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A special thanks to gotwood49, not only for his editing services, but for this story. Thanks for the idea; and it was a blast to write!

He had been living in the area for about six months now. The church had decided to let him get settled before approaching him. Mandy had been chosen to approach the man, but not by herself. She was new to recruitment, so she was nervous. The butterflies in her stomach weren’t really settled, either, even with Debra’s expert knowledge beside her.

“Ma’am…Debra, I hope I make you proud,” the young woman said, as she looked into the soft brown eyes of the woman whom Mandy looked up to.

Debra smiled, and brushed back the red curls that constantly fell over the pretty forehead of her newest charge. “Mandy my dear, you’ll do fine. I see in you a real calling to please, and that is what will make you great at what we do. Leading others to see the light and turn from their wickedness, is why we are here today. Think of that while we try and teach this man the pleasures of the word, and not the pleasures of the flesh.”

Mandy nodded her head and squared her shoulders. She had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday, and she’d been nervous all week. She so much wanted to lead a lost soul to complete and absolute joy; in knowing the pleasure of living in the arousing word. Mandy had been raised by the love of her parents and her church, and she only wished to do them proud.

Debra had been leading the lost souls for years, and she saw in Mandy a gift. The young woman was eager to please, and Debra was happy to be working alongside her. “Now, Mandy, no matter what happens, we do not allow this man to close the door on us,” she instructed.

Mandy nodded her head yes, and continued to listen, as Debra instructed her. “We will begin to politely tell him our names, and that we would like a moment of his time. If he is rude, we will smile and hold out one of our tracts. Then, if he is receptive to our presence, we will quietly talk on his porch. If I sense that we have the potential of bringing this lost innocent to the hands of our church so he can be saved and turned to the right way, then we will both, with care and the strength of our convictions, enter his home.”

Debra smiled and held the girl’s hand, trying to ease her discomfort. “You go ahead and knock, and I’ll let you introduce us, okay?” She pushed the young woman slowly towards the door. Her hands hit the long tresses of red curls and she felt a bit of envy over them. Debra ran her palm to her blond hair, securely knotted into a bun. She pulled on her white linen blouse, and patted the wrinkles from her navy skirt, as she waited for Mandy’s knock.

Taking a deep breath, Mandy reached out and knocked on the screen door. It rattled and shook, but no one answered it. Mandy tentatively opened the screen door, and knocked on the wooden one behind it. Again, she waited quietly.

“Mandy, hon. Try the doorbell.”

Mandy giggled and rolled her eyes, “I guess I am very nervous.” She rang the bell, and the sounds of footsteps were soon heard behind the door. Mandy and Debra both stepped back and took on regal postures. Their backs were ramrod straight, and their looks, though friendly and inviting, showed a hint of confidence on one face, and the strength and determination on the other.

As the door began to open, the two women looked at each other, each plastering a smile on their faces before greeting the man behind the screen door. Debra’s mouth then fell open, and Mandy gasped. The man opened the door fully and said, “Howdy, can I help you folks?”

Mandy’s face burned bright red, as she looked at the man’s privates, just dangling there for the world to see. She couldn’t form any words. Her eyes were huge in her face, and her cheeks flaming hot. Her mouth hung open, and somehow she found the ability to close it. “Ummm,” was all she said. Nothing else could come out.

Debra’s face was equally hot and red. She closed her gaping jaw and stuttered a bit, before finally forming coherent words. “We are from the church down the road, Sir, and we have come to ask you how you think our Government is being run today.” Debra tried to keep her eyes focused on the man’s eyes. “He has blue eyes, he has blue eyes,” she kept telling herself, trying not to think of what else he had.

He opened the screen door and leaned against the frame, crossed his arms across his naked chest, and said, “Well purty lady, I reckon it has it’s moments, but it needs a good swift kick in the ass to get it a-movin’, just like the rest of us do. Whattcha want to talk ’bout the gov’ment for?”

Mandy had moved behind Debra, her green eyes peeking around the older woman’s shoulder. She had never seen a naked man before, except in a magazine she had once found under her parent’s bed. Though she knew it was wrong to look at one in the flesh when you weren’t married, she felt she had to. What normal woman wouldn’t? She assumed Ms. Debra had. As Mandy took her fill of the bakırköy türbanlı escort man, her body began to respond to the places she was looking at. His bronzed-skin chest was covered with a nice patch of hair that ran across it, then traveled down his stomach and across his abs. The hair continued to his waist where it ended, but more hair existed even lower; and that even lower is what had Mandy’s eyes locked.

Debra shifted slightly and glared back at Mandy. She couldn’t tell the man to get dressed; after all it was his house and his land. By all rights they were trespassing, and they would have to leave if he told them to do so. Debra could see that this man obviously needed her and Mandy to show him the pleasure, through words and not sins. Squaring her shoulders once more, she extended her hand.

The man untucked one hand and shook hers with a nice, firm shake, then brought it up to his lips. “A real gentleman kisses a lady’s hand when they’re introduced,” he smiled. He winked at the pretty redhead that was still peeking from behind the fiercely determined blonde bombshell. “My name’s Deak, by the way. Why don’t you come in out of the sun, and I’ll pour you some lemonade.”

Deak wasn’t sure if the women were that stupid, or not. He had seen them get out of their car, and though they hadn’t bothered him in the six months he lived here, he had watched them make the rounds of the neighborhood before. It was the first time he had seen the little redheaded young’un, but the blonde beauty was often one of the two that went around the community, shaking hands and trying to pass out papers. When he had seen them finally pick his place, he decided he’d make an impression, so they knew not to come back to his house again.

He had quickly shot off to his bedroom, where he stripped off all his clothes, before the first knock on his screen door had sounded. He then took a few steadying breaths, and walked to his front door. After the bell sounded, he slowly opened it.

The looks of the two beautiful women were enough to make his day. But when they hadn’t left, and the blonde asked his feelings on the government, Deak had been surprised. He quickly recovered, however, and now found himself inviting them in for lemonade. Well, he loved a good laugh, and he knew he had riled the older woman into trying to save his soul. He also knew that the redhead was very interested in him, so much so that her face matched the color of her hair, and that was giving his cock a bit of a tingle.

Mandy just knew that Ms. Debra was not going to go into this man’s house. Mandy was already becoming wet inside her cotton panties, and her nipples were starting to itch inside her white bra. She knew that Debra had been around a naked man. Her husband had died three years ago. Actually, he was found dead in the arms of the pastor’s wife, one Sunday evening. So Mandy knew that Debra wouldn’t allow them to go into this naked man’s home. When Mandy heard the “Lemonade sounds lovely,” come from the voice of her respected elder, her heart stopped beating in her chest for a moment.

“Come along, Mandy,” Debra said, as she grasped Mandy’s hand and the two women walked through the door and into the house. The man held the screen door pressed open with one hand, and the wooden door pushed open with the other. This stance made the man chuckle inside, as he watched the prim and proper blonde bend to slide under his outstretched arm. There wasn’t enough room for both of the women to move under his arm at the same time, so Mandy, arm still held in Debra’s, accidentally brushed against his cock. Deak bit his tongue on the grin he almost shot her, when Mandy turned to look down at her skirt that was now draped over the half-raised shaft of his sex. She quickly grabbed the material, and her face burned brighter as her fingers brushed against the tight curls of his sex.

This time Deak groaned, but the noise of the shutting doors behind him drowned the sound out. His cock now stood almost at full attention. He couldn’t wait to see the blonde’s face when she turned around and saw what his cock looked like, now. Before she could notice him, though, he had ushered them into the living room and turned away, calling back, “You two have a seat, and I’ll grab a tray with our drinks, and bring them right in.”

“Do you need help?” Mandy offered, but before Deak could answer, she was told, “Sit yourself down, right now!” He smiled. “No ma’am,” he said. “I’ll be fine.”

He laughed in the kitchen, as he set out three glasses and poured lemonade in each one. Then, setting them on a tray, he headed back to the living room. “Here we go,” he said, this time facing the blonde woman. Deak smiled hugely when he saw her eyes take in his massive cock, bobbing in the air, just as if it were ready, willing, and able. Deak, of course, knew nothing was going to happen, but he wanted to see how hard he could push this before the blonde lost her temper, or bakırköy ucuz escort the redhead got up and ran out. He bent down and placed the tray on the table in front of the ladies. His hips lined up with the blonde woman’s eyes and his ass pointed directly up at the redhead’s face.

Getting up, he moved over to the chair across from them. “Before we get started, you have me at a disadvantage.”

Thinking he was referring to his state of undress, Debra’s eyes showed a glimmer of relief, until she heard his next statement.

“Seems I told you my name, but you ladies haven’t told me yours yet.”

“Mandy!” Mandy said in a rather loud voice, as she threw out her hand. She shivered as Deak took it in his, turned it over and placed a wet kiss on her wrist. Deak didn’t think it possible, but that pretty face turned three more shades of red. He decided he’d best lay off on the young miss, or he’d throw her into an early grave, what with all that blood rushing to her face.

“And you, ma’am?” he smiled at the lovely blonde. She looked to be about 30, perhaps 35, but Deak was only 40, so he didn’t really like it when people tried to guess ages. It was how you felt that made your age. Right now, Deak felt like he was 21 again, trying to pull some fun prank on some unsuspecting teenagers. Funny thing was, this practical joke was making him hard.

Debra kept her hand in her lap as she gave him her name, then laid out her pamphlets, “Mandy, why don’t you open the good book, and read some for us.”

Mandy did as she was asked, still not quite believing that they were going to try to witness to this naked man. Turning the pages of her book, her fingers shaking slightly, she slowly began to read, but the words came out soft and jumbled.

As Mandy read, her eyes sometimes looked at Debra, and then over at Deak. She slowly became somewhat more sure of her voice, and began to read easily, until the passage was finished.

“You know,” Deak said. “Your lemonade looks like it’s getting watery. Let me get you a fresh glass.” Deak walked up to Debra and Mandy, this time bending down in front of Mandy and letting his cock face her, with his ass facing Debra. He heard the small gasp from Mandy’s pert lips and smiled, then winked at her. “You okay, Mandy?” he asked, as his eyes looked down the scoop-necked shirt of the young redhead. Making out the small curve of her breasts, Deak licked his lips, then whispered “Nice,” before he stood up and left the room.

Mandy squeezed her legs together, feeling a small moist drop escape her pussy. Debra hadn’t heard the whisper, but she had looked at the firm ass that had been on display for her, and she could still remember the hard cock that had been facing her earlier. Her body was reacting as any mature woman’s would, and this concerned her. It had been three years since her husband had died. and a year before that, since they had had relations. Now a very virile man was prancing around naked in front of her, and her pussy had already soaked her red silk thong.

Debra squirmed in her seat as she saw the tray of lemonade resting above the firm cock, no longer at full mast; but with the obvious potential that if it was, it would be one hell of a ride. Debra crossed her hands in her lap and mentally asked for forgiveness for her thoughts. She bit her tongue as Deak once again made his ass known to her. This time, she found herself focusing on the soft hairs on his thighs, wondering how they would feel against her fingers.

Deak looked at Mandy, her green eyes darker, and her pupils dilated. “You look like you could use some light.” Leaning over, his chest hovered over her face. He reached and turned on the lamp behind her. As Deak pulled back, he made sure his head came close to her, and his tongue slipped over her ear. “Sweet,” he whispered in her ear. When he rose back his cock was hard once more, and jerked towards her. “Very sweet,” he whispered.

He moved back to his seat and sat down. This time, he placed his hand on his thigh and rested it there. “Now, what were we talking about?”

Sitting up, Debra reached out and picked up one of the church’s magazines. “Here. If you read this, you’ll understand why we have such a terrible evil in our world today.” She waited for him to take the paper.

“Why don’t you read it for me?” Deak smiled at the blonde. He still couldn’t believe she was going through with this. He was already beyond teasing; much more of them looking at his naked body was gonna send him over the edge. He knew that Mandy was excited, and he knew the blonde was flustered, and as she tried to read to him, he was even more aware of her discomfort.

Deak decided to push it up a notch. While Debra began to read, he focused his eyes on Mandy. She looked up into his blue eyes, and saw his eyes move down to his shaft. He watched as her eyes followed down, and he felt wicked as he saw the small tongue snake out to wet her lips. She was fully başakşehir escort engrossed in the movement his hand was now making on his hard shaft. Deak had taken his hand from his thigh and grasped it, then began to grip it hard as he stroked it with long firm strokes. He’d stop for a moment; let the head swell, then stroke it down. The whole time he could feel the redhead’s eyes on his cock, and could almost see her hips moving in a thrusting motion.

Debra heard a moan from Mandy, and she looked up at the young woman, seeing her eyes half closed. Debra looked at Deak. Her jaw dropped as she saw the man stroking his cock. She felt a tremble in her body, and she sat there transfixed on the long fingers wrapped around the throbbing member. She heard another moan, this time from herself. Deak looked at her and saw the lust in her eyes, “How long has it been, Deb?” He asked, his hand still fucking his cock. Taking his other hand, he grasped his balls and cupped them for her. Debra licked her lips and told him.

“Four years.”

“Oh baby, you must be hurting right now.”

She heard a small whimper, and felt her head shake yes. “We could take care of that for you,” Deak told her. He grinned as he heard Mandy’s little, “Huh?” Looking to her, he grinned, “And you sweetie, how long has it been for you?”

Mandy looked at Debra, then back at Deak, her face suddenly pale. “Well, Sir.. I .. I’ve never had… sex.” She stuttered out.

Debra had known this, so she looked at Mandy sternly. “And you aren’t going to now, either.”

“Now, hold on there,” Deak said. “She don’t have to have me inside her; not my cock, anyway. I’ll let you have all of that, Deb, my sweet. But I bet Mandy has a nice pussy that needs sucked on, don’t you?” He could read the hunger in Deb’s eyes.

“Yes,” Debra stammered. ” I…I’m sure that would be all right. Mandy is a sweet woman. I’m sure her pussy would be sweet, too.”

Deak’s eyes lit up at this unexpected event. “So you like to eat pussy, Deb?”

Deb looked into the eyes of Deak, then into Mandy’s. Her lust was now evident. “Yes, and I would love to eat Mandy’s.”

Mandy’s young pussy was throbbing now. She hadn’t expected this to ever happen to her, and she sure hadn’t expect Ms. Debra to be this kind of woman. She squirmed in her seat as Deak stood up, and walked over to Debra. “And cock? What do you want to do with this cock?”

“Suck it,” Debra told him, her hand already reaching for it. She leaned forward and ran her tongue over the head, and heard Deak’s groan, and Mandy’s sigh.

Deak looked into her eyes, and knew that he was going to enjoy this particular visit from the witnesses for the good word.

Gathering her hair in his hands, he pulled her mouth away from his cock. “Since you’re in my home, surely I should handle my guest’s needs first.”

He took Debra’s hand in his right palm and Mandy’s in his left. Deak brought each one up, and kissed the inside of their wrists. “This way, ladies,” he said, as the two women moved down the hall he indicated.

Debra knew this was wrong, but she was so wet and needed it so badly. She knew, if she didn’t let Mandy be involved, then Mandy would tell the church, and Debra would be in a lot of trouble. She also had wanted to bury her head in that pretty pussy since she had seen it last year, when the women of the church had all shared the community showers at the pool. She had seen the soft red trimmed bush, and had almost cum, just from the fantasy of running her tongue over the pink clit.

Deak followed behind the two women, his eyes taking in the tiny ass of Mandy. He stroked his cock a few times as he imagined sliding his dick in between the nice crack, and slamming her ass with his shaft. Deak couldn’t believe his luck. He had really thought these two would have left a long time ago, but he was willing to ride the tide, and see what he could do to help Ms. Debra with her obvious pent-up needs.

As Debra found the bedroom, her sex was aching for many things. She wanted a cock, a tongue, or a nice red pussy pressed against it. As Mandy followed in behind her, and then Deak, she looked over at the red-haired young woman. “Mandy, are you sure you want to do this? You are 18, so you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble.”

Deak’s mouth dropped. He knew she was young; but, 18! He almost backed out, but thought, “Hell no!” He was going to enjoy having a young thing in his arms, and if he could convince the blonde to let him sample that ass of hers, he’d bury his cock deep into the 18 year old’s hole. His cock was aching and pleading to have one or both of these ladies. Deak stroked it again as he looked at the two women. He observed, “I think you two are a bit overdressed.”

Mandy giggled, and Debra rolled her eyes. “I think I can handle that,” she said. Debra slowly worked the buttons from her blouse and exposed her strapless bra. It was white with a small red ribbon weaved through the cups.

Deak groaned as he watched her fingers free the clasps, and her large breasts fall free. He heard Mandy’s whimper and saw her tongue snake out across her lips. “God, she is sexy when she does that,” he thought. He moved behind Mandy and pulled her against his cock. She jumped, but then quickly relaxed against him, while she watched Debra undress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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