Coach and Divorcee Pt. 03

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(Part 3) Coach & Divorcee – What You Want

Loosely based on real events. This is the 3rd of this story. Part 1 and Part 2 all lead up to this.


“All of the players have checked in. Tell the hotel your reservation is under Vicki S. A king size, single bed just like you wanted.”

I’d just finished dropping off my clothes and equipment to the hotel room for the soccer tournament. My team’s first game wasn’t until tomorrow afternoon, and I had seen other coaches and parents at the giant hotel bar. There was also the pool, and the beach. But…my mind was on Vicki. As if she knew, I got a text message.

“You missed the bar’s happy hour but that’s where I’ll be.”

It was barely over a week since Vicki and I had last had drinks, and I could practically taste her still. I’d tasted every inch of her in the office of the sports facility. Never been so turned on. But she’d left me hard, on edge, and helpless when her soon-to-be ex-husband had interrupted us about their kids. Now…Vicki was officially divorced.

Other parents and coaches were at the bar. Vicki and I locked eyes instantly — though she was deep in conversation with another mom, Cherri. The club owner, Ron, called me over and bought me a few drinks as I chatted with the other coaches about our schedules. Vicki walked right in the middle of us, her peppy smiled flashing at everyone.

“Hi, boys! Is everyone having a good time?”

She instantly had everyone’s attention and all eyes were very much on Vicki who wore her customary, tight yoga pants. Cherri joined her and announced:

“Vicki is celebrating — she joined team divorce. It’s much more fun here, right? So who’s buying drinks?”

Our boss, Ron, immediately bought everyone another round. I watched the other men’s expressions grow much more interested, and both Cherri and Vicki were looking at me teasingly. Now, I was annoyed, jealous, and aroused.

“If only I’d known I’d have bought you a big bottle of wine to celebrate,” I told Vicki sarcastically, stepping forward to say hello. I opened my arm and Vicki hugged me…and to my surprise Cherri hugged me too.

“I do love wine,” Vicki replied, smiling. “But I guess you owe me another bottle for my team manager skills so…”

“Or maybe,” I cut Vicki off. “You owe me for my….long hours in the office?”

Vicki’s eyes widened a little and Cherri giggled, smirking at the two of us. I could tell Cherri knew something was up the moment I came to the bar — so I figured I’d play a little back. I bought both of the ladies drinks.

“You know I don’t know what I’m going to do about you,” I leaned in and said low into Vicki’s ear. She turned to me, her smile becoming softer.

“In my experience, you need to do what you want. Whatever you really want.”

“Whatever I want?” I asked, nervous excitement rushing through me again.

“That’s right,’ Vick said, leaning back on the bar and watching me with a wry, daring look. “So, coach, what do you want?”


The moment we stepped into my hotel room I wrapped Vicki in my arms and we began to kiss. I’d been rock hard since the bar and was desperate not to waste time, especially remembering our interruption from the last time. She tasted delicious and sweet and my lips tingled as we touched, and my hands slid down her sides, underneath her yoga pants, grabbing her firm petite ass. I squeezed her ass roughly and she pulled back, smiling.

“So I guess this is what you want, huh?” She laughed.

“Not even close,” I growled, picking her up easily istanbul escort and setting her on top of the kitchen counter. “I want these fucking clothes off, Vicki.”

“Then you’ll have to –“

Vicki gasped as I yanked her yoga pants down to her knees. Pushing her legs up, I pulled her pants off, exposing her gorgeous legs and pretty little ass — she wasn’t wearing any panties. Vicki flushed, covered herself, but kept smiling.

“You know — you owe me. But I’m not going to beg for it,” I warned her, gently pulling her into me so she could feel how hard I was.

“Well I’m not going to beg either,” she answered. “But you should take those pants off.”

As I backed up, pulling my shirt off and unbuckling my belt, Vicki climbed down from the counter and onto her knees in front of me. She began kissing my abs and her fingers trailed down my side to my waist. My cock popped free, big and hard, and Vicki gasped a little, grinning.

“Show off. But it is even bigger in person.” She grabbed it with both hands and I tensed, already throbbing. She put the tip to her lips, sucking gently on the head, using both her hands to work the length. Then she hold on to my hips and began licking along it, all the way to my balls, sucking them, and licking slowly back to the head of my cock.

“Enjoying yourself?” I asked her, smiling.

“Very much. Are you sure you can handle me?” She teased.

“Are you sure you can handle me, is the question,” I countered.

Instead of answering, Vicki took my cock in her mouth, sliding it along her tongue. She worked her way back and forth to almost half way. I groaned as her wet, warm tongue sent waves through me. Then she pulled back, gasping, wiping her mouth, but still smiling.

“Damn. A mouthful, baby,” she exclaimed stroking me.

Vicki took me in her mouth again, faster this time. Grabbing my ass as she pushed my cock deep in her mouth, she got almost all the way before gasping and pulling back. Instantly she went deep again. And again.

“Fuck.” My hands tangled in her curls as her mouth moved up and down.

I could feel the pleasure building, my muscles flexing. Then I felt her pull back, nails clawing my ass.

“Fuck me. Almost got it all the way that time — enjoying yourself?” Vicki asked, winking and wiping her mouth.

I pulled her to her feet, kissing her deeply and forcefully. “Why they fuck do you still have clothes on?” I asked, pulling her tank top over her head.

If even possible, I got more turned on at having Vicki completely naked, smiling innocently at me. Runner’s body — she never got tired of telling me about her soccer mom workouts — skin lightly tan everywhere, with little freckles all over. Her breasts were small and full, perky. I kissed her nipple, biting it gently, wrapping one arm around her waist.

“Oh god, please. I told you I’m not going to beg you for it…” she breathed, eyes closed.

“Beg for what?” I asked my hand sliding down between her legs, feeling how wet she was.

“…to give it to me…inside me…”

Sliding my fingers inside her and grabbing her ass, I picked Vicki up. “You did order me a king size bed,” I reminded her. Vicki smiled burying her head in my chest as I carried her into the bedroom.

“I want to make you beg for it,” I growled to her, laying her down on the bed.

“No, no — this is the queen’s bed now,” She teased, crossing her tan, toned legs and propping her manicured feet against my chest.

“Don’t think so,” I grabbed her ankles, pulling her to the edge of escort bayan the bed, my cock pressing against her crossed legs. “Can you handle me?” I teased her.

“Don’t keep me waiting. I’m not going to be–ahhh,” Vicki moaned as I pushed my cock inside her. Her wetness covered me, but she was so tight. She moaned excitedly with every inch as my cock went deeper and deeper. I grit my teeth as I felt her pussy clenching around my dick, tight and wet and ready. I rocked back and forth, feeling her ache with each push. I was careful not to get too deep, not until she was ready. Not until she was begging for it.

I leaned over her, watching her bite her lip, that smile always for me. She reached for my hands and I grabbed her wrists, pulling her pretty body closer to me. She couldn’t resist. I beg fucking her deeper, still slowly. Her smooth skin flushed warm.

“Oh, fuu– yes, baby, harder, baby,” Vicki whispered breathlessly. “Ah, fuuuck.”

I pushed my cock all the way insider her until her ass cheeks touched my thighs. I’d never been so turned on, or been with anyone who made me feel so aggressive, electrified. She was gorgeous. “I don’t give a fuck if you beg,” I told her. “But I’m going to make you cum harder than you ever have.”

“Oh, yes, uh, uh…” Her ass slapped against my legs with each thrust. I pulled her into me, her smooth legs sliding along my chest and her perky tits bouncing. Deep and short. Again and again, getting faster.

“Yes, yes.”

I began fucking her longer, pulling back and pushing deeper with bigger and bigger strokes. Vicki’s head rolled back and mouth came open and I could feel her pulse racing. I kissed her legs, biting the vanilla-scented skin. “Fuck.”

The bed shook as I went harder, blood rushing like fire inside me. She was tight and slick and I could feel every inch of her as my cock slid in and out. Her body tensed, muscles contracting, and a twitch trembled through her body. She was close…

“Almost, please! Yes, please!” Vicki exclaimed, grabbing my wrists and pulling herself in to me. “Please, please, YES!”

Her legs uncrossed, straightening as the orgasm hit her. I didn’t stop and kept fucking her, wrapping her legs in my arms. I could feel her shaking and shaking, hands pulling at the bedsheets. I slowed as her body began to relax again. She was panting, trying to say something: “A break…please…I need a break…please…”

I growled as she turned to crawl further onto the bed. I loved watching her pretty ass, and still wanted to fuck. The mix of manly pride at how quickly she’d cum and my unsated arousal was intoxicating. I climbed onto the bed beside her. “Fine, baby. But don’t you tell me you’re done. I want to play with your pretty ass all night.”

Smiling contentedly, Vick stuck her ass up in the air teasingly. I spanked her, slapping her toned cheek hard. She yelped, twisting away in surprise. Her eyes lit up with excitement. “Hey, control yourself, coach!” She protested, but she stuck her butt up in the air again.

I smacked her ass again, laughing. Vick rolled closer to me, kissing me fiercely. “That’s a royal ass you are smacking.”

“Royally red,” I joked, smirking.

” — you’re getting cocky. I need to even things up again,” she said, pushing me onto my back and straddling me.

“Sure you can handle it?” I teased her again.

“I’m the queen aren’t I?” Vicki slide back on top of me, and I felt her grab hold of my still hard cock. Locking eyes with me, she bit her lip as she rose up off my hips and slowly lowered herself on escort istanbul top of my dick. She gasped, bracing her hands on my leg and stomach.

My cock and her pussy were both still soaking wet and she slid down easier than before, though I still felt every tight inch. Vicki began to grind on me, riding back and forth. “Damn, that’s deep. Oh, damn. I haven’t done this…very much…” She admitted. She placed both hands on my chest and pushed back, hips rolling my cock around inside her and making me groan.

“Well you’re fucking fantastic at it,” I told her truthfully.

Emboldened at the compliment, Vicki sat back, taking me deep inside her, pulling her hands back above her head to show off her nakedness.

“Do I pass the fitness test, coach?” she asked. Her hips rode back and forth, getting faster.

“The body of a model — but I want to see how long you can last,” I grinned. I began fucking up from beneath her, causing her to brace herself on my chest again. I grabbed her her, pulling her in for a kiss.

“Let’s….see…how long…you…last,” Vicki murmured, leaning her head against mine as her body rose into the air as I thrust into her. Then she began to kiss my neck, my ears, and shivers coursed through me. It was my turn to gasp and she jumped at the chance.

“Found your weak spot!”

“Mmmm,” was all I could manage as I grabbed her ass. She began riding me harder, tongue trailing along my neck, biting me. Reaching back she gently grabbed my balls, her other hand grabbing my hair and pulling roughly. It was so fucking hot. I smacked her ass hard. And again.

“You like that ass, baby?” Vicki asked, kissing my neck.

“I’m going to bend you over after this,” I warned her.

“Uh…uh huh….yes, yes…” Vicki’s body was tensing up again, her grinding was slowing. I didn’t let her stop. I began pounding into her faster, driving her into the climax. “Oh, fuuu–agaaaain.”

She sat up, leaning back with both hands on my thighs as we fucked her into orgasm. She squealed, clenching her knees together as her body jerked, as a spasm rushed through her. “Don’t stop! I want you to cum, baby,” she told me. As she began coming down from the climax, I sat up. Grabbing her by the hair, I rolled her off of me and pushed her into the pillows, ass up in the air.

The tension built up inside me screamed to release. To keep fucking her. I wanted her — all of her, all not. I gripped her hips, shoving my cock inside her creamy pussy.

“You are really trying to get me fucked up, huh?” I growled.

“It’s fun to get you so riled up,” Vicki giggled softly. “Do I have to beg you to stop being gentle or — mmmffff!” Her words muffled as I clapped my hand over her mouth, driving my cock in deep. She was trying to make me lose control and it was working. I began pumping her from behind, her ass slapping against my hips. She grabbed my wrist, sucking on my fingers with one hand as I pinned her other arm behind her back.

“Oh, uh, uh, yes — fuck,” Vicki grunted.

I fucked harder, my balls slapping against her. I could feel her legs twitch, wired from the last orgasm. Both hands in her hair, I pulled back roughly, biting her neck, before pushing her back down. With both hands, I slapped down on her ass. “Fuck.”

All the tension and pleasure exploded as I came insider her. I grunted, gritting my teeth as my body slammed in Vicki, lost in the moment. Vaguely, I heard her moan and shiver as well — triggering her to climax again. As we caught our breath, Vicki rolled over, angelic smile bright enough to dazzle the devil himself.

“I am the best team manager ever aren’t I?” She asked, laughing.

“No contest. And the night is only getting started,” I agreed as I pulled her closer.

(I think there will also be a PART 4 now — so to be continued…)

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