Candy Cane Lovers

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Every Christmas I put candy canes in our stockings, not the traditional smaller ones that look like actual canes, I get the jumbo sticks. They last longer and I get them for about a buck apiece. My husband Bruce doesn’t much care for them so lucky me gets two. I love them because they last a long time and don’t break into tiny pieces. And one day I discovered another joy they bring me.

After Christmas and New Years I took a couple of days off work. I need to unwind and relax. Bruce was gone for the day with buddies doing who knows what and said he wouldn’t be back until late that night. It was late morning and I had yet to shower and was still in my terry cloth robe sitting on the couch in our living room enjoying a second cappuccino and the view out windows. I started feeling a bit horny thinking about Bruce and mine last sexcapade. It wasn’t anything unusual but I always have many strong orgasms and left me satisfied.

These thoughts were making me flush and I felt my nipples getting hard. I slipped my hand inside my robe and gently caressed my 34B tits sending electricity down my body to my pussy. I untied my robe and pulled it open exposing my body, feeling a bit naughty. I stood, dropped my robe and laid back on the couch fully nude. I finished illegal bahis my coffee, leaned back placing my legs on the coffee table and reached down and began to gently rub my pussy. The feeling my wetness and engorged clit caused me to shiver with excitement. That’s when I noticed the jumbo candy cane sticks sitting on the coffee table. I picked one up and peeled back some of the wrapper and began swirling my tongue around the tip. Mmmmm – it was so sweet and delicious. Mymind began to wonder, imagining that it was a nice hard cock waiting to be sucked. I slid it into my waiting mouth pretending it was a real man sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. I pulled the saliva coated jumbo candy cane from my mouth and rubbed circles around my hard nipples leaving a sticky film which I eagerly licked off.

While I enthusiastically sucked on the new ‘cock’, I grabbed the other jumbo candy cane stick, peeled back the wrapper and slid it along my wet pussy. Oooh, my pussy was getting syrupy from the mix of the sticky jumbo candy cane stick and my pussy juices. I could feel my syrup oozing along my slit and running down the crack of my ass. I continued sucking the first jumbo candy cane stick while massaging my clit with the other. I couldn’t believe I illegal bahis siteleri was stretched out completely nude on the couch, legs spread wide, pleasuring myself. I normally only masturbate with a vibrator during Bruce’s’ and mine sexcapades. But there was something about the look of the jumbo candy cane sticks just sitting on the coffee table that got to me.

My pussy was really flowing with juice as I slid the sweet stick across my erect bud. My breathing was becoming heavy and I could hear myself murmuring with pleasure as I was nearing orgasm. Sucking harder on the jumbo candy cane stick I slid it further into my mouth and down my throat as far as I could, thinking of a nice hard cock, my tongue searching for balls. All this thought of a couple of big cocks was driving me crazy with excitement. I rubbed the candy dick harder and harder against my button feeling my pussy start to spasm.

My mind raced, the thought of worshiping two cocks sent me over the edge. My back arched, I loudly moaned around the candy dick in my mouth, as I came for the first time. I watched my pussy juice spray high into the air and land on my naked body, soaking my tits and stomach. I love the erotic feeling of my warm juices covering me. I took the candy canlı bahis siteleri cane cock from my mouth and rubbed my juices over my stomach and tits creating a red and green sticky mess, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I continued to vigorously massage my clit with the hard candy rod as I sucked harder on the dick in my mouth trying to make it cum. Another tidal wave of ecstasy hit me, this time my pussy juices reached my face mixing with the candy cane syrup in my mouth. Mmmm, the cocktail mix was heaven as I licked my lips.

I kept playing with the candy cocks, rubbing and sucking them for all they were worth. My pussy was oozing with sticky juice soaking the couch cushion, but the way I was feeling I didn’t care. I pushed the candy dick deep down my throat as I came again and nearly passed out from the rapture of another intense orgasm. I heard myself loudly moan as my pussy pulsed and gushed another shower of wetness. I couldn’t stop cumming, riding the crest of euphoria the feeling was so great, I didn’t want it to stop. I came intensely several more times as my mouth was filling with ‘cum’ I swallowed hard, imagining that a huge load of man seed was sliding down my throat.

Lifting the candy stick that had been rubbing my clit from my pussy to my mouth, I licked off my pussy juices. Mmmm, I tasted so good. Thinking of what I’d just enjoyed I began to feel the afterglow that comes when your body wanes into a calm and relaxed state. I wondered if I should tell Bruce about my Candy Cane Lovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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