Trip to See Lover for the First Time

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Her hands were trembling, her heart beating faster as she walked through the terminal. She caught herself walking faster and had to remind herself to take it slow and take a deep breath. She didn’t know why she was nervous. She had been talking to J. for 10 months online, talking on the phone and seeing each other on Skype. They knew everything about each other, explored each other sexually through the screen, shared deep, dark secrets, shared good and bad times together so they were there for each other. Even though they initially had no intention of actually meeting each other, the connection between the two overpowered them and now she was flying to see him! But still, why was she so nervous about a man that made her cum many times? Who has seen every bit of her body? Who knows all of her fantasies?

As she was walking and breathing slowly, ahead of her, people crossing in her path, all the sudden, a gap opened up, she sees him standing right in front of her. Her nipples instantly twinged and hardened. Heat came on to her like a wave and she got hot. Her face flushed, she stopped in front of him. He smiled, he took her hand and brought it up to his wet lips and kissed it, while he looked at her. She put her bag down next to her nude colored high heels, wrapped her arms around his shoulder and she felt his arms, his hands caress her sides then onto her back. She closed her eyes as she smelled his neck, taking her lips and rubbing against his ears, her hot flushed cheeks against his face. She pulled her face back to see his eyes and she kissed him. The kisses were moist, closed lips illegal bahis then she lightly slid her tongue across his lips, inviting him to kiss her deeper. They were still hugging, never let go and she noticed that she was feeling his bulge get bigger and bigger. She pressed her hips into him, his hands instantly tightened his fingers into her and he had opened her lips wider. They almost forgot that they were at the airport.

He took her bag, and her hand and went down to baggage claim to get her suitcase. As they waited, he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her neck. She was in heaven but felt punished. She wanted to fuck him, right there in baggage but she couldn’t. He felt good on her but she couldn’t have him just yet. Her nipples were hard as a rock and her pussy lips were swollen with excitement.

After what felt like eternity, they got her suitcase and they were on their way back to his place. Another 30 minutes to wait. Could she do it? As he was driving, he had one hand on the wheel and the other touching her knees. She had a short flowy skirt with a fitted buttoned down top. The skirt was inviting him to wander. He slowly caressed her inner thigh and she leaned back and moaned. He gently squeezed and it sent a shock of ecstasy up to her pussy lips. He inched up just enough to feel the wetness of her underwear. Her pussy lips were throbbing…she couldn’t take it anymore. But her was driving…ugh! Such torture!

She leaned over to his shoulder, wet her lips and edged it along his ear, whispering “I want you, I want you to fuck me, I want your hard cock inside illegal bahis siteleri of me, I need you”… J pressed on the gas pedal, his growing cock pressed against his pants, just ready to explode. She kissed his neck, pulled his shirt back so she can kiss the bottom of his neck. Her other hand lightly grabs his cock and starts to unzip his pants. His cock literally pops out because it is so hard. She looks down and then smiles up at him as if she knew exactly what he wanted. She lowers her head, holds the bottom of his shaft, wets her lips and kisses the tip of his cock. His wetness meets her lips, she licks it off and licks the tip. He moans and put his hand on her hand, lightly encouraging her to take it all in but she isn’t ready yet. She wants to savor the moment and give him the same torture that she was enduring. She takes her tongue and goes to the top of his tip, all the way down to his balls. She goes to the other side, from the balls back to the tip. She wets her hand with her salvia and wraps her fingers around his cock and moves the moistness up and down as she puckers her lips around his tip. As she strokes downward, she glides his dick into her mouth, sucking hard and glides up as she strokes up. He moans that they are almost home but she doesn’t care. She loves that cock I her mouth. He leans over, pulls her skirt back and grabs her ass. He leans further down the backside and feels her panties soaked. He can’t even concentrate!

With a half ass parking, he gets out of the car, hurries over to let her out, grabs her hand, already has the key to open the door canlı bahis siteleri fast in the other hand. Luggage can wait.

He quickly escort her inside, leads her to his bedroom room, without skipping beat, he immediately takes her shirt off over her head. Fuck the buttons! Don’t have time for that! He takes her bra off and starts sucking on her nipples. He puts her on the bed and leans over onto her and kisses her neck. All she had left on were her nude colored heels.

She takes her hand, grabs the heel of her shoe, lifts her legs up to show him on wet she is. He lowers down, smells her juices, slides her panties aside and takes his tongue and presses against her pussy lips. She moans loudly and tells him that she cannot wait. He comes back up, cock already out of his pants, he rubs it inbetween her swollen lips and she arches her back. He thrusts his hard meat into her and she lets out a huge moan as all the anxiety and nervousness left her. He pushes in further and she moans louder. He goes deeper and her hips move as to take it all in. He moves in and out of her slowly at first then rams a hard fuck into her. She looks at him and says “do you want to fuck me? How bad do you want it? Show me”… He picks up the pace and she smiles at him and her eyes roll back. Her body started to tighten, his cock ready to explode, his balls were slamming against her ass cheeks. Her hands grabbed the pillows, tighter and tighter as they were ready to climax. “I want you to cum, baby. I want you to fuck me hard”. Finally, he can feel the warmness inside her, sheer excitement released into her. She felt it too, she felt the throbbing of his cock inside her. She felt every inch of him as they climax together. This was a beautiful beginning of their time together and they were already looking forward to the next fuck they were going to have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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