Three’s Company

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A few years back, I was on a dating site. It was the new way to meet people and I decided to make a profile and see what would happen. I had a few bites, went on a few dates, used a few men and within a few weeks, I was beginning to get bored with it all.

I found people so shallow and repetitive and they had absolutely no imagination. I changed my profile to request that if people were going to message me, at least be original and open minded.

One day I logged on to find an email from a married couple. They pleaded for me to read what they had to say right to the end before deciding what I wanted to do.

Apparently the wife of the couple wanted to explore her bi-sexual side for the first time. Naturally her husband was all for it (shockingly lol) and she wanted him there with her to share the experience. I believe it was so she could say it was a sexual threesome and not a lesbian experience.

Anyway, despite them sending this letter to me, they were apparently interviewing prospective third parties, because they had sent the exact same letter to my sister who was also on the website. Small world. My sister and I laughed about this and decided to call them on it. Now, my sister actually IS gay and was quite happy to give this woman what she was looking for. I on the other hand, am straight, and had only really had a couple of ‘girly’ moments and wasn’t very experienced with ‘doing women’. (I delved into that with a friend, my bridesmaid actually… lol… but that’s a whole other story for another time).

I was however, quite turned on by the idea of my first MFF threesome.

So, we contacted this couple, explained that we had both received their email and that we were sisters. We also told them our sexual preferences. We agreed to meet the couple close to the city for coffee and then we would decide between us all who wanted to do what.

We met, had coffee and chatted for a couple of hours. I noticed that the woman was paying a lot of attention to my sister and her conversation and I assumed it was because she knew my sister was gay, and therefore presented no threat to her as far as her husband was concerned, and also because she assumed my sister would be the more experienced partner for them.

I’m 10 years older than my sister, and unlike her, I’ve tried both sides of the fence. I’m into men… love them. I’ll do women for a threesome, but only because it turns me on knowing how much it’s getting the guy off. If that makes any sense.

Well, the husband contacted me a couple of days later and explained that the wife was interested in having an interlude with my sister, as I expected, however, I was surprised when he told me that he was very attracted to me, and was going to convince his wife that I would be the more appropriate partner, IF I wanted to go ahead with it all.

I agreed, and he contacted me again the next day to say that he’d convinced his wife, however, she’d apparently given him some rules. He wasn’t allowed to fuck me. He was allowed to go down on me, but he wasn’t allowed to make me cum. He was allowed to watch her and I, but he was only allowed to stick his dick in her. Hmm, this wasn’t exactly what I’d wanted, but I agreed to give the night a try anyway.

So I went over to their house. We sat and had a couple of drinks together. She was very uptight and kept reminding me that they were a successful and reputable couple who were happy to have me as a new friend but would have to make up a story to their friends about how we met etc. Like I cared… I had no intention of ever being near them again after that night.

Anyway, I suggested we go out for a little while as I figured she might lighten up a little if she were off her own territory.

We ended up traveling into the city to a strip club.

It was dark and sleazy and loud and smoky. Just what I wanted!

The husband bought him and I a drink… the wife didn’t drink… and I relaxed on a sofa with my drink, the wife on one side of me, the husband on the other. We sat watching the strippers and listening to the music. It was quite a turn on… good foreplay I think. She really began to relax and was quite into the strippers. Her husband bought her a private lap dance… I think he wanted to get rid of her for a few minutes. He came back and sat beside me and put his ankara escort hand on my thigh. He put his mouth up to my ear and spoke loudly over the music. I liked the feeling of his hot breath in my ear and his hand on my leg. I was horny and a little drunk and liked him flirting with me while his wife was out of sight and earshot. He told me he wanted to fuck me as soon as he met me and if he got the opportunity later on in the evening, he was going to do just that. I just smiled at him and wriggled in my seat a little so he’d know that I was enjoying it. Sometimes body language speaks volumes.

After a couple of hours (and a few more drinks) I suggested we leave as the night was getting on. The wife and I waited in the street while the husband went to get the car. When he pulled up beside us I opened the back door to get in and the wife asked if she could sit in the back with me. I smiled and said I was ok with that.

As we began to drive off, she turned to me and said “I’d really like to kiss you now… would that be ok?” I noticed her husband adjusting his rearview mirror and I was instantly turned on. I decided to give HIM a show he’d remember for a long time, and I was going to set HER off like a firecracker!

I turned toward her and put my hand behind her neck. I moved it slowly up into the back of her short black hair and pulled her towards me. I kissed her mouth… slowly and softly. Just lips at first… a couple of times. It’s an erotic thing… to kiss another woman. Their lips are so soft and willing.

I opened my mouth slightly and pushed her lips apart with my tongue and slid it into her mouth. I moved my tongue around inside her mouth a little, then sucked her tongue gently into my mouth… pulling it in and out with my lips. I felt her moan into my mouth and her body moved that little closer to mine and I knew then that I could do anything to this woman right now.

I pulled the zipper down the front of her brown smock like dress and parted it enough to expose her bra. Her nipples were hard and sitting erect through the material. I pulled her towards me and licked and sucked gently at her neck while I moved my hands behind her and undid her bra at the back.

I could feel the car stopping and starting at traffic lights and I didn’t care who could see us… but I knew her husband was driving very slowly and watching very intently.

I cupped one of her tight perky tits in my hand and squeezed it gently while flicking my thumb over her nipple. I moved my head down and licked over her breast till my tongue found her nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. Then I pulled it firmly out of my mouth with my lips and blew gently on it with my breath, making it even harder. I was very turned on now and could feel my own pussy getting very wet.

I slid my hand up her dress, inside her thigh. Her panties were wet with her juices, and while I continued to tongue fuck her nipples, I slipped one hand inside the leg of her underwear and slowly felt my way up her slit till my finger found her swelling clit. It was hard and protruding and I was gently circling it. I ran my finger back down and slid it slowly inside her hot wet cunt. I could feel her moving her body so that she was pushing harder on my finger and she continued to moan loudly. I finger fucked her a few times, then pulled my finger out and dragged her juices back up her pussy and ran my wet finger over her clit.. teasing her with it.

I pulled my hand out from under her dress and moved back in the seat toward the door. I pulled her legs around towards me so that her head was leaning against the window of the other door.

I pulled her thighs apart, pushing one foot onto the floor. She had her head back and her eyes closed and she was massaging her own breasts in ecstasy and anticipation. I looked at the mirror and caught her husband’s eye. I smiled at him, winked, and then lowered my head between his wife’s legs. I nudged her pussy with my nose, smelling her scent. I ran my tongue up the crease of her leg. She didn’t have much pubic hair… she shaved and there was slight soft stubble. I pulled one side of her panties away from her pussy and said softly “oh yeahhh… look at thaaaat”… And without waiting for a response, I slid my tongue slowly up her… from cunt to clit. I teased escort ankara her clit with my tongue… sucking gently and concentrating on the upper left side (it’s the most sensitive area) and got my tongue into a slow but firm rhythm. I pushed my middle finger deep inside her now dripping pussy, and slowly fucked her with it while I continued to suck and lick her clit. It was so swollen, that it was almost like sucking on a miniature cock!

Her hips were pushing upwards now… she was literally thrusting her cunt up in my face. I pulled away and pulled my finger out of her pussy. I wiped some of her juices around her ass and then slowly pushed my thumb into her ass, sliding my finger back into her snatch. I asked her “does that feel good honey?”.

She responded with a moan and I felt her push down and tighten around my digits that were exploring her insides.

I lowered my head back down to her soaking wet cunt and continued to fuck her holes with my fingers. “I’m going to make you cum now”, I said to her. My tongue found the tip of her clit again and I slowly and firmly got back into a nice consistent rhythm massaging her with it.

I was aware I was making “mmm” and “ohhh” noises while I was licking and fucking her, and knew the combination of my hot breath and wet mouth was working this woman into what could only be described as some kind of nirvanic frenzy.

She put her hand on my head, holding me in the spot that was going to make her explode, and I heard her breathing become panting. I said “mmm that’s it… good girl” and I sucked her fat swollen clit into my mouth and gently pumped my tongue under it until I could feel her throb on my tongue, followed by the sweet musky taste of her silky cum spurt onto my tongue. I sucked her clit a little firmer to help her expel all her juices and make her moan loudly “ohhh fuuuuck”.

We had arrived back at their house by this stage and her husband had parked the car in the driveway and was turned in his seat watching us.

I pulled my fingers out of her and sat up and wiped my lips. I smiled at him as we both watched her lying there, disheveled and satisfied … her eyes closed, her wet pussy exposed while she continued to enjoy the after-throb of her orgasm. I blew on her exposed clit with my breath making her body shudder one more time.

“How was it babe?” her husband asked.

Her reply was simply “Oh god” as she fluttered her eyes back open to focus on us.

I got out of the car and told them I was going home as it was getting very late.

“Oh no, you can’t leave” she said. “At least come in and let me return the favour”.

I couldn’t really be bothered but thought I’d be polite and agreed to go inside with them.

She was feeling satisfied and confident as she led me by the hand into their bedroom.

She undid my jeans and pulled them, along with my underwear, down my legs. I sat on the edge of the bed and kicked my shoes and clothes onto the floor, leaving only my top on.

I lay back on the bed with my feet on the floor and she said “be patient with me, this is a first for me”.

She placed her hands on my thighs and parted them and then I felt her tongue clumsily exploring my own very excited pussy.

I was beginning to get bored with her as she genuinely had no idea how to eat pussy. Not her fault of course, but I was disappointed that she didn’t try to connect what she had just experienced with what she was doing to me.

So, what does any woman do when she wants it over with quickly? Yes, I faked it! (Something I never do… A rule of mine that I never ever make an exception to is, if I have to go home and finish what you start, you NEVER get a second shot… EVER). But I didn’t want to shatter her confidence with her very first girly experience, so I made the appropriate noises and movements and let her believe she had done the deed correctly. I mean, it’s not like I had any intention of ever seeing them again anyway.

She sat back on her knees and smiled, pleased with herself and said “Wow, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be”. I remember looking at her thinking “I’m glad one of us enjoyed it”.

She stood up and said she would be back in 10 minutes. She wanted to have a shower, brush her teeth and freshen up.

I stood up in the dark as she left the ankara escort bayan room and began fumbling about looking for my knickers and jeans.

I didn’t realize her husband had been sitting in a chair in the corner of the room watching us.

He stood up and came towards me and asked me if I’d enjoyed that. I looked at him and said “to be honest, not really. I didn’t want to be mean or embarrass her, but she didn’t get me there”.

He laughed softly and grabbed my hand. He put it on the front of his jeans and I could feel his hard-on through the denim.

He held my hand there, moving it up and down his cock while he said “can I have a go?”

I let him push me backwards onto the bed again. My feet on the floor as before, he knelt down and opened my legs. I knew I was going to cum this time because I was so fucking horny and had wanted to get off all night.

I quietly asked him to slide his finger inside me while he was eating me because it makes me cum quicker.

We were both conscious of the water running in the bathroom and I was trying (uncharacteristically) to be quiet while he expertly maneuvered his tongue around my cunt and clit.

I placed a hand on either side of his head to hold him still and let him know I was about to cum… hard.

I clenched my teeth and could feel my toes curling without effort. “Suck… suck me while I cum” I whispered excitedly to him.

He did as requested and I was never so relieved to be able to cum as I was at that moment.

I held his head there while I rubbed my smooth, wet pussy over his mouth.

He stood up abruptly while I was still laying there enjoying the release of my orgasm and he unzipped his jeans. He slid his boxers and jeans down to his ankles, leant over me and I felt the fat hard head of his cock pushing its way into my cunt.

His mouth was at my ear, breathing excitedly and I heard him say “I’ve wanted to fuck you so hard from the time I met you”.

Wow, nothing like an ego boost to get me going!

I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him deep and hard inside me.

He pumped hard and fast in and out of me.

I was beginning to get noisier and I remember him putting his hand over my mouth while he continued to fuck me.

He asked me if I would turn over. I nodded my agreement.

He pulled his cock out of me as I stood up and turned around, bending my large ass over the bed in front of him.

He entered me from behind. I turned my head and said in a loud whisper “fuck me hard now… I want to feel your balls inside me”.

He fucked… hard and deep. I continued to talk him through it with clenched teeth “harder… faster… come on … fuck me… I want to feel you cum inside me”

His hands were tight on my hips and he pulled my ass towards him hard and deep… over and over.

“Shh Rhonnie, don’t tell… I’m going to cum now babe… I’m gonna cum… I’m cumming inside you… Ohhhhh”.

He stopped moving and I could feel the vein in his cock pulsing his cum through his cock head and into my cunt.

We didn’t hear the water stop running in the shower but we did hear the sliding door of the shower open and I swear I’ve never seen two people move so fast.

He pulled his cock out of me and bent to pull his jeans and boxers back up to his waist.

He left the room as I quickly pulled my own clothes on and grabbed my shoes. I walked quickly into the living room, sat on the sofa and put my shoes on.

I put on some fresh lipstick and fixed my hair while he busied himself in the kitchen making coffee.

A few minutes later, the wife walked back into the lounge dressed in a robe, a towel on her head.

She smiled and said “oh good, you’re making coffee”.

“Not for me actually. Thanks but it’s getting very late and I really have to be going” I said as I stood up.

I think she was ok with that because she didn’t argue. She made the obligatory “are you sure?” noises and walked me to the door.

I kissed them both on the cheek and told them I’d be in touch. “Yes, please stay in touch” they said.

I drove home feeling very naughty and satisfied with the nights events.

I could feel the husbands cum leaking into my pants and it brought a smile to my face.

He tried to speak to me online whenever the wife wasn’t home, for a few weeks after that night. I was disinterested and eventually we just didn’t speak anymore.

But I never forgot that night. It was different for me and I enjoyed the experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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