A Tryst in the Hotel

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The day had gone so well. The visit to the Orsay had proven to be a real enjoyable experience, not just because of the masterpieces but also because of the company. It was obvious to Henry that the chemistry he thought he felt with this beautiful woman extended beyond a professional relationship. As they now walked back from the café where they spent much of the afternoon to his hotel on Rue St Honoré, he thought to himself how he could convince Marguerite to come up to his room and hopefully add to the pleasure of the day.

Walking into the lobby of the Bristol, Marguerite looked at Henry with what he assumed to be little bit of admiration.

“Not bad. I see you American dealers know how to travel in style.”

“Ha, yes. I was able to convince my museum that if I was going to negotiate the loan of one of the great treasures of l’Orangerie I had to play the part. Although, I think the accountants are going to have a heart attack when they see the bill. But fortunately for me, that’s their problem.”

“Ah, oui. Our accountants have the same problems. I think that no matter where you go, they are part of the same breed. It’s a shame really, don’t you think, when people are more concerned with cutting corners than with living with a joie de vie?”

“I think so, yes.” And in that moment, Henry realized he had his chance and that it was now or never to strike.

“Speaking of joie de vie, would you like to come up to my room? It has a fantastic view of the Louvre.”

Giving Henry a slight crooked smile that spoke volumes of unsaid desire, Marguerite moved in close to Henry, her lips almost brushing up against his ear, and whispered, “Yes, that would be most enjoyable.” And with that they got into the elevator and went up to the sixth floor where Henry’s room was.

Once inside, Marguerite could see that the room was excellently furnished and that Henry definitely was a man of taste which only heightened her desire. She could already feel herself getting wet from the thought of what she wanted to do to this man.

Keeping her composure, Marguerite simply said,

“It’s very nice.”

“Thanks,” Henry had just hung up his jacket and turned to face Marguerite. Her dark hair was worn just above her shoulders, framing her face which only seemed to highlight her hazelnut eyes. Although she was not a particularly thin woman, she had defined cheekbones and what stood out to Henry was her full red lips that just seemed to drip with unbridled sensuality. “May I take your coat?”

“Yes, you may. Thanks.”

Throughout the day, Marguerite had kept her jacket on, but now as Henry was hanging it up, he could see that Marguerite was dressed in a casual black dress that came down to just above her knees. It wasn’t too tight, but it hugged all her curves in the most flattering manner. The cut at the waist seemed to be designed to draw the eye to the pelvic area and Henry was more than happy oblige. For a moment he stared at the triangular folds of the fabric that invited the viewer to linger over the possibilities of the kinds of sexual delights which lay underneath. Moving his gaze upwards, he noticed her breasts. At their first meeting the day earlier, Henry in his efforts to maintain his professionalism had tried not to look too long at Marguerite’s breasts, but now professionalism be damned and at that moment wanted nothing more than to strip away the dress and expose them to his view.

Sensing what Henry was thinking, Marguerite thought that it would be good to tease him a little and to prolong his casino oyna agony. There was no question that Marguerite wanted him as badly as she guessed he wanted her, but for her where was the fun in going too quickly. Better to extend the anticipation to intensify the pleasure.

“So, where is this view of the Louvre you were telling me about?”

“It’s over through this window.” Henry hoped that the disappointment he felt didn’t come through in his voice. Play it cool, he thought. Walking to the window, he showed Marguerite the view. Although it was a view that she had seen many times, she found this time with Henry extremely enjoyable. She didn’t quite know how to explain it, they only met the previous day and yet she felt this strong attraction to him.

“Yes, it’s a very nice view.” Marguerite was looking straight ahead, not at Henry, but she felt the urge to grab his hand which she did and was gratified when he squeezed it in return. She now looked at him and stared into his blue eyes. She could see the longing on his face and without a second’s hesitation kissed him on the lips.

Henry was taken aback momentarily, but he kept his cool and returned the kiss. It quickly became a passionate open mouth kiss. Henry and Marguerite’s tongues flickered inside each other’s mouth. As they did, they embraced each other tightly, pressing their bodies against each other, taking enjoyment as they did. Henry was not an aggressive lover, but he was firm and as they continued to kiss he pushed Marguerite against the wall. Marguerite pulling away a little, smiled to indicate that Henry was reading her mind. This only served to inflame Henry even more as he continued to kiss her opened mouth. Marguerite for her part felt waves of lust flow through her body and craved satisfying those feelings.

Henry braced himself against the wall with both hands, while Marguerite had used her hands to explore his back and ass. Henry’s behind was firm – the result of a daily running regimen. She liked what she felt and continued to move her palms across the rump. After a few moments, Marguerite brought her hands to the front and slid them down Henry’s chest. Henry stopped kissing Marguerite for a moment to watch what she was doing. Her hands slid down to his trousers and with a quick motion, she unzipped his pants and reaching in grabbed hold of Henry’s swollen member and pulled it out from its confinement in his briefs.

Marguerite looked down at Henry’s cock and began to stroke it. It wasn’t the largest she had ever seen, but it felt good in her hands and guessed that it would even better in her, but not yet. Now that Henry’s fully erect penis was out, Marguerite wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him close to her so that she feel the shaft press up against her mid section. The soft moan that Henry emitted was proof that he was enjoying this as well.

Henry moved his hands down Marguerite’s body while thrusting against her and hitched up her dress revealing the smooth skin of her thighs and ass. He lifted up her right leg and as he did she wrapped around him, pinning him even closer to her heaving body. Her breathing was heavy now as she could feel the outer area of her cunt swell.

Pulling her head away slightly from Henry, and with a small gesture with her eyes suggested that they move their exertions elsewhere. With some difficulty Henry step away from Marguerite who firmly took him by the hand and led him to one of the chairs in the room and pushed him down into it. Henry sat there with his legs wide open and his slot oyna shaft standing at full attention. His arms were at his side as he waited to see what Marguerite had in mind, though he had a pretty good idea.

Standing in front of him, Marguerite undid the button at the back of the neck and her dress fell away with the fabric pooling around her ankles revealing her lacy black bra that barely concealed her light areolas or the fact that her nipples were hard and pressing against the thin fabric. Henry let out a gasp at the sight of her nearly naked body.

Confidently taking a few steps to the sitting Henry, Marguerite straddled his lap, pressing his hard cock against her stomach. She then swayed her hips rhythmically as she proceeded to give Henry one of the best lap dances he had ever received. While Marguerite was teasing Henry’s member, Henry reached out and with a swift movement undid her bra, finally exposing her large breasts. He took one of them in his mouth and slowly traced with his tongue around the areola.

“Mmmmm,” Marguerite sighed in pleasure, “Yes, keep doing that.” Circling the dark ring with his tongue, Henry used his tongue to lick her erect nipple. A sharp intake of breath let Henry know that what he was doing was appreciated. He flicked the nipple a couple more times and then moved to her other breast, while at the same time pinching the one he just sucked with his hand.

While Henry was doing that Marguerite brought her hand down to her pussy and with her fingers moved her knickers to the side. Leaning in to Henry’s neck she whispered, “I want you inside me, but don’t come just yet.” Shifting slightly, Henry, with a little help from Marguerite, guided his cock gently into her slick slit. It had been a while since Henry had been inside a woman and he had nearly forgotten how great it felt to have his cock enveloped in the warm, moist folds of a woman. Once inside her, Henry thrusted gently so as not to come too soon, but it was a difficult task, but the delay only heightened his desire. Marguerite responded to the intense sensations as the penis rubbed inside her.

Going down again, Marguerite began to kiss Henry’s neck using her teeth to increase the sensation. Henry closed his eyes and let her do what she wanted. Hell, he thought, at this point she could anything to him and he would be fine with it. This went on for a few more minutes. Neither one saying a word. The only sounds were the moans as they continued to pleasure each other. Henry leaned over Marguerite’s ear as she was still kissing his neck. “I’m going to come any moment now.” Stopping what she was doing, Marguerite put her finger to his lips, and with a soft sshhing sound, got off of Henry revealing a glistening cock covered with her juices.

Reaching for his hands, Marguerite led him to the bed and pushing him down on his back began kissing his mouth and then moved downwards, taking care to kiss his masculine chest and licking his nipples with tongue. From there she continued to move south, kissing his belly and nuzzling in his groomed pubis until finally she arrived at his throbbing manhood. Lifting his head to see, Marguerite smiled a wicked smile at him and took his swelled tip into her mouth.

“Ahhhhhh!!”was the only thing that escaped his lips, followed by a “Yes, oh please, yes!”

Marguerite slowly enveloped more of the penis with her mouth until finally she had taken the entire organ inside her. Her lips covered her teeth and she began to move in a vertical motion. Henry still held back, but it was becoming more canlı casino siteleri and more difficult. The aching pleasure he was feeling was some of the most intense he had felt in a long time, if ever. After a few intense moments, Marguerite moved off the shafted which was now shiny not just with the pre-cum but her saliva. Licking her lips, Marguerite used her tongue to circle the now extremely sensitive tip. A trickle of clear sticky liquid trailed from her tongue to her chin. Not stopping, Marguerite began to lick the base of Henry’s cock and moved up the shaft.

He’s suffered enough, she thought and positioning her herself in between his thighs, she looked up at him and said, “You’ve been patient long enough.” And with that began to give a vigorous blow job. Henry’s breathing was now short and sharp and after all that he had gone through in the last bit he let himself finally climax. With each paroxysm of sexual release, Henry’s spunk coated Marguerite’s cheeks and the back of her throat. It seemed that his ejaculations would never end; and Marguerite hoped they wouldn’t. She really enjoyed having someone come in her mouth. But all good things must come to an end and finally Henry was spent. Marguerite’s mouth was full of spunk and some of it had seeped out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Henry who was in post coital rapture looked at Marguerite in time to watch her swallow his load. None of his previous partners had done that and he found it a real turn on. Finished, Marguerite moved up and kissed Henry full on the mouth. For the first time, Henry tasted himself which though a bit odd for him, was also somewhat enjoyable.

“How was that?”


And with that Marguerite turned her back to Henry who wrapped his arms around her. She snuggled in to in order to feel the flaccid though still lengthened member in her back. And with that they both fell asleep.

Shortly later, Marguerite woke up to a poking in the small of her back. It seemed that Henry was ready for a second round. This did not disappoint Marguerite who hoped that after the blow job she had given there would be time for penetration, she really wanted to feel a hard cock inside her. Turning to face Henry, she nudged him and asked if he was awake.

Rubbing his eyes, Henry looked down at his erection and said that yup, he was definitely awake.

“Good.” Marguerite stood up. She was topless, but had kept on her knickers, but now with a swift movement, she removed them exposing herself in all her glory. She had a well kept and trimmed bush and Henry also noticed that her labia extended a little out of her vagina. It was absolutely beautiful he thought.

Crawling back on the bed, she embraced Henry and rolling over had Henry on top of her. Henry slid himself inside and began to thrust in earnest. Marguerite moaned as Henry entered her and brought her hand down to mound and began to rub herself. Henry was turned on by her sexuality and continued to push his way deep inside her. This time, Henry couldn’t hold back and shortly he came inside her. Marguerite continued to rub herself and as Henry withdrew she took her fingers and began to play with clit. Henry joined and inserted his fingers inside. Marguerite’s breathing quickened and she rubbed fasted as the promise of her orgasm was coming. Henry enjoyed having his fingers inside this woman even as she played with clit. Within moments, her hips thrusted upwards and Marguerite’s moans became louder until finally a paroxysm of unbridled pleasure washed over her. Out of breath, Marguerite let her hand rest on her soaking wet mound. Henry came up beside her and again taking her into his arms, this time they were facing each other and went to sleep and wouldn’t wake until the morning.

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