My Sister’s Best Friend Ch. 01

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This is intended to be another lesbian Romance. Not exactly sure where it’s going from here though. I’m really working hard here to create a character that is reacting to a situation that she finds herself in. I really don’t want her to come across as a total man-hating bitch, but not really sure that I succeeded. Please try to read it with the understanding that she really does not hate men, and actually does like them as friends, but that she is kind of forced into her situation. Also, don’t get too hung up on the treatment of the guys in this chapter. There may be a few surprises yet to come (or is it cum?)

This is the story of another cousin of GTO and Linda. She is not mentioned in any of the other stories, but Gail, Robin and Linda will be making appearances.

This is fiction, people! As in, NOT REAL. All characters having sex are over 18. OK, Legal bullshit: Fiction, not real, everyone over 18, don’t bother with comments on spelling or grammar, I read stories here too, so I know that I am far from the worst in those areas.

Now, without further ado…


My relationship with my sister:

‘God, I hate my sister.’ I thought to myself as I pretended to listen to my extremely boring date sitting across from me. Like I really care about the golf tournament at the end of your week long Men’s Retreat you went to last month. Who were you ‘retreating’ from anyway, and why didn’t you stay and fight? I giggled at that thought. He assumed it was because of the funny anecdote he said. Best not to correct him on that. Yes, I know that they really weren’t retreating from a fight. It was just what they called the conference where Christian men went to hold seminars and discuss how good Christian men should live their lives and spread the Word of God to the masses. I know this because my dad, older brother, brother-in-law, and most of my uncles attended them. They even had Women’s Retreats for – obviously – the women. Now, here I am pretending to be fascinated by someone who will one day make a very good husband to a very attentive and boring wife. At least I’m getting a really good dinner at a very nice restaurant out of it. He’s even taking me to the new Star Wars movie afterwards. That would be three hours without having to listen to his boring drivel.

So, by now you are wondering why I’m on this date, and why I hate my sister. Either that, or your thinking that I’m a real bitch for using this guy in the first place. Probably all of the above. I do need to defend myself a bit though. This disaster of a date is my sister’s fault. I am only a reluctant passenger on this train wreck. Oh, I am kind of a bitch, not going to deny that, but I was rather unsubtlety pushed into this mess. Perhaps I should explain a bit.

To start with, I am the middle child. I have an older brother and a younger sister. You probably figured out by the second sentence of this story that I am female. I’ve always been a bit ‘different’. Most of my relatives said that I marched to my own beat. I sometimes live in my own little world. I do have an issue with picking up on social cues. I prefer to be alone than in crowds. Growing up, I only had a couple of friends. I found out later in life that I probably have a very mild form of Asperger’s Syndrome. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it is a very high functioning form of autism. While it does hinder social development, it also tends to allow the person to focus on things that interest them more. Some would call it a mental handicap (or being retarded if you are a rude, ignorant asshole), but several experts believe that Albert Einstein had this ‘affliction’. No, I don’t think that I am some super genius, but I can say that mathematics and engineering do come relatively easy to me.

Needless to say, I was not popular though school. I was bullied quite a bit through high school. My brother and sister were popular with large groups of friends. They were always going out partying and doing things on weekends, while I was working as a dishwasher in a restaurant until late at night. Several times, I got depressed when my younger sister would hang out with my older brother and his friends, but I couldn’t. Yes, my sister and brother were much closer to each other than I was to either of them. Think ‘Redheaded Step Child’ and that’s what it was like. No, I wasn’t a stepchild, but it kind of felt that way sometimes. My parents loved me just the same as they loved my siblings, but I was always a bit different than them.

My sister was always a bitch to me. She was the baby of the family and played that to the hilt. When I was in high school and didn’t have a ride home, I walked. When she didn’t have a ride two years later, she called mom and mom called me and yelled at me for refusing to drop what I was doing and go play chauffer to her and three of her friends. I almost smacked the smirk off her face when I skidded to a stop picking the little demons up. The smirk did disappear while she and her casino siteleri friends held on for dear life as I was fishtailing around corners and powershifting through the gears as I navigated to drop them off. Yeah, got chewed out for that when mom got home. This type of thing happened often. My sister treated me like an underling for as long as I can remember. She goes out partying and forgets her key? No problem. I wake up to a pounding on my window to let her in a 3 AM. Needs a ride to the school for some extracurricular club thing at 7 AM on a Saturday? Just wake me up to take you. Never mind that I didn’t get home until 2 AM from work. Yeah, nobody bothered to ask if I would do it. Just a pounding on my door that morning, then a phone call from mom who was pissed off that I would expect the curtesy of a request for assistance at least a day prior.

She did actually mature some after getting married, although she still acted like she was better than me. I learned to ignore that for the sake of the family. The truth was, I was in college getting a degree in engineering. She, on the other hand, had stopped after graduating high school. I was going to do something with my life, while she blissfully dove into domestic drudgery. I had a pretty decent job working part time for a local construction firm while I was going to school. It paid enough for me to have a small one-bedroom apartment and have some spending money. I was paying my own way through school from working, a few small scholarships and grants. So far, I hadn’t needed to take out any student loans. I had a decent car, a ’76 280Z that looked like crap, but was really fast. I had enough money to either make it run, or look good. Figuring that a really pretty car sitting in the garage wouldn’t do much good, I chose to have an ugly car that ran.

My sister would occasionally invite me to dinner, and I would go out of boredom. It was usually a kind of fun evening. She is a decent cook, and the conversations were usually a lot of fun. One evening there was a guy there for dinner also. I kind of knew him as one of my sister and her husband’s friends from school and church. I never hung around with her friends much, so I really didn’t know him that well. Dinner was good, and the conversations were enjoyable. I really didn’t think much of it. The guy was kind of quiet for the most part. I should probably mention this; he really wasn’t even remotely attractive. There was less than zero attraction to him, but he was my sister’s friend and I was pleasant to him. Not that this was a date or anything. It was just dinner at my sister’s house. God knows, I would never have gone out with him anyway. It didn’t matter. I was happily single and fancy free. A couple of months later, I was again over for dinner, and there was another guy there. Same thing. Just family enjoying the evening together. Dinner, conversation, and a few board games. A very pleasant evening.

I was driving home after the fourth time that this had happened when it suddenly hit me. My sister was trying to set me up with her friends! WTF!! Seriously? Yeah, I did mention before that I have an issue with social cues. These guys aren’t even close to my type. All four of them were unattractive at best. Most of them had the personality of soggy bread. For fuck sake, I am 28, and she is 2-years younger than me. She has known me for a long time, and she is trying to set me up with guys that are completely opposite of what I am interested in. I could see her in my mind nudging the guys as I wasn’t looking. I could almost hear her talking to her husband telling him that they needed to set me up with a good man and get me married. ‘Oh, and (enter boring ugly friend’s name here) is available and would be perfect for Cindy. Let’s invite them both to dinner and set them up. We just won’t tell HER that it is a set-up.’ That bitch!

I stewed about that for a week. I finally decided that I could have some fun with it. Sure, let some guy spend some money on me, take me to dinner and a show, then just leave him at my door with a handshake. Let her friends wine and dine me. Not like I was really attached or anything…exactly. Maybe it would get the guys pissed off at her, and she would learn to leave my love life alone. In the meantime, I would get to enjoy a few expensive dinners and free shows. I liked it. It was a good plan.

I should clarify a couple of things here. First off, I am single because I want to be. I am not unattractive, and I don’t lack for attention from guys. I’m 5-feet, 10-inches tall. I have 34-D breasts, slim waist, flat stomach and nice curvy hips. I work out 3 times a week. I’m not fat, in fact, I’m one of those really annoying people with a very high metabolism that can eat anything and not gain an ounce. On top of that, I did mention that I work in construction, and that does give me a good workout. My legs are long and toned. My face is attractive, but not awe inspiring. I have misty green eyes and auburn hair that I wear slot oyna to the middle of my back. It isn’t that I can’t get companionship, it’s that I really do enjoy being single. That part about not being ‘exactly’ attached? I have a friend that I get together with fairly often. It isn’t a permanent thing – and we both know it – but it works for now. We are both discreet about it. Yes, there is a reason for that.

For the next few months, I became more interested in my dinner ‘dates’ at my sister’s house. I started flirting with the guys a bit. My sister was very happy at that. She and her husband would conveniently leave us alone for a bit at some point in the evening, so he could ask me out. I would ask them what they had in mind, and if it was a cheap restaurant, I would suggest something a bit better. ‘Oh, I just got this new dress that I want to wear, and Applebee’s really is too casual for that. I was kind of hoping to try out that new sushi restaurant.’

OK. You are probably thinking that I am a bitch. Just remember that I didn’t ask for this. These guys were in on it with my sister trying to set me up with them. They wanted my company, they needed to earn it. I was not in the least bit attracted to them, so I needed it to be worth my time. Furthermore, if these guys had simply asked me out, I would have politely refused. We would have gone our separate ways. Also, had my bitch of a sister been up-front and asked if I would be willing to meet her friends and possibly go out with them, I most likely would have agreed to meet them. Then, if I thought that they may be interested, perhaps I would have agreed to a date with the intention of fully giving them a chance. In reality, the above didn’t happen. Still think I’m the bitch? Fine. You have someone come along and try to fuck with your personal life without your consent and see how you react.

So, back to my date. I finished off the 14-oz prime rib, loaded baked potato, baked asparagus, and triple chocolate brownie for dessert. Of course, since this was the best steak house in the county, the French onion soup and Cesar salad were also exceptional. Thankfully, the drive to the theater was short, and he wouldn’t be talking for the three hours during the movie. Yeah, I was bored out of my freaking skull, but the free steak dinner and movie was worth it.

Handshake, “Thank you for a wonderful evening. I really enjoyed it. Call me sometime (never actually gave him my number). Good night.” Got out of the car and went inside. After getting out of my heels, I called my ‘friend’ to come over for a little fun. We had lots of fun.

Interesting Observations at a wedding:

My cousin Josh was getting married. As per usual, I was going alone. This really didn’t bother me. I could go and have fun without worrying about entertaining a date. Just go and enjoy myself and leave when I wanted. The entire extended family would be there, and I could reconnect with relatives that I hadn’t seen for a while. All except one, but nobody knew or even seemed to care where she was. That really was too bad. I had always liked Linda, but she had come out as gay and been banished from the family. My parents, brother, and (especially) sister had gladly boarded that bandwagon and smugly denounced her as a degenerate. I really didn’t care if she was gay. I really liked her. She was always so sweet and fun to be around. On the up side, my cousin Robin and Aunt Gail were going to be there. Apparently, Robin had gotten into some kind of trouble back east and ended up moving to Las Vegas and staying with Aunt Gail. Robin was always a blast to be around. She was a couple of years younger than me, but she was always up for a party and a great time.

The ceremony was a typical ceremony. I’m not really the sentimental type. I go to weddings for two reasons. One, it’s family and pretty much required. Two, the RECEPTION!! Drinking, dancing, food, and fun. I hung out with Robin and Aunt Gail for most of the evening. Josh had married a really pretty girl, and she had a lot of really pretty friends and family. Oooops, did I say that out loud? (Giggle).

I should probably mention a few things about my Aunt Gail. She is a very successful engineer. She got her PhD in Mechanical Engineering, then opened up her own firm. She also took over her dad’s auto shop after he died. It’s rumored that she has a few other businesses and investments that she operates as well, but no one really knows what they are. That’s probably why she seems to be too busy to find a husband and get married. That’s probably also why she brought her personal assistant, Kayla, with her. The reception was a lot of fun. There was an open bar and a DJ for dancing. The food was a buffet of Mexican dishes. I decided to hang with Robin, Aunt Gail and Kayla. It turned into a rather eye-opening experience.

Even though it was an open bar, I kept my alcohol intake in check. I had to drive home afterwards. That’s probably why I was able to make a few interesting observations. canlı casino siteleri A quick explanation here. The unattached girls outnumbered the unattached boys. Also, a lot of the boys really don’t care for dancing, therefore, it was kind of common for a group of girls to be dancing together. It really wasn’t that big of a deal, and there were no thoughts of homosexuality with it. It just was what it was – unless you happened to be paying attention to subtleties, or caught a glimpse of something odd on accident.

I was having quite a bit of fun. I danced with a few of the guys. I joined in on several dances with groups of girls. I hung out with Robin, Kayla, and Aunt Gail. I was coming back from the bar after getting another drink when I saw it. As I said, Josh’s bride had a plethora of very attractive women on her side of the isle. I was about 10-feet from the table when I noticed Aunt Gail looking over at one of the bridesmaids. The bridesmaid was astoundingly gorgeous and very sexy. It was the look in Aunt Gail’s eyes that surprised me. I saw a look of lust in her green eyes. Her smile was not sweet, but more of a predator that had found its prey. The tip of her tongue came out and touched her upper lip for an instant, then the look vanished as if she remembered where she was. I was shocked and staring at her frozen in the moment. Before I could react, her eyes found mine. She must have realized what my expression was because her eyebrows went up in apprehension.

When she saw that my eyes were locked onto hers, her lips turned into a wicked smile. She gave me a wink, then turned away. I shook my head to clear my mind, then proceeded to the table. Aunt Gail began chatting with me as if nothing had happened. Throughout the rest of the evening, I increased my observations of the three. I noticed the tone that Kayla used when talking about Aunt Gail and Robin. I noticed the way Kayla looked at Robin and Aunt Gail. I noticed that Robin was bordering on forceful when asking Kayla to get drinks or go dance with her. I noticed that Kayla seemed somewhat submissive to Robin and Aunt Gail. Interesting. The pieces didn’t completely fit, but the signs pointed in a general direction. Hmmm. Things were getting a bit interesting here.

Perhaps you may have noticed a slight inconsistency here. How does a young woman with an admitted lack of understanding of social cues recognize these subtle signs? It really isn’t too difficult to understand. Think about someone who has a secret that would destroy their life if it ever was found out. They live their life hiding it. They learn to recognize the signs of that secret in order to prevent themselves from displaying those signs. It really doesn’t take that long to see those signs in other people. Now, have you figured it out, or do you still need to be clocked upside your head by Captain Obvious? Go back to earlier. Notice how I always referred to my ‘friend’? Did I ever actually say that it was a guy? Notice how I am nowhere near as adamant as my family in condemning my cousin Linda? She isn’t the only lesbian in the family. I am just able to bury it deep and hide it from the rest of them. I resolved to make a visit to Aunt Gail’s place in Las Vegas in the near future.

Meeting Tabitha:

So, my sister continued to set me up with these guys. She is a bit stubborn that way. She continued to ask how the dates went, and I continued to tell her that he was always a very nice guy and a perfect gentleman. Occasionally, I would actually go out with the more (marginally) interesting ones for a month or so. Of course, they never even got to first base. I was very good at using proper Christian morals to defend my honor, and they were unable to protest as they were trying to impress me of their devotion to the Church. I should mention here that I am, in fact, a Christian. I am just more on the side of ‘not judging lest ye be judged’ and ‘love the sinner – hate the sin’ side than most of my family. I guess that Katie (my sister) got kind of frustrated with the single shot method of introducing me to one guy at a time. She eventually began inviting me to dinner parties where several people would attend – and a few single guys to introduce me to as well.

I pulled up to Katie and Bob’s (Bob is my sister’s husband) house to see several other cars already there. Showtime. I plastered a smile on my face as if I didn’t really know what was going on. Of course, everyone there was in on the plot and thinking that I wasn’t smart enough to have figured it out months ago. Sure enough, I walk in and am immediately introduced to everyone. Some of them I already knew from previous bar-be-ques and holiday parties. There were a few guys from previous encounters there for another shot, and, of course, the new faces for me to pick from. Of course, to keep things from being obvious to me, she had also invited a few couples and two other single women. Perhaps she also thought that the single women might also connect with one or two of the guys.

OK. Game time. I was very pleasant while being introduced to everyone. Naturally, Katie was a bit more enthusiastic while introducing the guys. The other girls were also introduced in order to be polite.

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