At Last

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“Oh yes! Just like that,” he moaned out as he lay back on the bed. “That’s it, baby, good girl.”

A head with reddish-brown hair bobbed up and down on his stiff tool as the woman sucked his huge cock and a talented hand massaged his balls.

“Fuck! You love that big daddy dick don’t you?” He groaned out, his grip tightening on the side of the mattress as he felt his impending release surging closer and closer.

“C’mon baby…ah…ah…oh fuck!” he screamed out as one hand moved to hold the woman’s head down onto his cock as he exploded inside of her mouth. “Yes, drink it all down.”

The woman’s sapphire eyes looked up into his lust glazed brown orbs, a smile dancing in them as she swallowed his seed.

“What do you want baby?” He asked his voice gruff.

The woman opened her mouth, “I…”

“Incoming call from 555-0501. Incoming call from 555-0501”

Killian started awake as a very familiar ringtone blared at the side of his bed. He had sat up in his dark room, cursing slightly at the interruption to such a good dream, and then proceeded to fumble about for the phone that was located on his bedside table, knocking a few things on the ground as he did so. Without looking at the phone he slid the green arrow to the right on the touch screen and then placed it to his ear as he would lie back down.

“Y’ello?” He said his words a little hoarse.

“Killian?” A female voice with a Southern accent asked. It took him a moment to put the ringtone and the familiar voice together. He’d look to the clock on his i-Home and saw that it was 2am. His annoyance at the interrupted dream quickly dissipated.

“Ruby? Is everything all right, darling?” Killian asked as he sat back up and moved to turn on the bedside lamp.

There was a moment’s pause before she replied, “I finally did it. I left him. I left Jack.”

Now he was definitely wide awake and paying attention.

He felt his heart starting to race, a lump formed in his throat, his hands began to get clammy, his chest tightened. Was this for real? Or was he dreaming about getting this call yet again? For good measure he pinched himself and when he felt the pain he cleared his throat.


“W-When did this happen?” he asked, trying to sound as composed as possible.

“About twenty-four hours ago,” Ruby replied.

“I…I don’t…”

“I know. Me neither. But I did it,” Ruby said triumphantly. “I need your help.”

His heart began to race faster. “Sure. Anything, you name it.”

“Well, I need you to pick me up.”

His brows furrowed in confusion, “Where?”

“At the airport,” Ruby replied simply.

“You’re here!?” Killian exclaimed, allowing all his joy to show through in his answer.

She let out a light chuckle. “Yes, I’m here. Is that offer to stay with you still good?”

“Of course it is!” He answered excitedly.

Another chuckle floated down the line. “Good. I’ll be waiting in the baggage claim area by carousal B, ok?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there shortly,” Killian said as he all but jumped out of his bed.

“Good. Oh and Killian?”


“Thank you.”

With that she hung up. Killian ended the call then fist pumped the air in triumph. He quickly found the clothes he’d worn the night before and put them on. He snatched his keys from their hanger, grabbed his coat, picked up his wallet and shoved it in his back pocket then all but ran out his door.

As he was driving down to the airport, Killian was hit with a realization – this would be their first time meeting. Ever. Their friendship had started up on the internet nearly six years ago through a chat room based on a common hobby of theirs. They’d immediately hit it off and had stayed in touch practically every day throughout those years via the internet or speaking on the phone. This knowledge only added to his nerves.

Once he parked in the garage, he’d make his way to the baggage claim area. Dark orbs scanning the faces until they fell on a familiar face. She hadn’t seen him yet and he couldn’t help but openly stare. She had a glow about her that he’d never seen before; she’d never ever looked so, so free in the pictures he had seen of her. And those photos didn’t do her beauty justice either.

He knew that she was five feet five inches tall, a bit shorter than him. Her brown hair was pulled back into a braid and blue eyes were looking off in the opposite direction of him. He knew that she had a light sprinkling of freckles on her face, which came from her Irish heritage.

As he decided to stop gawking and walk forward he saw her head turn and their gazes met. She lifted her hand up and waved illegal bahis as well as flashing him a dazzling smile. Killian waved back and offered her a grin; he had no doubt that he was beaming. As he neared she got up out of the seat and once he was in front of her the two embraced tightly. He lifted her up off the ground as he hugged her.

“Oh Killian,” she said into the crook of his neck and he felt moisture there.

“Hey, those better be tears of joy,” he said as he’d move to set her back down on her feet.

She looked up to him. “You know they are.”

“Good,” he said then would tentatively move his hands to cup her cheeks and would wipe the tears away with his thumbs when she didn’t move away from him. “C’mon, let’s get you home.”

“Home,” she repeated a bit dreamily.

He flashed her another smile then would move to grab her two roller bags while she carried her carry-on bag.

“Is this enough stuff?”

“For now. My family will send the rest later,” she said then would loop her free arm with his own. “You know, this wasn’t bad for our first meeting.”

He’d let out a laugh as they walked towards the parking garage.


As Killian drove back to his place – no, their place – Ruby had taken it as an opportunity to take a nap. He had no doubt that she was probably emotionally as well as physically drained. He couldn’t help but steal glances at her while he drove. She looked utterly peaceful as she slumbered and so beautiful. Killian felt his heart swell with love for her with every glance.

The truth was, he had fallen for Ruby years back but she was married and as much as he was tempted to, well, he wasn’t going to get in between her and Jack. No, instead he became her best friend and kept hoping for the day when she’d get up the nerve to leave the douchebag. Perhaps his Southern Belle would finally be his.

Ruby was an educated, kind, caring, compassionate, quick-witted kind of woman and everything he’d ever wanted in one. When her marriage had started to crumble, Killian had been there for her with a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen to her problems. Every bad thing she had told him about Jack and the way he treated her made him want to fly down south and kick his ass all the way to kingdom come more than once.

When Killian’s long-term relationship with his high school sweetheart and fiancé had started to go down the tubes after five years together, Ruby had been there for him. She was his light in his darkest moments. And when it had completely sunk like the Titanic, well, she had been his lifeboat. Through thick and thin they had managed to stay together, their friendship strong.

So when exactly had Killian fallen in love with Ruby? To be honest, he couldn’t rightly say, but one day he woke up and had known that he wanted her in his life. Always.

Then again, she was still technically married and as much as he wanted to throw caution to the wind, he knew that the right thing to do would be to wait. Hell, he’d waited nearly six years for her, what harm could come of waiting just a little while longer?


One Month Later

Killian was sitting on his bed reading when he heard the front door open and the clacking of heels echo on the wooden floor, signaling the return of his roommate. The two were sharing a loft apartment on the third floor of an older building.

To give her as much privacy as possible, he had partitioned off the other side of the bedroom area and even seen to finding her a twin bed to sleep on. They’d argued over her just crashing on the couch but he wouldn’t have it so they’d come to a compromise and that twin bed was it. He’d given half of his closet to her and half of the drawers on his two large dressers to her.

With a deep sigh, Ruby came to sit next to him on his bed. Killian peered over the top of his book at her.

“So, how’d it go?”

“You know lawyers and what not.”

“And?” Killian asked with a raised brow.

“And in 149 days I’ll be a free woman,” she said.

Killian placed his bookmark in the proper place then closed his book. “You ok?”

Another deep sigh left Ruby, “Yeah.”

“Hey,” Killian said as he would open his arms to her. “Come here.”

Ruby would lean back into his arms, resting against his chest, enjoying his embrace.

“You’re too good to me, Killian.”

“There are still a few of us good guys around.”

“I know, dear,” she said then would smile up to him. “You’re my prince.”

“And here I thought I was just your court jester,” he teased and received a nudge illegal bahis siteleri from her elbow. He’d chuckle and hold her closer to him.



“You know I love you, right?” Ruby asked. “I mean, you’re my best friend.”

He didn’t let her see him cringe as she tacked on that friend part. Instead he’d smile and say, “I know, darling. I know.” I just wish I could be so much more than that, he thought.

“I’m going to get changed,” Ruby announced after a moment and would break their embrace. She got up and moved over to her area of the bedroom, sliding behind one of the curtains.

Killian looked after her for a moment before picking up his book and proceeded to read the same sentence over and over again. He couldn’t get her friend comment out of his mind. When he heard Ruby start to hum as she searched for something comfortable to wear, Killian would look up from the page just in time to catch her standing stark naked between the gap in the makeshift wall. He couldn’t help but stare…or as he preferred to think of it, admire intensely.

They had both made a pledge to slim down and get into better shape. They started off with riding stationary bikes together and encouraging the other to continue on through the predetermined time via their laptop webcams or by using their speaker phone option of the cellphones. It had become a successful routine. They had managed to make it work long-distance so getting it to work while finally around one another was easy as pie.

She’d slimmed down quite a bit – although Killian had thought she looked absolutely perfect beforehand he ultimately knew her body image wasn’t up to him – she was a good middle ground in his mind; not runway thin but not on the verge of being super heavy and still perfect in his eyes. All the right curves in all the right places. As he continued to marvel at her nude silhouette, Killian felt the familiar tingle of arousal starting to take place. He closed his book, threw it behind him and then stood up, pulling his shirt down so as to help cover his “problem” a little better.

“I, uh, I’m going to go to the gym,” he announced as he picked up his gym bag off of the floor. “I feel like swimming some laps around the pool.”

“Okay,” she answered. “Just don’t be late for dinner, huh?”

“What’re we having?” he asked as he all but threw the necessary clothing into his bag.

Ruby would stick her head out from that gap in the curtains, drawing it closed now to cover her. “What do you want?”

“You…uh, you choose,” he said and hoped that she didn’t catch his slipup. He zipped up his bag, slipped on his running shoes, slung the bag across his chest and quickly exited the loft.


Working out at the gym had become Killian’s new way to deal with his sexual frustration. If the place had been open twenty-four hours a day he would’ve been there. He swam as many laps as he needed to calm himself down enough that he trusted himself to return home. He then went and spent time relaxing in the hot tub. Killian knew that he was in a sticky situation and he could’ve sworn that Ruby was coming onto him more and more lately. Then again, maybe that was just wishful thinking.

As he walked into the locker room, he stopped in front of the full length mirror and assessed himself. He was six feet one inches tall. He had once been 310 pounds and was now a decent looking 200 pounds. He didn’t look like a body builder with rippling muscles and bulging biceps. No, he looked nice and trim and toned with the barest hint of a six pack making its way onto his abdomen.

He ran a hand through his wet hair then glanced around the locker room, making sure that no one was in the immediate vicinity before shaking his head like his was a wet shaggy dog. An old habit from his childhood that he didn’t feel the need to break. He then smiled at his reflection then walked off towards the showers.


Killian felt like surprising his roommate and took the fire escape up to their apartment. It was still warm at six o’clock so the window was propped open about two inches with a piece of wood. Killian was about to open it all the way and jump in when he heard a very unexpected sound. He glanced around through the window then concentrated and listened closely.


It was a moan! Not only that but it was a moan by Ruby! He was careful as he placed his gym bag down on the fire escape and then took off each one of his shoes. He was curious and figured that being as stealthy as possible was the way to go. He carefully opened the window canlı bahis siteleri just enough so that he could climb through and then tip-toed his way to where the sound was coming from.

That sounds like it’s coming from the bedroom, he thought.

“Oh God…Killian…” Came another lusty moan.

Holy hell, he thought and began to tip-toe a little faster. As he got closer to the bedroom he saw something he wasn’t prepared for in the reflection of the full length mirror in his bedroom. Ruby was butt naked on his bed; her hand working fervently between her widely spread legs while the other massaged her left breast. This was something he only dreamed about and seeing it caused him to stop dead in his tracks.

“Mmmm, Killian, you know how I like it,” she moaned out as her fingers swiveled around her engorge clit. She let out a squeal as she pinched it between two fingers. “Oh! You’re so bad. You know I like it when you pinch my clitty.”

Killian felt a lump form in his throat at her words, his heart rate coming quicker, and his cock started to twitch to life. He licked his lips then took one step forward but made sure that she didn’t catch sight of him in the mirror.

Ruby whimpered. “I-I want you so badly. Why won’t you just take me? I saw you watching me earlier.” Oh shit! She saw me earlier? She moaned again as she slipped one finger deep inside of her. “I’ve heard you moaning my name at night in your sleep,” she panted out and added another finger inside of her. “I pretend to be asleep when you wake up from those dreams and then pump your cock with your fist until you explode.”

Good God this is torture! His hand moved to rub over the prominent bulge in his pants, his eyes closing for a moment before he forced himself to open them and keep watching her. It wasn’t long before he’d remove his cock from his sweat pants and began to stroke it in time with the fingers she thrusted in and out of herself.

“Don’t tease me anymore, Killian…don’t deny me…fuck me! Fuck me hard with your bid daddy dick!” She began to finger fuck herself faster. Holy shit, I can’t believe she’s thinking about me! That she wants me! “Oh…Yes…Killian…s-so good…c-cum…cumming…ah…ah…AH!” Liquid gushed out of her as she came undone in her orgasm.

She’s a squirter!? That’s so fucking hot! Oh fuck, I can’t take it anymore! He stopped stroking himself, forcing his release back. He’d stripped off his shirt and sweat pants then began to walk to his bed. She looked to be delirious from her orgasm and didn’t even notice him come up beside the bed.

Killian waited half a second and then literally pounced on top of her. She let out a startled gasp, her eyes meeting his gaze, shock and embarrassment mingling in them.

“How long…?”

“Long enough,” he replied then crashed his lips down upon her own in a passionate kiss. She resisted for just a moment and then he felt her arms twining around his neck, her legs wrapping about his waist, and her ankles locking on his rear.

His tongue battled her own for dominance. He knew that her lips would be swollen from such a frenzied amount of kissing. His hands roamed, finding flesh wherever he could and leaving gooseflesh in their wake.

He felt a hand snake between them, moving to grasp his rock hard cock and line it up with her hot opening. She didn’t have to ask him twice as he drove himself home.

“Oh God!” she cried out, breaking their lip lock and meeting his gaze. “It’s so big!”

“Do you like being opened wide by my, what did you call it – “Daddy dick”?”

“Oh fuck yes,” she moaned as she wiggled under him. “Killian, I’ve wanted you for so long.”

He couldn’t help his smirk. “So I heard.”


“What?” He asked as innocently as he could. “Did you not like me spying on you?”

“I knew you were there the whole time,” she admitted with a mischievous grin. “But this isn’t the first time I’ve done that on your bed.”

He kissed her passionately, “You vixen.”

“Shut up and fuck me.”

Killian pulled himself out to his tip then surged himself back inside of her pussy. Her hands gripped his shoulders and her nails bit into his flesh. The only noises in the room were their sounds of pleasure and the wet suctioning noise of her pussy taking his hard cock.

“Cum inside me,” she begged as her second orgasm began to come closer and closer. “Cum inside me, please…I want you to make me pregnant…I want your children…”

He thrust faster, harder, deeper, his cock kissing her womb.

“Yes…Killian…right there…fuck!”

“You going to take all of my cum?”

“Yes…yes! Give it to me daddy! Please!”

His hands moved to the small of her back, tipping her upwards as he slammed home once more.

“Cumming!” Ruby screamed out, her cry growing louder as she felt her lover release his hot cum inside of her body like a rampant fire hose.

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