Lottery Winner

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Gene jutted his buttocks out from the rim of the swimming pool on Deck 11 of the Jewel of the Seas as it steamed its way from Key West, Florida, toward Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico. Another young man was standing next to him in the pool in water that rose up to his and Gene’s nipples. He was leaning on the rim of the pool on one elbow, the palm of one hand pressed against his cheek and smiling and chatting with Gene. He had his other hand buried down the back of Gene’s Speedo, and he had two fingers up Gene’s ass, the pad of one of them rubbing Gene’s prostate.

You couldn’t really tell that the twenty-something Julio was finger fucking the forty-eight-year-old Gene in the ship’s pool because of how well they were disguising it under water. But it wouldn’t have really mattered much anyway, because this was a chartered gay-men-only running of the cruise ship, and everyone here was cruising and on the make themselves.

Gene moved in closer to Julio and the two kissed, Gene moaned at the stroking of his prostate. He came in his own hand that had been pushed under the front of his Speedo and stroking his cock, and then the two pulled away from each other.

“How much? In my cabin?” Gene murmured.

“$200 for two. A quickie and then something slower,” Julio answered.

“I’d like to dry off in the sun,” Gene answered. “But I’ll leave a pass key at the foot of my pool bed. If you’re still interested in a half hour, come by and pick it up. There will be a twenty for what you just did.”

The extra pass keys—giving room access but not the charging capability of the master door pass—was a special service for such cruises as this. All you had to do to get an extra key with door access only was sign a waiver and pay an extra fee.

Julio, who was a muscled-up Hispanic stud, laughed and swam off with impressive Australian crawl strokes to the other side of the pool. Gene moved over to the ladder and pulled himself up onto the pool decking. He was a pretty good looker himself, toned up nicely for a forty-eight-year-old man. You could tell that he spent time in the gym. He was more wiry than bulky, but there wasn’t any fat on him. He was a runner, dark haired, some matting on him, with hazel eyes that attracted attention and a sultry smile. When he was in his twenties, he would have had to fight the guys off, if he had had any intention to. He’d been out of circulation for a while, though. Julio’s advances in the pool had been a surprise, but then his travel agent apparently had transmitted the news to the people setting up the cruise and it had spread from there.

He’d thought his age would be a big problem on this voyage, but it hadn’t been. Julio wasn’t the only hunk buzzing around him.

He padded over to his pool bed. They were set close together and the pool area was crowded. There weren’t that many swimmers, but the cruise being what it was, there were near-naked bodies on display from one end of the pool area to the other and everyone was ogling everyone else. The hunkier guys weren’t staying long at the pool, though—whether tops or bottoms they quickly were leaving with someone for the cabin areas.

Gene could sense the assessing eyes and murmured comments as he passed from pool to lounge bed. Oh, yes, he thought, word was out. He didn’t know whether to curse his travel agent or thank him.

“That was a beautiful young man feeling you up in the pool.” The voice, a rich baritone, had come from the pool bed right next to Gene’s. There was room beside his lounger on one side, but the other side directly abutted another bed. The man on that bed was even older than Gene was—probably in his late fifties. But he was very well put together. Very handsome and debonair even in his swimming trunks. He had a mane of salt-and-pepper hair, but the hair on his body, more a fuzz of tight curls, was a reddish-auburn. He was built solid, heavy, but he carried it very well—barrel chested and tight, Zeus-like abs. He looked familiar. He also looked like he was fully in control—of whatever he wanted to control.

“Was it that obvious?” Gene asked, toweling off on the opposite side of his bed from the man who had spoken and then lying down on his back on the lounge bed. The man watched him towel off, both amusement and interest in his eyes.

“It was, because you give hope to someone like me. You are in terrific shape and very good looking, but it’s still a surprise to see the young hunks like that Puerto Rican show such interest in you. Did you know you would be received so well when you came on this cruise? Are you a power top or something? Or do you own a gym in Key West all the men want to belong to? You look like you might own a gym.”

Gene laughed. “I’m from Baltimore. And, no, I don’t own a gym and I’m not a top.”

“Nice,” the man said, turning toward Gene on his pool bed. Gene could tell the man was hard.

“What’s nice?” Gene asked.

The man smiled and said, “Would you believe I was referring to you being from Baltimore?”

“No, not really,” Gene said, and laughed. keçiören escort “So, you’re saying it’s a good thing I’m not a top?”

“Yes, it would be a pity if we both were,” the man said. “You have a nice smile and laugh. I find you very attractive.”

“I find you very familiar looking—in a good way, of course,” Gene responded. “Do many people tell you look like that movie star . . . what’s his name?”

“Yes, I get that a lot. Do you find me attractive too?”

“Jock Kelso. That’s the movie star. And he’s very attractive, so, yes, I must find you attractive too.”

“There’s no reason for us not to make the most of this cruise. Turn your body to me. I wish to feel you up.”

“Excuse me? Just like that?”

“Yes just like that. I think you know I’m hard. If I arouse you too, turn toward me, please. I’m going to feel you up; make you more aroused. You don’t object to that on a cruise like this, do you? Or am I too old for you?”

Gene didn’t know why he did—other than that the man was attractive and had a commanding voice—but he did turn on his side. “No, you’re not too old for me. But the pool is crowded. We’ll be—”

“Who gives a fuck what they see?” the man asked. He was already running his hand under Gene’s waistband and taking possession of Gene’s cock. Gene knew the man had now discovered that he’d gone hard too. He emitted a little moan. He did nothing to fend off the touch of the man’s long, sensuous fingers. “Ah, yes, I do arouse you too. You may feel and stroke me off too, if you like,” the man said. “I would like it if you do.”

Gene slid his hand under the waistband of the man’s trunks, glided his fingers through the man’s bush, and sheathed the thick, hard cock he found in his hand. The two lay there, facing each other, panting lightly, their eyes locked on each others’, and slowly stroked each other off.

“This is fine,” the man said. “We can bring each other off like this. You would like to come, with me masturbating you, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” Gene murmured.

“I will enjoy coming for you too.”

As they stroked, the man murmured sexy words to Gene in low tones, which flowed over Gene like a welcome breeze. It had been so long since a man had worked him like this.

“Your body is still so nice, your shaft so thick and long, that I’ll bet you were a real firecracker when you were in your twenties.”

“Yeah, I was bad to the bone,” Gene whispered.

“Was there anything you wouldn’t do?”

“Not much.”

“Did you do doubles—let two men inside you at once?”


“Nice. You’re so sexy. I’d like to be inside you. I want to fuck you. I’d like to share you with another man too—two hard cocks inside you, making love to you and to each other.”

The unvarnished sexy talk was pushing Gene over the edge. They tensed, jerked, and came together, guided by the older man’s whispered instructions on how close he was. He leaned his face into Gene’s, and they shared a tender kiss.

“That was special. Do you mind me being that forward?” the man asked.

“No, not at all,” Gene responded, and, strangely enough, he found that that was true. He moved his hand from the man’s cock and up his torso, cupping his chin, and pulling his face in for another kiss. Gene had a fleeting thought to what all of the young men swirling about them would think of these two old codgers having “sort of” sex by the pool and then he didn’t give a shit what they thought. His hand went back down to tease one of the man’s nipples out of his chest hair and give it attention.

“My name is Jason. Jason Hurlock,” the man said when they had both come inside their swim suits.

“Gene. Gene Dixon,” Gene answered.

“Is this what you came on this cruise to get, Gene?” Jason asked. “But maybe from the younger men? Where are you in life that you have come on this cruise? Is there no one significant in your life to do this for you back in Baltimore?”

“There was,” Gene answered. “There was for over twenty years, but he died recently. And then something else happened too.”

“Twenty years? I’ve had a similar experience. Was he younger than you—or older than you, like I am?”


“And were you submissive to him?”


“Was he hung? Did he fuck you with a big dick?”


“I am hung too.”

“I notice.” They both laughed.

“You mentioned another something that happened to you and prompted you to take this cruise.”

“I won in the lottery. I suddenly could afford to get out of the rut—to get out and meet men again. But enough about me, Jason. What has brought you on this cruise?”

“I wanted to meet, seduce, and fuck younger men,” he answered. They lay there for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes. Their hands had retreated now, and they were just two mature men facing each other in adjacent lounge beds. The spell was broken, though, and Jason looked out toward the pool.

“Younger men? Younger than me?”

“At my etlik escort age, nearly all desirable men are younger. You are younger than I am, Gene. I want to fuck you. Ah, there is your Hispanic stud walking this way now. Is he coming for you?”

“Shit,” Gene said, and he reached into the small bag he had with him, scrounged around and found the extra pass card to his cabin and twenty dollars. He leaned over and deposited both of them on the foot of his lounge bed.

“Twenty dollars?” Jason said, with a low laugh. “Is he really that cheap?”

“I wish,” Gene answered.

Julio strutted by their lounge beds, giving both men a sultry, knowing look. He picked up the pass card and the twenty and moved on toward the hatchway back into the interior of the cruise ship.

Gene sat up to watch Julio wiggle his butt as he moved away. He then turned and gave Jason a quizzical look.

“Go and have your fun,” Jason said. “Enjoy spending some of your lottery winnings. We can fuck later.”

Gene did have fun and enjoy spending the $200 he gave Julio.

* * * *

Julio had already helped himself to a shower and was coming out into the cabin, seemingly wearing only a towel around his waist, when Gene arrived.

“Are you alone in this cabin? This is a suite,” the young man said, almost accusingly.

“Yes, I’m alone. And it’s a junior suite, not a full one. I imagine you’ve heard I’ve won in a lottery.”

“Yes, I have heard,” Julio said. “I fuck you now. Put your cheek up against this wall by the door, please. First the quick one. We strip your swimsuit off, like this. Jut your ass out for me.”

“Oh, shit. Oh, Fuck!” Gene exclaimed as Julio’s fingers invaded his channel again, reaching for and finding his prostate. A few minutes later, when Julio had knelt behind him and opened him up more with his tongue, Gene found that the towel wasn’t the only thing the Hispanic young man was wearing. When he dropped that, he was revealed to be wearing a condom, which he put to immediate use, palming Gene’s belly to keep the man’s ass jutting out and pressing Gene’s head to the wall with his other hand, as he worked his cock inside Gene and fucked him.

A bit later in the afternoon, the sultry young Hispanic fucked Gene more slowly and deeply in a missionary on the bed, with the older man on his back, his legs descending over the foot of the bed, and the soles of his feet pressed to the carpet. Julio stood between Gene’s thighs, crouching over the older’ man’s chest, pressing his forehead into Gene’s and staring into his eyes, as he held Gene’s head to the bed with a choke hold on his throat with one hand and palmed the small of Gene’s back with his other hand. His cock, sheathed in a fresh condom, was deep inside Gene’s passage, held steady, with the stroking provided by Julio pulling Gene’s pelvis to his and releasing it with his hand on the small of Gene’s back and Gene counterthrusting his pelvis by leveraging off the soles of his feet.

They fucked in this position for nearly a half hour, both of them adept at holding off when the threat of coming loomed and then resuming the stroking when they regained control. Julio gave up the game first, and Gene came soon thereafter.

“You were very good,” Julio said, coming out of the bathroom afterward in shorts and a T-shirt he’d brought to the room in a small bag. He was standing by the built-in desk unit, counting his $200.

“For an old man, you mean?” Gene said, still lying on this bed, naked, his legs dangling toward the floor.

“For any man,” Julio said. “You’re in great shape. And you are hung. I’d suck your cock for free.”

“It isn’t just because I won in the lottery and am willing to share it with you?”

“I wouldn’t have thought of going with a man as old as you if you didn’t have money—and pay me. As you must know, I’m a professional prostitute on the cruise to make money. But in the dark I wouldn’t know the difference between you and a much younger man, and you’ve got better moves than most. Most can’t get their gut muscles to squeeze my cock and milk it like you can. Nobody else has sucked my balls like you did, either.”

“You should try more older men,” Gene said. “You would find they are more expert than young men—and more grateful.”

“Will you be more grateful for this, then?” Julio asked, with a laugh. He sank down on his knees between Gene’s thighs, took the older man’s cock in his mouth, and gave him an expert blow job. He drove Gene wild and the older man had his pelvis going when Julio invaded his ass with his fingers while he was sucking Gene off and did a job on his prostate as well.

A moaning and gushing Gene was $50 more grateful.

Thank the gods for the Maryland Lottery, he was thinking. What a payoff this was.

As the young man got to the cabin door, Gene called out, “Julio, tell me honestly, was the sex good? Because, you know, as men get older . . .”

“The sex was very good,” Julio answered. “If you had not paid me for the blow job, rus escort I would not have complained. I volunteered to do it. Of course, the money was good too.”

Then he was gone. For some reason, Gene didn’t feel fully euphoric. He had agonized about this when deciding whether or not to take this cruise. But he couldn’t say he wasn’t getting sex on the cruise. He wondered how many hopeful young men paid for the cruise but hadn’t been fucked on the cruise yet. And not just fucked. The hand job he’d shared with Jason Hurlock, another old man, had been special.

Then it dawned on him that he’d come five times so far that day. It was a worthwhile cruising cruise after all. That hadn’t happened since he’d been in his twenties—since he and Brad had taken up housekeeping together.

* * * *

Dinner in the Starlight Dining Room was strangely depressing for Gene. It wasn’t just that he was sore from his afternoon fuckfest with Julio and was feeling his age. It also was this lottery win thing. If only they all knew. Of course, everyone seemed to think they knew. All of the young guys at his table were on the make for him and others would stop and press themselves up against him at the table and flirt while he was trying to eat.

Obviously, Julio had passed along some confirmations on the basis of Gene having a junior suite all to himself. Not only was it affirmation that he had the money for it, but also that he had the privacy for prolonged sex. He’d been additionally chagrined when one guy asked him if he and the other guy he had in tow could borrow the cabin while Gene was at dinner.

Thus, it was with thoughts that maybe this five-day cruise hadn’t been such a good idea at all that he retreated to the Schooner Bar after dinner. He reasoned that this was where the older and quieter guys would go, as there was a transvestite show booked for the A Chorus Line lounge after dinner and the Casino Royale would like be teeming with young blood as well. There even was a nude pool party at the top of the ship on the schedule for later.

A piano player who played old standards was holding down the Schooner Bar after dinner. Before dinner there’d been an aerial act in the Centrum atrium, performed by scantily clad and muscular men. That had been invigorating, but the Centrum was featuring photo ops with the captain—who didn’t seem all that happy doing photos with the passengers on this particular run—and a mariachi band. Gene could pass on that.

When he entered the Schooner Bar, his attention directed to an empty stool at the far end of the bar, a hand reached out from the area of low tables and swivel chairs by the bank of windows and stopped him.

“I was hoping you’d wind up here. Would you like to join us?”

The voice, of course, was that of Jason Hurlock. The “us” turned out to be one of the aerialist from earlier in the day, a muscular blond man in his late thirties by the name of Gustav. Gene sat, ordered a Rusty Navel, and tried not to feel too pleased that not only was Jason here, but he’d made the effort to invite Gene to sit with him. He already had a hunk in tow, although Gene wondered how much Gustav was in tow. He didn’t strike Gene as being a submissive.

Gustav was wearing a form-fitting tan shirt that brought a safari guide to Gene’s mind, tight white cargo shorts, tight mainly because the man’s thighs were athletically muscular, and leather wristbands. He was something East Europe. He didn’t join in the conversation much, but Gene had to pay close attention to what he did say to understand it.

“Gustav is a long acquaintance of mine,” Jason said. “I recommended him and his group for the entertainment job on this voyage.”

Gene and Jason engaged in some chit chat between songs from the piano—they were polite enough not to talk over the playing and Gene was pleased to see that Jason seemed to genuinely enjoy the music. Gustav tolerated it, but Gustav didn’t have much to say. He did keep up with Jason on the wandering hands front. After Gene was half finished with his second Rusty Navel, he became aware that both men were touching him. He was wedged between them around a low coffee table, and both men were touching him—on his arm, on his chest, on his thighs, and, eventually on his basket. Jason more than once cupped his head and pulled him in for a brief kiss. When Gustav did that too, while cupping and squeezing his basket, Gene fully realized where this encounter was going.

And he didn’t care. He was on his third drink. He’d come in worrying about what the younger guys really thought of him. Jason was older than he was, and Gustav was older than most of the passengers on this vessel. They both seemed safe.

But then they weren’t safe, and Gene was too mellow and sloshed to give what Jason suggested full thought.

The piano player was taking a fifteen-minute break. It was a natural time for conversations to blossom and get deeper and for there to be a changing of the guard of the passengers in the bar. There was a general hubbub in the room and men milling about. Jason leaned over and murmured to Gene, “I’ve been talking to Gustav about you. Gustav says he’d like to fuck you.”

“Well, uh,” Gene responded, looking at Gustav’s hopeful smile and then down to where Gustav’s hand was cupping Gene’s basket.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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