Colletes and Hederae

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Colletes Hederae.

Bachelors degree finished, I had the summer off before starting my PhD on solitary bees. There are over two hundred and seventy of them in the UK against just under thirty bumblebees. Anyone with a bit more sense than I have would’ve chosen to go somewhere with lots of sand and lots of girls wearing nothing but bikinis or even less. Me? I accepted my older sisters invitation to house sit for her while she and her husband taught yoga and creative writing respectively on some Greek island.

“Oh and don’t forget to harvest the honey from our hives and you can have a dozen jars to see you through the academic year.”

June started with a heat wave that covered the whole of Europe and looking at the television my first night after Anna and Rob left for the hippy island, I thought for the first time that perhaps I had got the better deal. Over most of mainland Europe, people were dying from the heat and back here, it was hot enough that I did most of my reading naked under the shade of a large willow next to the river. They used to joke that the instructions for getting there were to go to the middle of nowhere and then turn left. Except there was more truth than humour in the remark.

It was two and a half miles to the nearest neighbour and over twice that to the nearest shops. Sitting on the grass naked felt about as risky as getting undressed in the bathroom with the door locked. Two or three times over the year one would see canoeists coming down the river but they couldn’t see more than the head of anyone sitting on the grass and then only if they were fairly tall.

I had been reading for about two hours and decided that was enough for the day when I saw a Canadian style canoe travelling fast downriver. Just a little up river from me it passed out of sight and I was waiting for it to reappear downstream when I heard a sickening crunch.

They were unlucky. Less than a metre to either side they would have missed the rock and any other year the water level would have been high enough that they would have gone half a metre over the top without noticing it. This particular year however, the water was low enough and they had been putting enough effort into paddling that they had put a big hole in the bottom of the craft.

I ignored my state of dress or undress to be more accurate and grabbed the lifebuoy which Anna had insisted they get for when they had guests who might get into trouble swimming in the river which was fast enough that one had to be a reasonably strong swimmer to avoid getting swept down the river.

I got down to the riverbank to be met by a screaming woman about my own age. (Twenty-two)

“Hederae is trapped under the canoe!” I gave her the lifebuoy and in my best calm voice which belied what I was really feeling told her,

“I am going under for her, when you see us come out, throw the buoy to about three feet upstream of us.”

I couldn’t see what I was doing but had done enough diving for that not to bother me too much. I ducked under the rim of the upturned boat and felt my way around until I found her. One arm under the chin, I pulled her down under the edge of the canoe and swam out. In retrospect I probably should have suggested throwing downstream but as it was she came close to braining both of us and I easily reached it with my free arm.

“Pull us in!” I shouted but she was already doing so. With some difficulty given that the dead weight I was carrying was almost as tall as I was, I got Hederae onto the grass. She wasn’t breathing. I removed her life jacket, tilted her head back and told the girl whose name I still didn’t know to hold it there as I commenced CPR. We were lucky. Hederae coughed before I had finished the first round and then started breathing on her own. I rolled her into the recovery position before apologising for my lack of clothing. I also introduced myself.

“Brian, sorry for my state of dress. If I had expected company, I would have been wearing shorts.”

“Colletes. ataköy escort And you don’t have anything to be ashamed about with your clothing choice.” I almost choked on my laughter. The names together making a species of solitary bee, specifically, the ivy bee which feeds almost exclusively on nectar and pollen from Ivy flowers from early September onwards.

While keeping an eye on Hederae to ensure she was still breathing I made the obvious joke,

“Do you get a buzz out of telling people your names?” I took one of Hederae’s hands and rubbed it. “Hederae, can you hear me?” I got a groan as an answer. “Do you think we could get you up to the house?” This time the groan sounded a bit more positive. With one of us on each side she managed to walk up to the house and once, the two girls were sitting in chairs, I found myself a pair of shorts and then did the English thing and put the kettle on. It was around this point that I really became aware that along with their shorts, both girls were wearing tops that drew the eyes (well my eyes anyway!) to their breasts. In Colletes’ case A cups that would never need a bra. Hederae had larger ones, C cups at a guess and was generally more curvy. If I had to pick, I would go for Colletes’ compact, muscular form but it would be a difficult choice.

“Tea or coffee?” I asked. They both opted for tea while I made myself a strong coffee with cream.

“What happened?” croaked Hederae.

“We hit a rock and you got trapped under the canoe. Brian pulled you out and performed cardio pulmonary resuscitation though judging by where his eyes keep going, maybe he just wanted to feel your tits.”

“Be fair Colletes, you are both wearing tops that invite any heterosexual male to look.” I tried a little harder to maintain eye contact with whichever of them I was addressing.” Both girls laughed, indicating that they were not judging me harshly for where my gaze wandered.

I got some lunch together, bread, cheese, some cold meats and salad. I thought about beer or wine but decided, to leave that till I was sure Hederae was not suffering any ill effects from almost drowning. The mornings events seemed to have given us all a good appetite and I certainly ate more than was strictly necessary. By the time we had finished, as far as I could tell she was almost back to normal but that could be difficult to tell given that I had no baseline to judge by.

“How are you feeling now?”

“Stupid. If I hadn’t been enjoying myself so much we would have been going a bit slower and I would have spotted the rock. Now, we need to think about getting the canoe back and our things that are stowed in the bow.”

“Anna, my sister has a rope that they fasten between the poles you may have seen on each bank of the river. If we tie ourselves to the ropes it should be fairly easy to lift the canoe off the rocks and bring it ashore to assess the damage and get your stuff out.” My curiosity finally got the better of me at that point. “So, what is it about your names? Why not,” I grinned, “Ivy and Bee?”

Colletes looked at Hederae, who looked back at her. I couldn’t make up my mind what was conveyed in their glances, some amusement perhaps, embarrassment? Whatever I would find out soon enough. It was Colletes who answered,

“That would be our hippy lesbian mothers. When you asked if I got a buzz out of telling you our names, I was surprised. You are the first person who has to my knowledge recognised there is a link between the two and known what it is. Jasmine and Rose (not their given names but the ones they chose used to watch the ivy bees on the flowers in the autumn when they first got together.” She stretched her arms above her head, drawing my eyes to her flat stomach and of course her chest before carrying on,

“You are also unusual in being more interested in our names than in seeing us without clothes on. You would like that wouldn’t you? After all we have seen you naked, well I have, I think my sister may still have bakırköy escort been too out of it to notice till after you went and got some shorts.” Said shorts quickly developed a rather obvious tent, prompting Hederae to ask her sister,

“Couldn’t you wait till after we had got our stuff back?” Colletes stuck out her tongue,

“Sure, I could have but I didn’t want to.” She stood up and took off first her top then her shorts revealing that like myself she had nothing on under them. I looked admiringly wondering how long before I would get an angle that allowed me to see the vagina below the neat dark triangle above. All thoughts went out of the metaphorical window a couple of second later as her body pressed hard against my own, her nipples pressing into the bottom of my ribcage as hard as my cock pressing against her belly through my shorts.

“That was a thank you for saving my sister who seems to have forgotten her manners but this is for me.” And she quickly pulled down my shorts which I stepped out of before pulling her back against me.

“Bedroom or grass?”

“Can we go out tot he grass? I have never been anywhere I felt comfortable doing it outside before.” I picked her up and carried her to the place where the grass would be softest and lay her down. I put my right hand under her head as I kissed her while my left stroked her from knees up to and including her beautiful small breasts which after a few minutes were receiving kisses of their own. Colletes was breathing faster and I kissed down her hard abs and tongued her belly button till she pushed my head down.

When after kissing back up her thighs and around the outside of her vagina, I finally moved on to her labia, her hips lifted off the ground, asking for more. I slid both hands under her buttocks and squeezed as my tongue and her sex got seriously acquainted. I explored every last nook cranny and crevice in her luscious folds savouring the sweet taste of Colletes’ arousal. I wasn’t concentrating on the erect bud of her clitoris but neither was I avoiding it. However she was clearly ready for me to give it some serious attention because she demanded,

“Suck on my clit now!” I did so, pulsing my sucks and squeezing her butt in time to them which had the required result in less than a minute. Her screams of, “Yessss!” made me glad that we were close to the middle of nowhere as I am pretty sure in an urban location someone would have complained.

“Lie on your back now. I am on the pill and clean so don’t worry about that.” (My brain was in no state to think about the risk of pregnancy anyway! I therefore did as asked.” I watched as Colletes slowly inserted my rock hard pole into her juicy twat after first rubbing the engorged head backwards and forwards over her slit. As she filled herself with my thickness, she let out a satisfied sigh and then opened her legs into box splits showing a flexibility I wouldn’t have guessed at in someone with such muscle definition. Colletes then started rocking forward and back and if possible, I felt myself get harder still and, having nothing better to do with my hands reached for her small breasts and started to gently squeeze them, feeling the erect nipples against my palms.

This was never going to be a long slow love making, we were both too aroused for that and having not had any action for just over a year, I for one wasn’t going to last long. When Colletes started panting and almost hyperventilating, I knew the end was near.

“Squeeze my nipples hard.” I pride myself on being good at following instructions and complied. I was rewarded by the sensation of her Kegel muscles rhythmically clamping around my member which was all it took to unleash the flood gates as spurt after spurt of my cum either jetted or was milked from me. When my own spasms finished, I felt another four or five contractions of her vagina on my love muscle after which Colletes collapsed on top of me.

“Just wow!” I managed before her mouth met mine and our tongues met on their journeys each searching for the other’s tonsils.

“I hope you aren’t worn out because I still need to thank you personally.” Hederae stated from somewhere out of my vision.

“Ha! Now you know he is a good fuck you remember your manners.” Taunted Colletes after coming up for air though I am not quite sure how she managed to take a breath and speak her sentence in the time available before our lips locked again. I saw her eyes widen as she felt my cock twitch as it started to harden inside her again. She answered the twitch with a squeeze of her own and then continued to do so coaxing me back to full size. When I was almost there, she judged I was close enough and this time with her legs either side of my own started to ride me again. Ten minutes later, with her head next to mine, she almost deafened me as once again I was rewarded with her rippling contractions on my rod.

Colletes rolled off me and with a cheeky smile said,

“I think my sister wants you now if you are interested?”

“Not fair. You took advantage of me being out of sorts after nearly drowning.” Seeing her for the first time since Colletes had, “thanked” me I noted she was also now naked, all her curves enticing me even if her less conventionally sexy sister had been the one to attract my attention first. Hederae turned to me,

“I really do want to thank you but can I be cheeky and ask that you use your tongue on my like you did with my sister? No one has ever done that for me before.” Sometimes I have difficulty understanding my own sex. Why would any man not want to taste the delights of the woman he was with?

I gave her the full treatment rather than going for her glistening folds at once. Unlike her sister, she had no hair guarding her entrance which to be honest puts me off a bit. If I am going down on a woman I don’t want it to look like my seven year old niece. That is not to say I didn’t enjoy her taste. Different, a fraction sharper than her sister. I had to work a bit harder, experimenting to see what Hederae liked and what really turned her on. Pushing my tongue as far as I could into her repeatedly worked and when I added strumming her clitoris with my fingers it finally sent her over the top. She shuddered as she came and I lapped up the increased flow from her dripping cunt. (Strange, I found myself not wanting to use that word thinking about Colletes.) She then got up on her knees and asked,

“Fuck me from behind. I need a deep deep fucking.” As I noted before, following instructions is one of my strong points and I entered her with more force than I normally wood, the first stroke making a slapping sound as my hips met her arse. I kept going with long strokes, almost losing it occasionally but only once having to actually reinsert. I varied the pace more for my own benefit than anything, wanting to enjoy the sensations as long as possible given that I was unlikely to manage to cum more than once with her. When I felt myself getting close, I took one of my hands from her hips to work on her clit again and at her urging started banging her faster and with more force.

“Fill me with you spunk!” Hederae shouted and that was all it took. Three powerful jets and three lesser ones was I thought a lot given that I had cum in her sister not so long before. Certainly it was enough to set off her own orgasm which to my surprise gripped me more tightly than her sister had.

I would like to be able to say that I had further adventures with the two sisters, fucking one while licking the other and all three of us achieving our orgasms at the same time but that was never suggested by any of us and I suspect that despite what you might read in Literotica, very few of us men are that good at multitasking!

The reality is that I haven’t seen either of them since a couple of days after the events described above. I last saw them as their cousin drove them and the canoe off into the distance. I do however have an invitation which I have accepted to come to Hederae’s wedding next year as Colletes’ plus one. I am awaiting a reply to my question about the dress code. I also wonder what her fiance, Ivy looks like.

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