Katie’s Craving Pt. 06

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A few day later when Frank came home from work he was outside with Butch walking along the front of the house. For a while Frank wanted to put a hedge row along the walkway to the house main entrance and knowing Butch had a landscaping business he wanted to get a quote from him. Katie came outside; she immediately crossed her arms over her chest knowing the old lecherous man would be eyeing them.

“Wow that is a great price and I think it will look great and your lighting suggestion sounds good too.” Frank said to the neighbor.

“Honey, I really don’t want a whole crew of guys here.” Katie said knowing that if she had a whole crew of landscapers they would all be making her feels uncomfortable.

“Well how bout this my nephew Stan is working for me this summer, I will have him do the work.” He said.

“He can do this all by himself?” Frank asked.

“I’m right next door if he runs into any problems and he’s been working for me since he was a kid, he plays linebacker in college so he’s big and strong enough to handle this.” Butch explained.

“Sounds like a good deal Butch.” Frank said pulling his checkbook out and writing him a check for what the work would cost.

“Thank you neighbor, don’t worry about a think, I think you will be satisfied with the results.” Butch replied folding up the check and walking away.

Frank stood there and went over his idea for the small line of hedges for both sides of the walk and how nice it would look and Butch’s idea for the lighting. She agreed and said it would look nice and it would give them more area to put out Christmas lights which made her husband roll his eyes at the thought of it.

The next morning Stan arrived at his uncle’s house with one of the work pick up trucks, he went up to the front door and his uncle let him in. He was the exact opposite of his uncle, clean cut, muscular, in good shape, the only thing he had in common was he too had a horse cock.

“Stan you’re my favorite nephew and have I got a job for you.” He said to him.

“Every time you have a job for me it’s one I have to all the work and get paid shit.” He laughed.

“Hey I pay you the same as the rest of the crew now, so I took advantage when you were a kid, still put money in your pocket.” Butch replied. “Here are the plans I drawn up, pretty simple, think you can handle it by yourself?”

“Looks simple enough, might take me a few days with the labor.” He replied.

“Good now check this out, this is your bonus.” He handed him some pictures that he was able to take of Katie throughout the years.

“Wow that is one hot milf.” He said.

“Yeah well you are the ladies man of the family, I want you to try to seduce her, and I think she really goes for younger guys because she has a few hanging out all the time now and I know she likes them big.” Butch explained. “You get me some good video of her on you phone and there will be a thousand dollar bonus in it for you.”

“Just a grand, make it five and you got a deal, cause knowing you if I give you the video you will be up to no good with it.” Stan replied.

“Damn you make me proud of the way you negotiate okay five, but it better be good video I can use.” Butch said. “Now get your ass over there and introduce yourself and get to work.”

“Alright I’m going.” Stan laughed taking the plans and leaving the pictures as he walked out.

Stan left and went over next door; he rang the door bell and waited for Katie to come to the door. The pictures did not do her justice he thought when she answered.

“Hi I’m Stan, Butch’s nephew, I’m here to start work on the walkway, just figured I would let you know who I was and what I was doing.” He said.

“Hi Stan, I’m Katie Jones, you have everything you need?” She asked.

“Yes I have the details your husband and my uncle talked about and all the equipment in the truck, well if you will excuse me I need to get to work.” He said.

During the morning Katie did some housework, she was surprised to find Botch’s nephew to be handsome and charming. When the baby woke up she fed her and then changed into her spandex shorts and exercise top. She put the baby in the stroller and the two of them went on a late morning power walk, Stan stopped working and watched casino siteleri as she walked down the street admiring the sway of her hips. When she got back she waved to him and he waved back, it was getting hot out so he took off his shirt as he worked.

Katie could not help but to soak in his muscular body and how well chiseled he is, her eyes strolled down his body to his butt, it was nice and then to the front, she could see a bulge in the tight jeans he wore and wondered if his cock was as big as his uncles. She shook the thoughts from her mind got the baby some lunch, put her in her playpen and then took a shower. After the shower she decided not to wear a bra her breasts needed some freedom after being in the tight exercise top.

She put on a white crop top that fell off her shoulders and she put on a sexy black lace thong, then she put on a pair of blue low rise shorts. She blow dried her hair and put some make up on, she took the baby downstairs, did some more housework. When the baby went down for her afternoon nap she poured two glasses of iced tea and took one out to Stan.

“Cold drink?” She asked as he was tearing up the lawn.

“Yes thank you.” He replied.

Even though you could not see through the shirt Stan immediately noticed she did not have a bra on and you could see her nipples poking through the fabric. His cock started to stiffen up in his tight jeans as made small talk with the milf on how the work was going.

“Well I guess that’s enough for today, I’m going to take some time and rope the area off so no one will fall into where I just dug.” He said.

“Sounds like a good idea; will you be back same time tomorrow?” She asked.

“Yes, you can count on it.” He said handing her the glass, she turned to walk away and he watched the sway of her hips as she did.

When he got done roping off the area, his uncle called and asked for a rundown on this status with the job. He told where he was with the job and said he will work on the special job tomorrow; his uncle reminded him how much money there was in it for him and hung up.

After the night’s events come to pass, Katie was very horny after she took a shower; she came out of the bathroom naked. She found Frank in bed sleeping already; she pulled the blanket back and took his flaccid cock out of his shorts. She took it in her hands and played with it, trying to get him hard, he just groaned aloud and rolled over.

“Tomorrow honey, I’m so tired right now.” He said.

Katie stood up dejected again by her husband, she thought about what to do for a moment, she thought of masturbating, but then she decided she was too pissed for that and put on a nightshirt and went to bed herself.

The next morning she gave her husband the cold shoulder as she got him and her kids off to school, she took care of the baby and then she put some make up on. Usually she only wore make up when she planned on going out in public, but today she needed to feel pretty, to feel sexy. Then she put on a short denim skirt and a black lace thong. Then she put on a white Victoria secret bra top, she loved the way she looked when she looked into the full length mirror. The baby was down for her morning nap and then she heard the door bell ring. She quickly went downstairs to answer it; it was Stan, standing in her door way in an old ripped pair of jeans, no shirt his large muscular frame glistening with sweat.

“Hey sorry to bother you, but can I use your bathroom, too much coffee this morning?” He asked.

“Sure it’s down the hall to your right.” She said following him and going out to the kitchen.

When he came out of the bathroom he saw her in the kitchen, he came in quietly and asked her for a glass of water making her jump. He laughed and smiled, her chest bounced freely in the top showing a lot of jiggling cleavage. She got a glass out of the cabinet and took a pitcher out of the fridge.

“Thank you, if I do say you look very nice today.” He said.

“Thank you, glad to see someone noticed.” She said enjoying the compliment.

“You are a very attractive woman Katie, hard to believe you are a mom of three. You have a great body and you look so young.” He said trying hard to flatter her.

“Thank you, you look like slot oyna you keep in shape too.” She replied blushing.

“I play middle linebacker, need to stay in shape to play sideline to sideline football.” He said. “So what do you do for excitement during the day?”

“I have the baby to take care of, housework, exercise, I try to keep busy.” She said.

“I got something that would keep you real busy.” He said.

“Oh I don’t think I would be any good at digging holes.” She laughed.

“I got something better than digging holes for you to do.” He said putting the glass down and pressing himself against her. “Feel this.”

“Oh my!” She gasped as he guided her hand over his bulging cock and made it move the entire length of it.

“Take it out.” He said.

She was completely mesmerized by the size of his cock and she did want to see what it looked like, her hands were shaking as she reached down and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down. She did not think anything of it when he unclipped his phone from his jeans. She loosened his jeans up enough to where she could pull them down a bit, then she pulled his waist band down and out popped his cock, bobbing in front of her. While her attention was focused on his cock, he sets his phone on record and aimed at her face, he thought this is one cock hungry mom.

“You like what you see?” He asked.

“Mmm.” She moaned looking at it. It was bigger than her young men; it had to be ten inches long and was three inches wide. The largest cock that she had ever seen and it reminded her of the sex toys she used to have.

“Go ahead touch it.” He said angling his phone to watch her hand reach down and run over top of his sensitive skin.

“Where can we go so you can get better acquainted with this?” He asked.

“Bedroom.” She said softly not wanting to stop touching his cock.

“I will follow you.” He said.

As if in a trance she led him up to her bedroom, he kept filming her from behind and followed her into the bedroom. Once inside he slid his jeans and boxer shorts off, and then he went over to her and kissed her, she was so hot and wet that she moaned deeply into his mouth as their tongues moved together. He wanted to see her naked as much as she wanted to see his cock and he broke the kiss off to pull her top off. Her large beautiful breasts heaved as she breathed heavily, he gave them a gentle squeezed then he leaned down to suck on her hard nipples.

He pushed her back on the bed and undid the button to her denim skirt; he pulled it down her legs he then pulled her thong off. He put his phone on the night stand leaning against the lamp; he made up an excuse saying he needed to keep an eye for calls from his uncle. He then pushed her legs apart and spread her pussy lips apart, blowing on clit. He then gave her wet pussy a tongue bath better than she had ever had, his tongue worked over her clit so good that when she orgasm he legs stiffened and her toes curled.

He tried to move up into her with his cock after her last orgasm, but she stopped him, she told him she wanted to do him now. So he rolled over on his back, she crawled up his legs and took the massive cock into her hands. While she started stroking up and down he angled the phone so it would record her while she was playing with his cock.

Katie stuck her tongue out and swirled it around the large head, then she licked it up and down the shaft, then she sucked one of his large balls into her mouth. She then went back up the shaft, swirled her tongue around the head and back down and sucked his other ball. On her next trip up his cock she took it into her mouth or at least the head. She at first got the head into her mouth, and then she was able to get half of the rest of it in her mouth. Stan groaned aloud as her mouth and hands were working in perfect unison sucking his large cock, this woman really knew her way around a cock he thought. After about five minutes of her sucking he did not want to cum into her mouth, he wanted to get her pussy, it tasted great and he could not wait to fuck it.

After he pulled her off she gave him a pout look and then he pushed her onto her back and got between her legs. He lined his cock up with her pussy and pushed the first few inches canlı casino siteleri into her pussy, it was tight and uncomfortable for her at first. Then he got half of it in, then he got three quarters of it in and then he got the rest of it into her tight pussy. She had Brett and John both of whom were larger than her husband, but they did not stretch her out like Stan was doing.

“Oh god it’s so big, you are stretching me.” She groaned aloud as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her and she locked her legs tight around his waist.

“First time getting a real man’s cock.” He breathed into her ear.

“Fuck me; fuck me with your big cock.” She groaned.

He shoved his cock in and out of her a little faster, but her pussy was still pretty tight and getting used to the size of it. Soon he could feel her juices running down his cock on one of his thrusts as she was cumming all over his cock.

“Let’s try this.” He said.

He put her over on her side so that his camera could see the action, then he lifted one of her legs and slid his cock into her from behind her. He started out slow but soon he was ramming his cock into her with hard thrusts, her large tits were bouncing wildly as he fucked her. She used one hand to hold on them and the other cupped her pussy and rubbed at her clit.

“Yes that’s it fuck me hard, oh god split my pussy with that big fucking cock.” She said. “Oh god your big cock is making me such a slut, it’s making me feel so horny.”

“Yeah tell me how much you love getting fucked by it.” He grunted.

“Yes I love getting fucked by the biggest cock I ever had.” She moaned aloud. “Oh god, oh god yes, oh I’m cumming again.”

He kept fucking her as she once again orgasm all over his cock, the sheets of the bed were getting wet with her pussy juice and sweat. He still had not cum yet and he was not done with Katie by no means, he pulled out of her and lay down on his back.

“Get on.” He ordered.

She got up and eased herself down on his cock, it felt so big she could feel it in her stomach; she slowly began to move her hips as she slid up and down on his large cock. Then without warning her reached down for her ass cheeks and met her movements and began to thrust in and out of her. She found herself screaming aloud as his cock pushed deeper and harder inside of her.

Her tits were moving wildly and hurt as she could not control them, she was getting fucked harder than she had ever been and she loved every minute of it. Soon she was cumming again, she did not think her pussy could take anymore abuse and found herself relieved when Stan announced he was cumming too.

But to her shock he did not cum into her pussy, he pulled himself out and got her off of him, so she was lying on the bed. Then he took his cock and sat up and stroked it fast, he shot his cum all over her stomach and chest in great long thick ropes of white.

“Oh god, that was fantastic.” He said collapsing on the bed next to her.

Katie was in utter shock, looking down at how much cum covered her body now, he gave her a peck on the lips and got up and got dressed. Then he grabbed his phone from the night stand and told her he had better get back to work or his uncle would kick his ass. After he left she got a scoop full of his cum and put her finger in her mouth, it was delicious she thought and cleaned the rest of it off her body and ate it. She had just enough time to grab a shower and the baby woke up as she was getting her robe on.

After dinner she got a text from John asking if he could see her, she told him no, that she was not feeling well. Her husband when they got in bed asked her about the rain check from the night before and she told him the same thing feigning illness. After Stan was done working he went over to his Uncle’s house and they uploaded the video.

“Great kid let me take it from here.” He said.

After his nephew was gone Butch watched the whole thing and jerked off while watching it, now he had to figure out a way to blackmail her into letting him have his way with her. As he saved the file on his computer he thought of something else, not only was he going to figure out a way he could have his way with her, he bet there would be a lot of guys who would love to watch videos of a hot mom getting screwed by young guys and he could make money at it.

“Katie my girl, you’re going to be my meal ticket out of this town and into a nice condo Hollywood or someplace.” He laughed to himself.

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