The Toy Ch. 1

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Chapter I: The Demo

he card read “Friday, March 14, 8:00 PM, Residence of Cindy Schaefer.” Tina stood outside her car, absently toying with the small business card. The wind played with her curly blond hair, blowing it carelessly over her tight red halter and teasing it across her small firm tits, bringing her nipples to life. Her short denim skirt rode high on her thighs, showing the straps of her white garter and all of her white silk stockings. Knee high leather boots completed an outfit that Tina had spent the entire week putting together.

This was all very cryptic. She hadn’t seen Cindy since the last convention, almost two months. Then, suddenly, this card in the mail, with nothing else. That had been interesting enough; her pussy had nearly exploded when she remembered about the way Cindy had fucked her with that strap-on dildo behind her exhibit, with the convention in full swing just a few feet away. Now, arriving at Cindy’s house, there were three other cars in the driveway, with Cindy’s presumably being in the garage. Her pussy had started tingling earlier in the evening when she was dressing for the occasion, and she’d been finger- fucking herself all the way over in the car, but her slit really started gushing now as she imagined what Cindy had in store for the evening.

She walked quickly up the driveway. The house was gorgeous. Cindy was not only one of the sexiest women Tina had ever met, she was also the smartest. Her electronic wonders were always the hit of conventions and shows, and freelance work as an electrical engineer kept her in style. Tina rang the doorbell.

As Tina waited, she couldn’t help remembering the scene with Cindy at the last convention. She’d been wearing the same denim skirt that day, with a white men’s dress shirt tied loosely under her tits. She’d gone over to see Cindy on a break from her own booth. The convention was humming that day, with hundreds of people walking around, but her booth was well staffed, so she suggested they slip back for a smoke. Tina followed Cindy’s denim covered ass and legs as they strode through the curtain into the service hallway.

There were a couple of chairs against the wall. Cindy motioned to one as she sat in the other, crossing her legs wide, giving Tina a perfect view of her denim covered cunt. She grabbed a pack of cigarettes from her bag on the floor, lit one and tossed the pack to Tina, locking eyes with her. Tina caught the pack and sat down on the chair opposite her, returning her stare. She glanced down, then back into Cindy’s eye’s, purposefully parting her legs, revealing her moist lace-covered pussy. Cindy took a long drag on her cigarette as she gazed between Tina’s legs. She raised her eye’s, again locking with Tina’s and exhaled the smoke in a long grey stream.

“That’s quite an outfit, Tina,” she giggled. Her nipples were already hardening under her tight cotton T-shirt. She reached up slowly and started massaging her ample tit, rubbing her thumb over coarsely over the nipple. “I especially like the panties. Can I see them closer?”

“Sure,” replied Tina quietly. She pushed up her skirt slightly, hooked her thumbs around the waistband, and whisked them off in one smooth, practised motion, tossing them over to Cindy. “Smell the crotch. My pussy’s just soaked.” She rubbed her middle finger slowly up and down her slit. She heard one of Cindy’s co-worker’s cough on the other side of the curtain, just a few feet away. Her pussy gushed with a mini-orgasm as she realised how public they were.

Cindy raised the panties to her nose and inhaled deeply. She had left her nipple unattended and was now rubbing her clit through her blue jeans. “God that smells good. You smell like you need a good fucking.” She reached down into her bag and brought out a strap-on dildo, at least seven inches long. She watched Tina rub her pussy as she slowly strapped on the cock over her jeans. “Bend over that chair, and I’ll give you the fucking you need,” she rasped as she lubed up the shaft.

Not in any mood to argue, Tina flipped over in record time, shoving her pert little ass in the air. She stood on the ground, legs spread, and leaned over onto the back of the chair, giving Cindy the perfect twat target. She reached between her legs and sunk her middle finger deep into cunt with a soft moan. “Oh yes Cindy, I do need to be fucked. Do it now, please!”

Cindy stepped up behind her and slid her cock into Tina’s hole. Tina gasped with pleasure as she felt her pussy filling up. Finally, Cindy reached the base of her cock and stopped, her stomach pressed against Tina’s ass. “You like that, baby? I bet it feels so good to have your pussy filled like that with so many people around. Do you want me to fuck you, baby?”

“Oh God Cindy, yes. I need it. Please fuck me now.” As Cindy started pumping, Tina looked over and saw that one of Cindy’s co-workers had pushed his chair back so she could see the impression his head and shoulders made in dark cotton curtain; he was close enough for her to reach out and caress behind the curtain. casino siteleri If it wasn’t for the noise of the convention, and the hundreds of other people around, they would have been heard immediately. “Oh God, fuck me Cindy!” She rammed her pussy back onto the cock, sending waves of pleasure through her cunt and Cindy’s clit. After only a few strokes, they both came, biting their lips to stifle their moans.

“Oh wow,” Tina moaned, as they both collapsed to the floor. “That was great. You can fuck me in a crowded room anytime baby.” She grabbed the cigarette out of the ashtray, took a long drag and passed it to Cindy. Exhaling, she stood up. “Sorry babe, but I only had a ten minute break. Gotta get back to work.” She adjusted her skirt, pulling it back down over her ass, as she fished her panties off the back of the chair. “We’ve got to get together when we have some more time. I bet your pussy tastes incredible,” she said as she walked back through the curtain.

The guy who had been leaning back on the curtain looked at her and raised his eyebrow. Tina giggled, and returned his stare, realising she was carrying her panties in her hand. She glanced down and saw the outline of his hard cock against the tight denim of his jeans. Smiling, she tossed him her panties. “Hope you enjoyed the show,” she murmured.

“I did.”

Startled, Tina realised she’d closed her eye’s and begun playing with herself as she remembered the day. She was leaning back against the side wall of the entry- way, her skirt pulled up over her waist and her fingers furiously massaging her clit and dipping into her soaked slit. “What the hell took you so long, Cindy?”

“Sorry, but it doesn’t look like you had that bad of a wait. Besides, I’ve got a special night planned for us so I sent all the staff home.” She stepped back from the door, beckoning Tina to enter.

Tina took her in in a glance; she was dressed to kill. Stiletto heels sat at the bottom of her bare feet and long, bare legs. All you saw was skin all the way to her crotch. The smallest band of frayed denim cut-off covered her love mound, showing just a few tantalising glimpses of red pussy hair, and wrapped tightly around her ass. She wore a cotton button-up top, tied just below her tits, and loose enough to show a perfect view of her beautiful globes and her dark brown nipples if she leaned over in the right way. As usual, her smile was radiant and it amplified the sparkle in her green eyes and long, curly red hair.

“Come in you silly woman,” she giggled. “There’ll be plenty of time for that later. I’d offer to take your coat, but I see your not wearing one. But you are wearing that gorgeous little skirt. I’ve never cum so fast fucking another woman as I did with you at the convention. After you left, Brad, the guy you donated your panties to, came back to finish me off. I drank his cum as the Company President arrived to inspect our booth. I’m not sure, but I may still have had some of Brad’s cum on my chin, because the President looked at me kind of strange and asked me for dinner. He fucked me in the back of his limo while the driver watched, masturbating in the front seat, but that’s another story. Come in.”

Tina followed Cindy up the through the huge main living room and kitchen, and out to the pool. The deck spread out to cover most of the yard and was lined on each side by pine trees, partially shielding it from the neighbours view. At the back was a cliff overlooking one of the nicest areas of the city, and several luxury apartment flats had a clear view of the entire pool area. Cindy walked over to the bar on the left, in front of the change room, as she motioned to the table by the pool. “Would you like a drink?”

“Sure. Gin and Tonic, please,” said Tina absently as she walked towards the table. The other three guests were already seated, sipping their drinks. Tina recognised Brad as the man who had received her panties at the convention. His smile made it clear he remembered my present. Donny across the table was an old friend. He was in Sales like Tina, and they met each other at more conventions than they did the technical people like Cindy and Brad. Tina remembered many times when they’d met in the bar on the first night of the convention and fucked each other silly for the duration. The first time they met, almost three years before, she’d sucked him off under the table in the bar the first night she met him, coming up to ask the waiter for a napkin to clean his cum off her face. He gave her the napkin all right, and later that night, he was able to clean his own jism off her face. She gave him voracious blowjob in the parking lot while Donny rammed her pussy from behind, and though she greedily swallowed as much of his delicious cum as possible, she loved the feel of cum on her face and always let a bit dribble out for her to smear around with whatever cock had deposited it there. That night she’d purposely waited until they were walking in the lobby doors of the hotel before she started cleaning the jism from her face; she loved the expression slot oyna of people watching her.

The woman next to Brad, however, she had never met. Tina studied her as she took her seat next to Donny, across from the pool, squeezing his thigh in greeting, rubbing his half-hard rod under his loose cotton pants, knowing he’d remembered the same night when he saw her. Her dark brown hair was long and straight, draped over the straps of a form-fitting, short black dress. She was a little older than the rest of the group, early thirties perhaps, but she was just as gorgeous. Her bra-less tits strained against the satin of her dress and her figure was perfect. Her hand was draped in her lap, just out of Tina’s sight behind the table. She couldn’t quite be sure, but the slow, almost imperceptible stroke of her right arm made Tina think she was stroking her pussy. Their eye’s met, her dark brown stare gazing into Tina’s own blue eyes. She smiled sweetly. “My name is Laura.” She stood up gracefully and extended her hand across the table to Tina.

Tina grasped it lightly and brought it to her lips to kiss it. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Tina.” The musty scent of her cunt juice was strong on her fingers, and Tina couldn’t resist taking them into her mouth, sucking in the residue of Laura’s twat. “Umm, that’s tasty. I’d like to get better aquatinted.”

“I’m sure we will,” Laura replied sweetly. She glanced quickly down to Tina’s lap. Tina lifted her skirt and spread her legs slightly, giving Laura a perfect view of her white garter and her panty-less blond cooze. Laura smiled broadly, licking her lips. “I’m positive we will,” she added, sitting down.

Cindy came back with Tina’s drink, and leaned over playfully to set it on the table. Tina gazed hungrily at her boobs, wishing those thick brown nipples were between her teeth, before she pulled back again. Smiling, she took them all in as she walked back to her chair at the head of the table and sat down behind her tall Long Island Ice Tea. Slowly, she parted her lips slightly and lowered her head onto the straw. Sucking softly, she brought the liquid into her mouth, staring briefly at each one. Finally, she pulled back from her drink and smiled. “I suppose you’re wondering why I called you here.”

Murmurs of ascent came from everyone, except Brad. “I have a business proposition for you all, or rather Brad and I do.” She got up and walked around the table to stand behind Brad. She began rubbing his shoulders and chest. “Brad and I have known each other for 14 years, since we were 12. We went to high school together, college together, now we work together. We’ve fucked each other in more times than I can count.

“Through it all, we’ve had a dream. After 8 years of hard work, we’ve finally made it a reality. After a short demo of our product, we would like to ask you all to come to work for the company we’re founding to market our product.” She looked around at all of us, the evil grin growing quickly on her face, making her nearly irresistible.

Finally, Tina could stand it no more. “What is the fucking product?!”

“Well put,” said Laura elegantly.

Cindy’s grin was from ear to ear now, and the sparkle in her eyes was almost blinding. “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present The Toy.” She motioned to the door of the change room.

For a second, nothing happened, then the door creaked open a little, and finally opened all the way. Tina couldn’t believe her eye’s as a shiny silver robot walked out of the door. It was vaguely human-looking, the proper shape, but its skin was smooth, shiny metal. Even the head was just a featureless oval.

It slowly walked over to Brad, and he turned his chair to face it. When it reached his chair, it bent down, rested its arms on the chair as if to gaze into Brad’s eyes. Slowly, it began to change. A flesh tone began to fill out its steel skin, as features bubbled chaotically to the surface. In about 30 seconds, a young girl emerged from the chaos. A long blond ponytail, tied with a fuzzy red band, cascaded from her 5 foot 4 inch frame. She wore a tight yellow sweater with a big red M on the front stretched across her large chest and she barely covered her bottom with a cheerleader’s red pleated skirt. From Tina’s angle, it didn’t look like she was wearing underwear, as her as made a glorious flesh globe poking under her short skirt as she leaned over Brad.

“Hi Bradley,” she said sweetly, an innocent smile playing across her full red lips. “I saw the game today. Wow! Two home runs. You must have really liked the blowjob I gave you in the dugout before you batted in the seventh inning.”

“Oh yeah, baby, I loved it.” Brad’s voice was hoarse and deep. When Tina stood up to get better view, she could see that Brad’s cock was rock hard against his leg, bulging the in seam of his jeans.

“That ball must have gone clear over the school,” she whispered, her blue eyes locked to is. “Look, see, I still have a cum stain on my cheerleading sweater.” She pointed at a small whit stain on her shoulder. “I drank canlı casino siteleri most of the rest of it though. I didn’t swallow the last bit until after you hit the ball, when I knew it was a home run.” She blushed a little and looked down, as though embarrassed. Looking up again, she smiled sheepishly. “It was so good I didn’t want it to be gone. As soon as I swallowed the last of your cum, I wanted you in my mouth again.”

She smiled, and jumped playfully away towards the pool. She grabbed the bottom of her skirt and twirled around for the crowd at the table. “Now you’ve got all your friends over, and they’re so cute.” She stood up straight suddenly, a mock serious expression on her face. She curtsied to the table, lifting her skirt as she did, briefly giving them all a full view of her cute pink pussy and small tuft of blond hair. “My name’s Tamara, but my friends just call me Tammy.” She looked back over to Brad, screwing her skirt up playfully, again showing off her light blond bush. “Can I do my special cheer for you, in front of all them? Please?”

“Sure Tammy. You do whatever you want.” Brad could barely contain himself. The material of his jeans was almost burst from the pressure of his cock against it, and his breathing was quite heavy. Tina wanted to go over and help the poor guy out, let him fuck her till he shot his cum into her twat, but she restrained herself, wanting to see how the demo turned out. She leaned over onto the table with one arm and reached between her legs with the other. Her finger slid easily up and down her crack, and she moaned as she plunged a finger deep into her pussy. The others were following suit. Donny was rubbing his stiff cock through his pants while he watched Laura kneel on the table and rub her clit through her black satin panties.

With a shy smile, Tammy turned around, and started tapping her feet. She turned back to face them, her body moving to the rhythm of an army cadence, her tits bouncing freely under her tight sweater, she moved towards Brad. “I like to suck and fuck, its true; either cock or pussy will do.” She stood over him now, still moving, and lowered her head to his crotch. She kissed the straining bulge in his jeans quickly, then continued. “I’ve got a mouth that just won’t quit; I always want a cock in it.” She stood back up, and turned around, gyrating her ass and cunt to the beat within inches of his face. “My pussy’s wet both day and night; it wants your cock to feel right.” She crawled up onto the table with her ass pointed toward Donny and stared into Brad’s eye’s, still gyrating her hot little twat to the beat. “Long ago I made an oath; half a chance I’d fill em both.”

Smiling, she stood up in the middle of the table and took in all of us. Suddenly, she sprung forward, rotating, and landed in a handstand in the centre of the table. Her skirt fell up over her stomach giving us all a clear view of the little blond bush.

“Give me and F!” she yelled, bending her left leg at the knee and putting her right leg out, forming an F.

We all screamed “F!”

“Give me a U!” She bent both her legs at the knee, doing the splits with right angles at her knees. “Give me a C!” She straightened her legs and arced her body into a C. “Give me a K!” One straight leg and one straight arm went out a 45 degree angle. “What does it spell?!”


She leaned her legs over toward Brad, arching her back so that her feet and hands were both on the ground. Donny had a perfect view of her tits and mouth, and Brad gazed up on her incredible pussy. “What are you going to do?!”


“When are you going to do it?!”

“NOW!!!” Both Brad and Donny stood up at the same time. Donny’s cock was free in no time, as his loose pants fell from his waist. Brad struggled with his tight button-flys, finally freeing his rigid pole after Tammy had turned over and was hungrily sucking Donny’s cock into her mouth. Brad knelt on the table behind her, and taking his shaft in his hand he rubbed it slowly against her wet crack. He teased his cock tip over her clit, then ran it back down to her hole. She gasped as he nudged the head into her. Slowly, moaning louder as she went, she pushed herself slowly back onto Brad’s as Donny’s cock slid out of her mouth.

Laura was obviously enjoying the show. She lay back on the table now, her head under Tammy’s stomach, her legs spread wide toward Cindy as she watched Tammy take the two guys from both ends. Cindy pushed her chair back as Tina went towards her. She stripped off her cut-offs, revealing the pretty red bush Tina loved so much. Grabbing her bag from under the table, she produced a huge vibrator. Reclining the chair, she leaned back to watch the action as she stroked her horny hole with the vibrator.

Not wanting to miss anything, Tina pulled up a chair beside Cindy. Her skirt was all but forgotten by now, bunched up around her waist as it so often was. She reclined the chair and leaned back. She had a perfect head on view as Laura finger-fucked herself, the juices flowing from her pussy onto the table and a perfect side view as Donny fucked Tammy’s mouth while Brad rammed his cock in and out of her pussy from behind. Every stroke, Tammy’s nipples brushed Laura’s lips, and she shot out her tongue to lick it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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