While Chasing Our Dreams Ch. 00

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Storytellers and poets have written many tales of love. Love true and star-crossed, passionate, tortured, fleeting and lost- tales written since the ancient world to the modern.

This isn’t gonna be like those stories, though. Maybe you think you’ve already read this one, and know everything there is to know about it. Well sure, hasn’t everything been done to some degree? And you might know some of this story, but what you couldn’t have seen before is all right in here.


Three dudes, completely different and yet ubreakably bonded, looking for love in all the wrong places. I can’t say it’s bound to be easy, seeking a woman for a three-to-one ménage when you and your partners are so fundamentally unalike. Half the books on multi-man ménage have all the heroes being practically muscle-bound clones of each other. A lot of masculine idealism and wish fulfillment- nothing real. But this trio?

So real, so full of heart.

And me? Well, I’m the uninhibited, passionate, adventurous woman who dared. I took a chance on a love I’d never dreamed I’d know, and I’ll never regret it. I’ll never give it up, either. It took three men to tame me and claim me, but they get to ride this cowgirl forever.

While Chasing Our Dreams

As told by

Mickey, Cal, Randy and Jane


Just past 2 AM. Late July.

I was up to my usual nocturnal activities- a little coding, some gaming, and the ritual of checking various pages, accounts, messages and forums. Lately I’d been haunting several dating sites, putting some feelers out there and looking for Ms. Right. So far, nothing really promising. But it wasn’t a surprise. I was sort of looking for a unicorn, but even rarer, I guess. I was browsing easily two dozen sites from OKCupid to DateaTrekkie.com, and so far she’d eluded me. Hell, she’d eluded me for years.

That was kind of the thing, though. It wasn’t just me. I mean, I’m already not the world’s most attractive guy, and that was probably part of it, but the situation was more complicated than that. I was cruising these sites and monitoring profiles not just for me, but for me and my two best friends. The seemingly-Sisyphean task I just couldn’t give up on was to find one woman for a trio of guys to share.

A woman for a ménage relationship was a holy grail.

The guys and me were extremely close friends for life. Poly, wanting some sexy, smart, loving lady to keep us warm. All of us completely different people in every possible way and looking for different things in a woman. I always knew it would be hard, from the minute my buddy Mickey had shared with us his secret desire. Like, years ago he’d introduced us to the idea. We were his brothers, his lifetime buddies, and there wasn’t a world he imagined without all three of us together, raising a family and loving a woman with a heart big enough to love all of us. We’d been waiting and hoping ever since. As I was the most inclined toward living online, I’d sort of taken the job of cyber dating upon myself.

For months I’d been floating on all these sites with no luck. All the chicks that seemed interesting were pretty conventional. Of the few I messaged, an even smaller few actually answered, and when they did they pretty quickly shot me down. There had to be something I was missing.

Maybe, to find an unconventional woman, I had to look in more unconventional places. That’s where the kinky sites came in. My other friend had lately begun expressing an interest in D/s stuff, and maybe that was my answer. If I was gonna get Cal interested in a girl, she might just have to be the kind who performed on her knees and liked a little pain and bondage. Not that I didn’t have plenty of my own kinks, and Mickey too, but of course I didn’t think of browsing the BDSM sites because it wasn’t at the front of my mind. I could have kicked myself for forgetting about them, and once I started picking them out, the prospects seemed much better.

I was on a few for a week or so, and bless the domain bindmeforlyfe.com, because it was a gold mine. Lots of kinksters looking for fun, scenes, and LTRs all over, and a number of hot ladies with various kinky needs to choose from. I even got messages after putting up our profile. It seemed I’d found the right place finally, and began sifting through the interested parties. A couple seemed like bots or scams, but a bunch were genuine, and while a lot of them were super eager to experience sex with three men at once, not a lot were looking for the full package (marriage, kids, the works), and nobody felt… ‘right’.

Then I found her.



Hi! My name is Jane. I’m 26, I live in NY, and am seeking a lifetime relationship. I finally got to the point where I know who I am and what I want, and what I want is a long-term, 24/7 partnership with a Dominant man. I am bakırköy türbanlı escort an outgoing, passionate, energetic woman with intensely submissive desires, and I need someone for whom Dominance is their inner fire; someone who likes adventure, new experiences, travel, fun, and lots of kinky sex. Smart is essential, funny a plus.

Some more about me: I love reading, writing, and cartoons of all kinds. I want to see the world, try new things, learn new skills, and meet interesting people. I’m ferociously intelligent and looking for the same. I want children. I want to raise a family with a likeminded man.

If any of this appeals to you, message me! I’ve been waiting for my Prince Charming, but I’m not a damsel-in-distress. So here I am, and I won’t stop looking until I find him. 😉

There. Add a few pictures, fill out the sundry details, and I was officially out on the kink market. I duplicated this profile on a couple of BDSM/kink dating sites to branch out as far as I could in searching for the man I’d always wanted but couldn’t seem to find.

It was like two AM, and though I’d been happy dating this one guy for a year, we both knew it was time for us to move on. It was easy enough and a little bittersweet to let him go, but we were seeking different things, ready for different things, and I was tired of waiting for the man who’d have kids with me (and actually want them) and Dominate me as much as I wanted. Which was a lot. Paddy was a great guy, and he’d significantly helped me to experience a healthy relationship and explore my innate submissive sexuality, but he wasn’t a true Dom. He wasn’t ready for kids or to settle down, and that was okay, but I needed what he couldn’t give. Our parting was mutual and as pleasant as it could have been, and now I was once again online.

I’d met a few people here and there in the past online, from places like OKCupid, and though I’d made at least one friend out of it, I hadn’t had a successful relationship. Paddy was introduced by my friend Veronica when I expressed my want for an “Irish Viking”, and we had a great run for sure, but I now had a broader picture of my sexual nature. Thank you Tessa, for helping put the words to my yearnings.

I needed Dominance. I needed a man to whom I could submit and serve, one who could stem the overwhelming tide of my lust and keep me safe from my own demons. So far, for all my searching, casual hookups and attempts to find that guy, nothing. Even when a dude actually turned me on and kept up with me in bed (rare), he usually wasn’t Dominant enough to keep it going. Paddy had jumped into the role for fun, but he didn’t need BDSM.

And the ex…? Ugh. An abuser with some qualities that felt like Dominance, and I’d been too young and too naïve to see until we’d spent six years together.

All that was changing, thanks to the magic of the internet. I was 26. At the tail end of my long-and-leisurely college career (one summer class and then I was officially graduated!), my anchors in NY were light. I had only a crappy part-time job, my bestie had gone to live with her BF in New Hampshire (they were high school sweethearts, and I knew he was close to proposing), and I didn’t have any hefty expenses to tie me down. It didn’t matter where I ended up, as long as I found the person to spend my life with.

Once the responses and messages started pouring in (as a woman on a dating site, I never needed to message anyone), I began sorting through them. A few were interesting. One man wanted me to be his full-time sub, not working even, just serving him 24/7. While I wouldn’t object, I had to ask him if he’d let me write, which he had no problem with, but I also pointed out that I would be coming with a bunch of student loan debt and was he sure about that? So that went nowhere. Another guy wanted me to be a full-time sub to himself and his wife, and since that seemed like it was going to derail me from having kids of my own, that was out the window too.

Some of the guys immediately wanted me to obey their commands online and cyber with them, and one older man was very sweet and gently sexy with me, but he wasn’t fertile and let me go. Not before he engaged me in some very titillating cyber role-play though.

I had a lot of interest and it was hard to keep up with, but nothing really clicked. Nothing felt “right”.

Until a couple of days went by, and I was again online in the middle of the night. As I sifted through the messages, most of it back-and-forth with some of the men I’d taken interest in, I had a new message from a profile called “ThreeAmigosMRC”. Curious, I clicked to read it.

Hey there! I just read your profile, and I loved it. I’m messaging because you sound like a great gal, and a totally perfect fit to what I’ve been looking for. But here’s the thing. This is probably going to be a longshot since your profile specifies you want bakırköy ucuz escort a man, who’s dominant, but I’m not just representing myself here, and I’m not a dom. I’m writing on behalf of a poly trio, one of which does have dominant leanings, for what it’s worth. He’s still exploring.

My name’s Randy. My buddies are Mickey (we call him ‘M’), and Calvin. The three of us are very close friends, and we’ve been looking for a girl- OUR¬ girl- for years. You sound like exactly who we’ve needed for so long. Please please PLEASE, read over our profile and check us out. I’m the one who answers the messages and stuff but I’m doing it for all of us. I hope I hear back from you, Jane. You’re a gorgeous piece of woman, and you sound like everything we ever dreamed.


Ps. I love cartoons too. 🙂

A hot spark shot through my belly and stoked the heat between my legs. Some of my wildest dreams involved three men at once, something I never thought I’d get to experience, and in my heart I knew I was wildly monogamous. Still, the message was earnest, and he hadn’t tried to assert his sexuality on me or sent me a dick pic or something, and I was open to giving anyone a shot. So, I clicked.

Immediately, a picture of three very different guys greeted me. My mouth fell open when I saw it, though. The middle figure was blond, excessively good-looking, and at the middle height of the two guys flanking him, wrapped in his arms. As pretty and crisply dressed as that guy was, my eyes strayed to the larger, buffer dirty-blond guy on his right (my left as I looked at it). He was huge. Easily a foot to two feet taller than either of the other two, built like a Celtic warrior, his arm loosely but possessively curled around his friend’s shoulders (as the shorter guy’s arm was around big guy’s waist). Got a bit of a vibe from the two of them, and I smirked. They were cute together. Both of them attractive as fuck. I finally let my eyes drift to the third dude, who was shorter, rail-thin, darkly scruffy, and obviously fucking adorable. He had a huge grin on his face, wore a WOW tee shirt, and looked like the kind of guy who liked to raise hell in his spare time.

I couldn’t help myself, and smiled. I liked the look of all three of them. There wasn’t a sex or sexuality on the planet that wouldn’t find the sweet blond angel attractive, and I had this particular thing for both big, imposing, thickly-built men and trouble making dark-haired boys who walked on the wild side. Something told me the trio I was looking at was a goddamn holy grail and I’d never see it again if I didn’t jump right on it.

I read the profile. They were all thirty-one, owned their own home and land, and worked in various fields, living in West Virginia. Randy was the short guy with the WOW tee and described himself as a nerdy, dirty night owl with a foul mouth, huge sexual appetite and a hardcore fetish for cosplay and costumes. I drooled. The big guy was Calvin or ‘Cal’, whip-smart, exploring Domination, sensible, methodical and loyal. The beautiful boy was Mickey, called M. Sweet, charming, romantic, deeply into romcoms and romance novels, and a male model! Wow. Wow wow wow. I was floored. I had stuff in common with all of them, and I was attracted to all three.

I couldn’t hit the “reply” button fast enough.

Dear God. Sexy bachelors one, two and three, come on down!

Wow. I read your profile, and… all I can say is that I am INTERESTED. BIG time. You’re all excessively sexy, and shit, we do have a lot in common. Different things for each of you, too, which opens up so many possibilities in how we’d enjoy a relationship. Fuck, I have so many questions buzzing around in my head right now. Seriously, how have you all gone that long without being snapped up? I mean, I guess it’s got to be hard to find a woman into all three of you physically, but isn’t variety the spice of life? I mean, I’m giddy right now.

And yeah, I have always considered myself incredibly monogamous, but I guess if the three of you are a unit, I could see myself being devoted to that unit, and serving all of you. Let me tell you, I will help the big guy find his Dominant nature because HOLY. FUCK. is he hot. I want to call him ‘Master’ and let him spank me silly.

Don’t think I’m not totally into you or Mickey though, because you’re both fucking dead sexy. I’m going to put it out there and guess you have the biggest cock, don’t you? You tricky little skinny guys ALL have absolutely huge cocks. You had me at “dirty pervert” by the way.

Ok, so, I’m extremely interested. So much so that I will stop taking messages from other guys if you’re all serious about getting to know me. Right now I can’t promise you this will work out, but I want to find out if it’s got a shot. I never thought I’d be doing this, but I’m so game, Randy. Just to sweeten the pot, here’s a picture of me dressed up for Anime başakşehir escort Boston last year. I’ll send you a bonus shot of something good if you know my costume. 😉


I attached a pic of me in my Seras Victoria costume from last Boston and sent it, my whole body trembling. To calm myself I began filtering through some of my other messages. There were a few promising guys, but nothing like the three dudes I’d just started considering for my future. Jesus I was horny just thinking about the possibility and I knew I’d be enjoying the business end of my vibrator when I finally went to bed.

A few minutes passed and I was thinking about how I was going to get to sleep waiting for a response, when I got one.

The site’s private chat window opened up. It was Randy. My heart and stomach did some flips as I rushed to read the message. Of COURSE he’d be awake… just like me, he was a consummate night owl.



I thought I’d dreamed the loud burst of laughter through my wall when I woke up the next morning, but it had been real, as a very jovial (but tired) Randy informed me at breakfast. He’d gotten himself up and into the kitchen with printed records of what he’d been up to, and triumphantly presented them to us, unable to relax his grin for a second. The pages were chatlogs. He had some pics to show us, and read us off the profile of a woman he’d found on a BDSM dating website. The laughter, he explained when I asked about it, had been because the girl (Jane, we saw) had rightly guessed that of the three of us, he had the biggest cock, proving not only that she had a dirty mind but that we had a foot in the door of satisfying the desire I’d held for years.

A woman we could share, and a woman who would share us.

“She wants kids?” I eagerly read out of her profile. “She loves books, travel, cartoons… Oh my God! She sounds perfect! And oh man, she’s cuuuute…” Described herself as 5’5″, BBW, she had long, slightly wavy brown hair, glasses, and was built clearly curvy, with very large breasts, a thick belly, ass and thighs, and hourglass waist. Slender frame, generously padded with feminine softness, and she had an adorable sense of style from her pics. Even Cal’s eyebrows rose when he saw her.

“She is cute,” he remarked. “Ooh, she’s submissive…” he read further into the messages she’d traded with Randy and I heard him gasp as a blush rose up on his cheeks. “Oh my God,” he muttered. “Jesus, she said she wants to call me ‘Master’ and let me spank her silly.”

“She thinks you’re hoooooot,” Randy needled him gleefully. “She thinks all three of us are dead sexy and wants to get to know us. Even said she’d stop taking other messages if we were serious.” I couldn’t help bouncing in my seat.

“Hell yes! We’ve got to lock this sweet little morsel down!” I didn’t really need to see much more. She was everything I ever dreamed, and now that we had a connection, all we needed to do was woo her until she swore to be ours forever. The biggest challenge would be convincing Cal- and I could already tell he was… intrigued.

Getting my friend into a girl, metaphorically and literally speaking, hadn’t ever been that easy. As eagerly as I pursued romantic interludes, Calvin was just not that interested. He considered sex and relationships to be just something that was there as needed and had never felt the urge to have a steady girlfriend. Randy and I had both dated and kept relationships going for moderate lengths of time, but always ended things because we wanted a long-term commitment for all three of us. I knew Cal would go along with it and enjoy a lady if we had her here, but he had always been more or less indifferent to the idea of a wife. Something had changed this time, though, and that might have to do with his recent interest in the world of BDSM. Maybe the reason no women ever held his interest for long is because he needs a submissive and just didn’t know it.

“That ass of hers would take so much spanking…” Cal mumbled as he stared at a picture of her lush body. He traced it with his finger for a second, his cheeks still red, and I saw a spark in his eyes that I’d never seen before. At least… not when looking at women. Only me did he ever seem to look at that way. I always wondered what it was, but he never seemed to mean it sexually. I hadn’t yet dared to bring it up. “She thinks… I’m hot?” He asked Randy, turning his attention to our skinny friend. There was a trace of disbelief in his tone.

“Oh my God, so hot. Look at this.” He picked up and handed Cal a page of their conversation, with a big portion circled. I hurried over to my best friend’s side to read around his elbow.

NotPlainJane: So tell me about Calvin. He’s exactly my type, and SUPER GORGEOUS. The long hair, the build- ugh, he’s a god. Is he Irish/Scottish? Nordic? He needs a kilt and a broadsword like right now

ThreeAmigosMRC: Lol, he’s Irish as hell. Personality wise he’s really freaking smart, a kind of quiet and deeply thoughtful type of guy. Doesn’t know how hot he is, honestly, and I am insanely jealous of his looks. He likes action flicks and sports, and is downright crazy loyal and kind-hearted, but he’s so tough-looking people don’t see past that and into who he is, you know?

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