Dirty Panties

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I pulled up at my parents house a little bit down. After 4 years of college, I was finally done with school and had my degree in hand, but hadn’t landed that first job yet. I’d finally resolved myself to waiting it out for a bit at home; maybe working a few part time gigs, and keep my ear to ground for the right opportunity. It would come, but it just wasn’t there yet.

I pulled up to find my kid sister, Megan at the house. She was in the front room with one of her friends with her. I smiled when I saw her and in many ways envied her; Megan was graduating high school and ready to head off to the collegiate adventure that I just got done with.

“Hey squirt, it’s good to see you again.” I said as I gave her a big hug, “and who’s this?” I asked.

She hugged me back, “it’s good to see you too big brother. Here let me introduce you two, John, this is my friend Erica, Erica, my big brother John. We were just finishing off some homework.

“So Megan tells me you just got done with college, but are still looking for the right job?”

“That’s kind of a nice way to say no one will hire me just yet, isn’t it?” I joked.

“Well, since you put it that way…” and we all laughed.

“Look bro, we’ve got to run, we’re almost late for rehearsal down at the school, but you’ll be around for a little while, and we’ll have lots of time, right?”

“Don’t worry, you get out of here,” I said, “but I’ll be here when you get back.”

And they were off, but as they were walking out the door, I heard a squeal of laughter from the two of them, and Megan shouting back at her friend, “NO, NO, NO!!!”

I had no idea what that was about, but they were gone now. I honestly didn’t think much about it, and went on with my tasks of unpacking, then went off to bed as I really needed the sleep. Megan clearly got in a little bit late as I didn’t even notice her arrival.

I suppose that’s the way it’s been for some time around the house where people just kind of come and go. I’ve been off at college, and my parents both work; Dad travels a lot and Mom works some weird shifts and some pretty long hours, and as a consequence, it really isn’t that uncommon for us to not see one or both of them for several nights at a time. Consequently, we all kind of take turns feeding the cat, cleaning the house, or doing the laundry. It works for us.

I woke up the next morning early and had gone out to talk to a few people about work in the want ad’s. The jobs weren’t necessarily what I was originally looking for, but any kind of job to start clearing up a few debts would be a really nice thing at this point. I spent some time talking with recruiters around town all morning, and met up with an old high school friend for lunch before we finally headed back to the house together.

It was nice to see Bill, and we came back to the house intending to talk a little bit and catch up.

“So, can I get you a soda or anything,” I asked Bill.

He was looking out the back window, “what, oh, sorry, sure…”

He hadn’t looked away when I walked over with a Coke for him and saw what he was gazing at: it was Megan. She apparently had picked up the habit of sunbathing and was out in the backyard in a micro-bikini with her ass stuck in our direction. Her legs were a little bit apart, and I could see he was staring at the insides of her thighs.

I smacked him upside the head, “hey, you can’t be staring like that, she’s my sister.”

“Sister or not, dude, that’s a fine piece of ass, you got to admit. Come on, how much can that girl weigh and what kind of bra does she wear, it’s got to be at least a C-cup” he said, pulling out his cell phone and snapping a picture of my scantily clad sister.

She must have heard us in the house, and she turned around on her towel, and raised herself up on her arms, then seeing us, smiled and waved. When she pushed herself up, I could see just how right he was as her large breasts hung down in the cups of her top. It really was quite a sight.

I then actually looked at her, probably for the first time in my life with an open mind realizing she was actually a woman now. It was really upsetting to me to see her. He was right, she was beautiful; a petite 5’2″, maybe 115 lbs soaking wet, long light brown hair which she had pulled up in a pony tail while sunbathing. But almost more disturbing was to actually see her shapely legs, round bubble butt, small waist and then to actually notice her large boobs.

She really was beautiful, and I was thinking about how I’d broken up with my girlfriend a few months back and hadn’t gotten laid in forever… I tried to snap back to reality; this was wrong, and I had to put the thoughts out of my head and get back to business.

“Come on,” I said pretending to laugh, “let’s go talk for a little while.” And I drug him back to the kitchen where we started talking and catching up, but it wasn’t more than 10 minutes later that Megan finally walked back through in her bikini.

Bill almost jumped out of his chair when he atakent escort heard the door click, and he called to her interrupting our conversation, “So, it’s Megan, isn’t it?”

“Yes, do I know you?” she asked him.

“Oh you’ve got to remember me, it’s Bill, Bill Westerfield? I graduated with your brother from high school.”

“Megan, you don’t remember all of the guys I graduated from school with and are now trying to hit on you?” I sneered at him.

“Wait, maybe I do.” And she stopped and looked at him. “Did you play baseball with John?”

Bill was nodding now, trying to encourage her.

“And did you drive that really old, beat-up Mustang?”

“That’s the one…” Bill said triumphantly.

“Nope, don’t remember you at all!” Megan teased, and then ran out of the kitchen. “I’ve got to get a quick shower and get dressed.”

And I could see Bill’s eyes on her, watching her girl parts as she exited the room. He was watching her ass wiggling and her heavy boobs bouncing as she walked out of the room. I suddenly hated him for it, but even more than that, I suddenly hated myself because I had to admit to myself that I was watching her too.

“You know John, I really do have to get going,” Bill suddenly said, and got up following the sight of my little sister’s bikini clad body walk down the hall and up the stairs.

“Get out of here you porn-dog,” I said, hitting him in the head with a ball of socks from the clean laundry basket. “Let me know if you hear anything on any of those jobs, ok?” I said.

“You know it!” he said as he did a noticeable cock repositioning in his pants.

We exchanged a high-five, and he was out the door, but not before I noticed him pause one last time, staring up the hall to where my little sister was ducking into her bedroom.

I finally pushed him out the door, and was heading back to my bedroom when Megan stepped back out in her bathrobe.

“So…” she asked, “who was that again?”

“I thought you’d figured it out with all the detail you managed to spit out,” I said.

“Well sort of,” she replied.

“Look Meg, you stay away from him,” I said, “he’s bad news.”

“Maybe I like bad boys,” she laughed, and stepped into the bathroom shutting the door behind her. Within seconds, she had turned the water on to the shower. I was a little angry from the flirting going on between her and Bill, but was at a little bit of a loss as to why.

We’ve always kept a dirty laundry hamper outside the bath at the end of the hall, and she’d tossed her bikini into the hamper as she ran in to the bath. I glanced down at the hamper to see her suit, and it all started to fall into place, I was having some weird sexual draw to my little sister. I knew it wasn’t right, but I dug through the basket for a second and pulled out one of her dirty bras; “damn, they are 34C’s” I mumbled to myself.

I then hesitantly reached down and picked up her bikini panties and touched the crotch where her little pussy had been just a minute earlier. It was still warm, and I paused for a second thinking about what I was about to do, then did it anyway and held it to my nose, inhaling deeply and breathing in her scent. My cock was already hard as I examined the little panty a bit closer. The crotch area was damp and carried that smell, you know, that girl smell that I just can’t get enough of. I knew it was wrong, but I unzipped my pants, and felt my stiff cock while continuing to examine my little sisters’ dirty panties.

Breathing as deeply as possible, I let my tongue slip out and taste the crotch fantasizing about what was beneath that little bikini; her large young boobs topped with hard pink nipples I was suspecting. The fantasy continued, what about her little cunt? She had to shave her little muff to fit it all inside that little bikini panty, she must shave, I glanced back into her panties, not a single pubic hair. Yeah, I bet she’s fully shaved…

I heard the shower turn off and it snapped me back to reality. I suddenly realized what I’d done and felt more than a little odd. I quickly zipped up and threw her bikini bottoms back into the hamper and ran back to my room barely closing the door before I heard her open the bathroom and walk out. It was probably just my imagination, but she seemed to pause in the hall before heading back in to her bedroom.

I laid on the bed with a pillow over my head wondering what to do with no good ideas coming to me; this was way too weird. In a few minutes, I heard Megan knock on the door.

“Yeah?” I responded.

Megan poked her head in. Oh my god did she look good. I could smell her perfume, and she was dressed in this little camisole top, tight blue jeans, and a pair of pumps. Her breasts were tumbling out of the top and I was completely unable to look away.

“Hey Big Bro, I’m going to head out for a little bit, you know, go do girl things with Erica. I’ll be back before too long.”

I tried to smile at her still staring ataköy escort at her boobs, “ok, I’ll probably still be here.”

And she bent over giving me a full shot of her heavy cleavage, gave me a little kiss on the head, and was out.

As soon as I heard the car start in the drive, I immediately jumped up and watched her drive out. What was wrong with me, I can’t have the hots for my sister. I mean, maybe my friends can be watching my sister’s ass, but that doesn’t mean I should… I wasn’t really sure what to do or what to think. I got up and walked back to the end of the hall and peered down at my sister’s dirty little panties again, then turned away. Finally, a little dazed and confused, I decided to go out and spend the rest of the day job hunting again.

I got home later that night. I was a little afraid to face Megan again and was hoping she’d gone to bed earlier as I kind of needed a cooling off period. And when I got back that night, my folks were in bed, but Megan was still up watching late night tv.

“Hey Bro, I was wondering when you’d get back. Sit down,” she said, patting the couch cushion next to her. “What were you up to?”

“Job hunting for most of it,” I said, “then I met up with a friend.”

?”Bill again?”


“So,” she asked, “did he talk about me?”

“All the time,” I replied, “but I told him to stop.”??”Why’s that Bro?”??”For starters, he won’t shut up. You know Megan, you’re my sister, and it’s just not right for him to say those kinds of things about you,” I replied.

“Oh John, that’s so chivalrous of you, you do care!” Megan laughed at me. “But you know, it’s still nice to be noticed you know.”

“Maybe, but it’s still weird,” I replied.

“You know, Erica thinks you’re cute too,” she said smiling at me.

“Megan!” I shot back, “we just went through this about you.”

And she leaned over and whispered in my ear laughing, “I told her to stop too! It just didn’t seem right to hear her talking about your butt! You’re my big brother.”

“Well, I’m flattered, none the less,” I laughed. “You know, Bill said much more descriptive things about you.”

“I’m sure I’m flattered too,” she said.

“Maybe, maybe not…” I replied.

And then it started up again. “John, I’m all tight, it’s been a long day, can I talk you into rubbing my shoulders,” she asked as she sat down on the floor below me.

I didn’t know how to refuse her; I really didn’t want to refuse her as all I could think about was touching her.

I reached out to touch her shoulders at first, and listened to her start purring. Her skin was so soft, and I could still smell the last of her perfume. I could see right down her little camisole top and the more I rubbed, the more her breasts rubbed up against her shirt and the more prominent her nipples became.

My dick was getting hard again…

“Please John, rub a little lower…”

And she stretched out on the floor.

I followed her down sitting next to her rubbing her middle and lower back. After a few minutes of this, she said, “You know John, it works best if you sit on me, then you can massage better.”

I couldn’t believe she was suggesting this.

“I suppose you’re right,” I replied. I then, at least slightly reluctantly, climbed up and mounted my little sister’s ass. I was pretty glad at that point that I had on loose shorts and when I felt my nuts rub up against her little butt, I was positively in heaven.

I restarted her back rub with a bit more vigor at this point and got a little more bold, rubbing her sides and slowly began working my way up until I was just below her full breasts. I let my hands run slowly up her sides, almost fully pausing at her soft young boobs, before continuing back down and starting on her shoulders again. I did the full rotation more than a few times on her, going slower each time when I reached the sides of her breasts feeling her up way too well knowing she was my little sister. My cock was so stiff and it was becoming all too obvious how I was grinding my crotch against her back door.

She had to know what was going on, and I finally realized I’d better stop.

“OK Sis, my hands are getting tired,” I said.

“Ohhhhh,” she cried. “That was so good, I could let you do that for just forever…” she purred. “Are you sure you need to stop?” And she laid there just breathing for a minute before she continued, “I guess I’m going to get a quick shower, then head to bed, ok?”??”That’s good,” I smiled.

When she got up, my eyes went immediately to her boobs. Her nipples were poking extremely prominently through her little top. My mouth all but fell open as she came over and gave me a hug rubbing those beautiful tities up against me, “I owe you one,” she said.

I sat down for a minute catching my breath, then turned off the TV and headed upstairs.

As I got there, I saw Megan walk slowly across the hallway in her bathrobe like earlier, seemingly atalar escort almost deliberately throwing her dirty clothes into the hamper. And then the bathroom door closed.

I waited not more than a second after hearing the click of the door, almost running to the hamper.

Her dirty panties were there, directly on top.

They were still warm as I picked them up. I put the white, silky soft fabric to my nose again, breathing in her girly aroma. I reached into my pants, stroking my all too hard cock, breathing in her smell again and again. I pulled them back examining my prize, finally noticing what appeared to be a prominent wet spot in the crotch. Could it be that she’s just as hot for me as I was for her? I seemed too good to be true… My tongue snaked out, and tasted her while I continued to rub my stiff dick.

I knew what I was going to do next; I couldn’t stop myself. I wrapped her dirty stained panties around my cock and started to stroke, imaging her tight dewy little cunt stretched around my cock. I closed my eyes and fantasized of her lying on her back with her legs spread wide for her big brother, her tits bouncing up and down while I fucked her. The vision was too overwhelming and while I tried to hold back, it wasn’t more than a minute before I began shooting load after load of cum into the crotch of my little sisters dirty panties; right where her young damp little pussy had been just minutes before.

I was still standing there, breathing hard with her underwear wrapped around my cock when I heard the shower shut off. I took a final deep breath looking down at what I’d done. I’d shot so much cum that her panties were positively soaked with my load and jizz was actually puddled up in the crotch, but I had to admit that I felt a lot better. I took one last deep breath, then dropped her panties back in hamper as I stepped back into my room and lay down on my bed.

In the next minute or so, I heard the bath door open, and saw the hall light come on for just a minute, then it went back out, and I heard the floor creak as Megan headed back to her room.

“Good night John, I love you Big Brother.” I heard her say.

“Love you too Meg, good night.”

While a little conflicted, I at least fell asleep quickly, but I didn’t necessarily sleep well as I kept waking up with a stiff cock and dreams of having sex with Megan.

I got up the next morning a little late, and when I headed to the bathroom, I glanced at the hamper to look at my little trophy from the night before, but the entire hamper was gone and the wash was running downstairs. I took a quick shower, then headed downstairs to find Megan in the kitchen.

She hadn’t gotten fully dressed yet, and still had her short nighty on, and her white silky panties were covering her round ass which poked out a little bit from under the nighty. I looked at her and inappropriately admired her; she had the sexy frowsy kind of look a beautiful woman can show you after a night of passion, the nighty gave her way too much cleavage and her boobs were sticking through the silky material just like the last time I’d seen her the night before.

Had she no shame? Did she have any idea what this was doing to me?

“Hey big brother,” she said, smiling at me. “I had a really good time talking last night.”

“Me too,” I replied, “it’s nice having a family again, isn’t it?”??Absolutely, she replied. “You got big plans today?”??”Job interview,” I said. “It starts in about an hour, so I’ve got to move.”

“I know you’re going to get this one,” she said. “And I’ll tell you what, its Friday night, and Mom and Dad always go out, so when you get home, it’ll be just you and me. We’ll get a pizza and watch a movie, and spend the night together, brother and sister, OK?

“Sounds great, Megan. It should be fun.”

And she headed off to get her shower. I watched her little ass wiggle off up the stairs and felt my cock stir again.

This really wasn’t healthy…

I pulled up to the house pretty late and ran inside feeling quite good about myself.

“So, how’d it go today?” Megan asked.

“I got it, it’s not a bad job,” I stated triumphantly. “It’s even a pretty good position with good hours working inventory management down at the mall.”

“Congratulations!!” Megan squealed, “it sounds like it’s time for a celebration!”

“Absolutely,” I said giving her a big hug. In the moment, I even felt confident enough to let my hands wander a little and brush up against her ass during the embrace.

“OK, well, the pizza’s going to be here pretty quick, so let’s get set up and you can tell me all about the position,” she said excitedly.

And as she said, the pizza was there almost instantaneously, and we sat down and ate and talked and laughed. I told her all about the new job and we enjoyed each other’s company for the next couple of hours.

We’d long since gotten rid of the pizza at this point, and finally Megan kind of snuggled up against me on the couch. “You know, last night, you made me feel so good, that I’d like to return the favor, tonight, I’m going to give you a back rub,” she stated. “Here, lay down.”

And she jumped down on the floor, looking up at me expectantly from between my legs. I climbed down and stretched out, she started rubbing my shoulders.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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