The Yanks Are Coming

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Anne worked in the carpet factory while her husband was away with the Army in North Africa. It was 1944, and the Americans, and the Allies were preparing for D-Day. Some Americans were based at Thame aerodrome, and a few of the women went out with them, from time to time.

Anne had never been with one, although she had never refused to dance with one, when asked to, at the Baldovan Hotel.

The ladies from the factory went to the Dance nearly every Saturday night, and this Saturday was no exception. Anne and her friends went, and always had good fun, although only a couple of Anne’s crowd went with Americans.

As they sat in the large lounge, they eyed the men, as they came in through the door.

Anne spotted him at once. he was a tall blonde, good-looking man, that none of them had ever seen before. When they had finished ogling him, the girls started chattering amongst themselves about him, and they wondered where he had been hiding, for the three weeks that the Americans had been based in Thame.

They all watched to see if he was meeting anyone, but the only person he talked to, was a black American, who joined him a few minutes after he had entered the lounge. The girls had their usual fun, dancing with all who asked, and not refusing. and they all wondered if the blonde would come and ask anyone at their table to dance, although he had yet to dance with anyone in the hall.

A certain piece of music was played, and Anne and one of her friends got up to dance, and it wasn’t long before the two Americans, asked if they could split the ladies up, the Blonde danced with Anne.

As they danced, he started to talk to Anne. She usually had difficulty-understanding Americans, but she understood everything this one said. He told Anne that he had just arrived at the base in Oxfordshire two days ago. And he knew the black fellow from home. Anne told him where she worked, and that her husband was serving in North Africa. He said that he would probably be in Tain for a couple of months, before being shipped over to mainland Europe.

when the music finished, he thanked her, and escorted her back to her seat.

The girls wanted to know what they had been speaking about, and what Anne had told him about herself. She said that she had told him she was married, and she also told them that he was new in Thame, and would be here for at least a couple of months. The girl who had danced with his friend, said that although he seemed a nice fellow, she had felt embarrassed, dancing with a black man.

Later in the evening, the two men came across to the table, and asked Anne and the other girl, if they would like to dance again. Anne rose to dance, but her friend said she was a little tired, and would like to sit this dance out. One of the other women said she would like to dance, and so she got up to dance with the black man.

When they were dancing, the man said that they hadn’t introduced themselves properly, and that his name was Willard Duke, but everyone called him Will.

Anne told him her name, and found out that his friends name was Chuck. Will,

said he had a jeep outside, and would be delighted if Anne would allow him to run her home from the dance.

Anne said she normally walked home, up the Brize road with her friend Jean, but if he didn’t mind, she was sure that Jean would be delighted to accept the lift, as it would save a forty-minute walk.

When the dance was over, and Anne was coming out of the front door, she saw that Will, and Chuck were waiting for her in the Jeep.

Anne got in, and said that her friend had a lift, from another American.

The drive up to Brize Rd took only a few minutes, and when they arrived at Anne’s house, she asked them if they would like to come in for a cup of tea.

The men accepted, and followed Anne into the empty house.

Anne had two children, but her mother usually looked after them on a Saturday night, and Anne picked them up again, on the Sunday morning.

As Anne was in the kitchen making tea, Will came and stood in the doorway.

He told her, that he could get some more tea for her from the PX, and even some coffee, if she preferred. Anne said she wouldn’t want him to go to such trouble, but he said it was no trouble, as Chuck worked in the stores, and could get nearly everything she would need for the larder.

He said he could even get her some real Nylon stockings. Anne felt embarrassed,

she wondered if he had noticed that what appeared to be the stockings she was wearing, were in fact lines drawn in eyeliner, and legs stained with tea.

They carried the teacups through to the beylikdüzü escort living room, and Anne poured for the three of them.

They chatted for a while, and Anne found that Chuck seemed to be as nice a man to talk to, as Will. Chuck said he normally liked to smoke a cigar after coffee, and that he would step outside onto the porch to smoke one. Anne said that there was no need, but Chuck insisted, saying that the house would smell of cigar smoke for days after.

When he was out, Anne asked Will if he would be making regular visits to the Dances on Saturday nights. he said he would, as long as there were lots of pretty women like Anne going to them. Anne blushed, saying that he shouldn’t be saying that, as she was an old married woman, and that there were plenty of pretty single women at the dance.

Will said that he preferred married women, and Anne asked him why.

Will said that single women don’t put out, and it’s better if the woman is married.

Anne asked what put out meant, and when he told her, she was a little shocked, and also a little excited.

When she plucked up the courage to look at Will, he was smiling at her. He told her that he wasn’t looking for a wife, as he already had one back home, and he liked to hitch up with Married women, for a little mutual fun, and that the woman always enjoyed it when they had some fun with him, as well as getting their larder filled into the bargain.

Anne didn’t know what to say, she knew that a lot of women did this, but had never imagined that she would even think about it. She knew that if she said no, he would go somewhere else, and her loss, would be someone else’s gain.

As she pondered this proposal, Will also said that if she wanted, she could also party with Chuck, and that would mean, double goodies coming into the house.

As she was pondering this, Chuck came back into the room, and noticing the gramophone, he asked her what records she had.

Anne told him there were some on the shelf below, and he picked them up, and went through them.

He asked if she would mind if he played one, and Anne said it was all right. chuck put a slow number on, and asked Anne if she would like to dance with him.

Anne got up and danced with Chuck, and as they were dancing, she could feel something hard, pressing against her leg.

Will produced a half bottle of whisky from his inside pocket, and poured drinks for the three of them.

Anne took hers with a shaking hand, and sat thinking over Wills proposition.

She knew that she could stock up her larder with goods, that she would not be able to get, because of the strict rationing, but she also knew what was expected from her in return.

She was pretty certain that her husband would be fucking anyone he got the chance with, and she knew that she herself had needs, and it had been a long time, since she had had any sex.

Will asked her of she was ready for another drink, and Anne said she would in a minute, but she wanted to dance first.

As she danced with Will, Anne whispered in his ear, that she would do it, but one at a time, with Will first.

Will drew her against himself, and kissed her. When the music finished, Will told Chuck what was happening, and he said it sounded like a good deal, as Anne was a fine looking woman.

They had another drink, and this finished off the whisky. Anne drank hers down in one go, and she nervously asked Will, if he wanted to come through to the bedroom with her.

In the bedroom Will took Anne in his arms again, and kissed her. she returned his kiss, and also pushed her tongue into his mouth, to entwine it with his.

Will’s hand found her breast over her dress, and squeezed gently. It had been so long, that Anne nearly fainted in his arms.

She was wearing a dark floral print dress that buttoned at the front.

Will started to unbutton it. As he unbuttoned it, Anne’s hand strayed down to the flies of his uniform trousers. when the dress was unbuttoned, Will pushed it off her shoulder, and let it fall to the floor.

This left Anne standing in just a white Satin bra, and Pink silk French knickers.

Will stepped back from her, to have a look, and Anne felt embarrassed about not having any stockings on, and he could see where she had stained her legs with tea, and drawn the seam with her eyeliner pencil.

You look Great honey he said, and I’ll be around tomorrow with a couple of pairs of Nylon stockings for you. He took her by the hand, and led her to the bed, where they fell into one another’s arms.

As they kissed, büyükçekmece escort Anne started to unbutton his shirt. Will was undoing his belt buckle, and when both were loosened, he sat up, slipped his trousers off, and pulled his shirt over his head.

When he lay down again, he just had a vest and underpants on. the underpants were the kind like shorts, and Anne could see a pair of hairy balls sticking out of the leg.

Will was massaging her tits, and he hadn’t even put the light out. Anne had only ever had sex with her husband, and that included the light being off, no total nudity, and only a feel of her, before he put it in, and quickly came, with no thought for Anne’s needs, in her four years of marriage, Anne had only came twice during sex, and all the other times she had come, was when she played with herself.

Will sat up, and pulled his vest off, quickly followed by his shorts. Anne got a good look at his body, as he lay naked, and was surprised to see, that he had no foreskin. she was also surprised at how tanned his body was, and also his muscles knotted on his stomach, and a lack of body hair, except around his cock.

he started to unfasten the back of Anne’s bra, and although this was a new experience( doing it with the light on ), she was beginning to enjoy it.

He had her bra off, and was pushing her onto her back. When Anne was lying down, Will started to suck hard at her nipples. Her husband had tried this once or twice, but he had bit, and it had been painful.

Will sucked more gently, and this was a sensual experience for Anne, it felt as if her nipples were being tweaked ever so gently, and this caused a warm glow, to spread from her tits, right down over her belly, to her groin.

Anne imagined that there was a wet trail following this warm sensation, but when she opened her eyes, she found that it was Will’s tongue that was causing the wetness.

he ran his tongue down over her belly, and it passed over the waistband of her French knickers, and over the mound of her pubic bone, to come to rest in a kiss, on the gusset of her drawers.

Anne gasped, her husband had never touched her there, with anything other than his rough hand, or uncleansed prick, but the gentle feel of his kiss, through the silk of her knickers made her come for the first time with a man, for fifteen months. She felt the gusset being pulled aside, and then she felt the warm wetness, as his tongue slipped between her cunt lips, to flick at her innermost depths.

She cried out loud, as she felt the soft warm tongue slither in and out of her hole, steadily getting faster and faster.

She came again, she felt his tongue withdraw, and he began to move up the side of her body. Anne opened her eyes, to see his cock at the side of her face.

She had only ever had a quick glance of her husbands cock, although she had held it in her hand in darkness, but this looked completely different from what she remembered of her husband.

Will’s cock seemed thicker, and with or without light, she knew it was longer.

it also had no foreskin, and there seemed to be a lot of veins in it.

Anne realised that Will wanted her to suck it, as he had sucked her, but she was reluctant to put it in her mouth, as it seemed an awful dirty thing to do.

She plucked up the courage, and grasping it with one hand, she slowly lowered her head to the throbbing cock, and took it between her lips.

It felt warm in her mouth, and she thought she could feel the blood pumping, as her lips passed over the veins. With her other hand, Anne cradled Wills balls, and began to gently squeeze them. she felt him stiffen, and then she sensed a rush spreading up his cock, before a spurt of hot come, splashed into her mouth.

Anne was shocked that he could do this to her, but before she could clean her mouth to say anything, his lips locked on hers.

He kissed her, forcing his tongue between her lips, and as their tongues’ entwined in Anne’s mouth, the spunk flowed over the tongues.

They broke off from kissing, and Will could see that Anne was a bit uncomfortable with what she had done.

Was that the first time anyone came in your mouth, asked Will. It was the first time I’ve ever kissed one, said Anne. Your kidding me, said Will. No I’m not, said Anne, that was the first time I’ve ever put my mouth near a mans cock, or ever had a man kiss me down there.

Oh baby, said Will, you have been missing so much. But don’t worry, Chuck and I will make it all up to you. Talking of Chuck, said Will, I think it’s time to bring him in, cevizli escort while I recover for a moment.

Will got up from the bed, and opened the door, calling on Chuck to come up.

When Chuck came into the bedroom, he was in his shirt and trousers, but the shirt was undone to the waist, and he hadn’t a vest on.

he pulled his braces off his shoulder, and let the trousers fall to his ankles. he stepped out of them, slipped his shirt off his shoulder, and dropped that to the floor. This left him in just his shorts, and Anne couldn’t help noticing that he seemed to have as big a cock as Will had, although it wasn’t as hard.

It wasn’t until he had slipped off the underpants, that Anne came to the full realisation, that he hadn’t as yet got a hardon.

Take-over for a while, said Will. I’ll have a few minutes rest. Chuck lay beside Anne on the bed, and it was just as well that she had wiped Wills come from her lips, as Chuck kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

Anne felt the big fleshy lips crush against her own, and rather than be repulsed by it, as she thought she would, she quite enjoyed the feeling of kissing them.

Chuck told Anne to sit up, and when she had, he told her to put her head down between his legs, and suck his cock, and at the same time, cover his face with her pussy. as she was moving into position, Chuck told her that this was known as sixty-nine.

When Anne was in position, she took his uncircumcised cock in her hand, and although it felt soft, thick and pliable, it immediately began to get hard.

Anne couldn’t believe that a cock could get so hard, never mind so big.

it went from the size of Wills, eight inches, to an incredible eleven inches long, and very thick.

Anne thought she’d never get her mouth around it, but she did, and it felt really hot and hard in her mouth.

She then had an incredible feeling, as she sucked his cock, when his wet, hot

fleshy lips pushed against her fanny, and his long tongue began to probe at her insides.

Anne couldn’t get all of Chucks cock in her mouth, but she tried to get as much as she could in.

In contrast, she could feel his tongue fill her up, and she squirmed with pure pleasure, as he flicked his tongue everywhere in the dark recesses of her hole.

Anne pulled Chuck’s cock a little to the side, and licked all the way down the shaft of it, until she came to his big balls, and she couldn’t stop herself from licking them, and down farther to the crack of his ass, where she had a quick lick up and down.

she came yet again, and realising that she had come, Chuck pulled his big dick out, and slipped upwards to come out from underneath her thighs. He quickly pushed the full length of his cock between her cunt lips, and Anne was surprised to find that unlike her mouth, her fanny could accommodate the whole of his cock.

Chuck held onto her hips, as he drove his engorged cock deeper and deeper into her willing pussy.

Anne was thrusting back against him in a frenzy, as she felt herself coming and the rush of his own cock shot along the length of his shaft to erupt in a hot cavalcade inside her wet hole.

When they recovered, Chuck still had a hardon. he lay on his back, and told Anne to sit on his cock. Without any shame, or guilt, Anne sat astride him, and grasping his pulsing cock in one hand, she guided it into herself with the other.

As she was facing him, she rested her hands on his shoulders, and pumped herself up and down on him.

Anne felt Will get onto the bed beside her, and he reached under her to grasp her tit in his hand. leaning towards her, Will pulled her breast to the side, and began to nibble at the erect nipple. He also rubbed his hand up and down her back, and even further down, where he encircled Chucks knob with his fingers, and let the cock flow through the circle of his fingers into Anne’s ass.

This caused Will’s fingers to get wet, and he then rubbed them over Anne’s ass-hole, and knelt behind her, before driving his stiff cock into her ass….

Anne tried to protest, as it was painful to her, but as she got carried away with the feeling of being shagged by two cocks at the one time, she soon forgot about the pain in her ass.

all three of them were thrusting madly now, and it was clear to them all, that they were about to come. And finally with a great yell, come gasp or sigh, the three of them came at the same time.

Anne felt the pleasure building up in her fanny, and she also felt the sap rising through the men’s dicks, to spurt simultaneously, into her pussy and ass at the same time.

Later, when they had recovered, Will got up, and told Chuck that they should be dressing and getting back to base. As they kissed her goodnight, before going out, they promised they would be back next day, with a sackload of goodies for her, and that their ” ménage a trois” would continue, until they went overseas in a couple of months.

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