Big Surprise

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Thanks to angel love for special editing work.


The work night was the typical boring Friday night at the local burger joint. I was the assistant manager making a big $4.85 an hour and in charge of a crew of four. Carrie was the number one cashier. Six nights a week there was a janitor that came in and cleaned so we could leave with just a quick wipe down. On Friday nights however, we had to do the work of the janitor so it wasn’t unusual to get home after 2:00 AM. Carrie had finished her front end cleanup and asked me if there was anything she could do to help finish the rest of the cleanup so we could all leave a little earlier. She was the same age as I was, had nice reddish-auburn hair, a cute smile and a great looking set of 32B tits under her cute orange and white burger uniform. Plus, she always smelled great, which is hard to do in a greasy burger restaurant.

Nearing the end of the night, she asked me if I would be able to give her a ride home, because her car was broken down. “No problem,” I said.

I lived just a few blocks from her house. We locked up the store and headed home in my ’69 Roadrunner with a front seat big enough to sleep in. I pulled up in front of her house and she slid across the seat and gave me a long deep french kiss, reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants and asked if she could have a ride home again the next night. “Sure.” I stammered.

I was in shock from the kiss and the rub through the pants. I drove home as fast as I could, went straight to the bathroom and wacked off just imagining what Saturday night was going to bring.

On Saturday I could hardly keep my mind on my work and every time I turned around, there was Carrie. I found myself watching her as she walked by to get a roll of quarters, or when she came back to the grill area to help with a large istanbul escort order. She smelled especially sweet tonight and I noticed the top button was open on her uniform, showing just a hint of a white lace bra when she bent forward. She asked me again if I was going to be able to give her a ride home after work. I smiled and told her, “Of course.”

I had no idea what was wrong with her car, but since it gave me just a small shot to look under that lace bra or maybe get some hand action from her, it was fine with me if it was never fixed. She finished her cleanup very quickly as usual and went off to the ladies room. When she came out a few minutes later, her hair was brushed, her makeup was fixed, she had fresh lipstick on her sweet lips and she had just refreshed her perfume. She asked me for my keys and said she would be waiting in the car. I’m not sure how well my cleanup crew did that night, but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to get in that car with Carrie and hit the road.

As we approached her house, she asked me to shut off my car about 2 blocks early and just coast to a stop in front of her house. She didn’t want to wake her father with my noisy Plymouth. The street was dark except for the lone streetlight about a 1/2 block away. As the car rolled to a stop, she slid across the seat and layed a long and hard french kiss on me just as the night before. I was not stunned at all this time, and tried to keep up with her skilled tongue. My free left hand was wrapped around her waist and I slowly started undoing the buttons on her uniform. As I reached the last button, she slid her hand into the front of her white lace bra and pulling up on the center strip, let her perfect tits loose. We kissed for several more moments, as I slowly fondled and caressed her left, then her right breast. Circling her nipples, escort bayan I could feel her breathing becoming heavier and she broke off the kiss, laying her head back on the seat. Her eyes closed slightly, and she pressed her chest forward, silently begging me to do what I wanted with her fine tits.

I lowered my head to suck her small hard nipple into my mouth, rolling it between my teeth, gently flicking it with my tongue, making her hotter and hotter. I made a move down her flat belly, lower towards her snatch. She slid her hand into the way and placed my hand back on her breast. My cock was straining in my pants, and almost as if she could read my mind, she reached over and unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and sprang my rock hard seven inch prick out of my pants.

I had never been so turned on and without a word between us, she slid off the seat onto her knees and smoothly slid my cock into her warm mouth. I felt her fingers cup my balls underneath, as she slowly sucked up and down my rod. She stroked with one hand, stopping from time to time to squeeze precome from the tip and flick it off with her curling tongue. My hands reached in front of her and fondled each of her tits, gently tweaking each hard little nipple, causing her to make sweet moaning sounds as she worked her mouth on my dick. Faster and faster she stroked and sucked, rolling my balls with one hand, and smoothly jerking me to an orgasm with the other. She was an expert with her tongue. I moved her hair out of the way so I could get a better view of her sucking my cock. She stopped for just a second and begged, “Keep squeezing my tits, it feels great.”

No need to beg, I thought, I could stay here all night. I climbed closer and closer to shooting my load and she kept moaning as I squeezed her jugs and almost without warning, I felt escort istanbul my balls clench and shoot a monster load of cum into her ready and waiting mouth. She never missed a drop, slowly jerking and milking until she had swallowed every last drop.

I couldn’t beleive what a skilled tongue she had. I helped her back onto the seat. I wanted to make her come, so I once again tried to slide my hand into the band of her pants. She made a half-hearted effort to stop me, but she was definately still turned on from the blowjob. I slid my hand all the way into her panties, and found her slit was soaked. I felt her lift her ass off the seat and I used my other hand to help her get her pants and panties down to her knees. I twirled my finger inside her and slowly started finger fucking her, while I diddled her clit with my thumb. Soon she was writhing on the seat and bucking her hips up and down, as she neared her own orgasm. She grabbed my hand and pushed down, trying to get me deeper and deeper inside. I slid a second and then a third finger inside her dripping pussy, and pounded her with long smooth strokes. I lowered my head for a mouthful of tit, tweaking her nipple with my teeth. I felt her gasp and breathlessly moan, “Oh God, I’m coming.”

She grabbed my fucking hand and squeezed her legs together, holding my hand in a vise grip between her thighs until her spasm left her.

We were both panting and sweaty, as we slowly pulled our clothes back on. I gave her one last kiss and hug before she got out of the car and I watched her walk into her house. I drove the few blocks to my house and went upstairs to take a shower. As I turned on the bathroom light and started to get undressed, I saw that the hand that I was finger-fucking her with was covered in blood. What a time for her period! That’s why she was pushing my hand away.

We’ve both married and have had this hot secret between us for over 25 years. I still see her from time to time and the first thing I think of when our eyes meet is that totally hot summer night in a ’69 Roadrunner. I hope she thinks the same thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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