Theatre de Amore Ch. 05: The One With Don and Dawn

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Theatre de Amore resides solely in the realm of fantasy. Think of it as a world unto itself. Everyone in this series is a consenting adult (18+ years of age. (Elements contained in this story include: masturbation, MFF, oral sex, exhibitionism/voyeurism).

Theatre de Amore, Ch. 5: The One with Don and Dawn

Early Saturday afternoon there was a gentle, almost hesitant, rapping on my door. I set the book I was reading aside, and padded across the room in my bare feet to answer.

“Billy’s been calling on the intercom for you, Selena,” Nye said.

Several replies came to mind, but I bit them back. Billy often mislaid his cell phone, so he would call around on the intercoms in various rooms until he either found me, or located someone to find me for him. My suite was my sanctuary, and I refused to allow the installation of an intercom in it, much to his frustration.

“He wanted you to come down to his office,” Nye added, when I made no response.

“Is that all he said?”

“He said he wanted you to come down and meet his friend. A special friend.”

“Thank you, Nye.”

He grinned at me, and darted away, ducking back into the game room across the hall from my suite.

Special friend, I thought as I examined the clothes hanging in my closet. When Billy introduced people he called special friends, he always had a deeper purpose. They were usually people he thought I would enjoy knowing better. Much better. The first special friend of his I’d ever met had been the sculptor who had made the statue we’d used in our first stage play.

I selected an off-the-shoulder sundress, made of a gauzy, lightweight material of periwinkle blue, and a pair of sandals. The design of the dress exposed my midriff, the skirt of it low over my hips. After some thought, I inserted a pair of small diamond earrings Billy had given me a few months ago into my lobes, and selected a thin silver chain with a teardrop shaped aquamarine stone for my neck. The gemstone glinted where it rested at the top of my cleavage.

As I entered Billy’s office, he rose from his chair, crossing to meet me, his hands extended. Behind him, the man he had been chatting with rose as well. He was shorter than Billy, with broad shoulders, and a trim physique.

I set my hands in Billy’s. He lifted one to his lips, kissing my knuckles with a flourish, his eyes sparkling up at me. His excitement told me a lot about his visitor, before introductions had even started.

“Don, come and meet my beloved muse,” Billy said over his shoulder. He half-turned, still holding my left hand, and formally introduced us. Don took the hand when I extended it, kissing the back of it lightly rather than offering a handshake.

“I see that my friend did not exaggerate your charms,” Don said, his rich voice like a soft caress.

I glanced briefly at Billy, who watched us with a wide smile of satisfaction.

“Don, his wife, and I went to school together for a time,” Billy explained, after he had seen the two of us seated.

“My wife is also named Dawn,” his friend said, “though she’s D-a-w-n. Like the morning light.” There was warm affection in his tone, and I decided right then and there that I was going to like him.

“They also invested in one of my first plays,” added Billy.

“With a twelve percent return!” Don replied happily. He turned his attention to me. “Were you fortunate enough to see any of Billy’s plays before he decided to retire?”

“I wasn’t, but we attended opening night of a revival of one of his works about four months ago.” Billy had not taken an active part, other than giving permission for the use of his work. It had been an enjoyable evening, and Billy had been shyly proud for me to see his work performed.

We chatted casually for a few mutes, and I learned that Don and Billy had not seen each other for the past four years, as their business had kept him and his wife overseas. They’d recently made some changes, and moved back about two months ago.

“Giving us the chance to catch up several old friends,” Don added. His eyes had remained on me for most of the conversation. There was an intensity about his gaze, giving the impression to that he had nothing more important to do than converse with the person he directed it toward.

“Don was interested in a tour of our little club, ” Billy explained.

“My wife and I had hoped to attend the production last night, but something unexpected came up. We were quite disappointed to miss our first look at Billy’s latest efforts.” Don smiled pleasantly at me, and I felt a small quiver of excitement deep in my belly. He was a surprisingly charming man, without coming across as superficial, and I found myself responding to him.

“I wondered if you might be willing to give him the tour?” Billy asked, looking at me hopefully. He rarely failed to ask me to do a task, rather than simply telling me what he wanted done. He would have been entitled, as he was technically my boss. Billy only esenyurt escort preferred to be the boss when he was directing his plays, which is one reason I was in charge of the staff. If I had declined his request, he would have called someone else down or done it himself. I could tell from his look that he was pleased I was warming to his friend.

“Certainly,” I said, rising from my seat and looking at Don. He smiled appreciatively and also stood.

“May I?” Don asked, offering me his arm. I linked my arm with his. He didn’t seem to mind that I was taller, even with my flats on.

“Be sure to see the theatre,” Billy said to us. “And show him the suites. He and Dawn are staying the night as my guests. They are considering joining our merry ranks in the long term.” Billy bounced on his toes, a sign of his barely repressed excitement.

As Don and I toured the entertainment venues on the first two floors, our conversation covered a wide range of topics that were unrelated to what the Club had to offer.

As we talked, I studied him with my peripheral vision.

He had close-cropped salt-and-pepper hair, and walked with a confident air. His lips were pale pink, but full, and his teeth straight and gleaming white. With internal amusement, I noted he looked a bit like Anderson Cooper, with a smaller, rounded nose. I liked the sound of his voice, and the openness of his face.

He took a deep interest in several of the themed rooms, and voiced his approval of the pub, but was indifferent towards the larger dance club on the first floor. He asked questions about how Billy and I had developed our ideas for the Club, and shared some of the features of clubs he had visited in other parts of the world. He also related short anecdotes, about his time at school with Billy, which made me smile.

Don was delighted with the theatre, telling me with a significant sidelong look, that he and his wife were looking forward to having the chance to see one of Billy’s new plays, and inquired if I would be starring in it.

“I was only sorry we could not attend the opening weekend festivities,” he said. His right hand, warm and dry, covered my own where it rested on his left arm.

The theme of the play, and the stage props, led us into conversation on the topic of art. As he closely examined the borrowed statue and painting that were part of the set, and his eyes warmed appreciatively, his fingers absently stroking the back of my hand.

In the middle of our tour of the fourth-floor suites, he broke off in the middle of our discussion on his travels, and leaned toward me.

“I hope that you will join us for drinks sometime this evening,” he requested in a low voice. “I know Dawn would be delighted to make your acquaintance. You must give us a chance to get to know you better, my dear.” He regarded me with blue-grey eyes and an inviting smile.

“I’d be more than glad to join you both,” I replied, the quiver in my lower belly returning as I pondered what he might mean by getting to know me better. “I’ll have the doorman notify me when you arrive, and I’ll come down to escort you to your suite for check-in.”

“Wonderful,” he said, sounding genuinely pleased. “I shall look forward to it.”

I returned Don to Billy’s office, and excused myself to go prepare the club for the evening. Don leaned in and kissed me on both cheeks before I left them to their reunion.

* * * * * * * * *

I dressed carefully for the evening. My silk shirt and long skirt almost seemed conservative, until one realized that both were sheer. I wore no bra, and my soft lace thong was the only nod to undergarments I planned on wearing for the evening. No matter how fashionable something might be, if it were not made of soft material, I wouldn’t wear it. I refused to bear the discomfort of anything stiff, itchy, or overly concealing again. I loved the feel of soft material against my skin, and the knowledge that only the barest of layers separated my skin from view.

I slipped on a comfortable pair of flats, not wanting to utterly tower over Don later, and regarded myself in the mirror. While I fixed my hair, I thought back to the conversation I’d had with Jenny earlier that day.

“I think they’re going to ask me to sleep with them,” I said, having told her about my meeting with Don earlier while we were doing yoga together on the floor in my suite. I generally preferred quiet during my yoga time, but that was never possible with Jenny present. “The wife, too, I mean.”

“You ho,” she’d said, her tone a mixture of playful and serious. “If you bust your chick cherry with another woman first, I’m going to be soooo jealous.”

“I don’t think I’m ready. Yet.” I fidgeted, then confessed, “I don’t know what to do. With a woman.” I plucked nervously at some imaginary fuzz on the carpet.

“You know what you like to have done to your own body, right?” She lifted an eyebrow.

“Yes,” I said, a faint, gebze escort faraway smile touching my lips. I was momentarily distracted by the thought of some of the things I liked to have done to my body.

“Then you just do those things to someone else.” She leaned toward me, speaking in a low, confidential tone as she lowered her eyelashes. “Kiss her like you want to be kissed.” At that, she brushed her lips over mine, once, then again. Encountering no resistance, her lips pressed more firmly against my mouth. Nerves in my body began to tingle when she gently prodded my lips open with her own, and slid her tongue lightly between them. I drew a sharp breath into my nose, liquid heat pouring down my spine.

She put her hand on the nape of my neck and slid her mouth along my jawline, then to the sensitive spot just below my earlobe.

“Oh my,” I whispered, when she sucked the earlobe gently into her mouth. She kissed my neck, then drew back. Her lids remained half-lowered, giving her a sensual air.

“Touch her the way you want to be touched,” she said, her voice a warm caress. She brought her hand around to my shoulder, fingertips resting there lightly. Her fingers trailed slowly down my chest, onto the swell of my breast, light and teasing. She reached the nipple, fingers still applying the barest pressure. My nipple stiffened under the ghost of her fingertips, and she smiled to herself. Her fingers danced downward, and then wrapped themselves around the underside of my breast, cupping it while she ran her thumb lightly back and forth across the nipple.

Part of me remained uncertain, and reminded me that this moment may not be the best time to plunge into anything new. Part of me wanted to know what came next. That part of me was growing wet, and hot, and more curious by the moment.

“Just like you, she’ll be getting wet now. Thinking about what’s coming.”

“What’s coming?” I asked, nearly breathless. My eyes were on her lips. They were still smiling.

Jenny’s hand resumed its travels, the backs of her hand brushing across my belly, down to the elastic waistband of my yoga pants. The hand paused while her mouth made contact with mine again. I parted my lips eagerly and felt a gentle puff of laughter from her mouth.

Distracted by the kiss, I almost failed to notice her hand was now on my inner thigh, stroking back and forth. Each stroke upward brought her fingers closer and closer to my sex. Then her fingers brushed over the fabric covering my damp heat, and I jumped, breaking the kiss.

“I could do you, Selena,” she purred. “I could lay you back, and peel these pants off you. Spread your legs and kiss my way up your thighs until I reach that pretty pussy of yours. I could kiss and lick and suck you ’til you came in my mouth.” She laid her hand solidly on my thigh. “Then I’d grind my pussy against yours, and I promise you’d forget I don’t have a cock. I could make your body sing, girl.”

I swallowed convulsively, wide-eyed, caught by the cadence of her words.

“You’re wet right now, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” I swallowed again, and closed my eyes against her, trying to regain control of the situation. “But I-I don’t think I’m ready.”

“Always so honest,” she said with a sigh. “Just tell them that tonight.” She drew back from me, and opened her eyes fully. She sighed again. “I think I’m going to go to my room and get myself off,” she said in her regular voice.

As she started to move away, I half-opened my eyes and put my hand on her wrist.

“You don’t have to.” I felt my cheeks warm. “I mean, you don’t have to go to your room.”

Her smile broadened.

“Oh Selena, my naughty girl,” she said, chuckling. “You want to watch!”

Before I could say more, she stood and started shucking off her clothing. She kept her eyes on me while she did, tossing aside her pants before she even considered taking off her top. I didn’t miss the gleam of juices on her puffy nearly-bare lips.

Jenny was grinning now, confident and sexy as she freed herself from her t-shirt. She glanced around, then put her bare ass on the edge of my vanity table for support. She spread her legs, looking down at me where I still sat cross-legged on the floor.

“You could have this, you know. Just say the word.” She used her fingers to spread her outer lips and I found myself leaning ever-so-slightly forward in anticipation. My throat had gone dry, and my heart was doing a little tap dance in my chest. My fingers played absently in the thick carpet, worrying a nervous design.

Jenny’s first two fingers dipped between her inner lips, and she murmured softly as they began to spread her glistening juices over both sets of lips. She teased herself in that way, until her outer lips shone.

I watched transfixed as she used one hand to toy with her nipples, pinching and pulling at one until it was a hard nub, then moving to the other to repeat the same treatment. My own were hard peaks kartal escort beneath my shirt, obviously erect to anyone looking. I dug my fingers in the carpet to resist touching myself.

“I know you’re wet,” she told me, inserting two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. “Oh god, I want to cum just thinking about how wet you are right now. I’ll bet you gush like a fountain when you cum.” She licked her lips, then her head tipped back, and moaned sharply as her fingers began to work in and out. “I want to get off so bad.” She bit her bottom lip as her fingers worked faster.

I kept catching myself holding my breath, and forced myself to remember how to breathe. My eyes were transfixed by the sight of her fingers, and I began to wish I had let her touch me with them. I bit my bottom lip.

“Oohhhh,” Jenny moaned loudly. Her eyes were on me again, and her wet fingers slipped free, then pressed hard against her clit. She began to rub in firm circles, squeezing her breast in one hand while working her clit with the other. “I’m thinking about grinding my clit against yours, giving you your first taste of pussy.” Her hand became a blur as she massaged her clit furiously. “Oh fuck, yeah, come fuck me, give it to me, baby.” Her hand fell away from her breast and braced against the table. “I’m cumming,” she cried out, “oh god, yeah, Selena, baby, aaaahhhhhh!”

I watched her body shudder, her hips rolling against her hand, her mouth open, eyes closed, and her cheeks and chest flushed. She whimpered slightly and her fingers thrust deep inside herself. She ground her hips down against her fingers, panting, gripping the edge of the table tightly.

I found myself rocking slightly back and forth, tantalizing my own body, and forced myself to stop. I rose to my feet as Jenny came down from her orgasmic high. She opened her eyes and grinned at me, slowly removing her fingers from her dripping hole. She straightened as I came close.

“You’re are so gorgeous when you cum,” I told her sincerely, and took her hand. I lifted it to my lips, and sucked her two soaked fingers into my mouth. Her eyes went wide, and she took a shivering breath as I licked and sucked the nectar off her fingers, enjoying the sweet tangy tasty of her. “Thank you,” I added, lightly kissing her before stepping back.

“Next time I cum for you, it’s going to be because we’re both naked and fucking,” she promised. “Even if it’s a one-time thing, it’s going to be me and you.” She whispered, “Billy might be your first everything, but he’ll never be your first pussy.” She drew back, smiling devilishly.

“Go on, you,” I said, giving her a pat on her bare ass. “I need some time to settle down again before tonight.”

“Are you going to masturbate when I go?” she asked, laughing.

“No, but I’m going to be thinking about it. And about you.” I gave her a wicked grin of my own, and scooped her clothes off my floor. “Here.” I handed them over, and she dressed quickly.

On her way out, she blew me a kiss. Once the door shut behind her, I breathed a sigh of pent-up frustration, and went back to my yoga, determined to settle my body before I gave in and touched the wetness between my legs.

Shaking free of my reverie, I saw my nipples poking up through the thin white material of my shirt, and smirked at my reflection. They were always visible to a degree in their usual state, but were more obvious when aroused.

Since I would have the first part of the evening free, before taking over floor management from Jenny at midnight, I decided to have a drink with Don and his wife, and see where it might lead. At the thought of what possibilities they might offer, my nipples hardened further, and I shut my closet door on the sight in the mirror, determined to save myself for later.

* * * * * * * * *

Around nine, I was starting to wonder if Don and his wife had had a change of plans. To avoid getting into an entanglement that might make me unavailable when they arrived, I had worked my way through the second floor, visiting with guests who were otherwise unengaged, and giving breaks to the various staff members who were on duty. I was turning the pub bar back over to Jason when I received the message that Don and Dawn had arrived.

I spotted Don immediately as he stepped out of the elevator on the fourth floor with a tall, suntanned woman on his arm. They each carried a small overnight bag in one hand. His eyes lit up when he spotted me, and he said something I didn’t hear to the woman he escorted.

Her eyes found mine, and a wide smile broke over her face just as I reached them.

“Selena, my dear,” he said, his warm, rich voice wrapping around me. “You must meet my far better half. Dawn, my lovely, this is Selena. Billy’s Selena,” he added.

I offered Dawn my hand, and she took it in surprisingly large, but soft, hands.

“I’m so pleased to meet you,” she said. “Don spoke so highly of you to me this afternoon. And of course, I couldn’t wait to meet the mystery woman who has captured our Billy’s heart so thoroughly. Such a coup!”

Unlike some of the women in Billy’s world that I had encountered, her words seemed genuine. I detected no undertones of insincerity that occasionally accompanied conversations with some women I had met socially through Billy.

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