Breast Friend Ch. 13

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Whenever Peter showered with his Breast Friends, they observed a certain pattern of behavior that he preferred to keep instated. The shower could comfortably fit four (although he had squeezed in as many as six girls with him when he was feeling particularly horny), so he made his selections based on that. The ex-sorority sisters Molly and Kelly were chosen, as were the bubbly, youthful Faith and Jennie.

Peter arrived in the master bathroom of the apartment he shared with the twenty bodacious busties to find the shower already on, presumably heated to his exact liking. Two forms stirred just across the clear glass — Faith and Molly. Jennie and Kelly were on his left and right sides, respectively.

All four girls were totally naked.

Jennie and Kelly proceeded with the typical ritual of removing Peter’s plush white bathrobe for him; Jennie then hung it on the doorknob. Peter’s cock was rigid with excitement — but the girls always took excellent care of that.

“Are you ready, sir?” Kelly inquired.

“I am.” Peter replied boldly, licking his lips at the wonderland ahead.

With that, Kelly slid open the glass door, allowing Peter entry into the shower. His gaze was getting progressively hungrier, and it reached its zenith when he saw Molly and Faith inside, already soaking wet and just as naked as their counterparts. Jennie and Kelly slipped into the shower behind Peter and began to moisten their perfect bodies.

It was moments like these where Peter truly had to stop and savor the beauty of what he had created. Four tremendous pairs of JJ (yes, JJ) -cup breasts waited longingly for his touch, his caress, his lips, his face…his everything. And these gorgeous, submissive girls were barely the tip of the big-titty iceberg. Over a dozen more waited outside the bathroom, ready to cater to Peter’s every whim, both sexual and non.

Once the five of them were all nice and wet, the girls turned to Peter for orders.

“So, who would you like first?” Molly asked nonchalantly.

“I’ll take you and Faith.” Peter answered.

Molly nodded. She and Faith (both amazing, picturesque blondes) stepped closer to Peter — just within arm’s reach. He reached out both powerful hands and began squeezing and fondling their giant jugs with abandon and hunger. He couldn’t help but smile when Molly picked up a bottle of body wash and spread the thick goop over their chests for him. Now he clawed and squished them with a newfound excitement at their huge, wobbly endowments covered in soapy sheen.

The bottle was then handed to Jennie, who lathered up her rack while squeezing more fluid onto Kelly’s generous tits. Now, Peter was able to wash Molly and Faith’s racks while staring at Jennie and Kelly’s racks — it was the perfect multitask.

“How’s this, sir?” Jennie asked in earnest.

“Put some more on Kelly.” Peter commanded.

Jennie obeyed. Peter’s hands basked in the supple feeling of huge breasts. However, it was not merely the tactile experience that enthralled him so; rather, it was the fact that he could do this. He could do this whenever he wanted. These girls had once been so unattainable to him that he barely dared to masturbate to thoughts of them, much less approach them. Peter had been sexually active, but never with women like this (until recent months). Molly and Kelly had been in the hottest sorority on their college campus. Jennie was pretty, but always had boyfriends. Faith was an actress, always starring in plays and privy to the attention of horny young men. Now, here they were, all the contented, permanent recipients of Peter’s tantalized gaze and incredulous touch.

“Do they feel nice?” Molly asked Peter politely.


“They sure are big, huh?” Faith added.

“Just how I wanted them.” Peter grinned.

With that, he turned to Jennie and Kelly.

“Whenever you’re ready.” he proclaimed.

The girls nodded. Kelly took to her knees in the warm spray, while Jennie snuggled up even closer to Peter until her gigantic tits practically swallowed his whole arm in their tight, silky cleavage. Of course, this was for the delightful sole purpose of washing him.

Kelly gently pressed her silken endowments up against Peter’s shin. She started to slide them up and down in an effort to get his legs nice and clean. Peter grinned downward at the expertise with which she was wielding her sponges — sorry — his sponges. Jennie undertook the same enterprise with his arm, and soon Peter felt four jiggly, slippery jugs caressing two of his limbs. He was loving it.

But there were more to be enjoyed.

“Since the entertainment will be coming soon,” Peter said, addressing Faith and Molly this time, “I think it’s time to redistribute our efforts.”

“Whatever you say.” Faith nodded.

Deciding that now was the time for a bit of physical repose, Peter sat on the shower’s ledge as he continued to enjoy the soft touch of the warm water, as well as the softer touch of all the even warmer breasts cruising over casino siteleri his moist flesh. Faith took to her knees alongside Kelly and began washing Peter’s other leg with abandon. Meanwhile, Molly made herself comfortable alongside Peter and began to scrub his other arm — he felt her nipples stiffening against his shoulders and savored the sensation.

Peter took another moment to really soak up the water, the feeling and the euphoria enveloping his body and mind. He now had a comfortable seat, a warm shower and four busty servants cleaning his entire body, piece by piece.

“Oh, look!” Kelly exclaimed suddenly.

“It’s the entertainment!” her sorority sister Molly observed.

On the other side of the shower’s glass door, four extremely feminine figures posed, ready for action. Peter squinted a bit, but made them out to be Nicole, Vera, Amber and Bridget, all wearing their required uniforms. He saw them all smiling as the glass door was surrounded, providing him with no means of escape. For a moment, he enjoyed the fantasy that he was trapped against his will by sixteen enormous breasts, their owners holding him captive via their ridiculously gigantic endowments. That might be a fun game to play later!

“How’s it going in there, girls?” Nicole inquired with a grin.

“He looks pretty happy to us!” Faith giggled.

“Well, he’s about to get happier!” Vera squealed.


With one mighty motion that actually shook the whole shower a bit, the four newcomers all shoved their tits forward until they smushed up and flattened against the glass. Peter drooled unabashedly as he watched eight tremendous, titanic funbags present themselves for his approval and amusement. Meanwhile, he subconsciously savored the feeling of eight wet, soapy, equally large boobs all over his naked body.


That exclamation, to the mild surprise of all present, came from Peter.

For the most part, Peter had been a man of few words as king of his castle. He did occasionally command the girls, and those commands were always obeyed (again, reiterating that he now had sexy, blackmail-worthy footage of them). However, Peter was mainly quiet, simply choosing to bask silently in the new world he had created exclusively for himself. It was as though he had suddenly chosen to be more active in the relationship, to further establish himself as ruler of the apartment. Nicole and Vera stayed outside for a little longer, while Amber and Faith opted to slip into the shower and draw closer to their ruler.

The girls responded to his exclamation with smiles on their faces.

“Yeah?” Bridget grinned, “Is this a fun shower?”

“It’s amazing.” Peter responded with one side of his mouth while Amber’s left jug was dragging across the other side. He licked it hungrily.

“Listen, Peter.” Faith began, kissing the top of his head as she slid her rack up to the other side of his head, so she and Amber could lovingly ping-pong his head around between their endowments.

“What’s up?” Peter managed to mumble out from Cleavage Canyon.

“We just wanted you to know that…you win.”


“There’s no point in fighting anymore.” Vera shrugged, causing her nipples to squeak against the wet shower door glass.

“Earlier on, it seemed like you won because we would be lonely without you in our lives because you were our only friend after the Transformation.” Nicole sighed.

“But now, you have tape on us doing all kinds of weird, titty-related things.” Amber continued.

“…so we’re not gonna fight it anymore. We know we’ve been sort of reluctant up until now, but since we’re pretty much your slaves, we might as well play the part a little better.” Jennie said.

Peter could hardly believe his ears.

“You’re pretty much my…what?”

“Slaves.” Kelly repeated.

“You’re the King, and we’re your slaves.” Jennie declared from down on her knees. She and Kelly were both down there, kneeling while naked as the day they were born, pressing their freakish tits and hard nipples against Peter’s trembling legs.

“I’m the King.” Peter nodded, beginning to actually believe it.

“The King of Boobie Land.” Nicole giggled.

“All hail the King!” Vera blurted out in an impassioned moment.

“All hail the King! All hail the King! All hail the King!” Peter’s subjects cried out in unison.

In that moment, Peter could have died happy. But it was time for something else. It was time to really assert himself as the master of this apartment.

“Lube ’em up, girls!” he commanded, shocked at his own forcefulness.

As if they had been waiting for him to say it, Bridget handed him a bottle of lube that had been sitting by the edge of the shower, and she followed up by kneeling before him with her nipples mere millimeters away from Peter’s rock-hard member. Instinctively, Peter knew what he had to do. He had to fuck eight pairs of ginormous tits to his heart’s content.

“Line up.”

His next order was given slot oyna to the rest of the girls. They obeyed. Not caring if he made a mess, Peter applied a liberal amount of lube to Bridget’s huge breasts. They happily split the effort of rubbing it in until Peter could not bear the anticipation any longer. The other girls formed a sort of single-file line, leading out of the shower, as the glass enclosure was simply too small to hold that much boob volume.


Bridget closed her rack around Peter’s aching tool and began to buck up and down, up and down, up and down. Her huge, lubricated breasts were slick with the unrelenting sheen of water, soap and lube mixed into a cocktail of viscous lust.

“YES!” he roared.

And the bodacious boob-banging began.

Knowing what was coming next, the other girls began passing around the lubricant and body wash and lubing themselves up to save time. Peter looked out over his glorious, breathtaking Kingdom, a realm of lust, the eager servitude of a personal harem, and of course…wildly, fantastically humongous tits.

Bridget was sliding up and down, up and down, up and down, jerking him off with her titanic funbags. This girl would barely give him the time of day one year ago, and now look at her. On her knees, with a pair of downright legendary tits wrapped around Peter’s hard cock. He savored the feeling for a long moment before moving on to his next friend.


Vera approached when called and took Bridget’s place. She wrapped her freshly-soaped breasts around his dick, where the flesh overflowed her hands with tissue to spare. It was really mind-boggling how big these tits were. She began to jerk him off just as Bridget had.

“Faith. Nicole. Come up here.”

And just to remind him of their sheer immensity, he had Nicole and Faith take to their knees on the shower ledge on either side of him, placing a ginormous rack on either side of his very happy head.

Peter loved being smothered — it was his favorite. You’ve probably figured that out by now. He had tits in his face when he woke up, when he ate breakfast, whenever he pleased during the day, in the bathtub, in his bed and all night long until morning. Wash, rinse, repeat. It had gotten to a level of frequency that when one of the girls called for him when he was being smothered, the smothering girl would simply call back “Boobie Time!” to indicate that their King was partaking in his favorite pastime. The matter at hand would then wait.

As Vera jerked him into next week, Peter looked back and forth at the two pairs of gargantuan titties on either side of him. He reveled in the sight of their slick cleavages and moist, slippery breasts and nipples, knowing that whenever he wished, they would all press forward and envelope his head in the loving, tender boob-embrace he had come to enjoy so very much. Nicole and Faith were at the ready, propping up their breasts with their overwhelmed hands.


Amber took Vera’s place, adding a new layer of suds and sheen to his erect cock. Amber’s breasts felt so warm, so inviting, so perfect. His whole life was perfect. Or, rather, at least it would be once he had Nicole and Faith push forward. But not before a bit of dirty talk.

“Wow.” he simply managed to breathe out into Nicole’s generous cleavage.

“Pretty great, huh?” Nicole asked, playing with Peter’s hair.

“This is incredible.” he breathed.

“Don’t forget about mine.” Faith cooed, pulling him into her luscious pair.

Peter basked in the sensation of tits in his face for the umpteenth time this week. No, this day. No, this very hour.

“No, come back.” Nicole protested, returning him to her own pillowy, silken cleavage.

“You like mine better, don’t you, baby?” Faith countered by doing the same.

As his head ping-ponged between two sweet, loving girls and their massive, tender racks, Peter took a moment to appreciate the titty-fucking continually happening below. Amber had finished and passed the baton on to Kelly. It was at this point, gazing at Kelly’s perfect body and remembering that she was once a textbook sorority girl, that he came to think of just how impressive his feat here was. He had collected women from all different social groups — from athletes and sorority girls to scene kids, actresses and bookworms — and brought them into his realm as their King.

“YES!” Peter roared into the shower.

“Are you enjoying your fuck-pillows, Your Highness?” Kelly inquired coyly.

“I LOVE them!” Peter growled, “I love TITS!”

“Yeah, he does!” Vera clapped with her fellow subjects against the wall.

“Jennie! Molly! Double! Everyone, BOUNCE!” he bellowed.

Although he was barely coherent at this point, Jennie and Molly had a pretty strong handle on what Peter wanted from them. They took to their knees. In response, Kelly got up and joined Vera, Amber and Bridget as they began to put on their own show. The four girls bounced up and down, up and down, up and down, only pausing canlı casino siteleri occasionally to rub more soap onto their incredible endowments or to jiggle them with their wet hands. They blew him kisses and dirty-talked him along with their fellow subjects.

“I’ve never met such a big breast enthusiast before!” Bridget giggled.

“He sure is living the dream, isn’t he?” Kelly replied.

“I’d say so!” Amber laughed.

Meanwhile, Jennie and Molly were commencing what was truly a double-titfuck for the books. Their own racks were sudsy and slippery, and they could barely handle the sheer quantity of boob-flesh with their small, girlish hands. Peter’s rigid member was easily lost between the four massive mountains, and they jiggled their jubblies to his greedy heart’s content. All the while, Nicole and Faith passed his face back and forth between their respective cleavages, ensuring that Peter was absolutely overloaded in his experience. They had miraculously crammed eight girls into the shower with Peter, and there was absolutely no space left.

“Our King can barely see because of all the boobies in his face!” Molly laughed.

“I wouldn’t worry about it.” Jennie responded. “He knows his big dick is just as smothered in gigantic jugs as his face is!”

“What should we do after our shower, sir?” Faith inquired earnestly.

“Maybe we should model for you again!” Amber blurted out.

“What a great idea!” Vera agreed. “What should we model?”

“How about we model our bikinis from before the Transformation?” Nicole suggested.

Peter liked this idea. He liked it a lot. In fact, he liked it so much that he stopped sucking on Nicole’s sweet, rosy nipples for long enough to mumble out one word around the titty.


“They’ll be so small on us now!” Molly laughed.

“We’re gonna look so silly with these big, huge boobies flopping around!” Jennie grinned.

“God, yes.” Peter mused in response.

“And after that, we can make you something to eat for lunch.” Faith asked, stroking the King’s royal hair.

“Oh! I think we should do lunch before the fashion show, because he’ll probably want to suck some titties during, right? That way, his jaw doesn’t get tired before eating.” Jennie reasoned.

“That’s a good point. And maybe after that, we can do the thing where he oils them up?” Amber grinned.

“He loves that one!” Molly giggled.

“Oh God! I’m gonna cum!” Peter blurted out, unable to contain himself. The girls were planning his ideal day, and they all knew it.

“Positions, girls!” Kelly hurried her sisters, nudging them all to their knees before the King.

Peter turned the water off in the shower, simply appreciating the moment of all the girls kneeling in front of him, ready and waiting for orders. Bound to his every command. His toys.

“Wow…” was all Peter’s voice could afford.

The girls continued jiggling their jugs, giving him an incredible view. It was, literally, a sea of tits. His fantasy come to life. There were waves, oceans of tit-flesh wobbling below him, and he could dive in whenever he pleased. Peter found himself cumming sooner than expected, but knew he could have another session to go diving.

“FUUUUCK! FUUUUUUUCK!” he bellowed, nutting on everything and everyone in the shower. His jizz came down in thick white streaks, beelining through the air and hitting each titty individually. It was truly a sight to behold. And he was willing to bet that there had hardly been anyone who had seen it before. A rare class of men were subject to these sexual privileges. And he was a card-carrying member of that class…a conqueror.

“Wooo!” Jennie cheered.

“Shoot it, baby!” Bridget cried out.

“Look at that. He’s cumming so much!” Nicole observed in awe.

“All over us! All over your loyal subjects!” Vera insisted, louder than her sisters.

And Peter did not disappoint. He collapsed onto the floor of the shower, surrounded by his soaking wet, cum-coated companions. Everything dripped. He saw stars. Or maybe those were just nipples. Either way, he was completely empty. The girls’ tits were so massive that they pushed close to one another when he was cumming, so sometimes a streak would start on one girl’s left tit and carry over to another girls’ right tit, and some of the cum ropes would leave a trail from one girl to the next. Peter was ready to pass out. His Breast Friends leaned over him, whispering to him lovingly.

“What would you like to do next, sir?” inquired Molly.

“We can do anything you want.” Vera said, twirling her soaked hair flirtatiously.

“Anything?” Peter asked, although he was pretty sure he knew the answer.

“Absolutely anything.” Faith cooed.

“I do have a few ideas…but they might be too much.” Peter broached reluctantly.

“Ooh! Tell us!” Kelly grinned.

“Well, If I’m really a king, then…why don’t we have a coronation ceremony?”

Peter awoke from a comfortable slumber a few hours later, barely even aware that he had decided to take a nap in bed after that absolutely fantastic shower. The eight girls from before were taking shifts cooking and the like, but that still left twelve women to perform the coronation.

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