Hard Bodied Honey Ch. 01

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Hailey massaged my sore arms and was speaking in a soft voice.

“I’ll make it better” she said with tenderness.

My latest defeat to Hailey in swimming was damaging my ego beyond repair.

“Am I that much of a wimp?” I silently asked myself.

Hailey was gazing at me with a serious expression but I was too embarrassed to look her in the eye.

“You know Jason, if you can get past this superiority crap that’s cluttering up your head, we can have a terrific relationship.” She intimated in a sincere voice.

“I’m stronger, faster and way more physically fit.” She stated with her usual authority.

Hailey’s comment hit me like a ton of bricks and I looked at her with wonder. Not only did she possess a rock hard physique but she was brainy and perceptive.

The events of the past year suddenly came into focus and I recalled the first time I met her.

Ted, my friend and business partner, was moving file boxes into his basement with my help. I was invited to his folks’ fiftieth wedding anniversary party and reluctant to attend. He had been after me since my divorce was final to meet his cousin Hailey and the party was the perfect setting, according to him.

“What do you have to lose? He asked in a tone of voice that sounded like a guarantee.

“She’s hot and she’s single.” He said with authority.

“Talk to her. Get acquainted.” He declared.

After my recent divorce from a twenty marriage, I was hesitant to date anyone. But, curiosity always got the best of me and I grudgingly agreed.

“Remember. Chat her up. Appear to be interested in her and for chrissakes don’t talk about your divorce or ex. No sob stories!” He demanded.

Who are you? Dr Ruth?” I questioned with a lot of skepticism.

“Who the hell is Dr Ruth?” He exclaimed with frustration.

The anniversary dinner was held at the Poplars restaurant. A little formal for my taste but my seat assignment was directly across from Hailey. Slim and attractive, Hailey had oodles of sex appeal. Next to her, I felt like an out of shape middle age slug.

Hailey’s Italian heritage was evident by her olive color complexion and intense brown eyes. She had the temperament to match and I found her “no bullshit” attitude refreshing.

As Hailey peppered me with questions, I spent a lot of time looking at her features. Because it was late winter, she was tastefully attired in a turtleneck, slacks and sweater. Eventually, I would be surprised by the type of body that lay hidden beneath her outfit.

But, initially, it was Hailey’s personality that attracted me. Like a moth to the flame, I was drawn to her. In her mid thirties, she had impressive inner strength and self confidence.

By the time the dessert course arrived, I was positive I wanted to see Hailey and shyly asked for her cell phone number. Although she seemed a little apprehensive, I poured on with unrelenting fervor what little charm I had left at this late stage of my life.

As we parted for the evening, Hailey gave me her cell phone number and said it was alright to call her. While not the most positive response, it was better than “no thanks, have a nice life.”

I barely slept that night thinking about Hailey. However, I was perplexed that someone of her obvious quality would date a man fifteen years her senior.

In my line of work, I had met many and varied women but Hailey had captured my imagination like no other. The compelling desire that I had to get to know her better consumed me.

The next day I felt like some love struck teenager when I called Hailey. My mouth was dry and I was somewhat tongue tied. I felt foolish.

We agreed to meet for a date the following week and I spent every morning trying to whip my flabby body into shape. A daunting task considering I had exercised little in the last two years.

With some effort, I stuffed myself into slacks and a dressy looking shirt. The date went much better than I expected and although my attraction far exceeded Hailey’s interest in me, it was the start of casual relationship.

With my busy schedule, opportunities for dating were restrictive at best. Sometimes our evenings were limited to dinner and a few drinks.

One particular Saturday, I was meeting Hailey for dinner at a local Bistro and was shocked when she walked into the lobby.

Hailey was wearing a sleeveless top that accentuated her muscular upper body. With her dark olive complexion, her muscles had a “cut’ or defined appearance.

Hailey saw the expression on my face and gave me a wicked, “can’t touch this” smile. When my gaze fixed on her arms, I silently whistled thru my teeth. The girl had very impressive guns.

All through dinner I tried to unobtrusively look at Hailey’s physique but she knew the effect it was having on me.

“I see you like my muscles.” She stated seductively and casually flexed her arms. With her biceps popping up and down, my tongue was literally hanging out of my mouth.

My lust for fit muscular women went all the back to puberty casino oyna and it hadn’t dissipated one iota. The sight of Hailey’s hard body ignited my long dormant desire.

“Tell me you love my muscles.” She demanded.

“I love…ah…your muscles.” I stuttered.

I swear it sounded as though Hailey was purring from my response. My silence for the rest of dinner was a clear indication that I was intimidated by her.

In the restaurant parking lot, Hailey demanded that I give her the car keys. With her ripped and hard bod, I was in no position to argue.

“Why? I inquired innocently.

“So I can drive your hot car.” She stated firmly.

All I could do was gape at her with a dumb expression on my face. The only “hot” thing I possessed was a black BMW.

We were stopped at a red light and I was gawking at Hailey. She clearly belonged in this type of vehicle; a thoroughbred behind the wheel of a thoroughbred automobile.

After our date, I was unable to think about anything except for Hailey’s impressive physique. My erection was straining against my shorts and I masturbated until my penis erupted like a fountain.

The next time I saw Hailey, it was readily apparent that she would be the alpha person in our relationship. Except for a customary after date hug, our relationship was strictly platonic.

In a way it was a relief. I had spent twenty five years with the same person and I experienced a genuine fear of contact with someone of the opposite sex.

However, with no physical contact in more than four years, I was both anxious and fearful.

“Will she laugh at me” I asked myself over and over.

But a strange thing happened, as we got to know one another, Hailey’s demeanor softened considerably. In reality, with her good looks, she got hit on a lot. Her initial hard boiled attitude was a defense mechanism.

We had been dating for about three months when unexpectedly our relationship became more than platonic. It was a warm Saturday night and we were having an after dinner drink at the Sports Lounge. Hailey was wearing a tank top and tight blue jeans that accented her body perfectly.

From out of the blue, her comment caught me off guard.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” She asked with a wicked smile.

“Well, er, ah, yes.” I stated but not very convincingly.

“I know you like my muscles but do I have sex appeal?” she asked with direct frankness.

“Yes.” was my short answer.

“Then why haven’t you tried to kiss me?” She inquired with exasperation.

Instead of stammering and stuttering like some fool my brain took over.

“Because I’m a middle aged and out of shape.” I said honestly.

Hailey regarded me with interest and I think affection.

“Truth is I’m afraid. I’m not sexy or appealing.” I stated with honesty.

“You might not be sexy but don’t rule out appealing.” She said in a husky voice.

At the ripe old age of fifty one, I got an erection and it wouldn’t subside. To make matters worse, Hailey wanted to leave.

“Come on Romeo, stand up or should I get you a walker.” She stated with sarcasm.

“I, ah, can’t.” I said with a guilty look.

“Why!?” she asked loudly.

The expression on my face gave away my predicament.

“You have a hard on!?” she asked in a very quiet voice.

“Yeah.” I said with embarrassment.

Hailey was clearly astonished.

“I guess that definitively answers the ‘sexy’ question.” She said with pride.

As I paid the bill, I got the bright idea of holding my jacket over the strategic location. Once we were in the car, I visibly relaxed.

“Hey, come here.” She demanded and planted a kiss on my lips. After a few closed mouth exchanges, Hailey’s brown eyes were twinkling.

“Not bad Lover Boy.” She declared.

When we arrived at her apartment, I opened her car door and said goodnight.

“Leaving when things are getting interesting?” she asked with a wry smile.

Hailey was regarding me with more than just curiosity.

“I can’t remember the last time a guy got a chubby just from talking with me.” she stated succinctly.

I am quite certain that I blushed. Like a dazed automaton, I followed Hailey into her apartment.

As Hailey turned on a few lights, I stood in the middle of the living room, unsure of what I should do or say. She kicked off her shoes, sat on the sofa and patted the cushion next to her.

“Anytime you’re ready.” She said with impatience.

I sat on the cushion next to her and my heart was beating like a bass drum on speed. Hailey was gaping at me with a smiling expression.

“You shy, silent types are usually tigers in bed but I can see I have to go slow with you.” She stated clinically.

With surprising agility, Hailey turned her body and sat on my lap facing me with her arms around my neck. When she stared down at me, she had a predatory expression that chilled my insides.

But, she kissed with a sincere tenderness that left me breathless. A certain appendage slot oyna in my groin was growing and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“I like having this effect on you.” She said in a sexy voice and resumed kissing.

After about one hour of smooching hot and heavy, I was panting heavily.

“You’re a damn good kisser. A lot better than most of the guys I’ve dated.” She said breathlessly.

The combined effect of her comments and physical closeness caused a mini Mt. Saint Helens in my jeans.

“Oh shit!” I cried in exasperation as my dick squirted in my jockey’s.

Hailey knew immediately.

“Pop goes the weasel!” was her smart comment.

I was embarrassed beyond words but needlessly, Hailey was beaming from ear to ear. She guided me as I walked cross legged to her bathroom. In haste, I cleaned up with the sole intention of leaving.

When I reentered the living room, Hailey was sitting on the edge of the sofa clad in her top and panties.

“I should probably leave.” I mumbled but my eyes were glued to her thong panties.

Seductively, Hailey parted her thighs and a small wet spot appeared. I was drooling and she was keenly aware of the overpowering effect she had on me.

I knelt before my goddess and the aroma of Hailey’s aroused sex flooded my senses. She parted her thighs wider; slowly and inexorably my head went lower until my mouth made contact with her silk panties.

As I mouthed and tongued the ever widening wet spot, Hailey gaped at me with a look of triumph. I kissed all over her panty covered pussy until the sharp flavor of the wet spot invaded my taste buds.

I gingerly sucked the spot and drew a few tiny drops of Hailey’s secretions into my mouth. The strong but savory flavor was intoxicating as I slipped my fingers into the panty waistband.

Hailey lifted her butt a smidgen as I pulled the tiny garment down her muscled legs. With my hands under her upper thighs and butt I drew her hairless snatch to my eager mouth.

I failed to remember the last time I had eaten pussy but during my marriage, I frequently brought my ex wife to orgasm with my talented tongue.

I hesitated for a brief second but it’s like riding a bicycle, once you learn, you never forget. Essentially, the parts are in the same location and I concentrated lapping her juicy slice below her clit.

Surprisingly, Hailey’s secretions flowed liberally and I sucked the creamy tart fluid into my throat. Greedily, I swallowed as my tongue burrowed into her soggy folds.

“Oh God! Eat me!” she roared.

As I gently sucked her slobbering hole, my tongue danced a wild Irish jig over her turgid clit.

“Suck my pussy!” she shrieked as her powerful thighs squeezed my head.

Intentionally, I lifted her butt a little higher and turned my attention to her puckered cluster. My tongued slithered along her crack and poked at the tight ring in the center.

“OH! Eat my ass.” She screamed and I complied.

With piston like intensity, I tongue fucked her butt hole and fingered her dripping slit. I coated a finger with her oozing secretions and replaced my tongue with a boring digit.

“Oh my God!” she yelled.

Gleefully, I gulped her hot creamy juices down my eager throat and relentlessly lashed her clit.

Oh Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” she bellowed.

Watching Hailey in the throes of an orgasm was a real treat for me. With my eyes cast upward, I slurped her exploding hole.

When her thrashing and erratic movements slowed, I planted little kisses along Hailey’s sodden slit and swabbed excess pussy cream from her bright pink lips.

Briefly, I came up for air and licked my tacky lips with a very satisfied look on my face. But, my gaze drifted downward and hungrily I eyed Hailey’s pretty pussy. She gazed at me with a curious look of wonder.

“You want to lick me again?” She stated somewhat disbelievingly.

“Oh yeah!” I said enthusiastically.

“I should have known. It’s always the shy ones.” She stated knowingly and opened her legs.

For the second time that night, I ate Hailey’s steamy and bloated snatch until she erupted.

A week after our sexcapade, Hailey was determined to get my out of shape body into an exercise routine. I purchased a three month membership at the same gym she frequented.

My first day on the treadmill was a disaster as I barely walked one mile. Hailey shook her head in disgust at my poor showing. My performance with the free weights and machines was similar.

My ass was dragging when I finished. When I exited the locker room Hailey was waiting for me with a wicked smile.

“Gee Arnold, you sure look tired!” she stated sarcastically.

With Hailey’s supervision, I devoted four mornings a week to exercise and with a restrictive diet the weight gradually came off. Three months later I was thirty pounds lighter.

During that time, I became Hailey’s workout partner. But, she was far superior in terms of running distance and weight lifting. I could barely curl thirty five pounds canlı casino siteleri when Hailey was pumping fifty pounds. She ran five miles on the treadmill with ease when I struggled to finish three.

Our sex life consisted of Hailey as the main course at the banquet and kissing. I stayed clothed with the exception of shoes and socks.

It was a Sunday morning in late summer when Hailey came by for brunch. While she sat in the kitchen making idle chit chat, I prepared the food clad in a T shirt and shorts.

“Hey Regis! You’re lookin good.” she stated as her eyes appraised my body.

“You say that to all the old farts.” I answered with sarcasm.

“No. I mean it.” She said with sincerity.

As we ate the food I prepared, she had a sly look on her pretty mug. Finally, my curiosity got the best of me.

“What?” I asked with a tinge of fear.

Hailey had a way of throwing challenges at me via physical contests and the expression on her face alerted me to that fact.

“If you win one out of three falls in wrestling, I’ll fuck your brains out.” She said with a dead serious expression.

Now Hailey stood about 5′ 8″ and weighed 120 pounds of solid muscle. I was 5′ 10″, 175 pounds and confident because of one factor; I was considered a talented wrestler in high school and went to the state finals as a senior.

When Hailey and I squared off, I realized that if I allowed her to gain control, with her superior strength, she could easily defeat me.

I won the take down and a very surprised Hailey grunted when I threw my weight on her back and rode her to the mat. With my arms and legs wound around hers, she had great difficulty trying to break free.

Slowly and deliberately, I worked Hailey’s body into a cradle hold and onto her back. She was fighting like mad but eventually tired and her shoulder blades embraced the mat.

“You win!” She yelled with disgust in her voice.

I fell on my side away from her, breathing heavily and sweating profusely. To this day, it was the sole physical contest that I was able to win.

“Where did you learn to wrestle?” she inquired with disgust.

“High school. I went to the state finals in my senior year.” I said in a matter of fact tone.

Hailey was reclining on the mat bathed in sweat as I eyed her crotch.

“Not yet Mister! I need a shower.” She said with anger.

Hailey was in the shower and I decided to join her. When I pulled back the curtain and entered, she just gaped at me. With great care I soaped her hard body and ran my hands up, down and all around.

My middle age dick was the hardest thing on my body and Hailey pumped away with her hand until it erupted.

Hailey resumed control and lay on top of me in the bed. She kissed me with enthusiasm and ignited another fire in my loins. Sporting an evil grin, she scooched herself forward and knelt over my face with her very wet sex poised directly above me.

I reached for her muscled buns and ate her with rabid ferocity. Hailey’s head lolled back and forth.

“You love eating my pussy. Don’t you?” she asked breathlessly.

I made some garbled but positive sounding words as Hailey humped my face and came. My cock was hard from the anticipation of finally fucking her and as she lay back on the bed, I moved between her legs.

My cock is average size but I learned long ago to use what I had effectively. The swollen head was poking at her slice and penetrating a little farther each time. My cock went deeper in increasing increments until I was balls deep.

“Put your legs around my waist.” I asked in a panting voice.

Slowly, I pumped my turgid tool into her soaked pussy and maintained a languid rhythm, letting the sensations grow gradually.

When Hailey’s breathing grew ragged and heavy, I told her to switch places. With her on top, I employed a foolproof technique that I used successfully on my ex wife.

With my thighs grasping her tightly, I probed her hole for the elusive “magic” spot. Once I found it, I fucked her brains out, not vice versa.

“Fuck! I’m commingg! She bellowed.

Hailey’s pussy contracted around my reaming dick and squeezed. Except for eating pussy, this was sheer bliss. As each contraction gripped my cock, I never let up and drilled her hole.

“Fuck! I’m coming again!” she wailed.

Harder contractions seized my cock and my balls tightened and erupted. Hailey was looking at me with a broad grin.

“I know I shouldn’t ask but where did you learn to screw like that?” She inquired with admiration.

“Lots of practice.” I said in a flat voice.

Hailey threw herself on top of me and kissed me with astonishing ardor.

Middle age is an interesting but confusing time in a persons’ life. One is young enough not to feel old but old enough not to feel young.

Although the sex act remains extremely enjoyable, screwing for hours and multiple ejaculations are out of the question, especially if one takes heart medication. The daily regimen of cardiac pills rules out the use of Viagra.

However, the heart medicine had a beneficial side effect for me via a much longer period for ejaculation. I would tirelessly eat Hailey’s pussy or fuck her silly without the need for the customary “happy ending.”

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