A Day at the Beach

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“Seriously what’s taking you so long. I want to go to the beach.” Chris shouted from the front door.

“Keep your pants on, I’ll be out in a minute!” Jillian shouted from the bathroom. Chris rolled his eyes and chuckled. “Pun intended!”

“No it wasn’t!” Chris called back mirthfully. He wasn’t wearing any pants and she knew it, the only thing he was wearing were his baby blue boots. He wasn’t sure if that counted as clothing or not but Southern California was suffering from a record setting heat wave and the concrete between the hotel and the sandy beach was hot enough to fry an egg. Walking across it barefoot wasn’t an option. The only other thing currently covering any of his body was a beach towel tossed over one shoulder. “What’s taking you so long anyway, it’s not like you have anything to put on.”

Chris had spent the last year getting into the very best shape of his life. He still wasn’t built the way he wanted to be, he had a smooth stomach with only a hint of a six pack when he was sweating, not the kind of rock hard abs he’d dreamt of but he was a far cry from the flabby man he’d been this time last year. He hadn’t cut his hair for the entire year so it was brushing against his shoulders like a rock star or pro wrestler. He had to make a conscious effort to keep from dramatically tossing his hair every time some one looked in his general direction. Jillian teased him every time he did it.

“I’m not sure about this.” Jillian called back. “I mean there are going to be people.”

“Yes, there will be people. It’s a beach.”

“Don’t sound so excited.” Jillian stepped out of the bathroom. She wasn’t quite nude, she had transparent flower print sarong wrapped around her waist, it probably did a better job of accentuating her meaty hips than it did concealing anything. She’d chosen a pair of long dangling earrings and finished her outfit with a pair of high heeled wedge sandals. “I know the real reason you wanted to suddenly start celebrating this holiday.” Jillian stopped there and forced a smile to cross her painted red lips. She brushed her long red hair back over her shoulder. “How do I look?”

Chris smiled and embraced his lover lightly kissing her forehead. “You look amazing.”

Jillian rolled her eyes but leaned up and kissed the corner of his mouth. She knew how men reacted to an amazing looking naked woman and it was not a hug and a chaste kiss on the forehead. If she looked amazing he’d already have her pinned against the wall and halfway to happy land. “C’mon lets get going.” He wouldn’t be rushing out the door to see some bitches half her size and ten years younger prancing around in their birthday suits.

Jillian wriggled against his surprisingly firm grasp and finally pushed him away. Her hand lingered on his chest a little longer than absolutely necessary before she pulled back. She knew that he hadn’t done it for her, he’d gotten into shape because he wanted people (women) to look at him in a way they’d never done before. It was difficult for Jillian to pretend like she didn’t like the new fit, trim and confident Chris over the slightly above average one she’d had a few years back. He was certainly happier than she’d ever seen him. “Well let’s get going before I realize what a bad idea this is.”

“It’s not a bad idea. It’s fun.” Chris assured her gripping her ass in one hand and leading her out of the motel and out into the morning sun. It was almost ten in the morning but the beach was already fairly busy with groups of people.

“You’re right it is fun.” Jillian tilted her head slightly as a pair of well toned, golden brown men walked past. She was drawn to their tight buttocks then turned to Chris. He wasn’t paying attention to her in the least. He was not so subtly watching a group of college girls pilling out of a convertible. They were in turn slightly less subtly not noticing the attention they were getting by casually brushing against each other, leaning over to retrieve items from the back and flipping their hair back. “They’re too young for you.” She spat dryly picking up illegal bahis her bag. “Lets get down to the beach, I want to make sure we get a good spot not to far from the water. So put your tongue back in your mouth.”

Jillian stepped in front of Chris making certain to put an extra bit of sway in her hips. When she’d picked out a spot near the beach Jillian dramatically bent at the waist glancing back at him between her thighs. She was cupping her breasts when she noticed he wasn’t right behind her, he’d started wandering a bit towards the same group of tarts, now in setting up their own towels while a gaggle of men crowded around them practically fighting over who would help them erect their parasol in the exact right spot. “Wow. Don’t I feel great?” Jillian dropped her bag and set up their checkered blanket doing her best to suppress a twinge of disappointment.

It was hard to keep frowning when a young man jogged past her wearing only a pair of sneakers and a dazzling smile. He might even have winked at her, or it might have been the sun in his eye. Either way it gave her a stomach a flutter and she watched him until he was too far away for her to make out the definition of his thighs.

Then she turned back toward Chris. “Hey, honey would you oil me up. I don’t want to burn.” Jillian dug around in her back for the bottle of suntan oil and held it up over her shoulder. “Hon?” Jillian turned on her side and stared back at Chris who was still infatuated with the women. The women who weren’t even pretending they were innocently walking around and not purposely posing to the delight of the zombie like men setting up a volleyball court. “AHEM!”

“Oh sorry.” Chris took the oil and started dripping it down her back.

“It’s okay. I know you get to look at my fat ass all day whenever you want.” She offered.

“Shush you. You know you’re sexy.”

“You can do better than that.” Jillian purred resting her head on her arms watching the bimbos bouncing around. It was easy to see why they had Chris’s attention, especially the little dark skinned one who had her hair done up like some kind of cartoon character. Chris was probably drooling over and Jillian had to admit she hated not having the body (the confidence Chris would say) to go out in public dressed up as Supergirl, Chun Li or Princess Jasmine. She just didn’t have the trim tummy and toned thighs to go around like that. Unlike those skinny bitches prancing around, she could easily see the little brown one dressed up as Jasmine and already knew what kind of wishes Chris would make if he could rub her the right way.

Chris dug his fingers into her shoulders and Jillian moaned aloud only realizing it when she saw a few heads snap in her direction. “A little louder next time. I don’t they heard you at the hotel.” Chris whispered, he didn’t stop kneading the oil into her skin. Jillian managed to keep from moaning any more, biting down on her lips to keep any sound from escaping. Chris had taken a massage course and knew every inch of Jillian’s body and he took great pride in the fact that he could nearly bring her to climax just working down the back of her thighs and a sweet spot she hadn’t even known about behind her knees and another on the instep of her foot. She had to bury her face in the blanket shouting in fabric and sand when Chris lingered on those spots a little longer than he absolutely had to.

“All done.” Chris declared popping his knuckles and grinning. “Sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself.”

Jillian rolled over onto her back staring up Chris. Her eyes were hazed over with undeniable lust. “You’re not done yet, that was just my back.” She purred beckoning him closer with a finger.

Chris smiled and leaned forward dripping the oil up the center of her body then spiraled up each breast to the nipple finally leaving a shallow pool in her naval. Then he started back to work gently working up toward her breasts. She couldn’t stop herself from thrusting her chest up towards his hands. Jillian noticed all the attention she was getting and she didn’t care, illegal bahis siteleri not when she felt the sparks starting up between her thighs. Jillian kept pushing her hips up and when Chris pushed his palm between her thighs forcing her back down she ground against his hand just barely managing to catch a quick release before he finished oiling her. “Thank you.” Jillian sat up wrapped her arms around her man and kissed him. “You want to head back to the room for a little reward?” Jillian pulled back from kiss and noticed that cute little brown girl, and a few of her friends were standing around. “Can I help you?”

“Actually you kinda can.” The girls cinnamon hued skin brightened slightly. “I don’t suppose you’d be willing to lend me-“

“Us.” A fairly imposing blonde corrected nudging the smaller girl.

“Us, your boyfriend for a moment?” The girl looked back at the blond who was easily a full head taller than her friend.

“Excuse me?” Jillian asked looking up at the two ladies. Then she glanced over at their friends who were staring expectantly. Then something brushed against her thigh. Her attention darted back to Chris who was trying a bit too hard to keep from smiling. Worse his cock was twitching. “What do you want my boyfriend for?” Jillian almost growled.

The girls exchanged a glance. “Someone needs to lotion us up so we don’t burn.”

His cock twitched again. “Do you want to help the girls Chris? I can sit here and read my book and watch other people walking around. I’ll be fine.”

“Of course not Jillian. I’m sorry ladies, I’m spoken for.” Chris replied.

“Really? Well okay.” The blond pouted. “We were just hoping we could have a bit of what she’s having. If you really can’t help us. . .”

Chris’s cock lurched against Jillian’s thigh. “Just go. Get the fuck out of my sight, I’ll meet you back at the room. Have fun.” Jillian mustered the self control to kiss Chris when her first impulse was to slap him. If she wasn’t still slightly sated from the tiny bit of pleasure he’d given her she might have ripped his heart out.

“We promise to bring him back!” The blonde called over her shoulder skipping back to her friends.

Chris sat there for a moment watching them go then looking back at Jillian. “Go.” She growled staring down at his hard cock.

“Fine.” Chris mumbled. Jillian couldn’t tell if he was confused, hurt, angry or some combination of the three. She didn’t much care at the moment either. She shoved Chris towards the girls who were now waving and calling him over and he finally got up. He was slow at first, constantly looking over his shoulder but about halfway there he realized she wasn’t teasing him and went over to the ladies.

Jillian started to stand up to go back to the room then stopped. It was a lovely day out and she wasn’t going to be able to get a tan like this again. That was what she told herself. At least part of the truth though was that she wanted to watch Chris in action. She pretended she was staring at nothing but she watched the ladies pass him around from one to the other. Chris started on a redhead, then a brunette with little fanfare other than some dramatic moans and poses.

It wasn’t until the small brown girl’s turn came up that Jillian saw something special. She must have had the same sweet spot behind her knee because she leapt and skittered away from him. She came to a stop a few feet away staring back at him and then tackled him with a kiss. Jillian knew that feeling all too well, the woman would have mounted him right there on the beach in front of everybody if the blonde hadn’t shoved her aside and insisted that it was her turn.

That was enough for Jillian to finally get and start back. “Guys. Such fucking pigs.” Jillian growled.

“Man trouble? Sorry to hear that.” Jillian looked over and could hardly believe the perfect specimen standing before her. She must have been angrier than she’d thought originally if she didn’t notice six feet of bronzed muscle carved into a shape that belonged in a museum.

“Nothing out of canlı bahis siteleri the ordinary.” Jillian grumbled letting her gaze wander south. She pause for a moment on his six pack, but only for a moment. After that her gaze was drawn even lower on the perfect specimen.

Jillian noticed she was twirling her hair around a finger and tried to stop only place her hands behind her back thrusting her chest out. When that failed she crossed her arms over her chest twisting slightly giving him a fantastic view of her ass.

“I don’t suppose it’s something I can help with?”

Jillian bit her lower lip and looked him over again. His cock twitched just slightly. “Well that depends, how would you go about helping me?” She took a nervous step forward.

“I can help you with anything you want. I’m especially good at making stupid boyfriends fell inadequate.” He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her.

Any reluctance she’d been attempting to feign melted away when he grabbed her. “My room’s that way.” He scooped her off her feet without any apparent effort sending her head spinning. She actually didn’t notice him enter her hotel room she just felt the air whoosh out of her lungs when he dumped her on the bed. “Brute.”

“A bit yes.” He pounced onto her forcing her soft feminine frame to yield to his hard masculine form. He didn’t kiss her Chris did, this wasn’t the soft kiss of a lover. This was a brutal conquering all encompassing embrace was left her breathless and flustered. His lips were already moving down her throat nipping at her flesh. When his mouth returned to hers Jillian leaned up into the kiss returning his raw passion. “You’re quite the wild cat.” He growled yanking her hands from his shoulders and pinning them to the bed.

“Sometimes.” She purred wrapping her legs around his waist. Even his stomach forced her legs to conform to him instead of the other way around, it reminded her of when she used to go horseback riding. Then he slid his cock into her and it was like being split in two. Jillian couldn’t scream though, her lungs were still empty so she could only stare up at the Adonis with wide eyes as he fucked her. He didn’t give her time to get accustomed to his girth. Her back arched up toward him pressing her breasts against him with each thrust. The bed was protesting beneath them, the wall was protesting above behind them. No man had ever just taken her. It was amazing, once she settled in his rhythm she was meeting his every thrust driving him to the deepest parts of her body. She found her voice, and the people in the next room, the next floor, the parking lot, they all heard her voice when she came.

He didn’t stop there, he flipped her over so her face was buried in the pillows and continued assault on her body. Jillian would bear the bruises of their union proudly when the morning came but right then she was lost in bliss. By the time he finally climaxed inside her the sheets had been torn from the bed and the mattress was more than halfway off the frame. “Wow.”

“Wow indeed.” The man pulled her up against him resting her head against his chest and kissing the sweat from her forehead.

Jillian draped her leg up over his thigh just as the door opened.

“Jillian!” Chris exclaimed.

“Chris, I uh, you left-“

“Oh be quiet you only came back to the room to get a blow job.” The petite brown girl said stepping into the room and slapping him on the shoulder. “Your man gives amazing massages, you shouldn’t let him out of your sight. So Keith did you get what you wanted?”

“Yep. Chris is stupid to ever leave this woman’s side. She is exquisite.” Jillian blushed and started to open her mouth but Keith hushed her with a kiss. “Don’t be mad, my friends and I didn’t make either of you do anything. Now go on Jamie, I know you’ve been holding it in since he found your sweet spot. He must teach me that before we leave and you my sweet have no room to complain but perhaps we can another round?”

Jillian knew she had no right to be upset with Chris when Jamie sank to her knees and wrapped her lips around his cock. That didn’t mean she wasn’t and when she turned around to kiss Keith it wasn’t about his bulging biceps, rock hard abs, intense love making or large cock.

Not entirely.

Probably mostly.

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