Finally Meeting Lane Pt. 01

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We had chatted, talked and played over the past six months. We had grown closer with each passing day. It started with a simple Private Message and had expanded to be so much more. We shared the small insignificant parts of our day. Just the normal average things that make up every passing day that turns to weeks and months. We grew closer and closer as we began to share more. We moved from chatting and playing on LIT to sharing photos and then talking on the phone. The excitement of seeing her name on the screen would turn the average day into something truly fantastic. When I saw her name on the screen my heart would skip a beat. My breathing became faster and I could feel my entire body become aroused.

I think one of the turning points was actually hearing her voice on the phone. It was like her voice wrapped around my body like a warm blanket. Hearing her voice made me happy and drove me to release a long loud sigh of contentment. She seemed to know just what to say to make me excited and over the moon happy.

We shared so much. What we liked, what we disliked. The highlights and lowlights of each day. We shared fantasies and dreams. We even discussed the possibility of actually meeting and some of the many problems with doing so. But always in the back of my mind was the question, “what if.” What if we actually met. Would she like me? Would I be a disappointment to her? Would what clicked online and over the phone not translate into real-life? So many questions and so many doubts. We lived several states away from each other and meeting each other would not be all that easy.

Then it happened. The planets aligned. I mentioned a business trip to a certain city. Her voice was bubbly when she explained that it was the city that she lived in. We had never shared where we lived except for the state, never mentioning the actual city. I explained that I was flying in on Monday morning and would be in town for the week. She said that not only was she off of work that week but she as of yet, had not made any plans. It really seemed too good to be true. We started to make plans.

I told her what time I would be flying in and what time I would not dead yet izle be checking into my hotel. I agreed to text her once I checked into the hotel and arrange for a time for us to meet in the hotel lobby. I wanted to give her the opportunity to talk to me in person and make up her mind what she wanted to do. As I sat in the hotel lobby I was very conscious of how nervous I was. I was wiping sweat off of my brow and my palms were sweaty. Am I doing the right thing? She is so much younger than me. My life is complicated enough. Should I really go through with this? Should I text her back and tell her I changed my mind? Do I want to complicate her life? What can I really offer her? So many questions running through my mind. I was not even paying attention. She had walked into the lobby and I had not even noticed. My mind lost in all the swirling questions I had racing through my head. I looked up as she touched my shoulder.

The sun streaming into the lobby through the large picture windows bounced off her red hair giving her a halo like a beautiful angel. As my eyes met hers my breath caught in my throat. She had shared photos of herself with me but seeing her in person was overwhelming. She was more beautiful than I could have imagined. I could not speak. She laughed and asked me if I was going to give her a hug? I almost knocked over my chair trying to get up fast to give her the hug she requested. I hugged her tight and whispered her name “Lane, I can’t believe you are here and I am hugging you.”

I offered her a chair and ordered her a drink. We both laughed and talked non-stop for the next 30 minutes as we held hands. Finally, we both took a breath. I looked her deep in the eyes and told her how happy I was to at long last met her. I let go of her hand and told her if just meeting me was enough I would understand. We could both just walk away and nothing more needed to happen. She got a sly smirk on her face and shook her head. “You are not getting away that easy. You finally came to see me and we are spending the day together.” I was still doubting myself so I asked her if she was sure? She took my hand and said, obi wan kenobi izle “Mike, I am totally sure. Now pay for our drinks and let’s go upstairs.”

I tossed a twenty on the table and took her hand and steered her toward the elevator. Her dress clung to her curves in the most alluring way, I could not keep my eyes off of her. As the elevator doors closed I pressed against her and kissed her lips for the first time. Shivers went up and down my spine as my lips touched hers. It was such a gentle kiss but with so much feeling behind it. My tongue gently entered her mouth exploring this mouth that I had never been able to kiss before. The elevator dinged letting us know we had arrived on our floor. It was like being shaken out of a dream. We both giggled and moved quickly down the hall to our room. I fumbled with the card key and dropped it on the floor. She laughed at me and bent over to pick up the key card showing off the roundness of her sweet bottom as she bent at the waist. I groaned watching her. She slipped the key card into the door and unlocked the room pushing the door open allowing me to follow her. My eyes were transfixed on her.

She placed the key on top of the TV and twirled in a circle. Looking me in the eyes she said, “Now that you have me in a hotel room what are you going to do to me?” I wrapped my arms around her kissing her deeply. Lowing her to the bed I continued to kiss her. My hands roaming her body for the first time. Wanting to touch her everywhere at the same time. Our kiss turned from sweet to hungry to overwhelming desire. I broke our kiss took my suit jacket off and removed her shoes. I pushed up her dress and found the sexiest pair of lace panties I had ever seen. I locked my eyes on her panties perfectly cupping her sweet mound, tilting my head and sighing. She teased me by asking if I was only going to look?

I said hell no! Taking my fingers along her hips and slowly removing those wonderful panties. I could see dew on her seam as I gazed at her pussy. I slide a pillow with a towel on it under Lane’s round succulent ass. I looked down on her and told her, “I have dreamed ölüm zamanı izle of tasting you for months.” My mouth starts at her knee and moves up to her thighs. Kissing, licking and caressing as I go. I move close to her dripping pussy but avoid it for now. Sucking on her mound wanting to tease her just a bit. When I can’t hold off any longer I open her pussy lips gently and press my tongue to her heat. She tastes so sweet I moan. Working my tongue on her labia then pressing in deeper probing with my tongue. Soon her sweetness is dripping down my chin. The flat of my tongue is moving up and down her seam, caressing her outer lips before moving to suck and tap her clit. My curled finger enters her tightness and searches for her Gspot. I know I have found it when I hear her whimper and her legs lift her off the bed crushing my face deeper to her pussy.

It is hard to believe after all these months I am actually tasting her. Cupping her ass cheeks, fingering her silky-smooth pussy. My cock is throbbing as I use my mouth for her pleasure. She is calling out my name as she pumps her hips matching my stroking of her clit. I know she is close and while I want it to last there are so many things I want to explore with Lane. I slow my licking and stroking down just a little to build her need up. I want her first climax with me to be one that she remembers. Her whimpers get more urgent. I raise my head and ask her if she is ready for her orgasm. Her response, “Oh god yes, please Mike! I need to cum so bad. Let me cover your face with my juices!”

I tell her, “Just relax Lane, let me bring you over the edge.” I reach up letting her breasts fall free from her dress. My fingers roll her nipples and begin to tug as I suck her hard clit into my mouth. I release one nipple and use my fingers to rub her Gspot faster sucking hard on her clit. She comes undone. Her hips pumping, crying out as her orgasm courses through her body. I slow down my licks avoiding her sensitive clit. Working her through her climax. As she settles down and lets out a deep sigh of relief and release I stop my caressing for the moment. I move up to kiss her soft lips and stroke her hair. “Lane that was only round one. I am here all week. You have me all night and I will make sure my meetings do not run past 5pm each day. You are welcome to stay with me in my hotel room every day and night. Now that we have your first orgasm out of the way, I want to make love to you.”

Part Two to follow…

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