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1st story ever, please be kind!


I had been dating Joe for several months…he was living with his grandmother to help take care of things around the house for her…his grandmother or “Nana” as he still called her and that she insisted I call her as well was a very energetic, lean, woman who had been a career businesswoman and very successful.

She had a nice, big, two story home with garage in a quiet neighborhood. She was around 5’5″…maybe 115lbs…with short gray hair…in terrific shape at her age which was almost 70.

She always smiled at me, was very pleasant and every time I visited…had a kind word and would give me a simple hug.

I’m in my mid-twenties, long blonde hair (with a lil help from a bottle). I’m about 5’9…and about twenty pounds heavier than Nana with 34d breasts and nice curves to go with my long tan legs. I worked in an office doing data entry and modeled lingerie for a couple of local stores. Nothing exotic but it helped put some money in savings for me.

So I’m at work one afternoon and Joe sends me a text, telling me Nana was sick and cancelling plans to go out that night.

I call him and we talk and he says that she seems to have the flu or something similar and I offer to bring something by for them that evening.

So when I get off work, I run a few errands, get some flu medicine, ibuprofen and some ingredients to make chicken casino siteleri soup for Nana. I come by their house and it’s close to 6:00 pm.

Joe tells me that Nana is in her bedroom which is on the main floor of the house. I go in the kitchen and start everything and once I get it all in the pot and cooking, I go in to check on Nana. She’s very warm but in a good mood.

Nana tells me how lovely I look that day (I’m still dressed from work) and that she’s feeling better.

I talk with her and tell her that I have some soup on and that I picked up some over the counter medicine for her.

She tells me how sweet I am and I tell her I’ll come back with a bowl for her if she doesn’t feel like getting up.

I return to the kitchen and after an hour, everything is ready. I get her some ibuprofen, Joe gets a bowl of soup ready for her and I take it to her on a tray while he starts to eat. I get Nana situated and sit with her while she eats and clean everything up as she doses off.

Joe and I eat and talk a bit. He tells me that he needs to work tonight and asks if I can stay the night in the guest bedroom and keep an eye on Nana.

I assure him that it won’t be a problem for me to do that but I need to run grab a few things from my place. I leave and pick up a few things (mainly my makeup, change of clothes and such) and return about an hour or so later.

Joe is getting ready slot oyna for work and tells me he told Nana I would be staying with her just to check in on her and that he’ll see me in the morning.

I check in on Nana a couple of times before I go upstairs to a guest room. I get ready for bed and have on some boy shorts and a tight tank top. I set my alarm to wake me every couple of hours, just to keep an eye on Nana.

Around 1 am, I get up…and I walk downstairs as quietly as I can. The house is so quiet and every creak of the stairs sounds so loud to me. I ease open Nana’s door and walk in on my tiptoes. She seems to be sleeping peacefully. I touch her forehead and she no longer seems warm. I lean over to fix her covers, my upper thighs pressed against the mattress, reaching over her some to cover her up. I hear her move beneath me and freeze for a moment…a moment too long as one of her hands shoots up and grabs a handful of my hair…tightly. I gasp at the suddenness, thinking she’s having a nightmare for a moment or not fully awake. “Nana, it’s me…Sharon…it’s alright”.

I look down at her face…and her eyes open…and she smiles up at me…and then her other hand tugs my tank top to the side and she opens her mouth…she yanks me down by my hair causing me to yelp in pain. And she locks her mouth onto my right breast, sucking on it hard and moaning a bit. I gasp again and try to push up off the bed canlı casino siteleri but she has her fingers tangled in my long hair, holding me there. I can’t help but moan a bit myself as her tongue is working my nipple over and she’s sucking harder and harder.

“Uh…Nan…Nana…st…stop…” is all I can say. Leaning over the bed, off balance…her other hand traces down my side…over my hip and onto my ass…she gives me a quick slap on the ass…hard enough to make me yelp again and to sting.

“Ow!! Nana…pl…please! stop it!” She pulls my hair, making me crawl up onto the bed further, keeping me draped over her and she never stops sucking my breast. She rolls and pulls dragging me over her until I’m on my back with her half on top of me.

I arch my back as I gasp from her mouth on my breast, still begging her to stop. “Please Nana…oh God…please…stop it.”

One of her legs is between mine and she starts to rub me through my panties…grinding her thigh on me. I gasp in shock again as my body betrays me, my nipples are hard, my panties are starting to get moist. I can’t believe this is happening to me, I put my hands on her shoulders, trying to push her up and she gives my hair a hard yank, making me cry out in pain again. “Ow!! please!! that hurts!”

Nana finally releases my breast and smiles at me, telling me “be a good girl for Nana and I won’t hurt you…too much. Now do what I say and we’ll both enjoy this.” I lie there, shocked, appalled but knowing that my body is also responding. I’m overwhelmed by her and at her mercy…and she knows it.

(to be continued if y’all like)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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