There was always some level, albeit rarely acknowledged, of demand for men pleasuring other men for a fee.

The first mate of the Yarmouth, Stanley Calvert, had been moved up to command of the ship upon Sheffeld’s departure and subsequently was left in command when the Yarmouth was converted into a prison ship. Calvert had been one of the Yarmouth officers who had had sexual access to Timothy in the past, and Timothy counted on Calvert to permit his sailors and prison guards who were so disposed to avail themselves of the services of Nathan’s and the services upstairs, so contact between görükle escort the new commander of the Yarmouth and Timothy was maintained.

Also maintained was Timothy’s work to collect whatever information he could on the British intentions and dispositions and to pass this on through the rebel spy network via Samuel Fraunces, whose own tavern had been saved from the September fire. As the most useful intelligence from the British was available from direct contact by Timothy with British officers, he continued to row out to the Yarmouth whenever he was invited and to give the new ship commander, Calvert, all of the same servicing that he previously had given Captain Sheffeld.

* * * *

February 1777

“I wonder what’s going on out there,” Samuel Fraunces asked, handing the spyglass back to Timothy Grady. They were standing on the widow’s walk at the top of the three-story building, almost completed, being built as a tavern and male brothel on the Stone Street site of the previous Hadley mansion in lower Manhattan. People had wondered, some aloud, why Grady was building his tavern to tower above other buildings being constructed on the street that had been devastated by the September 21st fire of the previous year. Grady knew why, but he couldn’t very well tell them that it was so that he could keep an eye from his rooftop on the British fleet standing in New York harbor as well as traffic at the mouths of the Hudson and East rivers.

What had caught the eyes of Timothy and Samuel today was the appearance of a third sixty-cannon ship at the mouth of the bay, along with several smaller ships, to add to the HMS Asia and Yarmouth prison ships that had been stationed in the harbor for more than a year. Skiff activity going out to this newly arrived warship had been observed from the tavern’s widow’s walk. The question was what was going on? Preparation for the augmentation of British forces here and perhaps a concentrated invasion of the New York colony by the British?

“I guess I’ll need to go find out,” Timothy said.

“You have a reason to go out there?” Samuel asked. “You know we cannot risk your capture. We could wait for the sailors to come into my tavern and let slip what is happening.”

“I don’t think we can afford to wait,” Timothy answered. “And yes, I have reason. I have a regular service of sending my lads out to the ships to service the officers who want them. I haven’t been to the Yarmouth recently and the new commander of the vessel, Stanley Calvert, fancies me. I’m sure I can find out from him what is going on out there—and, if not from him, from some other sailor.”

“Well, be careful. It also would be good, though, if you could take note of their treatment of the prisoners on the ship if you have a chance.”

Timothy had a chance to do that later that afternoon. When he came aboard the Yarmouth, he found that Stanley Calvert wasn’t there—that he was one of those who had taken a skiff over to the newly arrived warship. At the same time, Timothy got the information he had come out looking for. Matthew Meeks, the first officer of the Yarmouth, told him that the ship out there was the seventy-four-gun HMS Culloden and was just putting in a port call on its way to its new station in the West Indies. Thus, Timothy now knew what he needed to know. This was no new threat to New York colony. But Meeks gave him reason to learn even more before he went back to land.

“As long as you are here,” Meeks said, putting a hand on Timothy’s arm, “we could see that your trip out here wasn’t wasted. I know you came to give Calvert a tumble. I could use a good fuck myself.”

“You know that I have rates now,” Timothy answered.

“Aye, and well worth the price too. I have duties to perform, but if you’ll go down to my cabin and wait a bit, I’ll be down soon to give you a good screw. Mayhaps Calvert will be back by then and give you a go too. The trip might be worth your while then.”

The trip had already been worth his while, but this might give Timothy a chance to check out the conditions of the prisoners, he thought, so he readily agreed. Timothy well knew how to get to the captain’s cabin on the Yarmouth; he’d lived in the cabin and under the former captain, Owen Sheffeld, for many a month, but he had to receive directions to Meek’s cabin, which took him, he was happy to learn, down more into the bowels of the ship.

He purposely got lost enough to find the stairs down into the hold where the prisoners were being held—in near darkness. The smell arising from the hold was enough to tell Timothy that he’d found what he was looking for. As he feared, he found the men existing in nearly inhuman conditions, chained and nearly touching on all sides as they lay on filthy pallets and in squalid conditions. He was about to turn half way down the stairs and return to where he was able to take a breath when a hand reached out and grabbed his ankle.

“Timothy? Timothy Grady? Is that you?” a weak voice had said.

In his surprise, Timothy looked bursa escort bayan down into the murky light. “Douglas? Douglas Bester? You’re alive?”

“Barely,” Timothy’s former soldier lover spoke, as he worked at standing.

“I thought you’d died at Fort Washington.”

“I might as well have,” Bester answered, bringing attention to his wooden leg. “I lost this to a chunk of concrete in the bombardment. Haven’t been worth spittle since then. They patched me up but only to send me here.”

“You’ll always be worthwhile to me, Douglas,” Timothy said. “I’ll get you out of here.”

“I doubt that very much,” Bester said, with a dry laugh.

“Don’t doubt me, Douglas,” Timothy answered, his voice determined. “It will take time, but just concentrate on staying alive. I will have you out of here.”

Timothy as on Matthew Meeks’ bunk, under the heavy bulk of the redheaded sailor, the heels of his feet rubbing the sailor’s calves as Meeks lay between his spread thighs and humped him hard with a thick cock, when Stanley Calvert entered the cabin. Timothy’s mind had been racing on the shocking knowledge that Douglas Bester had been alive and been held here on the ship for months. Timothy had thought he was dead, and now concentrated on whatever plans he could devise to free his former lover. With Calvert now present, grinning, and shucking his clothes, Timothy’s thoughts were refocused on having two randy sailors in the cabin with him.

As Timothy had feared, Calvert wasn’t going to wait to have Timothy alone to him. With Meeks still on top of Timothy and pumping his ass deep, a naked Calvert wormed his way underneath Timothy and worked on penetrating Timothy’s ass with his cock, pushing in underneath where Meeks already was sheathed and pumping. Timothy concentrated on just taking the two randy sailors together for the next several minutes.

Later, now in the captain’s cabin, with just Calvert fucking him, Timothy began to weave a plan to spring Bester.

“God, you are good,” he murmured when Calvert had come and collapsed on top of Timothy. “I need you on a regular basis. No charge for you, of course. You are too good for me to take money from.”

“Come out to the ship any time. I’ll be happy to give you what you need,” Calvert answered.

“You can count on me coming out often,” Timothy said with a secret little smile.

* * * *

March-April 1777

“You know you could be making money out of these prisoners,” Timothy whispered. He had Stanley Calvert on his back on the captain’s bed aboard the HMS Yarmouth and was slow-stroking the man’s cock with a hand. They’d had sweaty sex with Calvert on top. After an interlude of cooling down and resting, they’d have another go at it with Timothy riding the cock. Timothy had had several visits to work out what made Calvert mellow and when during sex he was most approachable. “There’s no reason that they need just to be a financial drain.”

“What do you mean?” Calvert asked, his voice dreamy, in body in a floating world of high sensuality.

“I mean some of them could be rented out to businesses in Manhattan. There’s a shortage of indentured servants and apprentices there. There’s no reason why they should all just be left to rot below decks, siphoning off British supplies to keep them alive to serve no purpose.”

“They’d just run away if we let them off the ship.”

“Not if they were crippled in some way—and were guarded well by trusted merchants and knew that they couldn’t get far without being recaptured and executed as deserters. They’d be off your hands then. And the merchants could pay for their services and house and feed them, relieving conditions on the ship. As you know, I’m about to open Nathan’s for tavern business. I could use a man or two indentured to help in the tavern. A man with a peg leg, for instance, who has experience as a barman, would be grateful to be working from morning to night every day on land rather than laying around in your hold.”

Timothy was building Douglas Bester up as a likely candidate. He knew that Bester’s family ran a tavern in Philadelphia and Bester had experience behind a bar.

“I don’t know,” Calvert said.

And then Timothy applied the pièce de résistance. “This would not need to go to the British counsels for approval. They don’t keep track of the men individually, do they? The money need not go to them either. It could go to you.”

“I will consider it,” Calvert said. To prevent the giving of reasons why it wouldn’t work, Timothy rolled over on top of Calvert, took the ship officer’s mouth in his, positioned himself on Calvert’s reinvigorated cock, and sank his channel on it.

Calvert provided two peg-legged former bartenders from among the prisoners for employment at the newly opening Nathan’s tavern before he got to Douglas Bester. Timothy was determined to have Douglas, however, and between them, Timothy and Samuel Fraunces arranged for Samuel to offer Calvert more money for his personal purse than Timothy did bursa escort for the services of those initially released. Eventually, Douglas was released to Timothy’s care and employment, with Calvert believing he had identified the man to send.

Even missing a leg, Douglas still proved to be the man who could fuck Timothy to heaven better than any other. And, as well as bartending, he proved to be a boon in the upper male brothel rooms as well. Some men came to Nathan’s to be fucked by a talented stud. They didn’t all come to put their dicks in a young man.

* * * *

June 1777

There were three of them on the widow’s walk of Nathan’s tavern to watch the HMS Yarmouth sail out of New York harbor. It hadn’t released the prisoners it held and it wasn’t going for good. It was taking a training sail up to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and back. It had been wallowing at anchor at New York for too long and the British had decided its crew needed toning up.

“Poor blighters,” Douglas Bester said, with a sigh. “The sailing will be rough on the prisoners below.”

Timothy Grady reached over and put a consoling hand on Douglas’ arm. He knew that his friend and lover could deeply empathize with the plight of the prisoners on the ship, and he sure as hell was glad that Douglas wouldn’t be suffering that fate. For once, no one from the ship had told Timothy the Yarmouth was going to sail. He and Samuel Fraunces, the other man standing on the widow’s walk, were well aware that the British had been cracking down on the passing of rumors and not-really-rumors around lower Manhattan and that they were ever more vigilant for spies. So, the officers Timothy and his lads serviced on the Yarmouth and Asia had been tight-lipped about British intentions, and Timothy had been careful not to show any curiosity. It was like a cat-and-mouse game. But he didn’t have to pull information out of men on the ships. Douglas had overheard sailors from the Yarmouth talking in the tavern about the impending sailing.

“This should give us a breather,” Timothy said.

“But it should not encourage us to let our guard down,” Samuel responded. “In fact, for a time we should be ever more circumspect, and after this I should keep to my tavern and you to yours. I fear the British will ferret us out before long.”

“I’ve been thinking about that, and the sailing of the Yarmouth aids in what I’ve been considering doing.”

“And what be that?” Samuel asked. He looked to Douglas to see if perhaps Timothy had already discussed this with his soldier lover, and the look he got back not only told Samuel that it had been discussed with the colonialist lieutenant but also that Bester agreed with Timothy.

“I think it’s time that we found General Washington’s headquarters and passed on information on the British movements directly—and also that Douglas disappear. It will be easier to accomplish with the Yarmouth gone. I paid Calvert for two months ahead in the fee on Douglas. It will take him the sailing to Halifax and back and then who knows how much longer for him to realize we are gone.”

“But then won’t there be hell to pay?” Samuel asked.

“I will arrange for the bookkeeper at Nathan’s to tell Calvert that I have gone to Connecticut to tend to sick relatives. Then, until General Washington decides to send me back, I can say that there was too much maneuvering of opposing forces between here and there for me to return before I did. The bookkeeper will say that Douglas escaped after I left and hasn’t been found. Calvert couldn’t raise a hue and cry over Douglas’ escape. I’m sure he hasn’t reported Douglas was released from the Yarmouth, and the British probably aren’t keeping records on individual prisoners anyway.”

“And you agree with this?” Samuel turned and asked Douglas.

“Aye, I do,” Douglas said. “They have closed down on leaking of information here. And General Howe has abandoned the lower city, so there’s little intelligence on British intentions and movements to have here, I’m afraid. We both may be more useful elsewhere.”

Samuel said nothing to this. As good a man as Bester was, missing a leg didn’t make him more helpful anywhere else than where he now stood behind a bar in a tavern, keeping his eyes and ears open. But neither of these men worked for Samuel—they worked directly for Major Lathrop, who probably didn’t even know they were continuing to work. If they left, they increased Samuel’s own chances of not being captured if they were, so there wasn’t anything else he’d say to them about their plans.

“There is another reason we should try to link up with General Washington’s headquarters,” Douglas said.

“Douglas, are you sure Samuel should know what we’ve heard?” Timothy asked.

“Is it about the rumors that Howe is preparing his troops to move north? To meet troops led by John Burgoyne coming down from Canada to take Albany?” Samuel asked. And then when he saw the surprise on the faces of the other two men, he added, “Have you heard too that Howe is actually planning on moving on Philadelphia instead? I have drunken British sailors and soldiers in my tavern whispering what they should not, as well. I was protecting you from knowing in case you were questioned. And I see that you had ferreted out the information too and were protecting me.”

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Silk House Pt. 01

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Cadence Lux

Author’s Note: This story is all about spandex and focuses a lot on the “dressing up” portion of play, as it is the author’s favorite. Just a heads up. Happy reading!


There were two things I was absolute certain about myself when it came to my personal sexual pleasure. One was that I had an incurable desire to wear, see, and feel spandex. That much was known from an early age. The second, and possibly more twisted, was that I’d developed a curious sexual magnetism for envy. On a minor level, of course. I was never the athletic type in high school, and never had a chance or an excuse to buy spandex or lycra clothing for myself. But I always saw the jock types wear Under Armor proudly through the halls, in class. From a seat behind them I’d see the shiny material shimmer while they unconsciously flexed their muscles, unaware that they were wearing clothing so lucrative and sexy to me. I guess that’s where it developed—the envy. Wanting what I couldn’t have, at least not easily.

College was easier. Got a job, earned some money. I’d moved away from my parents, first into a dorm and then into a one-room apartment, and I bought what I could with my limited budget. A tight shirt or a pair of leggings of the workout variety. Even, once, a headless zentai suit. I wanted to venture into buying more gear, the type that crossed the line into feminine: leotards, one-piece swimsuits, a pair of pantyhose or two, but somehow, despite myself and my burgeoning homosexuality, I was too inexplicably afraid of how my fetish would develop further. So I ignored it, and on some level, I’m still ignoring it.

I’m out of college now, a new graduate with a likely-useless liberal arts degree. I’m living with four other guys in this ramshackle house on the questionable side of town because the rent’s cheap, but I know I want to move away soon. I’ve been saving up. A new chapter of life is in my sights.

On a Tuesday afternoon just like any other, I’m downstairs in the living room. Three out my four roommates are still in school working for their last few credits, and it’s just me and Toby currently at the house playing videos games. Toby was the guy who I initially moved out of the dorms with, and the guy I consider myself closest with in the house. He’s straight, though, and it’s about the saddest thing in the world. I tell him all the time—in a way that comes off jokey, but oh, how I wish he would take it seriously just once—that I would do anything to please him, anything, but he always just chuckles it off.

He’s taller than me, a solid 5’10 and decently muscled. Sizeable pecs, rock hard biceps and a developing six pack. It only makes my crush worse as he gets bigger, but I always make sure my tongue isn’t hanging out while I stare. I fear if he ever knew of my feelings, I wouldn’t only would I lose his friendship, but I’d miss out on seeing him walk the house half nude, or in his boxers. It’s a price I have to pay.

We’re playing the new Smash Bros when there’s a knock on the door. He pauses the game almost immediately and looks at me curiously. We weren’t expecting anyone, and the other boys don’t get home until late. Is it the landlord? A neighbor? He gets up and walks over to the door, opens it. Ah, yes, a neighbor. Mr. Doherty from next door.

“Hey Mr. Doherty! Can I help you? Were we being too loud?” Toby asks. We weren’t, but I suppose it’s a courtesy to ask.

“Oh, no, boys. You’re quite alright. I was hoping to ask a favor of you—” he starts, and from my seat, I peak around Toby’s frame to see the older man stand in the doorway. He looks at me briefly, and I think he may bite his lip, what with how his eyes lock onto mine. There may be a few things about Mr. Doherty I’ve yet to figure out. “I’m leaving for the night, see, for a doctor’s appointment in the city, and I have three cats here that have very serious attachment issues. I was wondering—and I would pay—if one or both of you could housesit for me for the evening, to keep them company.”

“Pay?” Toby asks, and then glances back to me.

“Oh, fifty dollars, to each of you,” Mr. Doherty answers, and looks between both of us. “I may care too much about my cats, but I’d rather them have people around for the evening instead of wailing and waking up the whole neighborhood. Will you both do it?” he asks, and Toby now looks at me with a bemused expression on his face. I’m all raised eyebrows.

“I don’t see why not,” I answer.

“Great!” Toby picks up. “Then we’ll do it.”

“That’s wonderful! I appreciate you two spry lads helping an old man out on such a nice night.”

“It really is no issue. Anything for a neighbor,” Toby responds. He’s really laying it on thick. Maybe trying to make an extra buck.

“Well, alright. I’ll be leaving in an hour. If you could come around then, I’d appreciate it.” With that, Mr. Doherty bids us his farewell and Toby closes the door. He turns back to me as if we’d just pulled off the biggest scam.

After an hour, Toby and I walk out the front and across the lawn, and Mr. Doherty lets us in with haste. He’s görükle escort wearing a tweed suit now—city clothes, I assume. It’s something of a sight, considering most times we see Mr. Doherty it’s walking to his mailbox in patterned pajamas. He introduces us to his cats—only two of which are patient enough to lounge around the living with strangers—and declares that he really must be going, here’s your pay, please feel free to eat what you want from the fridge.

The moment he shuts the door behind him, Toby pulls a backpack he’d prepared off his shoulder and places it on the coffee table. Pulls out a bong.

“You realize the smell is going to stick around,” I warn him. Toby gives me a look and then gestures to the many adjacent windows.

“Like I said, if Mr. Doherty notices the smell, you can blame it on me. And if that doesn’t work…” he trails off, and gives me a teasing once-over. We’d both noticed Mr. Doherty’s lust-filled stare aimed at me, and Toby already suggested that if we’re caught in trouble, I should give the old man one of my “famous blowjobs.” It’s a joke I can only shrug at, considering it’s true.

So we smoke. A lot. Usually in a house of five guys a single round can get each person two or three hits, but with no one else to hog the bong, Toby and I go back and forth like crazy, getting exceptionally high with no one to stop us. Funny thing, weed: the more you smoke in one sitting, the less inclined you are to stop, your inhibitions muted, your responsibilities less cumbersome on the mind. We smoke through the whole of one fat nugget before finally laying the bong down to rest. Toby puts it on the table and then leans back into the couch, throws his arms behind him. His shirt is rising just there, at the bottom of his belly, and his cut abs are peeking through, the hint of a happy trail turning me on more than I’d like to admit. He sighs and gets up, suddenly feeling active, the sativa sinking in. He wanders away from the living room, into the mouth of a nearby hallway.

“Where are you going?” I ask, and he turns around to watch me, walks backward.

“You ever wonder what this guy’s deal is? He hardly ever leaves his home.”

I’d protest more if I weren’t completely ready to follow Toby anywhere, do whatever he wanted of me. I get up and do so.

For one person, Mr. Doherty has a lot of rooms. Guest rooms, two offices, a game room, a sun room. Toby idly touches everything he passes like he’s drifting around in a dream, but I take a little more precaution with my action, only picking something up whenever I’m particularly interested, making sure to place it back down just as I found it.

“You worry too much,” Toby says, fondling a nearby curtain and then wrapping himself in it, the thin chiffon like a dress. We’re at the foot of Doherty’s bedroom door, our curiosity potentially waning, but we’ve saved the best room for last.

“You worry too little. Get off of that, before you tear it,” I say, and touch his shoulder, gently pull him away from the wall. He laughs and leaves it behind, struts into the bedroom. From behind him, I turn on the light.

“Woah,” I say.

“Woah is right.”

Mr. Doherty’s room is unexpectedly gaudy, a bit overtly sexual, and I may have hit the wrong switch because the lighting is deliberately dim, moody. His bed is a massive four-poster king covered in baby blue silk sheets, and a luxurious gray rug covers the floor underfoot. A huge television is mounted on the opposite wall, and the air smells like a faint, woodsy cologne. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a pair of handcuffs sitting on the dresser.

“I did not expect for Mr. Doherty to live in a sex den,” Toby thinks out loud, walking further into the room. He sits on the edge of the bed, leans into it with his hands against the silk, and looks around. I come up beside him, still standing, and finger at the sheets with a weird new temptation rising. The feeling is like a cousin to spandex, if a bit more luxurious. I look around too.

“His closet,” I say, its double-doors slightly ajar on one side, and I cross the room to open it up. This room is just as large as the bedroom, if not bigger. Toby comes up close behind me, and I’m suddenly aware I can feel his breath on my shoulder.

“Holy shit,” he remarks. All the way to the back, clothes line the walls on racks, hung carefully, organized by color. A decent assortment of cardboard boxes sit in the middle, some with words written in sharpie, others left unmarked. We both step in and are drawn to different sides, our eyes following every sleeve, every pattern. Mr. Doherty must’ve kept every piece of clothing he’s ever bought, spanning back to his own teenage years. Some clothes among the bunch look like they’re from the seventies, the eighties, but it’s not all hideous vintage clothing. A decent half of the visible closet is filled with tweed suits similar to what Doherty wore just today, blazers and perfectly matching slacks. A number of matching shoes, even, correspond on the floor underneath. Holding up a pair of psychedelic bursa escort bayan bellbottoms probably not worn in a good thirty years, I feel a sudden pang of guilt. I turn around.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I say to Toby, but without fault he pulls a black feather boa off a hanger and throws it around his shoulders. Looks at me.

“Do you really think Mr. Doherty didn’t want this to happen?”

“Why would he?” I ask. It’s a strange question for Toby to pose.

“Because he has the hots for you. You’re a spry young gay lad. He could’ve asked anyone to watch his cats, or no one at all. Why do you think he invited us to invade his boudoir?” he says, and then takes the boa and throws it over my shoulders, pulls it back and forth, ruffling at my neck.

“Do you even know what a boudoir is, Toby?” I ask.

“All I know is that we haven’t seen the cats once, and they seem to be absolutely fine without their beloved owner to keep them company.”

Toby had a point. Besides, what with my tendency to forget things easily while high, the moral repercussions aren’t sticking in my brain like they usually would. We go back and forth trying on a coat or a funny pair of pants, feeling like we’re in a costume shop and everything’s free. Toby’s looking smart in one of Doherty’s darkest shoulder-padded suits and I’m checking my ass out in the aforementioned bellbottoms when Toby asks a question that really sets things in motion.

“What do you think he has in these boxes?” he asks, and I look away from the floor-length mirror by the closet door to see him kneeling down, pulling at the closest one.

“Toby, we really shouldn’t be getting into those,” I warn him, and he looks exasperated when he stops.

“What, are you still scared of getting caught, dude?” he asks, then lets a beat pass after I roll my eyes. “Or are you scared of what you might find inside?”

“I am not scared of Doherty’s wardrobe. That’s stupid.”

“It’s not stupid. How about I hand you one of these unlabeled boxes and you try whatever’s on inside, and you can prove me wrong, yeah?” His eyebrows raise with the idea of his playful challenge.

“Really? What would I get out of it?”

“Nothing really. Honor, glory, gloating.”

“I don’t need any of that,” I scoff.

“Okay. Well, how does fifty bucks sound? As incentive,” he offers. He pulls out the fifty that Mr. Doherty handed him earlier, holds it between two fingers.

“You’re really making this a bet?” I ask, and when he smiles mischievously at me, I know it’s true. Neither of us are very good at turning down bets, and I know he’d call me a pussy for a long time if I don’t open a damn box, so I step over to him and lean down. I take out my fifty, put it on a box in front of me. “Fine. But let’s switch up the rules a little bit. You’ll be playing too, or else it’s no deal. If you refuse to wear the outfit, you lose, and if you decide to take it off it before, say, midnight, you still lose.” He cocks his head playfully to the side and puts his bill on top of mine.

“I love a good game. But—you first.”

“Fine,” I answer, and look around blankly, all the boxes almost identical.

“Choose wisely,” Toby teases, and I get up, looking around for a small, inconspicuous box. “You’re kidding,” he says when I finally pick one up that fits my criteria, but nonetheless I return to him and place it on the ground between us. I’ve followed the rules, so he can’t complain.

“I can do this,” I say encouragingly to myself, and quickly unfold the top.

I’m not at all happy with what I find. I pull out a skimpy crop top cut from a basketball jersey, which isn’t so bad, but underneath is a gaudy leopard-print thong and a pair of knee-high white socks. That’s it—that’s the whole outfit. Toby is immediately giddy and rolling backward in hysterical laughter. Both of us consider dares and bets like life-or-death contracts, as boys tend to do, so I know there’s no way out of this without losing my cash.

“Doherty wore this?” I ask incredulously, holding up the thong.

“I can’t believe this. You have to put it on. Now, dude. This is your fate. Or give up.”

“I am not giving you my money, dude, and maybe laugh on your own time,” I cajole, but it’s all in good fun. My saving grace is that I’m not, by any means, in bad shape. I’m not beefy like Toby here is, but I’m fairly toned, so I have that working for me.

“Why don’t you get behind those boxes and put on your new outfit, Mrs. Doherty,” Toby teases, and points behind the pile to a small, shaded space. In a huff I grab the outfit and shuffle over to the corner. To no one in particular, Toby says, “I can’t believe this.”

“Yeah, well, get used to it, buddy, because you’re next,” I warn him, and start undressing. Shirt, then shoes, then socks and pants.

“Nothing could be as bad as that. I can see myself richer already. You’re such a prude, after all.”

“I am not a prude!” I remark, making sure he isn’t watching. I take off my underwear and look at the new clothes bursa escort laid out before me.

“Come on, you’re about the only guy in the house that doesn’t strut next to naked. And you have more of a right to do it than half of our roommates,” he rebuts. Lord knows that’s true. Some men just don’t understand that nobody wants to see their nipples 24/7. I start with the socks and pull them up easily. Nothing’s difficult to put on, per se, it’s just that the act itself is embarrassing to follow through with. Everything also looks perfectly clean, but it’s the overt homosexuality that has me nervous. Maybe there’s something in me that is afraid to go full femme, but right now isn’t the time to have a deep moment of introspection. I brave the thong in a single pull up the legs, and it’s a strange, secretly erotic feeling. They’re tight, cupping my balls expertly, the fabric in the back like a string, a wedgie. If I were alone, I’d have a hard time not touching my member against the slinky material, and my hardening cock is showing that feeling off. I throw on the crop top and suddenly feel like a disco queen.

“Well, come on, show the crowd,” Toby insists, and if I weren’t high, if this night hadn’t ended up so bizarre, maybe I’d be more apprehensive to show off my thickening cock, but I’m oddly okay. I step out from the shadow and watch Toby’s eyes briefly widen at my lower half and then deliberately look up at me. What follows, obviously, is another round of hysterical laughter.

“All night, dude! You have to wear that all night!” he exclaims, pointing at my face.

“My legs are already cold,” I complain lightly.

“I can’t believe you actually went through with it.”

“Hey! You have to go through with it too!” I say.

“I know, I know, don’t worry,” he responds, hands raised as if admitting submission. “I just—this is absolutely rich.”

“You can’t tell anyone. Not even the boys.”

“Look, it’s between you and me,” he promises.

“So? Did you pick out a box for yourself?” I continue, trying to look as serious as possible. I’m suddenly aware that because Toby’s sitting down, my cock is now at eye-level for him, so I sit down too and try to appear a bit more decent.

“Yeah, yeah, going with old reliable,” he says, and taps the box he first pulled from the bunch. I nod encouragingly at him, touch the other side of the cardboard for support. With a healthy amount of giggly fanfare, he opens the four sides and we both peer inside.

“Uhhh…!” is the first thing he can think to say, meanwhile I’m speechless. There are exactly two items inside:

A sky blue, wet-look zentai with full body coverage, and a long-sleeve, shiny black leotard. My breath is caught in my throat and my already-hard cock pulses with a new anticipation, hardening to the point that it’s almost uncomfortable. I wonder what would happen if I leaned back, if the head of my dick would peek out from the waistband. Toby cautiously pulls out the leotard and holds it by both shoulders, incredulous.

“I’m… I’m speechless,” he says, and then there’s a nervous laugh, and I realize I’m incredibly jealous of him and this opportunity. He puts down the leotard on the ground and picks up the zentai. “What even is this…? Doherty, you absolute pervert,” he remarks. I’m about to say something to him—something along the lines of, we can call off the bet, or you can pick out another box, but just before I speak up, he gives an interested shrug.

“Might as well,” he says.

“You’re- you’re going to try it on?” I manage, wanting to touch the soft, shiny material but feeling frozen in place. He laughs and stands up.

“I like my fifty dollars, thank you. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. Doherty’s weird fetish might be on your side tonight, but pride’s on mine,” he retorts, and all I can say is, “Alright, fine.” I’m about to touch the leotard when he picks everything up and heads behind the boxes. I was so close. The best and worst part about this situation is he probably won’t even pick up on just how erotic it feels, desensitized by his own masculine nature, and I feel defeated, jealous, and incredibly turned on.

One thing I know for certain is that he’ll look sexy as hell.

“What do I put on first?” he asks absently, and I turn to look at the boxes.

“The- the blue one,” I say, as if I’m venturing a guess.

“I suppose so,” he responds, and what follows is the sound of shifting fabric—he’s taking off Doherty’s coat, the slacks—and unzipping. “It feels nice at least. And I’ll be covered up, unlike you.” It’s only more “yeah”s from me, thinking about how I could’ve chosen his box. My curiosity is overtaking me now, and I quietly shift where I’m sitting on the ground, take a curious peek around the corner. Toby has his muscular backside to me, and I can just see him pulling the legs of the zentai over his pert bubble butt, jumping up and down once or twice to settle into the material. Being new to zentai, he regards the attaches sleeves and gloves with a bit of apparent confusion, but finds the armholes just after. I can hear the silky fabric travelling over his smooth skin, and when he pulls the left sleeve and glove on all the way, he flexes his hand, bends his fingers to get a feel for it. Other hand, then torso, and that’s when he reaches for the zipper down his back.

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