Exchange Ch. 02

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The stillness was broken by clattering heels when Elaine returned down the stairs. She stopped on the bottom step and let Michael get a good look. Blue was changed to blue. Instead of the thin light blue woolen sweater Elaine was now dressed in marine blue mohair. Unbelievable and magnificent, thick and fuzzy with a huge double folded turtleneck all way up her chin. A wide elastic waist belt sculptured her body hourglass like and made her gigantic breasts look even bigger bulging in front of her.

The sweater was extra-long, all down her hips and buttocks, down to the middle of her muscular thighs. Her legs were encapsulated in black woolen tights and the dimension of her curvy calves probably oversized Michael’s thighs. Four-five inches heels made her tall and celestial.

Michael was amazed by her gorgeousness; he felt excitement, but also indefinable danger… The powerful amazon approaching him, who was she… really… what was her intention… what kind of adventurous sensuality travel was he eventually to embark?

As if she had read his mind Elaine spoke: “Dear Michael, the choice is now yours. Don’t be afraid, I am your soul mate… and hopefully we will start a wonderful journey together.”

She took the last step down, went slowly across the room to the music player on the TV-bench and turned it on. “Please, come to me”, she asked and opened her arms; “I want to dance with you.”

Michael rose from the sofa… he seemed to hesitate… looked at her across the large room, like if he made a judgment… and then a decision.

She embraced him tenderly and accompanied to the soft music she let him sink into her fuzzy big arms. In her heels she was at least five inch taller so his head came to rest on her shoulder with his nose embedded in the thick mohair turtleneck. Due to her voluminous breasts his arms barely reached around her back.

It was unbelievable to be in her arms, feeling her juicy big breasts against the chest and her thighs against his as they danced. He noticed her arms change position… wrap around his neck pulling him even closer, almost locking his head against her shoulder. Hel sensed her smell and the sensual soft scent of the mohair; a strange feeling started to tumble inside… his brain began to shiver.

“Michael, I do like you very much. And I believe I might come to love you seriously and that would be… marvelous. There is only one But. I will not try to persuade you… force you in any way. If you like me, if you want me… if you want us… you have to submit, give yourself up, and leave you over to me. But… if you do and when you do… you will become mine. Would you like that, Michael? Would you like to surrender to me, get all my love… in my way, on my conditions?”

He looked up at her, listening to her proposal and realized that he was on his way illegal bahis to lose control, but he could not, and wanted not… to resist. He instinctively knew that he didn’t want anything else but stay by her… what so ever.

Elaine stopped dancing and looked down at him. “Michael, if you want me, if you want me to love you… then kiss me, please… seal our love with a kiss. But beware dear… while when you do – you also sign our contract… giving yourself up, becoming mine. I would love you to”, she whispered.

He considered Elaine’s proposal, felt the sensual heat from her and his own heat from inside. She was the woman of his dreams… although he didn’t know for sure what exactly it could and would implicate. He looked into her eyes… nodded.

With her arms wound around his neck Elaine teasingly prevented him from stretching upwards. Instead she pulled him very close… bowed her head, meaning he had to bow his head backwards when she approached him from above with her oversized mellow lips.

Michael closed his eyes… inhaled her breathe… felt her lips gently touch… playfully but seriously… explored his with curiosity… before her space consuming tongue finally slid into… filled his oral cavity, wound around… fought his tongue down, wrapped his mind. And no, he didn’t try to resist or avoid, he wanted more, more, more…

Her embrace became even firmer and he started to tremble by emotion… kissing her… or was it she kissing him… deep and long, enfolded in her sensational and solid arms.

“Oh my Michael… isn’t this great”, Elaine looked at him. “Isn’t this a blessed moment… you entering my… our world… it’s wonderful. But now listen. When entering… you must be absolutely pure… so, please… undress. Leave the old world behind, in a pile on the floor. I want you to step into my realm naked… to become reborn in my arms… Please, Michael.”

He found her request a bit odd… but at the same time reasonable and ceremonial… and he wanted more than anything to be hers. Yes, they were to enter a new world together, an absolutely arousing thought… she wanted him, she really did… and the whole he ached for her.

He did as she wished, and soon he stood there… nude, in front of his Elaine. She inspected him thoroughly… then took a step forward and hugged him smoothly. And squeezed in her powerful soft embracement Michael almost vanished.

Elaine looked at him lovingly and whispered: “And now… just one thing more. You see, you have to stand the entry exam. It’s a strength test, and it’s important to me… to see if you manage to live up to my expectations. It’s important for me to measure your strength… to know if you are strong enough to break out of my hold… or not. Thus, if you really, really try. Will you promise to do your absolutely best… to free yourself… to get out of my illegal bahis siteleri hold?

“Yes, of course I will”, Michael answered a bit puzzled, “But how… will you let me out of your arms first… or?” She shook her head: “Yes and no… Yes, I will loosen my grip, and no… not quite, while I don’t want to risk losing you.”

And so she did, she loosened her grip, but still retained her huge fuzzy arms protectively around his waist. She explained: “I will soon envelope you in a big love hug… and you are to break out… free yourself… nothing more, nothing less. As simple as that, okay?” Michael thought it over for a second, considered the challenge. “Okay, I understand… it’s alright”, he approved.

Gently Elaine put her hands on Michael’s arms and positioned them along his sides where after she without haste wrapped her arms around… joined her hands behind his back and smoothly clasped him in a her hug. She instructed him with low but eager voice: “Now Michael, now is time to show me… please do, break out… free yourself… And don’t forget, you must succeed… while if not you are lost for ever.”

Michael felt strangely trapped. His arms were locked along his sides… the whole of him… was getting more and more troublesome compressed… as well as tightly squeezed… the giant breasts against his upper chest… and his face… his nose… deeply pressed into the soft turtleneck. He took a deep breath, inhaled the scent of the hot mohair… counted silent to three, wriggled in her hold… and made a first attempt to escape. But the result was poor. His arms remained clutched along his sides, he came nowhere. He rested for a moment… in order to surprise her, he knew he could do it… made a second attempt by letting all his strength literally explode… all power he possibly could muster… But no, he didn’t manage this time either; she was strong, stronger than he had thought. And her grasp tightened… his situation became critical.

Cold swept through… he must not fail. He must not lose her now, not being good enough to manage the entry test… not when standing here on the threshold of heaven’s door. He needed not to panic… he had to be brave and tough. A couple of further deep breaths… and please… get strong! He made a furious attempt… all power he could gather… once again. Break ooouut… yeeees!!

Getting aware of the situation he realized his state was problematic… while he was still in her hold, and it was tightened even more… his elbows were now inflexibly squeezed against his ribs… it hurt… he couldn’t move, it became difficult to breathe and his body ached… He had to beg her… “please… please!”

No answer… and by surprise he noticed… his feet had no contact with the floor any more… he was elevated… “Please Elaine… give me another chance… please.” Yes, he knew he had failed, canlı bahis siteleri but was he really ten and out? Would she turn him down… reject him? Was he to be regarded as not approved…? Would she send him away… ask him to leave… Paradise?

“Mmm… Darling”, she mumbled standing there… with Michael suspended and caught in her bear hug. He was stuck in her vice of flesh and blood… “You didn’t manage!”, she admonished him. “You are not strong enough…

“But… still, you have passed your exam… which actually is a confirmation of me being far stronger than you… in spite you performing your maximum of effort. It’s great that you can’t… it is really great! I love your helplessness, dear… I love to know that you are helpless when in my hands… it is incredibly sexy.

Without loosening her grip, she carried him across the room to the big sofa. In her devastating hug he could do nothing but flounder with his feet. She sat down and twirled him quickly around, trapped his legs between her huge thighs and twisted his free arm behind his back so he couldn’t move, couldn’t get anywhere. His bare buttocks shone white as he lay on his stomach on her marine blue mohair covered lap… embarrassed and immobilized.

“Michael, you must understand how important it is… for you to realize that you really are mine. You will truly get to understand, like you did a moment ago, that I am physically far stronger than you… and I am the one who set up the rules. I can, I need and I will humiliate you, educate you… for you to understand exactly that. It’s necessary for you to learn submission… learn to obey my every wish and demand. And any objection or protest from your side will of course inevitably lead to punishment.”

And then, without warning, she slapped him hard on his bare buttocks which made him yell of surprise and pain. “Did it hurt?” she asked and he nodded intensively: “Yes… yes, please!” She hit him again, even harder, and he squirmed to get away but there was no way away. “Please, Elaine… please”, he begged.

He jerked by surprise and pain… it was totally unexpected and it hurt… He still processed the fact that the entry test only was to ensure… that he would try his absolutely best in order to free himself… The challenge was her test… for her to get a receipt of her superiority… it was confusing. While, what happened now… why was he still trapped… and he couldn’t get away… or could he? She hurt him… please stop… pleas Elaine… I admit you are stronger… I do!!

But she continued… The adventure had taken quite a turn… and also… Michael was right now completely unable to influence his situation. He begged her… but she did not listen… she continued… spanked him systematically without clemency until he cried like a little baby… understanding it was true, the pain was no game.

When finished Elaine took the sniveling Michael in her arms, wiped tears from his cheek, caressed him tenderly: “Dear, it will be just fine. I will take care of you. From now on you will become my man, my boy, my child… and I will take care of you all.”

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