The Sundress

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It’s a sunny summer afternoon. I’ve taken refuge from the heat of the day, enjoying the breeze and a drink at a bar just steps from the beach. I’m dressed for the weather in a flimsy sundress that wraps around my narrow waist and high heeled sandals now dangling from my neatly pedicured toes. The plunging neck line of the sundress scarcely covers my full breasts. The spaghetti straps slip lazily down my shoulders from time to time, giving me an excuse to caress my nicely defined arms when I get around to sliding the wayward straps back into place.

The breeze flaps the wrap portion of the sundress open, providing an enticing glimpse of my athletic legs. I half heartedly lay the fabric back down, but the breeze feels good and the heat of the sun on my toned thighs is tantalizing, so I let this continue. Besides, it gives a nice little show that turns me on as I feel my drink going straight to my head.

Unknown to me, you’ve been seated comfortably just a short distance away. You’ve been enjoying the show while you work on a drink, waiting very patiently. Now you’re wrestling with competing desires: wait and watch me, your wanton girlfriend, while enjoying the reactions elicited from both men and women or surrender to your growing desire to touch me, feel me, press your body against mine and let me feel for myself how much you want me. The latter is winning as you watch me lean forward and catch more than a casual glimpse of my breasts firmly protruding over the top of my bra, completely visible under the flimsy sundress.

You rise from your seat and scarcely feel the few strides it takes to reach me. Thrilled to see you, I wrap my arms around you, holding you tightly and a little more seductively than is probably appropriate for a public place in broad daylight… but illegal bahis the heat and the breeze and the drink have all had their effect on me. I already feel my breath quickening as you press your way in between my legs, pulling at my hips and tugging me right to the edge of the barstool. I feel how hard you are and know exactly what’s on your mind. I’m so turned on, I know you can feel my heart pounding. Unable to wait, we kiss deeply, passionately both knowing we need to go… now.

You pull me down off the bar stool, steadying me and at the same time feeling your way up my waist. You linger deliciously as your hands brush my breasts. You take me by the hand and we walk quickly away from the bar. We make it just around a corner and a few steps down a secluded path when you stop and pull me into you, kissing me urgently. Your hands feel as if they’re touching me everywhere, all at once, making my head spin in a frenzy of desire.

Your hands run down my back, touching me through the thin sundress. Feeling just a thong, you don’t waste a moment lifting up the sundress to feel my bare ass. You moan loudly into my mouth, squeezing my ass in your hands and pulling my hips into your rock hard cock. I am on fire and have to feel you. I reach in between us and stroke your cock eagerly though your pants as your hands continue to explore me. You push aside the v neck of my sundress to expose a breast and are greeted by a very eager nipple pointing its way up over the top of my bra, as if looking for you. You bend down to devour it, making me cry out in pleasure. You know that sound, recognize the desire in my cry and know I will have to feel you inside of me soon. Your cock is in complete agreement, straining against your pants to feel my wetness. You scan the area and decide you’re going illegal bahis siteleri to take me right here, right now.

You tug me along side you a few steps further down the path, next to what looks like a maintenance shed. You press me against the wall with the entire length of your body, teasing me one last time with the tip of your dick, knowing it is one moment and two thin pieces of fabric away from diving into my wetness. You hear my breathing, whimpering in your ear. I’m calling, no pleading, for you now while I struggle to release your cock from its constraints. “Please, I want to feel you inside me, I need you to fill me up.”

You’ve waited for this moment and now you are done holding back. With one yank you untie the flimsy wrap dress, watching it fall open exposing my body to you. You push aside my thong with one hand while the other pulls your cock to freedom. You press up against me, feeling, smelling my wetness while you tongue and bite at my nipples. You stand upright, pull back briefly and then in one thrust enter me deeply.

I cry out in ecstasy, moaning into your ear “Yes, yes, yes… Oh my god yes! You feel so good inside me!” I’m grabbing you now, perched on one leg, the other wrapped around your waist as you thrust into me, feeling my pussy welcome you deep inside me. You are so turned on you could explode as you feel the tightness of my pussy pulsing around your throbbing dick, but no, you are not done yet.

You work me over with your cock, teasing me with just the head and then plunging deeply into me. Fast and hard, then slow, easy… Then over again until I’m so wet you can smell the scent of desire running down my thighs. You love feeling how you turn me on, knowing you can work me to the point of begging you for more. And you canlı bahis siteleri know how I love it when you take me in every way. Feeling how wet and ready I am for you, you are about to oblige me.

You pull me off you, spinning me around before I can utter any protest. You bend me over and I steady myself against the wall as you spread my legs. Your cock is already covered with my juice, and you’ve been working my ass over with your hands relentlessly so you think nothing of it as you spread my cheeks and in one motion bury your cock deep in my ass. “Oh my god! Oh god yes!” I cry out in pleasure. It takes every ounce of control you have to hold back.

You pause for just a moment to steady yourself, then reach in front of me and grab both breasts in your hands as you begin to pump your dick back and forth. Slowly at first, then deeper, harder, faster, pulling at my nipples, watching my ass take every inch of you. I reach down and finger myself as you are pumping me, burying every inch of your swollen cock deeper and deeper in my tight ass. I can’t hold back, I cry out, telling you I’m about to cum. You slap my ass hard, once, twice, again and hear me cry out, “Yes, yes, yes, oh my god, yes!” You feel the flood gates breaking, there is no way to hold back any longer. You grab me by the hips and pull hard with both hands shoving deeply inside of me as you shoot your cum deep in my ass, filling me over and over, over and over. We’re both calling out, “Oh god, oh my god, yes!” Panting, sweating, tingling everywhere, every inch of you a raw nerve, heart pounding, breathing deeply, just trying to catch your breath. You stay inside me relishing the feeling and unable to move just yet.

Then, hearts still pounding, we slowly unravel ourselves, looking around. I wrap my sundress back up as you tuck yourself away. We pause for a kiss, distinctly tender compared to the carnal frenzy of just a moment ago… then walk back towards the beach, arms around each other, heads still spinning, still breathing heavy with our little secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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