Island Girls Ch. 01

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_For those who are unfamiliar with my stories, it’s important to know going in that I don’t write pure strokers. It takes a good long while to reach the juicy parts. Before a single boob is exposed, we need to get to know the characters and their setting, and why the encounters we’re reading about are significant enough to warrant a story. The sexy parts happen when they’re suppose to happen and not a moment sooner. I tend to be very gentle with my characters. I know them intimately, and I treat them kindly and with the respect they deserve. To me, the characters are far more important then the act. For those readers on Literotica, most of my offerings cannot be offered here because the involve teenage girls under 18. If you’d like to read more, visit my website. Now, if you’re still with me after that little bit of a caution, let’s meet four lovely ladies about to enjoy an unexpectedly wonderful vacation ……….. Letoria_

I pulled our car through the open stern of the ferry and parked where I was directed. It wasn’t crowded today. My wife Sarah and I had been visiting the island for almost a decade after discovering it our first summer together. Some years the vehicles were packed so closely together that it was hard to open the car doors enough to squeeze out and get to the stairs.

Sarah carried our wool blanket, and I carried our shoulder bags. We hurried up to the open observation deck. A tattered Canadian flag stirred in the light sea breeze. It was very warm here at the landing, but hard experience taught us that it was never warm on the open bay.

A horn blew and the tail ramp started to lift and close. I took Sarah by the hand and said, “Come on baby, let’s go get a good place to sit.” We found an empty bench behind the boat’s superstructure, which gave us some protection from the breeze. Sarah flapped the blanket open, and we sat down, snuggling close to each other. She buried her hands under the blanket and rested her head on my chest just above my breasts.

I smiled at her and bent my head to kiss her lovingly. Even after ten years, I was passionately in love with her, and still deeply aroused by her beauty. She’s deliciously girlie, with a sleek body, a tight, gorgeous butt, and long Barbie-doll legs. Her dark blonde hair hangs just beyond her shoulders, though today she was wearing it up in a loose bun. She has a delightful, impish smile, especially when she’s being naughty. I’m definitely not a bad looking woman myself, but I’m not in her league. I’m very proud of the fact that I weigh no more than I did when I graduated from high school almost twenty-five years ago. I still don’t have any gray streaks in my curly auburn hair, and Sarah tells me I have beautiful dimples when I smile.

The ferry shuddered and backed out of it’s slip. We were off on the ninety minute crossing. We watched the passengers coming and going, speculating whether or not it was their first trip to the island. Those without jackets were almost certainly first-timers. I perked up and took notice when two young girls came on deck, laughing and chattering with each other like magpies. They looked to be anywhere from 16 to 20, and they were both gorgeous in the way only slim teenaged girls can be. They both had lithe young bodies, and sweet, perky faces; one had long honey blonde hair, and the other dark brown hair about the same color as mine piled atop her head. They both wore short shorts and one piece hoodies. Uh oh, they were going to regret those shorts in a few minutes, I thought. Sadly, the honey blonde girl was wearing an orthopedic walking boot, as though she’d broken her ankle or had some sort of surgery.

Whatever her disability was, it didn’t seem to bother the girl. She and her friend were bubbly and animated, all touchy and huggy in the way teenage girls bahis firmaları are with their friends. Maybe it was my imagination, but damn, it looked like there was more than teenage girl BFF affection going on. When the girl with the boot got up, her friend helped her stand, and acted like a crutch when she walked.

They went to the rail to take a look, discovered just how cold it was, and came back to the relative shelter of the bench kitty-corner from us. They scrunched together against the cold, still giggling and animated. One of them took out her phone, and they brought their heads together, smiling brightly, so the girl with the phone – blondie – could take their picture.

Sarah jabbed me with her elbow. “Look at those two honeys,” she said softly. She knew I had a thing for young women. “Look how cute they are.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off them. “Cute hell,” I said under my breath. “Those little sweeties are hot!”

“They look like little lezzabelles.”

“You think?” I said. Was it possible? Well hell, even if they were, what of it?

“Oh yeah,” Sarah said, eyeing them closely. “Bet you’d love to get your hands on them. I know I damn sure would.”

“Since when are you interested in robbing the cradle?”

“Since I saw these little hotties.”

Sarah didn’t lift her head from my chest, so when the girls shyly looked our way, they clearly saw we were a lesbian couple. Sarah, always bolder and more willing to take risks than me, smiled brightly at them. The girls blushed furiously, giggled and self-consciously looked away, but not until they flashed us sweet, shy smiles.

They both stole looks at us from under their eyelashes. Suddenly, Sarah lifted her head and pushed her mouth against mine. She caught me by surprise, but I recovered and got her drift. I kissed her back, savoring her sweet lips.

Sarah pulled her lips back, then I slipped a few wet smacks in. We pretended to be oblivious to the girls. Sarah settled back, smiling up at me. “I love you,” I said, smiling back.

“I love you,” she murmured, her eyes sparkling. “You okay if I take a little risk? Nothing serious.”

“You’re bad,” I whispered with a smile, my way of saying Go for it.

She waited a minute for the girls to digest seeing us kiss so brazenly. They seemed to snuggle ever closer together, still trying to look at us secretly. Finally, Sarah raised her voice and said, “You girls look cold.”

They giggled self-consciously, but Miss Brunette answered, “Yeah, it’s a lot colder then we expected. It was really warm when we got on.”

“It’s always cold out on the water, even if it’s hot on land,” I said.

“We shoulda worn pants. Or brought a blanket,” Blondie said. “No one told us it’d be cold.”

Sarah laughed. “You want to get under our blanket? There’s plenty of room.”

The girls both covered their mouths and snickered. They looked at each other as though communicating with their eyes. Then Blondie said, “Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously,” Sarah answered. “We hate to see you freezing.”

They looked at each other again, shrugged, and Miss Brunette said, “Sure, that’d be cool. Or warm,” and they both giggled at her small, unintentional joke.

Sarah slid over so there was a gap between us for the girls to sit. My heart speeded up and I felt a tightening sensation in my chest. The girls were clearly a little unsure of themselves, but it seemed natural when they shifted positions so the blonde girl with the boot sat next to me, and the auburn haired girl sat next to Sarah. Once wrapped in the blanket, the girls both cooed their thanks and delight at how much nicer it was all covered up.

“By the way ladies,” I offered. “I guess if we’re going to share a blanket, we probably ought to know each others names. I’m Victoria, but kaçak iddaa everyone calls me Vicki, and that’s my beautiful wife Sarah, but everyone calls her Sarah.”

They laughed politely at my lame joke, but both girls’ eyes widened. “You’re wife?” Blondie said, looking first at Sarah, then me. “You mean you two are, like, married?” When I looked at her up close, my heart surged. I could smell the clean scent of her shampoo. Her features were fine, delicate and lovely, and her wide, guileless hazel eyes were almost hauntingly beautiful. They were eyes that could freeze me like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Sarah never missed a beat. “Yup, we’ve been married three years now, but we’ve been together ten.”

“Oh wow,” Miss Brunette said. “That is so awesomely cool! So, you’re lesbians?”

Blondie kicked her. “Duh! Stupid. What do you think,” and they both giggled and snickered. At last, the blonde girl said, “Oh. I’m Stephanie, and everybody calls me that or Stephie, and she’s Carrie, just don’t call her stupid.” Both girls broke into laughter, and they poked at each other playfully. Oh yes, they were more than just friends, that was obvious.

“She’s always picking on me and calling me names,” Carrie mock pouted.

Stephie looked at me, and our eyes locked. “It’s not true,” she said without looking away from me. “I only tease her when she deserves it.”

Hardly believing I was doing it, my heart thudding heavily in my chest, I put my hand directly on Stephanie’s thigh. She kept looking at me, and her lovely lips flexed in a tiny smile. She subtly, almost imperceptibly nudged herself a bit closer to me. “What happened to your leg?” I asked, giving her a soft squeeze.

“I went to step off the bottom stair, and my little brother left a toy there, and it made my ankle turn. I thought it was just a sprain, but I hadda have an operation. I only have to wear the boot to walk. I can take it off when I sit or go to bed. Once I start therapy in a couple of weeks, I can get rid of the damned thing.”

I heard Sarah say, “This has to be your first time on the island. Are you alone?”

“Well, sorta,” Carrie said.

Stephanie turned a little, using it as an excuse to push closer to me, and said, “My Aunt Cindy owns some cottages she rents out at Miller’s Cove, she’s lived there about six years and she’s been after me to come over and visit, since we’ve never been. So we decided to go ahead and do it before school starts.”

“Yeah,” Carrie piped up. “Neither of us has our driver’s license – Stephie was gonna get hers this summer, but she broke her foot and now she can’t until she loses the boot.”

“Yeah,” Stephie agreed. “Sucks. So my Mom drove us from Fredricksburg and dropped us off.”

I frowned. “Miller’s Cove is ten miles from the landing. How are you getting there?”

“Oh, we got our bags and stuff down in the lounge. Once we can get a signal on my phone, I’ll call Aunt Cindy and she’ll come pick us up.”

I looked at Sarah and she gave me an almost imperceptible nod. My insides panged. I couldn’t believe what we were going to try to do. In our ten years together, we’d never once been with anyone but each other. Sure, we’d talked about the idea, but we’d never really believed we’d ever do it. Yet here we were, about to try seducing two teenage girls.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea,” I said, as if the thought just occurred to me. “We have to drive right by Miller’s Cove to get to Wood’s Cove. Why don’t you let us give you a ride? Save your aunt a trip all the way in from Miller’s.”

Stephie looked over at Sarah and Carrie, then she looked at me, and those eyes stabbed me like a dagger. A hot wave swished over me, and I felt dizzy, very dizzy. My chest grew heavy and tight, and for a few seconds, it was hard to breathe. kaçak bahis I felt myself swimming in those eyes. Stephie’s nostrils were flared, her pupils dilated, and her cheeks flushed in spite of the cold wind. I have no idea how long our eyes were locked on each other. It felt like hours, and I could have drowned in them for even longer. It was only when I almost unconsciously started to dip in to kiss the girl that I caught myself.

My head began to clear and I came back to earth. There was a pained expression on Stephie’s face, as if she knew I came within a whisker of kissing her and she was disappointed that I stopped. “You guys don’t mind?” she said shyly, looking down at last. “I mean, we, like don’t want to put you to any trouble.”

That’s when I realized we’d locked eyes for only a few seconds. The question of bringing them to Stephie’s Aunt Cindy’s place still hung in the air. Trying to get a better grip on myself, I smiled and said, “Of course we don’t mind, and it isn’t out of our way. Not a bit.”

She brought her hand from under the blanket to push her wind tangled hair away from her face. “OK,” she said, “As long as you really don’t mind. I’ll call Aunt Cindy and let her know when we get off the boat.”

Sarah and Carrie were giggling like kids, playing some silly game like pat-a-cake with their hands. That’s one of the things about Sarah that gets me so hot, her natural ability to act silly, like a playful teen. To them, the ride business was a settled deal as soon as I made the offer. I looked back at Stephie, and the breeze was whipping strands of her blonde hair in her face. I brought my hand out and gently pushed it away. “You have beautiful hair,” I said, and indeed she did. Even snarled by the salty air, it felt like silk.

She smiled shyly. “You’re just saying that,” she murmured.

“I’m just saying that because it’s true,” I said with a soft smile. I allowed myself to stroke my thumb over her temple.

Stephie shuddered at my touch. She looked at me with barely disguised longing. What on earth was happening? Here was a 18 year old girl I hadn’t known an hour ago, and I was seducing her, and she was acting like it was a lifelong dream come true. “I think you’re so pretty,” she said to me, then looked away.

I laughed and tugged gently on a strand of her hair. “Now it’s mine turn to say, ‘You’re just saying that.'”

She giggled as if she’d been caught doing something childish. “No. Seriously. It’s true. I… I think Sarah’s lucky to have a wife as pretty as you.”

Before I could answer, Sarah piped up, “Hey you two rays of sunshine. You don’t have the market on good ideas cornered, Victoria. What about we play tour guide for our new friends? Get together tomorrow and the four of us spend the day checking out the island.”

The ferry was making the sharp turn around the high spit of granite sticking out from the island like a seahorse’s nose to make the final run in to the landing. I was shocked. We were about to dock and we were so captivated by the girls that we hadn’t noticed a single one of the island’s features, so familiar to us from previous trips. I said, “That sounds like an awesome idea.” God, Sarah and I made a good team.

Stephie’s eyes grew wide. “Seriously? You’d do that for us?”

“As long as it’s OK with you… and Aunt Cindy.”

“Oh, that would be so totally awesome,” Stephie bubbled.

A disembodied voice came over the PA announcing, first in English and then in French, that it was now safe to proceed to the vehicle deck. The four of us got to our feet. My crotch was wet. I hoped it wasn’t too obvious. The two girls took one end of the blanket, Sarah and I the other so we could fold it. Sarah, her eyes twinkling impishly, said just loud enough for me to hear, “I thought for a minute there you were gonna cum.”

“So did I sweetie, so did I.”

“Oh, you are turning into such a fucking slut in your old age. I’m gonna have to start keeping a closer eye on you.”

To be continued

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