The Visit: A New Day

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When I woke up in the morning, I needed to digest all that had happened the previous day. I had been aroused by my friend Trish’s young son, gotten drunk and let my friend make love to me, and I had enjoyed it, even returning her kisses, sucking her succulent nipples. I made her cum wildly, when I took her with my mouth.

It all felt surreal, I could barely believe that I did that with Trish, and that I had liked it. Another part of me longed to feel her tongue buried inside me again, to feel it brush against my clit, making waves of pleasure wash over me. I realized that I wanted to have her again, and it would be today.

Another wild thought crossed my mind. Did Trish know that I had let her son Danny, and his friend, Eddie, fuck me into the morning? I was ambushed by the two, and had loved every minute of it. My body still felt the pressure of the two young bucks, they had been so wild, so hard, my pussy still swollen, reminding me of those two great cocks. I wondered with a tingle running through me, and a throb in my groin, whether I would fuck them again too. I hoped I would.

I showered and dressed, just a pair of shorts and a button down shirt, tied at the waist, and went to the main house. I was nervous about how I would be received, and I felt shaky from my recent experiences.

I entered to sounds and smells of breakfast being prepared. Fresh coffee tempted me, and drew me to the dining room. As I entered, I first saw Trish sitting at the table, a glass of orange juice in her hand. She smiled at me, waved her hand in front of her and drew my attention to the table. I sat down next to Trish, and she poured me a steaming cup.

I found that her slightest movements were making me feel weak. I could barely look at her, as I felt I would blush. I glanced sideways at her, she was still in her robe, a long silk one, that showed the curves of her body. As she sat back, I caught a glimpse of her robe slide and settle over her erect nipple. I must have licked my lips, because Trish said suddenly, “See something good enough to eat?” I must have turned a shade of purple, as I tried to shrug it off and look up at her.

She was smiling a very sexy smile at me, and my body started to respond to her. Without speaking, I looked into her lovely eyes, and reached a hand out to touch the hard nipple there. I circled it with the tip of my finger, and I felt a faint tremble in Trish’s body.

Trish slowly reached across the table and moved a pot of strawberry jam in front of us. She dipped her finger into it, and then sucked the finger into her mouth. I saw the jam on her mouth, zümrütevler escort bayan and wanted to lick it off. I placed my hands gently on her shoulders and pressed her back to the back of the chair. Spreading her robe open, I stuck a finger in the jam pot, and slowly spread it all over her nipples. I looked at her, licking my lips, and she moaned, already anticipating the sensations to come.

Using my fingertips, I massaged the sticky, red stuff into her skin, teasing slowly, then lowered my mouth to her breast for a taste.

My tongue lapped at her, cleansing her of the sweet, strawberry jam, and making her moan softly. Trish held my head to her, and I sucked hard, and licked all around her breasts. Her body was so warm, it felt wonderful to lie against her and suckle her stiff nipples, squeezing her full breasts in my hands.

I thought to the night before, when Trish had licked and sucked my pussy. I wanted her again, wanted her wet, pink tongue deep inside the folds of my cunt. I stood up in front of her, opening my shorts and sliding them down to my ankles. I stepped out of one leg, and sat back down. Again my fingers dipped into the sweet, red jam and I reclined in my chair, opening my legs to reveal my swollen pussy to her. I caressed the folds with my jam-coated fingertips and slid deeper inside, opening myself for her.

Trish watched this with a very serious expression, her eyebrows knit together, as if she were concentrating on a very profound thought. I was slowly unbuttoning my shirt with one hand and moving the fingers of my other hand between my spread legs.

I started to caress my nipples, now hard and standing at attention. She slowly knelt in front of me, and began to kiss my breasts, licking my nipples and sucking the hard points into her mouth and holding them there, suckling at me. She moved down further, caressing my stomach with her tongue, and I felt her tongue licking my arm moving closer to my fingers as they moved in between the outer lips of my pussy, pushing them out to let my clit raise it’s head out of my soft folds of flesh.

Her tongue slid off my finger and onto my clit, making me moan softly and raise up a little off the chair. She began to lick me more intensely, I moved my now clean fingers away, letting her go to it. “Oh God, Trish, that feels so… ooh Trish!”

I moaned and groaned and held her sweet head to my cunt. Trish’s tongue never relented, only moved around my clit, over and under it, then speared my hole, and she was tongue-fucking me like a woman aydınlı escort bayan possessed, pressing her whole mouth over my pussy and sucking everything drop out of it. I could only lie back in the chair and give myself over to it.

A noise brought me out of the sensual trance I was in, I was in the midst of an incredible orgasm, when Trish pulled away suddenly, and left me breathless, panting, lying back with my shorts around one ankle, and my shirt undone and hanging off my shoulders. I looked to the part of the room that now mesmerized Trish, she was standing there, clutching her robe closed, and had a look of horror on her beautiful face.

It was Danny, he had entered the room, and was standing there with an open mouth.

Eddie was right behind him, with a huge grin on his face. “Er…Mom….” Danny tried to speak, but I could see he was at a loss for words. I could also see a huge bulge in his jean shorts, and it appeared that behind him, Eddie was caressing the front of his own shorts, his hand inside the fly, and moving rapidly.

“Mom, don’t worry about it, I could tell that you and Suzy were attracted to each other, and I’m not a little boy anymore, and there’s nothing wrong with what you were doing.” He began to relax, and was smiling. “You can see what it has done to me,” Danny continued, caressing his big bulge slowly.

“Danny,” Trish exclaimed, “what do you think you’re doing? This is very wrong … stop that right now!” She sat down, and her eyes bulged when she saw Danny only grin wider, and approach us.

Danny stopped in front of me, and roughly drew me up towards him. He kissed me so quickly and so hard that I didn’t have time to protest, even if I wanted to. His tongue was inside my mouth, and I started to kiss him back.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Trish watching intently. Her hand started to move between her legs, covered by her thin robe.

Danny was caressing my body with his strong hands, and moving his tongue over my throat, and down to my breasts. One of his hands was creeping down towards my wet pussy, and I shivered, anticipating the touch of his big fingers.

I felt hands on my shoulder, another pair of strong ones. I looked up to find Eddie standing over me, holding out his swollen cock. It was right over my face, and he was pumping it with a tight fist. I snaked my tongue out and wriggled it, teasing him. He started to let the fat head brush against the wet little tip, I already tasted a drop of precum forming on the slit at the tip of his cock. He groaned and pushed into my gebze escort wet mouth, and I started to suck him hard, my lips forming a vacuum around him and my tongue swishing all around the wide shaft buried inside my mouth.

As I sucked him, I followed his eyes to Trish, who was now openly massaging her pussy, her legs spread and her eyes on Eddie’s cock in my mouth. I smiled around him, and released him, taking his cock in my hand and pointing it at Trish.

As she crawled over to take Eddie, I felt a wet tongue start to caress my pussy. I looked down at Danny, he was spreading my legs apart with his hands, pushing my thighs wide open, and gently lapping at my now fattened clit. I moaned with the pleasure of his tongue, and watched Trish sucking Eddie’s huge cock, her mouth stretched to the limit around him, while he plunged in and out, holding her head against him tightly.

Trish’s hand was still between her legs, and I reached down to help her. My fingers encountered a very moist, very hot cunt, and I slid two fingers into her. She began to fuck them immediately, her body sliding on and off them as her mouth slid back and forth on the cock in her mouth.

I looked again to Danny, he was holding my legs open, and sucking my pussy. He knelt in front of me, letting go of one thigh, and jerked his big cock, pressing the head against my clit. The drops of precum moistened my slit even more, and he was sliding up and down in it. “Suzy, let me fuck you…I want your wet, hot pussy so bad,” he said, hoarsely, his voice filled with lust. With that, he wedged the tip of his cockhead against my dripping slit, and with a thrust, was fully inside my hole. I felt stretched wide open, his cock pulling out and pushing back inside me, filling me to the brim with his giant dick. He was also watching his sweet Mother sucking Eddie off. Bucking into me, he started to chant, “suck it, Mom, suck that thick cock, you love it, you love that big cock.”

Trish was going wild on Eddie, he was straining up into her mouth, crying out. “Trish, I’m gonna cum in your sweet mouth!” With that bubbles of cum began to spurt out of the corners of Trish’s mouth, Eddie was filling her mouth with a load of his hot cum.

Danny was pounding me with long, violent strokes, as we both watched Trish swallowing Eddie’s load, his cock half in her mouth, her mouth coated with cum and still sucking and licking it. “Oh, Suzy, I gotta shoot it in you, oh, God, I’m filling your sweet, tight pussy up!” He pressed impossibly deeply inside me, and I felt his huge cock twitch and throb, filling me as promised. I could feel the deep spurts inside me, and started to cum on him, crying, “Danny, oh Danny, yes, give me your cum!”

He was panting over me, still inside my cum-filled pussy. I was panting and holding onto his shoulder, Trish and Eddie were kissing and caressing each other. I began to laugh, and we all looked at one another. Was this the start of something special?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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