Disciplined for Peeping Ch. 04

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You might want to read the first three chapters.

We join Ronnie, Molly, and Tony in Molly’s living room.

Ronnie looked at the other two. They had all agreed that they wanted a sexual relationship with the others. Ronnie was at least 20 years older than the other two, so she was especially pleased to be included in this arrangement. Ronnie said, “I think we should approach this the way Walter and I had before he passed on. Each of us should try everything at least once – both on the giving and receiving end. If you don’t like it, then once is enough, but like my Mom said when I was growing up, ‘try eating that at least once.’ Of course, she was talking about food at the time, but I think it applies to other things, as well. If you really don’t want to do it, fine. If I remember correctly, Tony hasn’t fucked me in the ass or spanked anyone. Mollie hasn’t eaten me or sucked Tony’s cock.”

No one spoke for a few moments. Then Tony looked at Ronnie and said, “Well, we can fix some of that right now. Ronnie, did you bring your paddle?”

Ronnie looked concerned and then brightened with an idea, “No, I don’t have my paddle, so you’ll have to use your belt.”

“Oh, no. I can’t do that. It will hurt you way too much.”

“Walter used a belt on me often, so it’s nothing new for me. I wouldn’t expect either of you to be belted, but I love it. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but please use a belt on me. Tony, please.”

Tony wasn’t sure, but trusted Ronnie to stop him if it was too much. “OK. Remember the safe word ‘red’, and don’t hesitate to use it. All right?”

“Oh, yes, I can hardly wait.”

“OK. Molly, lead Ronnie upstairs.” Tony wanted to watch both of their sweet asses sway as they went up the stairs. Once upstairs, Tony told Ronnie to lay down on the bed. “Molly, why don’t you reach down and pull Ronnie’s panties off. Remember, I just pulled them to the side when I fucked her downstairs.”

Molly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri lifted Ronnie’s dress up to her waist, put her fingers on each side of Ronnie’s panties, and pull them down. Molly knew what came next. She bent over and started to kiss Ronnie’s inner thighs. She then licked up to Ronnie’s cunt and continued licking all around her cunt.

Ronnie couldn’t wait, “Molly please eat me and suck Tony’s cum out of my cunt.”

Molly licked Ronnie’s inner lips before licking her entire cunt from top to bottom. Ronnie was loving it. Molly slipped a finger in Ronnie’s cunt and started pulling out more of Tony’s cum. She then pushed two fingers in, pulling out more cum and she started fucking Ronnie with two fingers. Ronnie grabbed both sides of Molly’s head and pulled it tight on her cunt. Ronnie moaned loudly and began to cum. She squirted just a little on Molly’s face. When Molly lifted her up, Tony came over and licked Ronnie’s juices from Molly’s face. Ronnie loved watching the two lovers. Tony gave Ronnie a little time to recover from her orgasm, even though it was a small one.

Tony sat on the edge of the bed and told Ronnie to lay across his lap for a warm up hand spanking. Ronnie was still fully dressed except she had no panties. Tony lifted the hem of her dress and laid it above her waste. He then started to hand-spank Ronnie, slowly getting harder and harder. Once he decided Ronnie’s bottom was pink enough, he said, “Ronnie, take off your clothes. Move to the edge of the bed on all fours. Molly, lay down under Ronnie so you can suck her tits as I am belting her. Ronnie, remember the safe word is ‘red’. Say it so I know you understand.”

Ronnie obediently whispered, “Red.”

Molly moved into position and started fondling Ronnie’s breast, kissing and sucking her nipples.

Tony moved into position and started to belt Ronnie’s ass.

Slap! Ronnie was startled and said “Oh”, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri but she didn’t say “red.”

Tony kept it up carefully placing the belt on fresh parts of her ass and upper thighs.

Ronnie was in heaven. Molly started to suck hard on Ronnie’s tits and even softly bit her nipples. Ronnie reached down and started rubbing her cunt and clit.

Tony belted, Molly bit, and Ronnie rubbed. Soon Ronnie started to cum and cum hard. With this orgasm she squirted plenty. Tony stopped belting her. He had run out of unmarked ass, anyway.

Tony reached down and pulled Ronnie over next to him and spooned her gently rubbing her shoulders and back. Molly went to bathroom and came back with some cream for Ronnie’s fiery red ass. Tony and Molly both gently rubbed cream over her stripes on ass and thighs.

Tony asked Ronnie, “Is that it for you today?”

“Oh no, Tony, you still need to fuck me in the ass. Please. It is so good after a proper belting. My ass is all ready for your cock.”

Tony looked at Molly to see what to do. Molly shrugged and took her robe off. “Tony, why don’t you sit down and I’ll get your cock good and hard for her.” Although Tony had gotten an erection while belting Ronnie, he had gotten limp. Molly took Tony’s soft cock in her mouth and began to lick and suck it.

Once Tony was hard again, he said: “Molly, would you get some lube, condom, and baby wipes?”

Molly did as asked and laid them on the bed. Tony told Ronnie, “Lay down on the edge of the bed and pull back your thighs so I have full access to your ass.” When Ronnie had done this, Tony got on his knees, pulled out a baby wipe, and gently wiped around around her hole. Ronnie moaned softly. She really enjoyed getting her ass fucked by Walter, her late husband, especially after her ass had been thoroughly belted. Tony took another wipe and cleaned her hole as best he could. Her ass didn’t really güvenilir bahis şirketleri need it, but it was turning Tony on even more.

Tony got on his knees between Ronnie’s thighs. He licked her ass moving closer to her hole. He then started tonguing her hole, and Ronnie started to squirm with delight. “Please keep doing that, Tony! It has been much too long!”

Tony finally stopped and stood up. Molly moved over with the lube and spread lube around Ronnie’s asshole. She put more lube on her finger and pushed into Ronnie’s asshole. Molly pulled out, put more lube on two fingers and inserted both in Ronnie’s asshole. Molly then started to fuck Ronnie with her fingers. Ronnie was loving it, “Oh, Molly, thank you, you are wonderful!”

Molly then put the condom in her mouth and pushed it onto Tony’s cock. She then focused her lubing actions on Tony’s condom covered cock. Molly stood and walked behind Tony. She reached around and grabbed his cock and positioned it at the entrance to Ronnie’s asshole. She then pushed slowly on Tony’s butt to push his cockhead into Ronnie’s asshole.

Ronnie whispered, “Go slow, it’s been a long time since I had a lovely cock up there!”

Tony and Molly took it slow. Molly even squirted more lube on Tony’s cock as it entered Ronnie’s asshole. Tony was finally in. “Are you all right, Ronnie?”

“Oh, better than all right! I’m in bliss. Perfect.”

Tony pulled almost all the way out then pushed back in. He did this slowly for several minutes.

“Oh, Tony. Faster now. Please fuck my ass!”

Tony did just that. Faster until he was slamming into Ronnie’s ass. Ronnie had reached down with her right hand and was massaging her pussy and clit. It wasn’t long before Ronnie came with a loud cry. Tony followed and filled the condom with his cum. As soon as Tony pulled out of Ronnie’s ass, Molly moved in front of him, knelt down, and pulled off his condom. She then took his cock in her mouth and licked off all his cum. Molly then laid Ronnie down and laid down beside her. She tenderly kissed Ronnie and shared Tony’s cum.

Tony joined them pushing between them on the bed.. He took turns kissing and caressing them. They had all three had enough for the day.

But there is always tomorrow.

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