Asserting His Dominance Pt. 04

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Big Tits

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Note: this story contains a lot of offensive slurs. Be warned.

‘Son-in-law gets a hard breeding from two old studs.’

Hugo was ready to relax on that Sunday morning. The week had been slow and turbulent with his pregnant-to-the-brims wife ready to burst, and there was a month to go still. She had needs, and Hugo did his best to satisfy each one, going to the grocery for the tiniest desire, or the drugstore at any second of the day, even her libido was on an all time high.

Today, she had been shipped off to her parent’s house. Her mother was an angel, trying to do everything herself, visiting every day. When she was present, Hugo relaxed. Those visits also brought Dante close.

While the women took care of themselves, the men could spend time together. They had to be furtive. A blowjob in the garage was the most dangerous thing they did while their wives were in the house. Hugo had been angry because his father-in-law continued with their charade where he would humiliate Hugo in front of the others. It began in the Gym a few days ago. Hugo realized he liked a little humiliation only because he could pay back, and that blowjob in the garage was his payback for Dante’s condescending tone, patronizing comments, jokes about his job, about his body.

It was so outrageous that his daughter told him to stop, almost having a fight, while Hugo was having a secret erection.

He took his father-in-law to the garage and told him to kneel. He ignored the apologies, grasped his hair and pushed his hard dick inside his mouth. He watched as the father-in-law bobbed and drooled all over it.

On that Sunday morning, the Mrs. was staying with her mother. Dante took her there but would be back. It had been Hugo’s idea, he would try to ‘reconnect’ with his father-in-law. The women thought a great idea.

But Phil would be coming too.

Dante had invited him Yesterday at the gym, after he put on a show of humiliation that really pleased the old chump. Dante had slapped Hugo in the face in front of him by the end, not too hard, but showing superiority. Hugo bit his inner cheek, holding his anger inside, and flustered. Phil was fascinated at how tame Hugo behaved, lowering his head and accepting the slap like a good dog. For a moment, he looked at Dante like he was a rockstar.

Hugo was in the lawn of his backyard, grilling a slice of ham and sausages. He was shirtless, droplets of moisture going down his hairy belly from the sun and heat. He wore light shorts, revealing a third of his thigh. He was feeling warm, exposed and sexy.

A gust of wind made his skin shiver. He turned over the meat on the grill basket with a spatula and went to sit down by the table where he had left his beer. That was where Dante and Phil found him when they arrived at the backyard.

“Wow, it’s smelling fantastic,” Phil said. Hugo stood to shake his hand. “How you doing, son?”

“Very good,” I said, smiling. “Glad you came, Phil.”

They were both wearing shorts. Phil was about Hugo’s height, where Dante was like a tower. Hugo arranged chairs for them under the shade of a parasol and grabbed more beers. He was making a show, of course. He wanted to appear subservient. Dante was in on it.

“Don’t give him compliments,” Dante said, smiling cruelly. “I don’t want to spoil him.” Phil looked at Hugo to see his reaction, expecting something, any kind of resistance. He was always impressed when Hugo just accepted to be talked down to. Hugo was furious. He would remember everything later when it was payback time. But for now, he lowered his head. They all sat down and began nibbling at the food.

“This is so strange,” Phil said between a chuckle. He looked at father and son-in-law like two weird beasts. He turned to Dante. “So…Hugo is really your…”

“My bitch,” Dante said. Again they looked at Hugo, who lowered his head. Phil laughed.

“God, this is hilarious. However did you manage?”

“I knew just by looking at him. Son of a bitch thought he could fuck my daughter. Well, I made sure he knew who the man of the family was.”

Phil was impressed.

“Damn,” he said. “Damn.”

“He got something right, though,” Dante said. “It’s damn hot today.” Dante removed his shirt, revealing wide-shoulders, flat and hairy abdomen, and defined chest. Phil followed suit, and he was also not bad to look at. He had specks of blond hair in the middle of his chest, making a trail all the way down. His body a bit chubby but very muscular too.

Feeling a stiff in his junk, Hugo got up to tend the meat and left the two older men to have a conversation between themselves. They talked about Hugo like he wasn’t even there, hearing everything. It was very arousing.

“Did you know what he did? He complained to my daughter, and we almost had a fight. The little shit. I almost smacked his face right there to show those women what this little bitch really is. istanbul travesti But I held myself.”

Phil’s chuckle seemed forced. “How…does he just take these stuff?”

“Man, don’t worry about him. I’m telling you, he’s in my pocket. I think maybe he likes it.”

“Likes it?” Phil said with a tone of voice that indicated that he didn’t think it was possible. “No way.”

Hugo went back to the table with a few sausages on a plate. His cheeks were burning from embarrassment.

“Yeah. He’s gonna serve us today. And you won’t hear a word of complaint. Will we?”

“No, sir. I love serving you.” His voice was shaky from the thrill. He was both in control and totally losing it. “You too,” Hugo said to Phil, who was taken aback. He smiled broadly.

“I’ll be damned. You are a little bitch.”

“There you go,” Dante said. “You can call him that when we are alone.”

“Okay,” Phil said. “Bitch boy, go grab me another beer.”

When Hugo stood up, both men gasped. His cock was tenting the shorts. They laughed at me. Dante leading the charge, making Hugo feel like hiding. That was the thrill. Shame seemed to burn his skin, but he managed to let it go.

“Fuck me! Dante, did you see that? He likes it. Do you think he’s a little on the faggy side?” Hugo heard Phil ask before he entered the house. He didn’t hear Dante’s response. But he did hear them laugh out loud.

Poor Phil. He was getting pulled to the faggy side in that very moment and didn’t know it.

Hugo brought them beers. He was aware of the looks towards his crotch which was still damning. It did not look good for a good married boy. He sat down.

“Get up,” Dante said. “You can’t sit down anymore. Stand up so we can see your shame, pussy boy.”

Phil snorted.

Hugo stood upright and so did his cock inside his shorts. He couldn’t hide it. Dante stared at it, but Phil seemed uncomfortable even though he clearly wanted to.

“I broke him,” Dante told Phil. “See, look at him. He’s mine.”

Phil’s eyes went down to his plate, as if he was conflicted. Dante was talking some homoerotic innuendos mixed with male domination.

“Are you fruity?” Phil asked. Very direct.

“No, sir!” Hugo said.

“Then why do you have a boner right now, little bitch?” Phil continued, and Dante only smiled and let him.

“I don’t know, sir,” Hugo said.

“He already calls you sir,” Dante said. “He recognizes you as superior.”

Phil adjusted in his seat, eyes glinting. Hugo would bet his life that the old fucker was getting a boner too. Was it a big one? Phil looked like the type of guy to be very hung. His bulges never disappointed. Thinking about them, Hugo’s cock twitched visibly.

“I think you’re in denial, boy,” Phil said, voice dark. “Tell me the truth, are you a fag?”

“No, sir. I’m as straight as they come.” Hugo’s cock twitched again, and it was getting harder for Phil to avoid staring. It obviously bothered him. He carried himself as a very manly man, probably never had to deal with that kind of temptation. His mind must be furiously trying to rationalize that forbidden desire that is turning his junk into a massive rock.

“Look at him, sissy bitch,” Phil said to Dante. “Goddamn, Dante, I’m telling you, he’s a fag. No real man gets hard by being called a bitch. Would you want your daughter to be with a man like that?”

“Well, at least I got my tabs on him, no?” Dante said calmly. “I mean, you hate your son-in-law too. Imagine if you could treat him the same way.”

Phil took a deep breath.

“I fucking hate that little rat,” Phil said. Then laughed. “I bet you feel really good about yourself, Dante.”

Dante and Hugo shared a look, just for a split-second, but enough that the message was sent. Dante would make the next move.

“You know, Phil…man, the things I did to him…you wouldn’t believe.”

Phil’s green eyes lighted with interest.

“Like what?”

“Nah, leave it. I don’t think you would understand. Believe me, my friend. I wouldn’t want you to misinterpret things.”

Phil adjusted in the chair again. For a moment, it seemed like he would let the matter go. But then he gave a quick look at Hugo, who was still standing there with a twitching boner, watching their conversation.

“What did you do? You can trust me.”

Dante shook his head, but with less certainty.

“You would think even worse of my son-in-law…if you think he’s a fag now,” Dante said. Phil took a deep breath. His eyes seemed to be full of cocky understanding, like he was proven correct with his assumptions, and yet… He stared back at Dante, thinking about what to say next.

“You really don’t think he is?” he asked.

“He got my wife pregnant. I know he isn’t. It was me. I broke him. I made him submit. I took control.”

Phil blinked a few times.

“I do remember him being difficult,” Phil said. “You always complained about him.”

“Like you complain about your son-in-law,” Dante said. “But I actually did something about it, and now istanbul travestileri I have this. My pet. My little bitch.”

Hugo lowered his head in submission, even though his inside were churning and he was flustered with both anger and embarrassment.

“How did you do that?” Phil said.

“It’s a long story. The thing is…I have done so much, there’s no way he can come back to being difficult again. He enjoys being my bitch too much. Don’t you?”

“I do, sir.”

“You really wanna know what I did? Something really crazy?” Dante asked.

Phil nodded eagerly.

“I…made him suck my cock.”

Phil gasped. “Did you?” He had a big smile on his face, and it was only the beginning. Hugo wanted to laugh. He kept his head lowered.

“Oh, you have no idea. He worships my cock now after sucking it so much.”

“Goddamn,” Phil said. He began to scratch his junk in a very silly attempt to hide his erection.

“But the first time was incredible. I forced his head hard, grasping his hair, and made him slurp and gag.”

Phil proceeded to look at Hugo, shaking his head lightly in clear disapproval of such an unmanly action. Hugo blushed.

“And you know what I do when he resists even a little bit?” Dante said. He whistled and Hugo walked up to him. He turned Hugo around and lowered his shorts, then his briefs.

“Oh, come on,” Phil said, but it was his only complaint.

“Just watch,” Dante said. And he ran his hand over Hugo’s exposed white buttocks. He grabbed one cheek firmly, then the other. His fingers were big and rough. “Look at them. Hairy, firm and round. These cheeks are mine too. And when he disappoint me, I do this,” he said, and slapped Hugo hard. It burned.

“Ohh,” Hugo moaned.

“See, even the way he moans is like a little bitch begging for more.”

He slapped the other cheek and kept alternating.

“Oh, ouch…ohhh.” Hugo could only imagine the face Phil was making.

“And I can deal as many as I want, he will take them, because he is a very good slut,” Dante said. His hand fell on the middle, hitting both cheeks at once, making a sharp sound and causing a sharp pain. Hugo forgot himself for a moment, truly lost in the pain which fired up his cock. “Look how he likes it.” Dante turned Hugo around again, this time showing the white cock, hard as rock, standing upright.

Hugo looked at Phil. The poor man was red-faced and had a gaping mouth.

Dante kept going with the onslaught. He turned him around again and opened the cheeks to expose the anus; he made a comment about how red the buttocks were, then told Hugo to kneel on the floor. He stood up and placed his crotch right in front of Hugo’s face. “Look at how he enjoys the smell,” he said, and dragged Hugo’s face against his bulge.

Hugo felt balls and cock against his cheek and inhaled audibly the scent of both. He forgot that this was all a ruse and enjoyed the warmth of the junk against his face. The father-in-law had a powerful smell naturally, but his crotch was ten times worse. Hugo was truly out of mind when Dante pushed him away.

Dante sat down again on the chair. Hugo stood up and made to grab his shorts and briefs on the floor but Dante grabbed his arm. One look at the father-in-law was enough to know he was enjoying himself way too much. Hugo was so ready to pay him back tenfold for everything he was doing and saying.

“And the best thing is that there isn’t anything gay about this,” Dante said. “This is pure domination, Phil.”

Phil didn’t look convinced, but he did look like he wanted to be. He opened his mouth a few times, then forced a laugh. His face resembled a beet as he looked over Hugo a few times.

“I don’t know, Dante, this looks weird,” he said.

“But wouldn’t you like to do the same to your in-law?” Dante said. “Answer truthfully.”

Somewhere, Phil found the courage to go against all his straight instincts.

“I would. Goddamn it, I would.” Phil turned his face to Hugo, looking both disgusted and fascinated at once.

“Why don’t you have a go? Smack his ass a few times. It will make you few better,” Dante offered. Phil snapped his head up at him.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course, you’re the type of man that I look up to. I would definitely let a man like you teach a few lessons to this little bitch. It would put him deeper in his place.”

Hugo got goosebumps from the way Phil looked at him. Down below, his cock twitched a few more times and spurt a few loads of cum on the ground. That seemed to take the breath away from every one. Hugo was orgasming and trembled while trying to maintain balance, Dante broke character for a moment and appreciated the son-in-law that he loved, and Phil almost drooled at the scene of pure self-condemnation.

“I’m so sorry, sir, I couldn’t help it,” Hugo said to Dante, who was still staring lovingly at him. Then, quickly, he pulled himself together.

“He deserves a punishment for that, Phil. Would you do the honors?”

Phil stuttered.

“I-I don’t-what?”

“Go travesti istanbul on, little bitch,” Dante told Hugo. “Lay down on his lap and let him smack those round tight cheeks. That’ll teach you.”

Cock still hard and sticky with cum, he approached the blond older man and was pleased to see him adjust away from the table so Hugo would have a clear space to lay on his lap. His cock slid between Phil’s thighs as they found a comfortable position, then he was getting smacked on the butt again, feeling the burn on the round cheeks.

“Take that, you little fag bitch,” Phil muttered. His whole body shook with the strength he was putting.

“Oh my god, fuck, fuck fuck,” I cried.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Dante said, and Hugo could hear the worry in his voice, even though he was still trying to be on character. It made Hugo feel warm all over. He could still take some more slaps, he found out he quite enjoyed it. But Dante was the one calling the shots. “See, Phil…you did great. But now…you have to show you can be gentle as well. That’s how you take over. Show him how you can be gentle.”

Phil was still for a few intakes of breath, then he began to caress Hugo’s back.

“Are you okay?” Phil asked Hugo softly.

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

Hugo began to raise himself, but instead of going away, he sat on Phil’s lap, surprising him. He adjusted his position until his bare ass was right on top of the older man’s crotch, and sure enough, the bump was considerable, a very big junk, hard and alive.

“Hmm. That’s enough, isn’t it?” Phil said, and gave a light push on Hugo’s back. It was such a feeble attempt that it had the contrary effect. Hugo moved his hips slowly, making some pressure. “Nasty little bitch, stop that,” Phil said, but his tone was very light-hearted.

“Stop what, sir?” Hugo said.

“You know damn well.” Phil grabbed his waist, made another feeble attempt at pushing, then he squeezed the flesh and pulled. His hands were almost touching Hugo’s renewed erection. Pre-cum gushing out in streams. “You like that, don’t you?” Phil asked, making his cock jerk and bump against Hugo’s burning ass.

Hugo knew his whole body was wet with sweat, but even so, Phil hugged him from behind, sliding his face against his back. Hugo felt the cold contrast of the lips and his skin shivered completely.

Dante was staring right at him. Hugo felt exposed beyond the physical, because this had started as a ruse to seduce Phil and now he was more than enjoying himself, feeling the growing pressure of Phil’s big meat between his asscheeks.

“That’s it, Phil,” Dante said. “You’re doing great. Keep teaching him. Show him who’s the man. He’s just a little bitch.”

“Just a little bitch,” Phil repeated, voice hoarse. “Fuck, he has a nice ass. All over me. Squeezing my dick.”

Dante chuckled.

“He’s enjoying himself. You should see his face.”

Then, because he wanted to see Hugo’s face, the son-in-law turned around. At first, he scared Phil with the swinging of his cock almost in his face. He lowered himself on the crotch again, rubbed his cock against the blond man’s belly, the head scratched by the blond trail.

Even though he was scared, Phil let himself be hugged around his neck. There was a cock rubbing on him, his eyes darted down over Hugo’s meat, as if still in disbelief. But he didn’t complain.

“You’re a fucking fag,” Phil said. “Dance on my cock, you dirty fag.”

“That’s it, man. You’re the man and he is your slut. Show him.” Dante was speaking very close to Phil’s ear. “Don’t you love how his cute cock is rubbing on you?”

“Yeah,” Phil admitted to his own surprise. “Shit,” he said when he realized.

“It’s alright. Say, who’s the man?” Dante was almost brushing his lips against Phil’s ear. The blond closed his eyes, as if feeling the warm breath.

“I’m the man,” Phil said.


“I’m the man!”

“Yes, you are, daddy,” Hugo said.

“He’s calling you daddy now. Congratulations.” Dante laughed. “You deserve a reward. Come on, little bitch. Kneel on the ground. It’s time for you to get fed.”

Phil widened his eyes.


“What do you say? You and me feeding some cock to my son-in-law at the same time?”

Phil licked his lips. He thought about it for a good moment. Then he nodded.

“Fuck it. Let’s do it. But this really cannot get out of here, Dante.”

“Sure. How about we get inside? Let’s take this to his bed.”

So they did.

They stood on top of Hugo’s bed while he knelt. Both still wearing their shorts, they told Hugo to take them off. He went first to Dante, enjoying the sight of his big hairy father-in-law, the familiar strong smell of his cock and sweaty balls. He pulled down the briefs to reveal the thick meat. His eyes wandered to Phil who came closer almost hypnotically, his shorts came down easily, but his briefs were much tighter. They left red marks around the edges when he pulled down. His cock jumped out, almost slapping Hugo’s face. It was bigger than Dante’s and Hugo made a surprised face with pleased the older man. The big head was cut, light pink, and not as big as the rest of the fat length. The smell was also stronger, maybe because it was new. A new male. A whole new experience.

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