Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 07

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As well as the cake and cookie work, College and football kept me busy, my academic results were not marvellous but getting better. My running and fitness had improved until I was seen as a valuable member of the squad. I had several highly successful outings with the team. My reputation was growing.

One by product of my new lifestyle was a new self confidence. A sense of well being that was noticed quickly by my peers. I was stoked when one day after a hard game our football coach remarked how I had matured and how that maturity had strengthened my game.

Girls smiled at me and went out of their way to stop and say hi.

After nearly every game or practice some of the most popular cheer squad beauties stopped to talk to me giggling and flirting skittishly.

One evening when the new cheer squad gathered around the jeep looking for a ride home, their middle aged manager trainer, a spunky muscled blonde, invited me to join her jogging sessions.

Things had changed. I was keen to take advantage of every opportunity.

Later I lay on my back on Angelique‘s queen sized bed whilst she inspected what she called my love tool. “My god the women will love it” she cried. “When you learn to use it properly you will make many women very happy.” she explained, as she admired, then licked, sucked and massaged my balls.

Ever since the cookie run started I had tried hard to get Angelique alone, all to no avail. We had finally found an opportunity and made up for lost time.

Now as we lay recovering she finished inspecting my cock and told me “You need lessons” “You must always give a woman what she wants especially if you want her to come back for more” “Stop being so rough” “Be kind and gentle” “Love my pussy, stroke it, lick it tenderly, gently suck and swallow my juices.” “Don’t call it a cunt that’s a rough word.”

“Its true some women like you to talk rough and dirty” but most ladies will respond more to loving gentle words, than rough rude man handling.

They want to believe that they are the best. That you find them special.

“By all means, tell them that you are going to fuck them.” “But do so after your actions and your words; have made them believe that they and they alone have made you horny.” “Make them believe its special, that it’s not just any old port in a storm,” she added with a wink.

She caressed my cock as she went on “Men like to think that they are the only ones who want sex. Women want it too.” “Yes we need it too; we get horny, we frig ourselves. We really like to have a lover who loves us for ourselves, who doesn’t just want a quick poke.”

“The old wham bam thank you mam is bullshit”

“We want to be seduced.” “We want you to last,” “We want lots of foreplay.”

“If you learn to kiss properly, you will fuck us all.” “Your kiss must exude sex, it must stir my juices, make me melt, make me horny, make me want to fuck”

“I will teach you how to kiss a woman so she will casino siteleri melt in your arms” “It is the best skill any man can have.”

Angelique and I spent many hours together as she taught me what she called the art of seductive kissing.

Angelique was the oldest in the cookie, club her body could not compare with the hard pampered manicured suntanned slim bodies of the rich Boy Scout wives. She was big all over.

She had an earthy oily skinned Greek body.

Her big breasts and thighs had just engulfed me in a session that I would never forget. She was the ultimate sex mother.

“Experience counts” she explained.

As I lay sucking on her extra large brown nipples, I asked why she was teaching me things that most young men never had an opportunity to learn from a woman.

“You’re the son I never had” she explained, as we laid and stroked each other.

“You are unique in this community because at your age you appear so innocent.” I started to speak but Angelique went on.

“Don’t try to bullshit me; I know you are not innocent any more.” “I know what you are up to.” “Don’t get caught, remember the woman will be the big looser.”

She waved a finger under my nose “Remember Jennifer really loves you.” “Don’t hurt her!”

“For that matter don’t hurt any of them.”

“Darlene and Jackie are two sex pots,” They must have thought they had struck gold when they found you. They can have your young hard cock day in and day out without getting caught.”

“They would have been quickly caught, divorced and discarded if they tried to get off with any of the local businessmen or the other husbands.” You raise no suspicion because their husbands want you to look after their spoilt wives.”

“The others, and there are many other mums you can have if you put your mind to it, are bored and neglected. If you are discreet you will provide them with a sexual diversion that for a while will make their dull boring life fantastic.”

She gasped as I slipped my finger down from her pussy into here arse. She pushed back up against my hand. Her muscle moved and clamped my finger tight. “I love that” she said, “when I was young, every young Greek boy spent more time trying to finger my backside than my pussy.”

“I love a hot cock in my arse.”

The hairs around her cunt were wild long and bushy. A patch of long hairs grew around her arse. I licked and tongued her fat cunt lips, my tongue running down to her arse, finally lodging in her spacious arsehole.

She shuddered, her body tensed, and then she grew soft as her body completed its climax. .To make a mature woman come from my tongue in her arse, was too much for my prick which exploded, my come finishing up all over the place.

Angelique laughed when I pulled my head away gagging on her hairs. She spent a few minutes giggling and teasing as her cum soaked fingers cleaned the hairs from my mouth tongue and teeth.

Sex with Angelique was frantic slot oyna leaving me drained.

After lunch the next day, Ron invited me down to his office to meet a few fathers. I would like you to tell us what you have been doing. Are the women happy? Give us a full report on your activities.

My god the last thing I want to give them is a full report, I thought to myself.

When I arrived they were sitting around having a drink. Five or six young school girls in very short mini skirts and tight tops were serving drinks and savouries.

“We always have a few drinks at the end of the week”. Ron explained. “The girls in the office hire some of their school friends as hostesses to help out; it gives them some pocket money.”

“Friday afternoon down here is very popular, the girls add to the fun as they are easy on the eye”. He added with a wink.

Ron introduced me as the lad who is keeping our wives busy, I answered a few questions, but it was obvious that I was not the major attraction so I declined a drink, saying I was going down to the supermarket to see the manager.

Ron saw me to the door and said “not a word to Jackie about this”. I nearly said about what but I was not that dumb.

At the supermarket I finished my business and met Darlene as I was leaving .After a few public pleasantries she said she was going to the movies and asked me to join her. It was a major cinema complex with many theatres.

To this day I do not know the name of the movie. The theatre Darlene led me into was dark and empty at four o’clock in the afternoon.

She chose seats mid way back away from the aisle. As we reached our seats she neatly stepped out of her panties picked them up and shoved them in her handbag. We sat in the darkness. .She opened my trousers letting my near bursting cock stand free. She leant over kissing me, then stood up lifting her skirt, and took me in hand.

Holding my prick firmly, she rubbed it up and down against her clit. Darlene then positioned it so her warm wet pussy sank down over me. She sat down on my lap. She sat still for a moment, then using her legs she started to bounce up and down.

I pushed up her top and dragged one of her massive tits out of its flimsy brassiere, tweaking and massaging the nipple in my fingers. She started to moan. I moved to put my other hand over her mouth. She sucked my fingers and bit down on them.

She rode me up and down; my balls were squashed against the seat, our juices were spilling out. We were starting to make more noise grunting and groaning as the seat started to squeak. Thank god the cinema was nearly empty,

It was a wild ride. We were panting struggling moaning and groaning. Darlene was getting extremely noisy. I put both hands over her mouth cutting off some of her moans.

I looked around and whilst we had been fucking someone had moved into a seat across the aisle. It was a woman she was watching us. I looked again; she was clearly playing with canlı casino siteleri herself.

Darlene was riding me hard, gathering pace bouncing up and down. My excitement rose, I tried to hold back but to no avail. I came and she joined me. Her orgasms shuddered through her body. We gradually grew quiet, relaxing and enjoying the last draining of our spent muscles.

Our stranger had gone. She has probably gone to finish herself off in the toilet, I thought as I looked around.

I pushed Darlene off my lap. Without a word I led her to the other side of the near empty theatre, well away from where we had been sitting.

As she sat down I knelt lifted her skirt and lapped our juices from her wet hairy cunt. I was jammed between the seats. A hair stuck in my throat and I started to gag. She put her sweet tasting cum covered fingers in my mouth to find the hair.

Her top was still up over her magnificent boobs my trousers were still undone and her other hand was fondling me.

I straightened our clothing and spoke for the first time since we entered the theatre. I told her about our watcher who had returned and was in her old spot many rows in front of us.

Darlene said “don’t worry.” Remembering Angelique’s warning I said “we must be careful,” “Forget her she wouldn’t have seen much” “she won’t know who we are.” I persisted,” We can’t get caught.”

Darlene started to protest I grabbed her head with an ear in each hand, looked her directly in the eye and whispered

“Listen to me bugger you, I would be proud if all the men in this city knew I was fucking you. I would shout it from the roof tops, You’re fucking magnificent”

I went on. “If we become a public item, we would be finished your family and friends would not understand. The scandal would destroy you and finish us.” “We must protect your good name; you have a reputation to uphold”

She realised I was serious and kissed me warmly, “Are you worried about me?” She asked

“Yes, of course I am” “I don’t want you to get hurt” I replied

She joyously hugged me and kissed me hard.

“That’s beautiful you really are something special.”

Her eyes glistened with tears “I thought I was just a quick fuck.”

She was right she had really only been a readily available fuck, but somehow after Angelique’s talk, and the marvellous sexual treats she had given me, she was special.

I didn’t think of her as a quick fuck anymore

What a change a few words had made. We had only spoken very few words at our first encounter and only a few more today. From pure lust and hard driven sex we had melted until we were holding hands and cuddling like two lovers.

We left the theatre and went to her car. As we said goodbye I was still trying to remove her hair from my mouth and throat .She could not do anything as the car park was full of people some of whom we knew .But as she drove off she said

“We will have to do something about those hairs”. “Don’t worry I protested” Darlene responded” I have thought many times about shaving, but they say it gets itchy”, “You’re very special; I will do it for you”. “Come on out to my place, you can shave me”

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