Lois’s Confession Pt. 02

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After Bob left, Lois and I looked at each other as though to say, “what now?” Since we were still naked I suggested we get some pics of her alone in provocative poses for Bob.

I explained about an idea I had of “photo album” concept. Similar to a wedding album, but on a DVD. The first part, or section of the “album” would be photos of only Lois. Same as a wedding photographer would take of the bride before the actual wedding. The only difference being the pics of her would be sexually explicit. Including close-ups of her vagina, ass, anus, breasts, etc. I thought it would make for a great introduction to the rest of the “album”, being of the photos I took earlier of her and Bob having sex.

I explained in more detail about the kind of pictures I wanted, and if she was comfortable with it, some of her using sex toys. The intent was for the introduction section of the “album” to be provocative and a bit raunchy. I wanted it to be a real attention grabber as a way to set the stage for the rest of the “album” of her and Bob.

She gave it some thought and said she felt it was a great idea and couldn’t wait to get started.

“Just tell me what I need to do. How to pose and where. I promise not to question your judgment, although I might propose an idea or two of my own.”

While I’ve never photographed anyone alone nude, I couldn’t think of a better person for my first solo nude subject. Lois is a lovely lady for her age and I felt a slight twinge in my abdomen and pussy with her and I naked together.

I figured we’d continue taking pics in the living room, although we might migrate to the bedroom. After some full body shots of Lois in provocative poses I decided to switch to close-ups starting with her tits and nipples.

Once I had a few au naturel photos of her breasts I got an ice cube from the freezer, which I rubbed on her nipples to make them hard and erect as possible. I even took a few pics of Lois rubbing the ice cube against her nipples. Like me, Lois doesn’t have big breasts, but her nipples get quite large when aroused. Very suckable for sure and would look so in pictures.

Then came photos of her ass and anus in a variety of poses. The best being of Lois on her knees on the edge of the sofa, legs spread wide exposing her pretty bumhole. Minus any cum this time.

Lois has an asshole that’s nearly hairless. Just a few wisps of hair around her anus in spite of having a hairy pussy. Plus it’s pinkish in tone. Which I found unusual since as a woman ages it usually tends to become more brownish. Simply put, she has a very “attractive” asshole for any age. Which might seem like an odd way to describe it, but it’s one that will make for great pictures, and one that anyone would love to lick and tongue. Let alone fuck.

Then I got one of her anal dildos from her dresser draw and asked if she wouldn’t mind doing herself in her asshole seductively with it while I took photos.

Which she didn’t hesitate to do and did like a professional in a porn flic. So much so it was making me horny. Quite a turn on watching Lois like I was so very close. Best part is Lois appeared to be enjoying herself, which made for better pictures since it wasn’t a forced effort on her part. She was into it so much when I stopped taking pictures she continued doing it until she orgasmed. Albeit not an earth shattering one, but enough that I had to wait for her breathing to return to normal.

Once it did I told her I needed a larger dildo to see if we could create an anal gape sincan escort with it. Sure she said and then got a number of different dildos and vibrators from her dresser and placed them on the sofa.

When she got back on her knees I lubed up one of the larger dildos before inserting it in her bumhole. Surprisingly she took it easily and without blinking an eye. Which could mean only one thing, she does anal often. Be it by herself with dildos, or Bob fucking her in the ass. Most likely a combination of both.

Once inserted I slowly pushed it as far as I thought it would comfortably go before taking a few photos of it embedded deep in her ass. Then after pumping her with it for a few minutes I slowly removed it. When I did she had a large gape that was near photo perfect. I took as many photos as fast as I could before her anus returned to its natural tightly puckered state.

Whew…what a turn on it was. I even felt my pussy getting wet. I was beginning to wonder how much longer it would be before I stopped taking photos and asked Lois to dildo my own asshole.

Next up was pictures of Lois’s pussy. Which I knew would be tricky. I asked her to sit on the sofa with her legs bent at the knees, spread wide and her feet on the edge of the sofa. With her pussy fully exposed I took a few pictures looking straight at it as one would see it just before going down on it.

Viewing Lois’s cunt up close and personal like I was is when I first realized how large her labia were. Very long, pinkish in color and finely textured. Much larger labia than is the norm and very suckable for sure. As with their anus a woman’s labia tends to become darker in tone as they age, but not with Lois. At least not yet.

I asked if I could arrange her pussy lips a bit differently since I didn’t want to touch her vagina without asking first.

“Sure.”… she said. “Do what you need to. You’re the photographer and should know what would look best.”

I gently took each of her labia in my fingers and spread them apart so you could see her clit and inside her vaginal orifice. When I did, her vagina looked like a butterfly with its wings spread open. And just as beautiful. So much so I had all I could do from burying my face in her sweet looking pussy.

As for Lois’s clitoris, it’s very big. Albeit somewhat hard to see because of her hairy pubic mound. Much larger than mine. About the size of a mothball. Might have been because it was still somewhat engorged from the sex she had earlier with Bob, and like her labia, it would be very suckable.

As I was arranging Lois’s pussy lips she shuddered ever so slightly, which I didn’t give much thought. After taking a few pics I asked Lois to rub her clit with two fingers as though she was masturbating. Which she gladly did. Then I asked her to stimulate her clit with one of her vibrators. Again she didn’t hesitate but complied willingly.

It wasn’t long from all the attention she and I were giving her pussy that vaginal fluids started oozing from her cunt. Which while not anticipated, wasn’t unexpected and conveniently would make for some great pics as it flowed down onto her fully exposed anus. So much so I figured a pic of her love juice flowing from her cunt onto her asshole would make for a perfect last photo to the introduction section of the “album”. What better way to end it than a photo of Lois’s pussy literally “drooling” and “begging” to be fucked.

Then I told Lois since her pussy was so wet I’d like to get çankaya escort a few pics of her inserting the biggest dildo she had in it. Without hesitation she grabbed a ten inch monster that had to be nearly three inches in diameter and inserted it easily in her cunt. Not all the way, but a good six to seven inches. Slowly she pumped it in and out of her very wet pussy until I told her to stop. At that point I had all the photos I felt I needed.

Reluctantly she did, but not before saying she got horny as hell from doing what I needed for photos and hoped they would turn out as “hot” as she was at the moment.

“I don’t know what turned me on more Lacey. Dildoing myself and masturbating or the fact you were watching and taking photos while I did.”

“Probably a little bit of both. I know I get horny as hell when Walter takes pics of me sucking his cock. Something about knowing you’re being photographed that adds an extra element of erotica to things. My pussy simply gushes pussy juice when he does.”

“As for the pictures turning out “hot”. No doubt in my mind they will. And if I may be so blunt, if they have one tenth the effect on Bob as they did on you and me while taking them we can consider our efforts a rousing success.”

“Really.”…she replied. “I know I was getting horny, but didn’t realize it was affecting you too.”

While we were talking Lois was still sitting on the sofa with her legs raised and spread thinking I was going to take more pictures. As she did I found myself looking at her pussy more so than her eyes. She noticed it too. When she did I apologized.

“I’m sorry for staring at your vagina Lois, but you do have a pretty pussy.”

Then without thinking I blurted out if she wouldn’t mind I’d like to “kiss” it. Which could have been a big mistake asking like I did, but thankfully wasn’t.

“Mind? I’m so glad you asked as I’d love you to. But only if you let me reciprocate when you’re done.”

The last part was more of a statement than a request.

Once Lois gave me her blessing I put the camera down, got on my knees between her legs and went straight for her pussy.

I kissed every square inch of it and around it. Labia, both minor and major, perineum, asshole, clit, pubic mound, etc. You name it…I kissed it. I couldn’t resist taking her unusually large labia in my mouth and gently sucked each one at a time. I savored them in my mouth like a piece of fine chocolate, which got Lois squirming and moaning ever so softly. Then I focused my efforts licking and tonguing her large and swollen clitoris. Slowly at first and then more intently until Lois had both hands on my head and was moaning more loudly while grinding her pussy against my face.

As she did I dipped one finger in her now soaking wet pussy and inserted it in her anus. When I did Lois let out a loud screech.

“God Lacey. That feels so damn good with your finger in my asshole while tonguing my clit. Please don’t stop until I cum.”

Which didn’t take long between me finger fucking her asshole and attacking her clit orally. When she did she raised her ass up while forcing my head down on her cunt. As soon as she did she let out a loud scream and immediately discharged a flood of pussy juice on my face. Then her whole body quivered and shook, and when it did she discharged yet another load of pussy juice.

Finally her orgasm subsided and she stopped humping my face, but continued to hold my head against her cunt. Albeit more gently. eryaman escort She then leaned forward, raised my head up and with both hands on my cheeks passionately kissed me. All while probing my mouth with her tongue to taste her pussy juice.

After going down on Lois it made me realize that in a short period of time of only a few months how much I’ve become fond of eating another woman’s pussy. In some ways it was puzzling. Was I a latent lesbian or a late blooming bisexual? Had to be the latter since the two things I enjoy most are sucking cock and being assed fucked. But eating pussy has now been added to the list.

Lost in my thoughts I didn’t hear Lois at first as she asked me to trade places so she could go down on me. Which I didn’t hesitate to do when I realized what she was saying. As we switched positions I literally started to pant in anticipation of how her mouth, lips and tongue would feel on my pussy.

But Lois did something else first that took me by surprise. She knelt in front of me, but instead of going down on my pussy she took my right foot in her hand and began licking and sucking my toes. One toe at a time starting with my little toe. While a few men have sucked my toes it was the first time another woman ever did.

Lois licked and sucked them very lovingly. Quite a turn on for me and it appeared from the way Lois was acting it was for her too. Then she stood up and began rubbing her pubic mound with my foot. Softly at first then more intently as she made sure the balls of my foot rubbed against the lower part of her pubic mound near her clitoral hood.

Then she said…”While giving you manicures and pedicures I’ve always had a secret desire to take your pretty toes in my mouth, but was afraid to ask. I’m sure you know how pretty your toes and feet are Lacey, and they are by far the most beautiful of all my clients. And in case you don’t know, they taste as delicious as they look. A fantasy come true for me to be able to finally suck your toes.”

Just when it seemed she was going to orgasm from rubbing my foot against her cunt she released it and went straight for my pussy head first.

When she did I wasn’t disappointed in my anticipation of how good her lips and tongue would feel. Lois making oral love to my cunt not only felt good…it felt incredibly good. She probed and sucked my clit with her tongue and lips to near perfection. Which only confirmed that the best oral sex a woman can have is that performed by another woman.

Lois licked, sucked and tongued my clit and pussy so well I was about to orgasm in a matter of minutes. I warned Lois I was about to cum and when I did she grabbed a nearby anal dildo on the sofa and inserted in my asshole that was soaking wet from my love juice that flowed down on it. Then she began to “fuck” it furiously.

That’s all it took to bring on my orgasm. When it hit me I thought I saw fireworks it was so intense. I grabbed Lois’s head with both hands and bucked against her so hard I thought I might have hurt her. And when I did I discharged a huge flood of pussy juice, which literally soaked her face with my vaginal fluids. Some of which she captured in her mouth.

Once done with my orgasm I kissed her hard and passionately while tonguing her mouth so I could taste my pussy juice. Which tasted delicious. I’ve tasted my own pussy juice from sucking a cock or finger after it has been in my pussy, but for some reason it tasted sweeter mixed with Lois’s saliva.

Then we stood up and while holding hands strolled into her bedroom where we laid down on the bed together. After warmly embracing and exploring each other bodies from head to toe we got on our sides in a 69 position. Then we proceeded to devour each others cunts until we both orgasmed one last time.

The End.

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