Nadia, My Spanish Girl

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When I first met Nadia she was only fifteen. I didn’t notice her at the time, why should I, she was just another kid in a large family group.

Building first began on the urbanization, on scrub-land sold to the developer with planning permission for four hundred homes.

There was one problem that came with the land, a sitting tenant, a family living in Madrid had owned a property there for generations. They used it only twice a year, they always came for two weeks at Christmas and again in the height of summer, for five or six weeks. The developer had gambled in buying them out, believing they would get fed up once surrounded by homes mostly owned by foreigners.

I later found out, that the grandfather was actually considering selling, but then things changed.

I took on the bar/restaurant. Everyone had thought it to be a white-elephant when it was built, far too big and it came with a very large swimming pool, and indeed, it had stayed empty for nearly three years. When I came along, the developer was desperate to have it functioning, consequently, I got a brilliant deal on my five-year lease.

I had met the Spanish family in passing the year before, they were nice people, I was one of only a few foreigners who spoke Spanish, When they arrived for the summer holiday, I had only just taken on the bar. They lived very close, I mean just over the road. I thought it might be a good idea to invite them all for a welcoming drink, and perhaps get them on my side from the off. I was thinking of noise from the entertainment and so on.

Well, it turned out to be a brilliant move. The whole family arrived, all seventeen of them, from about age seven to seventy.

The first thing that impressed them, was that I understood, and knew how to make all of their peculiar coffees, such as a carajillo, cortado, con hielo, bombon, belmonte, etc. Besides, all the various herbal teas and that I actually already had them.

Granddad asked if I could do them a family meal on the coming Saturday, but it had to be traditional Spanish food. Not a problem! I said.

The meal was a huge success, and from that moment they were regular customers, why go into town for a family drink he had said when it’s all here. They came over for the evening entertainment, whatever it was, but they particularly enjoyed both the karaoke and my own disco nights, I had always been happy to intermix some Spanish music. The younger members of the family naturally, loved the karaoke nights.

That’s when I first noticed Nadia. She had a beautiful voice, a gifted young singer, not your typical karaoke screecher.

Two years went by, time had been good to me, the bar and restaurant did well, and my customers were happy.

Once more my Spanish family arrived. The reunion was great, a real pleasure to see them. Nadia came and said hello to me, I was surprised at how she had grown up. She was now a stunning beauty.

Disco night came and the bar was heaving. I usually took a short break halfway through the evening, I had a selection of standard dance tapes I would put on while I was away from the disco.

I was sat outside on the patio, having a quiet beer and a smoke, when Nadia walked up, asking if she could sit with me for a bit, I saw her younger sister standing chaperone. I should explain at this point, Nadia spoke no English but my Spanish is good for conversation, even if it is grammatically poor. Anyway, for the purpose of my story, I will put most of her dialogue in English.

She asked whether my winter trade had been good, it had. Then she said that she wanted to learn some of the English dance steps, a waltz casino oyna or a quick step, and would I be kind enough to show her. I already knew the protocol, but she pointed out that I would need to ask permission of her father or mother first.

Father said it was okay, and granddad positively beamed, he really liked me, you see.

It all began a little awkward, she was obviously shy, what with so many people around. I pointed out that very few of them actually knew how to dance properly, most couples kind of shuffle around the floor, with no real idea of a proper dance step.

She relaxed and began to learn and from that moment, she was a good pupil. Within a couple of weeks, she was a better dancer than I was, but we made a good couple zipping around the floor. The family were delighted with her and naturally very grateful to me.

My day off, I liked to go fishing, either sea or inland to one of the huge reservoirs which had fantastic golden carp, up to ten kilos or more. I had been chatting to Nadia’s granddad about fishing in general and had said I was going after carp on Thursday.

Nadia and her sister Mariana came in, they ordered a coke each and sat at the bar. Nadia chatted a bit, in general so-to-speak, then suddenly asked if three of them could maybe come with me on Thursday. The third being Mariana’s boyfriend. She told me that her mother had okayed it. Then she told me it was her birthday today, she was eighteen and they would all be over this evening to celebrate.

“Feliz cumplianos a ti.” (Happy birthday to you) I said to her.

Thursday morning, they turned up lugging a great big picnic hamper. “Hola Miguel como estas?”

“Todo bien,” I answered, then stowed the hamper, and off we set.

We arrived at the lake, I called it that, it was around three miles long, a mile across at the widest point, and surrounded by hills, it was, in fact, a flooded valley, it was a lovely place.

I took them to my usual spot, a little back from the water, where a few trees provided some shade from the hot Spanish sun. The first thing I did, was to set up my rod and line with rod safely anchored, just in case a giant carp took the bait. Back under the trees, I found Nardia had already sorted everything. She invited me to sit, then passed me a glass of still cold, white wine.

After a while, Mariana and Santiago said they were off to explore the abandoned village which was about a mile away, half of it was underwater but the rest still there. I saw Mariana give Nadia a knowing look, but didn’t think that much of it. Soon, they disappeared, Mariana took my hand, while gazing across the lake.

Then she surprised me, “Mike, you haven’t given me a birthday kiss yet,” as she turned to look at me.

I leaned and gave her peck on the cheek.

“Mike! I mean a kiss.”

Now here’s the point, Nadia was just eighteen and me, well I’m in my forties, so I was kind of shocked. I suppose that I just stared at her, puzzled.

She suddenly pushed me flat on my back, then leaned over me and her lips came down on mine. She kissed me, I mean really kissed me, I wasn’t sure how to react, basically, I did nothing, just let her kiss.

“Mierda!” She said, (shit) “I mean kiss me, kiss me properly, like you want to.”

I looked up at her, her eyes piercing into mine. “Mike, I’ve wanted you to kiss me since I was fifteen but I knew I couldn’t ask you until I was old enough, well now I am, so will you please kiss me?”

She brought her lips back to mine and I surrendered to her. It was a kiss to end all kisses, whether it was due to her being so young compared to me, or more like, she slot oyna kissed so well, with feeling and passion. Her body was sliding over mine, for a moment I was scared of the consequences, but I found myself pulling her tight.

She came up for breath and I saw the fire in her eyes. “Mike, I love you, I have for a long time, but please don’t be frightened, I don’t expect anything from you, I don’t want anything from you, I just want you to be my first love, even if it’s only for one day.”

You can understand that I was astounded, how could this gorgeous young girl be telling me this, but I could see the truth in her eyes.

Then I kissed her, lots of kisses, her lips, her eyes and her neck and she did the same to me.

“They won’t be back for ages, my sister knows.”

She was undoing my shirt, her lips following her hands down my chest. “Mi amor.” She whispered as she kissed. Her tongue traced the muscles of my stomach, as any last reservations I had, evaporated.

I reached for her breasts, squeezing them through the material of her top, I could hear her soft moans as I caressed them. She lifted herself up, to almost rip my shirt off me, then her own top was off over her head. A tiny lacey bra encased her breasts, my eyes were riveted to them, what beauty was all I could think.

I pulled her back to a kiss, my hands exploring her back, the feel of her soft skin. Then desperately, I unfastened her bra and pulled the straps from her shoulders. She raised herself, unaided so I could ease the bra away. She stayed where she was, for me to look at her amazing breasts. The dark brown of her areolas offset against her olive skin, each breast surmounted by a stiff nipple.

Her hand took hold of a breast and brought it to my mouth, gratefully I sucked her nipple, my hand joining in to fondle and squeeze.

Her knee pressed between my legs, I knew she must feel the hardness rapidly growing there. She rubbed her knee back and forth, massaging my cock into life.

My arms reached around her and I rolled her off me, onto her back and again we kissed. Once more I caressed her breasts, then the smooth flatness of her stomach, a feathery touch with my fingers all over. I teased at her waistband, easing my fingers beneath and on down to the fine mist of hair, where I just caressed and tickled. I felt her hand, pressing through her skirt to mine, she pushed me down until I was at the front of her panties.

Now she let out a grown, as my fingers pressed through the material, tracing the entrance of her pussy, my mouth was once more at her nipples, first one then the other.

She reached to my arm and pulled my hand out, but she wasn’t stopping my touch. Instead, she pulled up her skirt to her waist and she was pulling her panties down, lifting her hips to ease their path. I reached down to remove her panties from her ankles, my mouth now above her pussy as I did so. I brought my hand up between her legs and she spread them wider, I saw her lips, so dark, they were almost black, I stared. “Bellissima mi amor.” I said as I glanced up at her face, I saw that she had been looking intently at me but now she smiled, with a look of relief. I can’t imagine why, I don’t think she was aware of how truly beautiful she was, in every respect possible.

I leaned in and kissed her pussy, my lips easily fitted between the folds, they were so large. My tongue explored her, licking and tasting her, she just said, “Mike.”

I brought my fingers to her as my tongue sought her clit, two fingers dipping inside, while I stimulated her clit into growth.

Now she surged her hips to meet me, her hands taking hold canlı casino siteleri of my head and she pressed me to her. Her body was responding, demanding fulfilment, writhing beneath me.

She was pulling at my head, “Come and kiss me, Mike.”

We kissed with a fervour built of wanting and lust, my hand still busy wanking her pussy. I felt her hand reaching between my legs to grip my cock through my jeans, then she was struggling at the button, then the zipper. Her hand went inside, again finding me and then she had pulled me free and began to massage my now swollen cock. I could feel her pushing it down between her thighs, I stopped her with a hand, “Nadia, we can’t.”

“We can, I have taken precaution, it’s okay. I want you, Mike, I want to feel you inside. Today you were the first to ever touch me, now you will be the first to make love to me, to fulfil my dream.”

I placed my cock to her lips, teasing them apart with the tip, then slowly lowered into her. I didn’t know whether she was still intact, so I was gentle. She sensed my caution.

“There’s nothing there, Mike, I’ve been riding horses for years, it’s long gone. Por favor follame.” (Please fuck me)

I continued lowering myself into her, her fluids eased the way and her warmth engulfed me. Her legs came around my ass, gripping me so tight that I could barely move. But we rocked our bodies against each other, just enough movement to excite her insides, as my pubis ground against her clit. Her legs dropped to fall alongside of mine, now I could move, so I fucked her with long strokes, my hands beneath her ass, pulling her to me as I thrust.

“Follarme mas fuerte, ahora!” (Fuck me harder, now!)

She clasped my back in a fierce grip, her body going wild.

“Mike, me estoy corriendo!” (I’m cumming) She yelled, “Mierda, mierda, mierda!”

I could feel her climax, the insides of her vagina pulsed on my cock as she orgasmed. She was plastering my face with urgent kisses, then she suddenly said, “Mike, you didn’t finish yet?”

I could only shake my head and grunt, I was still too busy. Somehow, instinct led her, she rolled our bodies until she was on top, then she rode my cock for all she was worth. Driving herself down hard, taking me deep up inside of her, then to lift again, almost all the way, and she fucked me. I saw her watching my face, anxious for me to climax. My body tensed, she grinned, and fucked me faster, “Ahora, Mike, ahora.”

I went rigid, she clamped her insides and her thighs tight on me, and then I knew she could feel me cumming inside her, “Si, mi amor, si, si.” As I shot my full load.

It was then she said she was going to cum again, her fingers clawing my shoulders, as she hunched herself on my cock. She made a strange noise, half a wail, half a groan, as she shook violently on top of me. Finally, she lay still above me.

I lay back exhausted, cuddling her to me.

She whispered in my ear, “Fue tan bueno para ti? Porque fue para mi.” (Was that good for you? Because it was for me.)

She looked very pleased with herself, like the cat that got the cream, when I told her that it had been fantastic.

I noticed the time, she saw me look at my watch, “Mierda” We must dress.”

We were only just in time, for within minutes we could see two figures appearing in the haze.

She had one last comment, “You did not mind my naughty language? Especially from a sweet little Spanish girl.”

I gave her a quick hug, “You can talk dirty to me any time you like, Nadia, I won’t mind at all.”

She grinned at me slyly, “We could do it again, tonight at the back of the bar if you would like to.”

The bell rang on my fishing rod. “Shit! I’ve got a fish, and I ran like hell.

Twenty minutes later and I had landed a twelve and a half kilo carp, my record.

What a day!

The end.

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