A Woman In Need Ch. 06

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“What the hell was that about?” Allegra asked, pushing herself up from her supine position against Bryce’s chest. She looked at the man lying beneath her. His emerald green eyes opened lazily, startling in their intensity. He grinned like the Cheshire Cat and slid his hands over her arms, rubbing up and down slowly. Despite the fact they’d just engaged in rough, more-than-satisfying sex, Allegra felt her nipples harden and her pussy dampen. Fuckin’ a. She wanted him again already.

Bryce stretched lazily, almost unseating the woman straddling him. “That, my dear, was about you giving up control,” he told her firmly. “Something you ought to do a lot more often,” he added. “You’re always too busy to take what you desire. You’re constantly putting yourself last, and you deserve better than that.” He may not have known her long, but he knew that much about her. He’d never met a more unselfish person in his life.

Allegra looked down at him warily, stunned by his explanation. She made time for herself. After all, she’d just fucked him, hadn’t she? That had been something she’d desired to do all day long. Hell, she’d even thought about it at work. She’d been unable to get him and his magnificent cock off of her mind. “And,” she said, “What makes you think that I desire to give up control to you?”

“Tell me you didn’t like it, babe. Tell me that was someone else’s pussy cumming on my cock so hard I thought I’d lose circulation in my dick,” Bryce demanded. He slid his hands up her arms, over her shoulders, and down her chest to the taut tips of her heaving breasts. He pinched them gently, tweaking her nipples until they stood out from her chest. “See?” he said. “You may not like it but your body sure as hell does,” he told her.

Allegra moaned. “My body doesn’t know any better,” she said hoarsely. But even as she said the words she arched her back, thrusting her tits further into his hands. She let out a low moan when he took her nipples between his fingers and applied more pressure, pinching harder. Her hips moved involuntarily, seeking out the hard heat of his pulsing cock. She groaned when her slit slid against him, coating his cock with pussy juice.

Bryce slid the head of his cock against her clit. He pinched her nipples harder, feeling her grow wetter against his belly. God damn it, he wanted her again. His cock was searching out her pussy like a heat-seeking missile. He forced himself to take a deep breath. He wanted to show her things she didn’t even know casino oyna about herself, and that was going to require a lot of patience on his part. “You know what I want, Allegra?” he asked. He watched her eyes darken as he slid his cock firmly against her, dragging it from the throbbing entrance of her tight little cunt up to her clit, then back down.

“No,” Allegra answered. “Tell me,” she demanded.

“I want you to lay here and let me watch you play with your pussy,” Bryce said, “Like you do when I’m not here.” He pushed her backwards, making her recline on the bed. He turned her sideways so she was sprawled over the tangled sheets and pulled her reading chair up to the side of the bed. “Do it,” he told her roughly.

“I can’t,” Allegra said. Her face felt as if it were on fire. It was one thing to let the man see her naked. It was quite another to lay here, so exposed, and let him watch her do something so forbidden she’d never done it in front of anyone but herself.

Bryce growled low in his throat. “Yes you can,” he said, “And you will.” He pushed her rounded thighs apart, focusing on the pearly pink flesh that peeked from between them. Her clit was hard; it stood out from under its hood, begging for attention. He could see her wetness shining on her smooth lips. With a groan he took one of her hands and placed it between her legs, shielding her pussy from his intense gaze. “Touch yourself, baby. I want to see you come apart,” he said roughly.

Allegra’s hand fluttered against her damp pussy, then stilled. Could she really do this? Could she touch herself in front of him? She wasn’t sure, despite his confidence in her.

“Come on, baby. I know you can do it. Pretend I’m not here,” Bryce pleaded. “You don’t know how beautiful you look right now. I want to watch you rub your clit. I want to see your fingers slide in that tight little cunt,” he told her fiercely, “And then I want to watch you lick pussy juice off your fingers.” He watched as her hand fluttered against her pussy. Slowly, one finger went to her clit and began circling it. “Open your pussy lips for me, Allegra. I want to watch,” he told her.

Allegra did as he bid, taking one hand and spreading her pussy lips wide open. She used the index finger of her right hand to circle her aching clit, teasing herself gently. She let out a low moan, unable to keep quiet. She could feel his gaze on her, and despite her earlier inhibitions, it excited the fuck out of her. She was so wet slot oyna her fingers slid easily against her clit. She took them and ran them gently down her dripping slit. They stopped at the tight entrance to her pussy and she took two of them, pushing them firmly into her throbbing cunt.

Bryce watched her fingers slide easily into her cunt and he groaned, sending a rumble through his throat and into his chest. Fuck, she was gorgeous. “Does that feel good, baby? Tell me how your fingers feel in your tight little cunt,” he demanded. His hand went to his cock, stroking the shaft and the sensitive head. Pre-cum slipped from the slit at the tip, wetting his fingers as they wrapped around his dick.

“It feels….so good,” Allegra panted. She slid her fingers in and out of her pussy, stopping now and then to run them back up her slit, rubbing her clit madly. “I’m so tight,” she groaned, sending her fingers back into her pussy. It felt like sticking her hand into a bowl of warm jello. She curled her fingers, finding the warm sponge of her g-spot. Her mouth opened on a cry and she threw her head back, moaning loudly. “I’m so close,” she gasped, sliding her fingers back and forth across the sensitive bundle of nerves.

“You want to cum for me, don’t you?” Bryce asked, his gaze focused on the slim fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy. As her fingers slid out, her pussy lips wrapped around them, trying to draw them back into her. They folded in again when she pushed her fingers deep into her cunt. The sight was driving him crazy. He’d give anything to be where her fingers were; buried deep in that tight hot little pussy.

Allegra moaned softly. “Yes,” she whispered, “Oh fuck yes.” She drove her fingers deeper into her weeping cunt, trying to push herself over the edge. Her fingers slid deep, stroking in and out of her pussy. She could feel her soft wet flesh rubbing against the pads of her fingers, then covering them when she stroked deep into herself. The feeling of her pussy on her fingers drove her crazy. She’d always been a big fan of masturbation, but having him here watching her was going to make her cum harder than she ever had before from playing around solo.

“Let me help,” Bryce growled, pushing her thighs further apart and burying his mouth in her pussy. His lips wrapped around her clit and suckled hard, his hand going to his cock and stroking madly. Fuck, he was right there on the edge with her. He could’ve cum just from watching her finger fuck canlı casino siteleri her tight little cunt. His cock throbbed in his hand as his tongue rasped against her clit. “Cum for me, baby” he murmured against her hot wet flesh. Groaning, he pushed her thighs back against her chest, dislodging her fingers from her cunt.

Allegra moaned at the sensations flickering through her body like wildfire. “Fuck me” she said, grabbing his head and pulling upward, trying to remove his mouth from her clit. “I want you in me,” she begged, “Please. I need you now.”

Bryce groaned, the sound vibrating against her sensitive clit. It throbbed against his tongue, driving him mad. “Not until you cum for me,” he told her. “I want to watch you explode,” he said. He set his tongue firmly against her clit and stroked quickly. He could feel her thighs quivering under his hands. He thrust two fingers into her, pounding her pussy. She cried out and he pulled back, taking his mouth from her but still slamming his fingers in and out of her tight wet cunt. Her pussy lips fluttered and he felt her convulse around his hand, trying to draw his fingers deeper into her depths. She shivered in the aftermath and he stroked his fingers gently in and out of her. She moaned, and he withdrew them from her, licking her cum off of them. “Do you know how good you taste, sweetheart? You’re like strawberries and cream,” he said silkily.

“Fuck me,” Allegra begged. “I want to cum on your cock this time,” she whispered. She spread her legs invitingly. She watched as he stood, pushing the chair backward. He stepped between her thighs and she wrapped her legs tightly around his back.

Bryce groaned. “You want me? Take me,” he told her fiercely.

Allegra reached down, taking his throbbing cock in her hand. She guided him to her entrance and slid him deep into her wet pussy, moaning when his balls slapped against her ass. She arched her hips, taking him as deep as possible. Her legs tightened around his back and she moaned his name in blatant need. “Make me cum on your cock,” she panted, writhing against him.

With a groan Bryce slid his cock almost completely out of her, leaving just the head in her cunt. He let her feel him throbbing against her lips then slammed back into her, wringing a cry from her throat. He watched her head fall back against the bed, turning from side to side. Her hands fisted in the sheets, her legs quivering around him. He couldn’t hold out much longer. She felt too damn good, and watching her had nearly driven him past the point of no return. With one last hard thrust he buried himself in her deep, sending cum shooting into her. He felt her cunt spasm around him, milking every last drop from his throbbing cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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