A Discovered Trick

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The wind was whipping the door to the center open and closed. A storm was just over the hills to the west, but the clouds were giving the storm away. Four hours until Rachelle was going to be able to leave. Four hours until she would be able to soak her aching joints from the strenuous stretching made to get her body into the most bizarre and unbelievable poses. There was not one joint on her body that had not been stretched to the limit for this unique sport. Very few are able to excel at rhythmic gymnastics and she was going to make sure she was one of the lucky few.

The gym was turning dark and the storm was overhead. Rachelle watched as the other girls packed up and left for safety. It was just a simple thunderstorm, she thought, as she watched in disbelief everyone leaving. That was fine with her; it meant she would have more time to work at each stretching station. Bending over, she immediately went into a headstand making sure her toes were pointed in the straightest line. She watched in the mirror as she slowly descended her left muscular leg straight down in front of her face, never showing any waver in her balance. Once her leg had touched the ground she kept her other leg in the same position making sure it did not move. The lines illegal bahis of her body were straight and perfect. Upside down, she held onto her leg for exactly two seconds before releasing and swinging her body up to a perfect perpendicular line holding her right leg. This move would be her signature move, as it was a very hard move to make with perfection.

Rachelle stretched her body for two hours and then hit the shower. After standing under the hot water until the pain eased she grabbed her soap. She had forgotten to bring her sponge so she would have to use her hands to wash the sweat away. Slowly, she massaged her body, using the soap as lubricant to rub the muscles that burned from such a long workout. She picked up her razor and began shaving her legs then creeping up to make sure there were no hairs between her legs. The feel of her smooth skin was enticing and extremely erotic. She washed between her legs making sure to rub between her soft lips. The gentle touch was electrifying and intoxicating. She reached behind her and ran her hand inside the crack of her ass making sure she was clean everywhere. After rinsing off, she grabbed a towel and dried her body before putting lotion on.

Driving home to a cold empty house had seemed illegal bahis siteleri normal to her. For the last three years since she had been in training for the Olympics she had lived on her own. Her family lived four states away and was not able to visit much. Phone calls and letters were her main source of communication. Rachelle put her dirty workout clothes into the wash and turned the television on. As she was scanning the channels she realized nothing that interested her was showing. She turned off the television and went to her room where she had an erotic book lying on top of the covers. She stripped off slowly while watching how her body moved. She jumped on the bed and opened the book. Immediately she started reading about a woman who was masturbating and got caught by her roommate. Rachelle could feel her clit tingle while she read. Each line turned her on more and more. It wasn’t long that she began pulling and rolling her nipples so they would be hard like marbles. Her breasts were not real big, but her nipples she could stretch them and make them hard enough to be quite big in size.

Rachelle looked up in the mirror and watched as she began to touch her body. Her tongue started to lick circles around one nipple then the canlı bahis siteleri other. This sensation brought gasps from her and made her pussy pulse. She wanted to watch it up close but the mirror was on the other side of the room. It was then that she came up with the idea to stretch her legs behind her shoulder blades and pull her pussy towards her face. Curiously, Rachelle was looking up close to her pink river of pleasure. She saw her clit for the first time and noticed that her hood was covering her clit. She stuck her tongue out and swiped the hood back to feel her clit on her tongue. A rush of waves hit her body that had her trying to keep breathing. She could taste the fragrant soap she used earlier and sucked in her entire clit. That feeling was different than just using her tongue. She realized she liked having her tongue lick around her clit instead of being sucked on. With her hands, she pulled her pussy apart and used her tongue to lick the exposed button that was beginning to throb and get hard. She knew she was about to cum if she kept doing what she was doing. She spit on her pussy and used her tongue to slide across her hood in hard even strokes. The wetness made a big difference because within seconds of wetting her clit her tongue was bringing her to orgasm. She slowed down and softened the pressure of rolling her tongue around her clit and felt herself cum. She had learned a new trick and it was all thanks to her hard work in rhythmic gymnastics that afforded her this new trick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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