Let Me Go To That Place

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My experiences with sex had been limited, to the point that I actually never ever had any. Yes I’d had the odd kiss. I’d even had the odd fumble. I was now nearing my 19th birthday and I felt so different from my friends. I’d never been fucked and certainly never truly been with a boy. I started to think that there was something wrong with me.

“Come on Polly hurry up the cab is here”

“Ok, ok I am ready, how do I look?” I was wearing a tight blue top, where the shape of my breasts was seen and tight black trousers that showed off my figure.

“Oh my God!” Chele gasped “when did you get so brave”

As I looked down at myself, I realised that long gone were the days of ankle socks and trainers, here I was a woman. I was a hungry woman too. I hungered for the taste of a man. I wanted to be touched, stroked and teased into another world. I hungered for that feeling. Sexual fulfillment, even though I never knew what or where those places were, or even if it existed.

I ran down the stairs where Luke was waiting at the bottom with the door open.

“My god girl when did you grow tits”

As I passed him I laughed. Luke was tall, strong and gentle. The sun had kissed his hair and his eyes shone a radiant blue. Every time I looked into his gaze I felt as if they were looking deep into my soul. I liked Luke so much. I yearned for Luke’s warm and tender touch. The desire was intense that if I thought hard enough I could feel him caressing my body. His scent sent me to places that I never knew existed, when he did touch me I felt as though I was spiralling down a tunnel where I had no control. He was my friend, I should have never even thought of him in that way.

Arriving at the club we met the rest of the gang Robbie, Dave, Paula and Sarah. As we drank, danced and laughed I noticed that Luke was staring at me. I thought to myself, why does he keep looking at me like that? Is there something wrong with me? At the end of the night the girls had gathered in the toilets repairing make up and refreshing themselves for the journey home.

“He likes you more than he lets on you know” Sarah whispered in my ear. I looked at her with disbelief wondering if she had, had far too much to drink. “I think you should see where he takes you”

“What do you mean where he takes me babe”

“Go illegal bahis with the flow Polly and I’m sure that you will like where he takes you”

Feeling the confusion and excitement I wondered what the hell Sarah was talking about.

Back at my house the guys all settled down with soothing sounds in the background. Robbie felt the urge to take Chele into another room; they left the room giggling. I looked at them with a heavy heart thinking why doesn’t anyone ever take me off. I caught myself looking and as I looked up I see that Luke was once again staring right at me.

“Luke you ok baby.”

“Yeah, baby I’m ok.” His voice sounding so soothing it was all I could hear.

“Luke, why have you been staring at me all night, it’s making me very uncomfortable.”

He moved closer to me as if he was going to kiss me. My heart was in my mouth. “Yes baby you’re right I have been looking at you.”

I looked at him; his eyes burning deep into me, making me feel warm, safe.

“You look so hot tonight baby, I have been watching you for longer but you hadn’t noticed.”

“Stop that, Luke” As I said that I could feel the blood rush to my head making me feel dizzy, my heart was pounding and my mouth had gone dry.

“Come with me” His voice sounding dominant. I gazed at him remembering what Sarah had told me earlier in the club. Luke took my hand and pulled me to my feet. “Come on babe lets go somewhere quiet so we can talk.” As I followed him in my mind raced wondering why he need to be alone with me?

As we entered my room he turned and pulled me close to him. I felt his body come to life as he bent his head to kiss me. I crumbled like a small child in the safe arms of their mother. I felt him move me to shut the door. He kissed me hard, slow his warm tongue flickering over mine tasting exploring my mouth. My heart was pounding I was in total awe. My breasts beginning to swell, twitches in my pussy that I had never encountered before. Lifting off my top he revealed a black lacy bra. Running his tongue from my mouth with gentle flickers he ran it down my neck and on to my spine. He must have felt me jolt, he pulled me in tighter now standing behind me. Luke began to run his fingers down my shoulders and on to my breasts. I could have fell to the floor just then with ecstasy feeling illegal bahis siteleri the warmth of his breath on my spine, I felt him undo my bra.

Turning me round he sat on the bed pulling me on top of him. In my mind I kept repeating to myself go with the flow he will take to places I have never been. My chest was heaving hard; Luke’s hands were so gentle as he traced them down my back feeling every part of my silky soft skin. I let out a soft moan as I started to kiss him as if I had been released and all inhibitions had gone. I kissed him so hard I felt his face with my hand softly drawing my hands down towards his chest where I helped him pull off his top. Bending my head as if I had done this before naturally I tasted him. Tasting his nipples feeling them on my tongue. I moved my face back to his where I stared at him for what seemed like a lifetime.

“I want you to relax, I want you, I want all of you and I want to taste every part of you.” He pulled off my trousers and thong, and I felt a shiver go through me as if someone had opened the window on a cold night. I felt his body nest to my skin he felt so hot that is seemed as if he was on fire. His tongue racing round my mouth darting in and out teasing me to suck his tongue then sliding his tongue deep inside my mouth. I could hear myself breathing hard, I could hear myself letting out soft moans as he kissed my neck and slowly worked his mouth down to my breasts. He worked my nipples pulling on them with his lips gently nipping them with his teeth and teasing them out until they were so hard that I held his head there so that he could never stop. Moving his way down to my navel I felt myself freeze. He must have felt this to but kept working down to my pussy. I laid there totally frozen in fear; excitement I never knew what to do his hands sweeping across my hard nipples making me shut my eyes tight and let go. He spread my legs holding down my thighs with his forearms so that I could move no where. He caressed my stomach and began to lick and tease my clit. Taking it in his lips and gently rolling on his tongue, every now and then resting it there to tease me. I felt strange I wanted more I felt like I was going to explode and my God I did. My breath quickened and I felt a strange but good sensation through my body. I felt hot and clammy as canlı bahis siteleri Luke kept working my clit he was sucking the pink flesh into his mouth making me want him making my pussy contract.

“MMMM baby your are so sweet I’m going to make you do that again”

Do what? I thought, what did I do? What is happening to me? As that thought crossed my mind I felt myself jolt and I tried to bring my leg up but Luke kept it there to hold me down.

“Cum for me baby, you can, I want to lap up your juices, I want you to cum now” My body was doing overtime, my nipples were hard I was touching them, teasing them, wetting my finger and circling them round my nipples making them even harder. As Luke sucked and licked at my pussy I felt ready for this explosion in my body. I came so hard I felt every part of me jolt and shudder into oblivion. Luke moved back up to me by now he was fully unclothed. He kissed me hard I felt tiny droplets of sweat running from his head. I tasted myself I was sweet. I never knew there was a taste like that I enjoyed. Moaning louder now I wanted him so bad. Moving over me Luke rubbed his cock on my clit making it swell. Slowly sliding his hard cock into my pussy. It never hurt I wasn’t afraid I trusted him completely. His mouth on mine licking and tasting me. I felt him thrust into me I wanted him to do it hard. But he was so gentle moving slowly. He kept saying to me cum with me baby, I didn’t quiet understand what he meant until he was deep inside of me his hard cock filling me up. He began to move his body back and forth slow and gentle movements “Touch your clit baby, swirl it round your fingers.” As I did so I could feel my clit swelling even more I rubbed faster as he fucked me, his cock hard, his mouth hot I could feel the sensation rushing through my body and this time I cried out his name. I felt my pussy tighten around his cock he kept pumping then a sudden release and he came hard and strong.

“Baby that was the best” Luke looked at me. “You are going to do that for me again.” Instantly I felt excitement. “You came baby, do you want to cum for me again?” As I looked into his eyes they were sincere.

“Yes Luke I want to feel that all again and maybe one day we will”

“Not one day baby, now”

As Luke moved himself next to me I felt his body hard, hot and I held tight in his embrace. I looked at him and he said gently “Baby, I am going to take you places that only dreams are made of.”

As promised Luke never ended the night there. He continued to please me, teach me what I needed to please him…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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