Ashley and Jason Part 5

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6 months passed since the pool party and Ashley and Jason have barely spoken to each other since then. Jason decided that he would go over and spend some time with his girlfriend Ashley. Jason went over to Ashley’s dorm room and knocked on her door. Ashley opened the door but didn’t say anything to Jason but allowed him in. “Jason… Can we talk?” Ashley asked. “Yea, is everything ok?” Jason said unsure. “Can you sit down?” Ashley asked. Jason sat down on the bed and looked at Ashley unsure of what shes about to say. “Please don’t be mad at what i’m about to say or take anything the wrong way” Ashley said nervously and looked at him. “ok…” Jason said. “I want to break up with you. I have nothing against you and you didn’t do anything wrong it’s just we don’t see each other as often anymore and last time was saw each other was over SIX months ago Jason. SIX MONTHS… that’s a long time” Ashley said. Jason simply looked down. “we’ve just grown so distant I don’t think i can do this anymore” Ashley said.

“But… I thought” Jason began to say something before he broke out in tears. “I’m so sorry” Ashley said and opened the door. Jason took the hint and went outside and Ashley closed the door. Jason put his back to the door and slid down the door and began to cry to himself trying not to make any noise to disturb some of the other people.

A few girls walked by and saw Jason crying to himself and felt bad for him. One girl walked by and sat down next to Jason in an attempt to comfort him. “Are you ok?” The girl asked. “No… My girlfriend just left me” Jason said as he looked up. “I’m sorry” The girl said. “W-who are you?” Jason asked. “My names Morgan. What’s yours?” Morgan asked introducing herself. “Jason” Jason said. “Come on, let’s go to my room. I have some tissues you can use to blow your nose” Morgan said as she stood up.

Jason followed Morgan to her room and after he got in she handed him a box of tissues. Jason sat on the bed and blew his nose as he stopped crying. “I know how you must feel” Morgan said. “My boyfriend left me because he was doing it behind my back with someone else” Morgan said. “I’m sorry to hear that” Jason said. “and to think we were together for so long but… we never ACTUALLY met in person” Morgan said. “Was it online?” Jason asked. “Yea… I was going to use my credits and transfer over to where he lives and continue school there but… guess not” Morgan said. Morgan put her back against the wall and slid down. Jason watched and saw that she was in a skirt and watched it ride up her back making her panties visible.

Jason began blushing and tried not to stare. “Why would anyone want someone as ugly as me anyway?” Morgan said. “you’re not ugly” Jason said trying to comfort her. “I am ugly. I was always teased that I was. Besides I knew love was only something that beautiful people get anyway” Morgan said as she put her head inside her arms. “Yeah but you ARE beautiful” Jason said. “You’re just saying that to make me feel better” Morgan said. “Maybe so but casino oyna it’s still true” Jason said. Jason’s eyes inadvertently went back to her panties and noticed they were white as snow and saw something peculiar about Morgan. Jason stared at Morgans panties and saw a small bulge begin to grow up Morgan’s body. Jason swallowed nervously.

Morgan looked up and saw Jason looking at her crotch and pulled the front of her skirt down covering her growing bulge. Jason looked away embarrassed and blushed furiously. “Did you like what you were seeing?” Morgan asked. “I…um…” Jason began babbling as he couldn’t think of the right words. “Just be honest” Morgan said. “Yes…” Jason said in defeat and looked downward toward the floor. Morgan stood up and walked to him and sat down on her bed next to Jason. Morgan scooted closer to Jason. Jason noticed this and scooted the opposite direction. Morgan grabbed Jason’s hand and put it on her crotch and made him rub it.

Jason tried pulling his hand back but noticed Morgan was far too strong for him to overpower. “I’ve noticed how horny you were at the pool party with Ashley… I’ve been wanting you for a while now actually… I know you like it when girls pack a little something extra too…” Morgan said and stood up. Morgan lifted up her skirt and Jason saw her cock already popping out of her panties and going up her body before bending over the hymn of her panties causing her skirt to fall on her cock.

Jason’s eyes were glued to her twitching cock and examined it. “I hope you don’t mind but… to be honest… I wouldn’t mind ruining that butt ya got” Morgan said. Jason swallowed nervously and got onto his knees giving in to his own lust and temptations. “Get ready to become my bitch” Morgan said and grabbed Jason’s head and pulled it to her cock. Jason takes Morgans cock into his hand and began examining its size and stroked it slowly. Jason opened his mouth and began sucking on the sides of her cock before taking the tip of her cock into his mouth. “mmm…. good boy… suck it like a cock hungry sex slave” Morgan ordered. Jason complied with her demands and opened his mouth more and sucked her cock focusing near the head and began stroking it. Morgan let out a small but long moan as she tossed her hair to one side of her head before looking down at Jason.

Jason bobbed his head more getting lost inside the feeling and stroked Morgans cock faster before he stopped sucking and stroked her cock. “so big…” “11 and a half inches baby” Morgan looked at Jason as he kissed the tip of Morgans cock and stroked it faster and sucked on the tip of her cock again. “you like it don’t you, you bitch” Morgan said. Jason focused on Morgans cock and began taking more of her cock down his throat. Jason took a deep breath and took all of her cock down his throat until his face was resting into Morgans crotch and begins choking on it on purpose to make his throat tighter. Morgan moaned loudly and held his head and came down his throat.

Jason began tapping slot oyna his hand against Morgan’s leg and instinctively swallows it all. Morgan let Jason’s head go and Jason immediately came up gasping for air and pants. “I take it you want to fuck my ass now?” Jason asked in between breaths. “do you think your ass can handle my cock?” Morgan asked. Jason stood up fast and took off his pants and boxers and climbed on Morgans bed lying on his back and held his legs in the air and spread his ass for her. Morgan stroked her cock keeping it hard and she climbed onto the bed and pushed her cock balls deep inside Jason’s ass. Jason moaned loudly as Morgan forced her way into Jason’s ass. “you like that thick long cock don’t you ya little bitch!” Morgan said as she looked Jason in his eyes. Jason wrapped his arms around Morgans neck and wrapped his legs around Morgan’s waist as his ass began tightening on his own. “you know if I got to you before Ashley did, I’d be the one who’d rob you of your anal cherry” Morgan said.

Jason clinched his eyes shut. “Does it hurt?” Morgan asked cutely. Jason nodded his head. “good, you wanted this bigger dick now you’re going to take it like a good bitch” Morgan said. Jason’s grip tightened around Morgan’s neck and waist. Morgan took that as a sign that Jason was ready for her to begin fucking him. Morgan began moving inside Jason’s ass and instantly Jason began to moan loudly. Morgan grabbed Jason’s throat as she began slamming into him and made Jason shriek. “Mmm… Just SOOO deep inside you…. whose the slut with the inferior cock?” Morgan teased. Jason moaned loudly “FUCKING SHIT YOU FEEL SO BIG INSIDE MY ASS! I’M THE SISSY SLUT! I’M THE SISSY SLUT! FUCK MY MALE PRIDE RIGHT OUT OF ME AND MAKE ME INTO A SUBMISSION SISSY BITCH!!” Jason moaned constantly as Morgan moved faster inside his ass.

“That’s right! And that’s exactly what I’m going to do to you! I’m going to fuck all of that male pride right out of you and make you into a dumb cock hungry submissive sissy slut. I’m going to cum inside you so deep you’ll love feeling my seed squirm inside you. I’m going to fuck all that fake masculinity right out of you’re helpless body permanently marking you as a inferior sissy bitch!” Morgan moaned as she sped up even more. “You’re nothing but a little bitch who loves cock aren’t you?” Morgan added. Jason nodded his head to what Morgan said. Morgan pulled out her breast and placed it above Jason’s mouth. Jason began sucking on Morgan’s nipple greedily as he moaned into it.

Jason began drooling from pure lust all over Morgan’s nipple as she fucked his ass hard going deeper inside of him. Jason unwrapped and recrossed his legs around Morgan’s waist encouraging her to fuck him even harder. Morgan began moving as fast as she could moaning loudly and pushed her cock as deep as she could inside Jason and came inside his ass. Jason let go of Morgan’s nipple. “FUCK YOU COCK FEELS SO GOOD HITTING ME SO DEEPLY MASTER!! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER….” Jason was completely different and wasn’t canlı casino siteleri thinking straight.

“You’re not going to want another cock after I’m done with you” Morgan teased and licked up the trail of drool and kissed him on his lips. “I don’t want another cock” Jason said and unwrapped his arms and legs. “I wanna suck on it more” Jason said and tried to push Morgan off of him. Morgan pulled her cock from Jason’s ass and leaned back on her bed and Jason began sucking Morgans cock furiously bobbing his head on her cock. Jason’s eyes began to roll back into the back of his head as he took Morgan’s cock balls deep inside his mouth choking himself.

Morgan moaned loudly as Jason held himself on her cock. “Mmm suck my cock like that and I’ll cum” Morgan said as she used Jason’s head and moved it up and down making him bob his head on her cock. Jason moved his head faster than Morgan was moving it and stopped sucking so he could come up for air. “I want your big alpha male cock to erupt inside my sissy beta ass” Jason moaned as he lied on his stomach. Morgan got up behind him and shoved her cock balls deep inside him. Jason’s body went limp from the lack of strength he had to even hold himself up. Only thing he could do is tighten his ass. “You ready to have your beta bitch ass over flow with my sweet cum?” Morgan asked. Jason nodded his head barely trying to muster up any shred of strength he had left. Morgan shoved her cock balls deep inside his ass and came balls deep inside him and rested her hips against his ass. Jason’s body gave out and Jason came into Morgan’s bed and lied on her bed with Morgan lying on top of him.

Jason tried breathing as slow as possible to restore his heart rate back to normal. “Master? Can I ask for one more? I wanna ride it… I wanna ride your big meaty cock into submission…” Jason said. Morgan rolled over so Morgan was the one on the bottom of the bed. Jason began moving his hips up and down and wiggled them and began riding Morgans cock as if he was riding a mechanical bull. “Ride my cock you cock hungry bitch!” Morgan said and pulled Jason’s hips downward making him go deeper on her cock. Jason began taking all 11 and a half inches of Morgan’s cock as he road her and moaned loudly. “oooohhhh fuuuuucccckkk yeeeessss…..” Morgan moved her hips more. “that’s it… take my cock like a good little bitch” Morgan said as she lied back and smiled contently knowing she turned Jason out. Morgan grabbed Jason and pulled him all the way down onto her cock and came inside him for a third time. Jason’s body gave out and he came all over his body the moment Morgan came inside him. Morgan made a few movements milking her cock and emptying herself inside Jason’s gaping asshole.

Morgan reached down and felt Jason’s cock. “Aw… little sissy slut went limp from me fucking her… You know what that means don’t you? This means if i fuck your ass… you’ll submit to me by going limp and showing your inferiority” Morgan said and kissed Jason’s head. Morgan rolled over so Jason was the one on the bottom again and rested her naked body into his leaving her cock inside his ass and pulled the covers over them forcing him to stay the night with her.

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