High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 27

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A sliver of sunlight pierced through a small opening in the heavy curtains hanging on Staci’s bedroom window, streaking across the room as I opened my eyes Sunday morning. Staci was snuggled into my side one slender leg draped over my thigh, a tiny delicate hand softly resting on my chest and her head cradled on my shoulder. Her eyes remained closed and her breathing shallow as I stared up at the fancy lace canopy hanging above her bed.

Her petite body fit perfectly into my side, small champagne glass shaped breasts pressing against my naked flesh. The comforter I’d pulled over us before I drifted off to sleep still warmed us, making her body feel even more luscious.

My mind began reviewing the events of Saturday night. I had initially thought Staci to be a reserved conservative woman, but once the passion of our foreplay began she was quickly transformed into a seductive tigress, her incredible body matched equally by her sensuous mind. Unlike her roommate Gina, I knew that Staci wouldn’t be a one-time fuck but rather a woman I hoped to enjoy again and again.

I felt her body snuggle tighter against me as her fingers curled and she lightly scratched my chest with her perfectly manicured nails. “Morning lover.” She whispered.

I turned my face toward hers and replied. “Good morning sexy.”

Her eyes still appeared a little sleepy but sparkled just the same, the irises seemed a more sensual shade of green, the gray highlights disappearing in the brighter light of day.

“I kind of embarrassed myself last night.” Staci mentioned.

“How so?” I asked as I curled my arm and pulled her soft sleek body tighter against me.

Staci grinned then explained. “Watching that couple across the street really turned me on, I went a little wild when you started touching me.”

“That shouldn’t embarrass you, I absolutely loved it.” I replied squeezing her shoulder to emphasize how much I loved her aggressive manner.

“I’m not normally that wild.” She admitted while continuing to scratch lightly across my chest with her fingernails.

I grinned at her then said. “Trust me, I know some pretty wild women and you’re no wilder than most.”

Staci’s smile disappeared and she flattened her hand against my chest as she lifted her head off my shoulder, looked me squarely in the eyes and asked. “You’re involved with other women?”

Having no reason to lie to her I replied. “Yes, I’m seeing several other women.”

I instantly regretted using the word several as the frown that appeared on her face confirmed she had an issue with me seeing other women. Staci rolled away from me and sat up on the edge of the bed. Her sleek naked body slid from under the comforter as she spoke. “I wish you had told me that before we made love last night.”

I hadn’t even thought of telling her I was seeing other women before we began our mutual seduction and tried to explain as I replied. “I’m a 41 year old divorced man, I told you I have no intention of getting married again and I assumed you would have figured that I would be dating other women.”

Staci turned a little toward me so she could see my reaction as she asked. “Do these women know you are seeing others or are you cheating on all of them?”

My ex had cheated on me with several men, and the word cheating offended me a little. I knew my answer to Staci’s question would either salvage our budding relationship or end it just as we started. I hesitated a moment then answered. “They all know and are okay with it. In fact we sometimes spend evenings together.”

“Would you expect me to be a part of a ménage à trios?” Staci asked.

Her question gave me hope that she’d be okay with me dating other women and I quickly replied. “Staci, other than enjoying the time we share together, I have no expectations.”

“Well that’s good to know. Gina once talked me into a threesome with a guy she was dating and I felt like a third wheel the entire time.” Staci admitted.

I stared into her beautiful eyes waiting for her to continue. If she agreed to share me with the others I knew our time together would be one on one, which I was completely happy with.

Staci’s eyes dropped from mine and she hesitated for the longest time before speaking. “I not sure I’m willing to share a man with other women. Every time we’re together I’d feel like we are cheating on them.” Staci said.

“You’d feel that way even if they were aware I was seeing you?” I asked.

Staci returned her eyes to mine as she answered. “Oh god, that would make it even worse, I’m already wondering about whether I’m as good a fuck as them, and I can’t imagine they wouldn’t wonder the same if they knew about me.”

I knew Staci wouldn’t believe me if I told her she was a better fuck than all the rest, and to be quite honest I’ve never really compared them in that way. Every fuck is awesome to me. I still wanted to try and salvage something between Staci and me since I knew there were many sexual buttons still to push wednesday izle on her sleek sensual body. I reached out and gently touched her shoulder as I said. “I really enjoy being with you and hope we can see each other again.”

She moved so my hand slipped from her shoulder and turned more toward me before answering. “I love the way you touch me, the way you kiss me. I love the feel of your cock inside me, in my mouth and the sweet taste of your cum, but I don’t think I can share you with other women.”

I gazed over her lovely petite tits, up to her silky blonde hair and into her sparkling gray green eyes. I knew it would have to be on her terms if our relationship was to continue and offered a suggestion. “I want you to think about it Staci. I promise never to tell anyone about us if you change your mind.”

Staci stood up and began walking toward her closet. I studied her exquisite naked ass for what could possibly be the last time, the unique and colorful tramp stamp inviting my gaze. She slipped into a bathrobe and tied it tightly around her waist.

“I will think about it and promise to tell you what my decision is, but for now I think it best if you leave.” She said as she turned and walked toward the door.

I sat up on the edge of the bed and heard the bathroom door close. When I walked past I could hear Staci sobbing inside. As I collected my clothes and dressed I thought about what she was feeling, I had promised last night to honor the trust she had for me, and now she was crying because she felt I had already broken that trust.

She was still sobbing softly as I lightly knocked on the bathroom door and said. “I’m leaving Staci please forgive me for breaking your trust in me.” Staci didn’t reply and I left without saying another word.

As I waited for enough coffee to brew to fill my mug I wondered if Staci would actually call, or if her silence would serve as an answer to her decision. Only time would provide me with the answer.

The morning sun was beaming onto my balcony as I stepped through the door and went to the railing carrying a mug of hot coffee. I looked toward Kay’s apartment and saw she was standing on her balcony apparently enjoying the crisp morning air while having that first cup of java.

I waved to her and she instantly smiled widely and waved back. I wondered if her black lover was still there, or if she’d dispatched him shortly after he pumped her hot pussy full of thick cum. She was wearing her favorite fluffy bathrobe which was tied tightly around her waist protecting her from the crisp early morning air.

She held her hand up and spread her thumb and pinky finger then moved them to her ear signaling she wanted me to call her. I gave her the okay sign with my hand and turned around to retrieve my cell phone inside.

“Good morning.” Kay answered my call as I stepped to the railing again.

“Morning Kay, did you sleep well?” I replied looking down toward her.

She was looking up at me as she answered. “I slept like a baby and my headache is gone.”

I bit my tongue and didn’t ask if she’d cured her headache with a huge black cock, instead I simply replied. “I’m glad to hear that.”

“I’m so excited about going over to Ginger’s later.” Kay said.

I chuckled then answered. “I’m looking forward to it too.”

Kay giggled and offered. “I suspect you’re really going to enjoy yourself today.”

“I’d ask you why, but I think I’d rather be surprised.” I said.

“I know how much you like surprises so I won’t reveal any of our plans for you.” Kay answered.

What Kay didn’t know was that I had a surprise or two planned for her. Somehow during the day I wanted to bring up the fact that I watched as she deep throated a huge black cock last night but in a way that only Kay would know I’d seen it.

“I figure we should leave about eleven thirty.” Kay suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” I replied.

She giggled again then asked. “Did you get plenty of rest last night?”

“Enough.” I replied with one word.

“So I’ll see you later this morning?” Kay asked

“For sure, do you want me to come up?” I asked.

Kay replied. “I’ll be waiting in the lobby for you.”

“Great see you then.” I answered.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Kay said before she disconnected our call.

I puttered around the apartment for a couple hours thinking about the incredible sex I’d shared with Staci as well as what I fully expected to be an awesome afternoon with Ginger and Kay.

About 10:30 I showered and got dressed. I drove to the local Rite-Aid and bought a box of Garcia y Vega Elegantes, a slim six inch long Dominican Republic cigar with a flavorful taste and sweet aroma, before picking Kay up at the Cambridge Arms.

Kay was standing inside the lobby when I double parked outside. She came bounding through the doors as soon as she noticed my car carrying a small overnight bag which she tossed weekend family izle in the back seat before sliding into the passenger seat beside me.

I turned and accepted her quick kiss, as she buckled her seat belt I asked. “What’s in the bag?”

She grinned devilishly at me then replied. “It’s a secret.”

As I pulled into the flow of light Sunday traffic I mentioned. “I’m sure glad you got rid of that headache.”

“Me too, nothing like a good night’s sleep.” Kay replied, continuing her lies about how she got over her headache.

As we drove to Ginger’s Kay mentioned that she and Ginger had talked about going antiquing up north one weekend soon. I told her I thought that was a great idea knowing a couple days away would provide me with an opportunity to hook up with Fran or perhaps Staci if she changed her mind about seeing me again.

I’m looking forward to seeing Kayla again.” Kay mentioned.

I glanced toward her and replied. “I hope she’s doing okay.”

“I’m sure she is, Kayla looked pretty good when we first visited her shop.” Kay answered.

“I bet Kim will be happy to see you and Ginger walk into his shop.” I said.

Kay giggled then suggested. “Maybe Ginger and I can double team him and get some goodies at a deep discount.”

“As hot and bothered as he got when you flirted with him I’d suspect he might give you two some freebees.” I said with a chuckle, recalling Kim’s remark that he’d love to see Kay when she’s really turned on and her admission that she told him she wished she was alone so she could do more than show him her tits.

We arrived at Ginger’s a little after twelve, one garage door was open and the bay empty, the black Escalade that was parked there Wednesday was missing. I parked in front of the closed door where that classic T-bird had been parked figuring Mindy had left in the Cadillac and forgotten to push the button on the remote in her car. I grabbed Kay’s bag from the back seat and held her hand as we walked past the open garage door. Ginger’s red Beamer was parked in the other bay confirming her daughter was out and about already today.

Ginger opened the front door as we approached and said. “I’ve been expecting you two.”

Kay smiled as we walked inside and answered. “We’re not late are we?”

“Of course not we have the rest of the day to enjoy ourselves.” Ginger replied.

I smiled as I followed Kay inside then extended my hand toward Ginger as I said. “It’s good to see you Ginger.”

I instantly felt a little silly offering her a handshake when I fully expected to be offering her a rock hard cock later.

Ginger grinned and instead of accepting my hand moved against me and hugged me tightly as she spoke. “It’s really good to see you.” She placed more emphasis on the word you.

Ginger’s hair was teased into a very sexy messy look and her sensuous lipstick was a lovely shade of pink. She was dressed in a black floor length knit dress with short sleeves that hugged her body snuggly. Most would think it a rather mundane dress to entertain guests in until I noticed it was split up both sides to a point at her waist. When she walked the split opened to reveal not only her shapely leg, but also her firm thigh and sexy hip.

“Let me take your coats.” Ginger offered.

Kay slipped out of her coat; besides the short denim skirt she was wearing she had on a rich blue satin blouse that she had left open enough to show off her creamy white cleavage. She had decided to go braless, her already erect nipples poked at the satin fabric.

Ginger hung Kay’s jacket in the foyer closet and I took the liberty to hang my own. As we turned to face Kay, Ginger remarked. “That’s very sexy.”

I smiled at Kay confirming I thought she looked extremely hot today.

“Your dress is pretty sexy too.” I commented as I turned to again check out Ginger’s shapely leg.

Ginger chuckled and replied. “This old rag, I like to wear it when I’m planning on a soak in the hot tub, it’s very easy to slip on and off.” As she started toward the kitchen Ginger asked. “Would anyone like some champagne?”

“I’m gonna leave my bag here.” Kay said as she placed her overnight bag on a chair at the bottom of the curved staircase leading upstairs and followed Ginger and me toward the kitchen.

Ginger had a bottle of champagne on ice and three fluted glasses prepared. Her kitchen looked like something out of a home design magazine, cherry cabinets with brass pulls, black granite countertops and matching black appliances. The floor was done in a very expensive looking ceramic tile. It had clearly been designed by someone who knows their way around a kitchen, every area seem to flow into the next so preparations would move smoothly.

“Allen, can you open this please?” She asked as she slowly stroked the neck of the bottle like it was a cock.

As I began working on the bottle I asked. “Where’s Mindy today?”

“I welcome to chippendales izle don’t really know, she got up early and took off. Hopefully she’ll be out all day.” Ginger answered.

Kay moved beside me and placed her hand in the small of my back then said. “I haven’t eaten anything today; I hope this champagne doesn’t make me tipsy.”

Ginger was standing at the corner of the counter watching and remarked. “I made up a cheese and fruit tray so we’d have something to snack on while we soak in the hot tub.”

I worked the cork slowly out of the bottle wanting to avoid any accidents with a flying chunk of cork or a mess if the bottle fizzed too much. With a resounding pop, the cork came out of the neck but I caught it with my fingers.

“Here we go.” I said holding the open champagne bottle up for them both to see before filling all three glasses and returning it to its icy cradle.

Ginger held her glass up and offered a toast. “Here’s to incredible sex.”

Clinking her glass against Ginger’s Kay said. “Here, here!”

“I couldn’t agree more.” I said as my glass touched theirs and I smiled at Ginger.

“I don’t normally use this during the day, but after a stressful or especially long day at the office I usually relax with a warm soak by candlelight, soft jazz and a glass of wine before heading for bed.” Ginger said as we entered the room.

The midday sun had warmed the floor as well as the air in a room clearly designed for one purpose. A huge eight seat hot tub was sunken into the floor and potted ferns surrounded it on three sides. The hot tub was already turned on and a froth of air bubbles rose to the surface from every jet. Ginger’s snack tray of fruit and cheese sat near one corner of the very inviting tub.

“I like soaking in the nude.” Ginger remarked as she bent down to set her champagne glass down on the edge of the tub.

Ginger straightened up and lifted her knit dress over her head. She was naked in an instant with the exception of her heeled black sandals. Kay quickly followed unbuttoning her satin blouse and letting it slip from her shoulders. Her denim skirt fell to the floor and she kicked it and her pumps toward her blouse then slipped out of her black lace panties.

“Come on Allen, aren’t you going to join us?” Ginger asked as she slipped out of her sandals and I stood there comparing their sexy bodies.

Ginger’s a more petite version of Kay’s, her perfectly shaped B cup tits are decorated with darker nipples than Kay’s whose tits are a full D cup and tipped with pinkish nipples and decorated with a light splattering of sexy freckles, like most true redheads. Kay is slightly taller than Ginger, perhaps by two or three inches but I believe the difference is in her torso because their hips seem to be an equal distance from the floor. They both have incredibly sexy legs, shapely thighs and well defined calves. Kay’s feet are a little larger than Ginger’s but both take the time to add sexy colors to their toenails.

As they joined hands and stepped into the tub Kay looked over her shoulder and said. “Are you gonna stand there and stare all day?”

I didn’t need to be invited again. I placed my champagne glass next to Ginger’s and quickly stripped. I could tell they both were studying my semi erect cock as I stepped into the hot water.

Kay was first to remark. “He’s got such a beautiful cock.”

As I walked down the steps in the hot tub into the hot frothy water, Ginger’s eyes were carefully surveying my cock as she said. “It’s a perfect size, not so big that he’d rip you open, especially if he puts it in your ass, but big enough to fill every nook and cranny and when its completely erect it has a perfect curve to massage my most sensitive spot.”

After getting all the way into the hot tub, I moved across to take a seat between these two sexy vixens facing the doors to the family room. A strong air jet was massaging my back as I stretched my arms behind them both. I placed my champagne glass on the edge behind Kay then placed a hand on each of their shoulders. I pulled them closer to me, the sultry Ginger on my right and the mature tart Kay on my left. Ginger rolled with my hug, her right hand coming to rest on my thigh. Kay slide sideways and place her right hand on the other. Both sexy women teased my thighs with their long fingernails. Enjoying the feeling I said. “I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Tell us what you want Allen?” Ginger asked.

“Yes we want you to tell us what you want today, tonight and in the future.” Kay added.

I felt like I was seated between two sexual Santa’s both ready and willing to provide me with everything on my Christmas list of desires. Both happy to fulfill every fantasy and satisfy every fetish, I hardly knew where to start.

I glanced at Kay her sexy smile acknowledging that she already knew most if not all of my desires.

I turned my head toward Ginger and started. “I want to fuck your hot pussy again. I want to fuck your tight ass.” I turned my head to Kay and continued. “I want you to teach her how to swallow cock, how to take it deep in her throat without gagging.” My face turned again to the sultry brunette who was now dragging her nails along my thigh under the water. “I want to feel your tight throat massage my cock head as I fuck your mouth.”

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