Tucker’s Studio Ch. 12

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All people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


The Bartenders

Tucker’s favorite night spot was a blues joint in the heart of the city. For a decade or so it had been the hot spot — wood-fired pizzas, mouth watering panini, local craft beer on tap and live music late into the night. Wednesdays were the best — that’s when the touring blues acts rolled into town. Tucker stopped in pretty much every week. The bartenders were usually Kat and Lori, a couple of cute blondes who took good care of their regulars and raked in the tips. Kat started pouring Tucker’s usual, a pint of Guinness, as soon as she saw him walk through the door.

“Hi Tucker!” she said as he sidled up to the bar.

“Hi Kat. How’s it goin’ tonight?”

“Pretty good. The band should be good tonight. How’s business?” she asked, unable to hold back a little smirk.

“You know what I do?”

“Yeah. Bartenders hear all kinds of wild stories.”

“What makes you think those stories are true?”

“A girl gets a feeling…”

“Oh, she does, does she?” Tucker smiled.

“So it’s true?” Kat said, leaning in, talking quieter. “You run a porn studio?”

“Maybe. Sometimes it’s best to not broadcast that stuff around.”

“Hey, I’m not a talker. I get the big tips because I’m a listener, not a talker.”

Kat was leaning on the bar on her elbows, back arched, faded bluejean covered ass looking spectacular as usual. Tucker, and all the other guys in the city, had long admired her effortless sexiness. He’d only had a few fantasy girls in his life. Kat was one of ’em.

“A listener huh? And you want me to tell you some stories? Is that it?” Tucker smiled.

“Yeah!” Kat said, her eyes flaring with intrigue. “Tell me everything!”

“Sorry Kat,” Tucker said. “The only way you get the inside scoop is if you come work for me.”

He was surprised at himself for saying it. Sure, Kat and Lori were both porn-worthy. Very porn-worthy. But with their well-known jobs and all the talk that went on at the bar, it just didn’t seem like something Tucker wanted to get involved with.

“Holy shit!” Kat said. “You’d hire me?”

“You two better not be talkin’ about what I think you’re talkin’ about,” Lori said as she poured a beer and listened. “Kat?” she said suspiciously.

“Don’t worry, we’re just kiddin’ around,” Kat said. “Right Tucker?”

“Maybe,” Tucker said.

“Yeah, I know that look in a guys eye,” Lori said. “Scram girl, before you get in trouble.”

“Party pooper,” Tucker said. He smiled and winked at Lori as Kat walked away.

“You’re not seriously tryin’ to recruit her are ya?”

“It’s not the military Lori,” Tucker smiled “Everybody has fun.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet! So it’s for real? The stuff we’ve heard?”

“What have you heard?” Tucker said.

“Oh I dunno. Nothin’ specific really. Is it a website?”

“Yeah, that’s where all the cash flow is these days. We used to sell a lot of DVD’s but not so much anymore.”

“We heard it’s mostly amateur women,” Lori said.

“Yeah, a lot of that. All ages. Housewives, office clerks, waitresses. No bartenders yet though,” Tucker smiled. “Do me a favor and don’t spread all this around, all right? We like to keep a low profile.”

“Sure Tucker. I shouldn’t be so nosy anyway,” Lori said. “Your secrets are safe. With me anyway, I dunno about Kat.”

“Thanks Lori. For real though, you guys are welcome any time. Stop by and I’ll give you a tour. It’s a pretty fun place.”


A week later Tucker was back at the bar to see another up-and-coming blues guitarist, this one from Memphis. It was a thin crowd. By closing time Tucker was one of the only customers left in the place.

“Boy, everybody missed out on this one. That was a great show,” Tucker said to Kat.

“I know. You want another beer? It’s last call.”

“Sure, one more for the road.”

Kat poured a pint of Guinness. She tried to draw a little picture on top of the foam as she finished the pour, but it didn’t look like much.

“What’s that?” Tucker laughed.

“It’s supposed to be a cock and balls,” Kat laughed. “For our porn guy.”

“Thanks,” Tucker chuckled. “So when are you comin’ down for a tour?”

“A tour?” Kat said, her eyes big with wonder.

“Yeah, didn’t Lori tell you? Any time you guys wanna come down.”

“Hey mister,” Lori said, hustling down from the other end of the bar. “You gettin’ my girl in trouble again?”

“A tour?” Kat said, glaring at Lori.

“Yeah, well, I didn’t think…you’d wanna.”

“I’m not a child you know. You don’t have to protect me.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“She’s more mothery than my mother sometimes,” Kat said, wandering away a little disgusted.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to stir up trouble,” Tucker said to Lori.

“No, it’s my fault,” she said. “I’m too protective sometimes. That’s what happens when you have kids.”

“You guys have worked together a long time.”

“Yeah, six years now,” Lori said.

“So, you guys ever…”

“What?” illegal bahis Lori said, trying to read Tucker’s face. “Have sex? Is that all you think about?”


“Why? What do people say?” Lori asked quietly.

“No, it’s nothing. You guys just seem so…close sometimes. It’s nothing. I’m just a horny guy who imagines things, that’s all.”

Lori looked at Kat down at the other end of the bar. Tucker could tell there was something there.

“She’s…I mean…can we talk about something else?” Lori said, clearly rattled a little. “People fuck right in front of you all day long?”

“No!” Tucker laughed. “I mean sometimes, yeah, but…”

“Is it hot? I mean, how do you stand it?”

“Yeah, it’s hot as fuck,” he said. “What’s not to like about that?”

“Do you ever see anybody here at the bar that’s…done that with you? I mean not with you, but, at your place?”

“Oh sure,” Tucker said. “Some of my pros hang out here. And I’ve met a few of my amateurs here too.”

“No way!” Lori said. “Who? You’re not gonna tell me are ya…”

“Nope,” Tucker said. “Come see my place. You might be surprised who you meet.”

“Jesus! You are workin’ all the angles aren’t ya!” Lori laughed. “I’ve got kids you know. I can’t be…”

“Can’t be what?” Kat said as she approached. “Marty wants to talk to ya.”

“Oh, okay,” Lori said. She wandered off to talk to their manager.

“So what’s this about a tour?” Kat asked Tucker.

“Yeah. Any time you and Lori wanna come down. I’d love to show you guys the place. Most people think it’s gonna be sleazy or somethin’, but it’s pretty cool.”

“I’d love to check it out! Tomorrow good?”

“Yeah,” Tucker smiled. “Ya gotta bring Lori though or she’ll be mad at me, and I don’t know if she wants to.”

“Lori? I’ll get her there,” Kat said, with a ‘no problem’ look on her face. “You got a thing for her?”

“No, it’s not that. She just…I don’t think she wants you there without her.”

“Oh fuck. I’m an adult ya know.”

“I know,” Tucker said. “Just humor her. She cares about you.”

“Yeah. I know. What time should we come?”

“I don’t know. Do you cum easily?” Tucker smiled.

“You!” Kat said, looking surprised and delighted. “I never knew you were so dirty! I love it!”

“I’ll be there at two doing some editing,” Tucker said.

“Two o’clock,” Kat said. “I’ll give it a shot. Who knows if I’ll talk her into it.”

“Take care Kat,” Tucker said, sneaking one last glance at her sweet ass. “I’ll see you tomorrow I hope.”

He got up from his stool, tossed a twenty dollar tip on the bar, and wandered out into the night.


The next morning Tucker called Dave. He was on a painting job, transforming a small ranch house from faded blue to mossy green.

“Any chance you can be here at one-thirty?” Tucker asked.

“Sorry man, I got a deadline on this house. I really need more notice if you need me.”

“Yeah, I know Dave. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve got Kat and Lori coming in for a look see, and I’m hopin’ maybe I can finagle it into somethin’, you know what I mean? But I can call one of the other guys.”

“Are you shittin’ me?” Dave said, sounding shocked. “I’ll be there! One-thirty?”

“Yeah. You sure it’s cool?”

“Fuck yeah. I’ll be there,” Dave said.


“So here’s how I wanna play it,” Tucker said the next day when Dave arrived. “You and Jamar’ll be working on editing your last scene. We’ll show the girls and maybe they’ll get interested, you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, like you did with me you mean?” Dave chuckled. “You’re like the most seductive fucker I’ve ever met.”

Tucker chuckled. “All right, ya got me. But it works, right?”

“Oh yeah. It works.”

“So whaddya think about Kat and Lori?” Tucker asked. “I’ve always picked up on a sexy vibe between them, you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed it,” Dave said. “You mean, the two of them together, right?”

“Yeah. I think there’s something waitin’ to happen there, if it hasn’t already. You know me though, I’m not pushin’ anything, but if it happens…”

“Holy fuck,” Dave said. “If that happens I won’t survive.”

The entryway intercom buzzed. Tucker walked to the door and was delighted to see a smiling Kat and a nervous looking Lori.

“Hey you guys!” he said. “This is cool! You get to see me at my work for a change.”

Lori smiled and relaxed a little as they walked in.

“Fuckin’ A Tucker!” Kat said. “Nice place!”

“Thanks. Yeah, we’ve been here for a while.”

He looked the two young women over as they walked into the hallway and stopped at the glass cabinet to check out the awards. Lori looked like her usual beautiful self, casual in faded jeans and a loose, purple top that brought gypsy girls to mind. Kat was wearing a tight, brightly colored hand printed t-shirt, super-short cut-off shorts and crazy, modern looking fishnet stockings. Black leather high-heel ankle boots gave her legs and ass a posture that was a bit obscene. She looked like a slutty illegal bahis siteleri art-house biker.

“Jesus Kat, you should wear those stockings at the bar,” Tucker said, admiring her legs, “The tips’d be insane.”

Kat just smiled. Lori didn’t say anything, but Tucker could sense her appreciation for the way Kat looked. There was some tension in the air. Tucker knew it was good.

“So, these are the sets,” he said as they walked down the hall. He switched on the overhead lights. “We can change things up lots of different ways.”

“I’m guessing the bedroom one gets the most use,” Kat said.

“You’re probably right,” Tucker said. “I love it when we do different stuff though.”

Kat threw herself onto the big bed, legs in the air. “Look at me! I’m a porn star!” she giggled.

Tucker wanted to say something, but thought better of it. Lori still looked nervous, and he didn’t want to push things too soon.

“So, we’ve got two other sets, and another one that we can make into anything. We started off-site on-location shoots recently too. That was fun.”

“No shit? So you can set up in my bedroom?” Kat said with a wink.

“Yeah, we can do that. Broadcast it to the world.”

Kat looked amazed. Tucker couldn’t tell if she thought the idea was good or bad.

They walked down the hall to the women’s dressing room. Tucker introduced the girls to Marsha.

“She’s an awesome hair stylist and makeup artist,” he said. “You guys want a make-over while you’re here? Not that you need one…”

“They don’t need anything,” Marsha said, admiring the girls as they looked around. “Check out the wardrobe too,” she said. “All dry-cleaned and nice.”

The girls were astonished at the closets full of dresses and lingerie.

“Oh my God!” Kat said. “This stuff is beautiful!”

“Let me show you the editing room,” Tucker said. “We’re working on something today.”

“Hi guys,” Dave said to Kat and Lori when they entered. “I guess you know my secret now. That means you can’t get outta here without a secret of your own.”

“Dave?” Lori said, looking completely surprised. “You work here?”

“Yeah, for a while now. You guy’s are cool right? You’re not gonna tell my secrets, are ya?”

“Whaddya mean?” Kat asked. “Oh my God, are you…do you…?”

“Yeah. Don’t tell anybody, all right. I like being the guy nobody looks at at the bar.”

“Dave! Holy fuck!” Kat said. “Oh my God! Tucker! You’re blowin’ my mind here. What the fuck!”

“I told you you might know some people,” Tucker said. “I brought Dave in a few months ago for the women who like the older guys.”

“So …this is your job?” Lori asked Dave. She looked as stunned as Kat was.

“I still have my painting business. This is part time. Fun though,” he smiled.

The two girls just looked at him, like he was nutty or something.

“This is my photographer Jamar,” Tucker said to them. “He and Dave are workin’ on an edit today.”

“Hi Ladies,” Jamar said. “I can show you what we do if you want.”

He played the scene they were working on, a threeway with Dave and Sparkle fucking a slightly plump, very busty college-aged girl. Four different angles of it showed on the editing monitors. The girl was licking Sparkle’s pussy, with Dave giving it to her good from behind. She was just getting to her first orgasm, and it was a doozy.

“Fffuuuck!…Dave!…What the…?” Kat said. She and Lori were mesmerized.

“Sorry. This is maybe more than you guys wanted to see,” Dave said.

“No, it’s…it’s okay,” Kat said. “Right Lori? I mean, it’s good. You’re really good.”

Lori couldn’t hold back a laugh. Dave smiled.

“I know. It’s fucked up, right?” Dave said to her. “I can’t believe I’m doing this either.”

“How did you…I mean why did you…?” Lori asked.

“It’s fun,” Dave chuckled. “That’s about the whole story.”

“So, we’re all here,” Tucker said. “I always offer my guests a chance to shoot a scene if they want to. It’s kind of a big fantasy for some folks, and it’s fun for us to bring it to life.”

“Shit! You mean…” Kat said. She looked at the wild action on the monitors, looked at Dave, and looked at Lori. Lori was silently shaking her head.

“Kat?” Lori said preemptively. “Don’t think about this.”

“Don’t think about it? What are you, dead inside?”

“If you knew what was goin’ on inside my head…” Lori said.

“What?” Kat asked quietly. “What do you think about?”

The girls both looked at the monitors again. Sparkle and the amateur girl were tumbling into a sideways sixty-nine, vocalizing their pleasure as pussies were licked and asses were fingered.

“Fuck you Kat,” Lori said quietly, sounding like she was surrendering. “Why do you like to get me in trouble?”

“Why wouldn’t I,” Kat said softly, looking deep into her friend’s eyes. “Dave, you wanna fuck us today?” she said, still looking at Lori.

“Kat,” Lori said, sounding conflicted, “I’ve got kids. It’s the internet. I…I can’t do this. I want too, but I can’t.

“I’m not doin’ canlı bahis siteleri it without you,” Kat said.

“I’m sorry Kat, I just can’t. Maybe…something else…sometime,” Lori said, glancing at the girl-on-girl action again.

Tucker and Dave had a quick huddle while the girls talked. Tucker’s crew was already on hand, getting paid for not doing much, and Dave quickly agreed to work free for the afternoon. Pro bono, they call it in the legal world. Heck, he would have paid Tucker to make it happen, the chance for a threeway with his two favorite sexy bartenders.

“You know, every once in a while we shoot scenes here that don’t go on the website,” Tucker said to the girls. “People come in for a special birthday maybe, or an anniversary. We burn a DVD for them to take home, and nobody else ever sees it. You guys have been so nice to me over the years, I’d like to do that for you. The studio’s yours for the afternoon, if you wanna have some fun.”

“Tucker! For real?” Kat said. “You’d do that for us?”

“Kat?” Lori said, her eyes big. She could sense they were getting swept up into something she was unsure about.

“I want this,” Kat said quietly to Lori. “With you.”

“You do?” Lori said. They were looking deep into each others eyes again. The mood in the room was changing.

“So, just you two maybe? Or would you like Dave involved?” Tucker asked.

“Oh yeah, Dave’s involved,” Lori said matter-of-factly.

“Lori! We doin’ this?” Kat said excitedly.

“No internet? Just for us?” she asked Tucker. He nodded. “Yeah, we’re doin’ this,” she said.

“Holy shit!” Kat said, looking excited but kind of terrified. “A fuckin’ porn!”

“We don’t have to you know,” Lori said to Kat.

“No, this is happening,” Kat said. “I knew I wore my ‘fuck me’ stockings for a reason.”


Lori got more and more nervous and Kat’s excitement grew as the two of them looked through the racks of lingerie with Marsha. They knew they’d be fucking each other pretty soon, on a movie set with people watching. Kat was the wilder of the two and was excited by the idea, but Lori, she was beginning to think she wouldn’t be able to go through with it. Marsha could sense her growing nerves.

“You guys want a drink?” she asked. “Lots of girls do. Tucker’ll mix something up for ya.”

“I’d love to get drunk but I gotta pick up my kids later,” Lori said. “Maybe just a shot and a beer though. That’d help.”

“Yup. Make it two. Whiskey,” Kat said.

Marsha left to get the drinks. Kat and Lori didn’t say much as they pawed through the racks of sexy undies.

“You’re way too quiet,” Kat said. “You okay?”

“Are we crazy?” Lori said. “What the fuck Kat, this is nuts, isn’t it?”

“Is it? I’ve kinda wanted to for a long time.”

“Make a porn?” Lori said, sounding surprised.

“No!” Kat said. “Get…with you.”

“Oh. You have? I thought it was just me.”

“You’ve thought about it?”

“Yeah! I mean it’s not just the guys who think you’re hot every night at the bar. I mean look at you in those stockings.”

“My fuck me’s? You like ’em?”

“Kat, I’ve wanted to…fuck you…for years.”

“Oh my God! This is so happening. No way are you gettin’ out of this now.”

Kat pulled Lori to her and kissed her. The deeply sensual kiss was ongoing when Marsha walked in with their drinks.

“Our first kiss,” Kat told to Marsha. “Damn, this is turnin’ into a day!

Kat drained her whiskey shot in one gulp and downed half her glass of beer. Lori watched her wild friend with amused fascination. She sipped on her whiskey and had a sip of beer.

“It’s cool that you guys know Dave,” Marsha said. “He’s such a nice guy.”

“I still can’t believe he’s a porn guy,” Lori said.

“He’s one of the newer ones. He’s Daddy McQueen on the website.”

“Daddy McQueen?” Kat laughed. “Oh my God that’s hilarious!”

“You’ve heard of ‘daddy issues’, right? Younger girls who like older men?” Marsha asked. “That’s what Tucker hired him for.”

“Yeah, I can see it,” Kat said. “We’ve known him for years and I always thought he was cute. The gray hair’s sexy. It’s weird thinkin’ he’s gonna fuck me in a few minutes. God, I’m startin’ to get super horny.”

Lori finished her whiskey and drank some more beer. She smiled at Kat’s growing excitement.

“So what do you think?” Marsha said, flipping through the racks of lingerie. “Slutty or elegant?”

“Slutty for sure,” Kat said. “I love sluts.”

“Slutty it is then,” Lori said.

“So, what do we have that fits you guys?” Marsha said. “Let’s see how my guessing powers are today. Kat…34 B, and Lori…36…D?”

“That’s why she gets the bigger tips at the bar,” Kat smiled.


Dave put his fingers in his mouth and whistled when the girls walked onto the set. Lori had wanted to wear a robe, but Kat didn’t want to and dared her friend to walk out ‘slutty’.

“I hope you girls realize what a big day this is for Dave and me,” Tucker said. “You know the whole city thinks you guys are hot, right?”

“I’m startin’ to think you’re just a dirty old man,” Kat said to Tucker. “And you, Mister Daddy McQueen,” she laughed, “I’m just stunned at you. Talk about a double life!”

“It’s days like this that make it all worthwhile,” Dave said.

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