Jack Fucks Jill’s Mum Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Please read Aunt Jo’s Dirty Secret Chapters 1 to 4 to get the history of this story, especially Chapter 3.


Jack arrived at Jean’s Practice just before twelve; he was shown into one of the Dental operating rooms. Jack sat in the chair. Then Jean entered the room. Jack stood up and smiled as he shook Jean’s hand. Jean said, “This is the first time since eight this morning that I feel on top of things, how are you, Jack, it’s good to see you?”

Jack looked at the dental magnifying glasses perched on Jean’s nose, she was wearing a white polo shirt and white trousers, she still looked very sexy, Jack replied, “I’m good, I just hope my teeth are in the same way.”

Jean sat Jack on the chair, put a protective tissue on his chest, reclined his chair then he opened his mouth for Jean. Jean was probing everywhere then said, “You have no problems, Jack, you’re teeth and gums are in perfect condition. I will give your gums a deep clean then polish your teeth. Were you working this morning?”

Jack smiled and said, “Yes, I was working for you, I’ve several pieces of paper in the car for you detailing the full protocol for wedding speeches, I’ve even written a short speech for you as you’ll have to give the father of the bride speech. It’s only a suggestion, but it will give you something to work on.”

Jean replied, “You are a darling, I’m so worried in case I get it wrong, I can’t remember what the arrangements were at my wedding, let me concentrate on your mouth, your gums are finished.”

Jack was lying back, comparing Jean to the other hygienist that he had; Jean had the gentlest touch easily. Then Jean stretched across Jack’s face to get some floss from a table, he felt the full weight of Jean’s left breast, it lay there for several seconds then as Jean was cutting the floss to size, Jack said, “I love getting titillated in a dental chair.”

Jean laughed and said, “They’re so big that they can get in the way when I’m working closely with someone.”

“Jean, you can work as close as you want with me and I’ll never complain.”

Jean replied, “That’s good to know, I’ve just the flossing and the fluoride treatment to do, and we’re done, but I’ll clean your tongue first.”

As Jean was cleaning Jack’s, she said, “You have a very long and strong tongue, Jack, it’s now spotless.”

“I know, I can touch the tip of my nose with it.”

Jack then did that, and Jean did precisely the same thing, they both could touch the tips of their noses, they both laughed.

Jean finished the fluoride treatment and said, “Forty-five minutes and until you can have anything to eat or drink, I can have a glass of wine before you.”

Jean then closed down the Practice; Jack followed her home. They went into the kitchen, Jean took a Thermomix bowl from her fridge then said, “I prepared this Paella this morning, it will be ready in forty minutes, casino oyna I’m going to have a quick shower as it makes me feel fresh after working. I’ll be back very soon.”

Jack sat in the kitchen, reading the wedding protocols. Jack wanted to keep it short and sweet with her speech. Ten minutes later, Jean came back, wearing a top and leggings. Jack noticed that Jean wasn’t wearing a bra, and with the great Camels Toe, she was showing she wasn’t wearing any panties. Jean poured herself a glass of Chablis and left a glass out for Jack.

Jack showed Jean all the protocols; she was impressed with what she read, Jean said, “Jack, this is excellent, I have spoken with Sheila, Bob’s mother, I was thinking of inviting her for dinner at your Hotel on Friday evening. I want her to taste your excellent food and also see your ballroom, will you be there on Friday night?”

Jack replied, “No problem, I’ll be there; we also have a wedding reception on Friday, then you’ll both be able to see a wedding reception in progress.”

Jean poured Jack a glass of Chablis then served the Paella, which was delicious. After they had finished, Jean filled the dishwasher and asked Jack if seven would be a good time on Friday evening to meet Sheila?”

Jack replied, “You’ll both see a wedding in progress, and I’ll be there to answer any questions you may have.”

“I’ll phone her, let’s go into the lounge, have you anything planned for today or would you like to spend some time with a boring old woman? I’ll bring the bottle of Chablis to the lounge.”

Jack replied, “I’ve nothing planned; I don’t find you boring at all; I’d love to spend time with you.”

Jean put her glass and the bottle of Chablis on to the coffee table, she also put Jack’s glass there too, she then hugged Jack, their lips met, their tongues were soon buried in the each other’s mouths. They were teasing each other with their long tongues. Jack was teasing Jean’s left nipple, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her big nipple was so hard, Jean said, “Let me phone Sheila now, I love how you kiss, and you’re making me very horny.”

Jean then phoned Sheila; They arranged to meet at seven in the Cocktail Bar in the Hotel. As they chatted, Jack took Jean’s left hand and put it on top of his trousers against his rock hard cock; Jean stroked and squeezed it. Jack undid his belt, unzipped his pants. Jean brought his massive cock out as Jack removed his trousers and boxers.

Jean said, “Sheila, I’m so looking forward to seeing you on Friday night, I haven’t been out for ages, apart from my work I’ve been living the life of a hermit. See you on Friday.”

“That’s massive; I’ve never seen a cock so long or so thick, let me make him nice and hard for you.”

Jean removed her top and leggings; her body was beautiful, big tits, flat stomach, a lovely smooth vulva with a long swollen sex slit and her legs were slot oyna perfect then Jean said, “Jack, I love sex, but I haven’t had sex with a man for years. As I told Sheila, I’ve lived a hermits life for years; please excuse me if I cum very quickly, I’m so nervous but also excited about your magnificent cock.”

“Jean, don’t worry about a thing. I love being with an older woman; I find you very attractive; let’s give each other some pleasure.”

There was some precum leaking out of the slit on the head of Jack’s cock, with a flick of Jean’s tongue it was gone. Jean then wrapped her lips around the bulbous head of Jack’s cock, her long tongue was everywhere, slowly but surely she was taking more and more of Jack’s cock in her mouth.

Jack’s hand went between Jean’s legs; Jean spread them wide giving Jack easy access to her hungry cunt. Jack spread her cunt lips open and started to explore her hot wet pussy; her clit was big and hard, Jean was very wet, Jack felt Jean’s lips at the base of his cock and could feel the head of his cock banging against the walls of her throat.

Jack then moved into a position that they both could sixty-nine. Jack started to suck Jean’s huge clit as he finger fucked her, Jean said, “That’s wonderful, I love it, I’m going to cum soon, let’s keep sucking, I can take all your cock in my mouth, and it feels wonderful.”

A couple of minutes later, Jack felt the warmth of Jean’s cum in his mouth, Jean’s cunt was mouth fucking Jack’s mouth when he felt it. Jean said, “Jack, would you mind if I went on top of you for the first time, I’m a little apprehensive about the size of your magnificent cock, I’d feel a bit more secure if I was on top, once I know I can take him comfortably then you can take me anyway that you want? ”

Jack replied, “Whatever way you want Jean, I’ll be able to look into your honest eyes when you’re riding me, I think that you’re ready for it?”

Jean smiled and said, “Darling, I was ready for it when I was doing your teeth; I needed the shower when I got home because my pussy was dripping.”

Jack then lay on the carpet, Jean then mounted Jack taking his cock inside very slowly. Jack loved the warmth of her tight pussy, she gave a downward push, then Jack’s full length slid inside, Jean went up and down on his cock several times then said, “It feels fantastic, you’re filling me, it feels so good, I feel my cunt’s being stretched, I’m so comfortable with it inside me, I can move up a gear, darling, I’m going to lean back so you can play with my clit as I ride you.”

Jean lent back, and Jack started stroking her clit, Jean had strong cunt muscles, she was gripping Jack’s cock at the base and the head as she rode his magnificent cock. Then Jean started to tease the bulbous head of Jack’s cock; she just rode the head for several minutes, she had a sensual look in her eyes as she looked Jack in the eyes as she canlı casino siteleri teased the head of his magnificent cock.

Jean then stepped up the tempo, taking Jack’s full length, gripping it tightly at the base and head, then she brought one of her nipples to her mouth, Jean started licking and sucking her hard nipple, there was something very sexy about Jean.

Jean was now pounding Jack’s cock; her massive tits were bouncing uncontrollably, they looked beautiful, Jack felt that he was very close, the last thing that he wanted was for him to cum before her.

Then it happened, Jean had a body-shaking orgasm, as Jean shook, Jack shot his load inside her hungry cunt, as he did this he pulled Jean to his lips, they kissed tenderly and affectionately, Jean said, “That was amazing, I was so nervous, I thought that I wouldn’t cum, but you did it for me, thank you, can you stay the night Jack, we can do so much now?”

Jack replied, “I can, but I must be at the Hotel at nine as I have a meeting. I’m so happy that you’ve invited me, but I must be honest with you, I’ve enjoyed being with you, and I want to see you again, I love being with older women, the problem is you must be prepared to share me, would you be interested in this, the women are all mature and clean and healthy?”

Jean thought for a moment then said, “I’m attracted to you, may I ask who these women are?”

“My mum, my Aunt Jo, one of Aunt Jo’s friends and a widowed fifty-year-old woman who is a friend of my mum’s, it’s a nice group, mum is starting to introduce threesomes, then I can satisfy two women at the same time.”

Jean smiled and said, “I like your taste in women, I’m bisexual, but I love cock. I’m a patient at your mum’s and Aunt Jo’s clinic; they are both excellent doctors. I find both of them attractive; I believe they think the same of me. I would love to share you with them and the other’s as I know that they’ll be right. Count me in, darling.”

Jean then kissed Jack; they made love again twice before falling asleep. They woke at six and had an exciting session. They showered then Jean made breakfast, as they had breakfast Jean’s mobile rang, it was Sheila, she had a filling put in a tooth two days ago, and it had fallen out this morning, she didn’t want to go back to her old dentist as she had no confidence in him. Jean told her to come to her Practice now, and she would see her then. Sheila told Jean that her son Bob had worked in this Practice, and he thought the dentist was good.

Jean said after the phone call, “I’ve never understood what Jill has seen in Bob, he’s not my cup of tea, I’ve heard that Sheila is the powerful one in the family, the father was a weak man with no real ambition. I don’t know when the father died, but Sheila has five Pharmacies, she also controls a Pharmaceutical Supply Company which supplies Independent Pharmacies, she’s a very wealthy woman. Jack, I’ve loved yesterday, and this morning, I’ll book a room at the Hotel on Friday night, can you stay over with me?”

Jack replied, “I’ll arrange the room for you. I hope we’ve got a Suite left. I’d love to stay the night with you.”

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