Curlytop’s Ass

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Although 25 years old, Sylvia Cooper likes to think she has a resemblance to a former child actress, and wants me and everybody else to call her “Curlytop,” the name of the title character in one of the moppet’s movies. She makes no pretense of being the former star or even pretending to be her; she just likes the nickname. I have no reason to not do as she wants, partly because I enjoy the regular sexual encounters we have together and partly because I usually do what my lady friends want, as long as their requests are reasonable. Last week, she called me up and told me she had a need to get together in my house.

“Hi, George, this is Curlytop,” she began by saying, quite unnecessarily, since I easily recognized her voice.

“Hi, Curlytop. How’s the Good Ship Lollipop?”

“Still flying. But that’s not why I called you. I need your help with something. Can I come over to your place in about an hour?”

“Sure. Always glad to take care of anything you need.”

“Thanks, George. I knew I could count on you.”

We chatted for another minute or two before hanging up. The first thing I did to get things ready for Curlytop’s visit was to turn the thermostat up higher, since I knew we would both be naked shortly after she arrived, and I wanted us to be comfortable. I prepared myself too, by shaving, because I knew what she would want me to do first, and I wanted to be sure to avoid whisker burning the soft and delicate insides of her thighs. After a few other minor details, everything was ready with ten minutes to spare, and I sat down, barefoot, in the living room to await her arrival.

She was just as eager as I, and arrived a few minutes early. We hugged warmly and kissed, thrusting our tongues together, because I am very fond of Curlytop, and I was anticipating some great sex action with her. When we finally stepped away from each other, I looked on her with admiration. In addition to the curly blonde ringlets, which is what gives her the nickname, my caller also has big blue eyes and a very pretty, somewhat babyish face with a fair complexion.

Below the shoulders, though, any similarity between my lady friend and a child ends. Sylvia has a pair of beautiful breasts and an absolutely gorgeous ass, with a sexily plump waist between these two stellar features. All in all, she is a very sexy young woman.

“Well, Curlytop, what is it you want me to do for you?” I asked.

“Oh, George, quit teasing. You know as well as I do.”

If I hadn’t known, I would have quickly figured it out because, after stepping out of her shoes, she took me by the arm and led me to the big overstuffed leather sofa in the living room. Curlytop has her own way of fucking, using that specific piece of furniture, and I have no problem doing things her way. One of the preparations I had made was to place a damp towel over the back near the end where I knew she would want to be.

We stood beside the sofa and embraced again, with our tongues once again greeting each other. My hands, as if they had a life of their own, cupped her succulent ass cheeks and gently squeezed. Her hands, which had been holding my shoulders, moved between us, and I felt her tight skirt become looser, because she had unbuttoned the flap at the waist and pulled down the zipper. When I pushed down, it slid to the floor, and my fingers were on Curlytop’s panties. I squeezed my hands through their elastic waistband so I was stroking her bare skin, which was softer and smoother than the nylon lingerie had been.

Her hands got active again, unbuttoning my shirt because she prefers the feel of bare skin on skin, as do I. Rather reluctantly, when she finished, I removed my hands from inside her panties and turned around so she could pull my shirt off. I reciprocated by unfastening the buttons on her blouse, removing it when she turned around and unhooking her bra, which she also pulled off. When she turned to face me again, Curlytop was clad only in her panties and I was still wearing my jeans. We would leave those things on for a while, because we both like it that way.

She lay down on her side, cupping her succulent breasts and offering them to me, while I knelt on the floor beside her. Avidly, I leaned forward and started to lick a big, pink nipple, loving the way it stiffened under my tongue’s caresses. After a few seconds, I transferred my attentions to the other adorable nubbin and licked that one until it was just as firm. Curlytop was cooing happily, and her sexy body started to squirm blissfully in front of me as my tongue switched back and forth between the twin beauties, until her nipples were so hard I was able to feel the tiny ridges and the pebbly texture of her areolas.

I drew one delectable orb into my mouth and started to suck, while my tongue continued to caress the nipple and areola. Curlytop’s movements became more pronounced and, when she thrust her other breast out to me, I took it into my mouth and started to suck and güvenilir bahis lick. As I had with just her nipples, I alternated my ministrations between her lovely breasts, sucking and licking each in turn until I detected the heavenly aroma of her pussy juices. As marvelous as her breasts had been to my mouth, I knew her pussy would be even better, so I started to lick and kiss and nuzzle my way down her soft belly toward that wet and delightful goal.

When I reached my destination, Curlytop sat up so I could remove her panties, her sole remaining garment, which were soaked. When I inserted my fingers inside the waistband, she raised her body from the seat, and I pulled them down around her ass and all the way off so she was completely naked. After tossing the panties onto the cushion at the end of the sofa, I leaned in closer, and she raised her legs so she could rest them on my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, pulled her body closer to me so her ass was resting on the edge of the seat and breathed in of the incredible aroma, of which I can never grow tired.

I can also never grow tired of the beauty of a pussy like hers. The blonde hair that frames her face is its original color, and she is blessed with the creamy complexion sometimes found among natural blondes. She does not shave her pubic hair, but her bush is so soft and downy it does nothing to conceal her beauty, and only enhances it. Her inner pussy lips were rosy pink and swollen enough with her arousal to be blossoming through her slit. When I gently spread that aperture, I was met by a great cloud of fragrance, which I breathed in as deeply as I could.

Some of her juices had spattered onto her inner thighs, so I started licking there, and the flavor was even more delicious than their scent had been. From the feel of my tongue on that very sensitive place, Curlytop was squirming and cooing in bliss, and that very delightful sound increased in volume as my tongue started sluicing up the juices from her crotch, which were fresh from the beautiful pink hole that had produced them.

All my senses were pleased by eating Curlytop’s pussy, but the one receiving the most pleasure was that of touch, especially when I started licking one of her outer lips. Her skin was soft and warm, and the feathery hair covering made the sensation even more delightful, as did the way she was squirming about on the sofa cushion. I kept a firm, gentle grip on her thighs and slowly licked all the way to her Mount of Venus. After kissing her there, I brought my mouth down to where I started, devoured all the delicious juices she had just produced and started on her other outer lip.

I treated this one as I had the first, licking slowly, relishing her soft skin and hair and the way she was demonstrating how much she liked what I was doing. When I reached her mons this time, I kissed her there and raised my head to see what effects my ministrations were having.

They were what I expected, which is to say very gratifying. Curlytop’s head was tossing back and forth against the back of the sofa; her eyes were closed and her mouth was open in a grimace of intense pleasure. Her body was even more active, writhing in front of me, while her hips were starting to swivel under my face, thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders. Before I could again bring my mouth to where I knew more ambrosia awaited me, she opened her eyes and gazed, heavily-lidded, at me.

“I love that, George. I really love what you’re doing. Now, make me cum really big-time.”

I smiled at her, but didn’t say anything. She and I both knew I had lots better things to do with my mouth than talk, so I buried my face in her crotch and started doing those better things. First, my tongue cleaned off all the delicious fresh juices, then I started licking between an inner and an outer lip, starting with the very soft, smooth area between their origins. I thoroughly licked her there, savoring just how great the texture was, and continued up between the lips. When I reached the point where they are close together, I slightly tilted my head to squeeze my tongue into the seam between the labia.

One of the greatest sensations in my life as an eater of pussies is the sensation of having my tongue in such a place, between the slick surface of her outer lip and the aroused puffiness of the inner one. With a lovely pussy such as that of Curlytop, this is doubly exciting. Taking my time and loving every second, my tongue finished its journey to the end of her inner lip, where it merges with its opposite number to form her clit hood. Once again, I paused briefly but, this time, I just gazed on her clit, which had pushed its way out from under its protective hood and resembled a lustrous pink pearl.

“Lick my clit! Make me cum!” Curlytop begged me, as she always does when we reach this point in our love making.

And, as I always do, I disregarded her plea, because I knew we would both enjoy her türkçe bahis orgasm much more if it happened after she had reached the apex of her sexual excitement, and we hadn’t reached it yet. I lowered my face again, devoured all the nectar she had secreted and started licking between the other pair of inner and outer lips. My tongue treated these the same way, starting at the ultra-smooth place and meandering upward. I reveled in the delights Curlytop and I were giving to and receiving from each other. She was sobbing and whimpering in bliss, and her pussy was ramming up against my face in the same tempo as her oral expressions of joy.

This time, when I reached the end of the inner lip, I saw how her thighs had rotated slightly outward, presenting her pussy even more fully to me, and I knew she was at the peak of arousal, and it was time for me to bring her to a momentous orgasm.

“Yes! Yes! Right there!” she cried when she felt my mouth envelop her clit.

With my lips forming a seal at the base, I started sucking on the swollen morsel while my tongue caressed the top and sides. Curlytop’s pussy started fucking even more strongly into my face, in the same tempo as my mouth was sucking. She also babbled with joy as she felt her orgasm preparing to explode.

When she started cumming, the glad tidings were announced with a cry of delight, and her thighs clamped over my ears, while her hands went to the back of my head and pressed my face against her pussy. She bounced up and down on the sofa, and her legs started swinging from side to side, carrying me a very willing prisoner. I clung to her thighs and kept her clit securely in my mouth and, for as long as she was cumming, enjoyed the ride.

When she reached her climax, Curlytop sang out ecstatically, even louder and more incoherently than she had earlier. Her back arched, ramming her pussy against my face for an ultimate time before she completely relaxed, her arms flopping at her sides and with her legs draped over my shoulders. I remained where I was, but moved my face slightly so I could feast on all the ambrosia that had gushed from her pussy. Unlike what I sometimes do, I even sucked the juices from the lovely pink hole that had produced them, having no need to leave any for the purpose of lubrication. After cleaning all her juices from her pussy, I backed away and let Curlytop’s feet rest on the carpet. She remained lolling on the sofa, her eyes closed and her face a mask of absolute joy.

We weren’t through, not even close, and I still had preparations to make. First, I went to my bedroom and brought back condoms and the squeeze bottle of Aqualube I keep handy. I also wiped the leftover juices from my face and licked them off my fingers, because I hate to waste anything so delicious. When I went back to the living room, Curlytop was still on the sofa; her face still showed the tremendous pleasure she had just experienced, but her eyes were open. She saw the bottle of lubricant, and grinned lewdly, because she knew what I would be doing with it.

“That was wonderful, George, just like I knew it would be, but you know what I want now.”

“Of course, and it’s what I want too.”

“Then how come you’re still wearing those pants?”

It took no more than a few seconds to rectify that situation, and I removed my jockey shorts too, so I was just as naked as Curlytop. She trusts me to do what needs to be done, but likes to put the condom on my cock, so I handed it to her, still in its foil wrapper, and stepped up close. She grinned up at me and took my cock into her mouth for a few strokes, just to get it wet, she tells me, before unwrapping the condom and rolling it onto my stiff shaft. I was ready, and it was time to prepare her ass, because that is where Curlytop loves to have my cock, and I love to put it in her there.

She started by lying face down on the sofa with a throw pillow under her waist and both hands reaching back to spread her ass cheeks. I removed the outer cap from the bottle of Aqualube and inserted the application tip into the small hole she was creating, eliciting a murmur of pleasure. Her happy sounds were louder when I squeezed a big dollop of the contents into her. Curlytop has often told me she likes everything about my fucking her ass, and among her favorite parts is feeling the cool lubricant gushing into her. She also likes the sensation of my middle finger being inserted into her ass to spread the lube evenly, and that was the next thing I did that day. When I was through preparing her ass, I covered my cock with Aqualube, and we were both ready.

She had been lying face down like that for ease in preparing her ass. For the actual fucking, Curlytop prefers a couple of different positions, which is why she likes to use the sofa. Even while I was getting myself ready, she rolled over onto her back and was sliding down to the arm of the sofa. She raised her legs and I helped her get into position, lifting her thighs güvenilir bahis siteleri and pulling her farther along until her hips were resting on the arm and her legs were hanging over. When I stood at the end and looked down on her, I had a clear view of her ass and pussy, and I could have inserted my cock in either one, but I knew where she wanted it.

If I hadn’t known, Curlytop demonstrated by reaching down the sides of her body and separating her gorgeous ass cheeks so her adorable pink rosebud was winking at me. Still standing, I leaned over until my cock made contact and rubbed the head up and down to begin the penetration. With the tip barely inside the soft pink edges, I thrust forward and the head of my cock wedged into her, eliciting a sigh of pleasure from her and a grunt from me. I stayed like that for a few seconds before thrusting forward again and seeing almost two inches of my hard shaft burrowing into the pink hole where we both wanted it.

Curlytop was squirming in front of me from the intense pleasure I knew she was getting, so I stayed in that position while I moved a finger all around between my cock and the hole I was starting to cram. I found no loose skin or other potential problems, so I let go of my cock, wiped my hands on the damp towel I had left there and helped her raise her legs until her ankles were resting against my shoulders and my hands were on the fronts of her thighs. After waiting a few more seconds, I pulled against her legs and thrust forward plunging most of the rest of my hard shaft into her ass. The pleasure she was getting from what we were doing was so great she was already moaning, and the squirming of her ass was doing almost as much for my cock.

“My god, that’s good,” she gasped. “Let’s just stay like this for a while, and then really give it to me, but not too fast. It’s so good I want it to last a long time.”

I was 100% in favor of that idea and, when I finally did start the actual fucking, I very slowly drew my cock back out of her ass, paused, and plunged the entire shaft into her again. Curlytop moaned in bliss and fucked back to meet me as well as she could with nothing to push against. I stayed like that for a couple of seconds, reveling in the way her squirming ass made my cock feel, until I drew back again for another stroke.

This was about the same as the first had been, as was the next and the next and the many that came after that. The voluptuous blonde in front of me was moaning and whimpering, while her body tossed and pitched all over the sofa. Both eyes were closed and her mouth was partially open in a grimace of joy, as her head rolled back and forth on the pillow and her arms flopped aimlessly at her sides. She was building to another climax, and I could feel mine mounting too, but she wasn’t quite satisfied with what we were doing and wanted to be more active.

“George, let me get up on my knees,” she asked.


I carefully pulled my cock from the marvelous place it had been and Curlytop slid down to the other end of the sofa, where she rolled over and got to her knees with her hands resting on the other arm. I followed and knelt behind her, and we both moved farther until her thighs were pressed against that arm. Bracing herself, she reached back and spread her ass cheeks for me again, which was almost unnecessary, because she was already stretched so far open and some of the excess lubrication was trickling down her legs. Holding my cock in one hand again, I thrust forward and half my shaft was inside the warm, tight place that still felt wonderful.

She backed up toward me and the rest of my cock was enveloped in her ass, which was still tight, but the Aqualube was working perfectly, and there was no friction. Curlytop sighed happily at feeling my cock all the way inside her rear pleasure hole, which is where it belonged, again. I placed my hands on her succulent hips, to guide her movements, to use for leverage when I started driving my cock into her harder and to keep her from falling off the sofa after the movements of her body started getting wild again. We fucked like that for a few strokes, but there was a specific reason why Curlytop wanted us to use this position.

“This is great, George, but just stay there and let me fuck myself on your nice big cock.”


I left my hands on her hips, and Curlytop leaned forward, pulling her ass most of the way from around my cock. I was watching her actions, because seeing my cock sticking out of her ass is such an arousing thing, and to make sure she didn’t move so far as to pull herself all the way off. With just the head still inside her, she paused briefly before pushing against the arm of the sofa so my cock would be embedded all the way back in her ass until my pubic hair was tickling the soft insides of her cheeks. She stayed like that for a few seconds before leaning forward again and repeating the stroke. This time, with just an inch or so of my cock not yet engulfed, I thrust forward and our bodies came together with a highly satisfying “smack” and an even more satisfying moan of bliss from the hotsy in front of me.

“Oh, god, George, that feels so good. Keep doing that.”

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