Gilberto and Mrs. Shannon

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There was something different about her today. For some reason, something caught Gilberto’s eye when he turned and saw his teacher Mrs. Shannon talking to another student in the library.

Usually conservatively-dressed, with a long-skirt and sweater on, never showing much, Mrs. Shannon looked stunning today in a tight, white blouse with no sweater on today; it was an unseasonably-warm 80 degree day in late October.

Gilberto did a double-take and sucked in his breath. He couldn’t help but admire Mrs. Shannon’s breasts. Did they just appear all of a sudden? He hadn’t noticed them in that way before in the previous 2 months of the semester.

He thought she was nice and friendly, kind of cute with blond hair and with her glasses on, in a librarian kind of way. But at, he guessed, over 55 years old, not exactly Van Halen, “Hot for Teacher” hot. Bu(s)t, the curves on her today…wow! When she looked up, she caught him looking at her and Gilberto looked quickly back down at the book in his hand. She smiled.

Mrs. Shannon, or Marion, as she was called outside of the classroom, blushed and licked her lips. She knew Gilberto liked what he saw and what she was wearing. She was flattered. She thought he was cute. His being new to the country, being from Argentina, South America, his being innocent, shy and quiet, but devilishly-handsome and adorable made Marion fall for Gilberto, but in the way an aunt falls for her cute nieces and nephews. Her smile and bright mood whenever she saw him was not fake or insincere like when she saw other students. She really liked Gilberto. She thought her liking Gilberto was innocent as well. He was shy and she really wished he would talk to her more.

Gilberto’s guess was right. At 57, Marion was just trying to stay relevant and keep her students’ attention. She poured herself into teaching since that was all she had. Her husband had separated from her and she was lonely and craved social interaction. Her students gave that to her as she was friendly and easy to talk to, but she wanted personal attention from a man, someone to notice her and talk to her because they thought she was attractive.

Gilberto didn’t really understand what he was supposed to do on the assignment. His attempts to ask his classmates didn’t net much as they just dismissed him and didn’t give him the time of day. Needing to get a good grade on his paper, he made his way to Mrs. Shannon’s office on the university campus. When he got to her office, he was disappointed to learn office hours had just ended. He was about bahis firmaları to turn and go home when he heard a click behind him.

“Gilberto? Hi! Did you have an appointment to see me?”

“Er, no, madam! I’m sorry I did not make one.”

“Well, do you have a question? Do you want to come in?” Gilberto knew it wasn’t a good time as Mrs. Shannon had her purse over her shoulder and her keys in her hand.

“It’s okay, I can come back another time,” Gilberto said, “It’s my fault I didn’t talk to you before about visiting you in your office. I forgot I needed to schedule time with you.”

Mrs. Shannon was honestly and secretly thrilled to see Gilberto and wasn’t about to let him get away.

“Come in, come in, it’s okay. I don’t have anything important to do tonight, I can stay for a little while longer,” Mrs. Shannon said, stepping aside for him.

Gilberto’s arm casually brushed against her chest as he walked by her into the office. Mrs. Shannon was excited over the casual contact. Was he playing games with her? Teasing her? Sending her a message?

Mrs. Shannon’s office was on the 4th floor of a 100-some year old building and thus it was a little musty and steamy but Gilberto wasn’t focused on that. Mrs. Shannon’s sweat and perfume was paradise and it was driving him crazy. He didn’t have a ton of experience with women so he was clumsy and awkward around them. Mrs. Shannon was enjoying being so close to him, sitting beside him, their legs, arms, and hands occasionally bumping into each other and for Mrs. Shannon, sending electricity throughout her body.

They talked for about half an hour about the report, about what was needed, and her expectations and instructions were clarified. Not wanting to leave each other, when the questions about his report were answered, ventured into small talk about their lives. Marion Because of the heat, Marion undid one of the buttons on her blouse and flapped one side to get a breeze. Her actions didn’t go unnoticed by Gilberto. He noticed she wore a lacy half bra that barely held her breasts in.

Gilberto made Mrs. Shannon laugh a lot with his stories about growing up in Argentina, her breasts jiggling with each story that tickled her fancy. After one story, she leaned her head back laughing and snapped forward shaking her head, in the process, banging her forehead against Gilberto’s who was also laughing and leaning forward.

“Ack! I’m so sorry,” laughed Mrs. Shannon. Gilberto looked up also laughing and holding his forehead. He moved his hand from his head kaçak iddaa to her knee and looked into her eyes to say it was okay and he was fine. Again, he was spellbound. It took a while but when his eyes met hers, their laughing sputtered to a halt. They smiled at each other.

Gilberto didn’t know what time it was or where he was anymore. It felt like he was being pulled toward Mrs. Shannon. Mrs. Shannon couldn’t resist anymore and let herself be pulled closer and closer to Gilberto.

Gilberto got up out of his chair and his hand slid up Mrs. Shannon from her knee toward her waist as he leaned forward and kissed her… on the cheek. Did she turn her face away from him? He couldn’t believe he had missed her lips. Maybe he missed because he was off-balance a little. But he made up for it by pulling her at her waist and he leaned over her and continued his path from her cheek, pecking nibbles to her ears and down to her neck where it tickled and Marion jerked in response.

Gilberto brought his hands up from Marion’s waist and placed them on her breasts, where he had wanted them for the longest time. His fingers squeezed her still-covered breasts. His fingers moved to unbutton her blouse some more, lifted her breasts out of the flimsy bra, and he lowered his mouth to them. Marion threw her arms around Gilberto’s head in an embrace.

Gilberto sucked and lapped at Marion’s left tit while his left hand squeezed her right tit. Marion gasped. She was thrilled at the feeling and sensation of being aroused; it had been months before the separation since her husband had made any moves on her and even more since she felt any satisfaction from him.

Gilberto spent a good while sucking on Marion’s tits going back and forth but soon she was beginning to wonder if Gilberto needed guidance. She pulled him off her tits and back up to her mouth where she and Gilberto could have room to remove their pants.

When they both were in their underwear, without hesitating, Marion reached for Gilberto’s cock and rubbed it through his underwear. Following her lead, Gilberto did the same and reached down to her crotch. It was like sticking his hand in a soft, wet. bread dough. It was that moist and hot. Marion could have climaxed right then and there but she knew she had something/someone special and didn’t want it to end. Gilberto sucked his fingers, tasting Mrs. Shannon’s juices, a move he had seen in movies. He then brought them up to Mrs. Shannon’s mouth and she accepted eagerly.

She then knelt down, pulled down Gilberto’s underwear kaçak bahis down and took his cock into her mouth, again, taking charge of the situation.

Marion sealed her mouth and sucked, moving forward and back repeatedly while Gilberto stood in shock. Now, it was his turn to gasp. He had always though you needed lubrication when it came to his cock, but it felt great that Mrs. Shannon didn’t need much if any saliva. Every fantasy and desire he had about him and Mrs. Shannon was co-mingling with every expectation and rule between student and college teacher. His cock had never felt so hard and it hurt.

After a while, Marion got up, steered Gilberto to the chair and pushed him down into it.

She then straddled his stiff-hard cock and guided it into her vagina while facing him in the chair. She was amazed; his cock barely fit in.

She gave a few thrusts up and down. Gilberto again took hold of her breasts and she herself took hold of his face and swirled her tongue around his mouth.

“Oh, God, Mrs. Shannon!,” Gilberto whispered. He grabbed her and lifted himself off the chair, kicking it away behind him and laid her on the floor, and getting on top. Marion was so wet Gilberto kept slipping out of her vagina.

Marion helped him stay in by squeezing her thighs tighter and closer and by grabbing hold of Gilberto’s butt to guide him.

Gilberto felt Mrs. Shannon’s hands on his butt and let her guide his strokes. It seemed like she wanted him to go slow at first, so he took his time, but his heart was wanting to go faster. He resisted the temptation and tried to enjoy the sensation. The heat was starting to get to him and his body was starting to be soaked in sweat.

To take his mind off the speed of his strokes, he collapsed onto Mrs. Shannon and buried his face into her breasts and started licking her nipples.

Gilberto was ecstatic when Mrs. Shannon finally increased the pace and shortened the time he was balls deep in Mrs. Shannon. The sensation felt incredible, more incredible than his hand doing the work.

As young and inexperienced as Gilberto was, it didn’t take long before he pulled out and shot his load all over Mrs. Shannon’s stomach. He got off of her and stared at the ceiling. He then looked over and smiled at Mrs. Shannon, who stared back and smiled.

And then he passed out.

When he came to, it was completely dark. He stood up and found he was alone. He turned on the light on Mrs. Shannon’s desk and found his clothes neatly folded and stacked on the chair. There was a piece of paper on top:

“Gilberto, thank you! That was incredible! Please feel free to drop by ANYTIME. And don’t worry about your paper- just do the best you can; you’ll get an A++ for effort : ).”

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