Leah’s BBQ

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I wrote this one for the woman across the road. If you could see Leah, you would know why I would like to fuck her and enjoy her body.(Long blonde hair, 28 years old, a gorgeous figure, nice personality and hopefully a high sex drive which she would like to share one day).

It may never happen….but you can always dream.

“How’s the veggie burger?” I asked Leah.

“Great.” Leah answered me, as she took another bite.

I smiled and continued cooking the BBQ. It was one of those neighbourly get togethers that happen whenever we are all off work and at home. In all honesty, it was just an excuse to sink a couple of beers and have a few Jim Beams.

Standing there flipping the burgers and steaks, I glanced over at Leah again and admired the way her figure hugged the jeans she wore and the way the tight blouse moulded its shape over her breasts. I was getting a hard on just from looking at her.

Leah looked up as I was staring and took another sip of the drink as she watched me.

I looked away and went back to the meat which was starting to turn black.

“Hey, don’t burn them”. Leah’s husband Darryn replied.

“Slip of the old marbles.” I told him.

He grinned and had a swig of his beer. “Leah looks good tonight” He said to me.

“Sure does.” I replied glancing over at her again.

“You casino siteleri can have her if you want.” He said.

I nearly dropped the tongs I was turning the meat with, unsure if he was serious or just drunk.

“You can buddy, I know she thinks about you sometimes.” He told me.

“She does?” I asked.

“Yep”. He said, “So go for it”.

I tried to keep the tongs from shaking as I thought about her naked and riding me. I got that hard on again, only this time worse.

Next thing I felt this hand on my bum, through my jeans.

“What were the two of you talking about?” Leah asked.

“Nothing.” I replied as I tried not to think of Leah’s hand on my rear, as it stayed there.

“You can tell me.” Leah lent in close to whisper into my ear, as the hand caressed my bum.

I was starting to feel horny as I smelt Leah’s breathe on my ear and felt the hand move over my bum to stroke my cheeks.

“Darryn said that if I wanted I could have you tonight.” I told her.

“He’s drunk, but do you want to?” Leah said as she leaned into my neck and nibbled my ear lobe.

“Yes.” Was the only answer I could get out of my mouth as I took a quick sip of my drink.

Leah grabbed my hand and stated to pull me away from the BBQ.

“What about the meat?” I asked her.

“Darryn, can slot oyna you look after the meat?” Leah called out.

“Okay.” Came a slurred response.

“Won’t they miss us?” I asked her.

“No.” Leah answered as she led me to the rear of the house to the patio.

Leah stopped and turned around and grabbed my head between her two hands and pulled my lips to hers. Crushing them as she sought to feed a thirsting hunger that was clearly evident.

I returned her kiss, trying to grab her and pull her closer than she already was.

Our tongues explored the each other’s mouth as our noses rubbed to others.

Leah pulled back and started quickly to undo my shirt, while at the same time I undid hers.

She won and leaned down to lick my chest and tease my nipples, I held her head as she assaulted me with her tongue.

Leah’s hands worked quick to undo my jeans and pull them down, to my ankles, taking with them my boxer shorts.

Leah’s mouth wasted no time but encircled my erect cock and took it deep within her mouth.

It felt incredible to have her suck on me after her wonton sexual need that was like a volcano of desire.

Leah worked fast at my cock. Taking it in all the way and letting her teeth rake the sides of it as she pulled back.

I was going to cum quickly if Leah kept this up for canlı casino siteleri much longer, so I pulled her head away and pulled her upright, so that I could undo the rest of her blouse and slid the jeans off.

Leah helped with the clothes and before I knew it she was naked before me.

I pulled her close and kissed her roughly as I wanted to fuck her hard.

Leah pulled me over to a chair and pushed me down into it.

Without too much time to think about this, Leah straddled my legs and guided my erection into her wet vagina.

It felt good sliding straight in and sinking to its full length.

Leah’s hands went around my neck as she pulled herself towards me, so that I was buried to the hilt within her.

I had my hands on her hips and was pushing her away and pulling her back, so that my erection slid in and out, building up a rhythm as I fucked her.

Leah buried her head into my shoulder as she rode my cock, the sweat drenching her as she felt her desire.

I suddenly pulled her hard to me as I erupted with cum into her womb, so that both of our bodily fluids mixed and flowed within her.

Leah’s hands gripped my shoulders hard as she tried to pull me deeper, as she continued to hump my erection.

Slowly, Leah pulled her head back to look at me and smiled.

I could see that she was damp and that she had that glow of unbridled sex on her skin.

“Thankyou.” Leah said as she smiled at me.

“Anytime.” I answered, as I kissed her on her two lips with a tender passion.

(Part 2 to come)

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