Twistominoes Game 04

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Dildo Ride

Please read the Twistominoes Games that were played up to this point for the basic rules of the game, and to get a feeling for the characters and the building sexual tension. I also want to point out that no one in the story is intoxicated, though peer pressure can be equally powerful in forcing people into doing things they normally wouldn’t.

I’ve opted to write the rules (and variants, etc) of the game at the top of the story so that you can quickly refer to them. The story will briefly gloss over the rules as Mandy tells the others.

Twistominoes Game 4

Focus Player(s):

Twistominoes can be played with focus players where everyone can only score points on 1 or 2 players. The focus players are chosen at the start of each round and do not need to actively make connections that round, though they will be similarly penalized for the breaking of prior connections.

On each player’s turn, they should draw a tile and announce it to all players. All non focus players should perform that action with any of the chosen focus players. The focus player receives 2 points for each successful connection to them.

When it is a focus player’s turn, he or she should draw a tile for all non-focus players to perform. All connections should be made to the focus player only even if there are multiple focus players. The focus player will receive the score for each successful connection, and will be penalized for each unsuccessful connection.

Selecting the Focus Player:

At the start of the round, the current focus player should draw a tile to determine who the next focus player(s) is/are. In a 6-player game, each player is assigned a number, and the players whose numbers that are selected are the focus players for that round. If a double (e.g. 3-3) is drawn, Player 3 will be the sole focus player. In a smaller group, each player may “own” multiple numbers or there may be blank numbers which do not correspond to a player. In a larger group, multiple tiles may be drawn to the same effect.

Playing in the dark or in dim light:

Use a set of dominoes with raised bumps so you may determine the numbers drawn by feeling, or use candles or night lights to change the game environment. Playing in the dark tends to reduce inhibitions and heighten the sense of touch.

On with the story!

“Playing in the dark? How are we going to do that?” Trisha wondered aloud as the group disentangled themselves. Gina hurriedly drew back from Jake, a loud blush across her cheeks. She could hear the blood pounding in her head as her eyes met his. What a heady rush, she thought, and they had only been flirting so far. The idea of doing something so naughty with a group of strangers unaware seemed to be raising the stakes, her temperature, and her state of arousal.

“Well since this set has raised bumps, we could rub the tiles with our thumbs to figure them out?” Simon suggested. “Playing Twistominoes in the dark would change the game up quite a bit.”

“You have no idea,” assured Mandy. Simon was sure that she was slightly smirking. Not that he was about to complain, his toes still jammed in her crotch rubbing against her clitoris. No one had yet noticed and he didn’t want any attention drawn to him. “We should also play with focus players since all of us have got the basic rules down pat.”

She went over the concept of focus players and the rules around them. Trisha’s eyes lit up when she heard the amount of points the focus players could possibly get. If she was the sole focus player, she could earn up to 50 points in a single round, not counting the points from her focus turn! That would definitely give her the victory!

Mandy also explained what blank tiles were for (rules are in Game 1). They allowed players to break a single connection to the body part listed, followed by making a new connection with the same part. Double blanks allowed the player to break all connections to a chosen body part, to be followed by a new connection of the player’s choice. Everyone agreed that it would have been helpful to play it that way in the previous game.

Mandy finished her explanation and wanted to jump right into the game before anyone had time to cool off from the last game. She knew time was of the essence in this game. Each game built on the energy of the game before and she knew that the boys were getting horny and rowdy. The tents they were each trying to cover up easily gave them away. She could see Gina’s nipples pressing firmly against her modest round neck T-shirt, so she knew where she stood. Trisha might be a hard nut to crack, but her drive to win at all costs could be the chink in her armour.

She quickly reminded everyone that the scoring rules hadn’t changed; the numbers referred to the same body parts and were worth the same points as before. With all that out of the way, she drew all the curtains and turned the lights off. There was still some stray light from the cracks in the curtains, enough illegal bahis to see when someone was moving, but not enough to identify who it was. Just the way she wanted it.

“Everyone ready? For this game, we all need to be in the center, so head to my voice.” The other five mutely gathered. Mandy handed each of them a tile and took one herself. “The largest number will be 1, until the smallest number is 6. Treat this as a practice for figuring out what tile you’ve picked out. I’ve 2 plus 6 so that’s 8.”

The final order was Jake, Trisha, Mandy, Simon, Gina and lastly Alan who managed to get snake-eyes. “Alan, won’t you do us the honour of choosing our first focus players?” He picked up 2-4 so Trisha and Simon were the first in line. Trisha was almost salivating.

The two of them sat cross-legged in the middle of the group while the other four sat around them. “Jake, pick our first challenge. When you’re done, put them back in the bag or we’ll start losing pieces.” Mandy’s word seemed to be law, no one mentioned anything. Jake noted that each tile had an equal chance of showing up on any draw.

“1-2,” he called out as he reached to hold Trisha’s wrist only to find someone else had beat him there. He settled for her elbow. Simon felt a hand take his hand and another wrap around his wrist. From the soft touches, he knew that Mandy and Gina had made connections with him, though he couldn’t tell who was who.

Trisha fished in the bag with her free right hand and retrieved 4-3. She counted the feet that settled on her ankle, calf, knee and mid-thigh. All four meant she got 16 points on top of the 10 points from Jake’s turn. Hurrah!

Mandy drew her tile and called out “6-1” as she tossed it back in. Simon expected two hands to touch his chest, but instead he had only had one on his left shoulder. One of the girls must have decided to touch Trisha instead. He racked his brains to recall who was seated on his left and who on his right, but gave up.

Trisha felt a hand on her left shoulder, another on her right side and another flat on her belly. She too wondered where the other four had chosen to sit, but couldn’t tell. Still, three hands meant that she had three times the points that Simon got that turn.

Simon rubbed his tile and figured out that it was a double 4. Jake groaned on his left as a big foot shifted awkward to end up flat against his, so Simon figured it was Jake’s. Another smaller foot rested on his ankle. A leg lay across his knee and another foot touched his thigh.

“It’s getting hard to play sitting on my bum,” Mandy remarked, quickly getting the responses she was expecting.

“Yes it’s pretty difficult, I’ve got my legs crossed under me because my left foot’s on Trisha and my right is on Simon,” Jake agreed. Gina giggled next to him, admitting to be in a similar plight. The four non-focus players had all their extremities tied up already and the game had only just begun.

“I’m worried that the next round when I’m not the focus player, it’ll be hard to change position with all our legs connected,” Trisha griped.

“You could always opt to break some connections, so I can be ahead,” Simon laughed. He knew she would have to be backed into a corner before she gave her points away.

“Gina, what have you got for us?”

“Feels like a 2, it’s a 2-6.” Mandy wasted no time claiming her spot as she wedged Simon’s upper arm in her ample bosom. Simon caught himself before giving out a low whistle. So this is what Jake had in the earlier game. Looks like I’m the lucky one this time.

Alan didn’t want to climb across Trisha to get to her right arm, so he went across, intending to connect shoulders with Simon. When he bumped into something soft, he was confused. Simon’s arms were well defined and the bounciness he encountered couldn’t have been him. He prodded it with his head a little more before it dawned on him. With little choice, he skirted under Mandy’s breast so his chest was connected to Simon’s elbow. He was close enough to hear Mandy breathing behind him, and whenever she heaved, he imagined her large breasts moving in unison right above his head.

He had to move his hand holding Trisha’s to regain balance. With Jake connected to her elbow, her range of motion was limited and it ended up in the floor between Alan and her. Trisha placed her free hand on Jake’s chest, knowing that every connection she could help make would earn her 2 points. Gina shifted in to rest her right side against the outstretched arm.

Finally it was Alan’s turn and he picked up a 3-3. Since everyone’s left leg was resting on various parts of Trisha’s right leg, they all inched closer and stretched out to try to cover both legs. It helped that Trisha was seated cross-legged, but it now meant that it would be nigh impossible for her to move without breaking at least one connection. Alan’s foot was on her ankle and his calf on her knee. Mandy’s foot was on her calf and she let her thigh illegal bahis siteleri rest on Trisha’s thigh. Jake had to move closer in so his foot could reach Trisha’s left ankle; he was previously connected to her knee. There was no space for Gina to get into the scrum, so she sidled alongside Simon so her left thigh was touching his.

With the first round over, they mentally took stock of the knots they had made. In the course of the round, they had figured out where each of the others was in relation to themselves. Jake and Gina were seated together, her back towards him as she had both hands on Simon and her side to Trisha. The outgoing focus players were back to back, a position which made sense early on but would make it extremely difficult going forward. Jake’s left foot was buried underneath the connection of Simon’s and Gina’s thighs so he knew he wasn’t going to be able to move away. Not that he would want to; he liked to have Gina nearby.

On the other side, Alan’s body was parallel to the floor as he had snaked in between Mandy’s breasts, her hand on Trisha’s belly and her legs on Trisha’s thigh. For all in matter, he could probably drop his weight on her thigh, but didn’t want to. Mandy’s breasts had initially been further away from his face, but now the undersides of her globes were resting on his cheek. He wondered how whether it was to due to his gradual upward shift or gravity bringing her to him. His cock stirred in his shorts, already aroused from the previous game. Trisha’s hand was inches away from the waking monster and if the lights were on, she might have noticed or even taken offence. However, with the lights out, his secret was kept.

“Everyone doing okay?” Mandy asked innocuously. She knew where all the dangerous spots were and she had chosen her seat carefully between Simon and Alan. She had seen the lust in their eyes and knew that if she played them right, they would influence the course of the game.

Mandy did not have the perfect lithe body that Gina did. While Gina might have been a size 6, Mandy was a size 10. But bigger people have much greater assets and while she couldn’t do anything about her larger frame, she made sure to eradicate all signs of excess flab. The only large fatty deposits she liked were in her breasts and butt, and she knew that others liked it too. A girl’s weapons are only as good as their owner and she was proficient in their use.

“When can we legally break connections?” asked Trisha. “Is it still going to be 2 connections, since the focus players have made many connections already.”

“Each turn is counted as one connection, so when another round involving that connection is made, the earliest connection can be broken,” came the reply. That meant that Trisha had to wait for 2 more connections involving her right leg to break all the connections to her. All the non-focus players had already made 2 left leg connections, so if a left leg were to come out, that would also break her right leg-left leg connection.

Trisha drew 1-6 for the next focus players and Jake and Alan were relieved. It was nice to have everyone else do all the work while they racked up the points. Since they were at different ends of the group, it was going to be a clear divide, or so they thought.

Jake announced his tile, 3-5, and realised that most of the players wouldn’t be able to reach him. He was free from Trisha’s right leg, but still connected to her left foot, so it was moot! Trisha seemed to be pretty flexible, curling her body downward to touch her head to his calf. She brought the hand on his chest down to his belly, so Gina could also descend. Jake had that had been on Trisha’s side migrated to her back. Gina shifted around Trisha arm and rested her head on Jake’s thigh with Trisha’s arm on her left shoulder. She held Simon’s right hand in her left and her right hand was on his left shoulder.

Being so close to Jake again bothered her in a nice way. Subconsciously she had moved in to sit next to him before the lights went out. She thought he had given her a smile before it turned dark, but she could have imagined it. Now, lying peacefully on his leg, it was easy to forget the game and focus only on the pulsating beat of her blood in her veins. He felt very warm to the touch and if her hands were free, she would want to rest them on his knee. She felt a queer sense of safety, and chided herself for being silly and thinking so.

Jake knew that it was Gina on his left thigh and Trisha on his calf. Gina was also having a profound impact on him even though nothing serious had happened between yet. She just made him feel good about himself and life and everything. That’s so strange, he thought, but she’s got me thinking how lucky I am to be alive and here tonight.

They snapped back to reality as Trisha pulled 3-1 from the bag before returning the tile. Gina opted to drop her left arm so her elbow was in Simon’s side while her hand could rest on Jake’s thigh canlı bahis siteleri in front of her face, just the position she had been imagining. If the lights had been on, it would have been really awkward, so she revelled in the darkness.

Her left hand was pretty close to Alan’s thigh, so she walked it over a few steps until it rested against his left inner thigh still connected to Alan’s right hand. Jake had to slide his hand further up her arm; her elbow was now too far to reach. Mandy’s wiggled her hand on Trisha belly until it reached under her armpit to Jake’s knee, cutting an intrepid path across her right breast. If Trisha cared, she certainly didn’t make an effort to show it. Mandy smirked quietly; Trisha was too focused on the game to know the trap she was falling into.

Simon contemplated moving his left arm, but decided that since the two focus players were behind him, it could be disastrous! When Mandy reached around Trisha behind him to get to Jake, she crushed her right breast against his chest. The game was just getting better. He wished he had a free hand to get a better feel of the situation.

Mandy revealed 6-1 in her draw again. Trisha crowed, she already had a connection with Alan at her shoulder and Jake on her back. Four free points!

Mandy asked Alan if he could shift his arm so she could reach him. Since his chest was sandwiched between Simon’s arm and her belly, he didn’t take long to decide she meant that she wanted him to move to touch her body for her, and since no one besides Simon and him knew where her body was, he could comply without ramifications. With only a slight tremor in his hand, he adjusted his position forward to get his elbow on Trisha shoulder. Since she had leaned over to connect her head to Jake’s calf, it was now a longer distance from Mandy’s smoking body. He shuffled forward a few more times until he was ready to give up, Trisha was too far away from Mandy to keep Trisha’s connection and make it to where he wanted to go.

He announced his desire to break the connection with Trisha, who was nonchalant; she still had Jake’s connection with her. Jake had lowered his hand on her back so his arm hugged Gina’s side. The increased proximity was making both their hearts pound with excitement. It was just a game, and neither wanted to think about what came after. They just wanted to enjoy the game and each other while it lasted.

Ten penalty points later, Alan’s left arm was finally free to be placed squarely on Mandy’s left breast. She laughed when he made contact and he gave her a squeeze in celebration which brought forth a lower chuckle. Simon knew what was happening just behind him and contemplated breaking all connections on his left hand so he could join in. For now, he consoled himself with 4 free points since he could feel Alan’s hand working away at Mandy’s breast. Alan’s rampant fingertips stroked the little bit of bare cleavage at the V of her T-shirt and he could feel her nipple hardening under her thin top and bra. An even lower chuckle escaped from Mandy’s lips and Alan’s manhood swelled proudly.

All the inching forward had brought the back of Trisha’s hand right up against said swelling. She could feel its length against her forearm and it felt imposing and dangerous, yet oddly bewitching. As lewd as it was to be touching the junk of a guy she hadn’t met before tonight, the thought that knew no one else knew or would know excited her. Of course she wouldn’t deliberately go up to a guy and touch him up, but this was a game, and games were meant to be fun and to be won. Winning made games fun for her, and she knew she was about 10 points ahead of everyone else.

Mandy could feel the juices flowing from her pussy. She had been turned on and holding back since the first game and she was finally getting the contact she craved. Alan’s hand was that of an amateur, but it still felt good. She wondered how long it would be before Simon caved and wanted in on it. She could still remember his toes rubbing her clit and she knew that he did to. She breathed heavily into his ear and enjoyed Simon’s shiver. Her arm across Trisha’s chest began moving on its own accord as she got more and more into Alan’s ministrations on her breast. Alan was getting bolder as he tugged the neck of her T-shirt to get at more of her titty flesh.

Trisha’s mind raced with unbidden thoughts as she felt Alan grow even firmer against her arm and Mandy’s arm rubbed gently against her breast. She wasn’t as well endowed as Gina or Mandy, but still a respectable 32B which looked great on her small frame. She bit her lip as Alan started to move slightly against her arm. Did he know that she could feel him? She shuddered as her body started to react to the quiet dual assault on her arm and breast.

Simon wanted the game to move along; maybe a good draw would allow him to get in on the action. Give me a blank he prayed silently as he felt the tile. It wasn’t a blank, but he realised that no one who know any better! “Um, it’s a blank! Blank-1!” he lied. He let go of Gina’s right hand, and wasted no time latching on to Mandy’s right breast. She let out a gasp at his fervour, but she knew that he couldn’t have held back much longer.

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