Double or Nothing Ch. 02

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“I guess we need to talk, little brother,” I began.

“Yeah, I guess we do.”

I pulled the bottle of Coke out from behind my back and held it out, and stuck my other hand on my hip. I was wearing jeans and a loose top, my hair still a frizzy mess from my sleep.

I had knocked on his door and I was still standing in the doorway to his bedroom as I confronted him about the note he had left on my dresser.

It had been about a week since I had bribed him with, among other things, a bottle of Coke, into letting me watch him masturbate all the way to the end. Since that time we hadn’t spoken about it, not since I had thanked him and tried to ease his embarrassment as he fumbled to get his pants back up; we hadn’t spoken since about the private sexual act he had shown to me.

In fact, we both seemed to be gradually relaxing back into our normal brother-sister relationship, until I found a similar collection of “bribes” on my own dresser this morning, along with a note that asked if I wanted to go “double or nothing.” That was the phrase I had used that day in the woods as I searched for the words to speak my naughty little wish to him.

When I saw those same words on the note he had left for me this morning, what immediately entered my mind was that he wanted to watch me do to myself what a lady does not speak of. That little fucking pervert! He wanted to watch me pleasure myself.

I was surprised enough, and reluctant enough, back on that day when I got to watch him do it for me, about the fact that he had asked me to drop my own pants at least enough so that he could look at me there. And let me tell you, as aroused as I was watching the second man in one day pleasuring his own hard penis right in front of me — one secretly and one openly — as aroused as I was by those things, I had said to myself then as I was saying it to myself now, this little train does not go both ways. I had pulled down my jeans and my panties and I had eventually spread my knees apart for him for a good indecent view of me, but I would not — could not — let someone watch me do that with my fingers. Not any man, much less my own younger brother.

And I was so fucking worked up that day, watching him give himself an orgasm for me, that it took every fiber in my being to keep my promise to my own privacy and not put my fingers down there and give myself release then and there. No. No. And No.

“I’m not doing ‘it’ for you, if that’s what this means.” I wiggled the Coke bottle at him for emphasis.

He gave me a hurt look. I fumbled on, not wanting to hurt his feelings too bad.

“Listen, Jordan, I told you it was amazing what you showed me that day. It was incredible of you to let me watch you do such a beautiful thing. I’ll say the same thing I said then, ‘thank you.’ Truly. But I just…”

“No, sis, it’s not like that.”

“Don’t interrupt me. I let you look at me that one time just because, I don’t know, it seemed only fair. But there’s no way that I could…”

“I’m trying to tell you it’s not…”

“Ok, then what is it like? You don’t want to watch me actually do it, then what? You just want to look again? Because I don’t…”

“No. No, sis.” His voice was an odd combination of soothing and pleading that I didn’t usually get from him. Now I had to know at least what it was he was trying to say. I would listen. Yes, I would listen to his horny male fantasy, and then tell him “no.”

“Ok, taksim escort I’m listening. What did you mean by ‘double or nothing’?”

He took a deep breath and I could see him clench his fists like he was struggling to get something out. Heartlessly, I stepped toward where he sat on his unmade bed and jabbed at his ribs with the Coke bottle. “What? Tell me! I want to know right now!”

He made me stop, and then he paused, summoning his courage. I knew this was important for him and there was nothing else to do. I waited.

“I… I … I want to do it again, just like we did before.”

Surprise of surprises! Those words hung between us for a moment as he slowly found the courage to look up in my eyes.

This was not what I had expected. I naturally assumed that my little brother, having put on an unspeakably naughty display of brazenly stroking his naked member while his big sister watched, touching his engorged flesh in front of me until he spilled his seed before me on the ground there in the woods, now wanted me to return the forbidden favor, and let him watch me pull down my pants and make myself come in front of him as he watched. That was the thing I was there to tell him I could never, ever do.

It never would have occurred to me that this was not his request. Instead, he was offering me a bribe in order to get me to consent to watching him again while he wickedly brought himself to another climax.

Little brother!

We may be able to reach an accord here.

It was then that I really noticed for the first time what he was wearing. A white cotton t-shirt and a pair of red running shorts with white piping around the seams and a great big bulge in the crotch.

Well, I guess it wasn’t the shorts so much as my little brother that had the great big bulge in the crotch.

Finally, I let out the breath that I discovered I had been holding, and flashed him my best smile. “Jordan, you don’t ever have to bribe me if you like to have me watch you that way. Well, as long as no one else is around,” I giggled.

It took a moment for this to sink in, and then: “Whew,” he said. “I didn’t know if you might freak out on me when I told you.”

“What? Don’t be silly, little boy. Come on,” I gestured, “let’s go out on the deck. I want you to do it there, and after I watch you, we can smoke this joint together. ” I paused, watching for his reaction. “I don’t want you to smoke it beforehand because it might, you know…” I gestured at the obvious tent in his shorts. I stifled another giggle.

I knew from many times laying out in a bikini on the deck that we had complete privacy there, assured by the angle of our house and the woods that nearly surrounded our yard. If anyone came around, we would hear them long before they could see us.

I didn’t wait for his answer but instead, turning and walking with a little extra wiggle in my backside, I headed toward the deck. As we passed through the kitchen, I thought about asking him if he wanted to bring a tissue to catch himself in, but then I remembered how especially dirty it was to see that one man shoot his semen on himself and just leave it there, and I kept my mouth shut. I wasn’t going to mention it if he wasn’t.

When we got to the sliding door for the deck, I realized that my brother had left his shirt behind and was now walking along in only the running shorts. We stepped out into the late topkapı escort morning sunshine and he chose one lounge chair and I took the other, turning it around so that it was facing his, and sliding it up so that I would be closer to the action.

We both took our positions and settled in.

“Now, first off, one thing,” he started. “Same deal as before, we both drop our pants on the count of three.”

There he goes again, wanting to look at my pretty little girl privates! While at first I had thought, “what perverted brother wants to see his sister’s bits?” it was dawning on me now that the better question was, “what man wouldn’t want to see what I’m hiding in my jeans?” Oh well, one good pervert deserves another, and I had agreed before that it was only fair.

I looked at him with more confidence than I felt and said “yep, same deal.”

“Okay,” and he hesitated, as though for one last fleeting moment he wasn’t completely convinced that he should bare himself to me and do that most intimate thing to himself while I sat there in front of him and watched it. Then he looked straight at me with steely resolve. “One,” he brought his hands to the waistband of his shorts. I fumbled quickly to tug open the button on my jeans. “Two,” he raised his butt up off of the lounge chair and looked across at me as I pulled down my zipper and did the same. “Three!” A rustle of fiber as two young siblings simultaneously thrust their lower garments to their knees, leaving their genitals exposed to each other and to the open air. His naked crotch, of course, was facing out toward the back yard and the woods and beyond, while mine at least had the relative privacy of only facing toward him and the house.

As he had been the first time he exposed himself to me, he was already fully erect, and he sat there for a moment with his hands on the tops of his shorts and his obscenely aroused penis waving slightly above his belly. Then he drew up his knees and pushed his shorts the rest of the way down and threw them away back toward the kitchen door.

I was now staring at my completely naked, completely aroused and erect younger brother, outside on the deck in our back yard, while our parents were away at work, completely unaware of this little mutual naked display we were sharing.

Once naked, he brought his hand to his penis and, fixing his eyes on the place between my legs that I had opened for him, he gripped himself exactly as he had done before and began to stimulate that little spot where the skin bunched together under his head.

He let his other head roll back on his shoulders as he settled into a rhythm and let the sensations roll over him. His hips moved up from the seat and he seemed already to be very aroused. Then he slowed down the motion of his hand and appeared to regain control, returning his gaze to my middle. Remembering something he had asked me for before, I tugged up at the bottom of my shirt. I wanted so badly to give him the extra gift of removing my top and at least seeing me in only my bra, but I was so self-conscious about my little tiny boobs that I couldn’t quite bring myself to do that.

But my arousal was growing and I guess it was affecting my judgment so instead of flashing my chest at him, I kept my shirt where it was above my belly and instead used my legs and feet to remove my pants and underwear the rest of the way. Just as he had done by removing tesettürlü escort his shorts, this time, I, too, had escalated our game by one more step.

I felt such wanton excitement now at being here in front of my brother totally nude from the waist down, and we were making no secret of the fact that we were gazing at what each other had to offer down there.

If my little brother was anything, he was a consistent masturbator. Just as he had done the other day, he held himself between thumb and index finger like a writer holds a pencil (not that I am comparing his dick to a pencil, mind you. He was a fine enough specimen of male flesh) and his hand never strayed far from that favorite magic spot.

But I did notice that today, at least after that first apparent near-finish, he was now taking it very slow, savoring the feelings that he was giving himself as I watched, making this show he was performing for me last as long as he could.

And I’ll tell you, it was driving me fucking crazy. This was probably made all the worse by the fact that I had completely removed my own pants, baring me in a whole new way to him. My own desire was now almost unquenchable.

Several times I nearly overcame my own personal taboo and reached a hand down there to give myself what I desperately wanted and needed in his presence. I gripped my hands against the sides of my lounge chair as if to protect me against my own desires.

It struck me again that my brother, lying there openly masturbating in front of me, not just in front of me but actually doing it for me, was completely naked as he made love to himself that way. I was seeing it all.

He stared at my waist and started breathing in small gasps and making little noises and his hips started to thrust upwards and the small motions of his hand gained speed and he opened his mouth to say “oh” just as the most incredibly strong blast of semen shot forth from the head of his cock and I actually wondered for a moment if it was going to reach as far as his open mouth. Indeed, I think, it would have.

But sensing the danger of that nasty result, he thrust his head to the side at the last moment and the first and strongest rope of his climax landed almost at the bottom of his ear, the rest of it painting his neck and his collarbone and nearly his nipple and his belly. The remaining spurts of his orgasm landed more safely on his ribs.

Wow, I thought, that was so fucking cool.

He was totally into that.

Who was I kidding? I was totally into that.

Some of the cum on my brother’s chest was rolling down his sides, coating even more of his skin.

Unexpectedly, sitting there and observing the flowing of my brother’s cum brought back to my mind the memory of my first blowjob, of the cum that had shot into my warm little mouth making me cough some of it back out partly through my nose. I remembered the sticky, sour sensation of swallowing the part of that boy’s orgasm that had stayed in my mouth and my throat.

And as well I envisioned the streaker we had watched masturbate in the woods that day, and how, not knowing that we were there spying on his dirty little deed, he had brought a taste of his own pre-cum to his tongue as we watched.

I looked at my naked brother as his own semen began to roll across his bare skin, and I felt the growing insistent need of my own desire, and I thought of a new, naughty bargain.

He just might make this deal, I thought. And I just might, too.

So I reached a finger suggestively down toward my clit and, without actually touching myself in an intimate place, I looked right at the cum that he had left painted on his chest, and with my desire taking control of my will, I asked him.

“Want to go double or nothing?”

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