The Twins

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I met the twins at a New Year’s Eve party about three months ago and my life has been a nonstop adventure since. The moment I arrived at the party the first thing that caught my eye was a stunning petite Latina girl about 5′ tall with a body built to delight the eyes. The first view I was blessed with was from behind and I quickly noticed her beautiful long silky black hair flowing all the way to her slim waist stopping just above her mouthwatering apple bottom. She was wearing a sexy little red dress that clung to her amazing curves and left no doubt the only thing under it was a tiny pair of panties. I pictured myself holding her hips firmly and fucking her from behind before pulling her firm round ass tightly against my thighs as I empty my nuts deep inside her slippery little sperm catcher.

As I pictured her bent over with her sweet ass in my hands and my hard cock deep inside her I felt my dick and my smile growing when she suddenly turned and looked at me like she could hear what I was thinking. She maintained a serious expression as she turned to look at me and eyed me from my pearly white smile all the way to my shoes before working her way back up. When she got to the obvious bulge in my dress slacks she paused and a smile started to form on her beautiful full sexy lips and by the time she made it back up to look me in the eyes and melt my soul with her deep green eyes we both had huge smiles as she came over and introduced herself as Sophia.

We felt so comfortable together talking that in no time at all we were down to the final countdown to New Year’s Eve. I was looking into Sophia’s beautiful eyes as the final seconds counted down thinking of how much I wanted to kiss her gorgeous sexy lips as the clock struck midnight. With five seconds to go she came over and sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around me as she gave me a kiss that would change my life and rock my world. She is the most amazing kisser and by the time she was done half the people from the party were gone the rest were watching us and I had the stiffest erection of my life as she gently squirmed in my lap while kissing me. She pulled back from the kiss and gave me a sexy look as she bit her lip and smiled at me and I just knew she was thinking “your move”.

I looked around and the few remaining people were almost all just sitting and watching us as if it was the most amazing thing they had ever seen. I looked back at Sophia and giving her my best smile I said “would you like to give them a real show or go back to my place where we can have a little privacy?” Her eyes lit up and with a smile she rubbed her sweet little ass against my rock hard cock and said.

“Let’s go back to your place”

Sophia leaned in and whispered so close to my ear I could feel her warm breath on my neck as she said.

“When we get up to leave everybody in the room is going to know what I’m getting tonight when they see what I’m sitting on.”

The look on everybody’s faces when we got up, Sophia with erect nipples showing through her dress and me with a huge erection tenting the front of my pants casually saying our good byes was some funny shit. The ladies at the party were all smiles as one by one they all gave me hugs and several whispered “call me” as they pressed their firm bodies against my sizeable erection. We were laughing so hard as we got into my car that we couldn’t stop and just as I started driving Sophia said.

“WAIT WAIT I almost forgot my little sister, I have to run back in and get her, wait just a minute”

She hopped out of the car and came back a few minutes later with her sister in tow and as they climbed into the car Sophia introduced her sister Jennifer and asked if she could come with us and party at my house. I was not liking the idea of having Sophia’s little sister cock blocking me for the rest of the night while I was trying to get into her sisters panties but I would have said yes to anything Sophia asked me after the devastating cock hardening kiss she laid on me back at the party. I figured I would find something on TV for Sophia’s little sister to watch and then we could sneak off somewhere and have some private fun. On the way home I found out that Jennifer was the talkative one and she filled me in on a few details and asked a million questions.

By the time we arrived at my house I had been informed that they were identical twins 23 years old and the reason that Jennifer had a slight Texas accent was because they both just graduated from different collages. Sophia went to college in California and Jennifer went to college in Texas other than that Jennifer said they were identical in every way including the way they shave their pussies smooth and hairless. Jennifer said they grew up in a Catholic family and did not believe in artificial birth control of any kind and both wanted several children and it went without saying that abortion was definitely not an option. Jennifer even told me they Esat travesti were not virgins and that they had each only had sex one time and when the guys found out about the no birth control rule it scared them off. Their reputation got around quickly in college and the only dates they got were from religious students that wanted to remain virgins until they married.

Sophia spoke for the first time when Jennifer finally paused for a moment to think and in the sweetest voice said.

“We just want to find a couple of nice guys to settle down with and start a family.”

Jennifer laughed and said.

“We would even be happy to find just one good man to share but most guys get scared when they find out were ready now, not after two years of dating and waiting.”

Sophia leaned over pressing her firm breasts against my shoulder and placing her petite hand on my crotch and as she felt my erection she kissed my neck and giggled softly before she whispered in my ear.

“You don’t feel scared Michael, you feel huge!”

In a soft pouty voice I heard Jennifer say.

“I wanna feel it.”

It got quiet for a few minutes before we arrived at my house. I gave the girls a quick tour of the house and poured us all a glass of wine. The girls asked if they could use the bathroom to freshen up a bit before we settled in on the couch to continue our discussion. I showed them to the guest bath and I headed to my bedroom to kick off my shoes and get comfortable. I could hear them through the heating vents giggling in the bathroom before Sophia said.

“Jennifer, he’s so cute and I really like him not to mention it feels like he’s packing a really nice size package. Please don’t scare him off, he seems really nice, let’s take it slow and give him a chance to get to know us before you start chanting knock her up, knock her up and give him cold feet.”

I had just turned 30 and had thought about having kids sometime in the near future but I figured with dating marriage and careers it would still be a few years off. I’ve had an impregnation fantasy that started one night when my first girlfriend was sitting in my lap ridding my cock and I felt the condom break just as she was starting her orgasm. I told her “I think it broke, you better stop”. She hugged me tight as her whole body tightened up and started convulsing in my arms as her pussy began to pulse and squeeze my erection while she pushed herself down hard on my cock and moaned out.

“Sooo good, cuming, oh fuck nooo, what?”

Her eyes opened wide as she realized what I had said and what she was feeling deep inside her quivering pussy as my cock swelled and started jerking and spewing hot thick potent sperm deep inside her tight wet sheath. Just as I was launching the fourth blast of thick baby batter I heard her yell.

“Oh shit, no, not in me”

As she looked in my eyes with a shocked expression she lifted off my cock and looked down to see my erection covered in thick white frosting before it erupted for the fifth time launching a blast that hit her upper lip and laid down a thick line of sperm on her chin, down between her breasts and all the way to her belly button. We were both worried for two weeks before her period showed up three days late and every since I have had a thing for sex with a risk of impregnation.

I had to make sure Sophia and Jennifer didn’t find out about my impregnation fantasy or I would be at their mercy. Sophia was so beautiful and sexy all I could think about was getting her naked and holding her wide hips from behind as I buried my cock in her tight little Latina pussy. I also knew I had to find a way to keep from cumming inside her near her fertile time or I would be a father sooner than planned.

I was sitting on the couch waiting for the girls to finish up in the bathroom and as my thought of impregnation risk and the two beautiful twins that seemed primed and ready for my ultimate fantasy I developed a throbbing erection just before the girls emerged from the bathroom looking and smelling beautiful and sexy.

When they came out of the bathroom I got to see them both together in the light for the first time and they were amazing. The only thing that I could tell that was different was their clothes and their voices. It seemed like they knew what I was thinking and just paused and posed together letting me take in the reality of almost every man’s fantasy, hot fertile twins. They just stood looking at me with the sexiest coy smiles until Sophia as sexy as can be came over to me and sat down next to me on the couch and gave me a sweet soft kiss that made my cock jump and hit the back of her arm. She moved her hand and quickly found my hard shaft as she wrapped her small hand around the head and whispered in my ear.

“Why don’t you turn on the TV for my little sister and take me to your bedroom so I can give you a nice massage?”

I quickly fired up the TV and showed Kızılay travesti Jennifer how it works as she smirked and giggled while staring at the erection tenting my pants. I led Sophia to my bedroom and as soon as we got to the foot of the bed I pulled her to me and gave her a passionate kiss as she began unbuttoning and sliding my shirt off my shoulders letting it fall to the carpet below. As I was kissing her soft full lips I reached around and unzipped her dress and let it slide down her exquisite figure to rest atop her flared hips.

I slid my hands around and cupped Sophia’s firm full breasts as I pinched her beautiful suckable hard nipples while she moaned into the kiss as she skillfully and quickly had my pants open and falling to the carpet before I even felt her soft touch. I slid my hands down from her nipples to her full baby making hips feeling the silky smooth skin as I slipped my thumbs into the top of her snug dress and working it over her hips I pushed it down her thighs until gravity took over and the dress fell to the floor adding to the growing pile.

When Sophia pulled my underwear down and my throbbing erection sprang up slapping right against the crotch of her tiny thong, it caused her to let out a deep groan as she paused her kiss breathing heavy she pulled back and glanced down at the thick portion of my shaft that was visible between us before looking back up into my eyes with a dreamy look as she said in a sexy sweet voice.

“It’s time for your massage.”

As I lay face down on the bed Sophia started rubbing my shoulders and working her way downward. When she got to my lower back and legs she reached under and pulled my cock back between my legs to allow her to massage the sensitive area along the lower side of my shaft as well as my full balls. Sophia gave an excellent massage and in no time at all I was completely relaxed and didn’t even notice she had pushed my legs apart to get her lips and tongue on the bottom of my shaft until I felt her warm wet tongue running up from the base of my erection all the way to the tip.

Each time she would get to the head she would suck the tip inside her mouth and swirl her tongue around the head before gently tongue fucking the blow hole on the tip of my cock and then releasing the head and working on the bottom of the shaft. I was so relaxed and Sophia was making my cock feel so good I could feel slippery precum leaking from the tip and I was quickly approaching orgasm.

I was relived thinking that if she made me cum in her mouth that I would have more control to keep from losing it and accidentally cumming inside her young possibly fertile pussy and knocking her up. I had just met her and had no intention of getting her or anyone else pregnant, not tonight and hopefully not soon. I was just about to bust a nut and could feel my erection getting harder and thicker when Sophia suddenly stopped and in the cutest voice said.

“Time to do the front, turn over.”

I rolled over and she started with my feet working her way slowly up my legs. When Sophia got to my upper thigh I felt her hot little pussy rubbing against my foot and as she worked her way up my body I felt her silky panty covered pussy sliding slowly up my leg getting closer and closer to my throbbing erection. I was watching her sexy eyes and sly smile as she began massaging my chest she settled her sweet little camel toe right down on the thick throbbing base of my erection.

When I felt Sophia’s hot little pussy lips caressing the bottom of my shaft I looked down to see her silky panty covered pussy slowly sliding up from the base of my erection to the tip before a big clear drop of slippery precum appeared. I watched her panty covered opening slide over the tip and absorb the precum into the crotch of Sophia’s silk thong as she pushed back against the thick head aligning it with the tiny entrance to her hidden paradise.

She ground her tight opening against the sensitive tip pushing the moist crotch of her tight little panties and the tip of my cock into her little pussy before tilting her hips dislodging the head and sliding her camel toe back down the shaft until she bottomed out against my sperm filled balls. I could feel the heat and wetness soaking through her panties and mixing with my slippery precum as she continued to stroke my erection with her tight wet pussy.

After only a dozen strokes Sophia’s panties and my erection were a slippery mess and I could see thick white sperm oozing from the tip as she worked me closer and closer to orgasm before leaning down to whisper in my ear.

“Do you want me to slip my panties to the side and massage every inch of your big beautiful cock with my tight wet pussy?”

I almost came just hearing her words but managed to hold off and say “NO, I’m not ready to risk getting you pregnant. We should stop before this goes too far.” With a little moan and a giggle Sophia said.

“You Alsancak travesti can just cum all over my panties if you are worried but it would feel so much better if you empty your nuts deep inside my tight little pink flower.”

Just hearing her say the words sent me over the edge and I grabbed her hips pulling her forward just as my erection jerked for the first time and belched out a long thick stream of potent sperm laying down a stripe up across Sophia’s nice round ass and all the way up her back before landing in her silky black hair. I was suddenly startled by Jennifer’s loud Texas accent as she said.

“OH WOW it’s a geyser?”

I couldn’t see her but I felt her wrap her soft little hand around my thick shaft and guide the head into the wet depression in the center of Sophia’s panties as Sophia pushed back hard driving the tip of my erection and her panties about two inches deep in the opening to her pussy. As I felt the opening to Sophia’s pussy engulf the head of my cock and her panties my cock jerked again as I pumped out blast after blast of thick rick sperm.

With each jerk of my shaft and eruption of thick cum I heard Sophia moan and Jennifer say.

“OH wow.”

As she stroked my shaft and rubbed my balls I finished emptying my nuts. As I recovered from one of the most intense orgasms of my life catching my breath I heard Jennifer say.

“Sophia? How come it jerked eight or nine times but only sprayed the first time?”

Sophia stood up with a laugh still straddling my waist as she said.

“Well Jennifer I think we just busted the myth about being safe from pregnancy if you keep your panties on.”

With that she pulled her thong to the side and thick white sperm started pouring out and running down her inner thigh as Jennifer and I watched wide eyed.

I was surprised and upset but the girls quickly distracted me from my thoughts by pulling me into the shower and putting on quite a show of first soaping up every inch of my body before rubbing their shapely slippery bodies against me until my cock was rock hard and throbbing. I thought I was going to bust a nut when they put on a show of kissing each other before asking me to decide which one is the better kisser.

Sophia lifted up on her tippy toes and pushed my cock down so she could straddle it to get closer to give me her hottest kiss before stepping aside and having me repeat the process with Jennifer. I liked Sophia’s kiss better but just to mess with the girls heads I said I wasn’t sure and needed another comparison.

The girls both tried even harder and Jennifer was great but Sophia actually made my cock throb. I kept telling them it was too close to tell so they would keep trying to one up each other with longer more passionate kisses and sexy little moans as they rubbed their wet puffy lips against the top of my erection.

The hot water started running out so I told the girls it was a tie and we quickly finished showering. I was still thinking about the possibility of Sophia getting pregnant from the huge load I blasted through her panties and into her pussy as we dried off after our shower. I was looking at her flat little tummy and thinking about it swelling with my baby as I asked her when her last period started.

With a sweet voice and a sexy smile she said.

“A little over a week ago and I should ovulate in about 7 days so your sperm won’t live inside me long enough to knock me up. No need to worry sweetie”

Sophia and Jennifer started teasing me about cumming inside Sophia and still being chicken to stick my dick in her and fuck her like a real man as they laughed and giggled. I was thinking if she was correct about her days then it wouldn’t be any more dangerous to fuck her properly and cum in her again after already giving her one of my biggest loads and if she was wrong about her days than the damage was already done and a second load wouldn’t make a difference.

I twirled the towel and snapped Sophia’s fine round ass causing her to scream and giggle as she ran towards my bedroom and dove on the bed to get away from being snapped with the towel again. As she tried to crawl across the bed I dropped the towel and dove onto the bed trapping her lower legs between my knees as I grabbed her long black hair stopping her progress.

As she giggled and continued to struggle I wrapped my free hand around her neck and lightly squeezed as I leaned forward putting my lips to her ear I said “in just a moment you’re going to get to feel the way a real man takes a fertile woman.” I scooted forward until my erection was rubbing her beautiful round ass cheeks before I looked over to the doorway where Jennifer was standing and watching with a big smile as I said “get over here and give me a hand” She got a sexy slightly evil look as she came over and asked me what to do. I told her to suck my dick and get it good and wet to make it easier for her sister. Jennifer shook her head and said.

“Nope, I will gladly suck your gooey dick after you finish fucking my sister but she asked you to fuck her like a real man and she doesn’t deserve the nice guy insertion, fuck that little bitch just like she asked and teach her a lesson.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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